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Chapter 1

The ‘Snow Ball’, the best party of the year, allegedly...

Every New Year the Faculty of Business students “supply us with the most on demand party of the year”. The consensus was that this event was the place to be, so a few of my friends and I decided to get some tickets.

The night of the event, my friend Chris had a few of us over for a pre-game prior to going. A heavy combination of drinks and video games helped us prepare for the evening ahead. When we were ready to leave we called for a ride and hitched a ride over to campus.

Traffic on campus was pretty crazy when we arrived, so we directed the driver to take a detour and drop us off on the other side of campus. It would leave us with a little bit of a hike to the event hall, but that seemed like a better option than dealing with traffic. Fortunately, most buildings on campus were connected by indoor pathways or underground tunnels, so having to walk outside in the cold would not be an issue.

We adventured from building to building, in no particular rush. The quiet and dark faculties quite contrasting compared to how we were use to seeing them during school hours. The buildings dimly lit aside from the main pathways that cut through the main floors.

The buildings were mostly dark except for the large halls and pathways on the main floors. We skipped from building to building, making short work of the maze, eventually reaching the event hall. Not all that surprising, the place was as busy as one would expect.

First on the agenda was coat check and then a quick bathroom break before entering the business hall. The line up was pretty big for either, but I needed to get rid of my jacket. We got split up as the group reached the front of the line. I handed my coat to the lady operating my line, and took my return ticket.

As I backed out of the coat check I saw was another annoying line up, this time for the bathrooms. Having no desire to deal with another wait, a smart idea popped into my head. I wasn’t too familiar with the business building, and some of the other levels looked like they were off limit. However, the last building we had passed through on the way here had a peculiar set of bathrooms that came to mind. A row of individual restrooms as oppose to the usual men’s and women’s room. A rarity on campus, and as a person who enjoyed his privacy, a personal favorite.

The building was not that far away either. The next one over across the the road. I had taken a couple classes there this semester, so I knew how to get to the restrooms there quickly. Sure, maybe there was some bathrooms somewhere closer, but I was quite fond of these ones so I committed to the trip. Chalk it up to being young and drunk if anything.

After a short walk I arrived in the main hall of the biology building. The bathrooms were just off to the side, inside a small alcove like passage which sort of hid the bathrooms away, only exposed by a blue sign that stuck out into the hallway that broke off in its direction. I knew the place, but something would strike me as different when the passage came into sight. Or maybe, strange, is a better word. A small device with some sort of shinning spiral spinning had been stuck onto the sign. It definitely had me semi curious curious as I’d definitely never noticed it before.

Not thinking too much of it, I entered the alcove, only to notice another one. One wall of the alcove had a bunch of utility closets or whatever they might have been. The other was home to my favorite restrooms on campus. A row of four individual rooms, one of which had the other spiral device at the top edge of the door. At first the glimmer caught my attention, but as I came around I confirmed that it also had one of those spirals turning around. Stranger yet, there was also a sign hanging from the door knob.

“Hypno Hole...” I read, the sign dangling from the handle with the help of a string. The door, like the other restrooms, was gently left open. I peaked inside but it was dark and didn’t seem any different than any of the other rooms. “Come relax for a little while... $$$” was written in smaller text just below ‘Hypno Hole’. Maybe if I was sober I would have walked away from this one, but it seemed too intriguing to not at least investigate. Admittedly the dollar signs also had me more than gently intrigued.

I did a quick check around to see if anything else was out of the ordinary. Maybe I was being filmed and this was all some stupid prank. None the less, I played along.

“Hm...” I alerted the strange room of my approach, reaching in to flick on the light before stepping in. At first glance, there wasn’t anything all that strange. To the left was a vanity with a mirror, pretty standard. To the right was a toilet, also pretty standard. The back wall had one of those digital advertisement TV Frames. There was also one above the toilet, both cycling random ads. Again, pretty standard for most of the restrooms on campus. . I would eventually notice one last digital advertisement frame on the back of the door as I closed and locked the room behind me. There was some reassurance in the fact that it felt like I had some control of the lock.

I took a moment to look around, almost hoping something interesting would happen. After a brief wait nothing happen and I sort of gave up on the idea of being part of some funny prank.

“Just another regular bathroom” I teased in hopes of getting some sort of reaction before reaching down for my zipper.

Suddenly, the light above began to dim, from a strong bright intensity to something more akin to a poorly lit dance club. I looked up to confirm what was happening, my hands stopping in their tracks. Some sort of strange song joined the spectacle, if you could even call it a song. It was more like some kind of strange beat? It wasn’t quite music, but it was something?

Looking back down I noticed that the advert in front of me had gone black. Turning my head to the left I noticed that the advert on the back wall had also gone black, and before I could even turn the opposite way to check the back of the door I caught the shape of a circle forming on the screen above the toilet.

White filled the corners of the screen as a now black circle shrunk towards the center. Then black refilled the corners, and white again as it became obvious that it was rings, repetitively disappearing into the center of the screen.


I stared at the strange sight for a moment, before turning to check the other adverts to confirm that they were following along, which they were. Then came the light again, beginning to shift to a different hue, eventually starting to shift from color to color. An RGB lamp of sorts.

“Okay, what’s going on?” I asked to the void, thinking that someone had to be messing with me.

“Good evening—” replied a calm, somewhat raspy voice this time. I was startled, despite obviously calling out in hopes that someone would answer.

He, sounded like an older guy, but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. Sounded like there was speakers in the room, although I couldn’t see them. “Welcome to the Hypno Hole” the male’s voice added, confirming that the sign outside was in fact correctly describing what this place was. Not that I understood what it was.

Admittedly I was a little shocked, but thanks to my drunken state I stayed rather composed and rolled with whatever it was that was happening.

“Whose there?” I inquired, not wasting time trying to solve this mystery as I inspected for more clues around the room.

“Relax...” he diverted, about as respectfully as that word could be used in such a situation. “The Hypno Hole is place to come, and do just that... relax...”

“The Hypno Hole?” I confirmed again, my tone somewhat mocking the whole idea of whatever it was. What was this room trying to achieve? Was this guy trying to... hypno... tize me? Or what kind of prank was this?

“Yes... A hidden room on campus... Every so often I show up to help young students, such as yourself, relax...” he started to explain. I looked back down at the spiral above the toilet as he spoke, not really sure where else to look.


“As a student, you, should no as well as anyone how stressful university like can be... I am, right?”

“Sure” I agreed after a small delay, not really trusting this whole outfit. “I guess it can get a little rough at times...” I bantered with him despite that caring all that much.

“Of course it can, and no one can blame for the strain it can cause... Which is why it can be so nice to come here, and relax sometimes” he replied. “To unwind... and forget about the stresses of school, and life...”

“Um... I don’t mind, ‘relaxing’...” I chuckled, looking around the room, staying on guard. “But I’m not sure this is how I would go about it...”

“But, perhaps... You would, still like to, try? ... To let me try to, help, you anyway?” checked.

“Help?” I inquired further, not sure what he had in mind, just sort of letting these stupid spiral things distract me while I try to figure out what is going on.


“Yes, help... you relax...” he confirmed his intentions before somewhat diverting for a moment. “If you don’t mind sharing, perhaps you could tell me, your name?”

“... Jese” I replied after a brief pause. Considering whether he needed to know my name, or if it even mattered if he knew. Didn’t sound like it was some young student pulling a got’cha on me. Drunk me had probably made a few bad decisions at this point, and surely I’d make some more.


“Jese... Nice to meet you” he said, not extending his own title. “And... How did you exams go this semester, Jese?”

“Uh... Good, I guess?” I replied, standing in the room like a fool as I stared at these random spiral things. “We haven’t gotten our results back yet... But I’m sure they went well” I answered, as if totally accepting that this was some normal conversation.


“True true... Sounds like they may have went well though. Good to hear...” he replied, sounding sincere. Or at least playing as if he was. “But, you must be quite, exhausted, from the big exam push?”

“Meh...” I was short, just glad it was over. “...A little?”

“It’s never easy...” his tone suggesting he was trying to comfort me, or something. “What year are you in?”

“First year” I replied, again not caring that maybe I shouldn’t share too much information with him.


“Oh my... Then this was your first set of final exams?” he asked.

“Yes” I confirmed, despite him obviously already having come to that conclusion.

“And if you don’t mind, what kind of courses are you taking? What are you getting into?”

“Uh, some mandatory first year courses...” I continued my track record of probably over sharing. “Mostly science stuff I guess.”

“Fun fun...” he took a moment before his interrogation continued. “Any idea what you want you want to be? What kind of job you want?”

“Not really” I replied, still thinking about it. “I guess University is just the next step after high school. So, just figuring things out... Scientist?” I sarcastically threw out a random idea.

“Well, maybe I could help you figure that out?” he offered. “Although, being a scientist might be fun. There could be other things for you... ?”


“Help me? How?” I asked, despite it probably being a bad idea to seek or even contemplate help from a voice in the wall. I felt like a really idiot talking to this spiral on the wall, as if it was the person in the room with me.

“Yes” he confirmed. “Well, since you’ve been so, trusting... willing to share with me... I am a counselor here on campus... Among the many... I do other things, but I especially enjoy helping guide people, like yourself... You seem, unsure... And perhaps I shouldn’t tell you that work here, or what I do... Because I could get in trouble doing this... But, I trust you, Jese... That you won’t share what happens here? ... I’m just trying to help...”

“Sure” I replied, not really caring. It was weird, but he didn’t seem like an asshole? A weirdo maybe considering where this conversation was happening. But a nice weirdo, at least? Or maybe I was just drunk and giving him a pass. Counselor or not, this was all happening in a restroom...


“Good... thank you... I suppose I could just be lying about everything anyways... But I have no desire to lie to you, Jese” he continued. “If I am to help you, I need you to trust me... So I cannot lie to you... Actually, you are probably here for the Snow Ball, correct?” he checked, reminding me that I was completely forgetting about the party.

“Oh, yeah” I stumbled, feeling like an even bigger idiot as I checked for the door, at that very moment remembering that I came here to pee and still hadn’t even accomplished that. Not that I was going to do that in here anymore.

“Fun fun” he replied, a sound suddenly directing my attention to the back wall. A hole had appeared in the wall in the section below the advert. Judging by the clean look it had always been there, I just hadn’t noticed. And before I could contest why there was a hole in the wall, what seemed like a slab of tickets popped out of the hole and dropped to the ground below. It was in that moment that curiosity not only spiked, but that I also finally made the obvious connection of Hypno Hole, to glory hole.

Was that what the name was about?

“Then, a gift” he declared. “For being so patient, and talking with me...”

I inspected the tickets from above, not bending down to collect them just yet. I wasn’t really sure what he was trying to pull, but it looked like he was giving me some sort of reward. Distracting me from the now lingering fear that a cock could pop out at any moment. Regardless, I shifted my attention to the back wall with the hole, now treating its spiral as the voice.

“Some drink tickets” he identified what he had given me. “Ten of them to be exact. Surely a student such as yourself could benefit from this type of... donation?”

“Su-sure. I guess so” I chuckled, starting to get a little flustered by the confusing series of events that were starting to rack up. The hole almost impossible to ignore now that it had appeared. Clearly I just had a dirty imagination, but it didn’t seem all that implausible that what I was thinking could happen. That I had randomly stumbled upon some themed glory hole. Drink tickets were cool, but I was sure I wanted a cock to pop out after them.

Yet... The spirals... The lighting... The music... This voice in the wall, and his ‘gifts’? Probably worth dealing with considering the ten drink tickets had to be worth at least thirty dollars, probably more.

“How about an offer, if you have time...” he cut into my thoughts.

“Sure, go on” I accepted to at least hear what he had to say. So far my time spent had been well worth it.

“How about you take a seat for a little while” his offer started. “Just get comfortable, and play along... Just for a bit...”

I turned to look at the toilet, noticing something attached to the lid of the toilet seat. A pillow of sorts, probably installed by the voice for his visitors to sit on. A matching duo was set up against the tank to act as back rest, probably.

“That’s it... Just have a seat, get comfy... and relax for a bit...” he continued.

“I suppose, I could stay for a little while” I accepted. Had I not just received ten drink tickets I might have just left at this point but I would have felt bad. And maybe he had more ‘gifts’ to hand out so I figured it might be worth sticking around a little longer. At least until things got too weird. “But I’m here with friends, so I can’t stay too long... Plus, the Snow Ball is an expensive ticket” I attempted to come up with an escape plan.

“Don’t worry about that” he replied, a twenty dollar bill floating down from the hole this time. “That should cover it.”

“Whoa whoa. I was just joking around” I told him, not that I was all that sad to get my ticket paid for. I also wasn’t planning on spending too much time here either.

“No matter” he replied. “I rather you not have to worry about such things... Just relax, and spend some time with me...”

“Fine” I replied, leaving the money alone for now. Not trying to seem to greedy, thinking I would just grab it before I leave. “But not too long...” I added, reaching for the toilet seat to quietly drop it so I could have a seat. The seat was fairly comfortable, so I had no complaints. Kind of felt strange as I looked into the mirror ahead, just sort of looking at myself as I talked to this stranger. The reflection of the spiral behind me also in view.

“That’s it Jese” he said as I sat down, somewhat hinting that he could see me, or maybe it was just obvious. “Get comfortable, and relax... And forget about time for a little bit... Forget about the world...”

“Question” I prompted.

“Yes Jese?” he checked.

“Can, you see me?” I asked, his previous instructions hinting that he could somehow. Through the peep hole? Or considering the tech in here, he probably had some kind of camera installed.

“Yes. Apologies, I wasn’t trying to be sneaky... I made sure to announce myself earlier before you had, revealed, anything too sensitive” he quickly admitted. “But do not worry, I am not recording anything. I just like to see who I am dealing with. Easier to, help...”

Again, he got at ‘helping’. Helping me ‘relax’? Or what exactly was his master plan in here? On one hand it was all a fair bit weird. On the other hand, he had just paid for my ticket and my first ten drinks. Maybe more to come?

“Whatever. It’s fine...” I told him, not really caring as long as I didn’t have to do anything stupid.

“Good. Jese, please let me know if they is anything else bothering you... I need to make sure you’re comfortable... Okay?” he asked.

“Sure” I confirmed, feeling pretty cool about what had happen so far. Specifically, the money.

“Thank you” he replied, diverting now back to more of his antics as that different tone reappeared. The lights always shifting. That annoyingly catchy beat always playing. The spirals on the wall never stopping. Actually, it was all starting to make me feel... drunk, I guess?

“Question, if I may this time... Ever experienced hypnosis?” he took his turn.

“Experienced, hypnosis?” I checked, somewhat unclear about what he was getting at. Like, had I ever been hypnotized. “Don’t, think so?” I added, leaving it open despite knowing I had never been hypnotized.

“What do you know about, hypnosis?” he followed up.

“Uh... Some guy waves a pendulum back and fourth, and then you start... walking around like a chicken flapping your arms?” I replied, based on what they always showed in the cartoons and movies.

“I suppose that could happen...“he replied, with what seemed to be a quiet chuckle. “You know Jese. You probably experience trance everyday and don’t even realize... Something as simple as reading a book, or watching television. Even taking notes in class might drop you into a trance of sorts... You won’t always become a chicken, or have you hands stuck together... Sometimes its simply about, relaxing... and just sort of zoning out for a little while... Letting someone else take over...”

“Hm... Makes sense...” I answered, thinking about it.

“Hypnosis can be whatever you want it to be” he got back to it, the spiral in the mirror fading as a screen revealed itself from within the mirror. One of those TV mirrors, revealed by the black screen that showed up, which also started to shift into endless spirals. “A means to relax... To let go... To forget... ... Perhaps, Jese... You would like to experience, a truly... deep... Trance... hypnosis... ?”


“Not sure I have time” I dodged, just staring at the spiral ahead. There wasn’t much else to look at. “My friends are probably going to start wondering where I am” I added, somewhat annoyed by his constant pausing. Letting random words linger on... Always leaving me to think about what would come next, or what he was getting at.

“Do not worry about your friends Jese. They will probably think you found some cute girl to talk to, or something...” he argued. “Or, maybe, a cute guy?”


“No no” I chuckled. “Not my type...”

“No worries Jese... I’m not here to judge... I mean... You are a young adult, and it is University... Its the perfect time to experiment, and experience after all...” he followed up.


“Nothing against it” I told him, not thinking much of it.

“Fair enough... Although, even if something ever did happen... I doubt anyone could ever blame you, right?” he defended. “Just a young, curious boy who wanted to adventure a little... Say, you took a quick moment to experience hypnosis... I doubt anyone would blame you for that either, right? ... They would probably be too busy partying to even care that you were gone for, what... fifteen minutes?”

“I don’t know...” I replied, obviously unsure about all this. Although, he was somehow working the thought into my head. Or at least leaving me here to consider it. “What’s even going to happen?” I took the bait a little. “I’m going to... reach some state of zen? ... Or, what?”


“That all depends on what you want Jese... And, how well you can listen... And, relax...” his mystery continued. “Maybe I’ll hypnotize you so that you can’t remember your own name, or into that chicken you’re already so convinced is your fate as my willing subject” he teased, which force a small smile out of me.


“Or who knows... Perhaps I’ll convince you to try kissing another boy” he contemplated, letting out another chuckle.

“You wish” I shot back, reading that it might be something he enjoyed. Is, that what he was trying to get at? Or had he just found a means to annoy me.

“Well, I suppose that I should reveal something” he got a little more serious. “I might be a little, bias? Concerning this that topic... Since, I want to be open, and honest with you Jese... I should tell you that I am gay...”

“... Oh?” I replied, not really sure how to reply to that. Admittedly a little flustered considering I was restroom alone, with all these spirals and the now self proclaimed gay voice.

“So, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t get a little enjoyment out of watching you experience, some... ‘things’... I can’t deny that I’d enjoy seeing you, explore, a little... Explore things, that you may not properly understand” he admitted.

“Is... That why you want to... hypnotize me?” I asked, thinking this was his whole plan from the start. I also felt stupid even considering the fact that I would let him try to hypnotize me, never mind it actually happening.

“No no Jese” he denied. “The topic just sort of, came up... Although, hypnosis can be incredibly relaxing, which can easily lead to a deep sensation of, arousal... Occasionally revealing, or spawning thoughts or desires to my subjects. Ideas or seeds they weren’t aware of.

“So if I let you hypnotize me” I started, not really sure how to breakdown what he had just said. “What would you do? Try to turn me gay?”


“No no Jese. That’s now what I’m here for... You should know, Jese... That hypnosis, can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do... You are always in control... No one can force you to do, bad, things. Or things you don’t want to do... Say, rob a bank. Hurt someone... Hypnosis is, more about suggestibility... A scale of how willing you are to listen and react... ”

“Is that so?” I checked, giving the spiral a skeptical look.


“If... exploring your sexuality came up, naturally... Then we would explore it, if you wanted to... And if you, didn’t want to? ... We wouldn’t...” he explained. “But, you seem confidant with what you like... Right, Jese?”

“Sure” I answered, brushing off the awkwardness. I wasn’t something I really thought about all that much.

“Ever, been tempted... Jese?” he asked, coming right back to it.

“Tempted?” I answered, confirming that he was keeping the conversation here.


“I don’t know...” I answered, actually a little lost as I searched for even an example to contribute to the conversation. Perhaps also deliberating to myself about why we were still talking about this. “Nothing comes to mind... I guess, high schoolers make lots of gay jokes and comments? ... Well, actually...”

“Yes?” his interested was quickly aroused. I paused for a moment, somewhat regretting giving him a hook, yet this felt like the most appropriate place to talk about it.

“My best friend Chris...” I introduced. “He revealed to me that he was gay a few years ago.”

“Oh? interesting...” he confirmed. “And, how did you react?”

“I don’t know... It was weird, but I guess it was still my best friend?”

“That’s good to hear... Did, you have any clue that he was gay?” the voice asked.

“Not really” I answered.

“And, you’re still friends?” he checked.


“Yes. He’s actually here tonight as well” I revealed.

“I see... So, this Chris... Does he ever talk to you about his feelings... About being gay?” the voice inquired.

“Yeah, quite a bit” I confirmed. “I’m pretty comfortable with it. I mean, it’s different, but it makes sense to me now...”

“And, Jese... Do you ever, think about it?” the voice asked, although I wasn’t too sure what.

“What do you mean?” I checked.

“You know... Do you ever wonder, why?” he kept it vague.

“Why, what?” I tried again.


“You know Jese, think about it... Why he is gay?” he got more specific.

“I guess? I mean, its hard not to?” I replied.

“What do you think about? What kind of stuff does Chris talk to you about?” the voice’s curiosity continued to explode.

Yet, I had to admit... It was kind of refreshing to have someone else to talk about this with, a side from Chris. “This was starting to feel like some sort of therapy session.

“The usual, I guess? Anything really, depends on how drunk he is most of the time” I laughed at myself, knowing that Chris would often get pretty explicit with me when he was really drunk, regardless of whether or not I wanted to hear his stories. “Might talk about a guy he has a crush on, or he might give you some crazy details about what he did with a guy that you probably don’t want to know about.”

“Are his stories, too much, for you Jese?” he teased.

“I don’t know” I wasn’t sure how to feel about his stories. Admittedly I had some weird thoughts about those stories. “Like, its strange having your best friend tell you about how he sucks dick and gets fucked.”

“Oh? Quite forward... I take it he is a bottom then?” the voice checked with a chuckle.

“He has referred to himself as that, yes” I confirmed.

“And, I take you understand, the difference?” he verified. “Between a bottom, and a top.

“Yes” I answered. “He’s made that quite obvious to me by now. I have been introduced to a few of his ‘tops’.”

“So it seems quite open with you about it... Glad he has such an, accepting, friend” he replied. “But, how about yourself?”

“What about me?” I was careful to confirm again.

“Have, you and Chris ever, you know... fooled around?” he asked. “You’re a very attractive male yourself. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a guy go for you.”

“No” I denied, not lying either. “I mean, he’s tried, but I know what would be way to weird.”

“Would I be wrong to assume, you’ve thought, about it?” he quickly checked. He definitely wasn’t holding any punches.

“N-no” I immediately denied, really starting to consider how much I should be telling this stranger, yet... “I mean, he’s tried, when he is drunk... But I know better than to ever get into that mess. Especially if it was Chris.”

“Mess?” he hinted that I should expand on my idea.

“You know... You get caught doing something like that, you’ll definitely never hear the end of it” I explained.


“Jese... You’re starting to make me think, that you’ve had... ideas” the voice took another punch. I couldn’t counter. “Like, hearing about all of your friend’s adventures has seeded some, confusing, thoughts into you mind...”

I didn’t know how to answer, but worse I failed to offer even a simple denial.

“Jese... I wonder what would happen if it wasn’t Chris offering himself to you, but instead someone else... Someone you could, keep a secret... Someone, you would have felt more comfortable to, explore with” the voice pushed upon me.


I was incredibly flustered. Why? Because, because I had had thoughts. Thoughts that I’d be foolish to ever reveal to this stranger. And as easy as it should have been to just lie and brush this man off, something had me hooked? Like, I knew I should leave, yet here I was? Stuck, wanting, to talk?

“Jese, you’ve turned quite silent... Perhaps the perfect little subject has stumbled upon my Hypnohole. Someone who could use a nice, deep trance... To relax, and feel comfortable... To help, explore...”

“Perhaps” I answered, as if answering naturally, my sarcasm failing to respond first. My head was buzzing. I barely noticed how focused I was on the spiral in front of me. I had even forgotten about the hole below.


“Has, anything, ever happened?” he asked. I was slow to respond, but eventually... I did...

“Maybe, this one thing that happen recently...”

“Oh?” he checked, immediately interested.

“No, I don’t even know” I tried to dodge the need to continue. Unsure why I had even hinted at what had happen, immediately regretting that I had.

“Please Jese. Feel free to share” he asked. “You should feel comfortable, with me...”

“Well...” I started, with hesitation. Staring into the spiral, as if it was the face of the voice. Where else was there to look.


“After the bar, at one of Chris’ friend’s place... Colin... We were all drunk. Especially my friend Chris, who had been starting to lift weights... Decided he was now super strong and could beat me at wrestling. We were all in t-shirts and underwear, ready for call it a night and he gets all fired up, and he challenges me. Like, I’m an athlete... Play soccer and everything else... But I’m definitely not a fighter, or anything like that...”

“Fun fun, then what?” he pushed me on, definitely excited.

“I played along... Got him to admit defeat once... Then he had another go... Went just as poorly for him. I got on top and had him to bow out again” my story continued. “Till Chris’ friend Colin jumped on my back. At first, I thought he was going to wrestle, but then he just started humping me... I mean, jokingly, obviously, right? He was laughing. But then I feel his package slamming into me... Right into my ass... Like, right in ‘there’...”

“There?” he checked, making me immediately regret where I had let this conversation go. Or this level of detail I had given him. “Oddly specific, that dirty mind of yours. But it could be more specific...”


“... Like, you know... In between my cheeks...” I confirmed reluctantly. “I don’t know all that much... But I know enough, to know where they would, aim... And while everyone was having a good time and laughing it up, the first thought that ran through my mind was, don’t get a boner...” I finished, immediately realizing how much of a mistake I had done by sharing this much. Yet, despite that I had still shared.

“Sounds like your friend Colin had you quite flustered... Maybe well endowed too, if you could so vividly feel him pounding his junk into you?” he tested.


“No idea” I replied, almost trying to avoid the thought, although I was very much seeing it in my mind.. “... I guess he was known for having for having a somewhat visible package in his gym shorts.

“Interesting... And, why do you think that, don’t get a boner, was your first thought upon feeling his package slamming into you?” he interrogated into a subject that I never even should have gotten into with him.


“Don’t know” I answered, quite embarrassed that I had revealed this information. Like I had been tricked or something into saying what I said. “I was super drunk...” I defended myself, which I was again now. “I guess because Chris told me he was a top...”

“So, this guy, who you know is a gay top... Mounts you from behind and starts slamming his infamous big package into you...” he summarized, a teasing tone, making me realize how bad this situation was getting. “And your first, albeit drunk thought... Without hesitation, is... Don’t get aroused?”


“God dammit” I mumbled to myself, aware of the trouble I had brought upon myself. “I don’t know... Like, it would have looked pretty bad to get a boner while I was on top of one dude and another was humping me. My boxers weren’t going to help me hide anything.”

“But, if you weren’t attracted to men... Surely, you wouldn’t get an erection?” he theorized, really pressing the issue. “Was this Top flirting with you?”

“Not that I know of” I answered, my tone not wanting to have anything to do with this anymore, but knowing he probably wasn’t going to drop it. Yet, I was kind of okay, with talking about it...


“And... What happen after? ... Colin didn’t invite you to his room?” he chuckled. I chuckled back at my own expense.

“No... Chris eventually settled down...” I broke his heart. “We all found a spot to sleep and called it a night.”

“Oh. So sad...” he replied, theatrically defeated. “Seems like you missed out on a good chance to have fun... To explore... As far as I’m concerned” he ended with a laugh.

“Sure...” I sympathized, sarcastically, given the spiral an annoyed look. Why had I shared this story with the story. Yet, I was glad I did...


“Jese” he started back up after a short pause. “Ever, considered what it would feel like?”

“What, what, would feel like?” I asked for clarification, having foolishly thought he might have changed the subject.

“You know... What, it, would feel like” he failed to make it super obvious, while still making it quite obvious what he was getting at. “Say... Had Colin snuck you away to his room... to, have his way with you... Get back on top... Introduce you, to the pleasures of... of cock?”


“No!” I replied, perhaps showing how flustered I was getting.

“Not even, the slightest thought” he added, attacking my short response. I paused for a moment. He didn’t need to know whether or not I had thought more about it. “Even, just a little, curious, thought... ? BE honest with me Jese” he asked of me.


I did not answer him at first. Just stared into his stupid spiral, thinking to myself for a bit. Obviously I didn’t care to share all this info with him, nor did I have to. Yet, something something was kind of pushing to me just talk... The alcohol? This urge slowly pushing me to share with him...

“... Well, maybe... a little... The rest of the night I... Couldn’t stop thinking about it” I agreed to answer again. “I mean... I had trouble getting to sleep after that...” I admitted.


“Oh? And why was that?” he asked.

“I don’t know... It was just weird” I tried to simplify it, not wanting to tell him the entire truth. That I remained quite flustered for a time after that. “Whenever I would see him after that, it was weird... I doubt he thought much about it...”


“And, you wanted him to, think, of it?” he continued to push the topic.

“No no. Nothing like that” I quickly attempted to stop him.

“Not even, a little? Maybe, you wanted to get some closure?” he suggested.

“Maybe...” I considered.

“Maybe, a conversation? ... Or maybe, something much more, intense” he tried. “Couldn’t quite forget the sensation of his man junk slamming into you? Wondering what it might have felt like if it had gotten inside you?

“Not at all” I defended.

“Mhm... I suppose you just needed some time to get over it?” he checked.

“Sure” I accepted, hoping that would end things. Knowing it probably wouldn’t.

“Well, I can think of a few ways you can get over it...” he got at his games again.

“And how’s that?” I asked, which I knew I probably shouldn’t have.

“Perhaps a, small taste, of what you experienced... Would help?” he suggested this time.

“No no” I quickly objected, yet, starting to just want to say yes. “I don’t what you in mind, but its probably a bad idea...”


“Jese, no need to worry” he quickly defended his intentions. “Just a technique to help you relax... explore your thoughts... forget, your troubles...”


“Nothing crazy... Just an exercise, to help you relax... If, you want to, that is...” he added.

“Exercise?” I was baited, easily... I just, couldn’t ever properly stop him from leading me on...

“Well, again, because you are being to patient with me... So, trusting...” his started, his tone getting even softer than before. Seemingly more calculated than it already seemed. “I actually specialize in psychiatry... On the inner workings of the mind... It’s why I’m interested in hypnosis... And its power to... help, people...”

“Help?” I echoed, the voice getting at the concept of trying to help people again. Trying to help, me.

“Yes... I think you have some unresolved issues... Or more so, thoughts” he identified. “Thoughts, that need... Exploration... And, resolution... Well, I think you might have wanted more to happen...” he accused. “I believe young, drunk, Jese... wanted to make a mistake... Wanted to experiment... Wanted to know what would happen... And especially, what it would feel like...”

“I’m not sure I did” I answered, still on the defensive.

“A simple, no, would have sufficed. Yet, you always seem to leave an opening Jese... Like you want me to dig a little deeper... Like you, want to go a little, deeper...” he played with my words.

“I think you asked me for a story” I answered. “I gave you one...”

“True True” he admitted. “And I suppose I did really get far off topic... I nearly forgot that the main reason I lured you here was to introduce you to hypnosis.”

“That’s what I thought the hypno hole, was all about” I answered with some snark.

“Indeed it is, and perhaps you are still willing to try a little, hypnosis...” he checked.

“I doubt anything will happen” I accepted, a little curious. However, I was kind of hoping to get him off topic. “But you’re free to try...”

“Excellent... Then just stare into that spiral” he told me. “It doesn’t sound like you are in any rush to leave... And I promise you, that soon, you won’t have any desire to...”

A challenge?

“The spiral is all there really is to look at anyways, seeing as you are hiding somewhere” I remarked.

“Good” he dodged my sass. “Then just, keep, staring... and relax for a little while... It won’t take long... As long as you listen... Okay?”

“Okay” I answered, the lingering thought that maybe more rewards were on the way motivating me to always explore just a little more.

“Good, Jese... So just be comfortable... stare into the spiral... And listen to my words...” he got into his rhythm. “Starting with nice, deep, breaths... iiinnn.... and, ooouuuttt...” he attempted to guide me.

I somewhat ignored him, although also somewhat following along. The second time he ran me through this in and out business I followed a long a little better, and finally just gave in and played along.

“That’s it Jese, iiinnn... and, ooouuuttt....” he had repeated until he was seemingly content that I was in his rhythm.“And just keep breathing like that... Always staring into the spiral... Noticing how it never stops... How the spirals just keep coming... Black, then white... Then black... Then white... Back and fourth, just like your breathing... iiinnn... and, ooouuuttt...”

Having nothing better to do, I just followed along. Breathing in, and out. Focusing on that spiral. Just wondering what he was hoping to accomplish... Wondering if he actually thought he could hypnotize me... ?

“Breathing slowly... deeply... Nice and easy, until you don’t even need to think about it... Until you’re breathing so peacefully, relaxing as you do so... Always relaxing... Letting go of all your worries... Of all that useless stress... Only needing to relax... Wanting to relax... Wanting to let go... And just, slip away, for a little while... Forgetting about all your worries... Forgetting, about the world... Just for a little...” the voice said.

How was hypnosis even suppose to feel? Would I know it was happening? Would I know what has happening? Could I stop it? If I just kept following along, would it happen? It was kind of, interesting... Hypnosis, it was weird... But, here I was? ... And my answer was... why not? It was, interesting?

“That’s it Jese... Just breathing... and watching... and listening... Always relaxing... Just focusing on my words for now... Learning how to listen... Learning how to relax... Learning, how to be hypnotized” the voice said.

Learning how to be hypnotized? Had it begun? Or not yet? Was this even a good idea to let him try? Well, probably nothing would happen. I doubt he could actually hypnotize me? I’d probably just play along for a bit, maybe get few more drink tickets and then take off?

“Focusing on the shifting spirals... Focusing on the peaceful music... Focusing on the gently shifting colors... But most importantly Jese, focusing on my words... Letting them guide you... Letting them bring you down... Always focusing on my words... If anything, always focusing on my words... They will help guide you... Trusting my words, to help you... To guide you... helping your worries fade away... guiding you to be happier...” the voice said.

Seemed pretty easy. To just focus on his words. Just sort of repeating them back in my head. Not that I really cared to but it just seemed to happen naturally. I guess it was kind of like taking notes. Reading them back to myself, in my head, trying to remember them... Making sure to hear them...

“Always remembering to focus... Yet, somehow, losing focus at the same time... Like that spiral just seems to make your eyes... tired... Making everything hazy... You enjoy watching the spirals, so attentively... Never taking your eyes off the center... Getting lost in the spiral... Letting it hypnotize you... Noticing how it makes you feel... Liking the way it feels... Letting it, make you feel that way... Letting it guide you, down into trance, along with my words... Just listening Jese... Knowing that all you need to do is fall... Knowing that you want to be hypnotized... That you need to be hypnotized... And that if you listen to my words... And let them guide you... You will, soon be hypnotize... Free of worries... Full of happiness...” the voice said. “You want to happy Jese, free of worries? Sounds nice... Right, Jese?”

“Sure” I answered, trying to sound sincere, always playing along. “Sounds nice.”

“Good Jese... Then just me take over for a bit... No need to worry... No need to think... Just focusing on listening... Letting me guide into my trance... ... Trance, is nice Jese... Its just, an empty space... An infinitely relaxing place, where you are free to slip away and forget about the real world, and all its problems... Free to enjoy the peaceful happiness that we all desire... That you as well, Jese, desire... Isn’t it, Jese?”

“That would be nice” I answered. If it was true, it did sound like an interesting offer. Admittedly I was feeling a little relaxed at least. Or maybe just drunk, and not caring about anything... Nothing all that weird regardless, and easy to play along...

“No need to over think Jese... A simple, yes, will suffice... It is all you need to say... No need to think... No need to worry... A simple yes, is all that I need... So quick to reply... So easy to say... Isn’t it, Jese?” the voice explained.

“... Yes” I answered, admitting to myself that it was a lot easier to just say yes. As compared to constructing some reply to amuse him.

“Good Jese” he replied. “Hypnosis easy... You just need to follow along, and surely enough... You’ll be in a nice, relaxing, deep trance... Enjoying yourself... Sounds like a nice place to be... Not a care in the world. Letting someone else think for you. Guiding you to bliss...Sounds nice. Doesn’t it, Jese?”

“Yes” I nodded. If he was just trying to make me happy. Why not.

“Good... Understand, that my only goal is to make you happy... No matter what it might seem like I am working towards... No matter what I say... Or do... Or ask of you... Its all with the hope of making you happy... However I need to go about doing it... And Jese, I do, know how to do that... I do know how to make you happy... Jese... You, do you trust me, to do that... Right?” he asked of me.

“Yes” I answered, his intentions seeming genuine. He did seem to have a way with his words. He seem so adamant about making me happy. Like he had some sort of power to do so... But was he going to use hypnosis? Could I even be hypnotized?

“Good... Jese. I want you to just look, nice and deep, into that spiral... And tell me, you want to be happy...” he asked of me.

“... I, want to be, happy... ?” I tried, staring into the spiral. Thinking it was stupid, but at the same time thinking it might be good to get hypnotized.

“Yes Jese. Just like that, but... Be certain of it. Say it again...” he coached.

“I, want to be happy” I repeated.

“Again Jese” he asked.

“I want to be happy” I repeated.

“Good Jese. One more time” he asked.

“I want to be happy” I obliged.

“Good boy Jese... Noticing how much easier it gets to say... To believe... Repetition is great... It trains us... Makes it easier for us to accomplish what we are trying to achieve... Whether it be, becoming a happier person... Or, falling deep under, into hypnosis... I’m sure you noticed how much easier it became to repeat those words Jese... And just like it becomes easier to repeat those words... It becomes easier to listen to my words... it becomes easier to lose yourself in the spiral... It becomes easier to fall deep into trance... It becomes easier, to trust me... To open up to me... To let me guide you...”

He really was talking a lot. I guess a lot of it made sense, although. I almost felt like I was zoning out for a lot of it now... I was kind of feeling really drunk... The spiral was kind of getting hard to focus on... Like, there was just a lot to keep track of...

“You know Jese... I wouldn’t want you to have any regrets after this... I keep thinking back to what you told me earlier... About how it affected you... And, I don’t want to continue until we address it a little more... Is that okay, Jese?” he asked.

“Yes?” I answered, a little confused before I had time to realize what he was getting at.

“About, what happen... And, how you reacted... I want to talk about this some more... While you are in control... I want you to trust me... Enough to talk about what happen... You do trust me, Jese?” he checked.

“Yes...” I answered, my eyes feeling so exhausted, trying to keep focus on that spiral.

“Thank you... That makes me very happy... All I want to do is help, you be happier... And you want that, right?” he checked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Good boy” he suddenly called me. Not sure why, but I guess it didn’t matter. “Its just that... You are so young... And now is the time to explore. And discover... To learn about yourself... So that when you are older, you have no regrets... And, I have the power to help you, to guide you...” his speech continued. I wasn’t sure what he was getting at, although I kind of did. Or maybe I was just getting ahead of myself.

“If you don’t mind... I just want to bring Colin back up... Is, that okay?” he revealed.

“Yes” I answered, not caring as much as I did before. Not really knowing why he was coming back here, although I had my suspicions.

“You know... You are quite easy on the eyes Jese” he told me. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit good about his compliment. Even if it was coming from another man. “Could you stand up for a moment?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered, not thinking much of it. I stood up into the middle of the restroom, eyes locked on the spiral ahead above the sink. Standing there, feeling a little foolish as I adjusted my shirt and skinny jeans.

“Thanks Jese. Just want to get a better look at you. You seem quite fit... Play any sports?” he asked after a few more compliments.

“Yes... Soccer... A bit of swimming” I answered, feeling like I had returned to the conversation a little.

“Very nice” he commented. “Play on the University team?”

“Yes” I answered, not really caring much about overs haring.

“Incredible... You seem like you have the body for it” he added, not stopping with the compliments. “For either...”

“Thanks” I accepted, not caring that he was checking me out. Thinking that if it made him happy that was probably a good thing. Might get more tickets.

“I could just imagine you... Running around the field... You soccer players have some of the best legs, I must admit” he complimented this time.

“Thanks” I accepted once more, taking a little pride in that ‘fact’.

“Actually... If you don’t mind... When you swim... What type of suit do you suit do you use? ...” he got a little more, personal? “A tight little speedo” he chuckled, seeming to wait for the answer with great anticipation.

“No. Jammers... More like tight shorts” I specified, playing along.

“Mhm... I’m sure you would looked great in either” he told me. “Jese, care to share what kind of bottoms you are wearing right now?”

“Bottoms?” I asked him to elaborate.

“Your underwear?” he identified.

“Oh, uh...” I stumbled, taking a moment to recognize that he seemed to be gaining momentum. “Not sure” I confessed, lifting my shirt out of the way so that I could pry my thumbs into my jeans to check.

“Eyes up here Jese” he called out, confirming that he wanted me to keep my eyes on the spiral. “Perhaps there is... Another way you could show me”

“Hm?” I was short, cynical of what his idea might be.

“For a price, of course...” he pre-set, making sure to remind me of the rewards. “But, perhaps, you could just show me... ?”

“Show you?” I checked, wanting him to make his intentions clear.

“Yes, show me” he confirmed. “Perhaps I drop a few tickets your way... And in exchange, your pants come off. That way you can keep your eyes on the spiral like a good boy, and I can have a look at your underwear without you having to think too hard.”

I thought about it for a moment. Especially the part about him calling me a good boy. It was a strange type of annoying that made me laugh at myself for ending up in this scenario. Actually, the whole thing was kind of intoxicating in itself. Like the whole world had been put on hold, and I could make any mistake without consequence. Like I was in that situation with Colin again, but this time he had the confidence to do more. And I, didn’t care to stop him. What would have happen... ?

What would happen now, if... I dropped my pants.

“Fine...” I accepted, my thumbs already working at my belt and jean button.

“Always keeping your eyes on the spiral” he made sure to remind me. I played along, kind of finding it fun now. Or a challenge? Had to get those tickets.

As I finished unzipping, I pushed my pants off my ass and down my thighs. Down to my ankles, always watching the spiral. Awkwardly kneeling down to get the tighter sections past my feet, eventually standing up to step out of my pants.

“Good boy Jese” he praised, another strip of tickets dropping down into my booth. About five or so? “But, why not get rid of your shirt as well? So that I can get a proper look at that nice body of yours”

Obviously I felt a little stupid. No pants, staring into a spiral as some stranger gave me missions. The voice wanting my shirt as well. Yet, I didn’t mind just following along... Showing myself off was a small price to pay for these rewards. Who cared if some random guy wanted to check me out.

“Okay” I accepted again, reaching down into the lower opening of my shirt to grip and pull it off. “Happy?” I asked, dropping it on top of my jeans.

“Oh yes” he quickly answered, another five or so tickets dropping on queue. “Quite a bit actually... You definitely have the body of a University athlete. A pleasure to behold.”

I couldn’t help but blush. Because of the compliment, or the fact that I was now half naked, I wasn’t sure. Though, it was probably both. He did have a way with his words...

“Diesel bottoms... Seems we have our answer” he established, firmly proving that he could in fact see me. And, I just stood there and let him study me. “Quite tight” he commented about my shiny red boxer briefs. “Makes it quite easy to see that nice bulge of yours...”

His comment made me feel quite vulnerable, making it incredibly obvious that my underwear weren’t really hiding all that much anymore.

“Spiral Jese” he was quick to catch me looking down to inspect my package. I caught a quick glimpse of it sticking out before I was pulled back up to the spiral. He was making it really obvious that didn’t want me to take my eyes off of it. “Don’t worry about how you look Jese. Everything looks good to me, and that is all that matters... Your body makes me very happy...”

Again, the onset of the awkward feeling of being happy to receive such compliments yet being so unsure of who it was coming from. For many reasons. Despite his comments I couldn’t help but nervously adjust my bottoms. Perhaps even wanting to make sure everything was in place, and looking good.

“Dare I ask for your underwear as well Jese” he half teased, or maybe he was serious. “But I’m not sure I could afford those” he added with a chuckle. “But, maybe I could still get you to play along a bit...”

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, curious. Maybe scared. Strangely interested, in what he wanted... Embarrassed about being so curious. Like I was almost wanting him to push more.

“Nothing too extreme Jese. You can relax...” he tried to calm me. “You can trust me, to keep things easy... And fair... We are were to relax, aren’t we?” he returned to that smooth calculated style of his.

“Yes” I answered, still unsure of where he was heading.

“I suppose I got a little side tracked getting you to slip out of all that unnecessary clothing” he said. “So let’s, focus, on getting you nice and relaxed again... Were here for the hypnosis, aren’t we?”

“Yes” I agreed, needing to think to myself if that was why I was here. I guess I wasn’t here to strip for some random guy?

“I believe I was teaching you how to relax... How to drop down into trance... To help you experience the wonderful, blissful sensation of trance...” his game restarted. “Always staring into that spiral... It helping you slip... Helping teach you to relax... To give up control... To just disappear for abit while I take over... While I take control... Using it only to help you... To make you feel better... Happier... Because, you want to be happier, right Jese?”

“Yes” I answered, a little more sucked into his sentences now. Remembering how he played with his words, and the pauses in between. Letting thoughts linger, always giving those thoughts an answer soon after.

“Good boy... Feeling so comfortable in just those tight diesel bottoms... Not much different than those tight jammers you would swim in. So what’s the difference? Nothing... Both feel comfortable... You are comfortable in either... Completely comfortable to be seen in them... happy to be seen in them... Proud of that incredible body you have worked to achieved... Happy to show it off to the world... To me... And it makes me, quite happy to see you like that Jese... Looking so good... Looking so, so very relaxed...” the voice said.

His words felt nice. I felt nice. Happy?... Was, this hypnosis?

All these words of his. How he was using them... Was that hypnosis? Or was it all this stupid spiral? It all felt weird... strange, yet... I felt in control? Like I could escape if I wanted to... He didn’t hold any power over me, I was just palying along. But, it felt nice to play along. Plus, I was being rewarded for it...

Clearly I was fine. I was in control... I was just a little drunk... Maybe a little confused about all this? Flustered, by this situation? Admittedly, a little tempted to see what would happen next...

“Are you, nervous... Jese?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered, feeling like I was. “A little.”

“And, why is that Jese?” he asked. “You should feel comfortable with me... What are you so nervous about?”

“I don’t know” I started, thinking through my thoughts. “It’s just... I’m half naked, showing off for some gay guy... Who is trying to hypnotize me? ... Its, a lot?”

“That is an, interesting, situation you have there... Perhaps, its even a little bit of excitement that has you confused?” he side stepped.

“Maybe” I responded, his answers adding layers to my thought.

“Perhaps...” his voice quickly returned, hopefully to make sense of things. “This sensation... Is it, similar... To the one... Colin, gave you?”

I stumbled to answer, suddenly lost in my own thoughts. If the sensation wasn’t already obviously like the one Colin had given to me, it was definitely approaching it.

“Maybe... Being half naked in front of me... Half hypnotized... You might be, thinking of something? Or rather, hoping for something?” he explained.

“Something?” I checked, wondering what he was getting at. And half hypnotized? Was I hypnotized at all? How did he know? How would I know? And that really just distracted from the ‘what’ he was trying to do to me. Or the what I thought he was trying to do. Or the flustering thoughts of what could happen. And was I jsut thinking they would happen.

Or was he getting at, that I wanted these thoughts to happen? That I wanted things to proceed? That I was happy to play along?

“Yes... Something” he mysteriously confirmed, before detailing. “Just like that time with Colin... You curiosity is racing ahead... Thinking of what is ahead... Or what could be ahead... And I can sense it Jese... Deep inside you, its obvious... A seed, of desire...”

I could not answer him. Again I stood there in silence, awaiting for his words to bring light to what was happening.

“I’m not sure when you absorbed this seed... What did it to you... Whether it happened long ago. Or when you were on all fours, a man mounted you, and you felt his large package slam in between your cheeks...”

If I could get any more flustered, this was definitely doing it. What was he trying to say? That I wanted this? Or that I was gay? What was he getting at.

“Something, changed you... Something, planted a seed inside you... Something that you may not be aware of... Something, that secretly drives you... Your subconscious...” he explained, as I just stared into the spiral, trying to figure out what he was getting at. “Something, that made you desire something very specific... The feel, of another man...”

I wanted to deny his claim, but I couldn’t respond. I didn’t dare in this moment.

“And your first thought, when Colin’s cock hit you where it mattered most” he accused. “Is proof, that this desire exists inside you...”

I should never had shared that stupid story with the voice. He was using it against me. It was just a story... Yet...

“For a moment... You probably considered... What if... What if, I didn’t have my underwear on... And there was nothing holding him back... No one to stop him... Would, he have just shoved his cock into me... Would he have taken me then... Would I have experienced the incredible, blissful sensation of submitting to male...” the voice explained. “Would I have found comfort, and happiness?”

“I...” stumbled to fight back. “Don’t know...”

“It’s okay Jese” he comforted my confusion. “You can relax with me... And I’m here to help... And what time better than now, to help you, explore these thoughts... These feelings...”

I nodded in silence, unsure of what he had in mind. Unsure of how I should even proceed. If I should turn around and run out the door.

“I can help Jese” he told me. “But, you need to let me help you... You need to let me in... Do you, want... help?”

I did not answer him, lost in a flurry of thoughts. An incredible buzz slamming at my mind. Like a turning point. Like I had to either just shut him out, or let him in... And... Despite knowing I should run... I kind of wanted to let him in...

“Yes” I answered, leaving it up to him to decide what came next.

“Thank you Jese” he replied. “And, you want to let me in... Don’t you, Jese?”

“Yes” I nodded, staring into the spiral. Lost. Nervous. Hoping to be rescued from this situation. Yet, just as happy to let a mistake happen... To just let what was to happen, happen... I didn’t really care about the hypnosis stuff, but if he wanted to play that game I suppose I would just play along...

“Good boy... No need to resist... Just listen... and let me help... Let my words slip into your mind, and replace your thoughts... Let me take over for a little bit... You will not regret it... You will enjoy it... I’ll turn those, confused, nervous feelings... Into understanding... Happiness... Bliss... If you just let me take over... If you just hand over control to me... If you let me guide the ship, just for a little while... To a nice, warm, relaxing Island... Where you are alone, with me... Free to explore... Free of the world, and its judgement... Free to experience, and enjoy, whatever it is you want... Whatever it is, you desire... And you Jese... You desire, for someone to take over... Don’t you?” the voice asked.

“Yes” I nodded, always stuck staring into that spiral. Not knowing where else to look. Knowing I was not suppose to look elsewhere.

“Not caring to have control anymore... Not caring to think, or make decisions... Wanting someone else to steer the ship for a little while... Isn’t that right, Jese?”

“Yes” I answered, not really caring. Not really caring to think too hard about this.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Don’t you think I need a title Jese?”

“Yes” I agreed, preferring something to call him.

“How does, Sir, sound to you?” he checked. “Sounds easy, respectful?”

“Yes” I agreed, thinking it would be easy.

“Good... Then, please... When you address me, please call me Sir... Understood, Jese?” he asked of me.

“Yes, Sir” I replied, testing out his new title.

“Good boy” he praised. “Now Jese... You’re tired of thinking, right?”

“Yes” I answered.

“Good... And, you’re a curious boy... Correct?” the voice asked.

“Yes” I answered, staring into the spiral.

“You want to know what happens if you listen. If you follow... Isn’t that right, Jese?” the voice asked.

“Yes” I answered. Unsure, but sure.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Then, let me guide you... Let me take control... Just listen to my words... Let your thoughts slip away... Let your mind empty... No desire to think... No desire to resist... Only wanting to... How should I put it... Oh, I have a good word for you... Obey... Just listen, and... obey... Yes... Obey, sounds like a very good word Jese, doesn’t it?”

“Yes” I answered, connecting with the word. To obey. To just follow what he commands.

“A mantra Jese... Your, mantra... To Listen, and obey... You can do that, can’t you? Listen, and obey, Jese?” the voice asked.

“Yes” I answered, liking the idea.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Try saying it to me... I listen, and obey”

“I, listen... and, obey” I repeated.

“Good boy, so good... again” he commanded.

“I listen, and obey...” I answered, staring into the spiral. Just following.

“Good boy... Just relaxing... Dropping into trance. So so easily... Just learning to listen, and obey... Learning so easily... So willingly... No reason to resist... No reason to deny me... Only wanting to feel good... Only caring to be happy...” the voice emphasized to me. “What is you mantra Jese?” he tested to me.

“I listen, and obey” I repeated, knowing my mantra.

“Good boy. Such a good boy...” he praised. “So willing so surrender... Only needing to surrender... Finding it so easy to surrender to my will... Finding it much easier to just let me take over... Not caring to think... So empty... More and more void of thoughts and will the more you listen to me...

I really felt weird. Different... Like I was drunk, despite having not had a drink in a while. Which reminded me, how long had I been in this room. How long had I been away? It felt like it could have been 10 minutes, or an hour... And he was still going on about this hypnosis thing... With his smooth, calculated voice... Well, I guess it felt kind of nice... Pretending to be hypnotized was fine....

“Jese... I want you do write your mantra... Just like a student taking notes” he asked of me. “Can you do that for me?”

“Yes” I answered, thinning it sounded quite easy.

“Good boy Jese...” he praised. “So willing to listen... SO willing, to obey... Aren’t you?”

“Yes” I answered.

“Good... Then, you can take your eyes off the spiral, drop to your knees, and take this marker” he directed me. As if I needed his permission to stop looking at the spiral. I lowered myself, down onto my knees. The hole in the wall about head height as I noticed a black marker sticking out from the darkness. I made an attempt to see what was on the other side but I couldn’t see a thing. “Take it Jese.”

“Yes Sir” I accepted, reaching up with my right hand to grab the marker.

“Good boy” he praised as I pulled the marker into my hand. “Now, write your mantra. On the wall... All around the hole... And repeat it to me out loud... That you listen... and, obey... Write Jese, and repeat... Write your mantra, and repeat it to me out loud...”

“Yes Sir” I accepted, griping the marker. I chose a starting point just to the upper right edge of the hole. “I... Lis-ten... and... o-be-y” I wrote, wording it back to him as I spelt the black letters onto the red wall with the marker.

“Good boy Jese” he praised, again. “So empty. Again.”

“I... Lis-ten... and... o-bey” I wrote again, wording it again.

“Good boy Jese” he praised, again. “So open to my suggestions. Again.”

“I... Lis-ten... and... o-bey” I wrote again, wording it again. Each time faster, and easier than the last. Forgetting why I was writing it. Forgetting why I cared to write it. Just writing, because I was suppose to. Knowing my mantra. To listen, and obey. Not needing to know why I should obey. Just knowing that I should obey. That I should listen, and that I should obey.

Again, and again. Writing and reading my mantra over and over again. All around the circle. Filing the wall space all around it. Finding room to put the next line of my mantra. Each line accompanied by the voices praise.

“Good boy Jese” he praised, again. “Going so deep. Again.”

“I... Lis-ten... and... o-bey” I wrote again, wording it again.

I just kept writing, forgetting each time, a little more why I was writing it. Just listening to what he had to say as I did it. Not really

Again—“Signing away control to me”

Again—“So happy to give me control”

Again—“Forgetting to care”

Again—“Just focusing on your mantra”

Again—“Only caring, to listen”

Again—“Only caring, to obey”

Again—“Not caring why”

Again—“Just knowing, that you should obey”

Again—“That you want to be happy”

Again—“And that I, can make you happy”

Again—“Knowing that if you obey, you will be happy”

Again—“All you need to do is obey”

Again—“Obey Jese”

Again—“Just needing to be an obedient boy”

Again—“Not needing to think for yourself.

Again—“So willing to accept anything.”

Again and again I wrote, somewhat listening now to what he had to say. It felt so natural to write my mantra, but I was starting to make silly slip ups. Needing to think about how to write a letter, or miss placing them. I was so focused on writing my mantra, not wanting to make mistakes, that I started to zone out a little. His words almost like gibberish, despite still seeming to guide me. Like I was day dreaming and then coming back to. But when I would come back I was still completing my tasks like a good boy.

(Not needing to think)

Again—Focused on completing my tasks.

(Obeying my every word)

Again—Making sure to listen, but always writing.

(Not questioning anything I say, do, or request)

Again—Obeying, as I should.

(Becoming aware that you are naked. Alone with a gay hypnotist...)

Again—Obeying, as I wanted to.

(Becoming aware of how exciting this is, just like when Colin’s cock slapped into you...)

Again—Happy to do as the voice said.

(Becoming aware of how arousing this is. Realizing that you wanted things to go further...)

Again—Losing space to write. Probably writing over my past lines.

(Desiring for things to go further, this time... Not caring if you make a mistake... Having no regrets...)

Again—I felt like I was scribbling at this point. Probably only mumbling my mantra.

(Wishing that more would have happen with Colin. Knowing, I can offer you a taste of that... Even more...)

Again—Not caring what was happening. What would happen.

(Opening up, nice and wide Jese... Accepting it... So happy to finally have a taste...)

Again, I wrote my mantra, so focused on it. Still so proud of my mantra, despite stumbling to make it all that legible. Something pulling my attention to the side, splitting my attention. My mouth started to open as I turned my head to the side. As if I was being given something. My eyes stayed forward, focusing on my task, unaware of what I was being offered, not even all that aware that I was being offered something.

(That’s it Jese. Open your mouth... Don’t worry about what it is. Just accept it.)

I could feel it, something creeping from the darkness of the hole. Although I had no idea what it was, I could just feel something pulling me towards it.

(No thoughts Jese. I just want to make you happy. This, will make you happy.)

My mouth opening in anticipation, despite knowing why I had to open my mouth. Something eventually pushing at the tip of my tongue, signaling that I needed to take the object into my mouth.

(That’s it Jese. Swallow.)

In a quick motion, still trying to focus on my mantra, I opened wide and shot my head forward a little before clamping down on the object.

It had a taste... And a smell... It was... It was, ni—!!

My face contorted to express mixed emotions. I registered that I had done something weird, but I wasn’t sure what. Like I was well aware of what had happen, reacting appropriately, while still having no idea what had happen. I jumped off whatever it was that had been aimed into my mouth.

I probably had a disgusted look on my face, like I had been betrayed. Pulling back, I would notice what could only be described as a ‘hard cock’ standing at full attention, poking out of the hole.

“What the—?” I shouted, startled, taking a quick look around the room to try and rebuild this puzzle in this moment of confusion. The spirals on the wall. The shifting light. The strange music... A wall full of scribbles layered over some more organized words. “Sir!?”

“What’s wrong Jese?” the voiced asked, clearly not as concerned as I was with what was happening. “Isn’t this, what you want?” he asked, bringing my focus back to the tip of the hard cock. As if I had now associated it as the source of the voice. Normally if I, or rather, someone in this position looked up. They would be able to see whose cock they were dealing with. Instead all I would see was a spiral.

As much as I kind of associated that spiral with the voice’s makeshift face, I couldn’t help but focus on the bigger problem below. A sizable, and hard cock sticking out at my face, my chest retreated to give my face some reprieve from the cock.

“What are you trying to pull?” I asked, still trying to make sense of the situation, and perhaps more so how I had gotten here. I felt disoriented. Lost. Like I had missed something.

“Is something the matter, Jese?” he asked, his tone hinting that there wasn’t anything all that weird going on. The voice seeming a lot calmer than myself.

“I mean... You just tried to shove your cock in my mouth” I accused, staring at the culprit in question. It was pretty big too, not sure how he expected me of all people to deal with it. Must have been over seven inches at least? Bit bigger than me for sure, so probably in the eight range. Pretty thick too, like the ones you would encounter in porn. Circumcised, if that mattered for my personal report.

“Yes... And the issue is? ... I thought this was what you wanted Jese?” he responded, confidant that he had done nothing wrong.

“I, uh” stumbled, remembering that a simple no should have sufficed. Staring at seemingly floating cock with a spiral for a face made it a fair bit more difficult to think. I didn’t even know what to say.

“Jese, listen” he took charge before I could fight back. “You’re alone in a restroom. No one has any idea that you are here, or what you are doing... As far as they are concerned, you’re probably flirting with some cute girl and getting her phone number...”

“So?” I asked, trying to see what he was getting at, awkwardly staring at the cock as it twitched and waved around.

“I know that there is a part of you that wants to suck that cock. To see how it would feel, and taste” he accused. “And you have every right to do so... No one would blame you if you did... No one, would ever even know... Our, little, secret...”

I was frozen, just staring at the cock, as it bounced and shifted around, continuously presenting itself to me. Like a dog patiently waiting for a treat. And that treat, was for me to service it... And as much as it felt like the voice was using me. Taking advantage of me. Manipulating me... It was tempting...

I smiled, a part of me just wanting to give up. Throw away my pride. Ignore what I thought anyone would think. To surrender, and just grab that cock. My fingers were twitching, stretching, nearly spasming as they fought off conflicting ideas. To just reach up and grab the cock, or deny the voice of his own desires. My hand salivating like a mouth in front of a delicious plate of food.

“Don’t be afraid Jese” the voice encouraged. “You need not worry... You know your mantra... You need only to...” he paused, as I joined him in finishing.

“Listen, and, obey...” he chanted together, a connection clicking. I just needed to listen, and obey.

“Good boy Jese. Such a good boy” he praised with such delight. “Now, quit thinking, reach up...” he started, my hand listening as it started to rise. “And take that cock...”

I felt so empty. So lost. An intense buzz eradicating any thought to even consider disobeying. Like the voice of reason that was halting my acceptance was in play, but I could not hear it.

“Yes Sir” I answered, my hand already hovering around the thick cock, finally just giving up and clamping down on it.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Just accept your fate... Forget about the world, and their judgement... Just enjoy yourself... Be happy... and have fun...”

I simply held it, just staring at the tip. It felt so hard, like it was very excited to see me. Very happy that I had agreed to hold it. I could feel it twitching, and adjusting, the cock shifting forward a bit so his sack could pop out of the hole.

I was coming to the realization that I was here, and this was going to happen. Knelt before this monster cock, half naked, its girth in my grip. I had already committed the sin, what difference was it whether or not I just finished it off.

“That’s it Jese. Nothing to worry about... No need to think... Just enjoy yourself... Surrender to the cock... Do what feels right...” he continued to sing to me. Continually nudging me, barely giving me a chance to think.

“Jese, there is no need to think” he continued. “Just listen, and obey.”

I nodded, a smile slipping onto my face as I just accepted the inevitable. The fate I could not escape. I had already failed to escape, so where would I find the strength to fun away now?

“Come Jese... Suck that cock... Put it in your mouth... Taste it... Enjoy it...” he pulled me to action.

I could feel it, my head gravitating towards the cock tip. A firm grip around the base of his cock, turning and stroking my hand. Feeling what another man’s cock felt like. I felt different to hold another’s cock. To have a cock in your hand, yet not benefit from the direct stimulation. Yet, there was a pleasure and satisfaction of a different type... It was, arousing...

I just let myself sink in, staring at the cock. Being pulled in, as if I was about to make out with him. At the last second just accepting defeat, trying to imagine how a girl would service me. I opened my mouth wide, closed my eyes and guided the cock into my mouth.

“Good boy” he praised. “Such a good boy... Just enjoy it... Forget about the world, and slip away...”

I took the cock a few inches in before closing my lips around the head. I wasn’t even sure what to do. I just knew I had one job. Suck this cock, it only occurring to me now that my job would probably be to finish it off too. I suddenly got really flustered thinking about that. That my job was to make this cock cum... And, what would he do with that cum.

“Come on Jese. Suck like a good boy” he broke my panic. “No thoughts. Empty. Obedient. Just suck cock, like a good little cock slut.”

His encouragement sounded fun, and so I just accepted it. My mouth started to move. At first a I just sucked. Like I was trying to siphon the cum straight from his balls, obviously knowing I would need to work a little harder than just that to win. My mouth started to move. Down his cock, and back. Back and fourth, just playing around his tip before I got a little more adventurous.

“Yes Jese” he chimed in. “That’s it... Lose yourself... Accept your fate... Its so much easier to just, give in... Let go... So much easier to just accept your fate as a cock slut... Isn’t it?”

I nodded, the cock in my mouth, pulling off to take a quick breath.

“Yes Sir” I answered, once again making eye contact with the cock.

“Good boy Jese. Get back on that cock” he instructed. “Show me how a good cock slut sucks dick.”

I smiled before diving back in. So happy that the voice was so accepting. Willing to offer me his cock. To give me a chance to experience this.

My hand soon joined in the action, beginning to move. Stroking back and fourth, twisting and massaging like a girl would do. Or like I would play with my own cock. Sucking, bobbing, twisting, stroking. Mixing in all the movements in a coordinated fashion to try and seduce the cock. To coax it into cumming.

I did not need to be told. I knew that when you played with a cock, the intention was to make it cum. Just this time, it wasn’t my own, but another man’s. It was simple. Listen, obey... and-

“Make me cum Jese” he said, it no longer even obvious when I was thinking to myself or he was telling me what to do.

“Suck Jese... Suck like a good cock slut... Serve that cock... It is all that matters... Going deeper and deeper... Accepting your fate... So submissive... So suggestible... So willing to serve... To listen, and obey... Going and deeper and deeper... Losing yourself, more and more... So focused on my cock... Letting your mind empty... giving into temptation...” the voice sang.

His words all made so much sense... I don’t why I had been so difficult... I was just glad it was over... I was actually kind of tired... Of resisting... Or thinking... It was just becoming easier to be his ‘cock slut’. Easier to just give him control, and obey. I could care less what would happen, just trusting that he would guide me...

Who knows if I was any good either. Although, he seemed quite happy by my efforts, and his rock hard cock now shoving into the back of my throat seemed to agree.

I sucked as best I could. I stroked as best I knew how. Trying to take in as much of his length as I could. Pulling off to catch my breath whenever I felt like I needed it, my saliva stretching from his cock tip to my lips, knowing I had to give that cock the effort it deserved. Not wanting to disappoint it. Not wanting to disappoint the voice, as it commanded me to keep sucking. And stroking. Always singing his words of wisdom to me.

To let go... To surrender... To enjoy... to, obey... No matter what...

And it didn’t even matter what he was saying. I was so focused on sucking his cock that the words all just became a blur. I just closed my eyes and worked his shaft. Sucking, stroking, lubricating it with my saliva.

“Good Jese” he praised. “Back off” he commanded.

I pulled away, retreating. Letting go. So empty, just staring at the wet cock, shiny from all of my saliva. I could even feel a fair bit of drool leaking down my chin. My breaths were heavy, like I had just sprinted across the pitch.

“Such a good cock slut” he praised, perhaps letting me catch my breath.

I remained there, knelt. Ready to obey. Waiting for my next instruction. Just staring at his wet cock, it staring back at me. Melting me. Making me craze it more.

“Jese... My balls are in need of your affection” he made sure to bring to my attention. “As a boy, you should no as well as anyone where my gift will come from.”

As his cock twitched to full size, lifting a bit, I dropped my focus to his orbs. His sack was firm and large like his cock. His huge balls pressing out, letting their presence be known, spurring a strange sensation as I looked upon the source of his seed.

“That’s right Jese” he whispered. “Stare... Appreciate... Lose yourself... Submit to those balls... Kiss them...”

I moved in to do as he said, his instructions continuing . I grabbed his cock and pushed it up and out of the way so that I could access his sack. Naturally I started to stroke his shaft, my tongue poking out to lick his balls. His entire package was so big... So commanding... It just made me want to submit... To worship...

And worship I did, at his command. Doing exactly what he wanted me to...

I latched onto one of his balls and got the idea to suck on it.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Such a good slut...” he added as I stroked his cock, keeping it nice and hard as I made out with his balls.

“That’s enough Jese” he finally gave me a break. I pulled back, once again on my knees, staring at the voice’s package. “Back to my cock Jese” he redirected me.

“Yes Sir” I answered, catching my breath before diving back in for his cock. Back to master the technique I had been working on before. Lost in this moment, focused only on his cock, and his words. Listening, but too busy sucking cock to really understand what he was saying.

Sucking. Stroking. Licking. Just going hard, as hard as I could. Knowing that I had to work his cock.

“Yes Jese” the voice moaned. Sounding so pleased, so excited. Motivating me to keep going. That I must be close. “So good Jese. Such an amazing cock slut. Just keep sucking... Keep stroking... No worries... Forgetting to think... Just obediently sucking cock... Sucking, and sucking... Just keep sucking till you hear the knock... Just keep sucking with that amazing cock, until my cock can’t take it anymore, and I knock... And when I knock Jese, you will keep stroking... But you will present your face to my cock... So I can mark it... Understood Jese?”

I did not answer with words, too busy sucking. I had to keep sucking, just looking up at the spiral, nodding to confirm that I understood my command.

“Good boy Jese” he praised, sounding more and more excited as I worked his cock. “Keep sucking a perfect little cock slut... And let me spread my cum all over you... Just keep sucking... Nothing else matters... Sucking, and stroking... Harder and harder... Yes Jese... Just a little more...”

And suddenly a knock-

I pulled back.

“Open your mouth Jese. Receive my gift” he commanded, groaning through as he struggled to relay orders to me in time.

I felt his cock get so stiff. So swollen. Twitching in my hand. This was, his orgasm. I just kept stroking, and stroking. Till a string of white liquid suddenly shot at my face. hitting me square in the bridge of my nose. My eyes shot closed in response, reminding me to open my mouth.

I leaned my face back, mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. My face accepting his gift, always stroking to “get every drop out”, as he directed me. Stroking and stroking, feeling shot after shot land on my face. My cheeks. My lips. My chin. A fair amount in my mouth. Some missed and hit my chest.

As I felt the barrage stop, I summoned the courage to open my eyes. A random shot forced a blink out of me, but I could see that his climax had settled.

“Clean my cock Jese” he commanded. “Clean up your mess, and just continue to forget... your mind so empty... Memories getting lost...”

“Yes Sir” I replied, nodding as a smile spread across my cum covered face.

“Such a good boy... Such a good, deeply hypnotized, slut... Aren’t you Jese?” he checked.

I nodded, mumbling my response as I looked up at the spiral. Swallowing his initial load as I shoveled the what I could scavenge off his cock into my mouth.

Licking, sucking, and swallowing. Till there was surely nothing left on his cock.

I pulled away to admire my work, his massive cock starting to sag as he settled post orgasm.

“Keep stroking Jese” he made sure to keep my hand in motion. “How did it taste Jese?


“Yes Sir” I agreed, obediently. Just so happy to have been fed his load. My face staring into his cock tip, the source of his cum, my hand working his shaft. Feeling it shrink, but still maintain a some girth to play with.

“Good slut...” he praised. “So happy to be in my trance... SO happy to suck my cock... Just, so very... very... happy... Jese... You lose this, don’t you?”

“Yes” I answered.

“Being hypnotized?” he checked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Naked” he checked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Serving cock?” he checked.

“Yes” I answered.

“Good slut... Always stroking... Keeping my cock happy... It keeping you happy...” he kept me active. “In a moment, I’m going to wake you up Jese... And this may all seem crazy to you... And you may not remember everything... But if you remember anything, just remember how happy my cock made you... Remember, how nice my trance feels... How happy this trance, makes you feel... SO very relaxed... At ease, not a care in the world... No stress, or worries... Just needing to listen... Just needing to obey... ... Jese, when I wake up you up... This might all be a shock to you... But the moment you hear my voice... Or see my cock... You will settle... You will remember how good they are for you... You will remember how easy it is to be happy... Understood, Jese?”

“Yes Sir” I nodded, always stroking. A string of cum leaking from the tip of his cock, although nothing compared to the massive dribble hanging from my cum covered face. His huge balls weren’t just for show.

“And my words will always hold such power over you Jese... No matter the conflict in your mind... You will trust in my words... You will allow them to guide you... You will always remember, to listen... and, obey... Understood Jese?”

“Yes sir” I confirmed.

“Good Jese... Then begin to come back... Remembering how good it feels to be in my trance... Counting down, from three, to zero... Thoughts returning... Three... Always remembering how good my trance feels... Two... Understanding that you will want to return here... one... Alert, and ready to respond... And, zero. Awake Jese. Fully awake” he told me.

* * *

I felt like I was coming out of a daydream... Like I was doing something, but I couldn’t quite remember what... I focused... What was I staring at, a cock? A cock? I was staring at a cock.

It took me a moment to connect things. I felt a sensation of shock, yet I just... smiled? Still pumping his cock.

“Welcome back Jese” the voice interrupted. “You look, a little lost.”

“Wh-what, happen?” I asked, trying to put the puzzle together. I looked down, my chin to my chest, realizing that not only was I in my underwear but I had a bunch of white stuff running down my front. Looking back up again to confirm the source, the slightly limp cock staring back at me, that I was stroking. I pulled my hand off as retook control, defiantly accepting that I had probably just given the voice a blow job. And I say probably, but the word I was looking for was definitely.

I mean, maybe he just shot a bunch of liquid on me, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. This strange mix of emotions flooded me, that buzzy flustering sensation quickly rising. Yet, I felt... happy? Content?

“Well” he cleared his throat. “I hypnotized you.”

I had forgotten about his whole hypnosis thing he had offered. Wait, had he actually hypnotized? Is that why I was so out of it? Why I was sort of foggy about what I had done? Did I even realize everything I had done?

“Not possible” I weakly denied, thinking something might have happened. I was missing something.

“Look at the wall Jese” he told me. “Your mantra...”

“I listen” I started. “and obey” he finished with me.

I wanted to call bull shit on everything, but a face full of cum was a little too much to deny. And, I felt like I could sort of dream of how it got there. Yet, there was the strange feeling like I didn’t quite remember? Was I just projecting what I thought had happen? Or were these my memories?

“But don’t worry about it Jese. You enjoyed yourself. Trust me” he teased, his cock shrinking back towards the hole as he pulled it away. Retreating after the deed was done. “And I thank you, for your services... You have an amazing mouth.”

I wasn’t whether to be pissed off, or proud of a performance I had little recollection of. I decided to just take the compliment.

“So... This is, a glory hole?” I accused.

“Sure?” he admitted. “But better? I doubt you’ll find many glory holes where the cock can put you into an amazingly, blissful, deep, trance...” he slowly spat out his words. A strange connection buzzing with all of them. “Jese...”

“Yes?” I answered.

“I know, we’ve already done so much” he acknowledged. “But, perhaps... You would like, to do... A little, more?”

“More?” he asked, again flustering me. What ‘more’ did he have in mind?

“Well, for starters” he said, a cloth dropping into view from the hole. “Why don’t you clean yourself... As, best you can.”

I reached for the cloth. It was wet, and warm. I immediately pulled it up to my face to clean his cum off, never all that concerned about the fact that I had let him do this. If anything, laughing at my own ‘misfortune’.

I wiped my face, and then my chest. Reaching all the way down to try and clean a puddle that was sitting on the fabtic of my underwear.

“Sorry about that” he commented. “I made a little bit of a mess... You can, always take those off... If they are dirty...”

“I think I’ll hold onto them” I chose between the two evils. Of being naked, or wearing my bottoms stained by the semen of another man.

“Whatever suits you” he accepted. “But back to, more... I feel like you’ve yet to experience everything...”

Already so foolish to let things get to this point, I was still too scared to inquire about what he was getting at. Too stupid to run now, while I could. Continually tortured by a curiosity I could not break.

“I have some toys that you might be interested in” he revealed. “Under the sink, in the vanity...”

I turned to the side, at the vanity door that suddenly felt so much more interesting.

“That’s it Jese” he pushed me. “Why don’t you open it... have a look...”

“Sure” I answered, curiosity absolutely buzzing as I reached over. I slowly opened the door, immediately noticing a small box with a few objects.

The instant eye catcher was a mind buzzer for sure. A long clear blue dildo. It alone sent the imagination into overdrive. Considering what had already occurred. Getting past the dildo, there was another one, this one with a set of balls at the base.

“Don’t be afraid to touch Jese” he interrupted. “They are all perfectly clean.”

Despite that I wasn’t jumping at the chance to play with the stranger’s toys. Yet, I kind of wanted to...

“Jese... Don’t be shy... Just, reach out and take one” he suggested. “Overcome your fears... Just relax, and enjoy yourself... How often do you have the opportunity to just be free, and explore like this... To just, grab that dildo, and wiggle it around... Or maybe, you want to shove it your mouth like you did with my cock.”

I was too defeated to answer. I wanted to shut him up, but I also couldn’t help but be excited by my situation. I had thought about this before. More and more till I was always hoping for a ‘foolish decision’ to happen, to put me in a ‘bad’ situation.

“Or maybe, you want to feel something else” he was quick to attack again. “Something, much more mind numbing... A sensation that you could not even understand.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Oh, curious?” he teased, but he was right. “The ultimate, submission...”

I knew he was playing me, but I couldn’t help but allow myself to be played. I wanted to be played. I wanted him, to play me...

“The act, of truly surrendering to a cock... Jese...” he slowly worked my emotions. “Letting it take you... Use you... Fill, you... You know what I am talking about, don’t you Jese?”

“Sure” I responded, simply. Probably coming to the same conclusion as him, although not wanting to admit. Yet... Curious if he did indeed mean, what I thought he did... Fixated on what I thought he might have been implying.

“And... You want to feel it... Don’t you, Jese? That, submission...” he checked.

“If you mean, shove one of these dildos up my ass” I quickly stopped him. “I’m not so sure its going to fit” I argued, again forgetting that a simple ‘no’ was the correct answer.

“You would be surprised Jese” he did not shy away. “I’m sure that nice, tight ass of yours can take in a lot more than you think it can... How about, I prove it to you?”

Again I turned silent. My pride not wanting to admit that I was interested in the prospect of my discovering what it would feel like to have a cock up my ass, even if it was just a dildo. All those stories drunk Chris had told me, over and over again. Whether or not I wanted to hear about it. All that lobbying he did to try and get me to join him on a gay adventure... I could now find out, in secret...

“How about we start simple Jese” he set a plan in motion. “You see that small rubber plug there, the black one?”

I checked the box, my eyes catching what would have been best described by what the voice was trying to get me to find. Frankly it was the most black thing in the box. Summoning the courage, I reached into the box, brushing a side the other toys, including the massive clear dildo, grabbing the plug.

“Yes Jese, that one. Good boy” he congratulated me.

Despite how annoying it always was to hear him call me that, every time it came with a feeling of enjoyment. It was strange... I liked it... Being, his, good boy?

“I think it would be fair to start with this one” he continued.

I inspected the toy with great curiosity. I had seen and heard of butt plugs before, although I didn’t really know all that much about them. Fumbling around with the toy, I inspected the size. The till was round and smooth, the girth slowly growing towards the base till it quickly shrunk back down to where some sort of hook was latched on. A grip? A stop? Both? And then some sort of know on the end, with a bluetooth sign?

“How about... Ten dollars?” he checked.

“For what, to stick this into me?” I guessed. Honestly I felt like I was at the point where I’d try it for free, maybe...

“No silly” he laughed. “But I like your idea... But if you wanted to do that, you would need to take your underwear off... Wouldn’t you?”

“I guess I would” I acknowledged. I looked around, as if this was any worse than what had already happened. “Fine...” I accepted, reaching down to my cum stained bottoms.

With a great amount of shame I grab at the waist band of my boxer briefs, folding the band over as I considered whether I should actually do this or not.

“Please Jese” he made sure to push me on. “No need for those anymore.”

I accepted, slowly pushing my bottoms down to my ankles before stepping out of them. I immediately stood up, as if to present myself to the voice. Surely he was taking in the view...

“Very nice Jese” he complimented me. “And, it seems that you are gently aroused” he noted, making me look down to investigate for myself. I had a bit of an erection going on, not that you could blame me, I guess...

A ten dollar bill suddenly popped out of the hole, but he was quick to move on.

“So, if you’ve agreed to take your underwear on... I take it you are up for the challenge of, plugging, yourself?” he returned to the task at hand.

“I guess so” I replied, pretending to be more unwilling than I might have been.

“Such a good boy Jese” he praised. “Then perhaps I should, offer, a trade” he teased.

“A trade?” I asked.

“Yes... You might find it a lot easier to shove that pleasure inducing device up your ass, if you had a bottle of lube” he revealed.

“And, I have to trade for it?” I confirmed.

“If you want... Unless you are one of those boys who likes it raw” he teased.

“I’ll, take the lube” I chose, despite it sounding like it might not be easy to get.

“Then how about, you trade me... Those cute, shiny underwear of yours” he offered.

I looked down at my bottoms, the dark wet cum stain always reminding me of how far I had already come.

“Fine” I accepted, reaching down to grab my bottoms, thinking they wouldn’t be much use to me. “You’ll give them back though, right?”

“Do not worry Jese... You can trust me” he replied. “I promise you’ll have a nice comfy pair of bottoms to wear when you get back to your party.

Again, I was reminded of the party, that I had forgotten about... And at this point, wasn’t all that concerned with going back to... Worse case, I’d tell them I went home with some girl...

“But first” he prepared me. “Forfeit yours, to the hole...”

I wasn’t sure whether to hate the voice, or like it. On one hand he was manipulating me into doing some pretty crazy things. On the other hand, I was kind of enjoying it... I looked down to the hole, then one last look at my bottoms.

“Here” I answered, shoving my bottom into the hole. I was half expecting a hand to grab them, but they just sort of fell out of sight.

“Thanks” the voice responded, a long black bottle suddenly emerging from the hole. It took me a moment to accept, but I eventually reached out to take it.

The bottle was heavy, full from the looks of it. It had a pump top, which I immediately tested, launching a blob into one of my hands.

“That should make your, challenge, much easier Jese” he informed as I wiped the glob of lube against my outer thigh to get rid of it.

He went silent for a moment, and I just sort of stood there with the butt plug and the lube. Was I actually about to do this?

“Don’t mind me” the voice chuckled. “I’ll just be here enjoying your virgin as deal with that butt plug... If you need any help, let me know.”

“I’m, sure I can figure this out” I shot back, not wanting to accept complete defeat. Couldn’t be that hard.

I aimed the lube nozzle over the plug before pumping on a squirt. Then another, and a few more for good measure.

“Very good Jese” he continued to harass me, sounding like he was really enjoying my trials. “You can never have enough lube.”

I placed the lube bottle down on top of the toilet and turned my focus to the glistening plug. I took a quick moment to consider if I was really doing this, but I think my mind was already made up. I sort tuned everything else, defaulting to stare at the spiral as I reached back behind me with the plug in my right hand. The steps ahead seemed pretty simple. Locate my hole, and try to push this thing into my hole.

I landed the tip of the plug somewhere in between my cheeks. I ran it along the crack, hoping to catch something around where I’d usually encounter my hole during, other, business... I quickly latched onto something, most likely my hole. Obviously my hole. I kind of lost track of the hypnohole as I turned all my focus to this challenge.

Fortunately the voice remained silent.

I pressed, gently. It wouldn’t really go in, or maybe I wasn’t letting it in. It was like something was fighting against me.

“Relax Jese... Just relax, and let it in... Just like you let my words in” the voice chimed in, the expression on my face probably educating him of my struggles. “Let it in, it won’t hurt. Actually, quite the contrary... It will feel quite good once you accept it...”

I’m not sure if his words actually helped or not, but I sort of felt the slippery tip begin to slide in. It was really tight, but it felt like it was moving. I sort of pressed, kind of imagining what it looked like in my mind. Picturing the black rubber tip entering, slowly... I couldn’t tell how much was in, just that it was getting harder as the girth expanded.

“That’s it Jese” he encouraged, his tone that of an excited perverted enjoying my struggles.

Actually, I almost wanted to try to prove to him that I could do it. I don’t even know why, but I just wanted to do it...

“Deep breaths Jese” he guided me. “In—.... and, out—... Slow, deep, breaths... Relaxing, letting my words, and the plug in.... nice, and deep...”

His stupid tone... It was so... nice...

I crouched down, reaching out to balance myself against the wall with the hole. And as I zoned out I barely realized how well the plug started to slide. That it actually was sliding, till the pressure was suddenly way more than before. I must have been at the base. I pushed, and it didn’t. I pushed again, and nothing.

“Relax Jese” he distracted me. “Relax, and let us in...”


The the buttplug sucked in. The hook snapping tight to my crack. I was startled for a moment as I felt the plug settle into me. I did it, it was in.

“Such a good boy Jese, doesn’t that feel so very good?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered, still more focused on the plug then the voice. It felt, strange... And, who knows how it actually felt. Good, bad, tight? But, the thought that I was now naked, with a buttplug, in this place... With him?

Strangely, exciting...

“Wasn’t so hard. Was it?” he checked.

“Sure” I answered, glad that it was over, suddenly noticing a twenty dollar bill drop from the hole. Actually, a pretty good sum of treasure was starting to build up.

“Now, you can just relax.... And enjoy” he changed the tune, a vibration suddenly sending chills down my spine as he said enjoy. “You could even mess around with another toy” he suggested, as if ignoring the vibration. It was, this plug? Wait, what he controlling it? The bluetooth?

The vibration slowly faded to nothing... Yes, he had indeed tricked me into planting a vibrator inside myself... And, I was okay with it...

I looked over at the box, perhaps trying to guess what he might get at next.

“Perhaps, you want to play with that big blue dildo?” he pointed out. “Why don’t you take it next?” I looked over at the box, inspecting the big clear blue dildo. “You don’t need to be ashamed Jese... Imagine, you were in Chris’ room one night... And something caught your eye all of a sudden... Your foolish friend Chris forgot to properly hide his dildo away. You recognize what it is as first. Or maybe you need to take a better look... But Chris is fast asleep elsewhere, he won’t bother you. And curiosity takes over, and you can’t help but just look at it... Until, you can’t help, but take it into your hands...”

It was as if his story was guiding me. Like, I was seeing his story. Like I was lost in it... I took the dildo into my hand. It was thick, yet somewhat squishy. Heavy, long... Double sided, a cock head at both ends. It was strangely stiff, yet, would flop over a fair bit.

“You flop it around in your hands, fixated on its head” his story continued, my focus and actions mirroring the character from his words. “And the way that it swings back and fourth... the thickness of the shaft... You can’t help but imagine its a real cock... Maybe, Colin’s cock... And it brings you back to that moment... That sensation, of Colin’s cock slamming into you... Bringing you back to that night... You can see it, can’t you Jese?”

“Yes” I answered, my eyes stuck to the dildo’s cock head. I could even feel the plug beginning to vibrate gently, pulsing...

“Of course you can” he didn’t miss a beat. “Close your eyes Jese... You’re right back in that basement. Even if its just a dream, and you’re actually just in Chris’ bedroom with a dildo. But that doesn’t bother you one bit... Your mind, your imagination easily sails you into a wonderful dream... Just like this very moment... Sails you back to that night that Colin mounted you. But this time, no one is there to stop it... So you just sort of lay down on Chris’s bed, and drift away... Deep into your dreams...”

I could see it, his story, in my mind...

“You relax, so deeply... lose yourself, to deeply... To my words... To these thoughts... These fantasies...” his nice, relaxing tone seduced me into the dream. “Seeing Colin enter the room... Catching you playing with Chris’ dildo... You don’t notice at first because your so, very focused on that wonderful blue cock... Thinking about how nice it would feel inside you... Already having so much fun just holding it, and fantasizing... And Colin sees that... He quietly strips, and approaches...”

I could see it... I could see myself, in that room... Unaware that Colin was sneaking up on me... And a vibration... A pulsing vibration... It felt so good...

“Chris is somewhere... Drunk, passed out... Surely he won’t awake till the morning... Colin knows this... He knows he will have all the time in the world to have his way with you this time... This time... There will be no one to stop him... And you that as well... You came here because Chris offered you the bed... And you know that poor Chris won’t be in condition to interrupt anytime soon... That’s right... No one will bother you two... You’re alone tonight... And nothing that happens tonight, will ever leave this room... Just a little fun time for yourself... To fantasize... And explore... You close your eyes, dildo in hand... All while Colin watches... Looking upon the curious boy, exploring... ...”

* * *

I was all alone, with this dildo, and I couldn’t help myself. I felt good, horny... I reached down to confirm the growing bulge in my underwear. I gripped it, pushing and massaging till I couldn’t help but strip. I pushed my bottoms off, now butt naked on Chris’ bed. Hopefully he would forgive me. If anything he would be happy to see his best friend playing with a cock.

I started to remember all of his stories, and all of the thoughts he had given me. The fantasies that had spawned. That I was having because of him. The curious thoughts about why he was gay. What it was like. What it felt like. And now, here I was, with this dildo... The sin that would corrupt me... I could my hole already begging for it...

Stroking myself, reached down in between my legs with the dildo, slapping the length between my legs before changing my grip and aiming the cock tip towards my ass. With my other hand I pushed my sack out of the way and aimed the tip onto my ass.

I started stroking again, slowly pushing the cock against my hole. Again and again, teasing myself with the idea of what it would be like to actually push it in. Dreaming about actually laying in between a man’s legs as he takes me...

“How about I let you play with the real thing” Colin broke my concentration.

“Co-Colin!” I half shouted before muffling myself, jumping to my feet at the side of the bed, dildo still in hand to incriminate me.

“Ssshh” he signaled with a hand over his mouth to silence me. He had quite contrasting reactions. A pleased smile across his face as he stumbled upon a foolishly horny boy, a panicked look of distress on mine as I stumbled to clean up this disaster. “About to have a little fun? Chris never said his friend was a bottom.”

“I’m not” I defended.

“Oh? That dildo you’re trying to shove up your ass says otherwise” he teased with a chuckle, quietly closing the door behind him before he started to approach.

This was bad, but...

“Relax Jese... Chris is passed out... No one will ever know” he continued to calm me.

“Why were you even spying on me. Pervert” I accused.

“Sorry sorry” he apologized. “I was just walking back from the bathroom and I couldn’t help but notice...”

I was pretty embarrassed, but then again, here I was... Drunk... Alone, with him... And, he seemed, trustworthy?

“Have, you ever been with a guy?” he asked, carefully moving towards me, wearing just a tank top and some underwear. More concerning than his lack of clothing was the obvious boner sticking out at me from behind the cotton keeping it prisoner.

“Been, with a guy?” I asked, knowing what he was saying, more so flustered.

“Have you, ever had sex, with another guy?” he specified.

“No” I denied, I hadn’t.

“Sucked cock?” he specified further.

“No” I denied again.

“Thought about it?” he checked.

I wasn’t as quick to deny this time. I could just look away, trying to ignore what was happening, hoping it would go away.

“Jese. Let me take over” he answered to my silence. As I looked back he was approaching, that boner as obvious as ever as I looked down to confirm it was still there.

“Colin” I could barely utter before he was standing right in front of me, his hand reaching up to grip the back of my head.

“Relax Jese. You can play with me” he comforted me, his strong hand pushing me down to my knees.

I couldn’t stop him. I didn’t care to stop him. Before I knew it, I was face to face with his bulge. His other hand came down to tease me, grabbing hold of his package as he started to push his cock around under his cloth, forcing me to wait. To imagine what it looked like. To imagine what came next.

However, he would soon end my suffering, Colin probably just as excited to get a cock in my mouth. He pushed his underwear down, his presumably huge cock violently swinging out. My eyes followed his cock head as it flung about.

“Colin” I called for mercy one more time, but he quickly pushed me onto his cock.

I knew to open my mouth, and take it in. To start sucking, and licking. I could feel his size stiffen, growing in my mouth as he got harder. My hands reached up to grip his thighs to gain some control of my own. With his hand he guided my head, bobbing me back and fourth as he slowly fucked my mouth.

And this was okay, because no one would ever find out...


A ringing? I could hear a ringing...

My concentration broke. I opened my eyes opened not to far from the wall I was staring at, my mouth feeling quite full.


I heard a sigh.

“You should probably get that” a voice suggested. A voice?

I popped back. Where was I? I felt so out of it. But thoughts slowly flooded back to me. A cock was sticking out at me from the hole. The hole? The hole. The voice. Oh yeah, I was sucking him off. Wait, I was sucking him off?


“Jese” the voice attempted to take control. “Be a good boy, and answer your friend. Just send him a quick text. Tell him, I’m going home with a girl. Nothing more. Then put it on silent mode.”

I nodded, pulling away from the cock as I looked to the source of the ringing. In a pile of my clothing in the corner of the room. I quickly grabbed my phone. I missed the call, and few texts that had been sent prior. I quickly typed a text to my friend...

- im goin home wit ha girl -

Then shut my phone and tossed it back into the pile of clothing.—

“Good boy” the voice praised. “Now come back here” he commanded, a powerful pulse vibrating in my ass. “So unfortunate for your friend to have interrupted.”

“Yes” I answered, returning to the huge hard cock sticking out of the wall. Half out of it still. Sounding empty, Lost.

“You looked like you were having such a good time” he reminded me. “But I think we can have more fun... Don’t you think, Jese?”

“Yes” I nodded, staring at the cock head, kind of wanting it back in my mouth.

“Jese. AUTODREAM” he confidently spoke. I simply, disappeared. “You are ready... You, are more than ready... Jese... Your desires are too strong for you to ignore any more... You want it, so... very... badly... Don’t you?”

“Yes” I nodded, a smile on my face as I spoke with the cock.

“Good boy” he replied. “Then drift off... No thoughts... No worries... Only desires... Desires, to listen... desires to listen... desires to obey... Desires, to enjoy, cock...”

I nodded, happiness building inside me... Pleasure... The pulse always warming my desires...

I feel like I missed something... But, I didn’t care...

“Dream Jese” he started. “Dream of the cock you want to serve... Fade away... AUTODREAM... AUTODREAM...”

I could see it again, Colin’s cock. It was hard, wet with my saliva. Aiming right at me. Demanding I present my ass... He was ready... I was ready...

Colin commanded me to stand. I stood. He told me to show the cock my ass. I turned. He told me I no longer needed the plug, and that I coul remove it. I reached back, prying my fingers into the hook that kept it from being sucked into my desperate hole. I started to pull. It was difficult, but the pressure felt good, so I kept pulling, till...


The plug shot out.

“Good boy” Colin encouraged.. “No need for that now. I’ll fill you with something much better. Just put it a side.”

I tossed it into the box of toys off to the side.

“Yes Jese” he salivated at the sight of my unplugged hole. “So empty... So ready to be filled...”

I stood there, obediently awaiting Colin’s demands.

“Back up Jese” he started. “Bring that hole to me... Let me fill it up... You want it to be filled... You need it, to be filled.”

I nodded. I agreed. I wanted it. I needed.

“Bend over, and bring that ass here” he commanded. “Take my cock...”

I reached back, and grabbed his cock.

“Take it in” he ordered. “You will feel so empty without it.”

I pushed my ass back into the cock, pressing it into my crack, searching for my hole with it, as I did with the plug before. However, the cock was much softer, the gentle head now pressing at my hole... Happiness devoured me. I was here. I was finally here. I was finally going to be taken by a cock... This is what I wanted. This, was what I needed.

“Good boy Jese. Be the Perfect Cock Slut that you are, and push that cock in” he commanded.

I griped the cock firmly, and pushed my ass back. I felt the cock press at my hole. At first, the now familiar pleasant pressure. The tease, till I finally pushed hard enough for the cock to pop in.

Fuck that moment felt so good. I don’t even know if it was physical, or mental. But it felt amazing. It felt, natural.

“Wonderful Jese... So tight... So nice...” Colin moaned. “But you want it all... Every single inch I have to offer... Bring me that ass... As far as you can go...”

I smiled, panting, my breaths heavy. I pushed on, a hand on the sink to balance myself and give me leverage. Pushing back, the cock sliding in so nicely, melting away my thoughts. Melting away my will... All that I could think of, was pleasure, and cock...

One inch? Two? Three? How many? It felt like it just kept going, till my ass hit a wall. I could push no further.

“Amazing Jese” Colin moaned. “Such a Perfect Cock Slut. I’m so deep inside you...”

I was so happy. I could feel it, every inch of his cock. Spreading me. Warming me. Melting me. I had been claimed.

“Now Jese” he kept me focused. “Enjoy my cock... Let it fuck your every thought out of you. Till you have no other thoughts. Till all you can think about is my cock... Till you become obsessed... Till you crave it.

I felt so happy.

“Pull away Jese” he commanded.

I pulled away, his girth making me work for it.

“Come back” he commanded.

I came back, letting my ass suck towards the wall again. And the game continued. Back and fourth, his words commanding me. Guiding me. Teaching me how to take cock, just like Chris.

It felt amazing. I finally, truly understood why Chris was gay. I had been enlightened. But now was not the time to think. Now, was the time to enjoy, this pleasure...

Back and fourth he guided me, till my ass was violently slapping against the the wall. Till my ass no longer pulled to his cock, but slide effortlessly along it. Till it felt to easy to just take ever inch in, as deep as he could offer.

We moaned together, slaves to the pleasure. Nothing else mattered.

Nothing. I just needed to obey. To fuck that cock with my ass. His desires were easy to follow, I just submitted to the pleasure. Pounding myself back and fourth, till his cock couldn’t possibly feel any bigger, any harder. And my insides started to feel so warm.

“Yes JESE!” he moaned loudly. “YES JESE! Go go go!” he commanded me on.

This sensation... What was it? It felt so nice... Like, I was being filled... Like, he was cumming inside me?

He was...

I could feel him throbbing, his cock almost suspending my ass in the air as I continued to slam into the wall. Nothing had ever hit me this deep. Nothing.

“Good boy Jese” he praised with a level of exhaustion. “Good boy... Such, a Perfect Cock Slut... So good... You can stop dreaming now... You can relax now... Master, is happy... You can pull yourself off my cock now my boy.”

I felt so happy. I felt so good, but I was so very happy that I could please my Master. That I could help him orgasm. Even more lost that he had planted his seed deep inside me.

“Good boy Jese” he praised again, still composing himself, as was I. “Turn around, and kneel.”

I turned around, and kneeled.

His cock was still sticking out from the hole, semi limp, but still swollen. A string of cum leaking from his tip, proof that he had just unloaded into me.

“Felt incredible, didn’t it Jese?” he asked.

“Yes Master” I nodded, smiling, so focused on his cock. “It felt incredible.”

“Excellent Jese” he said. “You made Master so very happy... And, you love, to make Master happy, don’t you?”

“Yes” I obediently nodded.

“Good boy” he praised. “Such a Perfect Cock Slut... But now we need to cement your worship Jese... Are, you ready for that?”

“Yes” I agreed.

“Good boy” he praised. “You are ready for anything, aren’t you?”

“Yes” I confirmed.

“You trust me, completely, no matter what... Don’t you?”

“Yes” I confirmed.

“Such a Perfect Cock Slut” he praised. “Now Jese, reach down... Grab that cock of yours...”

I reached down. I felt hard.

“Begin to stroke Jese” he commanded.

“Yes Master” I accepted, starting to stroke.

“Good boy” he praised. “Stroke that nice cock of yours... Because it feels so good to stroke... It feels so good... To listen... And obey... Doesn’t it?”

“Yes” I confirmed.

“Jese, who am I?” he asked.

“My Master” I replied.

“And what is your mantra Jese?” he asked.

“I listen, and obey” I replied.

“Perfect... Jese?” he suddenly inquired. “Your plug... Put it back in. Its just beside you there, in the box.

I turned to look at the box, reaching for the plug, taking it in hand.

“Good boy... You know where that belongs Jese... In your ass” he reminded me.

I reached behind me with the plug, and shoved it in. It went in so easy, so naturally. It belonged there. Something, belonged there.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Now stroke... Just stroking that cock... Stroking out your will, and every thought... Nothing else mattering... Just pleasure, and my words...”

As I stroked, always staring into the cock, the plug began to vibrate. Pulsing intensity before fading to nothingness. Then starting again. My stroking synched with the rhythm of the pulses.

“Good boy Jese” he praised. “Just stroking. No thoughts. No worries. Just pleasure, and my words... Listening, and obeying... To my every word, and command... Without hesitation... Without question... So happy to obey... Only concerned with making me happy... ... Jese?”

“Yes” I answered, panting, lost.

“You are ready to worship me?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered.

“As, your Master?” he asked.

“Yes, Master” I answered.

“Good boy” he praised. “Then, I will begin to countdown... From ten, to zero... With every number... You will drop deeper, and deeper, into worship... You will become more and more obedient... More and more willing to accept my every word... So willing to completely surrender yourself to me... No resistance, your walls falling with every number I count... With every number, you will lose control, and give it to me... With ever number, you will become mine... Till I say zero, and you become... Completely, mine... Understood?”

“Yes” I agreed, with complete devotion, always stroking to the rhythm of the vibrations. Panting. Lost.

“Fear not my Perfect Cock Slut” he slowed down. “You will keep your freedom, but when I call upon you... You will be unable to deny my will... Although, you will have zero desire to deny me anyways... You will quickly remember how, good, it feels to obey me... Now Jese... Are you ready? To lose yourself? Completely?”

“Yes” I confirmed.

“10” he indicated. “Understanding that you are about to change. Stroking... Enjoying the pleasure...”

I stared at his limp cock, much smaller than it once was. Handing out of the hole, reminding me of the pleasure it could offer.

“9. Surrendering to my words... Preparing to give yourself to me completely...”

His words. This pleasure. My only concern. Anything else was up to him.

“8. Letting go of yourself... Letting all of your thoughts fade away... Your will gone...”

He was my Master. I loved his voice, his everything.

“7. Starting to fall, so deep... deeper than ever before... Stroking harder than before...”

The room getting so foggy. Or was it my mind. I was already so foggy, but it was getting thicker....

“6. So ready to surrender. So ready to offer yourself. Stroking faster... ”

I was his. His to command.

“5. You belong to me... You no longer care to be in control... So ready for release...”

I didn’t. I needed him to function.

“4. Turning off... No longer needing to think. No thoughts remaining. Just pleasure...”

Felt so good. I didn’t even realize how hard I was. How fast I was stroking.

“3. Pure pleasure. Absolute ecstacy. Understanding completely that nothing can compare to the sensation of being under my control.”

I couldn’t imagine anything feeling this good. Nothing.

“2. Your last desires of control leaving, no longer needing to exists as long as I am around. Stroking them out of your. Desperately riding yourself of it.

I don’t even know if I could breath anymore. This pleasure was so intense. Did I even have a mind. What was I doing.

“1. Forgetting to remember... And Remembering to forget... ... Stroke Jese. Stroke. Lose yourself. Completely. Into a Perfect Cock Slut. STROKE.”



A feeling so intense. My body was exploding. My cum was shooting so hard. A orgasm so powerful. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. I couldn’t handle it...


I was, passing out... ...

* * *

My eyes opened... I was sleeping? Was I in my bed? This didn’t look like my bed. Where was I? I wiped the sleep from my eyes, focusing. It immediately became obvious that I was in a restroom. A specific set of restrooms I knew quite well...

“What the—” I mumbled to myself, gathering myself as I sat up from the wall I was laying against. “What happen?”

I felt completely at a loss. Like I had missed something very important, suddenly noticing something hanging from the door knob in front of me.

“What is that?” I asked myself out loud, looking at what looked like a jock strap. Wait, it was a jockstrap? Where did it come from. I got up to have a closer look, suddenly feeling a strange sensation... In, my ass? Wait, why is there clothing folded on the toilet seat. I was really bombarded with some strange shit all at once. I quickly realized from there that I was completely naked, my hand connecting with something in my ass at the same moment.

“What is going on?” I questioned, at an absolute loss. I grabbed at what felt like a hook laying flush against my ass crack.

Taking a good grip, I pulled at the device. It was tight, but with a good tug it popped out. I pulled the device in front of me to investigate. It was a black rubber butt plug? How the fuck did it end up in my ass? Why was I naked?

I turned my attention to the jockstrap hanging on the door knob. Was, it left for me? Some kind of... reminder?

I looked around the room. Was there anything else out of the ordinary? Not really? Just me?

I noticed my phone was above my folded clothing. I grabbed it, the plug still in my other hand as I was unsure what to do with it. It was one o’clock, in the morning... How long had I need here? A couple hours? Doing what? Was I okay?

I suddenly noticed a note had been left under my phone. I picked it up and unfolded it...

‘Dear Jese

I had a lot of fun with you. I didn’t expect you to enjoy my cock so much, I was pleasantly surprised. You were a PERFECT COCK SLUT. I look forward to our next chapter. So do not lose that wonderful butt plug I’ve given you. Also, I may have accidentally taking your boxers with me, thus I left you a cute pair of sexy underwear to wear home. Perhaps you’ll spoil me and wear them next time we meet. They are so slutty, just like you.

PS You may want to take some Plan B, you might be pregnant ;p

Just kidding, thats not possible. Is it? I’m sure you would be fine with anything, as long as it was me. More than happy to be bred.

Anyways, make sure you wear some underwear home. And the safest way to transport that plug home is in your ass. No need to deny that it feels good.

I know you like to make me happy, so I’m sure you’ll oblige.

Sincerely, your Master.’