The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Hypnotic Prelude and Initiation

I have always been fascinated by hypnotism. Even as a child, I felt a strange excitement at the hypnosis used for a plot device in horror and science fiction movies, like Dracula and Dr. Fu Manchu. As a teenager, my interest had intensified to the point that books on hypnotism became part of my well-hidden stash of soft-core porn, and their pictures of demure young women succumbing to older male hypnotists were among my favorite masturbation stimuli. By the time I was a high school senior, my psychological investment in hypnosis was so strong that I was determined to act out my secret knowledge of the subject.

Because I did not have enough nerve to try the hypnotic techniques I had mastered from my books and magazines with girls, I raised the subject with my male friends instead. I introduced the idea slowly, as if I were just getting interested in hypnotism and letting them in on its lascivious sexual possibilities in terms of our neighborhood sluts. Since I attended a private boys’ high school, I had to rely on my public school friends for introductions to the opposite sex. In particular I shared my fantasies about hypnosis with my oldest friend Rob and my closest friend Tim, both middle-class, good-looking, athletic guys like myself.

Rob was a year younger than me, and he always had followed my lead in our various activities around the neighborhood. So I thought he was a more likely candidate as my first subject than Tim, who was a year older than me and the real leader of our neighborhood gang. When I introduced the idea to Rob, he was reluctant to be hypnotized, and who could blame him from the popular culture images of Master hypnotist and Slave subject we both knew so well. But I kept working away at him, assuring him that I just wanted to practice my hypnotic techniques before I tried them on one of the neighborhood whores who we then would both dominate. This temptation was too much, and Rob at last agreed.

My opportunity came during a winter weekend when the rest of Rob’s family went off to visit relatives leaving him to play basketball and have me as an over night guest. Rob must have been thinking along the same lines as I was about this free time and space, because he agreed to be my hypnotic subject almost as soon as I raised the idea once more. I didn’t want to let him have time to change his mind, so I immediately took on the role of the master hypnotist. Actually, I had been studying and practicing various techniques long enough to feel completely confident in my ability to hypnotize Rob at once.

We were sitting comfortably in our pajamas on the two ends of a big couch in the family room, so I just said to relax, look into my eyes, and listen to what I told him. I had decided on the eye-contact technique as the easiest one to get into here and the one most familiar to Rob from the movies and television. I often had perfected my hypnotic gaze in my bathroom mirror, and I was sure I could capture Rob’s complete attention. His eyes showed a fear and reluctance at first, so I kept assuring him that this process was perfectly natural and very relaxing. He was already blinking a little and trying to look away, but I firmly ordered him to focus completely on my eyes and to look more and more deeply into them.

Then as I continued my hypnotic conditioning, I told him that his eyes were tiring under my powerful stare and that his eyelids were beginning to flutter and to close. Sure enough, I could see his eyes relaxing and his eyelids closing, so I followed up with the command that they would shut at the count of three. When they did, I followed up with another count of three to take him into hypnotic sleep. Because Rob seemed completely relaxed, as if he were asleep, I began to deepen his trance by having him take deep breaths to my counts of three. When I was sure he was hypnotized, I told him he was in a hypnotic trance and that he was completely open to my suggestions and commands.

The first of these were simple tests, like telling Rob that he could not open his eyes until I released him from his trance. I also made his arm float up from his side at my command and then to stiffen so that he could not bend it. Now that I was completely sure that my subject was completely under my power, I had him relax while I considered other ways for him to prove his obedience. Almost immediately, I began to change the scene in his consciousness, making Rob believe that I was a Master hypnotist like one in the movies and that he was my hypnotic Slave. To demonstrate this new relationship, I ordered him to call me Master, which he did he soft, far away voice.

Now I was smiling gleefully at how well my hypnotic plan had worked, and I was determined to press my advantage to the farthest limit to prove its power. I relaxed Rob even more and reminded him of how we were using hypnotism with the goal of making sex slaves from the neighborhood girls. But since there were not any of the girls available here, he would have to serve as my sex slave himself. I saw Rob’s eye’s flutter, as if he were resisting my suggestion, but I also noticed a tell-tale swelling in his pajama pants that signaled his excitement at his new situation. Of course, I was pretty excited myself, and my pajamas were even more swollen in anticipation of the scene about to play itself out.

I firmly reminded Rob that he was deep in hypnotic trance, that he was my hypnotic slave, and that we must complete our hypnotic experiment. He seemed to let go then, like he was accepting his role, and I was determined to press on. So I told him that when I touched his forehead his hypnotic enslavement would be complete and that he would take my hand in his and kiss it as a sign of his complete obedience. When he did exactly as I said, I took his hand and guided it to my rock hard dick, telling him to feel how excited his submission made me. Indeed it did, as I had never felt such a rush of powerful sexuality in any of my various other sexual experiments with myself or the neighborhood girls.

Rob’s hand had guided my penis out of my pajama pants, and he was softly squeezing it as if awaiting further orders. I told him that as kissing my hand had made him my slave, then kissing my cock would make him my sex slave. Rob seemed to hesitate for a moment, so I repeated my order, and he leaned down to plant a tender kiss on the swollen head of my organ. Now completely aroused, I could hardly contain myself enough to tell him to kiss and lick it all over, to worship it with his lips and tongue. I did not know if Rob had any experience at sexual slavery, but he certainly applied himself dutifully, moaning and groaning almost as much as I was. Next I ordered him to take the head in his mouth and slowly move down the shaft as deep as he could take my fully engorged cock in his throat. As Rob complied dutifully, I could hardly contain myself long enough to tell him that when I came, he would be my hypnotic sex slave forever.

After the biggest climax of my young life, I leaned back on the couch and told Rob that he had been such a good sex slave that he could play with himself as a reward. In my state of sexual euphoria, I was tempted to touch his cock, as long as mine but much thicker, but I felt this might short circuit our Master and Slave relationship. When I saw that he was close to coming, I gave him permission to do so as another form of reward and later had him relax deeper into his trance. Then I told him that he would remember being hypnotized, but not what happened while he was in his trance; he would only know that it was very enjoyable and that he wanted to do it again and again. Whenever I looked into his eyes and counted to three, he would immediately relax into the same deep trance. Indeed, over the next few months I would hypnotize Rob whenever I was horny.

Of course, the more often I hypnotized Rob, the deeper he would succumb to his trance, and the more completely he was under my power. I began to plant post-hypnotic suggestions and triggers during his trances, so that I could control even his waking behavior. I particularly liked to use trigger words that would force him into his role as my sexual slave in public places. For example, we would park in the last space of the local drive-in, and if no cars were parked right next to us, I would enjoy a fervent blow-job with our cokes or shakes. As I became more and more confident in my hypnotic powers; however, I also was setting myself up for a hypnotic turnabout, but I did not realize it at the time and that is a subject for another story.