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HypnoticShort 1 [version 2.0]: Intro-Induction...

This story contains depictions of sex, blah blah blah, and mind control, blah, if you are underage or offended by any of this, don’t read it, blah blah. This is NOT the original HypnoticShort 1. The original used an actual actress as the subject. This version has been specially modified for inclusion in the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive, specifically, all references to real people have been removed.

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It had been a long day for Tana. The awards show had dragged on for hours, and the sun was setting as she left the studio. She hated awards shows. They went on forever, people endlessly weeping and thanking people... Not that she had anything against weeping and thanking people, it just wasn’t the way she wanted to spend a Friday night. “Ah, well,” she thought, walking across the brief parking lot to where her car sat, shimmering in the dying rays of daytime. “Now I can get home and relax. Yeah, just climb into the tub, and melt.” Tana closed her blue-green eyes and sighed contentedly at the thought. She would get an evening of relaxation. Oh yes, and quite a bit more, if the shadowy figure watching Tana approach her car from the corner of the studio had his way...

Marik could only gaze in rapture as the dream of an actress strode past him. The 22-year old student at a local college had wanted Tana badly for a long time. He could only see the back of her now, the blond hair tied back with a black clip, the rest of her lithe form covered to the boots in a black leather overcoat. Marik’s thoughts snapped back to reality and his plan for the evening. He waited until Tana was unlocking her car before turning into the shadows and walking to his own. If his plan went off, all he’d have to do would be follow and observe. He started his car and glided after his target as she accelerated out of the lot.

Tana pulled up to her house, a lovely three-level split in a secluded part of the suburb. Stopping the car in her driveway, the actress was about to get out when she noticed a glimmer of light in the corner of her eye. Lowering her head to the tape deck, what should she find but... a cassette! She hadn’t kept any in the car... Intrigued, Tana grabbed the tape out of the player. It was unmarked. She brought it inside, intending on listening to it before her bath.

The tape turned out to be quite nice. It contained quiet, relaxing music that seemed Celtic in style, and contained subtle hints and undertones that Tana couldn’t pick out. She brought a portable player into her bathroom and undressed, turning on the cassette before she slipped into the steaming, bubbling tub. Tana closed her eyes and sighed loudly as the warmth encompassed her. She slid in until the tactile pads on the floor of the bathtub stopped her, with the water inches below her chin. Tana lay back with her eyes closed, and soaked.

Tana relaxed as the effects of the hot water, bubble jets, and the soft music soothed her every nerve. It was really nice music, she reflected. The flow of notes led her along, but there was something else. Almost like another melody was playing below the first one. She felt like letting go of her thoughts, just drifting on the lovely music. Tana indeed drifted away, sinking into a deep relaxation as she soaked and listened. She could feel the unknown melody pulling at her conscious mind, making it hard to think, and impossible to focus. Tana saw colours swirling in front of her eyes as she let all her thoughts go. Falling into a deep trance, Tana’s head rolled to the side as her mind went to sleep.

Tana opened her eyes slowly. She felt so heavy! She didn’t even notice that the water had cooled significantly since she winked out. Tana figured the relaxing bath, combined with her tiredness must have caused her to doze off. She didn’t know that the tape had been playing all along, and only at the end had the subliminal instructions told her to awaken. Tana dried herself and, wrapped in a plush robe, slipped into bed. Scant minutes passed before the phone rang. Tana would normally have cursed and pulled the cord out of the wall, but this time she was compelled to answer. Picking up the receiver, she whispered.


“Goodnight, Tana.” The actress’ eyes closed and her mind went blank. The voice on the other end was soft and commanding. “Tana, you will listen to my voice and find that everything I say is true and right. Do you agree?” The actress whispered an affirmative.


“Good. Now, Tana, you have been feeling very stressed lately, with the award show, and your busy career. You’d love the chance to not have to think for yourself, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, I would.”

“I can make it happen, Tana. I can take control of you, and make you free from all those concerns. The only thing you would have to do would be making me, and yourself, very happy. Doesn’t that sound like something you’d enjoy for a change?”

“I’d enjoy that...”

“Yes, you would. Now, Tana, listen. In a few minutes, when I hang up the phone, you will do likewise. You will then go to bed and sleep until you hear the doorbell. Upon hearing the bell, you shall awaken, and open the door for me. Is this acceptable?”

“Yes, what you say is always true and right.”

“Good. I will be there shortly.”

A click told Tana that the caller had hung up, and, acting on her instructions, she did likewise. Rolling back into a comfortable position in bed, Tana fell into a deep sleep.

‘Ding-ding!’ The sound of the doorbell brought Tana quickly out of her hypnotic sleep. She hurried downstairs, her nightgown falling open around her legs. Tana unlocked the door and pulled it open, her breath catching in her throat with excitement. She was about to meet a stranger that she would obey completely.

The door swung open, revealing a man barely out of his teens. Marik was a little shorter than Tana, and had black hair that he kept short and spiked. His eyes were bright gray, contrasting his brown complexion. He wore a black leather jacket with some abstract insignia on it, and black jeans with boots, also, black. He smiled upon seeing Tana’s anticipating expression.

“Let’s have a seat, Tana.” The actress nodded absently, her eyes becoming fixed on his. She took Marik’s hand and led him into the living room. At his instruction, Tana sat on the plush sofa, hands resting on her thighs, eyes looking up at him expectantly. “Tana, I want you to look at this pendant. Look at it and concentrate on it.” As he said this, Marik removed a bright silver sphere attached to a silver chain from his jacket pocket. He held it in front of Tana, about a foot from, and slightly above, the level of her eyes. The actress’ green eyes glued themselves to the sphere, following it as Marik swung it slowly right, then left. “Tana, as you watch the sphere, your body will relax deeply. You will begin to feel heavy and detached—a very pleasant feeling. As you watch the sphere and listen to my voice, you are being hypnotised. You are falling into a deep trance, your body and mind heavy, and relaxed. It feels very good to let your body and mind go to sleep, not having anything to do but listen and watch... and relax.”

Silently, Tana sat and watched the pendant swing back and forth. Her eyes took on a faraway look, and the lids drooped. She sank back into the sofa, her shoulders slumped, hands falling limp on her thighs. Marik couldn’t suppress the tightness in his crotch as he entranced Tana. His mind raced with thoughts of controlling her, and he decided to speed his induction up a little. “Tana, I want you to tell me, and yourself, how you feel. Allow your conscious mind to become occupied with this. As you do, your body will begin to relax fully, becoming so heavy and relaxed. Now tell me how you feel.”

“Very good... relaxed.” Tana began, in a slow, sleepy voice. “So heavy and relaxed. Very pleasant. Deeper... deeply relaxed. Falling deeper...” As she spoke, Tana’s eyes slowly closed, and her head slumped to the side. Her voice became a whisper, then a mumble, as her conscious mind went to sleep.

“Tana, you’re now in a very deep hypnotic trance. You have allowed your conscious mind to fall deeply asleep, and your subconscious is now open, waiting for commands. You have let go completely, Tana, as you said you wanted to. Now, you can allow me to control you. Allow my voice to sink fully into your subconscious mind, which will accept what I tell you without thought. You want this to happen, don’t you? You want to be controlled, not having to think.”

Tana smiled as she breathed a “Yes...”

“Good. Very good. Now, Tana, you are falling deeper into trance all the time. With every breath that you take, you go deeper, even when you think you are as deep as you can go. In a few moments, you will be so deep that you can open your eyes without interrupting your trance. When you are deep enough that this is so, allow your eyelids to become light, floating open by themselves. You needn’t put any effort at all into your actions, nor any thought. Just let my voice command, and your body obey.” Tana’s eyelids fluttered open, as though she was waking up, but her eyes remained empty, and glazed over. At Marik’s command, she rose slowly to her feet.

“Tana, you will now feel very strongly towards me, very sexually attracted. Allow your body to feel pleasure at my presence, pleasure at the thought of us making love. You want this to happen, don’t you?”

“Oh.... yess... I... want you...” Tana smiled as she murmured, becoming very aroused. Her nipples became pronounced against the silk of her nightgown. Marik smiled at this himself, and moved forward to embrace his hypnotized actress. She grabbed Marik and kissed him deeply, her arms lacing around his shoulders. Marik lowered Tana to the sofa and pressed on top of her, feeling her warmth through the thin silk, letting her tongue slide between his lips, losing himself in kissing her.

After many long minutes, Marik pulled Tana up, reluctant to be away from her body for more than an instant, and guided her upstairs. Finding the bedroom, Marik pulled Tana on top of him on the bed, and caressed her shoulders, tugging the nightgown down to her waist. Leaning up, Marik grasped one of Tana’s breasts between his lips, and proceeded to suck her erect nipple. Moaning slightly, the actress held his head in place, then pulled him over to her other breast. Marik pulled her back down onto the bed, and had her remove his clothing. Stripping him finally naked, Tana focused on Marik’s hard manhood and began pleasuring him with long strokes. Marik gave in to his lover’s ministrations, allowing pleasure to overwhelm him. Before he reached orgasm, though, Marik commanded Tana to stop, and, pushing her under him, slid inside of her. Tana’s moan was drowned as Marik kissed her, holding her lips as he began thrusting in and out.

The two made love for some time, until Marik went over the edge and brought Tana along with him. Both hypnotist and actress screamed out as their built-up passion was violently released. Spent, the lovers sank limply into the sheets, Tana folding her arms around Marik and kissing his chest lightly. For his part, Marik lovingly stroked Tana’s long, golden hair, looking out the window at the cold night sky, and thinking of what his next move should be.

He decided to leave Tana with no conscious memory of him or what had occurred, but she’d see to it that he would know her whereabouts and how to contact her at any time. Marik decided to head back home, as university enrollment was starting up again, and he wanted a spot in a few choice courses. He also considered how he might improve upon and develop both his hypnosis skills and the tape that had subliminally primed Tana for obedience. The magnitude of what he’d done; hypnotised and made love to a beautiful, famous actress; had yet to sink in, and Marik figured he should distance himself from the situation. Looking down at the warm, lovely figure curled up in his arms, however, Marik knew he’d be drawn back to Tana Murmuh again, with the knowledge that, for at least one night, she could belong wholly to him.

That’s the end. There’s two more volumes so far, and more on the way, once I’m done my other projects. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series. Thanks.

‘Till the bitter end