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HypnoticShort 6: Sudden Seduction

Roll the Disclaimer: This story contains depictions of sex, blah blah blah, and mind control, blah, if you are underage or offended by any of this, don’t read it, blah blah. Oh, and just in case you do anything wrong because of this story, don’t blame me, like I always say... I just write these things!

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This HypnoticShort drifts away from the established characters, to fulfill a delicious little thought I had today. Real life is always the best provider of story inspiration, and frankly I think this sorta story fits the idea of HypnoticShorts better than what I’ve been doing so far...

* * *

Kay and Mary walked with a detached air into the study hall, and sat at one of the long tables. The handful of other students currently occupying the hall paid little heed, except perhaps those that were male. These gazed rather longingly at the lovely girls before quickly turning back to their books.

Seated across from each other at the table, Kay and Mary opened their biology texts. Two minutes and one question later, they were whispering, books forgotten, about the upcoming grad party. Their flying rumours as to who was taking whom were interrupted only for a moment, when a boy in a dark jacket that neither of the girls recognized left the room, dropping a small, glimmering speck on the table in the process. Kay and Mary returned to their chatting.

Kay found she was having trouble concentrating on what Mary was saying. An annoying glimmer kept flashing in the corner of her eye, but whenever she looked to see what it was, there was only an empty table. She popped back into reality as Mary poked her, scolding.

“Kay! Wake up! Who’s taking Tina to grad?”

“Hm? Oh, sorry Mary, I think Jake is.”

“Jake? That is so lame. Like, why would she go with him, anyway?”

“I dunno. Hey, Mare, isn’t it bright outside?”

“Bright? Yeah, I guess. And what about Michelle? Have you seen her dress?” Mary glanced at the sun streaming through the window and squinted from the harsh light. She looked back at her friend, and thought she noticed something glimmer in her brown eyes. She thought nothing of it, but Kay asked again;

“It’s so bright, it’s hard to look at the light, isn’t it, Mary?”

“Umm... Yeah, it’s bright. So?”

“So keep looking. You see weird stuff when you keep looking at the light.”

“Weird stuff? What’re you talking about, Kay?” Mary was staring out the window, squinting her eyes, trying to figure out what her friend meant. She couldn’t see anything...

“Keep looking, Mary. Look harder, deeper into the light, and you’ll see it. It’s really neat. Just keep looking.” Kay heard herself say these words, heard herself prompt Mary to stare out the window, but wasn’t really sure why. She felt like her body was on autopilot, but she couldn’t stop what she was saying, nor did she feel any reason to.

“Okay, if you insist, but I don’t see anything... What am I looking for?” Mary was still staring out at the light. It was so bright, consuming everything, she couldn’t see what Kay wanted her to see, but she figured she might as well keep looking.

“It’s a swirl of colours, Mary... Keep looking and you’ll see. It’s a bright, swirling spiral of so many colours. Don’t look away, you’ll see it soon. It’s so pretty...” Again, Kay wasn’t sure why she said any of this. She certainly didn’t see any spiral, but then again, she wasn’t looking out the window. She was looking at Mary, admiring how the sun caught the curve of her jaw, how stately she looked sitting there, staring out the window, how her dark brown hair and black sweatshirt highlighted her pale, pretty face...

“A... spiral... of colours?” Mary was feeling dizzy now, lightheaded. The light was so bright, streaming into her eyes... She was starting to see colours flash before her. This must be what Kay wanted her to see! “Yes... I see it now... So pretty...”



“Swirling down... All the pretty colours...”

“Down... Pretty colours... Down...” Mary was feeling so dizzy, so foggy, her eyes were so heavy and tired from staring at the light. She saw the spiral now, a bright swirling spiral of colours, spinning away into infinity. Kay smiled as she watched her friend slumping in her seat, her eyes starting to quiver and water as the muscles relaxed.

“Keep looking, Mary... Keep staaaaring into the spiral... You feel so good as you stare, as you give in, as you fall deeeeep into the spiral...”

“Stare... Give in... Fall deeeeep...” Mary was hardly conscious of replying to Kay’s voice, everything was floating so far away. She was sinking into the swirling spiral... She felt so heavy, so sleepy, so ready to give in... If only Kay would tell her to give in...

“Give in to the spiral, Mary. Give in... Fall deep into the spiral now... And sleep, sleep, sleeeeeep...” Kay felt herself grinning in delight as she watched Mary slump to the side, her heavy eyes drifting shut. She had hypnotized her friend, Kay realized, and now, watching the rise and fall of her small, delicate breasts, she knew why...

“Let your eyes open, Mary... Let them drift open, by themselves, while you stay in your wonderful sleepy place...” Kay was whispering into her entranced friend’s ear. She had moved her chair next to Mary’s limp form, and had been deepening her for about ten minutes. No one in the room could hear, or paid any attention. Now Kay had Mary in a deep enough state that she felt they could move to a more secure location without disturbing her subject.

Mary’s eyelids slowly floated open. Though she could now see Kay’s smiling face before her, she did not acknowledge it. Her mind was completely blank. She had no thoughts at all, only responses to Kay’s voice. So she had been told, and so she would obey...

“Mary, stand up, and gather your books. Then you will follow me, sinking deeper into your sleepy state with every second. Do you understand, Mary?”

“I understand...” Mary’s voice was a hesitant whisper, but Kay knew she could not help but obey. Kay had no idea how to hypnotize people, yet she had just done it quite effectively to Mary. She would have been wondering why, but she just couldn’t seem to think about it... Other things were on her mind. She led Mary out of the school, out to her car, and started the ignition, her purpose becoming clearer with each passing moment.

Kay pulled into the driveway and parked the car. Her pulse was racing as she looked at her oblivious companion and commanded her out of the vehicle. Kay took a few deep breaths to calm herself, but the adrenaline-fueled heat of excitement and arousal was taking over, becoming more forceful with each passing moment. She was literally panting as she led Mary into her (thankfully deserted) home.

Unable to wait until they got upstairs to her room, Kay drew her living room blinds shut and breathlessly told Mary to strip. Her face totally emotionless, Mary pulled the sweater over her head. No sooner had it reached the floor than her black jeans had joined it in the pile. Her plain bra and panties came next, and in moments Mary stood patiently, arms at her sides, displaying her tight, petite figure for Kay. The taller girl could only stare and gasp in delight.

Kay could feel the lacy fabric of her bra quite keenly against her erect nipples. This sensation, and the rising flames that had ignited between her thighs, were rapidly erasing any ability she had to think rationally. Instead of the reasonable thought; “Why have I hypnotized my friend and had her strip for me in my living room so I can take her on the carpet when I have never before had any sexual interest in my own gender?", Kay’s brain could only process how delicious her girlfriend’s soft, pale body looked; so naked, so close... Kay felt as though she was the one in trance, and in fact her eyes were becoming quite fastened to Mary’s tender breasts and flushed, rigid nipples. The extremely aroused inadvertent hypnotist fell on her subject, and the intertwined girls toppled onto the pile of Mary’s clothing, which Kay’s garments soon joined.

Hypnotist, hypnotized; the girls’ conditions lost all meaning as their newfound lust for each other took full control. Their eager hands fondled and caressed their equally eager bodies, driving each other close to the brink of inevitable orgasm. Almost in unison, Kay and Mary came, moaning and squeezing each other’s shuddering bodies close. For long minutes afterward they lay in each other’s arms, curled in the warm glow of their bodies’ heat and the aftermath of climax.

Not even bothering to cover their lovely naked forms, Kay and Mary carried each other upstairs to Kay’s bed. There, when their strength returned enough to allow it, they made love again and again, long into the afternoon. Finally, as the school day they had missed drew to a close, Kay brought Mary out of her trance and sent her home. Rather exhausted and somewhat dazed, Kay’s pretty little subject made her way home with only the slightest warm, hazy memory in her head of passionate sex with her good friend. Mary dismissed it as an unconscious, uncontrollable little daydream. After all, anything else just didn’t make sense.

The next day found Mary and Kay in study hall once again, back where they had left off. The girls had been surprised by the astonishing lack of schoolwork they had accomplished in the past twenty-four hours, and were racing to catch up.

Mary, however, was having trouble concentrating. An annoying glimmer kept flashing in the corner of her eye, but whenever she looked to see what it was, there was only an empty table. Mary was about to mention it to her study partner, but instead she found herself remarking about how bright it was outside. Mary felt herself grin in anticipation as she watched Kay turn her pretty head to the window, asking Mary what she was talking about...