The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I Dare Ya

By The Pen Is Mightier

After his latest dare, I just rolled my eyes and laughed at him. “Haha. Nice try, but that one will never happen.” As usual, he just gave me one of his trademark arrogant smiles.

“We’ll see.” He offered with a wink.

I guess I should back up and explain how we got here. My name’s Courtney, and all of this started a couple months ago when I met my best friend, Grant. It’s actually a pretty cool thing that we became best friends at all, because that first time I met him he came off as a little annoying.

It was a pretty typical Tuesday for me. My husband Brian was at work, and I was out running errands. I decided to stop at this little coffee shop I’d heard great things about but had never visited before. I knew when I walked in and was greeted with the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and a hint of caramel that I’d made a good decision.

I ordered a caramel macchiato and picked a seat towards the back of the cafe, where I’d expected my only company to be the soft tunes of some indie folk music playing from the speakers. Less than a minute into enjoying the best caramel-laced beverage of my adult life, I found my expectations of quasi-privacy shattered.

“Oh, um, hi!” He said sheepishly as he sat down across from me and plopped his coffee on the table. I arched my eyebrow and gave the stranger a bit of a look. The cafe wasn’t full by any means. Why was he sitting down at my table? Was he going to try to hit on me? It wouldn’t be the first time someone tried it. I brought my left hand up to my coffee cup to make sure I flashed my wedding ring before I spoke.

“Uhm, hi?” I asked him. “Do I know you?”

“Oh, no no, and I’m really sorry for interrupting,” he began, taking note of my ring-clad hand holding my coffee. “I just have a problem and I really need to ask a weird favor.”

There was no way this was going to be a normal day. Might as well embrace it. “I’m listening.”

“Okay, so my mother is being super overbearing, and she just texted me that she’s going to set me up on a date with her friend’s daughter. But I can’t do it. Just look at her!”

He turned his phone to me, and sure enough, there was a chain of texts with his mother and a photo of what had to be the most hideous woman I’d ever seen. Buck teeth, coke bottle glasses, poor complexion. Bad haircut. You name it, this girl had it. I couldn’t help it, and I found myself giggling at the stranger’s misfortune.

“Okay, your mom is setting you up with a dog. What can I do about it?”

“Well, if it’d be okay,” he started, “could I just take a selfie with you to send to my mom? You know, to tell her I just started dating someone and get her off my back for a little while?” I laughed again.

“Lying to your own mother?! You must be desperate,” I told him. “I’ll tell you what, sure, let’s do it.”

He was elated. After finally introducing himself, the stranger I now knew to be Grant opened his camera app and turned around to take a selfie with me behind him. I did my best not to fall apart laughing as he took the photo and sent it to his mom. After he texted his mom we chatted for a minute, and even though he came off as a little annoying I was happy to have done my good deed for the day. I wanted to get off to my next appointment though, and my drink was gone, so I told him it was nice meeting him as I got up from my chair.

“Oh, hey, Courtney, thanks again,” he told me as he got up himself. “Hey, I know the way I came up to you was weird and all, and I feel like the least I could do is buy you another coffee. Maybe we could meet here tomorrow and pick up where we left off?”

“No thanks, I’m fine,” I told him, truly meaning it. Some weird, once-in-a-lifetime run-in with a stranger was one thing, but carrying on the next day was definitely another. Besides, I was spoken for, and meeting guys in coffee shops behind my husband’s back seemed off.

“Aw, come on. I dare ya. Meet me here tomorrow, same time as today, and let’s talk over some coffee. My treat.”

I rolled my eyes a little. “You’re sweet, but I’ve got to go.” I walked out of the coffee shop, never to see Grant again.

Or so I thought.

That night, as I laid next to Brian, I couldn’t get Grant’s dare out of my head. I started feeling really bad. He’d probably be there, waiting for me, and I was just going to blow him off. That’s not cool. Besides, it’s not like he wanted to meet up at my place or something. It was just a little conversation over coffee. That’s harmless enough. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt that I knew what I needed to do.

That next day I found myself walking back into the coffee shop at the same time I did the day earlier. Sure enough, there was Grant standing in line. I felt immediate relief that I hadn’t been a jerk who just blew him off. When Grant noticed me in the back of the cafe, he flagged me over so I could give him my order, and then sent me to pick out a seat. I chose one close to where some other people were sitting. I didn’t want to pick a quiet corner like I did yesterday and send mixed messages. It wasn’t like a date or something.

Grant did come off as a little annoying at first, but to his credit he really grows on you. We had a pretty good conversation that day, and when my coffee was gone he even offered to buy me a second cup. I had some errands to run though, so I politely declined and started closing out the conversation. Grant asked me if we could do this again, and I started to get a little concerned that he might have feelings for me. I did my best to let him down gently.

“Grant, look,” I started, “It was super nice to chat today and yesterday. But I’m not sure I’m comfortable making this a regular thing. Married girls don’t go on dates with random guys.”

“Now Courtney, of course they do. I dare ya. Think of how much fun this was, and let’s have these little dates every day you’re able to. What do you say?”

At first I told him ‘no way.’ Actually, I said something much more severe than that, but luckily Grant saw right through my short-term anger. When I popped into the coffee shop the next day feeling bad about how we parted, there he was ready to move on.

For the next couple weeks, these little dates with Grant sorta became my weekday tradition. I’d go to the coffee shop, enjoy a free coffee, have excellent conversation, and at the end Grant would usually find some silly thing to dare me on that I’d initially be hesitant to try, but then I’d sleep on it and I’d realize it was actually a great idea.

For example, there was the day he dared me to start wearing low-cut tops to our little mini-dates. At first I told him absolutely not. Then laying in bed that night I realized it wouldn’t hurt to give him a little thrill.

So the following day I dug out this blouse with a plunging neckline that I usually only wore when I wanted to feel super sexy or get Brian excited. It was so low-cut that it plainly showed off the deep valley created by my 34D bra. The attention I was getting from the barista, other patrons, and especially Grant felt so great that I just kept doing it. And as hot as that attention was, it was only hotter after Grant dared me to quit wearing bras.

Shortly after that, Grant suggested through one of his trademark dares that we should be best friends. I remember telling him that would never happen. We’d built up a really great friendship by that point, but I had several closer friends. As always though, I found myself drifting off to sleep that night thinking about what he said. The bottom line was that while I had several friends that I’d known better, I’d never hit it off so well with anyone—including Brian—as quickly as I had with Grant. Grant really understood me so well, and in just a few weeks’ time. That was pretty amazing. As I drifted off to sleep I had an epiphany: Grant really was best friend material.

When I woke up the following morning, I knew what I had to do. A few days earlier I’d exchanged numbers with Grant—at first I was hesitant about giving another guy my number, but after sleeping on it I realized it was silly to worry. Pulling him up in my text messages I sent ‘Hey best friend! Can’t wait to see you for coffee!’

I felt so good about having a new best friend. That day on our date, Grant and I talked about everything with a whole new energy. It was incredible, right up until Grant asked me something that was totally out of left field. “Hey Court,” he started, pulling his eyes from my cleavage but still holding my hands, a tradition I decided to start after he had dared me a few days ago. “What would you think about having our coffee time at your place from now on?”

“I don’t know Grant,” I started. “I mean, we’re best friends and all, but you’re also a guy, and I’m married. Dates here are totally cool, but it might look weird having a guy over to my house every day.”

“Oh Courtney, come on,” he begged teasingly. “I dare ya. Invite me over to your house every day when Brian’s out so we can have our coffee time there.”

“Grant, this time I’m putting my foot down.”

“Literally or figuratively?” He asked with a smile.

“Both,” I replied, taking my foot away from where he and I had been playing footsie—another tradition he dared me to start that I decided to indulge him in later. Slipping my foot back into its shoe and letting go of his hands, I got up and excused myself.

I have to admit, I felt pretty guilty that night as I was falling asleep. Grant just wanted to start having coffee time at my house. He was my best friend, and it wasn’t like he was asking to savagely fuck me while I ate out another chick or something. He had been picking up the tabs for our coffee for weeks by this point. The least I could do was spend time with my best friend in my own home for once. If I wasn’t so close to sleep I’d have texted him to apologize then and there.

The next morning I awoke to a text from Grant asking me if we were still on for the coffee shop. I decided to mess with him a little bit so I texted back ‘you got it! See you there!’ For some reason, this freaked him out, and I had to quickly backtrack and tell him I was just joking, and of course I’d love to have him over to my place. I texted him the address, and before long my bestie was there.

I had to admit, it was way better having our dates at my place. The coffee wasn’t as good, but there weren’t any other customers around, so we could hold hands and talk about all the stuff best friends talk about in private. One thing Grant had dared me on a week or so ago was to realize that there was nothing we couldn’t talk about, and after sleeping on I knew he was right. Still, I was always quiet and had to be cautious of other listeners when he asked me stuff like my favorite sex positions in the middle of a coffee shop. Those conversations could happen here though, in the comfort of my living room. I knew I’d invite him over to do this every day.

Towards the end of our conversation, Grant shocked me again. He’d just complimented me on my top, a super low-cut silk blouse that really showed off the girls. (I’d bought it just for him, but there was no way I was going to give him the ego rush of admitting that.) He said it really made my boobs look great and he loved how my nipples stood out. When I told him ‘thank you’ though, he replied by asking if he could squeeze them! I was outraged. Best friend or not, I’m happily married I’d told myself, and nobody but Brian was going to fondle these tits, thankyouverymuch.

In my anger I stood up and told him to leave. Grant looked embarrassed, but kept his cool. I can still remember the way he checked me out even as he was getting up and as I escorted him to the front door. Right before he left, though, he turned to me one last time.

“I’m really sorry Court, I can tell that I pissed you off. But seriously, you’ve been hanging them out there on display for weeks now. I dare ya. Let me play with your tits, whenever I’d like. And you should love it, too.”

I was seething. “Out. Now,” was all I could manage. Once he was outside, he tried to ask if we were still on for tomorrow, but I slammed the door before he could finish.

I spent the whole night in a bad mood. Even Brian noticed. I burnt dinner, barely made any conversation with my husband, and when we made love that night I made a point of telling Brian to grab my tits. As he did, I groaned out how they were just for him, and all I could think of was how glad I was that I wasn’t going behind Brian’s back, even a little bit.

Have you ever thought something was really terrible, but after giving it a lot of thought you realized it wouldn’t be that bad? Well, after sex while Brian snored next to me, I started to drift off to sleep and I couldn’t help but really reconsider things. During sex, Brian only grabbed my tits a couple times. It wasn’t like it was the main event. I really loved it though, and wished he’d have played with them more, but Brian must have got his fill. If he was done with them and I wanted more, was there really harm in getting that from someone else?

Besides, Grant had a point. I had been showing off my boobs for most of the time we’d known each other, longer than we’d been best friends even. I was sending some seriously mixed messages, and that was on me. I’m a married woman, and it’s my fault I let Grant get ideas. As I finally tumbled into sleep, I knew I would have to make things right tomorrow.

The next day I texted Grant to make sure he still knew he was invited over. I also apologized for how rudely I treated him. He asked if this meant he’d be getting some ‘titty action’, and I just texted back a ‘we’ll see’ along with a winking emoji. I swear, he got there in record time.

When he walked in the front door, he stared at my tits in total awe. I had decided to put on a nice low-cut tank top with this ulta-thin material that left every detail of my breasts totally exposed. As always, I opted not to put a bra on. Within a few seconds, his hands were all over me, mauling my tits as he felt me up. He took one of my nipples through the material and rolled it between his fingers, and I couldn’t help but groan. I loved this so much.

This was sheer pleasure. So much so that I was barely able to stop him when he came up from behind and tried to kiss my neck while he fondled me. Luckily, I was able to shift my neck away and reminded him that I was married and didn’t go letting guys just kiss me. He tried to talk me into it. He even dared me to let him kiss me however and whenever he pleased, but I held my ground.

The next day was more of the same. Grant walked in the door, and I met him in a skin-tight pink t-shirt with a slit cut down the front. He looked at my boobs, looked me in the eyes, and melted my brains a little when he moved in to give me a hot, deep kiss on my lips. As our tongues swirled around each other, his hands found my tits.

I swear, Grant was a great best friend, but he could sure be a horndog, too. Between kisses and gropes, he tried daring me to get topless for him, but I made him hold onto that request until the next day, when I answered the door for him wearing nothing but a skirt and panties. That was a fun surprise for him, let me tell you.

And this was more or less how the next few weeks went. I’d answer the door, Grant would get all handsy while pushing his limits, and we’d have a little fun. Don’t get me wrong though—it wasn’t all physical. We still did a lot of best friend stuff. We’d gossip about friends, talk about our interests, and even go a lot of places together. It was so great having such a best bud like Grant.

Of course, Grant was still Grant. He had his thing for daring me to do stuff. I’d always shoot down his dares in the moment. Of course, once I got time to sleep on it, I would usually realize I was being too prudish.

A great example was the time he dared me to get my nipples pierced. At first I was totally against it, but by the time he showed up for coffee the next morning I’d already booked an appointment at the local tattoo and piercing shop. Grant was so sweet about it. He even held my hand while the technician pierced me. The soreness and sleeping on my back for a week wasn’t a ton of fun, and it was sure hard explaining that one to Brian when he got home from work. Even so, I gotta tell you, the studs make my nipples feel sooo good when Grant sucks on them now. Totally worth it.

Or there was that time we went out for a drive and Grant made another dare after all I’d allowed him to do was to play with my tits while he drove. I fell asleep that night feeling really bad about it, so the next day when we went out on a drive, I made sure to give him the best road head I could. As he drove, I bobbed up and down on his sexy cock harder than I ever had for Brian, and when we did finally find a place to park I made sure to suck him like a filthy slut until he came in my mouth. That became a tradition I still love.

Of course, not everything has been all hunky dory every day. Some things were rough at first, like when Grant dared me to invite my second-best friend Beth over. That first day was super awkward. Even with me acting as stodgy and prudish as I could, she still pulled me aside and started getting all harsh. She just kept going on and on about Grant, telling me nonsense like how I was being totally different and it was like I wasn’t taking my commitment to Brian seriously anymore. It was pretty hurtful. Luckily Grant has a way with words, and took her outside to talk with her privately at the end of our date. The next day she came over feeling much better about him, and things only got better from there.

All of this brings me to today. Beth and I were in my bed and I was eating her out when Grant finally arrived. Last week he dared Beth and I to start fucking each other. If I’m being honest, we were both pretty upset at him over that one at first. But the next morning when Beth came over, I knew we’d gotten over it by her third step in the house, when our lips came together in a scorching hot kiss and our clothes started coming off.

When I heard Grant walking into my bedroom, I knew the sight of me going down on Beth while she delicately squeezed her recently-pierced tits was going to get him turned on. Naturally, I shook my ass in his direction and spread my legs as much as I could, doing my best to send an invitation.

I knew he got it when I heard his pants hitting the floor right before I felt his hard cock sliding up and down my pussy lips. I guided him inside me and groaned into Beth’s snatch as one thrust led to another, and another, until he was fucking me like a madman. It was so savage, and it felt soooo good. I was so glad I decided to take Grant up on his dare to start fucking him behind Brian’s back earlier this week.

I couldn’t keep him all to myself, obviously. Beth also came to realize the joy of cheating on her hubby, and was more than happy to switch places and let Grant stuff her full of cum as she ate his seed from my pussy. Yeah, this was what best friends were for.

Through all of this, and as great as having best friends like Grant and Beth were, I want to make one thing really clear. I am still madly in love with Brian. Sure, I have no problem sucking Grant’s cock or eating Beth’s pussy, or fucking either of them behind his back, but every relationship has its secrets, right? Brian’s probably got a stash of porn on his laptop or something, and that’s practically the same thing. But Brian is still my love, so it was definitely pretty absurd when, as we were parting ways for the day, Grant made yet another dare.

“So girls,” he said, “I dare ya. No, I double dog dare ya. You’re going to fall out of love with your husbands, and fall madly in love with me instead.”

After his latest dare, I just rolled my eyes and laughed at him. “Haha. Nice try, but that one will never happen.” As usual, he just gave me one of his trademark arrogant smiles.

“We’ll see.” He offered with a wink.

* * *