The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

In Focus

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed photography. Not just taking the pictures but also using esoteric camera equipment. I’ve gotten used to ordering custom cut film to fit in some of these cameras just to see how they work.

I guess this particular story starts when I won a box of assorted camera equipment at an estate sale auction. Nobody else bid on the box because there were a couple of obviously broken pieces right on top. Too be honest, I was kind of disappointed with my purchase until I came across a filter with strange markings around the edge. When I looked through it, people seemed to have an odd shimmer surrounding them. For five buck though, I wasn’t expecting anything special.

It was a few days later when I was tinkering around in my lab that I noticed that my new filter fit perfectly on a special portrait lens I had for my ancient Horoblikon camera. Talk about strange equipment to have on hand. I had almost forgotten that it was tucked away in a box. I wanted to see what effect my new filter had on film so I loaded up the beast and went out for a walk to see what I could capture.

The day couldn’t have been any better for taking pictures. There were little fluffy clouds floating across the mid-June sky. There was a warm breeze blowing through the trees, hinting at the heat of the summer to come. The park at the top of the gorge wasn’t too crowded, a few people playing catch with Frisbees, couples out walking together, and the odd person just out losing themselves in the gorgeous weather.

I went hiking down one of the side trails that has a good view of the water falls and runs along the river. I knew from experience that I could work without distraction in this part of the park, as there was a difficult climb near the beginning of the trail that kept most people from taking casual walks along it. The best part about this trail is the unspoiled beauty and the occasional flat rocks that make a great place to stop and rest.

After about a half hour of hiking, a bit of motion caught my eye. A robin was struggling to incorporate a shoestring in its nest. I brought the camera up to my eye and started framing the picture. The robin had turned its back to me so I couldn’t see the shoelace in its mouth any longer.

Not being patient, I muttered, “Come on... turn around so I can get a good shot of you.”

Then the robin paused, as if it was thinking about something, and slowly turned until I had the perfect shot. I took the picture and the bird immediately went back to what it had been doing with its back to me.

I just shook my head and chalked the moment up to coincidence. Being close to where I wanted to take my pictures, I lowered my camera and continued walking to my favourite glade that overlooks both the city and the falls.

I was a bit shocked as I came up to the opening in the trail and there was a lone woman sunning herself topless. The best word to describe her is elegant. From my vantage point coming up the trail, I could see her close cut hair framing a serene face and lips that were made just for kissing. Her neck was long and slender and her small breasts added just enough curve so as not to distract from the sleek shape of her long body. From her breasts, my eyes crossed her smooth belly and traced the gentle curves of her feminine hips.

She hadn’t heard me yet as I approached. The sensible thing to do would have been to either make her aware of my presence so she didn’t think I was some sort of stalker or else I should have walked away to let her enjoy the peace she had obviously sought here. Instead, I raised my camera and looked at her through the lens. I saw the same shimmer around her that I had seen earlier when examining the filter. This shimmer made me want to touch her that much more but I didn’t want to miss the chance to capture the beautiful sight before me.

The sound of the shutter tripping startled her as she found that she was no longer alone. Before she could do anything, without taking my eye away from the camera I told her, “Don’t be afraid, I just want to take a picture of you.” I was hoping that she would stay cool and if I was lucky let me continue shooting.

She made the same sort of pause that the robin had made and said, “I just didn’t hear you approach. I would love to pose for you as long as that’s all you want.” She said this last bit with a wink and went back to sunning herself.

Not wanting to give her time to change her mind, I repositioned myself for a perfect profile shot. “If only her nipples were hard,” I thought to myself as I was framing the shot, “that would make this so hot.”

As I watched, her nipples raised themselves proudly from her chest. Her lips parted and I heard a light sigh. Click! This was exactly what I wanted to see. I couldn’t believe my luck. Click! I snapped another shot. “Now if only she would arch her back a bit...” no sooner had I thought this than she was arching her back exactly as I had imagined. Click! Click! Click!

She looked over at me as if waiting for further instructions even though I hadn’t said anything to her up to this point. “You are so hot.” I told her. I could feel myself growing hard just looking at her and the way she was leaning back.

This is where I finally clued in to what was happening. As soon as I told her that she was hot, a wonton expression crossed her face. Desire seemed to ooze from her every pore. It seems that she took my calling her hot as an instruction. This time I thought, “Cross your leg over and twist to face me.” I made sure not to vocalize this command just to see what she would do.

Without pause, her leg came over and I had a full view of her front. Her nipples seemed even harder than they had been just a second ago. Click! I took another shot. I wondered just how horny she could get.

Now the possibilities were running through my head like wild fire. My next command was for her to become aroused. Very aroused, but stay where she was. I wanted to watch how she would behave there on her blanket under the sun.

With this thought she rolled her hips back and her hands dove down and slid under the band of her bikini bottoms and started rubbing, occasionally dipping into her soaking wet pussy. Her gasps were turning into moans and they were getting louder.

I though that she’d better keep it quiet or we were going to attract some unwanted attraction. This part of the trail may be secluded but sound travels up the gorge with no problem. Following this, she bit her lip to stifle the agonizing pleasure she was giving herself.

I didn’t want her to finish too quickly so I tried giving the command that she couldn’t come from her own touch. Every time she touched herself would just bring more pleasure but no release. I also wished that her breasts were just a bit larger.

It was almost like watching a scene from a movie when I saw her tits swelling before my eyes. They kept that same firm shape they had from earlier but were definitely swelling. Before they had been like two plums sitting proudly on her chest. Now they were about the size of grapefruits and her nipples must have been standing out almost a full inch from them.

My command must have made them more sensitive as well because the woman’s hands both moved up to them and started exploring her newly enlarged assets. She started by cupping one in each hand, weighing them and getting used to the added mass on her chest. Then, she slid her hands up over her nipples and paused. I could see that the touch of her hands had her frozen in ecstasy, unable to breath and unable to climax.

Her whole body was just shaking while her hands continued their work on her breasts. Her hips started bucking wildly as if she was riding some imaginary lover. Sunlight glistened off the fluids now running down the inside of her thighs.

At this point I thought she had had enough and I commanded her to climax.

What happened next will be etched into my brain for as long as I live. One hand plunged into her pussy while the other one continued pulling at her nipple and she fell flat on her back and started spasming on her towel. She was no longer in control of her muscles. Every last ounce of her being was wrapped up in the fiery bliss of her orgasm. A guttural moan escaped her lips as her eyes rolled back in her head. Finally with a few sharp thrusts, her body went limp and she lay there panting for breath.

I realized that I had been so entranced by the spectacle before me that I had stopped taking pictures. I was a bit concerned about the woman’s collapse so I finally went over to her to make sure she was ok.

Slowly she recovered and immediately let me know that was the most amazing experience she had ever had in her life. We talked for a while after that, getting to know each other and trying to figure out what exactly happened there.

Once she had recovered enough, we packed up and headed out of the park to experiment some more with my newest toy.

I invited the woman back to my studio to talk about what happened. Judging from her reaction there was no place that she would rather be. She said that she wasn’t in any condition to drive and asked if I would mind driving her. Of course I agreed and told her that we could come back for her car when she was feeling up to the task.

Having her in the seat next to me proved to be very distracting while driving. She spent most of the drive playing with her newly enlarged breasts. Her hands gliding up and down her body, some times coming to rest on her nipples, were confirming both the size and sensitivity that were both new to her. Judging from the gasps and moans coming from her, I’d say that she enjoyed a few minor climaxes on while riding to my studio.

Once we reached the studio she seemed to gain a bit more composure and we were able to talk about what happened without her distracting the both of us with her continued self-appreciation.

“So what did you do to me back there?” she asked.

“I’m still not sure of it myself.” I answered, “It appears to have something to do with this new filter I was trying out.”

“You’re saying that you did all that to me with your camera?” she continued, “I find that pretty hard to believe.”

“I do too.” Came my reply, “Every time I thought about something you should do, you just did it. If you look through the lens you can see a shimmering effect around people.”

“Do you mind if I look through it? I’m curious to see what this is that had such an effect on me.”

I was still mesmerized by how beautiful this woman was as well as feeling a bit guilty for invading her privacy so I saw no problem with letting her check out the camera. Who knows, maybe she had some additional insight into what was happening.

She took the camera from my hands and looked at the markings around the filter. Then she lifted the camera to her eye and looked at me through it. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to move any more.

“There, I think that’s frozen you.” She said with a sly smile. “Now lets see what I can do to reciprocate the good time you’ve shown me.”

I could feel my pulse quickening and my breathing grew shallow as she continued to examine me through the lens. I became aware of my hardening penis and I wasn’t sure if it was my reaction to the situation or if she had done something to me. I wished that I could move so I could adjust myself in the confines of my pants. She seemed oblivious to my plight as she continued examining me through the camera. Suddenly I felt full of energy, like I was ready to run a marathon. I also noticed that the bulge in my pants was a bit larger than usual. Unfortunately, I was still frozen.

She set the camera down and strolled over to me still grinning that wicked grin of hers. “Let’s see how these changes work shall we?” With that, her hands slid under the bottom of my shirt and ran over my now firm stomach muscles.

The motions of her hand were sending little shocks through my body. Every inch she covered spurred my desire for her to greater heights. My cock was straining for release by this point but her hands continued upwards to my chest and my surprisingly sensitive nipples. I let out a gasp as she started flicking and rolling my nipples with her fingers.

“How do you like this?” she asked but all I could do was moan my reply. It felt like my nipples had been wired directly to my cock. My body was now trembling on the brink of an orgasm.

Finally her hand slid down toward the waistband of my pants and undid the button that had been restraining me.