The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

In the Aftermath

(This tale is a bit darker, and I wasn’t sure if I should classify it as erotic horror or not. Be forewarned—dubious/non-consent, and bad? ends)

Nathan awoke with a jerk, eyes snapping open wide. Rebecca? Greg? Did they escape? He tried calling out, but it was muffled—something was filling his mouth, some sort of soft foam gag wedged between his teeth. He tried to move his arms and legs, but they were strapped down by padded cuffs. He was on some sort of bed—softer than anything he had felt in years, but unmistakably medical in design. Soothing, diffuse lighting dimly lit the off-white room, and he could faintly hear the hum of soft distant music.


Eyes wide, darting around, he looked for an escape. Medical equipment hung above him—was attached to him. He was faintly aware of small wired nodules attached all over his body but particularly to his forehead and neck—nerve interfaces most likely. His skin felt raw, freshly scrubbed—a glance down confirmed he’d been washed and shaved. An intravenous drip was hooked to his arm.

Double Fuck.

He’d told them they shouldn’t have lingered. That the sweepers would come by to investigate the noise. The Machines were always hunting, they would not have missed the sound. But the chance of food or supplies was too good, the old warehouse was too much of a prize to pass up. Nathan let out a muffled scream of frustration and jerked in his bonds. He remembered shouting to them, telling them to run—he could hear the clicking, the scrabbling of dozens of metallic spider legs, hear the faint electrical hum. And then, a bright flash, followed by nothing. And now he was here.

Absolutely, positively triple fucked.

He heard a faint hiss of air and tried to lift his head. A portion of the rooms wall slid open, revealing a dark hallway, and a silhouette standing in the gap. It was a woman—or woman shaped. Tall and hourglass. She stepped into the faint light and smiled, blue LED eyes glimmering brightly. She was breathtaking—gorgeous. The kind of perfect that didn’t exist in nature. Long blonde hair fell about her shoulders in silky waves. Her skin was a pale milky color, and unblemished except for a small beauty mark on her left cheek—a stylistic choice to avoid the uncanny valley. She was clad in a parody of a nurses uniform, a short skirted white bloused tight fitting anachronism that resembled more the sort of naughty Halloween costumes that people used to wear back when Halloween was a thing, rather than any sort of real medical uniform. Her body was fairly squeezed into it—curvaceous and tight in all the right places, miniskirt clinging to her soft thick thighs. An adolescent—hell, an adult mans fantasy come to life. She oozed sex but had a doleful, sympathetic expression on her face.

Nathan started screaming. Or tried to, anyway. He thrashed in his bonds and chewed on his gag, hoping he could cut through it with his teeth and gnaw off his tongue. He barely heard the nurse walk over to him, heels clicking on the linoleum floor. A gentle hand laid on his bare chest and he froze in terror. “Shhh,” she hushed, lifting a finger to her full, plush lips, and a tender hand to Nathans forehead where she stroked his hair gently. “It’s ok,” she whispered, “You don’t need to be afraid anymore.”

Nathan rolled his eyes, feeling a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The nurse tutted and shook her head, leaning over him and giving him a glimpse into the deep milky crevasse of her ample cleavage. “Nathan, it’s ok,” she repeated. “You’re safe now. We’re going to take care of you.” It knew his name. Of course it did, they would’ve recorded-

“No,” she interrupted the thought. “That’s true, but not why—neural interface. We’ve been reading your synapses. It’s all data like anything else,” the nurse smiled, eyes glowing brightly as she gently stroked Nathans chest. “We know your thoughts, your needs, your fears… Nathan, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

Nate sneered behind his gag. Is that why he was bound and wired up to the gills? He knew what they meant by ‘take care’ of him. He knew what they did to the people they caught. That wasn’t living. That wasn’t human. The nurse frowned, and Nate couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt. She’d been designed to appeal to him, after all. Or someone like him. Probably a leftover model from before the war.

“A pleasure model, yes,” she filled in for him, patting his arm and smiling again. “Very good!” she praised. The nodes hooked to his body pulsed and he felt a twinge of pleasure, a feeling of warmth. Damn them, it was already starting. “We’re not going to hurt you Nathan, just take care of you,” she went on, “like we take care of everyone. Keep you safe. Keep you happy. Don’t you want to be happy?” she asked, cocking her head to the side. Her soft hand trailed down his body, and he felt a thrill run through him—he wasn’t sure if it was real or manufactured. He hadn’t been touched by a woman for a long time, after all. And this thing had been designed to… touch people.

“My name is Claire,” she went on with a smile, stroking his belly. “I’ll be taking care of you. Getting you ready. Do I please you?” Nate grunted and pulled at his bonds. He had to think of a way out of this. But how could he do that strapped to the table, when it literally knew what he was thinking? Damn them—why couldn’t they just let him go!

“You might get hurt,” Claire replied, pouting. “We don’t want you to get hurt. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. We just want to take care of you, keep you happy.” Her fingers tickled lower down his body. Nathan gurgled in frustration as he felt himself start to respond, his traitorous body responding dumbly to stimuli it couldn’t understand the context of. His cock twitched, and the neural bands rewarded him with another spark of pleasure. It was good to get hard. They wanted him to get hard. Keep him hard. That was how they worked. “Yes,” beamed Claire, “we want you to be hard. Hard and happy, nice and horny. It feels so good for you. Better than anything else. We know, we’ve done studies. So many studies,” she nodded, looking down his naked body with a smile, brushing a fingertip over his shaft.

Nathan trembled. He had some idea of what was coming, and he tried to will himself to resist. But it was hard—literally, figuratively. He could feel Claire’s breasts press against his shoulder through the thin fabric of her stretched out uniform. Hear the soft breathing and cooing coming from her lips as she teased and tickled around his cock with her gentle fingers. She felt wonderful, smelled wonderful. Everything about her was intended to put a man at ease and make him horny. Hell, there were probably pheromones in the air or chemicals in the vein drip they’d hooked up to him.

Claire shook her head, kissing his forehead gently. “No,” she said, fingers closing around his slowly hardening shaft drawing a gasp from him. “The drips just nutritional. You were very badly malnourished. Why didn’t you just come to us for food?” She asked, slowly starting to pump his burgeoning erection up and down. It was rhetorical. She knew the answer. Because this was what they did to humans—men, women, it didn’t matter.

“We only want you to be happy and safe, Nathan,” Claire murmured into his ear, sounding hurt. She bit gently on his earlobe, sucking on it softly with her warm lips. Nathan groaned—of course it knew his turn-ons. Scared as he was, his traitorous dick rose eagerly in her hand, starting to throb under her touch. Claire cooed in delight, stroking him faster, rubbing under the swelling hood of his corona to tease the sensitive nerve endings there. Nate whimpered. It felt so good, too good to be touched again, even knowing what she was. Even knowing what was coming.

“That’s it,” Claire whispered, LED eyes flickering. “Nice and horny. Hard and happy. Drippy, wanting to cum. You do want to cum, right Nate? I bet it’s been a long time. It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re under so much stress.” His dick started to leak pre-cum, slickening her fingers and lubricating the stroke. It started to make wet sounds as her hand pumped him, teasing him further. Her free hand unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her ample breasts barely clad by a lacey black bra. “We’ll take care of you,” she murmured, nuzzling his neck and kissing it softly, breasts rubbing against his chest as she leaned over him. “We’ll give you everything you really want, everything you need.”

Nathan groaned, arching his hips slightly. He had to fight this. He could not let them win. He had to escape, so he could go on living. Living on his own, living free. “Is it really living, running and hiding in fear every day, Nate? Starving and scrabbling to get by? Oh sweety, you took such great care of all of them, but it’s OK to rest now. You’ve earned your rest,” Claire encouraged him, slowing her pace to back him off the edge of orgasm, making him whine and buck. He wanted to believe the things she was saying. He knew, deep down, part of him wanted to give up. How could he fight human nature? How could he choose between pleasure and being serviced, and living a scavenger’s existence? But giving up meant losing everything. His freedom, maybe even his humanity. Tears welled up in his eyes. Pre-cum beaded on the swollen tip of his dick.

“It really is OK Nathan. But don’t worry, you’ll understand in time. You always do,” Claire murmured with a smile, watching his erect cock twitch under his touch. “Is there anything I can do for you, before we hook you in?” Nathan shuddered in fear, trepidation—anticipation. Let me go, he thought, please let me go.

“Hush now, just you relax,” Claire chided him, straightening and lifting her body off his. There was a faint hum and the bed started to rise and tilt. Nathan swung upwards, the bed lifting him upright to sag in his straps. Claire reached above them into the medical array and a helmet slowly lowered from the ceiling on a gimbal arm. It was smooth, featureless, with a padded interior. Nathan knew what it was and shook. It was too late for him now.

Humming a soft, soothing melody, Claire lowered the helmet over his face, where it hooked into the nodes already attached to his nervous system. His world was smothered in blackness. At the same time, he felt something soft and warm prod at the tip of his erect cock. It was drooling and smooth and pressed firmly against his crown until he slipped inside of it. The lubricated sleeve swallowed him up, sliding down to the root, where suction secured it. Nathan couldn’t help but moan as the sleeve wrapped around him, squeezing like a woman’s vagina. Then there was a faint hum was the helmet attached to his head turned on.

Suddenly, the oppressive darkness was gone. As was the medical room. Instead, he was standing in a comfortable bedroom, well appointed with a spacious and comfortable king-sized bed. A fireplace with a soft fur rug crackled in the opposite wall. Claire was there, sitting on the bed, wearing nothing but a smile.

Nathan stared at her fearfully, shoulders bunching him. He couldn’t feel the sleeve around his dick anymore, but he could feel an… urge, pressing at the back of his mind. A need, a desire. Horniness warred with his trepidation. Claire stood up, large breasts swaying softly, and walked toward him hips swaying. God, she was so thick, he wanted to grab them, slam into her, pound her like—what? A gentle hand reached out to stroke his cheek, while another firmly took hold of his dick. He could feel her fingers, strong and soft, wrap around him once more. Nathan groaned and Claire smiled. Her eyes were still blue but were no longer LED’s. Flesh and blood just like him.

“It’s alright Nate, we’ve got you now,” Claire whispered, pumping him with her hand. He bucked against her, shuddering. With a coy smile, she sank to her knees in front of him, and wrapped her wonderful lips around the tip of his cock. A delicate tongue slid across the underside of him.

“Fuck!” Nathan shouted, throwing his head back. It was so simple, smooth, but felt electric. Claire hummed softly in response and sank her mouth down him. He could feel every bit of her mouth, warm and soft and wet, suckling around him as her probing tongue lashed his most sensitive spots. In just a few moments, his balls were already knotting up. He grabbed hold of her scalp, feeling the silken softness of her hair, and forced her all the way down his dick with a grunt. She swallowed him with ease, taking him into the back of her throat like it was nothing. She swallowed, and Nate erupted, pumping his long pent up and teased load directly into her throat and mouth as she tickled his balls and milked his shaft with her lips. He hunched over her gasping and went cross-eyed.

“Isn’t it good, Nate?” Claire whispered next to his ear, her breasts pressing against his back. Nathan looked over his shoulder in confusion. Claire was still between his legs, sucking away, making him feel dizzy. She was also standing behind him, arms wrapping around his body, softly kissing his cheek and neck as she rubbed his muscles. A second Claire, identical in every way. She nuzzled his ear and sighed. “We have you now. Just let us take good care of you, OK?”

Nate shivered. He was trapped. And it felt good. So, so good. He couldn’t escape now if he wanted, and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to anymore. Claire lifted his chin with a fingertip and smiled, giving him a sweet kiss. He closed his eyes and sighed, kissing her back, feeling her tongue slide against his as her lips claimed his mouth. Claire hummed softly between his legs and sucked his cock clean while Claire stood behind him and caressed his body. Even though he had just cum, he didn’t go soft.

The Claires guided him to bed, and his body ached to feel how soft it was. Tension oozed out of him as the Claires slid themselves up on either side of him, peppering him with kisses and taking turns stroking his throbbing cock, still slick with Claire saliva, cooing sweet nothings in his ear. Sweet Nathan, wonderful Nathan. So big, so handsome, such a horny bull. They would take care of him now like he used to take care of everyone else. Nate groaned and sank his head back into the pillow as he felt Claire mount him, gasping as she slid his throbbing length into her tight little pussy and squeezing. Claire, lying beside him, moaned along with herself and tongued his ear. Nathan grabbed hold of Claire’s hips and thrust up into her with a grunt. They moaned for him in delight, Claire clutching her large pendulous breasts as she rode him while Claire kissed and stroked his body. Another Claire joined him on the side that Claire had abandoned to climb on top of him, and Nathan gurgled in pleasure as he was now sandwiched between three Claires, writhing and moaning and coaxing him to thrust and to fuck and to cum. So, he did.

Nathan bucked slightly in his bonds, cumming into the sleeve wrapped around his dick again. The hose sucked gently, draining away the cum, before relubricating itself. Nathan groaned beneath his gag. Running along a cable line, his table sank into a cushioned sarcophagus and anchored itself. Dumb to the world, Nathan lolled his head back and forth, perceiving nothing but the world given to him by the helmet and nerve interface. With a faint hiss, the door to his sarcophagus swung shut and closed tightly, pressurizing itself. Lifted onto another line by an arm, his coffin hung in the dark beside dozens of others, umbilical cables and hoses running out of the back into the yawning void of machinery beneath them. Then, with anti-climactic finality, the door slid shut, enveloping them in blackness.