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Infernal Destiny Book 1: Summoning

Disclaimer: This story should not be read by any person not of the age of majority in their country. Anyone who may be offended by the horrific depiction of a war between good and evil, including gratuitous sex and violence, should not continue. The author is not responsible for either any actions taken by persons who read this story or for the general social problems of our planet.

Still here? The first part of this story gets a little gruesome but does set up the story. Enjoy!

* * *

For centuries creatures of pure evil have quested to gain dominance over the Earth and its peoples. Ancient minds have hungered to cross over and feast on the bodies and souls of mankind. Humanity’s only protection from these creatures has been the basic hostility of our dimension to their forms, forcing the invaders to to accumulate great power from the corruption of human souls.

Without this power the only way these creatures can act in our dimension is by controlling those rare humans born without souls. These soulless humans are the tools used by these creatures to further their agenda as they plot to travel to our reality from their dark domain.

Now, for the first time, eight of these human tools have been born at once, each coming into the world with the knowledge of their dark purpose. Soon the servants will gather together and perform the unholy rites demanded by their masters to bring the most powerful of the creatures to our world. Even now these creatures are preparing to force their way into our dimension spreading lust, chaos, and misery. The Demons are coming.

( I )


Mike Conner was successful beyond the dreams of most Americans. Born to a modest middle-class Boston family he had been among both the brightest and the most popular of students. He had excelled at sports, been popular with the girls and was showered with scholarship offers from schools across the country. After finishing Harvard Law School Mike had been accepted to the largest firm in New York and from there had begun a meteoric rise to the top culminating in being made a full partner at the age of only 35. Despite his success the young lawyer had still found time during school to meet and marry his wife. Later, while hard at work in the firm, Mike Conner had been a father who still spent time with his children, often giving up sleep to spend time with them. His son Brent was following in his footsteps and was looked upon with great pride by Mike who gave his son all the support he could. While he cared for Brent, Mike truly showered affection on his daughter Jenny. Jenny who people knew for her kindness, her beauty, and her great intelligence. Jenny who he supported when she needed help and consoled when she felt sad. Jenny who had the drive and talent to succeed in all the endeavors she undertook. Jenny who lay beneath him with tears running down her cheeks, screaming in terror and agony as Mike’s cock pistoned in and out of her tight teenage pussy.

Mike’s face was a dark mask of fury and lust. The distorted visage of her loving father grinned at her pain and fear, before leaning down to lick her neck and gnaw on the creamy flesh. Before long Jenny stopped struggling, overcome by the shock of what was happening to her, retreating back within her own mind to escape the assault. Feeling his climax approaching Mike reached down and covered his fingers in the blood running down his daughter’s thigh. Continuing his rhythmic thrusting, Mike began drawing arcane symbols on Jenny’s body and slowly chanting in a strange tongue. As he finished the symbols the stream of bizarre words flowing out of his mouth quickened and grew ever louder. In time with the chanting Mike increased the tempo and depth of his penetration, almost withdrawing from Jenny’s pussy before slamming himself back into her to the hilt. Rising to a peak the chant cut off with a last shouted word as Mike went tense, shooting jets of semen into his daughter’s womb.

The bloody symbols burst into flame and sank into Jenny’s skin, slowly fading. For a moment both Mike and Jenny laid still, until the last traces of the arcane writing vanished. The young teen giggled and smiled up at her father as she arched her back and experimentally squeezed his still hard cock with her internal muscles. Looking into his daughter’s eyes, Mike saw Jenny there, screaming in her mind as she struggled to escape the prison her body had become. A satisfied smile crossed his face briefly before being replaced by a leer of pure lust. His daughter mirrored the expression as she bucked upwards on his cock. Mike began pumping into her already lubricating pussy. Moans and grunts of pleasure began to fill the room as father and daughter rutted like animals.

Hours later Mike’s sleek Mercedes swung onto the northbound interstate. Mike sat back easily in the leather driver’s seat of the luxury sedan, one hand casually gripping the wheel. The man grinned widely as his other hand guided Jenny’s head as it bobbed up and down in his lap. His daughter reached into his pants and gently caressed and squeezed his balls while she slurped away at the shaft. Mike chuckled as the car sped into the night away from the city. Behind them, in the Conner’s house, the butchered bodies of Mike’s wife Vera and son Brent began to attract their first flies.


Gabrielle swept the room with the eyes of a predator. All around him the flashing lights and pounding beat of New York’s stylish Den of Inequity dance club swept over the young bodies of the sons and daughters of the city’s richest citizens. The perfect hunting ground for what Gabrielle’s hungers compelled him to seek. He looked like one of the seething mass of people. Everything he wore, from shoes right up to the emerald studded ring in his brow, were the most expensive designer labels, proclaiming taste and money. But he was not one of the crowd. Unlike them, well on their way to bright futures as members of the privileged class, Gabrielle had neither emotions nor a passion for life. Everything about him was a careful facade to hide the emptiness which existed within his soul.

Through the shifting crowd he caught a glimpse of something which caught his attention. Moving forward, gliding through the mass of people in an experienced dance, he saw her. She was beautiful. Dancing in a circle of men, her body and face both teasing and promising them as she held them captivated, relishing her control. At that moment Gabrielle decided that he would have her. He would be the last person to enjoy her beauty, he would own her forever. All these rich and spoiled bitches were the same. The right lines, a little charm, and he would soon be back at her apartment where he would get the privacy he needed. It had worked for the killer many times before.

* * *

Michelle’s apartment was tastefully appointed with the kind of understated elegance which only the rich could afford. Gabrielle had found seducing the woman at the bar to be easy. For a moment suspicion began to rise in his mind before being replaced with smug confidence in his skills. Chuckling softly in response to some inane comment, he raised his glass to acknowledge her wit and beauty while within his mind contempt and hatred boiled. I’ll wait to get to the bedroom, then she’ll find out. Watching her he appreciated her sleek body and well bred grace. Her face showed the merest hint of exotic beauty and her halter top revealed a coppery, firm body. The killer felt comfortable here. Somehow his perceptions were losing the razor sharp clarity which the anticipation of taking a life gave him. In fact he felt almost sleepy, much like the sated feeling he felt when he curled up to sleep, covered in his victim’s blood. Michelle saw his confusion and smiled knowingly, arching one perfect brow and leaning forward.

“Feeling sleepy?”

Gabrielle looked into his wine glass, before pouring the remaining wine onto the floor. In the bottom of the glass were several small, white crystals. He stumbled to his feet, his face a mask of hatred.

“What did you do to me you bitch?” With the greatest effort he took one faltering step toward her.

“You know what the easiest kind of prey is?” Michelle chuckled, “I’ll tell you. It’s another predator. The sheep are wary of attack but the wolf thinks only of the hunt. You see, it doesn’t know to be afraid, it doesn’t know it’s the prey.” Seeing the dim realization in Gabrielle’s eyes Michelle laughed with unadulterated pleasure as he slumped to the floor unconscious as the drug she had slipped into his wine took affect.

Stepping over Gabrielle Michelle picked up the phone and dialed. After two rings the other party picked up. “Its me. I’m making good time... Everything is ready, Sue is already in the trunk. All I have to do is put the host in the car and I’ll be on my way. Yes, the others will meet us there. The Master’s will be done.” Dropping the phone on the floor Michelle bent and grabbed Gabrielle’s legs. Dragging him with strength her voluptuous form didn’t appear to posses, Michelle left the apartment door wide as she left. She wouldn’t be coming back.

New England

Gabrielle awoke to two hard slaps across his face. Opening his eyes he saw Michelle watching him with a cruel grin. As memory returned he struggled violently against his bonds finally relaxing when they failed to loosen.

“Untie. Me. Right. Now.” Gabrielle kept his voice level and steady.

“You wanted to kill me.” Michelle smiled. “I could see it in your eyes. You had chosen me.”

Rage flared in Gabrielle’s eyes. “You slut! I’ll kill you! You’ll beg me to die!” Spittle flew from his lips as he screamed and threw himself against the rope.

Amused by his useless struggles Michelle chuckled as she slowly raked her long nails down Gabrielle’s chest, leaving long red scratches behind. “The Master will enjoy using your body. Once he is summoned he will merge with you. As he lives eternally in this dimension so will you. Imagine, eons of torture, trapped within your mind. You will be his plaything, kept sane by his powers, you will never escape him.”

Those girls brought by female servants had been initiated by the males, trapping them inside their minds and preparing their young bodies to become willing mothers for the Master. They now laid together in the center of the clearing on the flat bloodstained rocks used for sacrificial offerings and dark rituals through the centuries. Ignoring the preparations the servants were making around them, the girls were exploring their nubile bodies as they crawled all over each other.

Cries of pleasure echoed in the clearing as tongues fell to lapping at dripping pussies. Jenny’s face was covered with juices from the brunette above her, who was repeatedly grinding her heated cunt with its well trimmed dark thatch against the blond girl’s face. A fresh flood of juices filled Jenny’s mouth as the girl orgasmed yet again under the enthusiastic licking and sucking of the enslaved blond. Jenny stiffened suddenly and let out a cry of surprise. Between her legs was a cute Asian girl who had latched onto the protruding nub of Jenny’s swollen clit with her mouth and was sucking on it, sending electric shocks of pleasure through the blonde, even as she worked two fingers into the clenching grasp of Jenny’s virgin ass. The teen beauty shivered with pleasure as she dove back into the dripping mound in front of her.

The eight soulless servants each set about their tasks with mechanical concentration. At eight cardinal points placed equidistant around the center of the clearing and its covering of moaning flesh, the individual servants prepared for their part in the ceremony. First they laid out mystical artifacts of power they had gathered. From beneath their dark robes offerings were brought forth. Pouring from dark bottles, bowls were fill with children’s blood and set forward.

Their preparations complete each servant took their place for the ceremony. Raising their arms they waited for the moment to begin the summoning. As one their mouths opened. Slowly and softly at first they began chanting the words of the ancient ritual. Gradually the level of their chanting rose until they shouted the last passage of the ritual as a howling wind swept through the clearing.

“Huudasp, Kulachu, Necrothus, Armakoth! Shok Armakoth! Sepul Armakoth! ARMAKOTH!! ARMAKOTH!!”

With a sudden violent scream of protest reality tore itself apart in a swirling vortex of energy and chaos. The gate opened, flaring and throwing off tendrils of searing energy.

A terrible fear gripped Gabrielle. Until this moment he had not truly believed Michelle’s threats. He had never really cared about his actions in the past. He did and took what he wanted to enjoy his life, not thinking about anything beyond his own life. The opening vortex made him believe. Hell did exist and it was coming to get him. After a shocked moment of realization Gabrielle redoubled his efforts to free himself. The coarse ropes tore at his skin and soon the coils around his wrists were red with his blood.

Something began to emerge from the gateway. It seemed to struggle to push its way into the clearing, exerting its strength against some unseen force trying to keep it on the other side. Seeing its struggle the servants performed their final task in the ritual. Each of the eight servants lifted a dark and twisted dagger. As one the robed figures thrust the daggers through their own hearts. For a moment nothing happened. Then their mouths opened and their throats let out an inhuman banshee shriek as their life energy poured forth into the rift, tearing a gaping hole in reality and opening a gate to their Master’s realm.

The thing from beyond the veil pulled itself into the air above the clearing and drifted floating above the ceremonial rock, still connected to the other side of the portal by glowing streams of energy.

The girls lying entwined in the clearing’s center slowly stopped their debauchery, tongues and fingers reluctantly leaving pussies, and shifted their attention to the horror floating above them. What had come through the rift was a nightmarish apparition of writhing tentacles, dagger like claws, razor teeth and slimy, rippling flesh. Dozens of glowing eyes glared piercingly down at the nude teens. Despite the horrific appearance of the creature, it seemed somehow insubstantial, more energy than matter.

Silently regarding the creature, the girls slowly untangled themselves and laid back on the black granite, each one grasping the inside of their thighs and pulling their legs open as wide as they could before waiting silently. From the bottom of the creature eight thick phallic tentacles burst free of the main body in a spray of slime. Each of the new tentacles pulsated with lust and oozed black semen from their ends. Without warning the tentacles shot downwards, each unerringly seeking and finding a young slit. With a single movement they rammed deep into eight tight canals, spearing straight through cervixes, and rammed the back of the girls’ wombs. The girls panted and strained as they tried to accommodate the phallic tentacles, each as thick as a man’s arm, in their recently deflowered vaginas. The creature kept the slowly pulsating appendages buried in the girls bodies waiting for them to grow used to the invasion.

What had come out of the portal had turned Gabrielle into a gibbering animal, working mindlessly against his bonds, tearing at them with all his strength. As he threw himself forward he felt the rope holding his right wrist slip slightly as the blood soaked knot gave way a fraction of an inch. Frantically the terrified killer put his full attention to freeing that hand.

When the girls finally settled from the shock of the sudden intrusion by the thick tentacles, the creature began thrusting into them in unison. Other tentacles dropped from the beast to hold the girls in place on the sanctified rocks as it drove powerfully into them. The steady, forceful penetration soon had the girls moaning and panting, emitting slowly growing sounds of sexual pleasure. Their pleasure mounted until with screams of ecstasy the girls came simultaneously, thrashing and flailing in the beast’s grasp. After bringing them off the creature only pushed harder, propelling the girls towards greater heights of pleasure as everything but the intense pleasure faded from their attention.

The girls experienced half a dozen times under the forceful assault before the tentacles began thrusting harder and faster. They panted desperately as they were overwhelmed by waves of pleasure, building toward an impossible orgasm. Finally their young bodies were pushed to their peak, flooding their minds with ecstasy. Even as they shook with the force of the orgasm the tentacles pulsed within their uteruses, forcefully pumping gallons of semen into their youthful bodies. As black semen erupted from overfilled cunts, the tentacles swelled as they shot squirming embryos into the prepared wombs. Pulling its tentacles free with a gush of juices the creature retracted them back into its hideous main body. Slowly it drew back into the maelstrom and vanished into the glowing storm of energy. With startling suddenness the portal closed with a violent clap of thunder, leaving the clearing oddly silent.

For a brief moment Gabrielle thought it was over. The monster was gone. Then he looked at the nude girls. Their bellies were swelling as something grew within them. As Gabrielle saw this the sauve serial killer voided himself.

The embryos rapidly incubated. Developing quickly the black flesh expanded until it pushed against the walls of their wombs. Growing like a cancer it reached out through the girls’ bodies, drawing nourishment from their bodies and souls. Cries of desperate ecstasy rang out as the girls rose toward an impossible peak, each one rubbing her growing belly while frantically flicking her clit with her other hand. Within minutes all the girls looked six months pregnant.

Gabrielle sobbed in terror as the girls went into labor, their bellies rippling as their muscles worked to expel the horrors which had spawned within them.

The light in the girls’ eyes faded as the demonic creatures forced their way out of the young, sweaty bodies eliciting a last gasp of feminine pleasure. The obscene masses of flesh squirmed unnaturally away from their mothers bodies toward each other, until they collected together in a black pile of alien flesh. Wet disgusting sounds filled the clearing as they began to merge into a single form. What had been an amorphous blob began to reorganize itself gaining texture and definition, becoming a single organism.

Finally the transformation was complete. The creature stood, flexing its new form experimentally, opening eyes which shone with a terrible intelligence as they scanned the grisly aftermath of the ritual. The creature’s fanged maw opened in a cruel smile as it looked out at the new realm which lay open to its conquest. First he would take his host, merging his flesh with a male human to allow him to remain in this dimension, then he would make the world tremble. Armakoth turned to where his unwilling host waited and let out a growl of rage. The bonds which had held his host hung loose and the demon’s acute heard the crashing of the man fleeing into the forest.

Gabrielle raced through the woods. His lungs burned and rocks tore into his bare feet but nothing would slow him. Driving him on was the crashing behind him as the demon pursued him, drawing ever closer. For the first time Gabrielle knew what it was like to be the prey, to be frightened and under the power of others. This is how his victims had felt. Before now they had never been real to him. Gabrielle was just beginning to feel sorry for his crimes when darkness opened beneath him without warning. He uttered a last brief cry, more of surprise than of terror, before he felt pain and then nothing.

The demon reached the edge of the cliff and looked over, his keen vision working even in the darkness of the moonless night. Below was Gabrielle’s broken form. The jagged boulders were covered with a slowly spreading dark stain.

What Armakoth saw below was the opportunity of eons wasted. The number of servants needed to summon a demon of his power would not live simultaneously for possibly thousands of years. Without a host for his physical form it would be impossible to maintain himself in this reality for any useful period of time. The fabric of reality would attack him, driving him back to his own dimension. This distance of the summoning location from any inhabited location gave the privacy needed to complete the ritual and open a gate but also made it extremely unlikely that another host could be found in time.

With a roar of rage which shook the forest, Armakoth turned and plunged back into the woods.

* * *

Sara was a natural blond with a thick mass of shoulder length hair. Her full red lips almost always wore a sparkling smile which perfectly set off the mischievous glitter in her warm blue eyes. Above her eyes were two delicate arched eyebrows which finished her expressive face. Her body was attractive and lush. Her breasts were generous and firm, each crowned by a prominent pink nipple. Moving down the viewers encountered her slender waist and taut stomach before moving on to Sara’s curvy hips. Finishing the picture were her long and shapely legs. This combination of features, along with her cheerful personality and quick wit, had made her very popular during her freshman year. The strain of balancing her new friends and active social life with school work had made Sara ready for a break at the end of the year.

For the summer she had gotten a job with the forestry service, working in a small national park in New England. Now it was the end of the season and she and the other students were getting ready to go back to school as they shut down the Ranger camp for the winter. With the tourists gone the park was nearly deserted, only the students and their supervisor remained.

On this cool, clear night Sara had felt the need to get away from the cabin and spend some time alone, appreciating the natural beauty of the park before she left. Sara stopped suddenly. Something was wrong. She had been walking along, letting her attention wander, and had not noticed the change in her surroundings. The section of forest she stood in was much older than where she had started. Instead of lush growth and numerous tall trees, planted years ago in rows after the first cuts, these trees were ancient. Reaching up far above her head, the trees blocked all trace of the stars above. Complete silence filled the forest and she had a feeling of total isolation. Slowly walking backwards Sara turned to go back the way she hand come, before screaming louder than she had in her entire life.

She stared in terror at the creature looming above her. Armakoth’s massively muscled frame stood eight feet tall, each motion he made displayed his great power. His misshapen skull was large and angular, containing red glowing eyes with black reptilian slits. Within each eye there seemed to be a doorway to a fiery realm of chaos and corruption. Her gaze fixed on the advancing monster’s crotch where a massive erect phallus stood proudly covered with slime. The teen could see the organ pulsating with unrestrained lust as the demon examined his prey, the already giant cock pumping itself even harder. Below this thick shaft hung two large testicles filled with thick semen. Armakoth’s skin was the dark red of dried blood, stretched tightly over his thickly corded muscles and crisscrossed with thick black veins which pulsed as his foul blood flowed through them. Erupting from his abdomen and back were thick tentacles which whipped back and forth through the air. The demon’s arms and legs were thick and ended in massive clawed hands and feet.

Sara’s moment of frozen disbelief ended and she turned to flee from the impossible nightmare menacing her. Before she took one step a tentacle shot out and wrapped around the student’s neck. Sara forgot about running as she tried to free the choking tentacle from her throat, clawing desperately at the tough skin as the appendage pulled her backwards.

The demon lifted the attractive blond into the air before him, watching her struggling futilely for breath. Armakoth wanted the girl to be conscious to fully. . . appreciate this experience. Wrapping a tentacle around each of her limbs he removed the tentacle from her neck and smiled as her screams filled the night air. After enjoying her cries for a few moments, the demon reached out and wrapped a hand around Sara’s neck to quiet her.

Sara shook violently, whimpering quietly as she felt the demon’s sharp claws pressed at her jugular. She closed her eyes and waited for the monster to rip her life away in a shower of arterial blood. Instead the beast lifted his other hand and used its claws to slash away her clothing, leaving her naked in his grasp. Armakoth’s eyes burned with lust as they explored the luscious curves of her young body. Dozens of tentacles fell eagerly upon her body, exploring every inch of her soft skin.

Writhing like snakes his tentacles weaved back and forth between her legs, caressing her soft inner thighs and rubbing experimentally against her mound. Sara wept in terror as Armakoth teased her mercilessly, taking pleasure in the young student’s fear as she realized her fate. Tiring of the game Armakoth poised the straining appendages at her entrance, just touching the soft blond curls covering Sara’s pussy. Pressing the oozing tip of a tentacle against her nether lips Armakoth watched as it slowly disappeared into her body. Feeling the brief resistance of her hymen Armakoth watched Sara’s face as he tore through the membrane, savoring the pain he was inflicting on the helpless girl.

The demon rammed his tentacles into her tender sex, pumping into her with brutal thrusts as he relished the knowledge that he was the first to take her young body. Her channel was stretched wide open as three thick tentacles violated her most sacred place, filling her body to capacity. After assaulting Sara’s cunt with his tentacles for a few minutes the demon decided the girl was ready. Sara had a brief moment of hope when she felt the tentacles pull out of her abused pussy. This hope was dispelled when the tentacles holding her clamped down tight and the demon reached out to place his hands on her hips. Keeping a firm grip on the girl Armakoth maneuvered Sara to lower her nubile body onto his obscene cock and entered her with a low growl of pleasure.

Forcing the helpless girl downwards he penetrated her body until their hips touched. Pulling back until only the head of his cock was lodged in Sara, he thrust forward deep into her nubile body. Stroking rapidly into Sara the demon took her deep and hard, pumping with a bestial ferocity as he enjoyed the pleasures of a human girl for the first time in millennia.

Despite the brutality of each thrust deep into her body, pleasure began to replace the pain. Sara’s terror grew as her body began to betray her. Armakoth’s assault was awakening carnal sensations which she had never experienced. Juices began to flow between her legs as her body welcomed the rape. Undeniably sexual sensations grew until she was teetering on the edge, panting and gasping desperately, before a long, deep thrust bumped her cervix and a sudden orgasm overcame her. The blond bounced breathlessly in midair as the demon stole her virtue. Armakoth was a creature of evil and lust and the sins tainting Sara’s soul, her desires and secret feelings, responded to his assault. Before long the pleasure overwhelmed the student and she began to succumb to his will.

The demon chuckled as she shook with uninvited sexual sensation pleasure beneath him, small mews of pleasure escaping her lips. Before the young woman was aware of what was happening the agony of her rape had been replaced by a burning need in her loins. Overcome by her growing lust, Sara gave in to the pleasure being forced upon her. She arched her back and welcomed each punishing thrust into her ripe body, bucking her hips in response to the obscene intrusion. Cries of pain became moans and squeals of pleasure. The demon snarled at his now willing victim and gathered his strength. His thrusts punched through into her womb, punishing her internal organs. Her stomach bulged visibly from the intruder within as the demon brutally pounded her young body. Sara’s back arched and her pretty blue eyes rolled back in her head as the unholy pleasure intensified. Her sweaty blond hair tumbled over her face, which was flushed with ecstasy.

Picking Sara up from the ground Armakoth pinned her against a tree as he quickened his rhythmic assault on her body. Helplessly the young woman wrapped her legs around the demon’s waist, struggling to force him deeper into her canal. A sticky flow of juices joined the red trickle from Sara’s broken maidenhood running down her thighs as he fucked her faster and faster. Her increasingly louder moans and cries of joy were joined were joined by low pleasured growls from Armakoth’s fanged maw. One of Armakoth’s phallic tentacles hovered in front of her face. Leaning forward Sara began to suck hungrily on the member, savoring the creamy pre-cum oozing from it.

The demon’s animal grunting grew louder, blending with Sara’s own pleasured noises to fill the empty forest. With a shout of triumph Armakoth let loose a torrent of boiling into the girl’s ripe belly, pouring gallons of the vile fluid into her womb in thick gobs. This was too much for Sara and she screamed in pure ecstasy as an unimaginable orgasm struck her.

Suddenly a massive bulge traveled down the length of the demon’s penis to the entrance to her wet slit. It slammed against her pelvis and shattered it with a hideous crunch as another orgasm rocked the blond girl’s sweaty body. Her stomach bulged out like a pregnant woman’s as the demon’s seed took residence within Sara’s body. Armakoth pulled his cock out of Sara and carelessly dropped the girl to the dirty ground, standing back to watch the spectacle with a wide, vicious grin.

For a moment the blond girl laid limply on the ground before her full belly began to writhe like it was filled with snakes. Slowly sharp barbs traveled out from the seed filling her womb. Sara convulsed as they thrust through the walls of her womb and into her body, winding their way around and through her organs, taking it for themselves. Another squeal of pleasure came from her mouth as the thin tentacles reached and moved up her spine, burrowing through her flesh and entwining themselves with her nerves. Other tendrils pierced the walls of her rapidly beating heart and sprang open to discharge black demon blood, which mixed with the girl’s own and was pumped to every corner of her body as it soaked into her tissues. Sara could feel the demonic flesh merging with her own. Baring her teeth she let out a sound between a shriek of pain and a cry of ecstasy as the exquisite mixture of pleasure and agony wracked her body. Gradually the pain lessened as the demonic flesh finished taking over Sarah’s body.

Sara slowly sat up. Her entire body tingled inside and out as it worked to repair the damage inflicted during the rape and the bonding. As her pelvis knitted itself back together the girl staggered unsteadily to her feet.

Armakoth stepped forward, towering over the swaying girl. “What are you girl?”

Sara found herself breathing more quickly as she responded to the demon’s proximity, feeling a void within her which could only be filled by his flesh. “I am your slave master.” She looked upwards at Armakoth with adoration, “I exist only to serve and please you master. My soul is yours, I will serve you forever.”

“My flesh is one with yours, my blood flows in your veins.” Armakoth’s voice grew angry. “I have to leave this realm before I expend all the energy which brought me here. You will go forward and be my instrument in this dimension. Through you my flesh, my corruption, will spread to others until the way is prepared for my return. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.” Sara shuddered with a rush of anticipation as she thought of introducing other girls to her master’s attentions.

“Now, it will take time for the portion of my substance I planted within you to grow and mature to the point of spreading itself. Until that then I have a gift for you.” Armakoth looked intently at the forest floor. Without warning he crouched and drove a massive fist into the ground. Pulling it free, the demon opened his hand to reveal the wriggling form of a fat earthworm. Sara looked on quizzically as brought his hand up and drew in a deep breath. Blowing out over his palm he exhaled a cloud of darkness over the worm. Watching with growing interest the teen saw the black mass flow into the worm. For a brief moment the worm flopped around in Armakoth’s palm as if nothing had happened. Then it stiffened and began to distort, growing larger and thicker, changing from a glistening pink to dark black with a rough slimy texture.

“This is a Soul Worm. I have infused it with my essence. It has the power to consume a mortal soul and keep the body alive. This will allow you to create a servant to help you prepare for my return.” Armakoth stepped forward. “Open your legs!” After Sara complied Armakoth roughly forced the pulsating worm into her sore cunt. Sarah shuddered as she experienced the eerie sensation of the creature crawling upwards into her womb, her legs shaking slightly until it settled in her young uterus.

“Now go, slave. Serve me well and you will experience pleasure for the rest of time. Fail me and your soul will suffer in endless torment.” The demon smiled widely as he looked at the enslaved girl. As she obediently turned and left along the path Armakoth looked around the forest, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled a great breath. I will return and take this world for my own. Turning inward the demon unraveled the spells holding him in this alien dimension and his body collapsed to the forest floor as Armakoth’s intelligence fled back to his home realm. As the protecting magicks collapsed the demonic body began to smoke and dissolve as nature attacked the abhorrent flesh. Soon no trace of the body remained.

Sara quivered with barely suppressed glee as she jogged along the path, back toward the ranger camp, reveling in the feeling of the cool night air on her naked skin and the new found strength filling her corrupted body. She wore a dreamy smile as she thought of all the future would bring.