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Chapter 18

I sat in my usual spot, laptop open to Julie’s stream page. As of yet, nothing was playing. The stream was offline. But, any moment, my daughter would go live.

Audrey sat on Julie’s bed, legs crossed and back straight. Her huge fake tits bulged out like balloons, straining the fabric of the plain jumper she was wearing. Her bow lips were curled into a confident smile, her round eyes watching Julie closely.

My daughter was setting up the camera, checking and double-checking the mood lighting. Her face was a mask of professionalism as she typed on her keyboard, moved her mouse and clicked it.

When everything was finally ready, she pushed away from the keyboard and mouse, went to sit down next to Audrey.

They were an odd pair, to be sure.

One was natural-born perfection, the other a walking barbie doll.

Both were beautiful; Julie in a down-to-earth, girl next door kind of way. She was pretty, amazingly cute. The kind of girl that looked great even without makeup, who only wore that stuff to enhance her natural beauty.

And Audrey? Well, she looked like a pornstar. An attractive one, certainly. But fake and enhanced and over-the-top all the same. Her beauty, once almost as cute and innocent as Julie, now required a generous layer of makeup—dark lipstick and deep eyeliner, shadows painted around her eyes and fake blush layering her cheeks. Her tits, while of a similar size to Julie’s massive jugs, were totally round—firm and high, utterly defying gravity.

They’d both donned similar outfits for the stream—jumpers and skirts—but those clothes, despite their similarities, had such contrasting effects on the two of them. Looking at Julie, all a guy would be able to see was a cute girl in an outfit that was a little too tight for her. A pretty—albeit very busty—girl. But with Audrey, all a man would be able to think was how wrong that jumper looked on her; how ill-fitting such a modest top was on a woman who was so blatantly a slut.

These were two girls who, at a glance, couldn’t have seemed any more different.

Yet here they were. Sitting next to each other.

Truth be told, I had no idea how this stream was going to go. The reins were out of my hands on this one. Audrey was in control, and I was—like so many countless other guys—just along for the ride.

Oddly enough, I didn’t mind that.

Waiting for them to arrive here earlier, counting down the minutes while pacing and thinking, had been unpleasant to say the least. Yet, here I was, in a similar situation of powerlessness, and I didn’t care anywhere near as much. If anything, I sat there smiling in anticipation.

Julie’s first lesbian experience.

I leaned back in my chair, placed my hands behind my head and put my feet up—more than ready to see what the pornstar had in store for my beautiful Julie.

“So,” Julie said, turning to Audrey, “why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Audrey nodded her head, smiling a wide, white-toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said to the camera, giving it a little wave. “I’m Lulu Lee, and I’m a professional adult actress! Some of you will probably know me from some of the videos and movies I’ve done, things like ‘Bitches Like Big Cock’, ‘Gold-Diggers Gone Wild Volume Twenty-Two’, and ‘Lulu Lee’s Cave of Wonders’, among many others. Julie here asked me to join her stream for this special occasion!”

“That’s right!” Julie grinned. “I promised you guys that I’d do it soon, and here it is. My first ever girl-on-girl experience!”

I didn’t need to look at the stream’s chat to know what they all must be typing. A bunch of horny guys being offered not one, but two naughty girls to watch? Being a part of Julie’s first ever lesbian activities? It was Christmas come early for my daughter’s audience.

My eyes were on Julie herself. Watching her intently.

Despite her smiles for the camera, the confidence and eagerness in her voice, I could see her pink cheeks and wide eyes. She could hide her uncertainty from them, but she couldn’t hide it from me.

“Well then,” Julie began to say, “I guess we should start with—”

“A kiss!” Audrey interrupted, a twinkle in her eyes.

Open-mouthed, Julie slowly nodded her head.

The two moved in unison, positioned themselves in front of each other on the bed—still cross-legged, only now face to face.

My daughter’s chest rose and fell as she stared at Audrey’s lips. Her eyes were unreadable, even to me. Though, knowing her as intimately as I did, I could guess at the thoughts racing through her mind. The awkward uncertainty of a girl who had no idea what she was supposed to do, the shyness of a girl expected to perform and perform well in front of thousands despite the fact that it would be her first time doing so, the determination of a girl who was driven to succeed at all costs, the heat and warmth of a slut who wanted nothing more than to make all the horny men watching her happy.

Gazing at her like I was, I was struck again by just how beautiful my daughter truly was.

It was easy to forget sometimes. You live with an angel long enough and you get used to her radiance, begin overlooking and forgetting it. Sure, I was aware whenever I saw her that she was pretty and beautiful. How could I not be? Yet, as I stared at her there and then, it was like I was opening the door to her all over again.

A beautiful auburn-haired girl with shining hazel eyes. Naturally rosy cheeks and full, kiss-luring lips. An angel in the flesh, Aphrodite made real. Perfection personified.

I could barely comprehend just how attractive the girl was, let alone hope to describe it.

She was the type of beautiful that when she smiled, it made you smile. That when she cried, it shattered your heart into a thousand pieces and made you want to do whatever it took to make her happy again. She was innocence fused with naughtiness, purity melded with lust.

Her face was amazing, and her body more than matched it.

Massive natural breasts. A slender waist and lean limbs; earned through our daily runs. An ass so firm that I could grope and squeeze it for hours and never get bored.

There was no-one else in the world like Julie. No other girl could ever compare.

And she was mine.

I watched, eyes never moving from my daughter’s face and body, as Audrey leaned forward, placed a slender hand on Julie’s chin and pulled her in.

Their lips touched, parted, mingled.

They kissed like lovers, slow and sweet and gentle. Audrey’s free hand slid down Julie’s side, her other remaining on my daughter’s chin. Julie’s hands remained motionless at first, not knowing where to go or what to do. But, as Audrey’s lips lingered on hers, the bold, fan-pleasing part of Julie stirred. Her arms moved, hands wrapping around Audrey’s slender neck and pulling her into a hotter, deeper embrace.

The sound of bell-chimes filled the room.

It wasn’t long before the girls were openly fondling each other, caressing the other’s body while moaning and panting softly into their partner’s mouth.

I had to shift in my seat, reposition my laptop to accommodate the growing bulge.

“I think,” I heard Audrey whisper softly, lips less than an inch away from Julie’s, “it’s about time for these clothes to come off, don’t you?”

Red-faced, Julie smiled, nodded her head.

She moved away from Audrey, glanced at the camera, blushed a little brighter. With a single nod of her head, a single moment to build up her confidence and stoke the embers of her arousal, Julie reached for the lowest parts of her jumper, gripped the fabric and lifted it up and over her head.

Underneath, she wore a black bikini top.

Her tits bounced happily as Julie tossed her jumper aside, quickly moved to strip off her jeans. Sitting within arm’s reach, Audrey did the same—revealing her own white bikini top and bottoms.

The pornstar’s eyes roamed up and down Julie’s body appreciatively.

“I can see why you have so many fans,” Audrey said, lips curled into a slutty smile. “If I had a cock, I’d want to pound you with it too.”

Julie blushed, opened her mouth to say something but was cut off by a theatrical gasp from Audrey.

“Ah!” Audrey said, rising her hand to her mouth in fake shock. “Wait a minute. I do have a cock!”

Grinning, the pornstar leaned over the edge of the bed, her upper body disappearing from the camera’s frame as she reached into the bag of goodies she and Julie had bought earlier in the day.

When she s sat back up again, she was holding a giant dildo.

The kind of dildo that no man could hope to match in length or girth. As long as my forearm and as wide as it too. Getting penetrated by that thing would be less like taking a cock and more like being straight-up fisted.

My eyes weren’t the only ones to go wide upon seeing Audrey’s monster.

“What do you think?” Audrey laughed, waving the toy in front of Julie’s face. “Think you can handle my cock?”

“N- no!” Julie spluttered. “That’s way too big! It’d break me!”

My eyes narrowed.

Julie was acting. Convincingly so, sure. But I knew my daughter’s voice, and I knew when she was lying. When she was pretending.

“Oh?” Audrey smiled. “That’s too bad. Guess I’ll have to find a different cock to fuck you with, huh?”

“Yes please,” Julie sighed dramatically, eyes flicking momentarily to her camera.

“Be a good girl,” Audrey said as, with a wide grin on her face, she climbed off the bed and searched through her bag once again, “and suck me off while I get you one.”

It was when Julie turned to face the camera, holding the stupidly huge dildo, that I worked it out. The acting and the situation, the way Audrey had gotten off the bed—removed herself from the camera’s frame entirely.

They’d planned this beforehand. Our during their shopping trip, most likely. They’d set this up.

How interesting.

To what end? This stream was just meant to be two girls having fun together. Why the massive dildo? Why had Audrey removed herself from the camera? Why was she currently hunched over her bag of goodies? With her back to me, I couldn’t see whatever it was she was pulling out from it.

“This,” Julie breathed, dragging my attention back to her. “Is the biggest cock I’ve ever tried playing with before.”

She stared down at the bulbous head of the dildo.

“If any of you guys have a cock like this,” she said, eyes flicking to her camera and flashing her audience a grin, “let e know. I’d love to see it.”

Then she opened her mouth wide, hovered above the toy as a string of saliva poured out of her open lips. It pooled on the toy’s head, slid down the dildo’s length in tiny streams.

Julie shut her mouth, smiled at the camera, lowered her lips to the toy.

I imagine she’d intended to take as much of it in her mouth and throat as she could in one go; show off that slutty, naughty side of herself to her fans. That, I fully believed, had been her plan.

A plan which failed miserably when her lips couldn’t open wide enough to accommodate the dildo’s girth.

She struggled for a few moments, cheeks red, to take more than just the tip of the dildo into her mouth. She gripped onto the toy with both hands—one alone was not enough to encircle the monster. And she fought, in vain, to slide the dildo into her mouth.

In the end, all she could do was suck on and lick the tip as she hugged the toy tightly to her bikini-clad chest.

“There!” Audrey’s voice cut the air. “Finally!”

I glanced over at her, saw the opened boxes and discarded packets. The things that, a few moments ago, had contained the two toys Audrey now held in her hands.

She was still out of the camera frame, still in her white bikini. Her eyes on Julie, a toy in each hand.

The toys were identical. Matching double-ended dildos that, thankfully, were a lot more reasonable in size than the dildo currently sandwiched between Julie’s tits. The double-ended dildos weren’t particularly huge, but the fact that there were two of them piqued my interest.

“Lay down,” Audrey said, climbing onto the bed once again. “We need to lubricate these before we get to the fun stuff.”

Julie nodded her head, pushed the monster dildo aside and laid herself down on her bed. A moment later, Audrey was on top of her, crotch to Julie’s face as she stared down at Julie’s damp thighs. She handed Julie one of the double-ended dildos.

“Make sure to lubricate both ends,” the pornstar purred, leaning down and peeling the crotch of Julie’s bikini bottoms aside. “If you need more lubricant, well...”

Audrey’s face disappeared between Julie’s legs—her hair blocking sight of what she was doing.

Julie moaned, legs twitching.

She looked at the double-ended dildo she had in her right hand, turned her gaze to the crotch hovering inches above her face, gulped.

And, knowing it was what her audience wanted to see, motivated by all the hypnotic suggestions and programming I’d given her, she tilted her head up, tongue out.

A single chaste lick over the fabric of Audrey’s white bikini.

Then a second lick, more enthusiastic this time.

The third one lingered, tongue moving up and down the stretch of cloth.

“You’re gonna need to do a lot more than that,” Audrey giggled, “if you want to lubricate your toy.”

Julie paused, nodded her head even though Audrey couldn’t see her. She reached up with her free hand, peeled aside Audrey’s bikini bottom just as Audrey had done with hers. And, simple as that, she had a naked pussy hovering inches from her mouth.

Her hand glided around Audrey’s thigh, came to rest on the pornstar’s ass.

And, determination in her eyes, Julie pulled Audrey’s cunt down to her open mouth and outstretched tongue.

Moans filled the room. The two of them holding nothing back as they ate the other out. I might not have been able to see exactly what Audrey was doing, what with her hair being in the way, but from the gasps and moans Julie gave, I knew the pornstar must be putting in a lot of effort.

When hips started swaying, heat filling the room, the moans only got louder and deeper.

Julie’s voice took on a higher pitch as her orgasm approached. But, as she sped up her tongue-fucking, hips thrusting hard against Audrey’s face, the pornstar pulled away.

Julie whined her disappointment—her need to climax taking over all other thoughts. But that complaining whine was cut off when Audrey slid the double-ended dildo she held between Julie’s legs.

Julie gasped as the toy penetrated her, moaned as Audrey withdrew the double-ended dildo just as quickly.

The pornstar rubbed the length of the toy against Julie’s mound, lubricating it as much as she could before she slid the other end inside Julie.

“You’d better do the same,” Audrey laughed as she pumped the toy in and out of Julie’s drenched hole. “Lube it up as much as you can now, or you’ll regret it later.”

Julie nodded her head, though she didn’t move the toy in her right hand. If anything, she pulled away from Audrey’s crotch altogether. Julie’s hips swayed as Audrey fucked her with the dildo, eyes hazy with heat and arousal, mouth open as she moaned and gasped her way to a toe-curling orgasm.

She lay panting for a minute, limp, as Audrey continued to lubricate her toy. Then, finally, she remembered where she was—what she was supposed to be doing.

Julie moved her right hand, toy held tight in it, and guided it to the pornstar’s snatch.

“There’s one,” Audrey gasped, sliding one of the double-ended dildos into herself.

She was laying on her back, two pillows under her ass to push it up in the air. Her fake, gravity defying tits were coated in sweat, her collarbone and neck covered in a different bodily fluid entirely. She reached between her legs again, guiding the second well-lubricated toy to her other hole.

Groaning as the dildo spread open her asshole, Audrey flopped back onto the bed, two fake dicks sicking out of her.

“Alright,” she breathed after a moment. “Are you ready?”

Julie, who was sitting by Audrey’s feet, nodded her head.

“Yes,” she whispered, eyes on the two fake dicks—one in Audrey’s cunt, the other in her asshole. “I’m ready.”

“Good,” Audrey grinned, wiggling the lower half of her body. The toys inside her swayed. “Lets do it then. Don’t want to keep your fans waiting, do you?”

Julie shook her head quickly, twisted her body so that she was on hands and knees, began backing up between Audrey’s legs until one of the toys brushed her butt-cheek.

She froze, blushed, crawled backwards a little further.

“I hope,” Julie whispered, reaching around and grasping the toy that was half-buried inside Audrey’s cunt, “you enjoy this.”

I couldn’t tell if she was talking to Audrey, her fans, or to me. But I didn’t have time to ponder it.

Julie lined up the toy with her asshole, backed herself up onto it while Audrey moaned. Julie winced, shuddered, gasped as the toy penetrated her. She froze in place for a moment, took a second to catch her breath before reached back for the other fake cock and guiding it towards her leaking pussy.