The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Inside Area 51

MM, Gr, Sci-fi

Jaay Saahson is delighted when he is sent to the Area 51 base.... what young Satyr can resist the opportunity of making out with a small army of unsuspecting humans.

This story is a sequel to “Beyond Area 51”, with a nod of respect for the FF story “Fruition”. Contains Satyr, Dryad and Piskie sex; gerbils were harmed during the writing of this tale.

Chapter 1 Jaay’s Journey

Deep in an unnaturally lush plateau at the heart of the Area 51 firing range...

I awoke surrounded by warm bodies, a flaccid cock still tickling my arse. As usual the orgy had continued until sleep had overcome us.

Something important was about to happen, I sensed it. Careful not to awaken my numerous lovers I picked my way out onto the soft grass, luxuriating in the soft texture as it squidged between my cloven hooves.

Two stern faced sentinels waited for me. They were magnificent, the very fittest, most handsome of satyr warriors, muscular without looking pumped up.

I thought to myself, when I am a couple of centuries older it would be a fine thing to be a warrior like them. I made my penis go erect to show that I appreciated them.

“The Shaman wants to speak with you Jaay Saah’s son” said the one on the right.

I nodded and followed them to where the Shaman sat in his sacred grove. The dryad, the one that I had known when she was a human, stood tied to one of the trees. She alternated between fury at her captivity and attempts to seduce any male within sight. Her mate, a male dryad that resembled a mass of flowers and vines, lurked nervously at the tree line.

“I have a task for you young Jaay, one that puts you at great risk. Should the humans catch you it would cost your life” said the Shaman

“Why me? I am only two weeks old, surely one of our sentinels would be better suited” I replied

“It is your youth that makes you so suitable Jaay, you still remember being a human, you can still pass as one of them for a short time.”

I ran a finger along my tiny horns and looked pointedly at my sandy furred legs and hooves “You think?”

“catch” he said throwing me a ring which I caught one handed.

I held the ring up the light, there were runes carved into its inner face. I went to put it on my finger.

The Shaman grinned “Not there...hold it to your nipple.”

I did as I was told and found that the cold gold had painlessly made its own hole. I felt a chill go through me and I looked down. I gasped in dismay, my cock had shrunk to a half its normal size and my legs appeared completely, horribly human.

“Hey!” I complained

“The humans think they know exactly how many Satyrs exist on the plateau, I am told that this bracelet we are forced to wear allows them to know our exact movements. As long as we do not seek to leave they are content to study us and do us no harm.

They have miscalculated, because your previous self came to us without their knowledge they never tagged you. Amongst the Satyr, you are unique, you can go where you please without alarming them.

I want you to find your way into the human’s fortress called Area 51 and persuade them to relax and be our friends...our close personal friends” explained The Shaman

Slowly a broad grin formed on my face...after all, what Satyr can resist the promise of gratuitous sex with a small army.

* * *

The Shaman had given me the Dryad, saying that she might prove useful...and the Dryad had brought her mate, safe from harm in her vaginal pouch. After three days of hard walking across the sun baked desolation we reached the human’s road. I was uneasy about the trail we had left, Unfortunately the desert had bloomed wherever the Dryad’s body had touched it...a green swath led back into the mountains should anyone care to look. Even the black road stuff was not a barrier, small saplings punching through where she had trodden.

I sniffed the air, a vehicle was approaching, a few minutes later I could hear it. I thought about it for a while trying to match it’s type with the blurry memories I had of my life as Jay Stewart, the human trail guide. Finally I had it. It was a Hummer, a thing for carrying between one and eight warriors.

“Hey Dryad, see that thing, its got humans in it” I said in warning, expecting her to hide.

“oooh!” exclaimed the Dryad

Pointing at the black stuff she caused a tree to grow blocking the oncoming hummer thing’s path...This was not what I had had in mind. The hummer thing screeched to a halt and four humans piled out, weapons ready. All were in peak physical condition and in a selection of skin tones.

I flattened myself against the dusty ground hoping not to be seen. I need not have worried, their entire attention was focused on the Dryad who was closing in on her prey, her sweet pollen odour heavy on the air.

“Its one of those aliens!” exclaimed the younger coffee coloured one “should I call this in?...sarge? uh, Sarge ? <Achoo!>

“wow, look at the tits on her” said one of his companions taking a step forward.

“lets Par-tay!” said a second.

“fucking A!” said the third, his weapon dragging in the dirt as he also walked toward the Dryad. “Something’s <achoo!> not right, stop!” exclaimed the first

I sniffed the air, my suspicions confirmed, the one who had spoken first was a virgin and as such, less susceptible to the dryad’s pollen enhanced charms. We Satyrs can smell a virgin at 50 paces, we like virgins.

Pulling out my paan pipes I began playing a basic distraction, nothing complicated yet, just beyond a human’s hearing range, it would keep him from doing anything new or unexpected.

It was all too easy, the three that the Dryad had attracted were busy, one sucking on each of her breasts, the third, head buried between her muscular thighs. Left alone they would die of starvation before they thought of doing anything else. That’s why Dryads are so dangerous, their primary need is a nutrient rich soil for their treelike mates... not human or Satyr lovers.

Feeling safe, I got up and went to inspect the remaining one, careful to keep playing the distraction tune.

He was about 21 years old, with a short cut stubble of hair, his face smooth. A quick hands on inspection revealed a nice six-pack, small hard nipples and...for a human.. an impressively proportioned uncut cock. I wondered how the poor boy had managed to still have his virginity he looked extremely fuckable to me.

I forced myself to stop stroking him and remember my mission, my Satyr instincts were screaming fuck him now! And that wouldn’t do at all, I was sure the human’s sentinels would be alert to odd things like a trooper with horns.

Playing the pipes I switched to a command harmonic and let my voice slip in between the notes.

“What is your name?”

“Tirado, Jose”

“I am Lieutenant Stewart, I have been with you since you set out on this secret mission. When I tell you to “remember your orders” you will obey me without question, is that understood?”

“Sir, Yes Sir”

Satisfied, I stopped playing.

Jose blinked and then went for his weapon. I had forgotten that he had not seen me approach...or that I was naked.

“Remember your orders!” I said quickly “Stand to attention”

Jose returned to the stiff military pose. “Of course!” I said to myself, mentally slapping myself, I needed to adjust my disguise, these humans wore clothes so I must appear to also.

Grabbing my nipple ring, I briefly dispelled the illusion and reformed it..this time wearing a duplicate of Jose’s uniform.

“Remember your orders. Get the others into the vehicle, you have captured a dryad and must return it to the base, you will drive.” I instructed

“Sir, Yes Sir!”

Chapter 2: Tirado’s Tail

It all started whilst I was on patrol with Pansini, Tegtmeier, White and that new lieutenant who had come along for the ride.

One minute we were hammering along the desert road, the next there was a fucking tree in the middle of the road, and an alien babe stood right there next to it, with the biggest pair of tits.

We got out of the HMV, there was some wierd music playing, filling my mind, hard to concentrate.

Suddenly the music stopped and it was like everything had changed place; Pansini, Tegtmeier, White were no longer stood next to me, I could see them over by the Alien. Lieutenant Stewart was nowhere to be seen and a naked, blonde haired guy had appeared close in front of me. Alarmed, I grabbed for my assault rifle only to hear Lieutenant Stewart’s reassuring voice.

For an instant the naked guy flickered out to be replaced by a cloven hoofed alien...but I must have been mistaken because it was really Lt Stewart stood there.

“Get the others into the vehicle, you have captured a dryad and must return it to the base, you will drive.” ordered Lt Stewart.

I nodded and got back into the HMMWV, the others followed. At first I was concerned that the others seemed a little distracted, but the lieutenant pointed out that they were guarding the busty alien so everything was ok. Thinking about it, they never actually took their eyes off her tits.

Lt Stewart ordered me to slow up as we approached the main gate.

“Remember your orders, tell me about how the gate is guarded.” Ordered the Lieutenant

“Four guards at the gate, a surveillance camera and a platoon on standby.” I replied, feeling oddly light headed

“You will do the talking at the gate, You will tell the guards things and they will believe them. You will invent a reason that I am to stay at the guardhouse and tell them to ignore my presence. You will then reveal the presence of the captured Dryad.” he instructed

“Sir, Yes Sir. Do you have an security access card Sir?” I asked

“No, what does one of those do?”

“Sir, it allows you to open the doors, and identifies you Sir.”

“The Dryad’s capture will cause much excitement, as soon as you are able you will return to the gatehouse and collect me, you will be my access card” he ordered

I pulled up at the gate, recognizing fellow members of my company as they surrounded the vehicle

“Hey Brad” I said

“Hey yoursel’ Jose, you know the drill lets see some ID”

In the background that odd music started playing.

“You don’t need to see our Identification”

Brad swayed on his feet for a moment and then announced “We don’t need to see their identification”

“The Lieutenant will stay here for a while to monitor the situation, you are to act as if he wasn’t there.” I explained

Brad blinked and looked puzzled for a moment. “could have sworn you had an officer with you Jose, heat must be getting to me”

Lt Stewart quietly slipped out the passenger side door and began making his way to the guardhouse.

“Forget about the officer, we caught us a Alien bitch” I said proudly

Brad looked shocked and rushed back to the guardhouse, bumping past Lt Stewart as if he’d not seen him in the guardhouse doorway. The music stopped abruptly.

Within five minutes the base was on high alert and a group of scientists in biohazard suits had arrived to take the unconscious alien babe away. The rest of us were required to go through decontamination and debriefing which took a good hour. By the end I was getting worried, I needed to be at the gatehouse.

Finally I was released, the others were kept under observation, something about their DNA was causing excitement.

I rushed back to the Gatehouse so that I could be the lieutenant’s access card. When I entered the room I was shocked to see that Brad and Carl had their cocks out having a wank.

“Oooo, unprofessional guys” I exclaimed

“I bet your cock looks great when its hard” replied Brad, continuing to beat the meat.

“Remember your orders. These guards are not your concern. You will take me to the barracks.” said the Lieutenant.

I shrugged. Don’t ask, don’t tell, it wasn’t any of my business if Brad wanted to cum all over the security desk, I made a note to give the desk a wipe of disinfectant next time I was on gate duty. As we headed back, I noticed that the two guards outside on the dusty road were also tenting their pants, thinking about the alien girl I guessed.

The barracks was a typical open plan room with beds for a platoon of 40 troops, grey walls, a gun rack, regulation sized beds (sheets neatly folded) with a fire exit and shower room at the far end.

As with any army word of our encounter had already reached the rest of the company and pretty much anyone not on duty had turned up to hear how we’d captured a naked green skinned woman.

I started to tell them how a tree had suddenly grown up out of the tarmac and then faltered ..I realized I didn’t actually remember the capture. In fact, thinking about it, she’d just gotten in the back without us doing any capturing at all!

I was about to warn the others when the music started, I’d heard that tune before, but couldn’t recall where.

We all turned to look, It was Lieutenant Stewart, He had removed his clothes and was sat cross- legged on one of the beds, playing a set of panpipes.

“Remember your orders Tirado, secure the room.” Somehow he was able to give orders and play the pipes at the same time, I hadn’t realized he could do that, neat trick.

I turned around and flipped the lock, just to be certain I also grabbed a bed and hauled it across in front of the doorway, nobody made a move to stop me.

“This is a surprise medical inspection, you will all remove your clothes and stand by your beds. Those of you without beds in this room will stand at parade rest with your clothes folded neatly in front of you. Once you are in position you will remain motionless until relieved.” instructed the Lieutenant.

Instantly we leapt to obey, after a few hasty moments we were all in position, surprise inspections were a fact of life as were medical inspections...a surprise medical inspection seemed plausible.

The lieutenant walked down the line inspecting each man in turn, he seemed most interested in their physique, muscle tone and genitals, as he passed each one he seemed to sniff as if savoring a fine perfume.

When it came to my turn he didn’t bother inspecting, just indicated that I take a step forward.

“You boys are going to enjoy this almost as much as I will.” said the naked officer before turning to me

“I want you to take this ring and hold it to your nipple”

The metal was cold and... then hot as it made its own hole. It tingled and then I couldn’t feel it at all. It was there but I couldn’t feel it.

“Tirado, Remember your orders, its time for you to suck my cock.”

“Sir, Yes Sir” I replied dropping to my knees and opening my mouth.

It was not something I wanted to do, I might be a virgin but I was no shirtlifter, but this is the army and orders are orders..aren’t they?

His cock tasted strange. I don’t know what a cock is supposed to taste like, but there was a definite taste of wine, like he’d dipped it in a bottle of Chardonnay. His cock was longer than I had expected touching the back of my throat making me gag as he thrust in and out.

He shot a load, a powerful blast of cum that couldn’t all get down my throat, back blasting into my mouth, dribbling from my lips. He pulled out and paused waiting.

Tentatively I ran my tongue around the inside of my mouth, tasting. It tasted fucking excellent!

I licked my lips and used my hand to wipe up the dribbles, licking the strands from my fingers.

I was getting hot, I don’t know how to describe it but to say my awareness of my own cock was increasing, I knew its exact position, how many pubic hairs touched it, how ready I was and precisely how much activity would make me cum..fuck did I need to cum. The Lieutenant...there was something odd about him I realized. I sniffed the air and found that he smelled different to the others, more male, more desirable.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the troops stood at parade rest were wide eyed with surprise or disgust etched on their faces.

All the while I was getting hornier and hornier, it was getting so that all I could think of was sex...not just regular sex, sex with guys, sex with horses, gerbil sex?!

The Lieutenant caressed my cheek, for some reason I couldn’t fathom I moved to lick his fingers.

“You have to ask for it, of your own free will.” he said

“Fuck me!” the words were out before I had even given it an instant of thought.

“There are consequences”

“!” I said loud, slow and insistent like I was talking to a dim witted foreigner.

“I thought you might want to” smiled the Lieutenant

He took me by the shoulders and gently turned me around, a tap of his foot against mine indicating I should spread my legs wide.

He slid into me, and then further in, god that felt good, filling a space that I had not realized needed filling, a space I found I wanted filled as regularly as possible. His pre-cum gushed into me lubricating turning the rough thrusts into the smooth action of a piston in its chamber.

Just when it couldn’t get any better his cock seemed to double in length reaching far into me before sending a shot of cum deep, deep into me.

I clenched my arse determined to keep that warm fluid from dribbling out.

My cock felt like it was going to explode, I looked down, it was swollen! Bigger, longer than it had always been...I put my hand around it ready to begin wanking. But the slightest touch was all that was needed to send me over the cock seemed to telescope outwards the ring of foreskin now fully four inches behind the redesigned cockhead..and then I came.

The world went odd for a moment, my legs itched and felt back to front, I wavered trying to adjust my balance, staggering on my cloven hooves..and then I was back to normal, except for one important thing, Lieutenant was now “us” and the troopers were “them”.

“wow” I said “That was awesome Lieutenant”

“Call me Jaay, what’s your name young one?” replied the Lieutenant

I thought for a moment, I had been about to say “Jose Tirado” but that wasn’t true anymore. I was Tir, my name was Tir! It was like a revelation.

“I am Tir” I said...and after a moment’s thought added “can I fuck the others now?”

“Go for it”

Chapter 3: Jaay: Takeover Plan

I couldn’t believe my luck, a virgin in the group, and over 40 of the human warriors within range of my pipes.

Mischievously I decided not to tell Tir, that he was now a Satyr, his true appearance masked by one of the shaman’s rings. One thing I did notice, the rings had difficulty masking hair colour he had inherited my white gold hair. He hadn’t noticed and as far as he knew he was just an incredibly horny gayboy with an inexplicable urge to do whatever I said. Having an extra satyr on hand was going to speed things up, all we needed to do was give these boys a small taste of satyr sex, not enough to change them, just enough to adjust their loyalties and then we could move out into the rest of the base.

We went through them pretty fast, I was deliberately cuming quickly, my young stud was still in his first frenzy of lust and cared nothing for making it last.

As we finished each one, he would curl up on his bed, wanking like mad, eyes closed as he got used to his new need for mansex. The only problem we had was with the last one. The effects of the pipes must have begun to wear off or perhaps he was extremely homophobic. He broke out of his parade rest stance and made to dive for a weapons rack.

I had no choice but to use the Paan Pipe’s other weapon, the blowpipe disguised as one of the playing tubes, and a dart tipped with piskie dust.

The man froze in position as the piskie dust began to take effect.

“ he ok?” asked Tir nervously

A few seconds later the soldier disintegrated, exploding outward into a swarm of butterfly winged piskies, each one a 2″ tall version of the soldier. They fluttered around for a moment and then began to pair up, fucking each other. After a while the swarm returned to a roughly humanoid shaped cloud as the ex- soldier became acclimatized to having 1000 small semi-intelligent bodies rather than one big body.

“Yes, he’ll be fine once his stops fucking himselves.” I replied turning to inspect my horde of gayboys

“ok troops, happy hour is over get back into your clothing stuff... I know you want to keep on wanking, but we mustn’t let your friends suspect anything, and I’m sure you all want them to discover how good it feels to be fucked.

“who was your leader... Your (whats the word?)..commander.”

“Sir, Master Sergeant Jameson, Sir!” replied Tir indicating a powerfully built black man who was trying to get into his clothing stuff whilst using his other hand on his cock.

“Jameson, I want to see a map of this place with the guard posts marked on it, I want to see where they have the dryad held, where the female barracks are and when the shift change is due. Also I want you to think up a plan for taking over base security.” I instructed

The master sergeant reluctantly let go of his cock and began drawing up plans.

It’s really quite handy having people to do the hard work. I lay back on one of the beds, hands behind my head, whilst my gayboys gathered the information. After about 15 minutes another human entered the barracks and 5 minutes later a second, both were quickly grabbed and held by the gayboys while Tir introduced them to new delights.

Finally Jameson presented me with his plan...which seemed to involve far too much killing, and almost no fucking at all...Humans!, they have no idea how to organize an invasion!

Scratching the spot wear my horns should have been I set about adding some entertainment and reducing the body count.

Chapter 4 I/we: The Plural Perspective

Whatever had been holding me in place seemed to be weakening. I didn’t like the way the guys were reacting after getting fucked, it seemed obvious to me that this Lieutenant Stewart was a disguised alien, figured my only chance of breaking this up was to kill the alien.

Finally the last of the restraining force had dissipated, I dived for the weapons locker just before Tirado reached me. I nearly made it and then something stung me in the calf, a numbness spreading upward faster than I could react...there was a moment of darkness, and then I was free.

My perspective had changed, everything seemed bigger, or I was smaller, much smaller. There was a naked guy in front of me, wearing my face with a pair of colorful wings beating fast against his back. I never saw me coming, I dived down, pinning me and shoving my cock deep into my arse.

Our/my mind got bigger, I/we had two bodies now one penetrated the other thrusting deep. Another of me fluttered close, I/we realized that if I/we fucked him I/we would get smarter, I/we swept in, I grabbed my head forcing my cock between my surprised lips whilst I/we took me up my arse...and then I/we had three bodies. I/we took two more of me, easy fucks with hardly any awareness before being incorporated into my/our mind. As my/our mind got bigger I/we began to understand our environment, we were surrounded in a loose cloud of me fluttering on colorful wings, I/we could fuck the lot and be very smart I/we concluded. The next me I/we fucked was a surprise, I was part of an I/other and when I/we fucked me, I/we became twice as smart as usual.

I/we decided to watch out for pairs and threes of I/others to swoop down upon. Suddenly I was grabbed, lips fastening to my nipples, my cock and a fourth me slipping expertly up our my/our arse. I wriggled excitedly, an I/other had thought I was alone and I/they were now a part of me/us.

The I/other’s mistake had given Me/us a great advantage I/we were much more numerous and smarter than the I/others, it didn’t take long for me/us to hunt down and fuck every last me.

It was obvious to me/us that the satyr was responsible for my/our condition, by way of thanks I we sent six of me to lick the nectar from his giant cock, each of me hungered for that cock even though I/we knew it was larger than three of me stood on each others shoulders.

It seemed the satyrs had a plan and that it was quite likely that others like Me/us might be created. The thought of getting it on with someone that might not become part of me/us when I/we fucked them was making every one of me hornier than fuck. I/we sent me to perch on the satyr’s shoulder and shout in his ear that I/ we were ready for some action.

He smiled and used his little finger to caress my/our torso, brushing against my/our tiny penis, sixpack, nipples.

The plan was soon explained, we would wait until after the shift change, the Satyrkin would ambush and recruit the rest of the soldiers when they came off duty. I/we and one of the humans would go to the cells, release a dryad and then go to the female barracks.

I/we sent one of me down the corridors to see what we faced. I could see one guard and a female scientist, behind an armour-glass wall the dryad had filled her cell with plants and male dryad saplings, that visibly moved seeking a way out.

I/we gathered together into a tight formation, one of me/us perched on the human’s shoulder and ordered him to open the door.

I/we flowed into the room arrowing straight at the guard. He let out a cry of alarm and let off a burst of gunfire. Two of me/us died and I/we felt my/ourself get slightly dumber as result. The gun didn’t stop me/us, and I/we quickly covered him from head to toe in a carpet of butterfly winged bodies. For a while the “we” vanished as I focused entirely on having sex with the human. I had wriggled under his uniform and had gotten a handhold on a nipple, I thrust forward my needle sharp cock piercing the skin.

The skin puckered forming the beginnings of an arse for me to thrust into. Soon the arse was fully functional clenching on my cock, the human’s flesh morphing into a lower torso and legs as my cum turned that part of the guard into one of us.

The awareness of my/ourself returned, I/we had to concentrate on what the others were doing, not just my/our individual lusts, I/we realized. The human I/we were fucking was already well on his way to becoming another swarm like me/us.

Our tame human had smashed the glass wall and the dryad’s plants were growing throughout the chamber. A dryad sapling had aimed one of its flower appendages and opened its petals revealing an iridescent color pattern that hurt my/our eyes to look at.

The scientist was having no trouble at all looking at that fact she seemed unable to take her eyes off it. As if unaware of what she did, her left hand was groping around under her skirt. There was a snapping sound and a small red thong dropped to the ground.

The human I/we were fucking completed his fragmentation about then and I/we became fully occupied ass-similating him/them. When I/We returned our attention to the room the dryad sapling had sent vine like runners spiraling up as far as the scientist’s knees and was slowly inching further up.

The scientist didn’t resist, just standing passively hands hung limp at her sides.

my/our tame human was faring less well, the dryad had him pinned against the wall tearing off shreds of his uniform.

I/we sent one of me to perch on her shoulder and whisper that we knew where there were lots more humans.

She didn’t want to listen until finally I/we managed to communicate with her mate...the Dryad obeyed almost instantly once he had commanded her to cease.

Chapter 5: Lara: Going to Seed

The USArmy might be an equal opportunity employer but that didn’t stop them putting all eight of us girls in the same squad on the same shitty detail...the result all of the base’s “combat bitches” had just come off duty and were in the room getting ready to shower when the alarm sounded.

“Condition red, containment breach in sector 7.3” announced a computerized voice

“Lock and load girls. This sounds like the real thing.” announced Sgt Brandy checking the magazine on her assault rifle.

Brandy was the Army-Bitch stereotype, muscles harder than steel, with a stubble haircut, and eat acid-for-blood Alien’s for breakfast attitude ... our role model.

Before we reached the door something green and vine-like punched its way between the door hinge and frame. The tip had a vaguely phallic look to it.

Brandy wasted no time putting four-rounds-rapid into it splattering the obscene plant against the wall.

“That was a fucking Type 2 Dryad, the fucking aliens must have crossed the line. Remember the briefing, shoot any buds before they open. Do not look directly at open flowers, they have a paralyzing hypnotic effect.”

“How could it get this far into the base undetected?” I asked, smashing another vine as it punched through the doorframe.

The vine began to branch from just below its shattered head sending runners along the wall in six directions at once. Our second volley ripped it to shreds.

A movement in one the bullet holes that peppered the wall attracted my attention.

“Its in the fuckin wall!”

Suddenly buds were pushing through all of the holes, there was no way we could target them all and our shots were making it easier for it to get at us.

“Fall back to the rear exit. And don’t look...look. Look at that flower!” Brandy’s voice changed mid order from concerned order giving to awed enthusiasm.

“Damn it. Emily, break the sarge’s eye contact an...” my voice trailed off.

Emily, the flat chested dark haired Kansas girl was standing still, a dreamy smile on her lips.

The racket of gunfire had stopped, I was the only one facing away from the flowers, the others were all snared!

I grabbed the sarge and dragged her toward the barracks fire exit, we nearly made it. Just as we were getting close a glint of light caught my eye, I glanced, it was a mirror and in the reflection the pulsing glow of a hundred dryad flowers.

It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, the inside of each flower was like glowing cuttlefish skin, pulsing with ever changing patterns that seemed to have a fractal component that sucked you deeper into its ever changing symetry. Its only a reflection, I thought trying hard to look away before it got to me; trying to remember what the dryad vines did to those they hypnotized.

It was getting to me at the deepest levels, boosting my sex drive, using my own secret lusts and fantasies to turn me, that’s how it worked.

I managed to focus on a different part of the mirror’s image, Emily. Hot flat chested little Emily so like a boy, so envious of my tit size,... better than a boy, she’d know exactly how to give the pleasures I so desperately needed.

Unlike me, she was well out of it, one hand in her panties, other one tweaking a nipple. I was fortunate, my mind was still intact....and then I realized that my own hand was well south of my panty line.

I took a step closer to the mirror, If I could smash it, I’d be free again. In the mirror I could see the vines were spiraling up Emily’s legs, her panties were off now, her legs spaced wide ready to receive.

I reached the mirror and raised my hand to smash my surprise I found I was holding my snapped panties, I discarded the useless garment and punched the glass breaking the flower’s grip on my mind.

I ran for the door, behind me I could hear popping noises, and a yellow mist swirled about me, ....pollen, the dryad’s second weapon.

I tried not to breath it but it was impossible to ignore it, I caught the smell of it and inhaled deeply. The need for sex increased tenfold, I needed a penis inside me, like right now. A human penis was preferred but anything even vaguely phallic would do. I began looking around for something to use, a handgun would be about the right size, and then I saw the ideal sex toy...that plant bud looked about the right size. I walked determinedly up to a particularly large bud that seemed to unravel before me revealing its pulsating inner core, its petals blossomed outward, rapping around my hips as its pollen coated cock eased its way forward

The petals clutched my buttocks pulling the cock to the edge of my lips, I squirmed with anticipation and tried to adjust my stance for a better penetration. The petals pulled Again and this time the plant’s penis surged up into me, a tiny tendril wrapping around my clit as its mighty head rammed deep.

By now my only thoughts were “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” repeating over and over. I felt a sting on my clit and a line of fire shot up my spine and into the base of my brain, connection made.

Suddenly I was in contact with his mind, his love for me a pure uncomplicated thing, he was an adolescent male dryad, I was his first love, we would live happily together for the rest of our lives.

I found myself warming to him, like any male in the heat of true love he’d tried everything he could to attract me, he’d given me pretty flowers and scented airs, thats what ladies liked his brothers had told him.

He was concerned, was he fucking me ok? Did I like the way his vines tickled my breasts?

True love is the dryad’s ultimate seduction, how can anyone resist the honesty of a mind that holds nothing back, no deception and no selfish whims.

It would kill him if I rejected him and I couldn’t let such a pure persona die of a broken heart ...and besides he really was a good fuck for a plant.

I made my decision and sent my own love pouring down the link he had created, I was his, and I would do everything in my power to keep him safe.

Carefully I sat down so that he could wrap himself around me and start work on redesigning my body.

A minute later Plant’s mother strode into the room caressing each pod in turn, proud of her sons and welcoming their mates into the family.

Chapter 6 Tir’s Hyper-bomb

“The barracks, and cellblock are secured, and our guys are on duty at all the security checkpoints, Jaay” I reported “that just leaves the scientists in the main lab, there’s a particularly nice undergraduate that I fancy..if you could let me have him..”

Jaay smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

“Once we have control he’s all yours.” he replied

I smiled back and licked my lips in anticipation. I still didn’t understand what Jaay had done to me, but I now had awesome stamina. I had fucked and cum in over a hundred guys in the last hour and was still ready to do another one..or three.

I must also be one hot lover. Our guys would bring in a straggler and pin him down while I fucked him, usually he’d be begging his Master not to stop by the time I came.

And once fucked they stay hungry for it. One of the brighter gayboys even persuaded his mates to “capture” him so that he’d get fucked a second time, fortunately I could smell my cum in him and got him back on duty.

Jaay doesn’t like me calling him Master, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think of him that way and do whatever he asks. I fondly remembered lying down my head resting on his thigh waiting for yet another surge of cum to splatter across my face

Leading the way to the main lab, I explained to Jaay what the scientists did in there, about the spaceship and how they hoped to repair it. Turning a corner I was brought up short by a steel blast shield.

“They must have been warned” I exclaimed “They’ve closed the doors, that lab is a sealed system, even your piskies won’t find a way in.”

“Can they do damage in there? Or call the outside?” asked Jaay worriedly

“Yes, they’ve got some dangerous stuff in there...but no outside communications.” I replied “We can see what they are up to from the security control room.”

“Show me.” instructed Jaay

I guided Jaay to the control room with its array of security camera monitors. In the main lab five scientists and a General could be seen doing something to a large device that trailed wires and components across the room

“Can we talk to them?” Jaay asked


“I’m not very good with tech stuff, you talk them out of there..I’ll just play some background music.” Ordered Jaay perching on one of the consoles

“Umm ok”

“Attention in the lab, This is Acting Security Chief Tir’ado. The situation is under control, ye can all come out now.” I said into to mic

One of the young scientists I was lusting after turned to face the camera.

“We know what’s happening out there, me and Pete had a web-cam wired into the girl’s barracks, you fucking alien.

Well you made your last mistake alien, this here’s the engine from the ship, we’re setting it to overload, when it goes its gonna take the whole fucking state with it”

I clicked off the transmit and turned to Jaay, expecting him to be worried, he wasn’t.

“They can do it, that thing runs on fusion, if it detonates there won’t be anything living within 200 miles” I pointed out, even my erection was wilting at the thought.

“Not a problem. They’re already beaten, they just don’t realize it yet” replied Jaay “See the bald one in the corner, take a closer look.”

I looked, the man had his hand in his pocket trying to adjust himself to hide the boner that tented his white coat.

“That’s Dr Picard, rumour is he’s gay.” I commented

“Probably is, my little tune has more effect if there’s an element of cooperation...and now that we know, I can fine tune it for his ears only. Talk to them Tir, say anything, I’ll handle the real message.”

“There was an incident, but its under control now. If you activate that hyper engine we’ll all die for nothing...think .. what if you’re wrong”

“If its under control how come the web-cam shows Sgt Brandy with an all over green tan giving head to a triffid!” interrupted Pete

Jaay tapped my arm and I stopped transmitting.

“Got him!” he smiled

“Great...and I just had an idea, if they still have a web-cam looking at the girls we could find it and point a dryad flower at it” I suggested

Jaay kissed me “Brilliant idea, I’ll get some Piskies right on it”

Three of the diminutive butterfly winged hunks fluttered out the door heading to the Dryads.

“What did you instruct him to do?” I asked snuggling close to my master Jaay.


Dr Picard gave no indication of anything odd, even his hard-on had subsided. He walked purposefully to the engine and removed a circuit board and took it back to his desk where he began adding things to it.

“He disabled it?”

“I told him to switch the thing that makes the engine start for the thing that makes the door open; If they set it off all it will do is open those pesky doors”

I laughed, delighted by my Master’s practical joke. “Jaay, you could set all sorts of things to trigger when they activate the engine...and I don’t mean machinery”

“Yes..this should be fun” he agreed slipping a finger up my arse.

“ah-mmm, hey look at Pete the Letch, I’d guess his viewing habits just changed” I replied, squirming on the finger.

Pete hadn’t moved in several minutes, his right hand was inside his lab coat as if reaching for a pen...or tweaking a nipple.

“Two down, four to go” said Jaay “Talk to them, so I can set things up”

“You in the room, look, its really not that bad out here, nobody died and we’re all having some wild sex. I’m sure some of the girls and boys would be more than eager to get you in the mood..all you have to do is open the door.” I improvised

“What are you going to offer us next food? An airplane?” growled the General “I knew you soulless demons couldn’t be trusted. I’ve been praying to the Lord for months that you’d give me the opportunity to cleanse this valley”

“I could feed you the sweetest cum you ever tasted...all you have to do is suck”

“Foul creature!, The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not...”

I switched off the transmit “Well, that went well, he’s quoting religious texts now. I am running out of ideas” I admitted

“Tell them you’ve set the thing that changes how hot the room is so it gets lots hotter” said Jaay “I’m finished piping.... so you can sit on my lap whilst this plays out” instructed Jaay

I moved across and sank down onto his cock, adjusting myself until the fit was perfect, his hands wrapping around to stroke mine.

“Listen in the lab, we’ve been nice, we’funh..we’ve offered you wild sex carrot, so now its stick time, the thermostat’s set to 40°c its time to choose get hot or get roasted” I said hammering out the words before the needs of my cock took all my attention.

As they worked the scientists began to appear more and more distressed, first collars were undone, then the lab coats discarded, then naked to the to go were the pants, leaving only underpants and some erections that the scientists tried to laugh off.

“What were your instructions to them?” I asked Jaay after inducing his second orgasm

“The nearer to finishing they get, the hotter it gets, the thirstier they get, but not for water..they also get to make dramatic speech so that we know when its time to get down to the door” It took two more orgasms before the lab rats were ready to destroy New Mexico.

“For the sake of humanity we go to our doom!” shouted the corpulent General dressed only in his khaki boxer shorts

“That’s it! Lets get down to the doors!”

* * *

“They’re not moving” I commented “They think their machine stopped time for them” explained Jaay I sniffed the air, there was something about the General that smelled different..attractive despite his bulk.

“The General smells strange” I reported

Jaay inhaled and looked at the General with surprise. “A virgin, how extraordinary”

“Why General? Don’t you like sex?”

“Sex before marriage is an abomination unto the Lord, demon” replied the General

“Well, I only had two disguise rings, so I guess you’ll need mine” said Jaay pulling the ring from his nipple.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Jaay’s body shimmered and faded away revealing an even sexier body underneath. Blonde hair, a cute pair of horns parting his fringe, the hotest pair of goat legs and the longest cock I’d ever seen

Jaay was really a Satyr...and that made my cock hard just thinking about it. “Awesome”

“Well General lets see if we can’t change your views on you feel thirsty?”

“yes, damn you!”

Jaay cupped a hand over his cock and ejaculated filling his palm to overflowing. I hungered after the taste of it, but it was obvious that the General would be the one getting it.

“My Shaman wants us to be friends General, so here, drink up, I promise you won’t regret it.”

The General hesitated a long moment as he tried to resist the thirst that Jaay had hypnotized into him and then tentatively took a lick. He then grabbed Jaay’s hand sucking the cum from his fingers.

I remembered the effect Jaay’s cum had had on me, how it had improved my sex drive. I fantasized about getting fucked by the satyr as I went about the business of feeding my own cum to the desperately thirsty scientists.

By the time the second scientist was sucking on my cock the General was on all fours his arse raised high and ready to take it.

“Do you still wish to abstain until marriage General?” asked Jaay

“Screw Religion! Fuck me boy! Fuck me hard!”

I moved to the last of the scientists, Alex, the young one that I’d lusted after. I decided to take longer with this one, timing my thrusts to match Jaay’s reaming of the General.

The general was looking different now his hair growing in blonde, most of his bulk gone and the rest visibly contracting. His legs were getting hairier....and then he came, shouting his ecstasy. In the same instant tiny horns sprouted from his brow and his feet bifurcated into hooves.

I came inside the scientist, finishing his transformation into a loyal gayboy.

The new Satyr staggered to his feet getting used to his backward hinged knees. “My name is Gen!” he announced as if it were a surprise to him.

I retracted my cock from the gayboy and walked over to Jaay

“Please, can you turn me into a satyr too?”

Jaay smiled that “gotcha” smile.

“Tir, you’ve been a Satyr for nearly four hours” he laughed pulling the ring from my nipple.

I felt strange and looked down, it wasn’t my cloven hooves or the sandy fur that caught my attention, it was my redesigned cock, six furry inches long from base to foreskin and a further six inches of veined pink cock that could telescope out beyond that...I immediately began thinking of interesting ways to use it.

I was whole again, the nagging sense that I was not what I appeared vanished to be replaced by a certainty..I am Satyr.

Jaay took the ring that had disguised me and flipped it to the gayboy that had been a scientist.

“figure out how to make copies of that ring and construct 600 of them. The dryads can pretend they are wearing green face paint, but after a few more fucks will be pretty obvious that you boys are not exactly human.”

The young scientist caught the ring one handed...his other hand was busy massaging his cock.


A few months later blonde hair and the nipple rings became the fashion of choice amongst the gay community and getting ringed became a part of a soldier’s graduation ceremony.

It was commented upon that many soldiers wives and girlfriends had gotten involved with environmental protest issues, even going as far as painting their faces green!

Two years later Dr Alex Bishop USArmy (retired) announced the opening of his Regenesis Clinic where people could go and have their body radically redesigned. The news media was shocked by the popularity of the Bishop procedure and commented on the on the particular popularity of the Satyrform.

As one hopeful patient told the news crew “Well I thought of being a centaur, but the guys at the Sigma Lambda Alpha frat all said that girls found satyrs more attractive.”

By the end of the year every town had a few young satyrs and it was no longer news worthy.

On MTV the group Paan’s People broke the world record by having 12 songs in the top 20. Their No 1 “eat that satyrcock” was alleged to contain secret subliminal messages but judges listening in closed session had concluded that it was all just good fun..and if the music was so cleverly played that a listener ejaculated as it ended, well, since Elvis....but that’s another story that’s another story