The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Agent Jackie Provost had been investigating Dr. William Best for 18 months. She was now ready to make an arrest, but before she does, she becomes an unwilling patient. Will Jackie survive intact, or is the treatment a life altering experience?


Tonight was the night. Months of investigative work led Jackie to the doorsteps of Dr. William Best of the famed Restoration Institute. A man and a doctor with an impeccable record, no one would believe he was behind one of the largest human trafficking operations in the country without the evidence Jackie was about to receive. With it in her possession, the prosecutors would have little trouble putting the doctor away for the rest of his life.

Jackie had been an agent for 6 years recruited right out of college. Bright, beautiful and in impeccable shape, she graduated at the top of her training class and was quickly assigned to field duty. She had earned the reputation for being street smart and a bulldog; once she grabbed on to something, she did not let it go. Her investigation of Dr. Best was the latest case in which her tenacity had been tested, but she refused to accept defeat. Now, she had him and as she drove to the evening meeting with her confidential informant, Jackie could almost taste victory. “You are finally mine,” she whispered under her breath as the final miles ticked away.

Jackie drove up to the lot slowly making sure she had not been followed. Although there was little chance her investigation had been compromised, she was smart enough to take chances. Confident everything was ok, she turned into the lot, where her informant was already waiting.

Marie Defoe was not your typical informant. She was a thirty something CPA who stumbled onto information about Dr. Best while she was performing an audit in preparation for filing his corporate tax returns. Somehow, she had been given the wrong files on a thumb drive and what she read and saw shocked her. She immediately contacted the agency, who put her in touch with Jackie. Tonight, she was turning over the last piece of information Jackie needed to seal the case. By tomorrow, Marie would be out of the company and safe, Best would be under interrogation and charged, and Jackie would be putting a bow on the prosecutor’s case.

Marie got out of her car and looked around nervously before walking toward Jackie’s vehicle. Jackie checked her rear view mirror one more time, opened her door, stepped out and smiled at her informant. As Marie was about to say something, she suddenly yelled “ouch” and swatted at her neck as if swatting a mosquito. There was no sound. Marie had a confused look on her face and before she took another step, she crumpled to the ground. As Marie was falling, Jackie was reaching for her pistol. Her hand never made it to the holster as she too felt a sting and then only confusion followed by darkness.

Slowly coming too, Jackie tried to open her eyes, but the light shining in them hurt and her head pounded. Still confused, Jackie focused on slowing her breathing and slowly opened her eyes. This time she was successful. She looked around and immediately saw Marie also bound sitting in a chair struggling. She had a blindfold on and a gag and was clearly panicked.

Assessing her own situation, Jackie knew she was bound to the chair, but unlike Marie, there was no blindfold or gag. The room was sterile looking except for the two chairs and some industrial looking lighting. Again, Marie’s muffled squeals caught her attention.

“Calm down,” Jackie said, “you are not alone and we will get out of this. People will be looking for us and help will be here at anytime.”

Marie seemed to listen to her words and for a moment looked reassured. Jackie, however, knew no one would be looking for them for hours if not days. There was no calvary about to charge through the door. She thought back to the evening and only had a memory of getting out of the car. After that everything was blank, but she knew the meeting had somehow been compromised. Her brain made the assumption that Dr. Best was behind their abduction, but it was only an assumption. She was not sure.

Jackie’s suspicions where confirmed when the door opened and in walked Dr. Best and an assortment of associates all dressed in lab coats.

“Welcome to the Restoration Institute Agent Provost. I would welcome Marie, but we both know she has been here before.”

Jackie looked at the doctor and with an aire of determination said, “you do need to release us. Kidnapping a Federal Agent is a serious offense.”

Best grinned, “well given the kidnapping has already taken place, I guess the offense is committed.” He then laughed, “but someone will have to find you for that to happen and it is my job to make sure that does not happen.”

As he spoke those menacing words, Marie screamed into her gag drawing Best’s attention.

“As for you, Marie, I have a special treat for those who betray me and I am afraid you betrayed me.” The doctor continued, “as a special bonus, I will allow Agent Provost to observe what we do to you so that she may get an idea of is in store for her down the line.”

Looking at Jackie, he said, “you were interested in what happens here weren’t you? Well, consider me a cooperating suspect as I am going to show you by allowing direct observation and participation.”

Again Marie screamed into her gag, but only a muffled sound was heard by those in the room.

With that Marie was taken into a separate room bathed white and illuminated by industrial LEDs. At the center of the room was a single examination table. Over in a corner was a thick pad on the floor and in the opposite corner were blankets covering a small mat. Along one wall was a series of small doors that opened out. All of this was clearly visible to those in Jackie’s room courtesy of a video system. It was displayed on a large screen that Jackie was told to watch. “If you don’t,” Best warned, “her treatment will be far worse.”

In the white room, Marie stood looking around. “Please strip,” an attendant barked at Marie. The young accountant seemed confused and momentarily froze for a few seconds. Seeing the hesitation, the attendant produced what looked like a small prod and pressed it to Marie’s thigh. Immediately, a scream filled the hallway as Marie fell to the floor in a heap unable to control her muscles.

“When you are told to do something, you will do it without hesitation. Do you understand? The attendant waited for an answer and when one did not come quickly enough, Marie was shocked again.

“Now, do you understand?”

“Yes,” Marie answered.

Shocked again, Marie was curled in a ball on the floor when she heard the same taunting voice.

“That is Yes ma’am or Yes sir,”

Marie nodded and whispered “yes ma’am.”

“Do you see how quickly they learn? Pain is a great motivator, but not the best.” Dr. Best smiled as he looked at Jackie. “I have found that pleasure can be a better motivator as you shall see.”

Back in the other room, Marie crawled to her feet and where she had been laying, there was a puddle of liquid.

“Bitch,” the attendant yelled, “you urinated on my floor.” Pointing to the floor, “use the clothes you take off to mop it up.” Laughing, she added, “you won’t need them anymore.” As Jackie was forced to watch, Marie got on her hands and knees and wiped up her pee with a good dress.

“You look like a natural in that position,” her attendant laughed almost mocking the young accountant.

As she said that, two more attendants arrived receiving instructions from the first. “Prepare her as instructed and let her know the rules. If she learns and obeys, it won’t be too bad. If she fights, just turn the power on the prod up a notch and punish her.”

Marie cowered in the corner for a few awkward minutes until she was grabbed by the new attendants and led naked down the hallway.

Best looked at Jackie, “there won’t be much to see for a bit, but we will insure you get to view all the highlights. Afterall, we want you to get a good idea of the fine work we do here at the Restoration Institute.”

Jackie was now infuriated. “You realize that you are mad and this will all catch up to you.” She added, “if I could figure it out, others will too.”

“Maybe so, maybe so,” Best laughed, “but I promise you that it will be too late for you.” He smiled, “You have a bright future, but the question remains,as what?” Jackie did not understand the implications of what he had just said.

“All those missing women and girls,” Jackie looked to Dr. Best. “What have you done?”

“Done,” he laughed. “I have become a very rich man restoring dreams and making fantasies come true.” The Restoration Institute restores hope to those who believe anything is possible.” He looked with distain at Jackie, “and you wanted to take all of it away.”

He then nodded to some nearby attendants. “Take Agent Provost to her room and strip her of her worldly belongings.” Looking to Jackie he grinned, “from now on, you will have only what we give you.” He added “and in the end, you will become whatever I decide.”

Jackie was then led down the hall to a room similar to the one holding Marie. It was sterile, white, bright and held a single bed, sink, toilet and an exam table.

“Welcome home,” the larger of the attendants said from behind her as she was pushed in the room and the door locked behind her.

When Marie got back to her room, every hair on her body was gone, even her head was bald. Tears rolled down her eyes. Abigale, her senior attendant and trainer, walked in after her. “Now, don’t you look perfect, all ready for training.”

Looking down at Marie, the attendant gave a small lesson. “Humans are nothing but animals, and as animals they can be trained to do anything we desire. You, Marie, are an animal and will be treated like one to prove our point.”

She pointed around the room. Those blankets on the floor are for you to curl up on and sleep. Afterall, animals don’t need beds.”

If Marie was horrified, the next phrase terrified her.

“That thick pad over there is a puppy training pad. When you need to go, you will crawl over to the pad and relieve yourself.”

“Crawl,” Marie squeaked.

“Oh yes, from now on, walking is not allowed, you will crawl like the animal you are. Walking is not allowed.”

“Do you see the small doors on the wall?” When Marie simply nodded, she was shocked causing another scream. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

“I am sorry, “ she whimpered.

Abi shocked her again, “sorry does not excuse anything.” Then she smiled, “but given you have a hard time with ‘yes ma’am,’ I will make it easy. Afterall, animals don’t talk. From now on, you will just bark for us and nod your head. Do you understand?”

Marie looked up horrified and said “Please, no.” Immediately another shock ripped into her body causing a bloodcurdling scream.

“Do you understand?” Abi looked at the woman curled on the floor.

“Woof,” and a nod.

Abi grinned, “see how easy that was for you. I have made it easier haven’t I?”

“Woof,” Marie repeated with tears streaming down her face.

As Marie remained motionless, a lab technician walked over and taking a syringe from her coat, injected Marie’s bare thigh. Immediately, her world became fuzzy. Within minutes, Marie was laying on her mat, earbuds inserted in her ears and a visor over her eyes.

“The next four hours will start her programming,” Abi told the others. “I have the feeling she will make a wonderful Pet.”

Everyone in the room burst out laughing as Marie slept with new thoughts and images being implanted into her psyche.

Meanwhile, Jackie was now naked under a loose fitting hospital gown. Marie’s entire training session had been broadcast into her room. Projected on all four walls and the ceiling, Jackie could not escape looking at it or the sound of Marie’s screams.

When Marie was finally sedated, Jackie’s door opened and three attendants forced her to the exam table. She was strapped down and then her head was locked into place in a leather harness device making it impossible to move. Jackie tried not to panic, but it was becoming harder. She was calming her breath when the door opened and she heard Dr. Best’s voice. Her breathing and heart rate immediately increased.

“Ah Agent Provost, I am glad you enjoyed the show. As expected, we saw you close your eyes during the good parts.” Best smiled before continuing almost in a professorial voice. “I told you that I would let you know all of our secrets and I will.

With that, he walked over toward Jackie and quickly placed two eyedrops in each eye. “They will sting, but it is just a numbing agent for what comes next.”

Jackie tried to shake her head, but could not move. Suddenly a bright light seared into her vision. She could not blink and the light almost hurt with its intensity. She felt some pressure, some pulling and then nothing. Seconds later, the same procedure took place on her other eye.

“There, all done. Congratulations, you have had your first Institute procedure.” Best mocked her as he spoke. “Now, you will not be able to shut your eyes or blink at all.” Jackie tried to say something, but stopped as he continued. “We will be able to project images directly onto your optic nerve and into the brain.”

“You are mad,” Jackie finally exploded.

“Maybe, but a rich kind of mad,” Best replied.

Best then walked next to the agent again and put drops in each of her ears. “Again, a slight stinging as the numbing agent takes hold.” Within minutes her head was turned to one side and then another as a small fiber optic tube was inserted through the ear drum.

“Just like the tube children receive to cure earaches, but this one will play sounds directly to your nerves and brain. We will control your hearing in stereo.”

Jackie said nothing but stared darts at the doctor and the staff around him. At the moment, she was helpless.

“Now, just for your enjoyment, education and pleasure, I am going to slowly inject you with a very nice drug which will have you float away for a bit. It is just about half the dose Marie received, but I do want you to understand what she is experiencing.”

With that, Dr. Best a produced a syringe and with dramatic flair looked for a vein in Jackie’s right arm. “You are dehydrated my dear, you will need to drink fluids or I will be forced to start an IV.” Finally, he found a vein and watching Jackie’s eyes, he very slowly injected the drug.

Jackie felt the effects almost immediately, but instead of a rush followed by sleep, she slowly felt herself drawn into a blissful twilight state. She murmured “no,” but Best smiled as he continued to slip the contents of the needle into her arm.

“Doesn’t that feel good my dear. Given enough of this over time and you will be willing to do anything I ask.” He grinned as the last of the drug flood the agent’s vein. Jackie lay still with a smile on her face.

“Visor her up and attached the program to her ear buds. I don’t want to lose any time programming her, but make sure she is disconnected before coming around. I want it all to be a surprise.” His staff nodded as he left the room. Jackie did not focus on the scurrying around her, but the bright lights flashing in her eyes and the soothing voice in her ear made her smile.

The following day, Marie was again subjected to conditioning, every time she tried to stand, she was shocked and by 10am, she was crawling around without reminder. When Mother Nature called, Marie tried to delay the inevitable, but it was a losing battle. As attendants watched through a two way mirror, Marie crawled over to where there was a training pad on the floor and turning red with embarrassment urinated and emptied her bowels on the pad. She felt better, but was humiliated. Immediately a small door hidden in the floor opened sweeping away her mess. A nozzle in the floor activated and Marie’s pussy and ass was washed with pressurized warm water. Finally, the pad was replaced.

As a reward, a small door in the wall opened and a bowl of food appeared. Marie crawled over to it and starved, lowered her head finishing every drop. When another door opened and a phallic like device emerged dripping cool water, Marie crawled over to it. Her mind screamed ‘don’t do this,’ but thirst is a powerful motivator. As the attendants watched. Marie extended her tongue tasting the cool drip of water leaking from the end. Within a minute, she was tentatively sucking on the tip of the penis. The harder she sucked the more she got. Slowly, she took more and more of the device into her throat while being rewarded with more and more water. After two minutes, a bell rang and the device disappeared into the wall.

The room’s main door opened and Abi walked in. “Do you see now, if you behave, you will be rewarded.”

“Woof,” Marie barked bringing a smile to Abi’s face.

With that, her trainer opened a box and produced a pink collar that went around her neck. The collar had a little bell on it and a name tag that simply said Marie.

“Now pet, let’s get you fit for your suit.” With that, Abi attached a leash to the collar and handing it to another attendant, had Abi led down the hall and into another room.

“It is amazing how the smart ones can be trained so easily.” An attendant mentioned while looking at Abi.

“Yes, they figure it out early and the survival mode kicks in. Even she believes if she cooperates, she can always go back to what she was before when she is rescued. What she does not know, until it is too late, is she is just assisting in her own demise. What we do is irreversible.” Abi grinned, “it is all very ironic.”

Across the compound, Jackie woke as If emerging from a dream. She was tired, confused and unaware that for the last few hours she had been watching the video feed of Marie’s training. She moved her arm and was stunned that it was not secure. She moved her feet and discovered she was free to move around.

“Sloppy,” She whispered thinking of how cocky Best had seemed just the day before.

Walking over, she tried the door and found it unlocked. Her mind raced, it was now or never. She may never get this opportunity again. Opening the door, she ran down the hallway to a clearly marked exit, down the stairs and out into bright sunlight. Spotting a nearly wood line, she ran barefoot across the lawn and into the trees. Only then did she stop and make an assessment of her situation.

Inside the facility, the escape was monitored in its entirety. “She is so predictable,” Dr Best laughed as he watched Jackie stumble through the woods and out to the main access road to the hospital.

Jackie heard a car coming and stepped out to flag it down. Behind the wheel was a kindly older man who looked genuinely surprised at finding a young woman in a hospital gown running down the highway.

“Please, you have to help me. I am Agent Jackie Provost and need to get to the nearest police station.”

“Well, I can take you there, it is about a 10 min drive.” The old man then asked what had happened and Jackie spilled her story.

“Well, if what you say is true, it is terrible.” He added, “that Institute has been part of this community for years.”

Jackie sat in silence unblinking. She tried to shut her eyes and relax a bit as she was suddenly tired but she could not. “We are almost there,” she heard the old man say.

Pulling up in front of the police station, the driver walked Jackie in and handed her over to the sheriff who immediately assessed her condition muttering, “Miss, you look terrible.”

Jackie accepted a glass of water and repeated her story and accusations about Dr. Best to the sheriff and a few of his deputies. “Please, I am a federal agent, call my office and they will confirm.” She added, “you have to help me and move fast or Marie will suffer.”

The sheriff nodded, whispered something in the deputy’s ear and handed Jackie a cup of coffee. “My guys are calling your office now.” Jackie visibly relaxed finally feeling safe, but could not shut her eyes adding to her tiredness.

“Boss, her story checks out and her agency is sending an ambulance to pick her up and transport her to the hospital. They have asked us to go along as added security.” The sheriff nodded.

“Well Agent Provost, it looks like your ordeal is just about over and you are going home.”

Jackie nodded her head, sipped her coffee and waited in silence growing more and more tired by the minute unable to close her eyes. Finally, she heard the wail of a siren drawing closer and closer until it stopped right outside the station.

“Your ride is here,” laughed the sheriff.

Almost immediately, two attendants wheeling a stretcher came through the door and helped Jackie lay down.

“Can you tell me your name,” one asked staring directly at Jackie. The agent went to answer, but could not form her words slurring her speech as she tried to communicate. A look of confusion came over Jackie’s face as she tried to push herself up.

A strong pair of hands held her shoulders down, “Now, now, don’t panic, you have been through a lot and it is catching g up with you.” As she was held down, Jackie felt straps being tightened across her legs and chest. Shaking her head ‘no,’ she was again told, “it’s ok, they are for your safety.”

“Her eyes look pretty wild,” the sheriff commented. “Personally, I think she may be on something.” Jackie looked up at him and tried to speak, but again could not find the words.

Looking down at her, he smiled. “Well Agent Jackie Provost or whoever you are, have a nice trip.” Turning his back, he walked away while Jackie was loaded in the ambulance. Immediately, an IV was started and the attendant produced a syringe adding drugs to the line. “Just a little something to take the edge off.” Jackie sunk back into the stretcher as the ambulance headed down the road. Unknown to her the drugs did much more then calm her.

As the ambulance pulled away, the sheriff went to the phone and dialed a number. He asked for Dr. Best.

“Just as you said, she was running down the road in a gown. Old Jake picked her up, delivered her here, we took her story, showed interest and have her headed back your way. The attendant said to tell you, the drugs have been added to the IV line.” The sheriff was clearly listening to Dr. Best and was nodding his head.

Finally, he said, “anytime Dr. Best, it is always a pleasure helping you out with these poor disturbed women. I hope she gets better and recovers her grip on reality. She has an imagination pretending g to be a federal agent. Her story was really good.” With that he hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, the doors of the ambulance opened and the gurney was pulled into the sunlight. Standing over Jackie were doctors and nurses all assessing her condition. Someone bent over her and said, “don’t worry dear, they brought you to the nearest hospital and you are at the Restoration Institute, we will take good care of you.”

When Jackie heard those words, she tried to scream, but could not form the words. “She’s almost catatonic,” one whispered, “I wonder what kind of psychological trauma she’s experienced?” The last thing Jackie saw was Dr. Best walking up, smiling, touching her arm and whispering “we will take good care of you.” He then turned and said “admit her into the psyche wing.” Someone added another drug to the IV line and Jackie passed out.

When Jackie woke, she was in a totally white room that except for her bed, some medical monitors and lights. Everything seemed sterile and cold. Trying to move, the agent found her arms restrained as well as her legs. She struggled, setting off monitor alarms. Immediately, a young nurse rushed into the room trying to calm Jackie.

“It’s ok,” she said, “ you have been through some psychological trauma and we are here to help you. Please calm yourself down.”

Again, Jackie pulled on the restraints, pulled her head up and tried to talk, but no words again came out. “Mmmffff” was all that was heard. Jackie’s eyes went wide with terror, “mmmffff” she cried unable to form words. She threw her head back in frustration and again pulled on the restraints.

“I have summoned Dr. Best from the research side of the facility,” the young nurse said in a calm voice. “He has taken a special interest in your case and from what I hear, he does amazing work. You are lucky they brought you here.”

Jackie tried to again form words and shook her head no, but was unable to communicate with the nurse. The nurse patted Jackie on the head in a kindly manner just as Dr. Best entered the room.

“So, how is our patient this morning?” He asked with a smile towards the young nurse.

“Well according to the chart and from what I observed, she has shifted between almost catatonic and highly agitated.” The nurse looked towards Jackie.

“Are you new here?” Best looked over the top of the chart as he spoke. “I don’t believe we have met.”

“Yes, I was hired six weeks ago right out of the university’s training program.” She replied standing close to the bedside.

“Your name?”

“Amy Clifford,” the young nurse smiled and looked down at Jackie.

“Well Amy, meet Jane Doe. That is what we will call her as we try and get her to speak.” Best then went over the chart.

“Amy, please use my experimental visor and ear buds on her for at least three hours today. That is an important part of her treatment. Also, double the meds as she seems healthy enough to handle the higher dosage. Finally, you will need to start a catheter as she needs to remain restrained.”

Amy nodded and took added notes into her computer pad.

“Call me if there is any change. I will stop by later this afternoon.” With that Dr. Best left the floor. As he did, he picked up his phone and quickly dialed a number. “Tell me everything we know about the new nurse we hired, Amy Clifford. I’d like her file on my desk when I return.”

He then headed to the lounge for a coffee.

Jackie looked over at the young nurse as her additional medicine flowed into the IV, she wanted desperately to yell, stop, but again just a muffled sound came from her throat. As soon as the drugs entered Jackie’s system, she felt like she was floating. She hardly felt the visor being placed over her eyes or the ear buds into her ears. When Amy started the program, brilliant flashes of lights coupled with sounds filled Jackie’s head. The young nurse could see her patient visibly relax and remained unaware of what was happening to her.

As soon as Jackie relaxed, Amy got the tray to install the catheter and before long had Jackie’s urine flowing quickly into a collection bag. Once finished, she checked one more time on Jackie’s vitals before leaving the room, as she left she looked down and whispered, “who are you Jane Doe and what is your story?”

In a secluded and secure wing of the facility, Dr. Best was soon busy checking on Marie’s progress. The former accountant was now crawling on her hands and knees like an animal without any prompting. She no longer spoke, but barked or whined like a dog, and she ate only from bowls. Best was most proud of how Marie had taken to drinking from an artificial cock. “Clients will love that added feature, he remarked to Abi as he got briefed on Marie’s progress.

“Well, I love the way the latex suit fits her. It highlights her every move as she crawls around. Do you think she is ready for her tail?” Best looked at Abi as he spoke.

Without hesitation, Marie’s trainer nodded her head. “We feel that she has been ready for days.”

“Proceed then, given her state, she is far beyond complaining.” He laughed when he said this to no one in particular.

“She actually believes she is a dog now, not a human. She is the perfect pet.” Best then sarcastically said in a serious tone, “and Abi, we all know pets need tails.”

Abi nodded to attendants who attached a leash to Marie’s collar and walked her into a frame that held her in place. The frame looked exactly like those used by dog groomers, but sized for a small human. Once locked into place, Marie could do nothing but whine. Her eyes behind the hood covering her head seemed dull and fearful as she could not comprehend what was happening. Recently, Marie had lost the ability to follow conversations and now just followed simple commands.

An attendant walked behind the former accountant and opening a small zipper in her latex suit, slowly lubricated her ass. Marie tried to pull away barking loudly, whining and shaking her head, all to no avail. An anal plug attached to a short dog like tail was then slowly inserted as Marie whined. Once her anal muscles sealed around the plug, it was held in place, Marie was the. released from the frame and walked back to the other side of the room.

“Make sure you take pictures of our new beauty and continue with her programming. The next step will be the big one and when we show evidence of acceptance, the clients will be ready to start the bidding.” Looking down as Abi took notes, Best mentioned “and we may have another candidate soon. I will have her file in a few hours.” With that, he walked from the room leaving Abi with her charge.

As all of this was happening to Marie, it was being piped straight into Jackie’s visor. Although sedated, Jackie jumped around agitated as she watched Marie’s transformation. Her mind screamed, but her body could not respond. As soon as Marie’s latest adventure was over, the visor again began to show images bathed in swirling colors that Jackie had to focus on as her eyes could not close. At the same time subliminal messages embedded line after line of triggers into her psyche. It was as if the agent’s mind were a computer being reprogrammed. Jackie tried to fight it, but found herself falling deeper and deeper into the swirling abyss.

That evening during rounds, Dr. Best presented Jackie’s case to others. “We have a real Jane Doe here. She currently can not communicate, is highly agitated and from the admission report was delusional immediately before entering her semi- catatonic state. We are currently using visor and bud therapy, but unsure how that will work in the long run.”

“Have you tried any drug therapy,” a resident asked.

“Except for sedation, nothing yet,” Best answered.

“Hypnotherapy,” another asked.

“Not yet, but that might be our next step,” Best looked around at the others.

“Might I suggest electroshock combined with the other therapies suggested by my colleagues,” a young female resident added. Others shook their heads in agreement.

Best said, “if she fails to respond, we might have to wipe the slate clean and start over with her. It would be better to remake a personality then to leave her in this state.

“Can we do that?” Someone asked. Best quickly answered, “here we have the power to do anything to heal the mind.”

Jackie heard it all and could say nothing. She wanted to scream and beg for help, but she remained quiet and motionless just as Dr.Best wanted her: semi-catatonic and unable to communicate, but fully aware of what was going on. When the room cleared, Best walked over to Jackie’s bedside, bent down and whispered in her ear. “I am sure you have been enjoying Marie’s changes, she is such a pretty pet and the best is yet to come.” He let that sink in. “Just think of all the fun I am having playing with your mind. You would be amazed what you will do now that you have some very interesting triggers in that pretty little head of yours.”

As he walked away he turned and said with a smile, “It is almost time to say goodbye to the old Jackie, but deep down, you will always remember her.”

A few minutes later nurse Amy Clifford walked into the room and slowly added the prescribed drugs to the IV. She smiled down at Jackie, oblivious to what was going on. Checking the chart, she whispered to herself, “that’s strange, why would we be using an experimental drug on a patient without her consent.” Little did she know the room Best had Jackie in was under a surveillance system and her whispers were recorded. Before the night was over, Best would know of the young nurse’s concerns.

As the drugs flowed and the visor activated, Jackie again saw swirling patterns and received subliminal messages. The agent knew she had to fight the patterns and needed to focus her mind, but the harder she focused, the deeper she went. Soon, Jackie was relaxed and her mind was again open to the reprogramming. She continually saw images of Marie and what was happening to her and felt a stirring. Deep in Jackie’s mind, she screamed and tried again to get someone’s attention, but it was impossible. As she watched, a new feeling swept over her for the first time. To her horror, the young agent felt aroused.

For the next 90 minutes various sexual images and scenes were projected through Jackie’s open eyes directly onto her brain. At the same time, subliminal messages made what she saw, normal and acceptable. In fact, as Jackie would discover, they were embedding a desire. She could not escape the images, messages or programming no matter how hard she tried.

At the end of 90 min, Dr. Best walked into the room. Jackie did not hear him as she was lost in her own world of sights and sounds. Walking over to her bed, Best pulled back the covers and slowly pulled Jackie’s hospital gown up over her hips. As he did, it was clearly evident the agent was aroused. Now, feeling his presence, Jackie tried to focus, but could only hear his voice as the visor still covered her eyes.

“I see you have taken to the programming well, Jackie.” His hands touched her bare thigh. “If you could only see how wet you are right now, but then again, maybe you can feel?”

With that Dr. Best, slowly stroked Jackie’s exposed clitoris, until her hips began to involuntarily move. Only guttural sounds came from her throat. “What a perfect response,” He snickered as he continued to touch his patient.

Jackie’s mind was in turmoil. She could not talk, communicate in any way, or move from the bed. She was literally trapped in her own body and that body was quickly betraying her.

“I see you are conflicted Agent Provost. Don’t be. Years of research have gone into the techniques I am using on you and I promise you, there is no escape. You literally will become anything I desire. There is no Calvary coming and there be no rescue.” Best continued to stimulate the agent’s clit as he watched her hips move and her lubrication increase. His eyes watched the monitors and Best could see increases in blood pressure, pulse and respiration. He knew Jackie was going to orgasm and orgasm against her will.

“I love it when your own body betrays you” and with that he pressed on Jackie’s clit sending her over the edge. All of the monitors showed him the patient orgasmed. “Good Girl, Agent Provost. That was the first of many things you will come to enjoy under our care.” He then pulled down her gown and was about to put the covers back in place when he heard a voice behind him.

“Is there a problem, Dr. Best?” It was Amy Clifford.

Startled for a second, The doctor composed himself and answered, “just checking on my patient for the evening.”

“Is everything ok,” the young nurse asked noticing the covers were out of place on a restrained patient.

“Yes, fine, now excuse me,” Best said walking out past her.

Amy walked across to Jackie’s bed and went to straighten the covers when she noticed her gown was not all of the way down, thinking that was odd or someone had checked the catheter without telling her, Amy pulled down the covers to check and was shocked to find Jackie was wet with her clitoris clearly swollen. The young nurse could almost smell arousal and was confused not understanding how this could happen. She looked back over her shoulder to see where Dr. Best had retreated too and not seeing him, she quickly rearranged Jackie’s bedding making her comfortable. If was only then that she saw the tear rolling down the agent’s cheek.

“OMG,” she whispered, “she is not catatonic, she feels emotions.” She immediately rushed out to notify Dr. Best.

When Best got the report from Amy, he dismissed it as a muscle reaction “nothing more, nothing less,” he said. He then added, “it is fairly common.”

“Is there anything else,” Best asked the young nurse and Amy made the mistake of relating how she had found Jane Doe. Again, Best dismissed it as a possible drug reaction. When Amy disagreed, he cut her off with a simple, “nurse are you now an expert of female sexuality and function?”

Amy shook her head no, apologized and retreated out of his office unsure of what to do next. As she did, Best picked up the phone and called Abi. “Please get ready for a new trainee. Our young nurse is far too inquisitive.”

That evening, Jackie received her nightly dose of drugs through her IV. As was protocol, the visor was then put in place as were the ear buds and programming started. This evening, there was a direct feed from Marie’s training session into the agent’s mind. It was as if Jackie were standing in the room.

Abi knew this was Marie’s big test. If the programming held and Marie passed, she would be sold for a handsome profit and enrich the Institute’s treasury. Abi attached the leash to Marie’s collar and immediately led her into the middle of the room. There, she had her sit as if on her hind quarters. As Abi stroked her head and whispered “good girl,” the door opened and in walked a male attendant, tall, fit and clearly sporting an erection. He walked over to where Marie was sitting quietly next to Abi and lowered his zipper. Immediately, his cock sprang from his pants attracting Marie’s attention.

“Suck,” Abi commanded, and as she had done so many time with the training cocks, Marie opened her mouth and for the first time closed her lips and sucked on a real cock. Pure animal instincts motivated her. The more she sucked, the more pleasure she was programmed to feel. Abi watched with a smile as her trainee began sucking with abandon.

The image projected directly onto Jackie’s eyes and then to her brain. She could not turn away nor shut her eyes. Like a voyuer, she watched Marie sucking on a hard cock, and like a voyuer, Jackie felt arousal. Before long, she was as wet as Marie.

The only sounds in Marie’s room were the sounds of her sucking. She had lost the ability to speak long ago. When the attendant yelled to Abi that he was going to cum, the words meant nothing to the former accountant. However, when Marie felt the cock between her lips begin to throb and pulse, she instinctively knew what it meant and wanted more, when cum exploded in her mouth splashing against her throat, she just whined like a satisfied animal.

“Good girl, Marie, good girl,” was the only reward she needed from her trainer. Afterall, Marie loved the taste of cum and it in itself was a reward. When the attendant left the room, Marie barked at Abi as if she wanted more.

“Oh, I have a real treat In store for you. I know you are anxious for more.” With that, Abi opened a smaller door on the wall and through it walked a mature male Great Dane.

Marie Immediately whined which was the response Abi wanted from her trainee. Petting Marie’s head softly, Abi looked her in the eye and whispered a trigger phrase into her ear and then simply said, “let’s show everyone what a good bitch you have become.”

“Woof,” Marie barked as she was let off her leash and crawled into the middle of the room. The Great Dane could smell her arousal from the previous encounter and was soon sniffing Marie with abandon. Within minutes Abi could see its cock distending and smiled. Marie showed no sign of panic.

With a loud bark, the dog threw its paws up on Marie’s back and began thrusting wildly in an attempt to mate with the latex clad woman. Marie just whined in anticipation. It was only a matter of time before one of the thrusts hit home and when it did Marie yelped as the huge dog cock filled her. Abi again smiled as Marie did not pull back but instead thrust her hips to take the dog cock deeper. Her eyes were glazed with desire as she mated with a dog for the first time.

In Jackie’s visor, she saw the frenzied fucking and although revolted at the core, she could not turn away as her head was locked in position and her eyelids could not close. Now, programmed over the days to be accepting of voyuerism, Jackie was enjoying the show. Although agitated by what she was seeing, the agent could not resist looking and eventually reacting.

In the other room, Abi heard the Great Dane howl as it released and came deep within the former accountant, As the dog came, so did Marie yelping loudly as her orgasm swept over her. The dogs’s knot now kept them from immediately separating which allowed more time for the room’s video system to capture the moment. When the Great Dane finally separated and was led away, Abi gave Marie a treat, a dog biscuit coated in cum from the attendant serviced earlier. Marie gulped it down panting with excitement.

Within minutes, Dr. Best heard of the success. Phone calls were made to clients. For all intents and purposes, Marie was now the perfect human pet.

In her room, Jackie’s visor now reverted back to programming and again, the agent had no defenses for what Best was doing. She instinctively knew she was being changed, but was helpless to stop it. The mere fact that witnessing Marie’s demise horrified, but aroused the agent reminded Jackie that she was changing and changing quickly. Still, at that moment, she had no idea of what she was destined to become. However, in actuality, it made no difference as Jackie was powerless to stop the process Best had started.

The following morning, Jackie’s dosing was altered to slowly bring her out of her comatose state. Of course, Amy knew nothing of the initial drugging so as Jackie slowly regained some function, she through it was a miracle. Jackie was being cured. Little did she know, that this was just the next phase of her training.

When Best walked into the room, Jackie was sitting in her bed with her feet over the side. She immediately recoiled into almost a fetal position. Amy saw the reaction and rushed to comfort her patient drawing a sharp rebuke from the doctor.

“Nurse, stop! Now that she is regaining use of her body and mind, she must learn to deal with her emotions. Do not comfort her, make her deal with her new reality.” Best glared at the nurse and inwardly smiled thinking she would soon be experiencing her own training.

Throughout the day, Jackie was given a battery of tests to determine the extent of her mental damage and assess treatment options. Of course, given the drugs in her system, she did poorly. When Best got the results, he was overjoyed.

“So, tell me how Jane Doe did,” he asked the staff sitting around a conference table.

“Well, she still does not speak in any coherent manner. She does say a few words now and then,” one of the testers said.

“Like what,” Best asked.

“Federal Agent,” the woman answered.

“When I asked her if she was saying she was a Federal Agent, she became agitated and did eventually nod her head.” The attendant chuckled, “she is pretty delusional.”

“How about intelligence,” Best asked.

“Right now, she is on the far low end of the scale.” The attendant added, there does seem to be some recognition of what we are saying and she can respond to simple commands, but she can not communicate.”

Best looked serious for a moment, “Well an animal responds to simple commands, surely you are not equating Ms. Doe to an animal?”

The attendant looked horrified at what she might have suggested and shook her head no.

“Well, electroshock therapy seems the next step in her recovery. We might have to stimulate a reinvention of her personality.”

All in the room nodded their head except Amy. “Isn’t that rather drastic,” she asked.

Dr. Best looked up. “We do what is best for our patients, maybe one day you will be a patient and understand what a good job we do.” He then dismissed Amy and the others.

Amy went back into Jackie’s room smiling at her. “I know you are trying to communicate with me.” She then handed Jackie a pad of paper and a pen. “Can you write or print?”

In her mind, Jackie quietly cheered, someone was trying to help her. She reached for the pen and slowly tried to write on the paper. She printed a big “H” with unsteady, shaking hands. Her muscle control was weak. She then tried to print an “E” next to it but without success. She ripped the paper and finally managed a big “E”. A new piece of paper managed to get a crooked “L” on it. Amy smiled and said “help, are you trying to say help?”

Jackie nodded her head.

“Of course we will help you, Dr. Best is world famous.” At the mention of Best’s name, Jackie became visibly agitated. Amy looked at her patient. “Is there a problem with Dr. Best?” Amy was stunned when Jackie quickly nodded her head.

She understands me, Amy thought, this is more then responding to commands. Handing her the paper, Amy said, “write your name.” Jackie tried and only had the “JA” down before the door opened and the team assigned to electroshock came to get her. Jackie’s eyes went wild and she struggled but having little control of her muscles was quickly on the gurney with her arms strapped down.

Amy looked on conflicted and said, “she was communicating at a higher level, this is not necessary.” The lead attendant looked at the order and simply said, “Dr. Best signed the order himself.”

Jackie remained agitated as another IV was started. She looked up in horror as a syringe injected more drugs into the line and she immediately relaxed with all of the fight flowing from her. “I love the way the methohexital just calms them down immediately” an attendant said. Look at her, she is already in la la land.” With that Jackie was rolled out of her room and down the corridor.

Three hours later, Jackie was brought back. The first thing Amy noticed was her eyes were dull and listless. Amy tried talking to her but got no response. She made some notes in Jackie’s chart and then left the floor as her shift was done. As she exited the elevator into the parking garage, she did not see the figure lurking behind a concrete support column. Amy reached in her purse for her keys at the very moment the figure struck emptying a syringe into the startled nurses neck. Amy tried to react but her movements seemed sluggish as she crumpled to the floor. Her assailant picked up a nearby emergency phone connected to security. “I need help on Parking Level B. A nurse has fallen, hit her head, and seems unresponsive.”

At that very moment, Best was standing next to Jackie’s bed. “Wow, I’ll bet your mind is confused, you probably don’t know who you are right now. That is ok, you just need to remember your triggers and they are embedded so deeply the therapy won’t alter them.”

Best suddenly looked down at his pager and smiled. “It looks like Nurse Amy has had an accident. I must go and attend to her.” As he walked away, he added, “the next treatment should give me a blank slate to work with.”

Best walked into another wing of the facility, took an elevator to an underground level and using a keycard walked into the floor where Marie had been treated. Walking into an exam room, he saw nurse Amy Clifford laying on a gurney unable to move. “Don’t worry, it is just the drug. It keeps you immobile for awhile. I find it reduces the patient’s physical agitation as we begin treatment.”

Amy struggled to talk, “treatment?”

“Yes dear, you asked too many questions about your patient and seemed to doubt my treatment plan. Now, the best way to make you a believer is to let you undergo treatment. I promise you will discover a whole new you.” Best then left.

Alone, Amy tried to sit up, but found it hard to move. Eventually she stood and looked around. In the corner was what looked like a pile of blankets, along one wall were a series of small doors and a thick pad lay on the floor on the other side of the room. Confused, she stood there until a woman came into the room holding a small black rod in her hands.

“Strip,” she said.

Amy stood refusing to move as her mind was still clouded by the drugs.

The attendant took the prod and pressed it to Amy’s thigh and the young nurse fell to the floor screaming. “When I say do something, do it, or the punishment will be much worse.” Amy stood again and slowly stripped realizing the scrub pants she wore were soaked with urine released when her muscles spasmed with the first shock.

“You have soiled the floor, get on your hands and knees and clean it up.” Amy was shocked but did not want to suffer more pain. She did what she was told.

“I see you will be a fast learner, now crawl to the blankets, they are your new bed. Walking is no longer allowed.” When Amy went to answer, she was shocked again. “Neither is talking,” the attendant added. She then said, “my name is Abi and you will do whatever I say.”

Amy crawled slowly over to the blankets where another attendant put a bit between her teeth and fastened it behind her head. “The bit will remind you of no talking,” Abi laughed. “We have so much to teach you.” With that another syringe was plunged into her thigh and as Amy’s world relaxed, she was fitted with a visor and earbuds.

A week later, Jackie received her second electroshock treatment. The second was more powerful then the first. When she was wheeled back into her room, her eyes looked almost blank and devoid of any emotion. Dr Best came in and checked on her speaking slowly. “Now you have experienced my process, now the rebuilding begins.”

With that he signaled a team of technicians who again used the earbuds and visor. For the next two days, Jackie’s life was rewritten. Her mind was like a sponge adsorbing everything Best fed her brain.

Across the compound, Amy followed the same path as Marie before her. She was now clad in latex, crawling and drawing sustenance from the phallic like devices hidden behind the small doors in her room. Amy no longer talked and communicated as Marie did, with barks and whines. Abi loved watching her crawl towards her in the morning. The young nurse’s breasts stood out as the hung below her slightly swaying with each move. Abi could tell Marie was not in almost a constant state of arousal thanks to a new experimental drug they were testing on her. As Abi patted her on the head like you would a pet, she whispered, “tomorrow, you will meet the new love of your life.”

Two months later, Best held a dinner party with a few of his best friends and investors in the Institute. As the male guests arrived. Best introduced his newest assistant Jacklyn, adding, “she too experienced the transformative powers of the Institute. Didn’t you dear?”

Jacklyn, standing next to Best in a form fitting black cocktail dress and perfect makeup smiled and simply nodded. She then spoke adding, “it wasn’t until I came to the Institute that I found my true self. For her part, Jacklyn was now the perfect hostess, making sure all the guests were happy as well as attending to Dr. Best’s needs. Deep inside her mind there was still a part of her screaming, but outwardly and on display was Jacklyn not Jackie.

By the time dessert was served, Best nodded to Jacklyn and she went and retrieved the two human pets living on the estate. Attaching a leash to each collar, Jacklyn led Marie and Amy into the room where the guests were seated. Best announced, don’t be shy with the pets, they are here for your entertainment and hopefully purchase. To loosen things up, Best had Jacklyn signal the pets to pleasure one another. They were soon locked in a sexual embrace furiously licking each other to orgasm, while the guests commented and applauded.

Best used the opportunity to speak. “So here you have my three latest works. The two on the floor now frolic as sexual pets and have been trained to respond to a wide variety of commands. Jacklyn here would be the perfect trophy wife. She lives to serve me, adore me and look good on my arm.” He then added, and she is trained in all the sexual arts and has an amazing appetite for kink.” She also is for sale to the right bidder.

One guest commented, “god, I would like one of those.” Best stared at him and said “just bring me the woman and enough money and I will make on for you too. After all, the Restoration Institute is all about makeover.” He finished with, “of course these models are for sale too.”

As Jacklyn walked over to leash the pets, she could feel her pussy becoming wetter and wetter. Handing the leashes to an attendant, she returned to her room where she stripped and lay spread-eagle on her bed where she awaited Best’s return. Deep inside her head Jackie cried out “noooooo,” but no one heard, no one cared. Jacklyn now ruled the day.