The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Intellivore II: Return to Innocence”

[Author note: This is the sequel to my original story, Intellivore. It occurs over a millennium in the future, after several wars and the loss of many records have taken place. Thus, even the agency which had at one time policed things such as the Intellivore are gone.]

“Happy new year!” everyone exclaimed, ripping all the 3021 calendars off the walls and replacing them with 3022 calendars, humming a drunken, off-key rendition of “Auld Lang Syne.” The words had disappeared into antiquity after the last war, when a great many of the records had been destroyed, but the tune and the name remained as traditional as the celebration.

One young man did not join in the celebration, however. He was hard at work. They had uncovered the wreckage of what once had been a military installation, and had discovered a neon-colored gelatinous substance which had turned out to be a being of some sort which somehow was able to feed on the intelligence of others. It had drained three agents of all they knew, leaving them nothing more than mindless vegetables, before it had been contained. Now Roberto Vasquez was working on a way to apply the being’s abilities to a human subject. To, in a sense, create a human intellivore.

Shen Meilin walked in then. Meilin was a beautiful Asian woman with her hair cut short for convenience, since her job required her to go into space often. She tended to wear black, which only enhanced her loveliness, and she spoke with a sexy half-lisp which caused her attractive, pink tongue to show up more often than not. Physically, she was a perfect specimen, as far as Roberto was concerned. Unfortunately, she was a spoiled, rich little know-it-all who had made it quite clear from the beginning what she wanted in a man: The first and foremost requirement was that her man must be Chinese. He must also be taller than her by not less than an inch, but not more than a foot. His penis must be above average size, he must be rich and intelligent, but not so intelligent that she could not outsmart him given the time and the inclination. The rest, she claimed, could be taken care of through careful training. She was, in short, a bitch. It was for her that he wanted to experiment with the Intellivore. She approached him with a predatory gleam in her eyes.

“I hope you’re not working on something personal.” she said without sincerity. “You know anything created on company computers becomes company property.”

“What brought that on?” Roberto asked.

“The computer disks in your coat pockets.” she replied.

“I like to take my work home with me.”

“You know anything developed by this company or its employees is a classified trade secret. You could be compromising security by taking your work home with you.”

“Well, the minute the boss reprimands me, I’ll stop.” Roberto said.

“You might not get that chance. The first reprimand is often the last.” Meilin replied. “Especially when it comes to company security.” She walked out then, leaving Roberto to his work. Before Roberto even realized it, the janitor was tapping him on the shoulder.

“Were you here all night?” he asked. Roberto glanced out the window. The sun was just appearing over the horizon.

“Yeah, I was working on something.” Roberto replied. He got back to work, and the janitor left him alone.

* * *

The hypo was relatively painless. Roberto felt a little buzz as the chemicals entered his bloodstream. Afraid that the key check systems might catch him if he went too far with it on company equipment, he had mapped out the rest of the formula the old-fashioned way: On paper. Meilin walked in just as Roberto put down the hypo.

“The boss wants to see you.” she said. Roberto followed her, folding the paper into his sleeve as he came closer, but she increased speed, then slowed down to match his pace, keeping a meter between them at all times. She stepped aside as they entered the boss’s office. “Dead man walking.” she said with a wicked grin before closing the door, leaving Roberto alone with Mr. Arigato.

“You do realize that every keystroke and mouse movement and voice request made on the company computers is logged, Mr. Vasquez?” Mr. Arigato asked. “That it’s all recorded in a triple-encrypted, octuple-redundant master system which I can access at will? A master system from which nothing can be deleted because of its redundancy, because it checks itself constantly, constantly backing itself up? Did you know that this system is referenced and cross-referenced so well that I can type in any criteria I want and come up with all the evidence I will ever need of any wrongdoing whenever and whenever I need it?” He turned his desk computer around, showing Roberto precisely what his section of the company records contained. “Since you joined us in 3019 you visited The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive eight hundred times, Fetish Zone Online four hundred, Alt.Sex.Stories seven hundred and fifty times, you created an erotic story website of your own, you searched via various search and metasearch engines on the subjects of drug-induced amnesia, suggestibility and sexual arousal, as well as hypnotism, mesmerism, brainwashing and Stockholm Syndrome. You accessed employee files without permission, taking several file photographs of Shen Meilin and editing them so they displayed Ms. Shen in a variety of submissive, degrading and often disgusting situations. You accessed her medical records to create an electronic double of Ms. Shen who lived in your computer as your cyber sex plaything. You transferred her to your home computer when you began to fear discovery. It’s all right here.”

“It seems you have me pinned, Mr. Arigato.” Roberto said.

“Your work concerning the Intellivore being is also in this file.” the man continued. “In the twentieth century it wrought havoc on a house in Mexico, near the Texas border. After its rediscovery in the ruins of Fort Hood, it drained three Special Agents of their minds before we contained it. It was deemed a national security risk. You hacked the government data using our computers, and that’s given us invaluable research material. The last time you accessed the computer, you were on the brink of discovering something that could possibly lead to a human with the mind-draining powers of the Intellivore. By all rights, I should have you arrested. However, it would be a great asset if we were able to provide the government, under the table of course, with a team of agents capable of such things. The Intellivore is too unpredictable to be used as a weapon, but a human has the faculties necessary to develop conscience, which the Intellivore ignores. I want you to finish work on the human Intellivore project and submit the results to me. I am prepared to reward you handsomely...and wipe the slate clean.”

“That sounds like a very generous offer, sir.” Roberto said. “I promise you will not be disappointed.” He extended a hand, and Mr. Arigato accepted. Roberto could sense the man’s thoughts. Suddenly he knew that Mr. Arigato planned to betray him once he had the secret. He felt a flash of anger, and Mr. Arigato’s eyes went wide. Roberto felt the man’s intelligence, his cunning, his knowledge, all flowing into his mind. He wanted more, but he had already drained his now-mindless victim, who hit his head on the desk as he collapsed. Now unconscious, he simply forgot to breathe. Roberto alerted security, who alerted the authorities. After answering a few questions, Roberto was free to go.

* * *

Since the authorities had found no evidence that Roberto had directly caused Mr. Arigato’s collapse and subsequent death, there was no legal basis to detain him. He was cooperative, and the coroner’s report corroborated his story that Mr. Arigato seemed to have suffered some kind of seizure which caused the accident. Cleared of all wrongdoing, Roberto resumed his work with the company. He was working late one evening when Meilin showed up.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“I think you killed Mr. Arigato, and I’m going to find out how. And I’m going to find out what kind of experryment you were working on.” she said. Her hand brushed his, and he got a look inside her head. He absorbed her cunning, her manipulativeness, her self-interest, and several I.Q. points. The result was a selfless, obedient bimbo—just like Roberto had wanted.

“Say ‘experiment’ again.” he told her.

“Experryment.” she said.

“Damn, that’s sexy!” he said, pulling her close. She flushed with arousal.

“When you touched me, I felt good.” she said. “Why is it so hard to think?”

“Don’t bother.” Roberto replied. “All you need to know is that my...say it again...”

“Experryment.” she replied.

“...was a success, and now, you’re mine.” he said, taking a little more of her mind as he did so. She sighed in pleasure. “You need me to guide you. You know that, don’t you? You’re not as smart as you used to be. You’re going to find out that ignorance is bliss, my pet.”

“You mean it?” Meilin asked. “I’ll be happy?”

“Of course.” Roberto said. “Now close and lock the door.”

“Okay.” Meilin said. She went to the door and tapped a button to close it, then tapped another button and a latch slid into place. She returned to him, and he kissed her passionately while worming around in her mind. He found her trust and the people and positions with which it was associated. Due to the changes already wrought upon her, her trust for him was somewhat above normal. He removed the trust-associations with everybody except for him, and all the trust she was capable of defaulted to him. She now could trust no other but him, and trusted him implicitly.

Every little bit he drained from her brought her pleasure. Now she was rubbing at his crotch. Roberto bent Meilin over the desk, undoing the poli-seal on her pants. They loosened and fell away. She kicked them off her feet along with her shoes. He pulled her sweater off over her head, and her braless breasts bounced free. He ripped off her panties.

“From now on, Meilin, when we are alone, I want you to call me Master.” Roberto said. “Understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Meilin replied, huskily, her half-lisp making the word even more of a turn-on for him.

“And what does that make you?”

“Your slave.” she replied after a moment’s thought.

“Good girl.” he said, draining away her sexual inhibitions. “You will obey my every command, is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.” Meilin replied. Roberto drained away her capacity for jealousy. He unsealed his own pants, and dropped them to the floor along with his underwear. He put his cockhead at her opening and stared into her lust-filled eyes.

“Your body and mind belong to me.” he said.

“Yes, Master.” Meilin replied.

“You are nothing without me, you are helpless without me.”

“Yes, Master.” she replied, looking into his eyes with a mixture of unbridled animal lust and childlike innocence. She cried out as he shafted her, breaking her cherry. Her prudishness had kept her a virgin, but she was a prude no more. She was so tight she brought him off in no time.

“Suck me, slave.” he commanded after they recovered from their mutual orgasms. Meilin obediently got to her knees and sucked her Master’s penis. He let her continue sucking until he had blasted a wad of seed down her throat. She nearly choked on it, but tried her best to swallow it, and managed to get most of it, with only a little trickling out of her mouth, which she promptly scooped up into her mouth. “You’ve been a good little slave so far. Now make me hard again with your mouth.” She nodded, and began to suckle. He pulled out as it achieved its full size. “Now press your lovely little tits together around my cock.” he commanded. She did, forming a little almost-tunnel for him. He’d never had a girl let him titty-fuck her before. It was a new experience for him, and one he eagerly memorized. She was about to clean his seed off her face and chest, but he commanded her to leave it and get him hard again. She bent to her task, quickly learning the strokes and caresses needed to bring him to erection. That was what a woman’s mind was for, he thought. He stood her up and draped her over the desk. Her breasts were pressed against an invoice P.A.D.D. “You’ve never taken it in the ass, have you, slave?”

“No, Master.” Meilin replied. Her mouth and pussy had him lubed enough that he slid into her tight ass instantly. She writhed under him as she felt his penetration and subsequent thrusting. A stranger to these sensations, she started to orgasm over and over again. She was a toy for her Master’s pleasure, and she was loving every minute of it. Due to his previous orgasms, he lasted longer than he normally would, but eventually blasted a load of scalding semen into her ass.

“Get something to clean me.” he commanded after he pulled out of her. She found some wipes and reverently cleaned Roberto’s organ. He stood her up and hugged her, rocking her like a child. She reveled in it, sighing happily.

“You’re going to be a good slave for me, Meilin.” he said. “You’re not smart enough anymore to be a good supervisor, but soon enough, my dear, I’m going to be running this company, and you’re going to be my pet secretary.” Meilin squealed with glee.

* * *

Roberto tapped an entry request into the office which had once belonged to Mr. Arigato.

“Enter.” a woman’s voice from within, and the door opened. Roberto walked in, keeping his body language respectful. “Ah, Mr. Vasquez, welcome.” The high-backed chair turned around, and Roberto’s eyes were greeted with a vision of Cuban beauty. Her rounded, full chest hinted at soft treasures hidden beneath her blouse. As she rose, he noticed she was wearing simple, denim pants, called “blue jeans.” Very retro. She was, however, wearing modern comfort-tread shoes. Her long, dark hair flowed down over her back, some of it taking the other route over her shoulders to cascade over her lush breasts. She had a slight smile, and her dark eyes and creamy complexion mad Roberto want to take a picture. “I’m Juana Campos.” she said. “I’ll be taking over for Mr. Arigato.”

“Looks like we’re trading up.” Roberto replied. She favored him with a single raised eyebrow.

“If it weren’t for the very sincere look on your face, I’d think you were trying to butter up the new boss.”

“May I be honest, Ms. Campos?” he asked. She nodded. “You are beautiful, and I can see you’re also very intelligent.”

“Intelligent enough to figure out this wonderful computer system with little difficulty.” Juana said, turning her computer screen around.

“I’ve seen it.” Roberto said.

“Yes.” Juana replied. “It was on the screen when Mr. Arigato died. Which begs the question...”

“You wish to know if I killed him to keep him quiet?” Roberto asked.

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

“The thought of murder never crossed mine.” Roberto said. “I’m going to continue to be honest with you, if you don’t mind, Ms. Campos.”

“Go ahead.”

“Mr. Arigato had been watching me for some time.” he said. “He discovered research pertaining to a creature in Federal containment known as the Intellivore among some of my queries on my own time. While I was exploring the possibilities of the creature, I discovered something about the Intellivore which could, with further research, lead to a merger between human and Intellivore. He summoned me to his office when he noticed I had stopped using the computer for that kind of research and development. He offered to wipe my slate clean if I would finish the job.”

“With a record like this, I can see where that would be tempting.” Juana said, turning her screen back around.

“Which begs the question: Since his successor would obviously gain access to this same database and run across the same data, what would I have to gain by killing Mr. Arigato?”

“I don’t know.” Ms. Campos admitted.

“Who benefits from his death, Ms. Campos? Who has a motive? Are there any interesting anomalies in the autopsy?”

“Interestingly enough, they found some kind of electromagnetic residue in his body.” Juana said. “They’re still studying it, but haven’t run across anything they think could have caused it.”

“Anything interesting about that residue?”

“It seemed to run right up his right arm.” Juana said. “His brain was like a computer wiped clean by an electromagnetic pulse.”

“Well, please let me know if you find anything.” Roberto said. “Who is in charge of the investigation?”

“Dr. Louisa Gallegos.” Juana said. “As for the deal with Mr. Arigato...”

“I don’t want a deal, Ms. Campos.” Roberto said. “There is nothing that society can gain from the Intellivore. It is, quite simply, a parasite. No good can come from it. I think it best if we purge the data from the computers.”

“That could prove difficult.” Juana said. “You know about the redundancies and backup systems. It would require a total shutdown of the system, and could take months to do. It would set us back billions of creds.” He stepped around the desk.

“If I may, I think I might know something Mr. Arigato neglected to tell anyone.” he said. “I had a couple of brushes with the law as a child for hacking, and I have seen some of his tricks.”

Juana stepped aside and watched as Roberto entered a code which gave him full, simultaneous access to the entire computer system. A menu popped up, and Roberto tapped commands into the keypad. All information pertaining to the Intellivore disappeared. Forever.

“For the good of the world.” he reminded Juana. “Who knows what would happen if that data were to fall into the wrong hands.”

“I was wondering how he planned to wipe the slate clean.” Juana said.

“The password is ‘SEXGOD’.” Roberto whispered into her ear. “Two of the three most commonly-used passwords in one.” As he said it, his lips brushed her ear, and he got a peek into her mind. He started absorbing her self-interest and her capacity for jealousy. She closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure. He moved down, kissing her repeatedly without breaking contact, moving down her neck until he reached her cleavage. He started unbuttoning her blouse, licking her breasts while he undid her bra. He pulled off both garments, leaving her standing there topless, while the pleasure as he slowly absorbed her sexual inhibitions drew moans from her. He suckled and nibbled on her already-erect nipples, loving the natural tan of her skin. He fumbled with the unfamiliar manual zipper, but finally got it down. Now all that was left was the button. He managed to get it open, and pulled her pants and panties down. He opened his own pants and inserted his hot, stiff penis into her waiting slit. She moaned as he sat her down in her chair, straddling her lap as he humped her. He didn’t quite give her the full Meilin mindjob, for she would need her intelligence to keep her job and continue to benefit him. But she would benefit him indeed. By making her trust him implicitly, and letting her know what it would take to continue to receive pleasure from him, he secured her as a devoted and loyal servant. By the time he had brought her to orgasm number six, he owned her body and possessed, while not a sizeable portion of her mind, a few very important pieces.

“When can I see you again, Master?” she asked as he prepared to leave.

“After work tonight, come over to my place. We will discuss my plans for this company, and you.” She smiled.

* * *

Dr. Gallegos wore her long, dark hair in a tight bun. Her skin was more tan than Ms. Campos’ hair had been. She wore a pink sweater under her lab coat, and a pair of disposable pants and scrubs below.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“Ms. Compos would like to know how many people you’ve told about the autopsy.”

“I haven’t released anything.” Dr. Gallegos said. “Ms. Compos only got what she got because she was bugging the hell out of me.” Roberto laughed.

“She is tenacious, isn’t she?”

“Is there something else?” Dr. Gallegos asked, irritably.

“I think I might be able to offer some insight.” Roberto told her. Dr. Gallegos held a scanner up in his face, hoping to intimidate him.

“Que diablo?” she gasped, looking at the readings. Roberto grabbed her wrist, reaching into her mind and absorbing what she would no longer need in her new life. With a Juana mindjob instead of a Meilin, she would still be able to keep her job and continue to benefit her new Master.

After claiming Louisa’s mind, he pulled off her clothes, ready to claim her body. He threw her over an examination table, entering her from behind. She was already very wet from the mindjob, and she was not a virgin, so he slid in easily. She clawed at the table as he pumped her like an ancient Texas oil well. She moaned and writhed in ecstasy, screaming his name with every orgasm he brought her. Finally, after blasting her with several scalding wads of seed, he stepped back, leaning against an instrument tray. He rested for a bit, then went around to the front and found that Louisa had fallen asleep. He rubbed his penis in her face until she awoke, then had her suck him off. She smiled when she finished, swallowing his fluid with relish.

“You’re so much better than my husband, Master.” she sighed, nuzzling him.

“What is your relationship with him like?” he asked, holding her chin up and gazing into her eyes.

“I haven’t let him touch me in three years.” she said. “He always comes home smelling like alcohol and cheap perfume. I think he’s got a whore somewhere.”

“How difficult would it be for you to leave him and come live with me?” She thought about it for a few minutes.

“Not too hard.” she replied.

“How soon?”

“I can be at your door by Monday.”

“Give it another week, let it seem more gradual.” Roberto said. “I need your cooperation concerning the autopsy of Mr. Arigato.”

“What do you need me to hold back?” she asked.

“Just the cause of the miniature, internal EMP that wiped his mind.”

“You want me to tell them about the EMP causing a total mind wipe, but not about the cause.” she said, by way of confirming her instructions. Roberto nodded.

“Good girl.” he told her, absorbing all her trust-references except for him, just as he had done with Meilin. She cooed in pleasure. Now she trusted only him. “And if anyone asks why you’re leaving your husband, you can tell them you no longer feel you can trust him.”

“I love you.” she sighed. In return, he kissed her.

“You’re going to be a very useful member of my harem.” he said, and she sighed happily. “Now get dressed before we’re discovered.”

* * *

“Mr. Vasquez will be taking a position with me as my director of employee relations.” said Juana Campos, much to the chagrin of the Board of Directors. “He knows the employees on a more personal level than we in management can appreciate. Shen Meilin, in turn, will be assisting him. While they will have no direct power, they will help me decide how to handle problems on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the varying factors involved in employee-relations problems.” The Board, mostly a collection of bitter, old men, except for Ms. Campos who held 45% of the shares and, therefore, the votes, glowered at Roberto and Meilin. But they had the backing of the new C.E.O. who just happened to be the company’s biggest shareholder, and it would take more cooperation than these old wallets could generally muster to oust them. With his near-complete control over Juana, Roberto was pretty much in control of the company. When he got the chance, he rewarded Juana with the removal of a couple of depressing memories.

“Thank you, Ms. Campos.” he said, taking the podium. “I know some of you may find it odd that a little worm from down in R & D ended up becoming the employee-relations advisor, but trust me, my friends, I a supreme position to solve our employee-relations problems.” There were grudging applause. “I’ll be happy to meet with any of you at any time to help put your fears at ease.” The tone of the clapping seemed to say “whatever,” or more accurately, “who does this clown think he is?". Roberto would fix them soon enough. “Now, then, are there any questions?” No one raised their hand. “Alright, then, I think we’d better be getting to work.”