The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Into the Life of Brian

Chapter 1 — The discovery

Brian sat alone in his small, dimly lit apartment, the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders. It had been a long week, filled with disappointments and setbacks, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that his luck was running out, that somehow god was out to get him.

He had just been fired from both his jobs (that had to be some kind of record), had exactly 8 dollars in his bank account, no girlfriend (who would want to date such a loser?) and to add insult to injury his parents cut him off financially since, as they put it, “he is a big boy now, he should be walking on his own already”. Really? In THIS economy? He could barely afford to eat working two jobs.

As he stared out the window at the bustling city streets below, contemplating if he should just open the window and dive head first into the far below pavement, a strange sensation washed over him. It started as a faint tingling at the back of his mind, a whisper of something unknown and inexplicable. And then, with a suddenness that left him breathless, the truth simply dawned on him:

He had the power to influence reality as he pleased.

The realization hit him like a ton of bricks, leaving him reeling with disbelief. How had he come by such a gift, he wondered, and why had it chosen him of all people? And yet, as he pondered the possibilities that lay before him, a sense of excitement bubbled up within him, a spark of hope amidst the darkness that was his current life.

He collected himself. This just wasn’t possible. “This is a coping mechanism, isn’t it? I’m going into depression and this is how my mind is dealing with. Great, I’m going insane”. This thought seemed appropriate, but the feeling kept boiling inside his head, nagging and pestering him that he had acquired ultimate power.

“Let’s test it then.” He proposed a challenge to no one in particular. “Something simple. If I’m wrong this is it, I’m officially going insane or into depression, I’ll just jump off that fucking window and end it! And if I’m right…….”

With trembling hands, Brian reached out and picked up a nearby pen, his mind racing with the possibilities, insanity or power? It felt like his life was hanging on a toss of a coin. And so, with a sense of determination that he hadn’t felt in years, he set about experimenting with the very fabric of reality itself.

Holding the pen in his open palm he just decided that this pen is not blue anymore, it is now red. He kept staring at it and nothing happened. “You have to write with it you fucking moron” he said to himself feeling like a complete idiot, and added “What did you expect, that it was going to start screaming ‘I’m a red pen’?”

He then grabbed the envelope of one of his late bills and scribbled on it. It was red. He brought the pen closer to his eyes “Was this pen even blue in the first place?” … He facepalmed. “Infinite power seems to come with infinite stupidity it seems” He said to himself again laughing. Something he had not done in quite some time.

“Stop dancing around the issue man, you either have it or you don’t. Either you’s jumping out of that window or you’ll become a literal god”. Brian extended his arm and opened his palm again, the red pen laid there unmoving. He decided that that pen was not a red pen anymore, it was an egg.

And then, with a soft pop, the pen in his hand shimmered and shifted, its form twisting and contorting until it resembled something altogether different. In place of the familiar plastic, Brian now held a small egg, its shell smooth and white against his palm.

He blinked in disbelief, unable to comprehend what had just occurred. It was impossible, unthinkable, and yet here it was, undeniable proof of his newfound abilities.

With trembling hands, Brian reached out and touched the egg, half expecting it to disappear in a puff of smoke. But it remained solid and real beneath his fingers, a tangible reminder of the power he now held within him.

Chapter 2 — absolute power corrupts absolutely

Brian’s mind buzzed with the electric thrill of possibility as he held the egg in his hand, his thoughts racing a mile a minute. With this power at his fingertips, the world seemed to stretch out before him like an endless canvas, waiting to be painted with his desires.

As he considered the myriad possibilities that lay before him, one idea in particular danced at the very front of his desires. Sex. The thought of using his newfound abilities to indulge in the ultimate pleasure filled him with a heady mix of excitement and euphoria.

Brian sat down and leaned back in his chair. So many possibilities. He could do anything! With a mere thought, he could transport himself and his partner to any location of his choosing, whether it be a secluded beach at sunset or a luxurious hotel suite overlooking the city skyline.

“Yeah right, I don’t even have a girlfriend. Who am I going to teleport with me?” Brian began talking to himself again, he had this bad habit but it has always helped him think clearly and orderly, so he never stopped doing it.

“Weeeeell, I could just make people think I’m amazingly beautiful, I’d have a girlfriend in no time like that…. . Wait! I can change my body to BE amazingly beautiful. Like a Hollywood movie star, but even better, no woman will be able to resist me!”

His excitement vanished as soon as those words escaped his lips. He remembered the countless rejections he went through, the scorn in every woman’s face when they rejected him. How they enjoyed humiliating him in front of others. “It’s not like they can say no to me either way anymore, right? I could be the most disgusting pig in the world and have them begging me for the privilege of opening their legs for me” His voice was now low and somber and a discreet smile crept up on his lips.

Changing the egg back into a pen, he held it between his upper lip and nose, playing with it. “What to do… what to do…”, he wondered, his eyes fixed on his ceiling. The pen fell to the floor as he opened his mouth exclaiming “Ah, that fucking bitch.”.

Brian remembered Cindy, his upstairs neighbor. A beautiful young woman with long auburn hair. She lived with her mother Carol upstairs in the apartment right above his, and was attending the local community college. Her father wasn’t in the picture and Brian had no idea what was the story behind that. She had been a masturbatory fantasy for Brian for quite some time.

A lot of women had treated Brian badly through his life, Cindy was just the most recent one. She treated her garbage better than she did Brian. That was not an exaggeration, she actually made fun of Brian once, when she and her friend caught him ogling them, saying she would rather sleep in her garbage dumpster hugging the bags than in his bed with him. They haven’t talked much ever since.

“Things are about to change Cindy, and I know exactly how you are going to pay me back”. Brian looked at the clock to check the time “2 in the afternoon of a Sunday. Perfect”. He concentrated upward looking for Cindy “Oh, they’re both home.” Brian considered adding Carol to the fun but decided against it ultimately. This was between him and Cindy.

Grabbing Cindy’s mind Brian inserted a single piece of information “If you don’t give your downstairs neighbor Brian a blowjob and swallow his cum in the next two hours, you will die a gruesome death”.

“There, done. Humm… let’s add that she will not question this information. At all. To her this is undeniably true and the only way to live is to complete the task. Finally, I’ll insert an information feedback to me, I want to know what the cunt is thinking and feeling”.

Brian felt thirsty. Not as a result of using his power, for him altering reality was as simple as expressing an idea. He was just thirsty. “Now we play the waiting game” he said out loud while pouring himself a cup of ice-cold water.

Chapter 3 — Cindy’s personal hell

The sunlight streamed through the curtains of Cindy’s small apartment, casting a warm, golden hues across the room. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, the kind where time seemed to stretch endlessly ahead. Cindy, a 22-year-old with delicate features and a cascade of auburn hair, lounged on the sofa still in her pajamas, the remote control in one hand and a bowl of cereal in the other.

The pajama top, cut in a fitted style that accentuated her curves, featured a motif of adorable kittens frolicking amidst a field of flowers. The neckline dipped slightly, offering a tantalizing glimpse of her collarbones, while the hemline rode up just enough to reveal a hint of her midriff.

Paired with matching shorts, adorned with tiny hearts and stars, the ensemble showcased Cindy’s slender legs, the fabric clinging to her curves in all the right places. Despite the childish design, there was an undeniable allure to the way she wore them, a playful confidence that added a touch of mischief to her demeanor.

The remote control lay idle in her hand as she flicked through the channels, her expression one of mild frustration as she searched for something to capture her interest. With each passing channel, her brows furrowed in dissatisfaction, her lips forming a delicate pout of discontent. Meanwhile, her mother bustled about the apartment, her movements methodical as she dusted shelves and straightened picture frames.

But amidst the mundane activities of a typical Sunday afternoon, something shifted within Cindy. It was as if a veil had been lifted, revealing a truth that had been lurking just beneath the surface of her consciousness. She couldn’t explain it, couldn’t rationalize it, but she knew with a deep certainty that it was undeniably true.

A sense of urgency pulsed through her veins, driving her to action. She set aside her cereal bowl and rose from the sofa, the weight of her revelation heavy on her shoulders. With each step she took, the world around her seemed to blur, the edges of reality melting away to reveal the stark truth lying in wait. She could not help herself but vocalize it, and spoke softly so only she would hear: “If I don’t give that creepy guy downstairs a blowjob and swallow his cum in the next 2 hours I’m going to die”. She knew, without a shadow of a doubt that she had to act, and act quickly, if she wanted to save herself from impending doom.

But the task that lay before her was unimaginable, unthinkable in its depravity. How could she bring herself to fulfill such a vile demand, to subject herself to the whims of her downstairs neighbor? Even worse, why it had to be THAT GUY???

As the seconds ticked by, Cindy’s mind raced with possibilities, each one more horrifying than the last. She could feel the panic rising within her, threatening to consume her whole.

And then, as if by some cruel twist of fate, the image of her neighbor, Brian, flashed before her mind’s eye. She recoiled at the thought of him, his lecherous gaze and repulsive demeanor sending a chill down her spine. But she had no choice. Her fate hung in the balance, and Cindy knew that she had to do whatever it took to live.

With a deep breath and a steeling of her resolve, she made her way to Brian’s door, her heart pounding in her chest as she prepared to confront the darkness that lay ahead.

While on the stairs down Cindy realized two things, first is that she absolutely could not let that guy find out why she had to give him a blowjob, the creep would certainly blackmail her with such information. The second thing she realized was that she was still in her pajamas and wearing no bra or panties.

Taking a good look at her own body filled Cindy with confidence. “This will be easy!” She thought “that creepy nerd always had the hots for me, I bet he’ll cum with a single touch. I just have to power through and swallow” she shivered with disgust at the thought.

She had formulated a strategy and was going to follow through with it, so with renewed resolve she went to knock on Brians door. The movement and resulting noise that came from inside the apartment concluded with a twist of the doorknob. The door opened and Cindy found herself face-to-face with the very embodiment of her dilemma.

Brian stood before her, his face showed annoyance, she probably interrupted something. “What do you want Cindy?” His voice denounced even more annoyance. She was taken aback for a couple of seconds. She wasn’t expecting this, he always looked at her with desire, why was he mad at her now?

“Are you going to just stand there? Is this another prank?” Brian added. Cindy’s eyes darted around, her gaze pleading for a moment of clarity. She had not anticipated this and the weight of the situation was rattling her nerves.

“Brian” she began with a mellow voice, trying to act friendly, her speech tainted by fear and uncertainty, “I... I wanted to talk to you about something... important.”

Brian’s brows arched in surprise, then his eyes narrowed with suspicion. “Spit it out, then,” he demanded, leaning against the doorframe, his large presence filling the small apartment.

Cindy’s throat went dry, but she pressed on, her words rushing out in a desperate torrent. “I... I’ve always known you had a thing for me. The way you look at me... it’s obvious. And... and I’ve decided that... maybe... we could do something about it.”

The room fell into an uneasy silence, broken only by the labored breaths of both participants. Brian’s eyes widened at the unexpected proposition, a cunning smile slowly stretching across his face.

“Is that so?” he breathed. “I’m not falling for whatever prank or bet you and your friends came up with Cindy. I’m mister worse than a garbage bag, remember? Leave me alone”. “Dam, I’m such a fucking good actor” He thought.

“NO! it’s… it’s not that” Cindy almost shouted as Brian was about to close his door, but continued in a meek tone “I think... I’ve been a bitch to you and I should apologize. I want to... to show you how much I appreciate your... admiration. Maybe we could hang out and I could… do something nice for you.” Cindy’s cheeks flushed, having to apologize to this creep was bad enough, but pretending to like him was really humiliating.

Brian’s reaction was a nuanced blend of surprise and calculated calm. “Hang out, you say?” he purred, his tone oozing with false modesty. “Well, that’s quite the generous offer. But why the sudden change of heart, Cindy? What’s the catch?”

Cindy’s heart sank at his response, but she remained steadfast, her eyes fixed on the greater goal. “No catch,” she lied, her voice trembling. “I just wanted to do something nice for you. After all, you’ve been so... supportive, in your own way.”

Brian’s smirk widened on one side of his mouth, and he leisurely straightened his frame. He enjoyed the game, the back and forth of their bargaining. “Supportive, you say? Fascinating. And here I thought you despised me.”

The young girl’s cheeks were scarlet now, and she averted her gaze, unable to meet his probing eyes. “Despise is a strong word,” she mumbled, her thoughts racing to keep up with the increasing complexity of the situation.

“Is it now?” Brian stepped closer, his eyes boring into Cindy’s, the very essence of probing intensity. “Then why the sudden affection, Cindy? It’s sounding like desperation.”

The corridor seemed to shrink around Cindy as Brian’s presence loomed larger. She felt cornered, her desperate plea hanging in the balance. “I need... I need your help with something and I think... if I’d be nice to you... maybe you’d return the favor.” she blurted out her confession, the words tearing from her throat making her regret her decision immediately.

The silence that followed was thick and Cindy’s heart hammered in her chest, each beat a plea for understanding. Brian’s expression remained stoic, an unmoving mask that hid his inner triumph. He knew he held the upper hand, and he intended to savor the moment.

“Fine, come in. Let’s discuss this inside or someone will see you dressed like that in front of my door and it’ll be trouble for me”. Cindy was so relieved that Brian had finally accepted her advances that she did not hear the door locking behind her and the soft woosh of the room becoming soundproof.

Cindy was sitting alongside Brian in his small sofa. She opened her mouth to try and continue her seduction game, in her mind she just had a small victory, but Brian raised his hand and yelled “Stop. Shut up”. The girl blinked twice with her mouth half open, she was too stunned by the sudden rudeness to respond and Brian continued to talk.

“I’m not dumb Cindy. You probably think I am, but I assure you it’s quite the opposite. From what I gathered so far, something happened. Something bad. And you desperately need my help to get out of this situation. I’m also guessing you don’t have much time. So you came here dressed like that to try and seduce me into helping you. Does that sum up the situation?”

If Cindy’s chin could reach the floor, that’s where it would be right now. She was baffled by Brian’s deduction abilities. She felt dizzy. This was supposed to be easy, get in, suck him off, get out. But now she was alone, defenseless and completely at this man’s mercy. She couldn’t lie her way out of this, could she?

Brian started talking again, pulling her out of the whirlwind of emotions she was feeling. “Let’s talk about something else” he said almost friendly “What do you think about me Cindy?”

Caught off-guard by the strange question she fumbled her words “w-well, I ah, I… I think you’re a reasonable man. A mysterious man with some deep qualities that are waiting to be discovered and …”

“You fucking lying bitch” Brian interrupted Cindy so loudly and so abruptly that she cowered in fear on the sofa. “Ahem” Brian collected himself and continued with indifference “I already told you I’m not stupid. I should just kick you out right now for insulting my intelligence like that” Cindy went pale at that “But, I’ll give you one last chance. What do you think about me? BE. HONEST”.

Cindy’s mind was a turmoil, she searched for every interaction between the two of them that she could remember, but trying to come up with a response that would appear true but would not offend Brian seemed like an impossible task, given how she have always treated him. In the end she resolved to just tell the truth.

“I… I hate you. You’re fat, you’re ugly, you smell bad. Even though I’m leagues away from you, you tried hitting on me. Ew, as if that would ever happen. But worst of all, the way you look at me gives me the creeps, it feels like I’m being watched by a predator, not like a lion or some animal staring at a pray, but a monster wanting to do evil. I feel disgusted even thinking about you touching me” She blurted everything in a torrent of insults, fearing what he would do to her she averted her gaze and shut her eyes contorting her face in a fearful semblant.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Said Brian still in the same indifferent tone. Cindy opened one eye, and then another and stared at Brian. He took that as a queue and continued “And what, pray tell,” he said, his voice oozing with contempt, “given what you just said, makes you think that I’d be willing to assist you in this?”

Cindy’s eyes went wide. “This is it” she thought “He doesn’t know what kind of help I need from him, he wants to blackmail me? I’ll show him who’s really stupid”. Trying her best to act coy, she offered a deal “I’ll make it worth your while.” Cindy rose to her feet, standing in front of Brian “You always wanted to go out with me, right? So, I’ll give you a blowjob! Right here, right now.” She kneeled in front of him “I’m great at it. It’ll be the best blowjob you have ever had. That oughta make you want to help me right?”

“No thank you” Said Brian. Cindy’s expression was a mix of confusion and despair. “W-wh-whaaat? Why?” She asked dumbfounded.

“Too much trouble. I’m not agreeing to some bullshit just to get a blowjob, you’ve been lying through your teeth since you got in here, for all that I know you’re going to ask me to kill someone or worse, commit tax evasion” Brian laughed at his own joke with so much delight, but it was lost on Cindy.

Her eyes filled with tears, her very life on the line, she was desperate and had no idea what she could do. Crying, she tried to plead but all she could muster was “P-Puh-lease, p-please!”

“Sigh.” Complained Brian “Alright, alright. Stop crying. This is your final chance.” Cindy quieted down and listened attentively “I feel you’re still hiding things from me so I’ll cut you a deal”. Hope filled Cindy’s eyes hearing these words. “But you will have to be completely honest with me, no more lies. Tell me what the problem is and what you expect me to do. If I think you’re lying, I’m kicking you out of the door, capische?”

Cindy sniffed and nodded, accepting Brian’s terms, then started her confession right there, still kneeling in front of Brian “I.. I don’t think you’re going to believe me, but this is true, I swear. It... It was a feeling I got. A sudden revelation that if I don’t... perform this... act, something terrible will happen. I can’t explain it, but it’s like a voice in my head, a premonition.” She paused, her chest heaving with sobs that she dared not shed again. “I have to try, Brian. Please, I’m begging you.”

“What is the act? What will happen if you don’t do it?” he asked plainly.

She held the hem of her shorts and looked away “A blowjob.” She said and paused. “To completion” she added after a moment. “And I have to swallow”. Her words lingered in the air. “I have less than two hours to do it, and if I don’t… I’ll die horribly.” She looked straight in Brian’s eyes “I’m telling the truth I swear”.

“So... the offer from before was a ploy in of itself” Cindy looked away and said nothing, just nodding. “I believe you… and I’m willing to help” a glint of hope coursed through Cindys eyes and she turned her dead staring at Brian, and then what she feared happened, He asked: “but what do I get in return for my help?”

It took all of her to muster the courage, but she got angry and rose from the floor, standing up on her feet “what else could you want? I already told you I’m going to give you the best blowjob you have ever had! Look at me! I’m young, hot and beautiful, it should be more than enough, you should be thrilled by the offer!”. Then the hopelessness of the situation closed in on her again, she looked at the floor, closed her eyes shedding a tear and asked “what do you want? … I’ll do it”. She already knew what he was going to ask anyway.

“There, there. How brave”. Said Brian mockingly. “I don’t know what got you so worked up, it’s not like I’m going to ask you to commit tax evasion with me” he said with another heartfelt laughter “I just want to fuck … your ass”.

Cindy had already resigned herself that she was about to get raped, but she was not expecting this. “NO!” She yelled in a panicked voice, looking at Brian wide eyed. “no, no, no, no, no, no. That’s going to hurt too much. Anything but that, please! Just fuck me normally.”

Brian had already searched for this information inside her head, what would be the most hateful thing for him to ask of her? He found that Cindy though anal sex was degrading for women and, and despite thinking that, she had already tried it once with her first boyfriend. Even though he had barely entered her at the time, it was one of the worse pains she had felt in her life, so she abhorred the very idea it. Having to do it now, and with Brian of all people was literally a living nightmare for her.

“That’s the deal honey, either take it or leave it. And if you’re going to leave, do it fast, I want no dead whore in my apartment” his words hit Cindy like a ton of bricks. For a few seconds, even her mind was completely silent. “So, I have to choose between being raped and tortured or die, that’s not much of a choice you fucking asshole” Cindy finally thought.

Her knees felt weak, but she forced herself to step forward, her petite frame trembling. She knew what was coming, and her mind raced to find a way out, a way to escape this atrocity, but she had no time, her fate was sealed. “Fine” she said between tears, trying to act brave but failing to do so “do what you want”.

Brian was ecstatic, he had broken her, all he had to do now was to enjoy himself. “Come here, little neighbor, let’s take you to my bedroom” Brian’s voice boomed, his eyes drilling into Cindy’s with an unyielding gaze. “Time to fulfill your destiny, or should I say, your duty. Also, one more thing, if you try to resist me in any way I’ll kick you out. You can cry all you want though, I’ll enjoy hearing your screams while I rape your asshole.” His words send a shiver down Cindy’s spine.

Brian let Cindy to his room and sat on his bed, her small frame in front of him cowering in fear. She felt powerless, ashamed and hopeless, Brian felt that establishing that feedback link was the right thing to do, He should save this idea for the future.

“Stay there, I want to see you undress. Remove the top first”

Cindy reached for the hem of her top. With hesitation, she began to lift the fabric, the slow movement revealing inch by inch the smooth expanse of her skin beneath.

As the material slid over her, the round curves of her breasts were exposed. The two mounds were full and rose proudly from her chest, their curves perfectly complementing the graceful lines of her body. Her arms instinctively raised to cover her shame.

“Keep your hands at your side when you’re not undressing, you do not get to hide anything from me bitch. Now turn around, remove your shorts in a single motion. And don’t bend the knees”

Cindy had to pause for a second to understand the command “fucking pervert” she thought as she realized what he wanted her to do. She turned around and sent her fingers along the waistband of her shorts, gently tugging it downward without so much as a bend of her knees.

The shorts slid down her toned thighs, revealing the smooth skin of her firm sculpted ass. This position accentuated her ass, but it also allowed Brian to see everything, both her puckered asshole and pussy fully exposed, like an invitation to explore further.

As the shorts pooled around her ankles, Cindy stepped out of them and faced Brian again, her arms on her side as ordered and her hands clenched in fists, a subtle way to fight the instinct to cover herself.

“It was totally worth the wait, you’re gorgeous” Said Brian admiring her form. “Now come here and kneel” he said standing and removing his shirt, revealing a hairy belly. “You’re going to finish undressing me, it’s about time you learn how to serve men”.

Cindy knelt in front of Brian and tugged on his sweatpants, pulling them down. His musky odor invaded her nostrils and made her gag, turning away her head. “Oh right, I did not shower yesterday… oh well” Brian gave a shrug and called for Cindy “That’s not very polite, come on, take a look at your prize babe”.

Reluctantly Cindy looked at Brian’s dick, it was massive and it didn’t seem like it was at full mast yet. She looked up with pleading eyes and whimpered “There is no way this thing can fit inside me, you’re going to tear me open”. “That is the whole point Cindy, I’m glad you’ve caught on” at those words Cindy started to cry again “Nooooooo, pleeeease!”.

While Brian did increase the size and girth of his member (what men wouldn’t?) it was still within what’s considered a normal size for a human. Granted, at 8,5 inches long and 2,3 inches thick he was definitely on the top 1% of the curve now. As a personal gift he also did away with Cindy’s gag reflex.

“Ahg, fine” Brian said annoyed. “I said FINE! I’ll throw you a bone, just stop crying” Brian shouted, making the girl finally shut up. He raised his hand, looked at his watch and pressed some buttons on it “Tell you what, I’ll let you suck me off for 5 minutes, if you manage to make me cum during this time you can swallow and complete your task, your job will be done and you will be safe” He said while pressing another button.

Cindy almost didn’t believe her ears, he was being somewhat reasonable! Maybe he felt pity after seeing her crying so much? She still had to suck him off, but after that her personal hell would be over! “Thank you, Brian, thank you” she said hugging his leg, and when the acrid smell invaded her nostrils again she commented “but hum… could you maybe… wash up first?”

“Four minutes and thirty-eight seconds left sweety”. Cindy froze for half a second, then dove with her head between Brian’s legs, engulfing half of his length in one fell swoop. A horrid taste filled her mouth and she couldn’t endure for long, she let go of Brian’s member gaging and spatting. “What is wrong with you Brian?” she cried defeated but she had no time to complain.

“Oh, you gave up already? What a pity, I guess I will be stretching your asshole open after all” Brian said sitting on his bed again. That seemed to give the girl a new resolve, because she positioned herself between his legs, took a deep breath and swallowed him.

The foul taste filled her mouth again, but this time she was able to endure it. She started to bob her head up and down, reaching a rhythm she thought appropriate.

“Is that supposed to be the best blowjob of my life? I’m not one of your stupid boyfriends Cindy, you’re going to have to do way better than that if you want to taste my seed. You have three minutes and forty-two seconds”.

Cindy dove deeper, taking more of his length inside her mouth, she was never able to do this before and attributed her new capability to her desperation. She also increased her pace.

“No, you dumb whore! Stop acting like a milking machine and start actually pleasing me. Use your tongue, give my balls some attention, be creative, you’re not even trying! ... you have three minutes and twelve seconds”

In her heart, Cindy knew he was right. She was doing what she could to make Brian cum as fast as possible. But that clearly wasn’t going to work. She thought about Alan, her first boyfriend, how she loved him so much, how she wanted to make him feel good when they fooled around. Yes, this is what she was going to use!

Suddenly her whole behavior changed, like she was possessed. Cindy kept Brian’s dick in her mouth and looked up, staring into his eyes, then very slowly she backed her head away while keeping a good suction. When she got to the head she removed it from her mouth with a loud “pop”, and still keeping eye contact she gave a long languid lick on his dick, starting at the base of his balls and going all the way back to the cockhead. There she engulfed him again, but this time used her tongue to massage the glans.

“OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. Why doesn’t this taste wash away? I’ve been licking him forever!”. Cindy’s thoughts filtered through the link and Brian chuckled, this was also his doing. Brian is actually a very clean and tidy man, he just wanted the experience to be the worst possible for Cindy, so he made sure his taste would be disgusting and permanent. Maybe he would even make it worse later just for the fun of it.

“Now that’s better, I knew you were a slut. Keep that up and I might actually cum, show me that you want to taste me.” Looking at his watch he added “But you only have one minute and thirty seconds left”.

“What? Only that? No, no, no!”. Cindy grabbed Brian’s balls with her right hand and used her left to support and angle herself. Then she started to massage Brian’s balls while her head kept bobbing slowly up and down.

“One minute and that ass mine ho-ney”. Cindy kept massaging his balls and increased her pace, but taking care not to go too fast and ruin the buildup. Each time she went down she took a little more dick inside her mouth and into her throat. It looked like she was praying, swaying back and forth while sucking, like she was worshiping Brian’s member. “please cum, please cum, please cum”.

“thir-ty se-conds”. Now Cindy was taking his whole length with each downward motion and she managed to go all the way back keeping only his cockhead inside her mouth. It was a sight to behold and it felt amazing, if Brian had not given himself the ability to resist, Cindy would have a mouthful of cum two times over by now. “Please, let this be enough... I can’t keep going much longer.”

Brian’s wristwatch alarm pierced the room with a sharp, insistent beep. “Times up sweety”. Cindy did not stop, she engulfed Brian’s entire length and looked at him with pleading watery eyes. Her chin was resting on his balls and his pubes piercing her lips and nose “Please cum in my mouth! Cum in my mouth you fucking bastard”

“Cindy, that’s enough” Brian was serious now, he had an asshole to tear open and he was going to do it now. Cindy pressed her face against Brian’s belly, trying to take even more of him inside her throat, but there was simply nothing else for her to swallow. She even managed to stick her tongue out and was licking his balls. In anguish, she tried to bob her head again but only managed to wiggle it a bit, like a kitten desperately sucking on its mother’s tits.

Brian almost considered letting her keep doing that for a while, but decided against it, she was about to pass out from not breathing anyway. With a swift push, Cindy fell on her ass, throwing her hand back to support her fall. Her face and hair were a mess and she was all slobbered from her mouth to her tits

Brian got up and walked towards her. Her first instinct was to cower and yell “Please don’t hurt me”. Brian then crouched beside her and whispered softly “You can leave anytime you want. You just have open the door and get out, I’m not stopping you. But make no mistake, I am going to hurt you. A lot. Now either climb on that bed and present that ass for me or get out” Brian said pointing his thumb towards the bed.

Cindy looked defeated, she resigned herself to what was about to happen, stood up silently and walked to the bed rubbing her mouth with her arms trying to clean herself up a bit. She thought about asking for lube but didn’t say anything, pleading has not worked so far and it just gave Brian more ideas to torment her. His dick was still glistening with her saliva and if she asked for lube the bastard would probably not only deny, but also dry his dick before penetrating her, so she decided that staying silent and letting Brian rape her unbothered was the best course of action to end this as fast as possible.

Brian though Cindy had such a great idea that it would be a shame to not use it, with a thought removed all her spit from his member, leaving only the natural lubrication he provided, which was not much. He wasn’t a complete monster after all.

Then, an idea of his own came to mind. With another thought he reinforced the structure of the cells in Cindy’s anus and bowels at the same time he gave them a thorough cleanup. Now they would be able withstand so much more abuse without ripping or tearing. It would do nothing to relieve her pain though, on the contrary, since the pain from anal sex comes almost exclusively from the stretching, she would be able to experience an agony no other woman has ever felt. Yet. Brian only wanted her to feel pain, he did not want to inflict any sort of real damage. He took great care of his toys after all. He also did not have to worry about himself, he had already made his own body impervious to any sort of damage.

Cindy lied on the bed face down and grabbed a pillow hugging it tight in anticipation of the pain she was about to experience. “On all fours bitch, I want to fuck you like the animal you are”. “I can’t even choose how I’m going to be raped, can I?” Cindy thought while assuming the position, presenting her backside to Brian.

Brian came behind her and admired the view silently. Cindy really was gorgeous and her fit and toned body was amazingly beautiful as well, and now she was completely his to rape and torment. He touched her ass with his left hand, the unexpected contact startled the girl who squeaked and went silent again, too afraid to say anything. With his right hand, Brian held his dick and guided it to Cindy’s rear opening, gently resting his glans on her asshole.

Cindy whimpered, bracing herself for the penetration. Brian gave a soft push, just to feel her resistance to being penetrated. “Tell me Cindy, how does it feel to be violated by someone you despise?”. Cindy did not respond, but Brian did not care, he knew exactly what she was thinking. “How do you think I feel you fucking bastard? I’m being raped by the most disgusting man I know. Just get it over with!”.

Brian pushed a bit harder, forcing the tip of his dick inside Cindy and stopped again. “Aah!” Cindy’s eyes bulged out of her head and she started hyperventilating, gripping the bedsheets tightly “Oh god”. Her first experience with Alan came to her mind, only Alan was way smaller than Brian.

“Do you know why anal sex is the best kind of sex Cindy?” Brian asked rhetorically “because the tightness feels good for you, asshole”. “No Cindy” Brian answered “because it is a lot of pleasure for the man, and a lot of pain for the woman. As it should be” just as he finished his sentence, he pushed inside her. Not fast or slow, just a steady and continuous push.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Cindy screamed loudly as the huge cock tore through her delicate anus, stretching her tight muscles beyond their limits. The pain was excruciating, like a white-hot poker being rammed into her flesh. The sheer size of Brian’s thick member shattered any hope of solace. Cindy’s high-pitched screams echoed through the apartment, her body wracked with convulsions as tears streamed down her face.

Brian stopped as his balls hit Cindy’s pussy from behind and admired his work, his dick completely buried inside her ass. Her once pinkish sphincter was now red and spasming from being stretched to its very limit. “That’s it baby, clench that ass for me, I’m gonna fuck you for real now”.

Brian began a slowly rhythm, slowly taking almost all of his lenght out of Cindy’s ass just to ram it back again in one go. With each thrust, Brian’s hips hammered against Cindy’s delicate body, his eyes fixated on the sight of their joining. He relished the power he held, the ability to inflict pain and humiliation on the young girl who had always spurned his advances.

“Ahhh, ahhh! Please… stop… I can’t take it anymore. Takeitout!” Cindy cried as she crawled forward trying to get away. Brian sneered at her, his voice a venomous hiss. “You’re finally getting what you deserve. A good fucking in the ass.” He then gripped her hips firmly and rammed again at full force, “AHHHHHHH” Cindy shouted at the top of her lungs and flailed her legs and arms in a futile attempt to free herself, but Brian was much too strong. He rammed again and again with all his might, punctuating each trust: “And! There’s! Nothing! You! Can! DO! TO! STOP! ME!”

Cindy’s mind was awash in a torrent of pain and humiliation, her pride shattered, and her body violated. She felt like a tethered goat led to the slaughter, utterly helpless and devoid of control. She couldn’t form words anymore, her cries and pleadings devolved into an incoherent babble of screams.

The relentless piston of Brian’s hips showed no sign of letup, and Cindy’s anus burned with searing agony. She could feel every vein and ridge of his enormous cock as it brutalized her backdoor, each stroke taking her closer to the abyss.

Her thoughts raced, a desperate plea for salvation, but amid the frenzied act, there was only one constant, excruciating agony. Cindy’s body felt like it was on fire, every inch of her skin sensitized by the brutal violation.

“You’re so tight” Brian growled, his own pleasure heightened by the ordeal he inflicted. “Your pussy’s clenching too. Don’t deny it, I know you feel it.”

Cindy’s world narrowed to the excruciating sensation tearing through her body. She felt like her insides would tear, each stroke a brutal reminder of her vulnerability. And amidst the chaos, a grim acceptance settled in—Brian was right. somewhere in the expanse of her torment, her vagina was contracting rhythmically, betraying her very sense of being.

As the minutes stretched into an eternity, Cindy’s body grew numb to the relentless assault. The pain remained, but a strange numbing fog descended, cushioning her from the full brunt of the violation. It was like her body had reached the limit of what it could feel, so it couldn’t send her the level of pain she was actually experiencing.

Brian showed no signs of fatigue, his beastly urges driving him onward, his eyes wild with primordial desires. He kept a firm grasp on Cindy’s body (even though she wasn’t trying to free herself anymore) using it to pleasure himself and angling his thrusts to maximize her suffering.

The pungent scent of sweat and musk filled the air, a nauseating cocktail that added to the surreal nature of the encounter. Cindy’s lungs burned as she gasped for air, her chest heaving with each desperate breath.

And then, with a final, thunderous thrust, Brian unleashed his payload, his seed injecting deep into Cindy’s bowels. She felt his warm fluid gush into her, a torrent of fluid filling her insides, a disgusting violation of the most intimate kind.

Even after the haze of his orgasm passed, Brian stayed inside Cindy. Despite his unrelenting assault, her asshole was still keeping a tight grip on his dick and the involuntary spasms were squeezing him out of last drops of cum, which felt amazing so he decided to enjoy it for a couple more minutes. When he finally removed himself from her, he was completely soft.

“That was amazing. I hope you felt as bad as I felt good, bitch” Brian said mocking the girl, but he knew exactly how she felt. Her mind was still a turmoil of suffering, shame and hopelessness, and her body had recoiled into a fetal position and laid there immobile, only her sobs were heard.

Brian went to the kitchen to drink some cold water. He knew he could just waive the necessity of it away, but there was something about fulfilling his primal urges that gave him immense pleasure. Even more now that he had ultimate power, there was something about drinking a simple glass of cold water, eating a good hot meal or raping a young woman to the point of breaking her that felt exhilarating.

He came back into his room with a cup of water for Cindy, she would probably need to moist her lips to be able to finish what she believed she had to do. “Want some water sweety?” Brian asked, handing her the cup. It took a couple of minutes of complete silence, but Cindy answered in depressed tone “Just let me die….”. “Sure” Brian retorted “I don’t really care, but as I said before, I want no dead whore in my apartment. So can you leave ASAP?”

Cindy sat on the bed and looked at Brian, her eyes filled with hate. Against her own wishes she took the cup, hers thirst and the desire to wash his taste from her mouth overwhelming her pride. Shen then complained “You actually don’t care if I die or not, do you? What the hell is your problem? I always suspected you were a sadistic rapist, but that? This? You’re sick. I mean, ACTUALLY sick, something is deeply wrong inside your head”. She was so cute when she was angry.

“I would love to sit down and discuss the story of my life, but don’t you have a job to do? With that lousy blowjob you do, you should be worried if you’re actually gonna be able to make me cum. How does that work actually? Do you need to make me cum with the blowjob or does it work if you blow me for a while and I finish myself in your mouth? ”. Brian did not add any specifics with his initial command, so he was actually curious at how she was going to interpret it. “I said I was willing to help, an unlike a filthy lying whore, I’m a man of my word”.

Cindy blinked, she hadn’t actually considered this as a possibility. Then she remembered the command, it was etched in her mind, it clearly stated a blowjob followed by swallow. Brian witnessed her thoughts forming, it was an interesting process, like seeing a video of something exploding, but in reverse. So he knew exactly what she was going to say “I have to make you cum with my blowjob, and I need to swallow everything”.

“Everything?”. That word gave Brian another great idea. He increased the amount of sperm he would ejaculate. 12 oz seemed appropriate (the size of a can of soda), that should give her quite a surprise. He had his ejaculation space the amount he would feed her over a few seconds so she would actually be able to swallow everything, but it would still be tough.

“Then you should be really worried. I’m still recovering from cumming, that combined with your lousy blowjob skills is not a good combination for you. If what you said earlier is true, you should have about half an hour to make me cum”.

Cindy closed her eyes in a silent prayer. She had already endured the worst part, she couldn’t back out now, it would all have been for nothing. “Fine, let’s get this over with, I can’t wait to never have to see your face again”, “ugh” Cindy looked at Brian’s soft member and complained, “I have to suck that foul tasting dick again. I need to do a full checkup after this, he definitely has more than one STD on that thing”.

“By the way” said Brian, “I’m quite tired, so you’re gonna have to do this with me lying down”. Brian got both his pillows and arranged them together reclined against the bedframe and laid down with his legs open, he would have a great view this way. “All ready”.

“Lazy pig” Cindy thought while she knelt between Brian’s legs. “And don’t start with that bullshit job again Cindy, do it like you mean it.” Complained Brian. Cindy looked at Brian’s enormous penis, she knew exactly what she had to do, but knowing would not make the disgusting task she had to perform to save herself any easier.

With one hand Gripping the base of Brian’s thick cock and the other massaging his balls, Cindy looked up at Brian, forced her mouth open and descended, her lips wrapping around the repulsive tasting flesh. She fought the urge to retch, tasting herself along that horrid taste of Brian’s penis.

Every fiber of her being revolted against this humiliating act. For some reason she was having more problems sucking him this time. She could feel the coarse texture of his member against her tongue, and the taste! after hers washed aways if felt that his got stronger and it made her gag. “How is that possible? It’s even worse now” But she persevered, her eyes stinging with unshed tears.

As she bobbed her head, Cindy’s mind screamed in protest. She hated the sensation of being ‘in control’, of having her own fate resting solely on her ability to pleasure this man. It was a sickening role reversal, one that left her feeling violated and despised.

With each stroke of her hands and a sweep of her tongue, Cindy tried to imagine herself elsewhere, anywhere but in this nauseating scenario. She tried thinking of serene beaches and towering mountains, of anything that might lift this suffocating weight from her shoulders. But the more she tried, the more aware she became of her present situation and more she felt the sensations and tastes violating her mouth.

Brian was relishing in Cindy’s inner turmoil, and he wasn’t going to let her escape into some corner of her mind, the information feedback informed him of when to pull her back. With her ministrations he was almost at full mast again. “That’s it, whore” he growled, his eyes drifted to the ceiling, a snarl twisting his lips. “You can do it right when you put your mind to it. Show me what a good slut you can be.”

Cindy’s stomach churned at the prospect of being his idea of “good.” She felt like a common whore, her dignity stripped away with every exhaustive bob of her head. The salty taste of his pre-cum and the ungodly amount coated her tongue, adding to her disgust.

Yet, she persevered, her eyes squeezed shut, willing herself to endure this grotesque charade. The tip of Brian’s penis brushed against the back of her throat and went through. At least her gag reflex wasn’t bothering her, she dreaded the idea of vomiting. “Brian would probably make me lick it from his floor or something like that, the sicko” she thought. “Nah bitch, I’m not into that shit” he retorted mentally.

Sweat beaded on Cindy’s forehead and droplets of perspiration rolled down her temple, mixing with the saliva that dripped from the corners of her mouth. It felt like she was blowing him for years. Her jaws began to ache as she endured the relentless task of pleasing Brian’s dick, so she began to alternate between a few of her best performances.

She would suck his balls into her mouth and roll them around with her tongue (he seemed to like that a lot). She would repeat the long lick from his balls to the tip of his cock and engulf him. She would peel back his foreskin with her tongue and explore around, although that one had to be tried a few times because that’s where his taste was the worst.

Then Brian grunted. That involuntary grunt of pleasure you can’t help not to release. “This is the first time he does that!” Cindy noticed it and it renewed her resolve to pleasure him “come on you bastard cum! Fill my mouth!”.

“Yep, that was dangerous. But I’m going to enjoy this a little more bitch, you’re gonna have to work for my spunk”

Cindy took that as a challenge, just to prove the bastard wrong, it was going to be her own little victory in all this mess. She went back to his balls and gave them a thorough lick while her hand jerked him off, then they swapped places, her tongue went to lick his shaft and both her hands started massaging his balls.

She wrapped her lips around his cockhead and went down, swallowing to the hilt. His cock was deep in her throat and his balls were between her soft hands and her chin. Cindy looked up and forced multiple deep swallows, the massage her tongue gave reverberated along Brian’s member sending a shiver through his whole body and he almost came again. “Oh you fucking bitch”. Cindy almost smiled at that.

Then she started her assault on Brian’s dick, taking everything out and plunging it all back into her throat again. Again, again and again in a steady flow of motion, all that while still keeping a tender massage on his balls. Then she started to increase the pace, slowly building up her speed.

Brian had increased his ability to hold off cumming twice already just in this blowjob session, so he felt Cindy had earned the right to swallow his seed. He wasn’t going to interfere again, it was all up to her now.

Cindy kept bobbing and sucking for what felt like hours, her mouth, a mere instrument of his gratification, began to feel like it was on fire, each pump sending shockwaves of pain through her jawline. Yet Brian showed no more signs of climax. His relentless member throbbed and pulsed, an iron rod that seemed determined to drain her very life force. With each stroke, she could feel the strain in her jaws increasing, a searing pain that radiated through her entire head. But still, she persevered, her own life hanging in the balance, it had to be close. “Please Brian, cum! Cum for me!”

Just when Cindy was about to give up, Brian’s hips froze as he issued a final, hoarse command. “Take it all, slut. Swallow like a good whore.” And then he unleashed a torrential flow of sperm. His hips bucked violently, propelling jet after jet of thick, creamy cum into Cindy’s waiting mouth. The force of the ejaculation took her by surprise, the sheer volume overwhelming her senses.

Each blast filled her mouth to the brim, and Cindy struggled to swallow, her cheeks bulging with the abundant seed. The warm, sticky fluid was building up faster than what she could keep up. Cindy’s eyes went wide and pleaded for mercy as Brian continued to pump a copious amount of sperm into her abused mouth.

Right after one gulp, Cindy’s world darkened as Brian seized her head and pulled her roughly towards him, forcing his thick cock down her helpless throat. The invasion was brutal, she gagged and choked, the brutal flood of semen too much for her mortal body to handle. Brian’s dick lodged in the back of her throat as his relentless storm continued unabated, pumping her stomach full of cum. Her throat constricted around the invading member, and the sudden pressure triggered another torrent of sperm to be poured directly down her throat.

Brian, blind to her distress, continued his relentless ejaculation. The white-hot fluid gushed forth in an unending stream, drowning Cindy’s protests muffling her whimpers and the sound of her fists hitting his legs. It was as if he aimed to fill not just her mouth, but every crevice of her being, with his vile seed.

The man’s spent member finally slipped from her lips, and Cindi’s jaw hung open, a silent scream of protest against this unabashed violation. Her body trembled with the aftermath of the brutal session, the aching in her jaws now joined by a sensation of a full stomach.

Through blurred vision, Cindy witnessed Brian’s smug expression, his eyes glazed with sinister satisfaction. “Dam bitch, who would have thought that you were gonna make me cum twice in a roll? You’re welcome by the way, if I had not rammed my cock down your throat, you would have spilled”.

The woman remained frozen, her throat constricted and her mouth coated with the warm residue of his passion. The humiliating act had pushed her beyond the brink of endurance, and yet, somehow, she found the strength to endure, knowing full well the consequences of failure.

Cindy’s hands shook as she wiped the tears from her face, the taste of his seed still fresh in her mouth, a grim reminder of the desperate situation she was in. But now she was free, she had gone to hell and back and survived. Her tears now were from joy.

“Whew, that was great babe. I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next time” Brian said while relaxing, one arm behind his head and the other crossed over his belly.

“What are you talking about?” responded Cindy “I’m free, I completed my task and now I’m free from you. I’m also calling the police and reporting you for rape you bastard!”.

“HAHAHAHAHAH” Brian gave a laugh so sinister Cindy felt her soul freeze. “You dumb whore, why do you think I believed such a preposterous scenario? Why do you think I knew exactly what was happening? I’m the one who implanted the thought in your head! And I can implant or remove anything I want, anytime I want. This was all a game and we’re going to play it many, many more times. How about next time I implant the thought that you have to convince your mother to blow me or you die? maybe I’ll double the size of my dick and convince you that you can’t breathe unless my dick is firmly inserted inside your ass. Or maybe I’ll have you think that you need to be impregnated by me because our son will be the new messiah”.

Cindy’s face contorted in pure horror and despair. Her entire world had just been shattered and the realization that her personal hell was just beginning consumed her very soul.

Then it was 2 o’clock in a Sunday yet again, Cindy was on her sofa, flicking through channels and eating cereal. In the apartment below Brain was sitting in his chair looking at the ceiling talking alone “hummm, what is it gonna be this time?”.