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Introduction to Monster Capture and Summoning

Mark parked his car on the side of the dirt trail behind the motorcycle and got out. He walked over to where an attractive elven woman was playing fetch with what looked like a three-headed Doberman pinscher.

He appreciated the way her toned posterior looked in her tight leather pants. When she turned towards him, he could see her generous, bouncy chest filling out a baby blue tank top. The short, mostly unzipped leather jacket did little to hide her figure. Light brown hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her hair matched her eyes.

She smiled. “Hi, hon! You must be Mark. I’m Sugarmaple, just call me May!”

“A pleasure to meet you, May. I’m glad I was able to get the time of an experienced adventurer, even if just for a couple of hours.”

“No trouble at all, hon! When I’m not out on a quest or slaying monsters in the fell swamp, I don’t have a lot to do. So why not make a few gold giving people lessons in archery or tracking or monster summoning? I enjoy it, especially as it can get lonely out in the wilderness, just me and my summoned monsters and beasts. Well, listen to me going on and on! Before we get started, do you have any questions, Mark?”

The three-headed dog walked over to Sugarmaple and dropped a rubber bone at her feet. His eyes followed her as she bent over to pick it up. A smooth, graceful movement… and she bent at the waist, not the knees. She was lean and athletic, and strained against her leather pants delightfully.

He cleared his throat. “Yeah, actually. Is it safe for you to meet random strangers out in the woods like this? That seems dangerous for a fine lady like yourself.”

She straightened up as he spoke, laughed and patted his arm. “Well, bless your heart! Dangerous! I’m a level 5 adventurer, hon. No common thug is any threat to me. Anyhoo, ready to get started?” She waited for his nod, and then continued. “And do you have your monstrap?” She pulled what looked like a small camera out of her jacket pocket, with three buttons on the top and an opening on the front.

“Got it right here.” He held up his own. It looked similar to hers, but where hers was plain black, and a bit scuffed and dented, his was in perfect condition. Silver, with a red spiral circling outwards from the lens opening.

“Nice, hon! Paint it yourself?”

Mark nodded. “I like to tinker. I like to modify my property,” he said with a grin. “So, how does capturing a monster work?”

“Well, aren’t you an eager beaver! Let’s dive right in with a quick overview and then see about giving you some practice. So! To capture a monster with your monstrap, you need to overpower your target, or find something you could overpower. That means a beast or monster of a significantly lower level, or one that you’ve taken down in combat, probably by having your other monsters fight it into submission. With me so far, hon?” He nodded. “You just aim the monstrap at your target, press the round button, and say the name you want to give the monster. That part’s important, because you need to use that name to summon the monster again.”

“What if I aim and miss? Couldn’t I capture another party member or a summoned animal by mistake?”

She burst into a flurry of giggles. “You’re more precious than a birthday girl’s tiara! Why, no, hon, no risk of that! The monstraps have safeguards built in. It will automatically target evil monsters and neutral beasts. Definitely not people or allied creatures. Anyhoo, moving on. To summon your monster, push the triangle button and say the monster’s name! And you will want to regularly summon your monsters.”

Mark nodded. It was a struggle to keep his eyes on her face. The energetic elf was full of enthusiasm for her subject, her breasts jiggling delightfully as she would pace back and forth or bounce on her toes while she talked. He tried focusing on how cute her little pointed ears were instead.

“You need to summon your monsters to give them care and training. You care for them by grooming them, petting them or talking to them.” She demonstrated, stroking the dog’s center head. “Who’s a good boy? You are!” The dog’s tail thumped on the ground happily. “It works for any kind of monster, not just cerberuses like Crabapple here. Whether it’s a winged rhinoceros or a dire anaconda, care is important. That increases the monster’s loyalty and obedience. Increase that at every opportunity, so it will obey without hesitation in battle.”

“If a capture an evil monster, how do I keep it from hurting me when I summon it?”

She flashed another bright white smile at him. “Oh bless your heart! That’s no problem at all. You’re as safe as can be! Even the most vile-tempered monster will be unable to attack you or try to run away. The monstrap institutes safeguards the moment it’s captured, and alters its personality as the monster receives care and training. A good dose of care will turn the most foul-tempered drama llama into a meek and sweet companion in no time. Anyhoo, let’s talk about training! You need to train your monsters regularly. They’ll gain experience, gradually leveling up and becoming more powerful. When your monsters get stronger, they’ll need solid combat training. But in the early stages, just make them do anything. Play fetch with a cerberus like Crabapple. Have a drop bear climb a tree. Hide food and tell an ox-fox to sniff it out. Just get them doing some activity at your command. You following me, hon?”

He nodded, idly toying with his brightly colored monstrap. “Sounds simple enough! I think I’m ready. Can we get started, May?”

“Chomping at the bit, I see! Sure thing. Let me just recall Crapapple so he doesn’t scare away the critters—that’s the square button, by the way.” She demonstrated, tapping the button. In a fraction of a second, the three-headed dog shrank, pulled into the opening in the front of the monstrap. Sugarmaple then headed down a trail, her slim legs and perfectly round butt demanding attention as she talked energetically. “I bet we could find some squirrelpigs in the woods, or try for a singing fish in the river!”

Mark held up the monstrap, his hands suddenly sweaty. He aimed it towards the elf, pressed the round button and murmured, “Sugartits.”

“Did you say something, Mark?” May turned around, and Mark thought he saw a moment of shock in her eyes before she vanished, shrinking almost faster than the eye could follow and being immediately drawn in through the front of the monstrap.

Text appeared in the corner of his vision. “Level 5 elven adventurer captured. Stored in monstrap under the name ‘Sugartits’.”

He let out a shuddering breath. He’d done it. He’d actually gone through with it. Then he grinned from ear to ear and pumped his fist in the air. He had made his first capture! He eagerly pressed the triangular button. This time he spoke more loudly, with more confidence. “Sugartits!”

In the reverse of the process that had happened a moment ago, a tiny elven figure shot out from the opening in the monstrap, expanding into a full-sized elf in a fraction of a second. At the same time, text appeared, saying “Restoring ‘Sugartits,’ level 5 elven adventurer.”

May looked exactly like she did before, but her mouth was hanging open, unmoving. Mark immediately started to worry. Monstraps weren’t meant to capture adventurers. Had it broken her mind?

Then she started speaking. “What- how- Mark? How?” She spluttered for a moment. “How could you? How COULD you?” Her eyes filled with rage and she took a step towards him, hand raised in a fist.

He flinched away, stepping backwards. She looked really angry, and he was well aware that a Level 5 adventurer could murder him with essentially no effort.

Then another line of text appeared in the corner of his vision. “Suppressing violent instinct of captured monster ‘Sugartits’.”

May stopped. Her fist slowly came down to her side, and unclenched. “No,” she whispered. “No, this can’t be happening!” she turned away from him with elven grace and took a long stride towards her motorcycle.

More text appeared. “Suppressing flight instinct of captured monster ‘Sugartits’.”

She stopped in mid-stride, then stepped back, standing normally. She reached into her jacket pocket, pulling out her own monstrap.

“Stop, Sugartits!”

Her hand froze, barely out of her pocket. Then it started moving again. But this time her hand trembled, as if she were struggling against some kind of restraint.

Mark stepped forward and took the monstrap from her trembling hand, putting it in one of his own pockets. She slumped, defeat and confusion playing across her face.

Finally she lifted her head. “How? That shouldn’t be possible! I told you it wasn’t possible.”

He smiled at her, relieved and triumphant. It had actually worked! “The monstrap safeguards aren’t programmed very well or thoroughly. With a bit of hacking, I was able to get it to skip the checks for creature type and creature level. I thought that would be enough to allow me to capture any type of creature—even an adventurer—of any level, as long as it isn’t actively hostile towards me and able to fight. Thank you so much for proving my theory, Sugartits!”

He patted her on the head. More text appeared. “Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +1.”

May jerked her head away from his touch and stepped to the side. Mark frowned. “Hold still, Sugartits! After all, monsters like you need care… isn’t that right?”

She froze, holding perfectly still. Text appeared. “Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ engaged in training activity: Stay. Experience +1.”

With a smirk, he moved closer and started caressing her long brown hair. Gently stroking it, running his fingers through it. At first she snarled at him—actually snarled, pulling her lips back and growling at him. But she was unable to move away. Then she looked small and scared, completely unlike the tough, powerful hero he knew she was. Then even that melted away and a small, reluctant smile touched the corner of her lips. And all the while, line after line of text appeared, alerting him to rapid loyalty increases due to his care.

“Good to see you were telling the truth, Sugartits. Plenty of care after the monster is first captured makes a big difference!”

He stopped petting her. Instead, he walked around her slowly, examining her from every angle. A beautiful, athletic elven woman. Gorgeous from all sides. Walking behind her, he again admired her tight derriere. He gave in to temptation and gave her a playful slap—gods, he wanted to do that the moment he first saw her.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +3.”

Mark’s eyebrows raised. “Does that work for any monster I capture, or are you a pervert, Sugartits?”

She remained silent.

“Answer me, Sugartits!”

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ engaged in training activity: Speak. Experience +1.”

“I—uh, that is to say… not all monsters, Mark.” She fidgeted uncomfortably.

He gave her another swat. Harder this time. May let out a surprised squeak.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +5.”

“Do you LIKE this, Sugartits? Does being spanked turn you on?” When she was silent, he gave her another swat and ordered “speak!” He ignored the log lines about her receiving care and training.

“Well, uh… yes,” she whispered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I like being spanked. That must be why it counts as receiving care.” Her voice was soft, her eyes on the ground. She was reddening even to the tips of her pointed ears.

“Well now. THAT has possibilities. I wonder how else you can receive care?”

Mark reached around her from behind and roughly groped her huge breasts through her jacket and tank top.

May let out a gasp. “Mark! N-no!”

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +3.”

“Oh, Sugartits. Your lips say no, but your loyalty score increase says yes.” He fondled her breasts again, receiving another message about her receiving care. “Hmm. I wonder if this would be more effective without all this in the way.” He grabbed her jacket and tried to pull it down, off her shoulders and down her arms. She immediately resisted, crossing her arms and hunching her shoulders to try to stop it. “Don’t fight me, Sugartits! Hold still. Relax.” He saw another message about her being trained. She complied, her muscles slowly relaxing. She didn’t fight him as he removed her jacket and let it fall to the ground. She tensed up again when he grabbed the bottom of her tank top and started pulling upwards. “Lift your arms, Sugartits!” he commanded. She complied, and he pulled it off, letting the baby blue piece of cloth fall to the ground.

“Mark… ok, you’ve captured me… I’ll have to fight for you. I can help you go on quests, take monsters. But it doesn’t have to be like this. I’m a warrior, not a sex t-toy. You should treat me with respect, not like a doll!”

She was wearing a white, lacy bra. It was simply huge, struggling to support her tits. He smiled, caressing her breasts, then squeezing them firmly. She closed her eyes momentarily.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +5.”

“Ah hah! It IS more effective this way.” He smirked at her. “Take off your pants. Oh- and make it a bit of a show.”

“Mark, please, no!”

“Take off your pants. Make it a striptease.”


“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ engaged in training activity: Dance. Experience +5”

She took off her hiking boots, then turned away from him. She looked back over her shoulder and licked her lips. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to be seductive, or if it was a nervous habit. She slowly moved her hips in an awkward circle, as if clumsily playing with a hula hoop. But within moments, she had shifted into a sultry sway, as if she were responding to the beat of music. She slid one delicate hand slowly down and up her leather-clad thigh. Then she gave herself a playful slap on the rear and actually winked at him. She went to unfasten her pants and hesitated, looking back at him, wiggling her hips teasingly. After a slow, agonizing pause, she opened her pants and slowly pulled them down to her ankles, making the most of every inch. Her body was everything he had expected, and her lacy white panties matched her bra.

She had just slid her pants down to her ankles when he ordered, “freeze, Sugartits!” Another “Stay” training message flashed onto the screen and she held perfectly still. She was fully bent over, knees straight, her hands at her ankles, head by her knees.

He put a hand on her back to steady her and struck her bottom hard with the other, making her squeal.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +10.”

“Hmm. Why is it so much more this time?” he mused. “Is it because your pants aren’t in the way? Is it because I’m doing it harder?” He idly drummed his fingertips on her back as he thought.

“Mark, please…”

“Or MAYBE you enjoy being humiliated! Ha! Is that it, Sugartits!”

She was completely silent.

“Heh. That’s right, don’t even try to deny it, you shameless little slut.” His fingertips trailed over the thin material of her panties. So soft! He gave her a playful slap. “I think you’re getting off on this. Big bad lonely adventurer all by herself… when what you really wanted all along was to be controlled… owned… teased… humiliated. You’re such a naughty little elven whore!”

“It’s the monstrap!” May protested. With her face still pressed to her knees, he couldn’t see, but he was certain she was blushing furiously. “It’s programming me, changing my personality! It’s not my fault! And you’re the pervert! What kind of monster trainer spanks a captured monster?”

He considered that for a moment, running a single fingertip over her panties, right between her legs.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +5.”

He rubbed a little harder over her velvet folds, getting another loyalty increase as a reward. “You make a fair point, Sugartits. I’m curious now. Does that mean you NEVER fantasized about being controlled and embarrassed before?”

He continued to caress her pussy through her panties, waiting for a reply. She again stayed stubbornly silent. He gave up on waiting. “Speak, Sugartits!”

“I-I may have had some fantasies… but those are just fantasies! Please, can I stand up now, Mark?”

“Alright, sure. Stand up, Sugartits, and finish removing your pants.”

May straightened up, cheeks and pointed ears still flushed. She kicked the leather pants off and to the side and then tried to cover herself with her hands. She refused to meet his gaze.

“Don’t be like that. You’re my pretty little doll now, and will act like it. Put your hands behind your head!”

She complied.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ engaged in training activity: Pose. Experience +5”

“There now, that’s much better. You have good taste in lingerie, Sugartits!”

“Mark, may I please have my clothes back? I need them. You don’t want to summon me on a quest and have me pop out wearing nothing but my underwear, do you?”

“You know what, Sugartits? Now that you mention it… that is EXACTLY what I want. I think I’ll keep you like this, in your cute little bra and panties combo. Anytime I summon you, anywhere, no matter who is around, you’ll appear practically naked. You do look very sexy this way.”

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +5.”

Mark paused and eyed her carefully. She seemed to be breathing faster than before. She had received care, even though he hadn’t touched her. Ah, yes. Words counted as well, didn’t they? He had assumed it was praise that would trigger the loyalty bonus. But he wasn’t so sure anymore.

“Maybe I’ll make you do a little dance in front of strangers. Or show off how obedient my little elven pet is—maybe make you get on all fours and bark like a dog while everyone watches. How about that, Sugartits?”

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +5.”

“How about that, Sugartits! I can ‘care’ for you just by humiliating you. Gods, you are such a slut!”

This time she didn’t protest. She closed her eyes and remained in position, her impressive chest rising and falling with her rapid breathing.

“Get on all fours like a dog… you know what, that’s actually a good idea! I can’t neglect your training, can I?” Mark turned away, picking up the discarded leather jacket. Hadn’t she put the rubber bone in there when she was done playing games with… what was the dog’s name… Crabapple? He reached into the pocket he thought she had used. It was a slim-fitting jacket, it didn’t seem like it could hold much… oh! “Well, I’ll be. A jacket of holding? That’s useful.” He withdrew the rubber bone and turned back to May “oh!”

The nearly-naked elf was on hands and knees in the grass, silent. Mark felt confused for a moment, then mentally replayed what he had said. Ah, yes. He had idly mentioned the idea of making her get on all fours. She had apparently interpreted that as a command to be obeyed. What terrific progress! At first she strained against every order. Now she was going out of her way to obey what she thought his whims were.

“Sugartits… fetch!” he tossed the rubber bone a dozen yards away.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ engaged in training activity: Fetch. Experience +10”

He was about to explicitly command her to stay on hands and knees and fetch the bone in her mouth—just to make it extra humiliating for her. But then he decided to wait and see. He was pleased to see he didn’t even need to say it. She moved forward surprisingly quickly for someone on their hands and knees, her elven grace proving itself. He could swear he even heard her give a little bark as she scampered off. In no time at all, she found the bone, clamped it in her teeth and moved back to him, dropping the bone at his feet.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +10.”

“Gods, humiliation really does a number on you, doesn’t it, my perverted little bitch? Good girl! I need to get you a dog collar. Maybe a hot pink one.” he patted her on the head. She happily leaned into his pat.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +3.”

“Wow… you really will do anything I want, anything at all, no matter how humiliating it is, won’t you?”

May just looked up at him expectantly, still on hands and knees.

“Speak!” Another training message flashed.

“Yes, Mark. Anything you want!”

“Hmm… ‘yes, Mark’ Doesn’t sound right. Prove how obedient you are. Call me Master.”

“Yes, Master!” She earned more experience—and more care.

Gods near and far, she was gorgeous. And seeing her looking up at him, eager to please, calling him Master… he thought his cock was going to tear a hole through his pants.

“Beg to suck my cock, Sugartits.”

“Yes, Master! Please, please let me suck your cock. I’ll make you feel so good, Master!” Another care message, her loyalty increasing.

Mark opened his fly and pulled out his erect member. May’s eyes grew wide and she continued babbling. “Please please please Master! I’ll be your good little monster, your pet! I’m all yours. Please let me have your cock, I’ll suck it so good! I’ll—”

He grabbed her long brown hair and pulled her mouth down onto his shaft. She wrapped her lips tightly around his cock, taking him deep. She caressed his member with her tongue.

He held her hair tightly, moving her face up and down his cock, up and down. “Cross your wrists behind your back, Sugartits.” She obeyed instantly, as if there was nothing more she wanted in the world than to do what he said. That was so incredibly hot. He could hardly believe that this beautiful woman was his plaything. One moment she was a fierce, independent adventurer. And the next, she was his slave, for him to keep locked away in his monstrap, and to summon her whenever he felt like it.

Gods, she was good with her tongue.

And this was only the beginning. There were plenty of monster girls out there. Mermaids, kitsune, werewolves, dryads, harpies and more. If he could find them, he could capture them. Heck, they didn’t have to be monsters—if he could capture an elf girl, he could get fairies, gnomes, angelics and others.

It was getting harder to concentrate. The dirty thoughts flew across his imagination as May worked him over as if her life depended on it.

Or he could claim even women he knew… the mathematics professor who wore pencil skirts to every class… Tiffany, the head cheerleader who laughed when he asked her out… or adorable, sweet Tess, his childhood friend who said she thought of him as a brother.

He pulled her head down deep into his crotch and held her there, not letting her back up. She struggled for a moment, but her hands remained crossed behind her back as if bound there. Then she accepted it, melting into him.

Any girl or monster girl he wanted, anytime, anywhere. He could make them his property, and the monstrap would allow him to train them into perfectly pleasing toys for his amusement. He could own them, just like he owned May!

He came, spurting into her. She happily took it all and swallowed.

“Captured monster ‘Sugartits’ received care. Loyalty +100.”