The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“You mean all I have to do to save the world is be a really bad lay?”

Dan bit his lip to keep himself from blurting the thought out loud. His girlfriend Lee’s story about being possessed by an alien queen who was evaluating the Earth for invasion and conquest sounded like a goofy sex game of a sort they both enjoyed, but she actually had been acting super weird since spending all week at the lab where she worked trying to analyze some kind of radio signal from space. This was the first time she’d been home since all that began, and he could chalk it up to sleep deprivation, but...

... but if this was a sex game, she really was just not breaking character at all. And that wasn’t the way she usually joked around. Her affect and vocabulary were completely different from how she usually talked, as if she were really getting into the whole alien-queen-possessing-a-human-host thing. And her body language...

Her body language was mixed. Sort of one third “alien unfamiliar with a human body or human customs” and one third “galactic princess”... and one third Lee at her most desperately horny.

“The fate of your world is in your hands, human male,” Lee said in a sultry voice, and spread her legs.

What was going on?

Dan took a moment to appreciate her body, while he thought about what to do. She was lying in bed naked, with her legs spread, her whole body angled to invite his attention towards her cunt.

He could already imagine what his tongue would feel like inside it. How her thighs would wrap around him when she got excited. How her cunt would clench around the fingers he slipped inside her while he licked her clit. The unbearably sexy tone of her voice giving little moans...

Eating his girlfriend out was one of Dan’s favorite things in the entire world to do, and this was the most lavish and deliberate invitation he’d ever gotten to do it. It was just...

She was probably playing a game. Probably. Almost certainly.

But what she’d said was that she was evaluating the Earth for invasion and that what would decide the matter for her was whether human males were any good at getting her off.

Obviously that was the plot of a sex game, right? He should just dive in tongue first.

She was just... really, really convincing in the role of girlfriend-possessed-by-alien-queen.

Really convincing.

So what if... Dan let himself entertain the thought, while leaning forward between her legs, licking his lips, continuing to alternate his slightly-frightened but loving gaze between her mocking eyes and her luscious lower lips... what if it was really true?

What if the fate of the world really did depend on whether he got her off?

What if making her come would doom the planet?


He was really good at making her come, but she wasn’t a hair-trigger sort of girl. Unless being possessed changed her reactions... which it might... she usually took long and loving attention to climax on his mouth. So he could certainly draw it out without her suspecting he was trying to... throw the contest.

And if it just took a bit too long, just kept going on without ever quite getting her there...

She might think he was working hard at her pleasure at first, then when she was really worked up maybe she would think he was teasing, drawing it out to get her off even harder. But then when it went on... if it was really Lee she would forgive him, right? Maybe she’d even think it was funny that he was so convinced by her alien queen roleplay. But a real alien queen, imperious and haughty—he thought he could see those qualities in her eyes, when he kept himself from falling into the raw desire there—she would get angry at some point, feeling denied, thwarted. And then he would know.

He realized, as he leaned down further and gently breathed warm air across her mound in his customary hello, that he’d already made up his mind.

He was going to give his girlfriend bad oral sex, and not make her come. To save the planet.

Heroically, he stuck his tongue in her cunt.

His first thought was how much he loved going down on her. Okay, this might be more difficult than he’d planned.

In fact, with the first touch of his tongue on her pussy lips, an almost electric sensation of pleasure seemed to race through him, emanating from her flesh. He salivated at the sensation, and eagerly licked all around her slit before he even quite realized what he was doing.

“Yess...” she moaned. “Lick me like the fate of your planet depends on it!”

Dan knew that should sound threatening, but weirdly his first reaction was pride. He knew he could please her, and felt a flush of pride at the thought of proving himself and his planet worthy of... of... no, that wasn’t right, he was trying to prove that she shouldn’t conquer Earth. Right. Focus.

Focus on her cunt.

He slipped his tongue between her folds, and slowly moved up to the top, up to her hood, working the tip of his tongue underneath to find her clit. The electric sensation raced through him again when he found the tip of it.

She moaned again.

Yes, he definitely could please her, and that felt right. Just like that. Keeping his tongue in contact with her clit, he moved the tip around her nub in circles, licked it up and down, side to side. She usually liked up and down, but some days it was different. Her breath caught, and she moaned again, more when he found just the right way to move.

He touched a finger to her slit, and she was so wet. Slowly he slid two fingers inside her as he licked her clit up and down with his tongue. As soon as the tips of his fingers were inside she clenched around them, and moaned even more. His whole arm was tingling with pleasure.

This was exactly right. This was what he was born to do. He was so good at getting her off. He would prove that she should take this planet, so there could be no doubt.

Something seemed off about that, but he brushed it aside. This was what he was born to do.

His entire life was leading up to this moment. Everything he had ever done was just to prepare him to make his Queen come.

He curled his fingers inside her, while he licked faster up and down her clit. She liked a particular rhythm, but it was a little different each time, and he let his breath fall in time with her moans, his tongue match the excitement he heard building in her gasps. He had to prove himself worthy. He had to prove his world worthy of her conquest.

The electric tingle of pleasure had entirely enveloped his body now, and his other hand slipped inside his pants, wrapping around his own rock-hard cock almost without noticing. This was the pleasure of doing the right thing. The pleasure of serving his Queen. His Goddess.

She was so close. Her moans just kept building.

Sometimes, when she reached this point, what pushed her over the edge was slowing down. He would keep moving his fingers inside her, not much but quickly, while he licked more and more slowly and deliberately along her clitoris. Slowly. And deliberately.

When he’d slowed down to only about a lick every second, he sped up again, and she moaned more.

Sometimes he had to slow down like that more than once. He would give her a break with fast licks in between, then start slowling down again.

Sometimes, when he was doing this, it felt like what actually sent her over the edge was thinking, very deliberately with each lick, “I worship you.”

Halfway through this slow-down, he realized that wasn’t right.

He realized, suddenly, what she needed to push her over the edge. To make her come. To convince her that this planet’s human males were worth conquering. To convince her to conquer Earth.

The electric sensation of impossible pleasure surrounded everything now, and Dan felt like he was almost beginning to dissolve into it. And he knew, with complete certainty, that to get her off, he needed to surrender his mind to her. To allow all of his thoughts, all of his willpower, all of his memories, everything of himself to be sucked away into her cunt, leaving only a mindless, empty shell, a will-less slave.

He needed to become her slave.

If he surrendered his mind to her, completely, she would come. And destroy the Earth.

And he wanted that more than he had ever wanted anything else in his life.

In a single, slow, infinitely-long lick, from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit, Dan felt his life flashing before his eyes as all his thoughts, all his memories, all his willpower, all his personhood vanished inside of her, and his last free sensations were the incredible bliss of her coming, and coming, and coming, and coming. Forever. Revelling in her conquest, and a world of conquests to come.