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It Finally Worked

Chapter 4 Using Becky

The next week the girls were sleeping over, they were getting really good at teaming up to please a man.

The next morning I was woken up by the girls giving me a great double blow job. I moved my hands to their backs and laid back to enjoy the pleasure they were giving me.

“So I think I want to give your father a shot at Becky today, do you want to help?” I said to Lucy as I lifted her chin to face me.

“Do I, I would love to get that bitch.” She said with glee.

“Well then, I want something special from you right now?” I said with a sinister tone.

“Anything you want.” She said with a coy smile.

I sat up and had Jane sit up against the head board with her legs spread. I positioned Lucy with her upper body between her sister’s legs. She immediately took her right breast in her hand and started rubbing it on Jane’s exposed pussy. This was nothing new to the girls. I had had them do many things to each other while I fucked them and Jane always like having her sister’s tits mashing up against her pussy. I positioned myself behind Lucy and grabbed her full hips for support. I slipped my hard cock into her wet pussy. Soon, when Jane was ready, she lowered her head to start licking Jane’s sweet pussy. That’s when I withdrew my now wet cock and pushed it against her anus. She jerked at first, but then realized the price she was going to have to pay. She relaxed and I pressed the head of my penis against her butt hole.

Jane noticed what I was doing “Are you going to fuck her in the ass?”

“Yes I am? How can I resist such a plump and fuckable butt?” Just as I said that the head of my cock pushed passed her anus. She reacted long enough to stop licking Jane.

“That’s so fucking hot.” Jane said as she grabbed the back of Lucy’s head and rammed it into her crotch.

Lucy stated to relax her anus more as I worked my cock in and out. She had one hand frantically rubbing her pussy.

“Oh God, that is the hottest thing I have ever seen.” Jane shouted as she came so hard she screamed. She got up and knelt beside Lucy’s ass to get a better look. Without her pussy covering Lucy’s mouth, Lucy was shouting in pleasure.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good. Oh God, I’m cuming. I’m CUMING!!!” And she did. She squirted all over her hand and on the sheets. This made me lose it. I pulled out and pumped a huge load that hit Jane’s tits and face. Lucy collapsed on the bed and Jane just rubbed my sperm all over herself. I was spent.

“That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I swear I was about to blackout.” Lucy said as she just laid there.

Jane leaned down and started licking and kissing Lucy’s butt. “Let me make it all better.” Lucy reacted by arching her butt up.

“You have to promise to do that to me soon.” Jane said eagerly.

“Are you kidding, I would love to fuck that tight little ass of yours. But for now we have business to attend to. Let’s get cleaned up and go to your folk’s house.” We showered and left the house.

We got to Josh and Vicki’s place and let ourselves in. We walked into the kitchen and found them there. Josh was only wearing boxers and Vicki had on a sexy teddy (that I had got her) that was pretty much see-thru. I also noticed that Josh had a huge shit eating grin on his face.

“So, what’s with the big smile Josh?” I asked jokingly.

He did not respond. Finally Vicki spoke up. “I let him do something last night that we had never done before.”

“What would that be?” Jane asked.

“We tried anal sex.” Vicki said

“Really, James did the same to me this morning.” Lucy exclaimed.

“It was weird at first, but once I relaxed it felt really great and the orgasm I had was so intense I almost passed out.”

“I know, I felt the same thing.” Lucy said and she and her half naked mother hugged.

“Now I really want to try it.” Jane said with a mock pout.

“Later, I promise.” I said to her.

“So Josh, was it all you hoped it would be?” I asked him.

“And then some.” He said as he leaned down and kissed the back of his wife’s neck.

I laid out my plan. I had brought everything we needed.

“I love it.” Josh said after I explained

“Sounds good to me.” Vicki added.

“So is she home?” I asked

Lucy went out in the yard and soon came back. “She’s sunbathing in her yard.”

“Great, I’ll be right back.” I left and went next door. When I was in the yard I pushed the button. I approach the bikini clad young girl. She was very pretty and petite. Her ass and legs were to die for. Her breasts were only B cups, but they were firm.

“Hello I am James Coffee” I said to her.

“What are you doing here?”

“Be quite and listen.”

She shut up.

“Is there anyone else home?”


“Are you expecting anyone?”

“My boyfriend is coming over in an hour.”

“Where are your parents?”

“Gone for the weekend.”

“When I leave you will forget I was here, but follow my instructions.”


“First you will call your boyfriend and tell him not to come over. Then in 15 minutes you will go next door to the Miller’s house and walk in looking for Lucy.” I gave her the rest of the directions and left. I got up and left.

“She’ll be here 10 minutes. Are we ready?”

“Yes” Josh said.

We all went to our places. Vicki in her room, pretending to be asleep, Josh hiding in the dining room, Jane and I hiding in her room watching a monitor with feeds from Lucy’s room, Vicki’s room and the hall outside Lucy’s room. And finally Lucy in her room, naked and masturbating with a large dildo while watching some girl on girl porn on her computer. We positioned the computer and her seat so both could be seen from the hall.

Becky walked in the back door just in time. We saw her on the monitor when came in the hall. She was wearing her bikini and carrying a video camera I had left for her. She thought she had just gotten it as a gift and was coming over to show it to Lucy.

I had also told her to narrate her thoughts out loud, without fear of being heard until she is confronted.

“Lucy where are you? I have something cool to show you.” She said as she approached Lucy’s room. She stopped dead in her tracks as she opened Lucy’s door. “Where is that fat little bitch? I want to make her jealous of my new camera. Holy crap. She’s wacking off while watching lesbo porn. I knew she was a freak. I have to tape this and post it online. It will humiliate her at school.” She lifted the camera and started recording.

She kept narrating her video and giving her own insights. “This is Lucy Miller in her room. She naked and fucking herself with a big black dildo. She’s playing with her fat tits and watching lesbo porn. This fat girl is a freak. She can’t get a man so she has to resort to this. She’s pathetic. I almost feel sorry for her. She only wishes she was as hot as me, than she could get a man to do this for her. She thinks men like her big tits, but truth is she only has them because she’s fat. Look now she’s taking out the dildo and licking it. How gross. She’s probably imagining it’s another woman’s pussy juice. Fuck she’s sick. Now it’s back in and she’s sucking on her tits. Probably because she knows she’s the only one who would ever touch them. She really wishes she had firm boobs like mine. Oh now she’s cuming. God she’s such a loser. I’m going to make sure everyone sees this video. Of course they can never know I took it or else I might get in trouble. Look the little pathetic bitch is falling asleep in the chair after playing with herself.” Just then Josh came into view.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked

“I… Uh…Umm…” She stammered.

Josh ripped the camera from her hand and looked into Lucy’s room. He closed the door to her room and hit the play on the camera. After watching 30 seconds she tried to walk away. He grabbed her arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked her.

“I’m sorry. Please let me go.” She pleaded.

He said nothing as he continued to watch. One of the instructions I gave her was to believe anything she is told when in the Miller house. Her own desires would not change, except that I made her fear going to jail more than death. I also made it so that she would never forget anything that happened to her with the Millers, but never be able to tell anyone.

“You taped my daughter with the intention of making it public. Don’t you know that the new privacy laws make this a crime?”

“No I didn’t. It was just a joke. Please let’s just forget this happened. You can keep the camera.”

“Oh I will. It’s the proof I need to show the police. You can leave. The cops will stop by soon to arrest you.”

“No don’t I beg you. I can’t go to jail. Please don’t.”

“You should have thought about that before you violated my daughter.”

“Please Mr. Miller. Don’t do this. I’ll do anything.” She said this while thrusting her boobs up.

“Are you suggesting that you would do something for me if I don’t report you?”

“I’ll do anything.” This time she passed her hand over her boob and down her flat belly.

“So you’re saying that if I don’t report you, you’d give me a blow job?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“What if I wanted sex?”

“Anything, just don’t call the police.” She said with a wink

“I see now. I have sex with you and you accuse me of rape.”

“No I promise.”

“Sorry since there is no way to prove that you won’t do that, I’m calling the cops.” He said to her.

“Wait! Point the camera at me and press record.” He lifted the camera and pointed it at her.

“My name is Becky Regan. I am 18 years old. I am making this statement of my own free will. I want to have sexual relations with Josh Miller. I am doing this because I am attracted to him.” Josh lowered the camera.

“That should prevent me from being able to accuse you of rape. Now please. Don’t call the cops and I will do anything.”

“Here’s the deal. You are my sex slave for as long as I want. Anytime I want you to come over you will and you will do ANYTHING I ask. The first time you say “No” I call the cops. Deal.”

She hung her head. “Yes”

“Good. Now lose the suit. I want to see what I just got.” She undid her suit and let it fall. She then displayed her tight body to Josh with pride.

“I bet you think you have a nice body.”

“Well, boys seem to like it and the bulge in your pants tells me you do to.”

“Well you have a nice ass, but these little pimples are not tits.” He said as he smacked her left tit.

She cupped it protectively.

“Follow me.” He ordered as they headed to his bedroom. Once they walked in she stopped. She saw Vicki sleeping, wearing nothing but a man dress shirt unbuttoned.

“Your wife is home!” she whispered.

“Of course. She sleeping off the fucking I gave her last night.”

“You want to do this in the room with her?” She asked

“Well yes. I need to look at a real woman while you blow me.” He got in bed and pulled aside Vicki’s shirt to reveal her body. Then he stripped his clothes off.

“Alright, now let’s start with a blowjob.” He ordered as he pointed to his semi-hard cock.

“This is a little too weird.” Becky said.

“There’s always jail.” He stated bluntly.

She eventually relented and got in the bed on her stomach and positioned her head with his cock. She grabbed the base and licked the swollen head of his cock. She did this a few times and was rewarded with a hardened cock. Then she took the head in her mouth and started sucking. She then looked up at him with a sense of pride at turning him on. Her pride was crushed when she noticed that he was just staring at his wife’s naked body. Becky realized that he was just using her as a masturbation tool.

Josh’s hand reached out and grabbed Vicki’s full tits. He squeezed and mauled them, while ignoring Becky. Vicki started stirring. She eventually woke up and looked at Josh.

“Didn’t you get enough last night?” She asked playfully.

“I can never get enough of you.” He smiled

Vicki then noticed Becky.

“Josh dear, why is that little bitch sucking your cock?” she asked

“I caught her taping Lucy and in exchange for not going to jail, she’s going to be our little fuck toy.”

“Oh that’s so sweet. You got me a toy. Well then toy, why don’t we see how you lick pussy.” Vicki spread her legs.

“I said I would have sex with you.” She said pointing to Josh. “You never said anything about doing a woman.”

“I never said you wouldn’t have to. Our deal was “Sex Slave”. Our deal was also that I call the cops the first time you say “No”.” He reached for the phone.

In response she shifted over in the bed and got between Vicki’s legs. She apprehensively licked Vicki’s outer lips. After the third light lick, Vicki grabbed her head and rammed it into her crotch.

“Fuck bitch, do it right.” Becky’s mouth was now fully on Vicki’s pussy.

“Now lick it and suck it good.” Vicki shouter at her. Josh got on his knees and feed his cock to Vicki. She gladly accepted it.

“Now that’s how you suck cock. Watch how she does it and you might become half decent.” He said to Becky. While still taking care of Vicki, she looked up and watched how Vicki was pleasing her husband. Becky started to get into the action. After 5 minutes we saw her hand go between her legs. She was ramming two fingers into her pussy and arching her butt into the air. Josh noticed this.

“Well I guess I should give her shot.” He got off the bed. Becky responded by lifting her ass and assuming the doggy style position while still licking Vicki’s pussy.

“She’s actually getting better.” Vicki said

Josh reached for a tube of lubricant and applied some to his cock. Becky noticed this.

“My pussy is pretty wet, I don’t think you’ll need that.” She said

In response he got behind her and pressed his cock to her anus.

“Who said I was going to fuck your pussy.” He then pushed the head in.

“God no. I’ve never done that.”

“First time for everything. Now shut up.” She screamed in pain as he started fucking her ass. Vicki grabbed her head and made her get back to work. He fucked her ass for 15 minutes. Vicki was in the middle of her second orgasm when he pulled out and pumped his load over her tits.

When she was done with her orgasm she pulled Becky up to her tits and made her clean them. Josh and Vicki sat and caressed each other. Becky sat on the bed waiting to be dismissed.

“You have a lot to learn little girl. Lucky for you this family is very giving. You will stay her until your parents come home Tuesday and you will practice pleasing us. If you do well I might actually fuck your pussy. Now come with me.” They left the room. Vicki followed. All three were naked.

They went to Lucy’s room. Lucy was now on her bed resting, but awake. She was also naked.

“Lucy” he called out.

“In here dad.” He walked in, pulling Becky with him. Lucy made no attempt to cover herself.

“We caught this little bitch making a video of you. Rather than go to jail, she’s agreed to become our sex slave. Do you want to use her for a while?”

In response Lucy turned over and got on all fours, with her ass just over the edge of the bed. “Make her eat my ass and pussy.” Josh shoved Becky to the ground and guided her head towards Lucy’s ass.

“You heard her. Get to work.”

“You all have sex with each other?” she finally asked.

“Of course. I live with three of the hottest woman in the city, why wouldn’t I?”

Becky began to please Lucy. She was rubbing herself so much while eating Lucy, that she came twice. Lucy. When Lucy came she made Becky message and suck on her tits. Neither had noticed that Josh and Vicki had left. They had joined Jane and me in Jane’s room.

Jane and I were naked and intently watching the video. I was now rock hard.

“Can you please fuck me in the ass now?” Jane pleaded.

I positioned her on the bed on got behind her. Vicki came over and rubbed some lubricant on her daughter’s ass. Then she sat beside her. I pushed my cock into her ass and she grabbed her mother’s tits and bit them when the pain hit. Once the pain turned to pleasure, she stopped biting and started sucking. She came hard after 5 minutes of fucking. I pumped her for another 5 minutes then pulled out and covered her ass with my sperm.

“Oh god that was great.” She said. “I’m going to get that little bitch to clean me.” She got up and went to Lucy’s room. We saw her walk in and approach Becky who was sitting on the floor once again licking Lucy’s pussy.

“Hey Luce. Can I borrow her mouth? James left a mess on my ass.” She knelt next to Becky and had her chest on Lucy’s bed. Lucy pulled Becky off her pussy. “You heard her. Clean that up.” The defeated Becky did as she was told.

The rest of the weekend was a fun filled fuck fest of abuse directed at Becky. By Monday Night she was a submissive, willing fuck toy. She now accepted her new position. Lucy and Vicki even gave her a treat by fucking her twat with their tits. This made her cum hard.