The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Started With: Alien Control.

By The Slaver.

4th July 1976: South East England.

It started with an assignment to the U.K to look into accounts of Alien Abduction. Lieutenant Bergman of the USAF, did not care for this assignment, he wanted to be back home in the States for the Bio-centenary of 1776: he had heard, or read stories of alien abductions back in the States, but he had dismissed them all as the ravings of nutters; but after this visit he wouldn’t be so sure, or the same person again it started at about 1:04 A:M two days after he arrived in the U.K. Lieutenant Bergman lay on his bed looking at the celling; n because he had one of those clocks that project the time in big red numbers onto the ceiling. Normally he wouldn’t have been awake at that time of night, it was unusual for him not to sleep right through, but the unseasonably cold spring weather had caught Lieutenant Bergman by surprise and he was shivering under the thin duvet. He’d been tossing and turning for a while, having woken up for no reason he could say and been unable to get back to sleep.

There was no light in the small country hotel bedroom, but the moon which was full, lit up the room with its silver rays, as Lieutenant Bergman had not pull the drapes over the small single window. But suddenly there was something different about the light flooding the room: in his semi-conscious state, Lieutenant Bergman slowly became aware that the room seemed to by glowing. Slowly, a soft yellow illumination started to pervade the whole room.

Lieutenant Bergman grunted and blinked as he raised his head and looked around the small room; suddenly and quickly Lieutenant Bergman came fully awake. He thought that something might be on fire, but there was no smell of burning, and the light seemed wrong for fire. Lieutenant Bergman started to get out of bed, but suddenly he felt something pushing him firmly down back on to the bed. He tried to fight the force pushing him down, but the force was irresistible. With his muscles straining, Lieutenant Bergman fell back onto the bed, unable to move.

Lieutenant Bergman was unable to even move his head, suddenly Lieutenant Bergman felt rather than saw, the duvet being pulled off him, the duvet seemed to move by itself. Lieutenant Bergman had been afraid before, now he was totally terrified. In his peripheral vision Lieutenant Bergman couldn’t even move his eyes; Lieutenant Bergman thought he saw shadowy forms moving beyond the bed, but he was unable to move his head to get a proper look. “Who’s there?” Lieutenant Bergman asked, but there was no reply to his question. Frozen face up on the bed, his gaze was locked looking straight up, when he felt himself begin to move. Lieutenant Bergman felt his body levitate off the bed’s mattress. “What the fu...” Lieutenant Bergman tried to say, but he found he couldn’t speak any more.

A tingling began in his feet and worked gradually up his whole body. It was probably a good thing he was unable to see what happened next; at a rate of about eight inches a second, Lieutenant Bergman’s body began disappearing. His legs, his abdomen dissolved into nothingness, then his chest, arms and shoulders followed, finally without any noise, or sound Lieutenant Bergman’s head disappeared. After a few seconds the soft yellow glow abruptly vanished, and the room was now empty, lit only by the full moon.

Lieutenant Bergman seemed to experience no discomfort, or discontinuity; one moment he was in his room, staring at the ceiling, the next he was somewhere else. The ceiling where he was now seemed metallic and grey. Lieutenant Bergman felt he was lying on some sort of metal surface; Lieutenant Bergman was still unable to move a muscle. Suddenly Lieutenant Bergman thought that if he had been abducted by aliens he wanted to see them! Even thou he thought stories of alien abductions were the ravings of nutters; he was intensely interested in science, and he knew that what was happening to him was an experience he’d never have again. Lieutenant Bergman wondered if the Alien would experiment on him and would it cause him pain; Lieutenant Bergman’s initial terror in his room had now been replaced with an intense curiosity.

Lieutenant Bergman jumped out of his skin as he felt his ankles and wrists gripped firmly, lifted, and fastened into metal restraints in the corners of surface he was on; a metallic rod was placed over his neck. His head and eyes were still immovable, so he couldn’t look down to see who, or what was touching him, and he found this somewhat frustrating. And then Lieutenant Bergman gasped as he glimpsed a figure, just in his field of vision ; but it was to dim in the room to make out any details of the figure, the figure moved up the side of the surface on which Lieutenant Bergman was bound; it stopped beside Lieutenant Bergman’s crouch. Lieutenant Bergman felt something cold, metallic and heavy placed tightly on his crouch.

The figure suddenly disappeared from Lieutenant Bergman’s field of view for a while. Lieutenant Bergman was suddenly able to move his eyes, he tried looking down and around as far as he could, which was not a lot but the alien was not in sight. Gradually, Lieutenant Bergman slowly recovered the movement of his head, and soon he could raise it to look. He couldn’t move it far enough to see very much because of the metallic restraint pinning his neck down, but Lieutenant Bergman could saw more than he had before. Lieutenant Bergman managed to look down, and saw a metallic object encased the whole of his crouch.

Then the Alien reappeared out of the darkness, but still Lieutenant Bergman could not make out much detail. The figure seemed to be Humanoid in shape, and build, but it was hard to really tell in the dim light and the long lose robe the figure seemed to be wearing; but one thing that Lieutenant Bergman could tell even in the dim light was the Alien was far taller that any Human from Earth.

Out of thin air, or was it the alien, or was it in Lieutenant Bergman’s mind he was not sure, but a strange sing song, musky voice spoke, “You are ready Human!” was all it said, at the same time the strange alien metallic contraption on his crouch sprung into life; the contraption started to slurp and suck on Lieutenant Bergman’s cock. Coursing Lieutenant Bergman to cry out in surprise, shock, lust and fear all at the same time. In the darkness on the far side of the room a hissing sound could be heard as a door opened, through which the alien went; the door hissed shut behind it.

Sometime later, Lieutenant Bergman looked up as the alien re-entered the room, Lieutenant Bergman was struggling; he withered in the metallic bonds resisting every attempt the strange alien contraption on his crotch made, trying to get him to cum. The alien of course knew better, Lieutenant Bergman couldn’t cum even if he wanted to; the device on his crouch was set to edging mode only, to harvest Pre-cum out of Lieutenant Bergman only. “YOU...! AUGH...! AUGH!....NO!” Lieutenant Bergman moaned as he looked up and saw the alien.

“All you humans are the same. Always surprised when the truth about what we’re really doing here becomes known. Over the years we’ve harvested many male humans of their sperm!” rebutted the alien, waving an arm of disregard. The alien approached Lieutenant Bergman, it saw that there was quite a bit of Lieutenant Bergman’s Pre-cum already harvested, and the glass collection beaker was over half full. The Alien estimated that Lieutenant Bergman probably have at most several more hours of precum harvesting and edging before he was ready to be completely milked and reprogrammed.

“UGH...I’ YOU!..” gasped Lieutenant Bergman, still fighting the strange alien machine on his crouch. “Kill me? I don’t think so. From the look of you, you’re in no state at all to make threats like that, Lieutenant Bergman.” Smirked the alien, moving nearer to Lieutenant Bergman, but Lieutenant Bergman could still not see the alien clearly; it was still just a dark shape in the dim light.

“AUGH...GRRRR!......Uuuugh!” Moaned Lieutenant Bergman trying to break free, but he couldn’t, his body was secured on top of the metal contraption, his arms and legs were firmly, and securely held in place. “Mmm, you can’t free yourself, so just enjoy getting pumped soldier boy!” The alien checked the beaker again, “UGH...NEVER!...UGH...” Lieutenant Bergman moaned again. “Resist all you want, but all the humans we have brought here have in the end played right into our hands. Thousands are already under our control, waiting for our orders, and soon you will follow!”

Lieutenant Bergman’s hopes sunk, but still he had to overcome this. He’d been in tighter spots than this before on other missions. Damn it! This...thing on my crouch just won’t quit. Lieutenant Bergman’s raging hard on was distracting him from forming any plans. All he could think of was the pleasure his cock was getting was becoming unbearable. “Soon you’ll be our slave willing to serve and obey us in the outside world,” The alien taunted and left Lieutenant Bergman to be edged endlessly by the metallic stimulating device. “NO...AUGH!...AUGH!..” Lieutenant Bergman’s moaned as the door slid closed behind the alien.

Several hours later the room’s door slid open and the alien entered. “UGH...! NO...!” Lieutenant Bergman writhed in the metallic restrains as he was continuously being edged. Lieutenant Bergman’s mind was in turmoil from all the pleasure he was getting while he continued to resist. He could see the shape of the alien in the doorway, Lieutenant Bergman so wanted to beat the shit out of the alien, but he couldn’t break free from the machine. He wouldn’t lose to the machines stimulations, he just couldn’t!

The alien walked into the room, the door slid shut behind it. “Still resisting I see? Well let’s see what happens to you and your mind when I MILK you?” said the alien as it slid a metallic band onto Lieutenant Bergman’s head. Lieutenant Bergman was alarmed he could do nothing but continue to moan in ecstasy. Over the last several hours The Lieutenant had slipped back and forth on the verge of Cumming and not. But suddenly, moments later, the pulses on his crouch changed. The pleasure centres in his brains fired without warning, as alien commands entered his head through the metallic band.

“Urgh...! UGH...NOOOOAAUGH!” Bergman moaned as intense orgasms were released though out his body. He could hold nothing back; his resistance was now completely shattered. Shot after shot, the Lieutenant fired his seed into the alien machine on his crouch, which hungrily sucked up his sperm. “Yes! Cum! Shoot your loads soldier boy!”

“AUGH..FUCK!...AUGH! NO...AUGH! FUUUUUUCK...!” Bergman cried out as he was forced to cum, again and again. “Ugh...How...!?...Ugh...!” Lieutenant Bergman was confused and aroused the alien device was stimulating every inch of his crouch. Bergman couldn’t control anything, his body shock, all that he could do was shot his loads and moan. “No...! I...augh...won’t...! Augh! FUCK!...” Lieutenant Bergman moaned, suddenly he felt electrical pauses being fired into his pleasure centres. Lieutenant Bergman’s efforts were futile, the device on his crouch soon increased its pleasures to a greater strength, his mind was lost completely in ecstasy and the alien commands, his body writhed uncontrollably.

“AUGH...! FUCK!... AUGH!...AAAAAUGH!” Lieutenant Bergman screamed as his balls churned uncontrollably, releasing more wads of his sperm, the device sucked up every drop. The Lieutenant’s brain was on fire unable to comprehend the intensity of the stimulation, or the electrical pauses. Lieutenant Bergman continued to cum, slowly he lost all control of his mind and body. Gradually the Lieutenant slowly started to slow down his orgasms, thoughts started to go through his mind of submissiveness. Lieutenant Bergman wanted to give in, to be controlled he now wanted to let someone else take control.

Visibly shaking and struggling, Lieutenant Bergman was grasping to the last threads of his old self. He could no longer control his limbs, they felt like heavy iron bars. Lieutenant Bergman’s thoughts kept going back to submit and obey. He couldn’t do anything else beyond listening to the inner voice in his head; it made it sound so easy, so good. Yes, giving in was easy, he didn’t have to do anything, just let the aliens control and milk him.

The alien watched as the Lieutenant’s struggles died down. Soon Lieutenant Bergman was murmuring words of obey and submission. The alien programming had clearly started to dominate Lieutenant Bergman’s mind. The alien watched as the soldier shot his final loads. Lieutenant Bergman’s groin thrusted upwards with each load he released from his balls. The alien watching the cum collecting in the flask. The Lieutenant gave out a loud cry and lay still; his balls were now completely empty, he was now under the alien’s control, completely. The alien stopped the milking process and removed the device from Lieutenant Bergman’s crouch which revealed the Lieutenant’s cum soaked shaft. The metal band was also removed from his head.

The alien waved its hand over Lieutenant Bergman, the metallic restrains holding him sprung open. But the Lieutenant just lay where he was waiting to be told what to do. “Stand Human!” ordered the alien, it stepped aside as the Lieutenant climbed off the metal construction he’d been bound to, and stood up. “Kneel, human!” The alien ordered, Lieutenant Bergman fell to his knees looking up at the alien. Moving nearer to Lieutenant Bergman, the alien then pulled open it’s ropes. A large alien cock flopped out. “Suck Alien cock, Human!” Ordered the alien, as it’s cock started to become hard, and erect. At this point the Lieutenant seemed to resist, but for a second, then began to suck the alien’s 10? cock with vigour.

The alien wrapped his hands around the back of the Lieutenant’s head, holding Lieutenant Bergman in place on its cock, while continuing to re-inforce the alien domination of the Lieutenant through subtle but well placed words. The alien held the Lieutenant’s head tighter, and pushed it further down on its cock, while it continued to pump Lieutenant Bergman’s mouth: the alien knew that no matter what it did, thanks to the alien device and condoning the Lieutenant would not be able to cum, again for several months, and was that he was under Alien control. Just before The alien was about to spirt its seeds into Lieutenant Bergman’s mouth he commanded him to look into his eyes and the alien repeated continually “Drink the seeds of your Master, drink the seeds of your Master, drink the seeds of your Master, drink the seeds of your Master, with these seeds we will become one.” The alien cum and the Lieutenant drank the seeds of the alien. The alien proceeded to program Lieutenant Bergman to respond to his voice commands. The alien pulled its cock out of the Lieutenant’s mouth: Lieutenant Bergman did not move, he just stayed kneeling on the floor, in front of the alien. Alien cum run out of the corners of the Lieutenant’s rapped mouth.

“On all fours, Human!” ordered the alien, “I want fuck your arse till I shot another load, straight into your whole.” The alien jerk off, soon his dick was hard and erect again. The alien walked nearer to the Lieutenant, who was bent over on all fours, arse in the air. The alien entered Lieutenant Bergman from behind, the alien just kept pushing more and more of his throbbing cock up Lieutenant Bergman’s ass. “Ahh, fuck noooo!” screamed the Lieutenant. But, the alien just kept pushing. The alien shoved its dick in deeper, and deeper, into Lieutenant Berg’s whole. ‘This human’s whole is so tight—so hot.’ The alien thought pounding away. Lieutenant Bergman whimpered and squirmed; against the buffeting the alien was giving his whole.

The alien kept pounding its dick into the Lieutenant’s asshole. Lieutenant Bergman was still whimpering and moaning, trying to get away from the dick up his ass, but he could not. The alien’s nuts ached, he know he was near to shooting his load. The alien pushed it’s dick into Lieutenant Bergman all the way to the hilt, and then with a loud cry shot alien spunk deep inside the Lieutenant’s ass. The alien pulled his dick out of the Lieutenant’s ass with a “pop.” Lieutenant Bergman fell to the floor and just lay still, he then blacked out.

The sun shone into the room through the small window. Lieutenant Bergman opened his eyes, and rose from his bed, there was a strange inhuman movement to him, like he was not in control of his own mind and body, anymore. He walked over to the long mirror on the wall and looked at himself. His 8″ cock, crotch, balls and, also his entire arse seemed to now be encased in a strange Alien-like Metal substance. A strange smile crossed the Lieutenant’s face; he turned from the mirror and walked into the bathroom. Seconds later, the shower was heard. As Lieutenant Bergman stood in the shower, with the water running over his body and the strange Alien-like Metal substance; the strange sing song, musky Alien voice suddenly filled his mind.

“There is no escape Human. You are ours now. When the time comes you like all those Humans we control will do our bidding. Till then you will act as normal, but we still have control of your lower body!” The voice vanished as quickly as it had started. Lieutenant Bergman smiled that strange smile, and continued his shower. As Lieutenant Bergman finished his shower and stepped out of the shower, the strange Alien look on his face seemed to vanish, and he slowly became more like his old self again.