The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Started With: Alien Milking.

By The Slaver.

4th July 1976: A Midwest state in the USA.

It started with a couple of crafty cigars after the celebrations of the Bio-centenary of 1776, for Eighteen year old Campbell.

The sound of the celebrations could still be heard from town, as Campbell entered the strip of woodland that bordered one side of his father’s farm. Campbell stopped under a tree in the woodland that over-looking one of the Maze fields of the farm. The Eighteen year old had lived his whole life on the farm: it had always been just Campbell and his father, Campbell’s mother having run off with a Marine only a few weeks after Campbell was born.

As well as being a farmer, Campbell’s father was a Pastor, which meant that he did not approve of drinking, smoking, drugs and sex before marriage. Campbell would never have used drugs; but since he had been sixteen Campbell had smoked, drunk, and had had endless sex, and so far without his father knowing. Campbell pulled out a pack of cigars and a lighter, from an inside packet of his jacket; he light a cigar drew on it and then blow out a cloud of smoke. Smoking his cigar, Campbell lent against the tree, and looked out over the maze field of his father’s farm. In the distance Campbell could make out the three store wooden farmhouse where he had lived all of his life.

Having finished his cigar, Campbell stubbed out the stub, making sure that it was completely out. He was just about to light a second cigar, when he heard a low sounding , but high frequency buzzing noise, that seemed to be coming from overhead. He looked up, at first he could not see anything, but even he looked harder, Campbell could see that part of the sky seemed to shimmer slightly, as he watched the strange shimmering, it moved slowly towards the woodland, it stopped over the woodland, and then the shimmering seemed too descend into the woodland.

Lighting his second cigar, Campbell set off towards the strange shimmering, he had just saw. As he moved through the woodland, he wondered briefly, if the local Sheriff, or one of his Deputies had seen the shimmering, and would come and investigate. Suddenly, Campbell stepped into a clearing in the woodland. Several feet in front of Campbell was the shimmering. Campbell stood rooted to the spot, just staring at the strange site before him. As he watched, the shimmering seemed to fade away, and slowly in its place a craft, or ship began to appear, but it was like nothing Campbell had ever seen.

In a few seconds the shimmering had completely gone, in its place was a solid object, which Campbell was now convinced was not from this world. It was from an Alien World. The Alien craft was long sleek and black, like a torpedo with small swept-back wings. What looked like some sort of weapons were mounted like a sharp snout in the brows of the craft. The craft’s engines were still emitting the high-pitched buzzing sound. Then the sound died out as the craft seemed to have manoeuvred into a landing position. A long large, streamlined observation bubble on top of the craft began to pulse yellow.

Campbell suddenly, knew that if he stayed he would be in danger; he turned to run, but a bright, yellow light shot from the observation bubble, and engulfed the jock. The light around Campbell got brighter, and brighter, and then suddenly, it was gone. Campbell had vanished, for several seconds the only thing in the clearing was the Alien ship, and then that too shimmered, and vanished from sight.

The light around Campbell faded away, he found himself standing in a dim light metal room; he could not make out how big the room was in the dim light. The stub of his cigar fell from Campbell’s mouth and hit the metal floor; Campbell did not know why, but as he took a few steps into the room, he shed his jacket and dropped that as well onto the metal floor of the room. Then a short distance away from Campbell, a bright pulsing red light appeared, a large figure formed in the light. The light vanished, leaving only the Alien figure. Campbell lost it, and pissed himself.

Campbell took in The Alien’s appearance as he tried to calm his racing hart: The Alien’s sudden appearance had scared the shit out of him. The Alien was far taller in height than him, The Alien was board, but athletically built, its head domed shaped, but hairless and it was dressed completely from the neck down in a black cape sort of thing. But the thing that really attracted Campbell’s attention was The Alien’s eyes, they were a deep yellow almost orange; they seemed to stare through and into Campbell all at the same time.

Campbell realized that two of them were far enough away that the Alien’s eyes should be the last thing that attracted his notice but he couldn’t help it. “Uhhhh . . . .,” Campbell muttered momentarily unable to form a coherent thought, let alone a coherent sentence, in the face of The Alien’s unnerving presence.

The Alien started to move towards where Campbell stood, Campbell thought The Alien moved with a shark-like, grace across the room, to him. He knew that he should move or say something, but Campbell was rooted too the spot by the intensity of The Alien’s stare. The Alien now stood before Campbell, The Alien’s eyes were unblinking and unwavering, and it stared deeply into Campbell’s eyes. Campbell could feel himself swaying slightly as The Alien’s eyes filled his field of vision, and his mind.

The Alien’s eyes were so deep and so bright, that it took all of Campbell’s will power not to find himself falling into them. “You should relax, take some deep breathes and try to collect your thoughts, Human” The Alien said, as it reached out one of its six fingered hands and pressed the flat of its palm firmly against the bulge that seemed to be in Campbell’s pants.

Campbell’s eyes were now trapped in The Alien’s gaze, he felt himself taking deep breathes as The Alien had suggested. Campbell felt his lungs fill to capacity, his chest puff out and then release the breath that he had held, he then repeat the process again. A kind of euphoria washed over Campbell’s weakened mind. The flat of The Alien’s hand began to rub Campbell’s already swollen cockhead through his pants.

“I . . . ohhh . . . you . . . ohhhhhh,” Campbell said having regained a small part of the use of his voice. Campbell felt a heavy spurt of pre-cum erupt from his cock, which wet the front of his pants. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. He was a fucking straight Human, and there was no way that he was going to let some fag Alien rub him off, but that was exactly what was happening. Campbell standing before an Alien, letting it do just that to him.

“That’s a good Human,” The Alien said. “So much better to just give in to me isn’t it, Human? To just relax and let everything go.” All the while, The Alien’s hand continued its insidious rubbing, of Campbell’s cock through his pants.

Campbell knew that he was in trouble, and he also knew that The Alien’s hand on his cock would soon break down the last of his resistance and that he would be lost to The Alien. Campbell needed help and he needed it now or he would completely fall under The Alien’s control. That was when he heard foot-steps, and over The Alien’s shoulder Campbell saw Sheriff Mike had entered the room.

“I take it from the look on your face that the local Sheriff has arrived,” The Alien said, not taking his eyes from Campbell’s, or his hand from rubbing Campbell’s cock. “Perhaps the Sheriff will be able to help you, Human.”

“Sh-sh-sh-sheriff . . . h-h-h-help . . . p-p-p-please,” Campbell managed to sputter. He heard the Sheriff’s approach with growing hope. But, that hope was shattered when Campbell felt Sheriff Mike unzipper his vest and slip it down his shoulders letting it drop to the floor. Sheriff Mike then lifted Campbell’s shirt up and over his head exposing Campbell’s muscled chest, Mike let Campbell’s shirt also fall to the floor. Sheriff Mike’s hands reached around Campbell, and started to massage his pecs. Campbell moaned as Sheriff Mike flicked his hardened nipples.

“SH-SH-SH-sheriff . . . W-w-w-what . . . u-u-u-uhh”

“I’m sure The Sheriff would have helped you except he is currently deeply hypnotized, and he and his deputies have been under my control, for so time now, as you soon will be,” The Alien said mockingly. “That’s right, Human, The Sheriff and his deputies are my hypno slaves, and soon you too, will join them.”

“O-o-o-oh,” Campbell moaned, Sheriff. Mike’s manipulation of his nipples was further distracting Campbell, and confusing the zonked-out hunk. It was all too much for Campbell; he could feel his hips start to move with a mind of their own, thrusting themselves against The Alien’s hand in the hopes of giving himself some relief, and release.

“That’s right, Human!” Said The Alien. “Just relax and give in to me, there’s no need to fight anymore, just let your mind drift away. Let go of all your thoughts, your concerns, and all your worries. Just relax, Human.” The Alien then popped the top button on Campbell’s pants as it continued talked. A further, harder tug, opened the remaining buttons. Campbell felt his pants and shorts sliding down his hairy legs and bunch up around his ankles.

The cool air in the room on Campbell’s overheated nut-sacs and cock was almost a relief, Campbell shuddered with the involuntary thrill that ran along his cock and balls, he sighed and relaxed as he had been told to. Slowly Campbell could feel a sense of calm and emptiness filling his mind. “That’s right, Human. Just let your human mind slip away. Just relax. Relax and submit to me.” The Alien said, as it was lightly rubbing Campbell’s exposed cockhead with one finger.

Campbell’s hips responded to the light rubbing, by trying to thrust along The Alien’s finger to get more stimulation, as Sheriff Mike continued his manipulation of Campbell’s nipples. Sheriff Mike and The Alien synchronized their movements, the two started to move Campbell toward a large Alien like examination table in the centre of the room. Campbell allowed himself to be led by his cock, by The Alien and by his nipples, by Sheriff Mike to the table, Campbell’s hobbled legs shuffling along.

When he got to the table, The Alien and Sheriff Mike laid him on it. Sheriff Mike lifted Campbell’s arms up, over his head and secured them with tight metal cuffs to the top of the examination table. Sheriff Mike then went down to the foot of the table and removed Campbell’s sneakers. “It’s okay, Human! Just let yourself slip deeper and deeper. Your mind is becoming blank and obedient, just like the Sheriff’s.”

The part of Campbell’s mind that was still present knew that what was being said to him was true; Campbell could feel his mind getting smaller and smaller. He could feel it drifting away under the constant stimulation of his cock and the Alien hypnotic tone of The Alien’s voice, and the deep yellow pits that were The Alien’s eyes. Campbell felt Sheriff Mike removing his sneakers and then his pants and shorts. His legs were lifted into stirrups at the end of the table and secured in place with metal cuffs.

“That’s right, Human. Feel everything floating away, all your conscious thought, all your cares, all your worries, all slipping away. Your mind is becoming blank, human . . . empty . . . obedient.” The Alien surveyed the mind-fucked Human on the table. Campbell did not move in the metal restraints. Campbell’s arms and legs were covered with a thin coating of red hair. A tuft of red hair poked out from under each of his arms and around his groin. His cock was now swollen and the head was an angry red, the tip of his cock dripped a constant slow trickle of pre-crud.

The trickle slowly turned into a raging flood, Campbell’s nut-sacs were now a vivid purple and had swollen to three times their normal size and resembled a pair of overripe plums, thanks to The Alien continued constant stimulation of his cock.The Alien nodded to Sheriff Mike, who picked up a length of hose attached to an Alien looking machine standing next to the table, he slipped the hose up and over the head of Campbell’s cock: Sheriff Mike then worked the hose further down Campbell’s shaft until Campbell’s entire cock was encased in the slick, tight-fitting hose. After another signal from The Alien, Sheriff Mike flipped a switch on the machine.

The tube came to life massaging the whole length of Campbell’s trapped cock, and at the same time suction started deep from inside the machine, running up through the tube. Campbell by now wasn’t capable of focusing on anything, so he did not see his pre-jizz being sucked along the tube and into a collection jar attached to the side of The Alien machine. Campbell merely moaned and allowed his body and mind to float further away.

“That’s right human, you’re completely blank and empty. Nothing to think or worry about except shooting your load. You’re nothing but a good and obedient milk cow, just like those you milk on your father’s farm.” The Alien said, it nodded to Sheriff Mike, who turned the switch up on The Alien machine, both the massaging and suction increased. “M-m-m-m,” moaned Campbell.

“You’re just a good and obedient little human heifer. Good only for being milked and bred.” Campbell’s only reply was, “M-m-m-m-m.”

“Give up your human milk for me like a good little heifer.” The Alien said, as it rubbed Campbell’s bloated nuts. The sudden pressure on his engorged nuts pushed Campbell over the edge: he arched his back, the best he could, up off the table. His toes curled violently inwards, and Campbell released a moan from deep inside his being. “M-m-m-moo-o-o-o.” Was the mind-fucked guy’s cry of submission, as he released rope and rope of his cream into the tube, and then into the collection jar. Campbell’s body, when it was finally spent, fell back upon the table.

Campbell’s muscles were limp, and his eyes were blank and glazed over. Lines of drool leaked out of both corners of Campbell’s mouth. The tube continued to massage and suck on Campbell’s now overstimulated cock, The Alien machine was priming Campbell for his next milking. “M-m-m-moo.” Campbell softly moan, Campbell’s eyes were fixed blankly at some distance point, high in the curved metal roof, and his face placid.

“Very good, for your first milking, my little human heifer.” The Alien said checking the quantity of Campbell’s cum in the collection jar. “But you have much more to give, I know you have?” The Alien said as he nodded to Sheriff Mike again, Sheriff Mike brought up a metal arm on which was a metal rod, shaped roughly like a large cock, and placed it at the entrance of Campbell’s whole. At once the rod began to piston in and out of Campbell’s ass, stimulating his prostate for the hours it would take to milk his balls dry and empty, as well as Campbell’s mind.

Once Campbell was set for his continued milking, ass and mind fucking The Alien led Sheriff Mike out of the room, it explained too him that its plans to increase the number of its human herd were nearly complete and that Sheriff Mike and his deputies were its final targets, as they had all been under its control for some time now, it made sense to incorporate then into the herd. Once this had been done, The Alien and its herd would return to its home-world. In the background, the milk cow that had once been a human called Campbell continued to bray long after The Alien and Sheriff Mike had left the room. A few hours later, Sheriff Mike and his deputies had themselves been incorporated into The Alien’s human milk cow herd.

And shortly before 23:00 PM on the 4th of July 1976, the Alien’s ship lifted off from the planet Earth, heading back to The Alien’s home-world: the ship’s hold was now full with over 200 human males, Campbell, Sheriff Mike and his deputies among them: all now part of the Alien’s herd.