The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

It Started With: Alien Race-memory.

By The Slaver.

It started for BJ Littlejohn, with reports of strange lights, and Army jeeps, seen over and in the canyon. The Sheriff drove his car to near the edge of the canyon, and stopped. He had driven up and down this strip of the canyon several times, but had found nothing. BJ Littlejohn opened the car door, and sat looking out at the canyon. Back in town the celebrations for the Bio-centenary of 1776 were still going on.

BJ Littlejohn’s body was damn sexy, he stood 6′3″, and his eyes were a deep brown, his brown hair was cut in a tight crewcut, and he had trim, fit muscles all around. At 35 he was still the perfect Adonis. But, however BJ Littlejohn was also a Douchebag, Cocky and a Motherfucker. But that did not stop him from doing his duty as Sheriff; which was why he was here at the side of the canyon, and not back in town celebrating the Bio-centenary of 1776. But that did not mean that he could not have a few minutes celebration of his own.

BJ Littlejohn pulled out a pack of cigars and a lighter, from the glove-box of his car, he climbed out of his cart; he light a cigar drew on it and then blow out a smoke ring of smoke. Smoking his cigar, BJ Littlejohn lent against his car, and looked out over the canyon. In the distance he could just make out the far side of the canyon, in the early evening light. Having finished his cigar, had stubbed out the cigar stub, making sure that it was completely out. He was just about to light a second cigar, when he heard a low sounding , buzzing noise, that seemed to be coming from the other side of the canyon. BJ Littlejohn looked at the distant, at first he could not see anything, but even as he looked harder, BJ Littlejohn could see that part of the opposite rock-face seemed to be shimmering slightly, as he watched the strange shimmering, a strange, saucer shaped craft, like nothing BJ Littlejohn had ever seen, emerged through the shimmering rock-face. BJ Littlejohn stood frozen to the spot, the cigar in his mouth, unlit.

As the craft moved further out in to the canyon, some of the shimmering around it faded; BJ Littlejohn could have sworn that below the craft, he could see an Amy jeep. But before BJ Littlejohn could make sense of what he was seeing, the strange craft was now completely out of the shimmering light, the rock-face behind it now looked like solid rock, again. Suddenly, with a sound like cold water being poured onto white hot metal, the craft shot straight up into the air, out of the canyon. And then it shot though the ait towards the Sheriff, the strange noise it was making, rose in volume. Throwing away his unlit cigar, BJ Littlejohn turned and ran as fast as he could.

The craft kept coming, in no time it had gained on the fleeing Sheriff. BJ Littlejohn’s foot caught on a small rock and he fell hard onto the rocky ground. The breath was knocked from the Sheriff’s lungs; gasping for breath BJ Littlejohn staggered painfully to feet. But it was too late, the craft was upon him. It hovered in the air over the Sheriff, who could not move because of the fear that gripped him. Helplessly BJ Littlejohn looked up at the craft hovering over him, as suddenly a blinding yellow light shot down from the ship, and engulfed him. The light grow brighter, and brighter, and then in a blinding flash the light vanished, and so had BJ Littlejohn.

[Sheriff BJ Littlejohn had indeed seen an Amy jeep, whose driver, a Major HJ Maypole , was now on the craft, watching, as the Alien’s whose ship it was, adducted BJ Littlejohn. HJ Maypole was on the ship to assess what threat these Aliens might be to the U.S. Having been involved in that strange episode at the Paris Peace Conference in 72, HJ Maypole seemed to be the best choice for the job.]

BJ Littlejohn opened his eye, he seemed to be hanging in the air, in a beam of bright light, he could hardly move. He seemed to be in a large metal room, but of which one wall seemed to be made of darkened glass. Suddenly, the light around the Sheriff vanished; and he fell to the metal floor, BJ Littlejohn landed painfully on his knees. He tried to move, but he found that he still couldn’t move. He was still fully clothed, but his gun was gone. A door in one of the walls opened, and a group of being entered the room. BJ Littlejohn knows at once that they were Aliens. The Aliens looked sort of human like, but were far larger in build, and height, and seemed to be hairless; they were also completely naked; their skin had a dark-hued to it, and their cocks were far bigger than any cock, that the Sheriff had ever seen?

The Aliens grouped around the Sheriff, one of then reached out, BJ Littlejohn was not sure what happened, but he suddenly, felt cold metal in middle of his forehead; and he felt a buzzing feeling in his brain. The Aliens round BJ Littlejohn swung their cock back, and forwards. “Look at all those Alien Cocks?” A strange voice said, BJ Littlejohn could not look in any direction without seeing an Alien cock, swing backwards, and forwards, before him. “Humans fear large Alien cock?” The buzzing in BJ Littlejohn’s head seemed to get stronger. “Fuck you” BJ Littlejohn managed to reply as he took in the sight of all the Alien cocks. He gulped, but he also lightly licked his lips, as well.

“Yes, Human Males have always secretly feared an Alien male’s dick because deep in their guts they crave it, it has always been so since the early time of man, and man hates that they crave it. You are discovering man’s inner-self; a deep seated race-memory from man’s dawn, a need to surrender to their Alien Masters.” Said the strange voice, the strange voice filled BJ Littlejohn’s head; the lips of not one of the Aliens moved. “Go on touch it.” The voice whispered in BJ Littlejohn’s head, as an Alien moved closer to him. “No, please stop, let me got,” He managed to moan in a low voice, even as his eyes took in the sight of all those dark-hued Alien cocks that now surrounded him, BJ Littlejohn stared at all the Alien cocks around him, and then directly at the Alien’s in front of him.

[In the darkened room behind the darkened glass, the figures watch; one of the larger figures turned slightly and spoke to a small figure, “As you can see Major HJ Maypole , the subject can-not resist for long, it will soon succumb to the long buried race-memory, and the control disk on its forehead.” The figures voice had a sort of a high flute like sound to it. The Major did not reply.]

By now it was clear that the Sheriff was succumbing to the long buried race-memory, and the natural erotic power that Alien males’ cock have over Human males. “Touch it Human, go on feel how long and thick Alien cock is.” The voice whispered. “Fuck, no.” The Sheriff moaned, but like a sleepwalker, BJ Littlejohn tentatively raised his hand, reached out and gripped the Alien shaft. “Fuck that is…” BJ Littlejohn’s voice tapered off as he felt the heft and weight of the erect Alien cock. “Good Human, now would you like to lick that Alien Cock’s head, Human?” The voice instructed BJ Littlejohn, the voice in his head sounded louder, he gazed up at the Alien before him. The aliens could sense, and see BJ Littlejohn’s fear and longing, as they stood around him. The Sheriff suddenly let out a groan. “Fuck.” He pathetically moaned as he surrendered to the deeply buried, race-memory, and man’s need for Alien cock. He moved his head forward, he opened his lips and his tongue touched the Alien cock-head.

The Alien nodded to his fellow Aliens, as BJ Littlejohn’s tongue first slobbered on, then opened his mouth, and slurped the Alien’s thick dick into his throat. “Good human,” The alien voice in his head, softly told BJ Littlejohn. The Alien let BJ Littlejohn get its cock all wet, the Aliens all took in the sight of a human slobbering over dark Alien meat. The Alien suddenly pulled out of BJ Littlejohn’s mouth. From the glazed, and confused look in BJ Littlejohn’s eyes and the rise in the crotch of his uniform pants, the Sheriff was aroused, and well under the Alien’s control. Wasting no time, the Aliens pull BJ Littlejohn to his feet, they then stripping BJ Littlejohn naked and the pushed him down, on his back on the metal floor of the room. “What are you doing to me?” The Sheriff asked in a weak voice as he lay naked before the Alien’s. “Awakening your deep dark primal needs for Alien cock human.” The voice said as the Alien in front of BJ Littlejohn reached down, and masturbated him into a semi-erection. “Fuck you, you Alien fuckers, don’t.” The Sheriff protested weakly as the Alien got him hard. Suddenly, BJ Littlejohn’s shaft was slick with his own pre-cum. “Fuck no.” The Sheriff whimpered, now, he just lay on the metal floor dripping and twitching. His dilated pupils had now rolled upward in their sockets; the Aliens now had complete control of BJ Littlejohn’s mind, thanks to the control disk. The need that lies inside of every human male to let Aliens take charge was coming out in BJ Littlejohn.

[Major HJ Maypole turned and spoke to the figure that had spoken to him earlier, “This process what is its purpose?” The figure was silent for a moment; then it answered the Major’s question. It has been 100,000’s of your years since we were last here on this planet. During our short time on this planet, race-memories were created in the minds of your primitive ancestors. We are trying to see if we can reawaken them. After which they can be reprogramed into the army you want.” Major HJ Maypole turned back to the glass, and stood, looking out into the metal room, in silent.]

“Why are you…doing this…to me?” BJ Littlejohn managed to moan as his hips suddenly rose upward to thrust his shaft into the Alien’s tightening, vice like grip. ‘I’m just giving you what every human male has truly craves for, since the dawn of man on this planet.” This time the Alien in front of BJ Littlejohn was speaking. It released BJ Littlejohn’s cock and then quickly took hold of both of BJ Littlejohn’s ankles and positioned each of BJ Littlejohn’s legs onto one of its shoulders. The Alien spread the Sheriff wide open revealed his rosy-hued anal pucker to view. The Alien dripped one of its fingers into a clear liquid in a glass container held by another Alien, the Alien began rubbing its finger on the Sheriff’s anal gateway, as it with its other hand jerked BJ Littlejohn off. “What the fuck?” The Sheriff slurred, judging by BJ Littlejohn’s hard-on and the amount of pre-cum he was oozing, BJ Littlejohn had finally surrendered to the primal need deep inside him, and BJ Littlejohn was enjoying it, it seemed. The Alien fingered BJ Littlejohn deeper, the Sheriff could only gasp and squirm. After what felt like hours too BJ Littlejohn, but was really only a few minutes, the Alien managed to insert two more of its fingers into the Sheriff’s now loose butt-hole.

“Aw shit?” The Sheriff moaned as his stiff cock oozed a glop of pre-cum, the Alien sensed that it had nicely loosened up BJ Littlejohn’s whole; it withdrew its fingers and replaced them with its hard, dick-head, the dick itself was over a foot long. The Alien then eased its dick up BJ Littlejohn’s virginal chute. “Fuck.” BJ Littlejohn moaned as the Alien invaded his guts, the Sheriff’s pupils had now completely rolled upward in his sockets. “Oh fuck,” BJ Littlejohn wheezed as the Alien fully entered inside of him. The Alien noticed BJ Littlejohn’s cock was still erect. “Fucking me.” BJ Littlejohn groaned as his rod oozed more liquid, he gasped as The Alien pushed in deeper. “Tell me how much you need my dark Alien cock fucking you, human?” The Alien said, as it teased and worked BJ Littlejohn’s whole.

[In the darkened room, Major HJ Maypole was shocked to find that suddenly, a large, hard bulge had formed in the front of his pants, he could feel it trying to break free from the confines of the Army issue Jock-strap he wore; suddenly a low moan escaped his lips, and a wet patch started to appear in the front of his pants.]

“I need your Alien ccccc…ock,” The Sheriff whimpered as his erection throbbed in the Alien’s grip; it applied some more pressure to it to hold off BJ Littlejohn’s orgasm. The other Aliens were all nodding, as their fellow Alien ground into BJ Littlejohn, it nodded and began to really fuck the Sheriff’s hole. “”Fuck. Fuck,” BJ Littlejohn repeated, sobbing as the Alien aggressively hammered its cock into him, the Alien relentlessly pounded into BJ Littlejohn’s ass.

By now BJ Littlejohn was loudly bawling out in pleasure. His shaft was slick with pre-cum that was seeping out of his piss-slit. “Damn you fucking Aliens are really fucking my ass.” The Sheriff loudly yelped, he howled as the Alien ground its way inside of him, BJ Littlejohn could feel his cock getting ready to blow but a tight squeeze from the Alien again delayed it. “PLEASE LET ME SQUIRT.” BJ Littlejohn pathetically whined. One of the other Aliens stepped forwards and grabbed BJ Littlejohn’s head. “Suck this, human.” The voice in BJ Littlejohn’s head said, as the other Alien rammed his thick, foot long, hard cock into BJ Littlejohn’s throat. “Oomph,” BJ Littlejohn mumbled through his cock-stuffed mouth. The sounds of muffled moans and gurgling from the Sheriff soon filled the room.

The Alien fucking BJ Littlejohn’s ass shouted, as it prepared to unload its sperm, the Alien fucking BJ Littlejohn’s mouth nodded its head; it too was ready to pop its load. “Time to seed this human.” The Alien fucking the Sheriff’s mouth grunted as its large balls sent its Alien cream flowing into its shaft. “Aw.” Both Aliens yelled as they both shot into the Sheriff. “Ump,” BJ Littlejohn managed to gurgle as he slurped up Alien seed. Some dribbles of Alien cum seeped from the sides of his mouth, but BJ Littlejohn managed to gulp down the rest of the Alien cum. As the other Alien pulled out of BJ Littlejohn’s now un-virgin butt-whole, it noticed some of it’s cum was leaking from it too. It leered that BJ Littlejohn, the two Alien that had just fucked Sheriff BJ Littlejohn had barely pulled out of both his wholes when two other Alien stepped around BJ Littlejohn to refill both the his mouth and ass.

[In the darkened room the tall figures just stood and looked down at Major HJ Maypole , who was laying on the floor, thrusting his hips into the air; as his cock just kept shooting load after load of his cum, without it being touched at all, the wet patch in the front of his pants slowly spread. The Figures turned back to the glass, and looked out at Sheriff BJ Littlejohn, unnoticed Major HJ Maypole now lay on the floor, shooting wad, after wad, unable to control what he is doing.]

For what too Sheriff BJ Littlejohn seemed like hours, or maybe even the rest of the night, the Aliens tag-teamed BJ Littlejohn. By the time the Aliens were done with BJ Littlejohn, he was dripping Alien cum from both his asshole and his mouth. His hard eight-Pac had faded away thanks to the loads of Alien semen that now filled his stomach; he soon had what most people would call a nice jizz-bulging gut. By the time the Aliens were done, BJ Littlejohn was a mess, but he was still as hard as a rock, the Alien had taken turns gripping his erection, through the Alien hand pressure, each Alien gripping the Sheriff’s cock had prevented him from blowing his load as the Aliens ravaged both his wholes, and awoke the deeply buried race-memory.

“I need to shoot?” BJ Littlejohn hoarsely moaned as he lay on the metal floor before the Aliens. “Please…” the Sheriff sobbed. The Aliens took pity on BJ Littlejohn, they all held him down, while through the door in the far wall of the metal room opened and another Alien walked in, which was smaller than the other Aliens. It stood between BJ Littlejohn’s spread legs, gabbed his cock and jerked it; the smaller Alien repeatedly jerked BJ Littlejohn off. By the time it was finished, Sheriff BJ Littlejohn had completely emptied his balls onto the slightly rounded mound of his now jizz-filled stomach. The Aliens scooped it all up after every one of the Sheriff’s orgasm and fed it to the gasping, moaning BJ Littlejohn. “Fuck my ass and balls hurt so badly.” BJ Littlejohn loudly yelled as he was relentlessly milked, by the Alien hand gripping his cock. After forty minutes of draining, all BJ Littlejohn could finally shoot from his cock was air bubbles.

[In the darkened room the tall figures let out a strange flute like sounding laugh as they heard the sounds of BJ Littlejohn being truly fucked over. On the floor of the darkened room Major HJ Maypole was also, finally only shooting air bubbles from his cock, his uniform was soaked in his own cum. One of the figures reached out and placed a control disk on HJ Maypole ’s forehead. As soon as the disk touched his forehead, Major HJ Maypole ’s body went rigged; an Alien voice filled his head. The tall figures watched as the rigged, cum drenched Major was taken from the room. “Don’t worry human, after you have been processed, you will be returned to your people. But with no memory of what we are really doing on Earth. You will tell your government that WE are not a threat to this planet. In fact you will talk them into sending more Human males to us, saying that it would be in their best interests to do so?” Said one of the figures.]

The next day 5th July: BJ Littlejohn woke up; he was laying on the top of the canyon some distance his uniform, his gun had been returned, but he still had a noticeable gut hanging out over the top of his uniform’s waistline, and as he stood up, BJ Littlejohn moved like he had pulled several muscles in his ass. BJ Littlejohn realized once human males get a taste of Alien cocks, they just become natural addicted to cock. Alien, or the lesser cock of a human? Now, only one thought filled the Sheriff’s mind, ‘Please let me be your cock sucker, and cum dump.’ The Sheriff was so engrossed with these thoughts that it took him sometime to realise that he was now on the opposite side of the canyon, than he had been the night before.

[In the bottom of the canyon, the now fully processed, and programmed Major HJ Maypole drove his jeep, the only thoughts in his head now; were that he had to convince his government that the Aliens were not a threat to the planet. And that Male military personal should be sent to the Aliens as a sign of good-will. As the major drove on the race-memory that had once been deeply buried in his mind came back too the surface on his mind, as a need for cock took hold.]