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Jackass With Mind Control Powers

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Synopsis: Rhoda recounts how her life was messed up by someone with mind control powers.

Rhoda Summers was inwardly cursing that jackass with mind control powers. As she looked at herself in the mirror at the gym, her mind went back to eighteen months before the cursing in her mind got louder. As she curled the forty-five pound weights and saw her bulging veins, her erupting muscles, her tight skin, and her enormous sweat covered breasts, she started her long string of curses in her mind again. In the mirror she could see the men checking out her barely permissible exercise outfit, her fading orange hair, and her tight ripped body underneath. What got Rhoda hotter was when the women looked at her. Seeing a brunette in the mirror Rhoda clenched her vagina in an attempt to tamp down the involuntary rush of lust she felt. Again the inward list of torturous things she would do to that jackass with the mind control powers started over again.

Eighteen months before it was the start of summer vacation, and Rhoda needed a job before college started. Her parents insisted, even if they had enough money, they said she needed some work experience. Rhoda stated that the only thing she didn’t want to do was work in food service, so she got a job at the home improvement box store, Home Depot.

Back then Rhoda was blond, thin, and superior to everyone at her school. Now that high school was done, she needed to exert her dominance over people she was around, her friends, and her fellow employees. Rhoda got what she wanted, and had no problem stepping on people, using her body, and flat out lying about them, to get what she wanted. Rhoda had been called a bitch to her face more than once, and that’s how she knew she was making that person do whatever she wanted.

That early June day Rhoda was surfing her phone while at the customer service desk at Home Depot. All the regular construction people had gotten their stuff and left. Normal people didn’t need customer service. This meant that Rhoda didn’t have much work to do, and could shop for cute outfits. Rhoda knew she had a slim hourglass figure, and found teasing others with her body got more results than showing everything. Of course Rhoda didn’t have much on her chest, but her arms, legs, and body were slim and delicate. This usually got what she wanted. A flirty look here, a touch there, a quick peck on the cheek and people simply loved to do what she wanted.

“Well if it isn’t Sunny Summers,” a male voice said approaching the service counter.

Rhoda looked up. She hated that nick name. She once made a guy almost lose a testicle for calling her that. When she glared at the guy it wasn’t the first time to see the jackass.

Edgar “Ed” Lyon was in her grade. In fact they were about the same level when they graduated. Rhoda was going off to State, and she didn’t know or care where Ed was going. The one thing she did care about was how getting fired from her job would look, so she put on a fake smile and said, “Hi Edgar, what can I do for you?”

Rhoda had read about how some people could have a predatory look in their eyes, but she’d never seen it before. On Ed’s face she saw it went from a superior smile to something she could only associate with a wolf. Ed was barely pushing five feet-four inches tall. He was not round, but he was thick with muscles under his fat. His head was like a rounded rectangle. With dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes, he was not much to look at. As far as Rhoda knew he’d never had a girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter. Now he had two drop dead gorgeous women trailing behind him. One blond and the other a red head, the women looked like they stepped out of a fashion magazine with perfect slim bodies with long legs, and just the right size breasts. The women’s outfits looked more like tasteful streetwalkers as their shorts skirts and tight revealing crop tops showed what they had.

“What you can do for me?” Ed said with his toothy grin. “You can stand there and listen closely as I tell you what you are now.”

Rhoda’s world shifted as soon as the words were understood in her mind. Confusion set in as she listened closely as if that was exactly what she was put on Earth to do. She had to listen closely to Ed as he—. Rhoda’s mind hit that wall of confusion as to what ‘tell you what you are now’ meant.

“From this day forward you will become obsessed with becoming a female body builder,” Ed said with a giggle. “You will do everything you can, except for steroids and surgery, to make your muscles as big as you possibly can. You will drop your body fat down to three percent. You will get silicone breast implants, as big as you can get. You will start wearing clothes that are as revealing as you can get away with. Daily you will shave any hair that is not on your head. You will also dye your hair some random color, but change hair colors every month. Let’s see, what else, oh, and you are now a lesbian, where you have zero sexual desire for any man, but you lust after beautiful women. Also, Rhoda, start tanning not that spray on stuff but UV light tanning, in the nude.”

Rhoda stood there listening. All these commands in her mind were beyond powerful. It was like her personality, her true self, was being shaped and reshaped into what this jackass with mind control powers wanted. Rhoda could only compare it to the idea of play-doh being put into a mold and when pulled out being perfectly shaped into the mold. Her brain was being perfectly shaped into what Ed wanted.

“You’ve been a bitch to me since we were in grade school,” Ed said to Rhoda. “Well you’re not going to be a bitch to anyone else from now on. You will be kind, nice, supportive, and polite to everyone. Rhoda, I command you to never be a bitch to anyone ever again. As punishment for being a bitch, I command you to video record yourself masturbating with some foreign object, and post it to the internet, weekly. Don’t worry thou, I command you to now and forever easily and quickly achieve orgasms that are deep, powerful, body wracking, eye rolling, pussy gushing, and more pleasurable than anything you’ve ever had. Now I command you to never tell anyone about how I made you think these things, but if anyone asks, you will say it’s your choice. Rhoda, go into the women’s restroom, record you masturbating to an orgasm, and then post it to a porn site on the internet.”

Ed turned away and his women followed him. Rhoda, freed from whatever magic spell she was under, felt the weight of the commands from that jackass with mind control powers had given her. He wanted her to be a body builder, seriously? Of course a jackass like Ed would want her to have huge breasts, because he was a JACKASS. She felt her legs move as her mind still processed the commands given to her. Rhoda didn’t wear revealing clothing, but now she had to, and she had to tell everyone she wanted to. Rhoda walked as she pulled a strand of her blond hair before her face and the command of dying it to some bright color etched into her mind as she wondered how she was going to justify coming into work the next day with bright green/blue/red/pink/white/orange hair.

Rhoda realized she was walking in the same direction as Ed, and his women. Rhoda looked at his women’s asses and there were those tingles and that burn. Rhoda was getting aroused by the women’s asses. Rhoda had never found another woman sexually attractive, but now seeing the micro skirts, the well rounded asses, those longs legs, and those tight calf muscles, there was that lustful desire she had felt for some hunky male movie stars.

Rhoda was a little relieved when Ed and his women peeled off to somewhere else. Rhoda didn’t care as long as her body wasn’t feeling that foreign desire for another woman. What Rhoda did feel was the overwhelming urge to finger her wet twat in the women’s restroom. The cold sterile orange walled boxes smelled like cheep cherry cough syrup. Rhoda didn’t just take off her shorts, but all but ripped them off. Rhoda almost cried as she set up her phone to record. The door to the bathroom stall had a hard plastic pocket for pamphlets, but everyone used it to hold their phone because it was the perfect size and there were never any pamphlets. Rhoda saw herself on her phone, and the red dot that indicated it was recording.

Rhoda leaned back on the toilet, and pulled her soggy panties off. With a grunt Rhoda spread her legs wide. Rhoda looked at the hairy bush that crowned her wet slit, and the command to shave daily popped into her head. She’d get to it, but first, fingers. Rhoda didn’t think she’d need to, but she licked her fingers by popping them in her mouth, and getting them good and wet. Then she slid her hand between her pink legs and into her bright pink slit. Rhoda moaned unwillingly as she pushed her digits into her hot and wet body. Rhoda pushed into her soft flesh as she curled her fingers to touch that spot that always made her see erotic sparks. In five seconds of rubbing her inner spot, the orgasm had built into a strong pounding battering ram in her mind and body. It only took another five seconds and the orgasm ripped out of her like a live electrical wire.

Rhoda had to watch the video to see what happened to her. It wasn’t a surprise she didn’t remember what she saw since on the video it was clear her eyes rolled so far back into her head that only whites showed. Drool flowed from her slack mouth onto her uniform shirt. Her fingers flew fast in and out of her pussy as the orgasm gripped her. Rhoda’s pussy didn’t just squirt, but a fire hose of fluid shot out of her, hit her hand, and thankfully went into the toilet. Rhoda’s mouth drooled even more as her legs shook wildly. Her fingers were pumping so fast the camera could barely capture them. The only saving grace was Rhoda was alone in the restroom and her squeaks of pleasure went unheard. After two minutes of her orgasm rippling through her body Rhoda’s legs dropped. She was still shuttering from the climax but at least her eyes were able to roll forward again.

Rhoda let her body cool down as she sat on the toilet and figured out how to post the video to the internet. Rhoda did edit the video so her face and the name on her work smock could not be seen. Still the video showed all the naughty things. A few finger taps, a new free email account, a few confirmation emails, and now the world could see Rhoda have an orgasm in the restroom. By the time her unscheduled break was finished her orgasm was ready for anyone who wanted to see.

Rhoda apologized to her supervisor as soon as she got back to the front desk. She almost got fired, but she promised and claimed to be more diligent at her job. She sounded sincere, so the leaving the customer service desk unmanned was forgiven. Rhoda was nice to everyone that day. Even the asshole that clearly got a lawnmower, mowed his lawn, and then brought back the mower saying he didn’t like it, was treated with respect. Rhoda normally would have belittled the guy, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do so now.

As soon as she was done with her shift Rhoda went and purchased revealing exercise clothes and joined a gym not far from her house. When she told the personal trainer, which she was going to have free for a month, that she wanted to become a bodybuilder he chuckled. Still she was set up with a routine and despite what Rhoda would have considered as overcompensation she started pumping iron.

Rhoda’s parents didn’t understand why their daughter wanted to become a bodybuilder, but they supported her. They did refuse to pay for breast implants. Rhoda was just getting out of the shower where she had just dyed her hair neon blue when her phone dinged that she had a message. The video that she put up had over thirty thousand hits, and that meant she was going to get all of about fifty dollars. The video had only been up for about sixteen hours by then. Rhoda had an idea on how to pay for her breast implants.

Every day for a month Rhoda had a routine. She’d get up, go for a jog, go to work, exercise for hours, tan naked in the back yard, and then make a video for the internet. Some videos were sexual in nature, seeing her stripping, masturbating, and shaving her legs and privates, or anything that would have been taboo. Other videos were simply put on YouTube for things like how to dye your hair, how to properly pluck eyebrows, supplements to compensate for low body fat, and Rhoda’s review of fashions that were coming out. Between the two platforms and her Home Depot job, in a month Rhoda was consulting a doctor about breast implants.

As soon as Rhoda’s eyes fell on the 1,200 cc silicone breast implants, which was the last on the list the plastic surgeon could provide she couldn’t think about anything smaller. The doctor tried to dissuade Rhoda from going that large given she was only nineteen years old. Rhoda was adamant that she missed looking like a woman, and it was go big or go home.

Internally Rhoda knew she’d look like a freak. Rhoda also knew that she couldn’t stop herself. Just like she couldn’t stop herself from dieting to the point her skin was tight against her developing muscles. Rhoda couldn’t stop herself from going to the gym six days a week, and lifting heavy things and putting them back down again. For nearly four hours a day she was pushing her body to the edge of collapsing. From the neck down she would do different muscle groups on different days to rotate and make sure she was getting a full body workout. Now that she was wearing outfits that thirty years ago would have gotten her arrested, Rhoda had to put on a happy face for everyone and show what she was working for.

For the three months of summer vacation Rhoda had changed dramatically. When she walked into her dorm room she had bright lemon yellow hair. Her breasts pushed out nearly obscenely on her chest and if she had on any kind of top they were pushed together. Rhoda’s body was down to the three percent body fat, and tanned, and on display in outfits that little imagination would be needed to know what she looked like naked. Inwardly Rhoda thought that if she could just maintain her current muscle tone then she would be able to get away with being a fitness model. Deeper than these desires were the commands from that jackass with mind control powers that she had to become a bodybuilder.

Rhoda was actually glad her roommate was an ugly fat girl. If she were a beautiful lusty woman then Rhoda would have been unable to stop herself from hitting on Becky. Becky was clearly intimidated by Rhoda, and her physical attributes. It was Rhoda treating Becky nicely and politely and not being a bitch was what won her roommate over. Over the school year the two became close friends. Becky even attempted to imitate Rhoda’s exercise and diet routine. Becky didn’t have magic mind controlling words imprinted in her mind, so she didn’t do nearly as much as Rhoda. Becky did have a much improved body over the school year.

It wasn’t until the end of the school year that Rhoda made a pass on Becky. Being a roommate with a burgeoning female bodybuilder and an internet beauty influencer had helped Becky. Becky was now far thinner than she had ever been in her life, not to the point that she wasn’t padded, but thin enough that Rhoda and Becky had to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe for Becky. Between the diet, the exercise, the beauty tips, Becky had blossomed into an amazingly pretty young woman. When Rhoda realized this after coming back from her last final and seeing her roommate examining her naked body in the mirror Rhoda felt her pussy burn with lust.

Rhoda had seen sexy women at college. It was impossible not to. However Rhoda had kept her urges controlled and released them with her three times weekly internet masturbation displays. Seeing her roommate there, naked, and posing crumbled Rhoda’s control.

“You have an amazing body,” Rhoda said breathing hard.

“Ha!” Becky said looking at her rounded ass. “Speak for yourself. You’ve got an amazing body. You’re also not afraid to show it. I wouldn’t be able to stop blushing if I wore something that showed off my middle.”

Rhoda made sure their dorm room door was locked and then dropped her backpack and proceeded to strip off her clothes to pose next to Becky. Rhoda had no idea what to do to get Becky’s naked body next to hers, or how Becky would respond. Becky had said in the past she liked men, and didn’t have a problem with women who liked women. Rhoda knew that she’d stop if Becky told her to stop, but Rhoda also knew that she couldn’t and didn’t want to stop.

“You have a fantastic middle,” Rhoda said putting her hand against Becky’s belly that was now almost perfectly vertical. Rhoda felt her pussy getting wet as she touched her roommate’s flat tummy.

“Says the woman with a perpetual six-pack,” Becky stated.

“If you wanted you could get there too,” Rhoda said feeling Becky’s smooth skin. “I also paid for breast implants.”

“Something else I’m not sure I’d ever be brave enough to do,” Becky said.

“Just imagine it,” Rhoda said stepping behind Becky. Rhoda tried to control her heavy breathing as she reached around Becky and pushed up on her breasts. “These inflated to twice their size, and having people look at them with lust.”

Becky didn’t say anything. Her eyes flicked from Rhoda’s hands to Rhoda’s eyes, and back to her hands. Becky’s nipples were starting to stand out hard and erect. Rhoda could feel Becky getting warm under her touch. “Um,” Becky said tentatively, “your breasts are so big I can feel your nipples poking me in the back.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Rhoda asked in a husky voice that she couldn’t stop from using.

Becky turned around and faced Rhoda. Becky looked like she wanted to say something, but was hesitant. Rhoda slowly, as if not to scare a wild animal, put her hand on Becky’s bare hip.

“I,” Becky started with a dry mouth. “I’ve never been with someone, naked, man or woman, like this before.”

Rhoda leaned forward and lightly gave Becky a kiss on the lips. When Rhoda moved back she saw that Becky had her eyes closed as if savoring the feeling of Rhoda’s lips. “If you want me to stop,” Rhoda said stepping up to put her body against Becky’s, “just tell me to.”

“No, I,” Becky said opening her eyes and feeling the heat from Rhoda’s body. “I don’t know what I want. It feels good, what you’re doing to me, but I know it’s wrong.”

“How wrong can it be if no one gets hurt,” Rhoda asked putting her arms around Becky’s new and improved body.

“Just,” Becky stopped and then pressed her own body against Rhoda’s. Becky put her lips against Rhoda’s. The kiss was slow and uncertain at first. Then Becky put her arms around Rhoda’s muscular back. Becky moaned as she felt the heat from Rhoda’s pussy infuse with her own.

Becky broke off the kiss and pulled back and almost in a whisper said, “If I tell you to stop, I want you to stop.”

“Only if you mean it,” Rhoda said and guided her roommate to her bed.

For the two women it was magical, but for different reasons. Becky was exploring her sexuality, as most college age people do. Rhoda was fulfilling her command from that jackass with mind control powers. The redeeming factor was they both really enjoyed their lovemaking.

Rhoda was creaming as they kissed, and then felt Becky break off and start licking her nipples. For Rhoda that was making the building orgasm grow exponentially. Rhoda didn’t want to climax early or fast, but she wanted it to last. That’s why Rhoda pushed Becky onto the bed and proceeded to kiss, lick, and nibble down the woman’s body. Rhoda was sliding her hands all over Becky’s body. At the same time Rhoda was sucking on nipples, taking Becky’s breast entirely into her mouth. Becky giggled when Rhoda’s tongue flicked her navel. Becky had taken to trimming her bush, but it was still there, padding for Rhoda’s nose as she started to do things she’d only seen on the internet. It only took a minute of stimulation on Becky’s body, with Rhoda licking her clit, fingering her pussy, and rubbing her mound, then the orgasm happened. Becky groaned, flexed, and then relaxed.

“Damn,” Becky said. “That was amazing.”

“That was weak,” Rhoda said and then started to finger her roommate again, “let’s try again.”

“Wait,” Becky said and Rhoda slowed but didn’t stop her fingers. “What about you?”

“I can have an orgasm at the drop of a hat,” Rhoda said. “I want you to feel good.”

“I do,” Becky said pushing herself up to her elbows. “I want you to feel good too. I want to feel you.”

“You do?” Rhoda asked almost surprised at this response.

“Get up here you sexy Amazon,” Becky said pulling her roommate up.

The two kissed again, pushing their sweaty bodies together. Becky was much more aggressive and was rubbing her hands all over Rhoda’s body. When Becky’s hand went between Rhoda’s ass cheeks the ripped woman jumped.

“Do you like that?” Becky asked.

Rhoda had to think for a second. “Not really, it just surprised me,” Rhoda said. “Everything else you’re doing is getting me right to the edge of an orgasm.”

Becky grinned and said, “Would you cum if I did this?” Becky slid her hand down to between Rhoda’s legs to her pussy. Becky barely had to rub it before the question was answered with an affirmative.

Rhoda tried not to have one of her usual orgasms. She couldn’t resist the commands she was given from that jackass with mind control powers, however. Rhoda felt her body flex hard as her pussy squeezed and forced out a hard spray of cum that bathed Becky and herself. Then Rhoda lost her sight as her eyes rolled back into her head and her body started to shake with the amazing pleasure rippling through her. Rhoda felt her middle jump and jerk as her arms and legs quaked hysterically. It took a minute but then Rhoda noticed that her mouth had something in it, and on it, and then she found that Becky was kissing her.

“My God,” Becky said when she broke off the kiss and Rhoda was still having orgasmic aftershocks. “That was the sexiest thing I think I’ve ever even thought about. Is this why you are always washing your bed sheets?”

Rhoda laughed at this as her body had another spasm of orgasmic pleasure. “I think I made a mess of your bed,” Rhoda said looking down at her legs as the muscles bulged and another ripple of climax went through them.

“That’s okay,” Becky said with a grin. “We’re out of here tomorrow, and besides I could sleep in your bed, with you, naked.”

“You,” Rhoda hesitated. “You want to keep, you know, having sex with women?”

“With you, yes,” Becky said and gave Rhoda a quick kiss on the lips. “I still want to have a dick in me from time to time, but I also really like how your body feels.”

“Likewise,” Rhoda said and gave Becky a sensual kiss on the lips.

The two women kept in touch over the summer. They even met up one weekend. Rhoda had gotten a summer job as a personal trainer at the gym she went to. At college the next school year Rhonda and Becky were roommates again. However, Becky started hanging around with Ji-Woo, a guy she met at the food court. Rhoda could see the signs and was happy her roommate found someone she liked. Rhoda and Becky’s lovemaking was now nonexistent. Rhoda only cried a little when Becky said that she really was in love with Ji-Woo.

It was winter break that brought Rhoda back to the gym in her home town. She had put the idea of Becky out of her mind, mostly. Rhoda was in a bad mood as she lifted her weights that cold December day. Everywhere there were the decorations for Christmas, and Rhoda was just not feeling it. She didn’t want to be joyful and happy. Every smiling angel, happy tree, and bubbly Santa Claus was turning Rhoda’s stomach. The worst part for Rhoda was she usually loved Christmas.

Rhoda was always ready to put up a tree. Rhoda would sing Christmas carols as soon as Halloween was over. Rhoda would put the peppermint candy canes in her tea on the cold winter nights. It was even snowing earlier than usual. There was already six inches of snow on the ground, and they were predicting another six inches before the morning. For Rhoda that meant that it would look like a picture perfect time of family and happiness, and Rhoda was just not feeling it.

The only thing Rhoda was feeling was the burn in her muscles. After Becky, not really broke up with her, stopped wanting to be in the same bed as her, Rhoda had been in a bad mood. Rhoda hated everything. She hated her inability to dress in the winter in anything other than skin tight outfits or ones that showed off skin that was always cold. Rhoda’s nipples always seemed hard in the cold weather that every guy that she would never be able to touch again could see. She hated that every day she would take a shower and shave legs that didn’t need shaving and a bush that wasn’t seeing any action. Her muscles had gotten so big that she was starting to scare even herself, and she hated that too. When her grandmother asked Rhoda what her size was anymore, Rhoda had to say that she’d wear anything even if it was super small. Rhoda’s bad mood was all thanks to that jackass with mind control powers.

Five hours of pumping iron had left Rhoda with quivering muscles about to give out. She looked freakish with her huge breasts, huge muscles, bulging veins, and single digit body fat. At least she looked good with a tan. Rhoda didn’t want to think about what she would look like if she were pale as some of the other women around. Rhoda carefully drove back home in the falling snow.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home,” Rhoda called out as soon as she was inside and the doors were closed against the winter snow. “Fair warning it’s snowing like crazy out there.”

Rhoda took off her half jacket that protected her arms, but was too small to cover her cleavage and too short to cover her midriff. She still had on her pants that were thermal, but tight as a second skin and only went down to just below her knees. Rhoda was always cold.

Rhoda paused and listened to the second floor. There was the distinct, rhythmic, and squeaking of bedsprings. Rhoda smiled inwardly. Rhoda’s parents were having sex.

Rhoda’s smile vanished when she saw who walked into the living room. It was Edgar “Ed” Lyon, the jackass with mind control powers. He looked thinner, and much fitter. He also looked tired. In his hand was a Christmas coffee mug and a spoon sticking out of it.

“Hi, Rhoda,” Ed said. “I hope you don’t mind. I helped myself to some of your instant hot coco.”

“Why should I mind?” Rhoda asked. “You could make me not mind and mind rape me some more.”

Ed looked like the words hurt. “I deserve that,” Ed said sitting in the wooden rocking chair in the living room.

“What do you want, Ed?” Rhoda asked cocking her hip.

“To apologize,” Ed said holding the mug and looking at the foamy top. “What I did to you was evil.”

When Ed paused Rhoda said, “Don’t stop now. Tell me more of what I already know.”

“I did stupid things,” Ed said and looked pained again. Ed looked up and there were tears in his eyes. “Rhoda, I had an AIDS scare,” Ed said crying.

“Do you?” Rhoda asked.

“No,” Ed admitted and wiped his eyes. “I thought I did, for about two months I was sure that I did. I was preparing myself to live with the disease for the rest of my life. It really freaked me out.”

“That’s,” Rhoda said trying to think about everything she knew about how HIV turned to AIDS. “I guess that’s traumatic,” She finally said.

“This woman I was with months before finally found me and told me she tested positive for HIV,” Ed said. “It was like my world came crashing down around me. Then I found out that one of the women I was with had missed her period by weeks.”

Rhoda’s eyes shot up. “Papa Lyon?” Rhoda asked.

“That’s what everyone thought too,” Ed said. “A baby, and HIV, and my world changed in two days. After about two months however it seemed that the baby wasn’t a baby but some kind of cancer that thankfully was caught early enough to stop the spread. I’ve gotten tested for HIV for three months now, and each test has come back negative. I’m still playing it safe, for now, and not having sex with any woman. I’ve sent all the women I did control back to their lives with little or no memory of me.”

Rhoda was putting the pieces together. She also knew enough about people to let them tell you what they want. “What are you doing here then, Ed?” Rhoda asked.

“To make amends,” Ed answered. “I’ve done some really bad things to a very large number of people. I’m trying to make things right.” Ed paused and wiped away the last of his tears. “I’ve been trying to track down everyone I ever messed with,” Ed finally said. “You were on my list, so I came over here. Did you know your parents haven’t had sex in three years?”

Rhoda thought about that for half a second. “I’m not sure I wanted to know that,” Rhoda admitted.

“They were contemplating a divorce,” Ed said and sipped his coco. “I fixed things for them. Communication is the key to a happy life. So, that’s why I’m here Rhoda. I am trying to communicate that I’ve done you wrong, and am asking you, what can I do to make things right?”

“Drop the lesbianism in me,” Rhoda said to Ed fast as an eye blink.

“I’m sorry, what?” Ed asked.

“You made me a lesbian!” Rhoda screamed. “I see a good looking woman and I’m practically dripping through my panties. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. Change me back.”

“Okay,” Ed said holding up his hand. “Rhoda, you now can choose who you are sexually attracted to.”

Rhoda realized she was breathing hard, and calmed down. She thought about what Ed had said. Was she still attracted to women like Becky? Rhoda imagined Becky’s body, her lips, her touch, her pussy, and her eyes. Rhoda felt the rush to her loins. “What the fuck?” Rhoda said. “I said I didn’t want to be a lesbian.”

“That’s up to you,” Ed said stirring his coco.

“No,” Rhoda said, “I still want to fuck my roommate.”

“Okay,” Ed said like it wasn’t a big deal. “Do you want to fuck a guy?”

Ed nodded to the magazine that Rhoda’s mother left on the side table. The picture was in black and white of a male model without a shirt on and a bulge in his pants. Rhoda picked up the magazine and looked at the shirtless guy. She felt the heat flood between her legs. She really wanted what was hidden behind those pants. She also wanted Becky’s sweet pussy.

“What the fuck?” Rhoda said shaking her head. “I don’t like women.”

“Okay,” Ed said nodding his head in agreement.

“I don’t like women!” Rhoda said louder.

“I heard you,” Ed answered.

“I Don’t Like Women!” Rhoda was screaming.

“Say it louder so you can really convince yourself,” Ed sarcastically said.

“I!” Rhoda stopped as she realized what Ed’s sarcastic words meant.

“Anything else I did to you, that you want me to change?” Ed asked. “Honestly I don’t remember half of what I told you to do.”

“I want you to stop those weekly videos of me masturbating with odd items,” Rhoda said sounding calmer.

“Okay,” Ed said looking tired. “Rhoda, you no longer have to make masturbation videos, and are free to use whatever you want to masturbate, whenever you want. I don’t think I’ve seen any of your videos. What’s your most popular one?”

Rhoda was taken aback by the claim that Ed hadn’t even seen her videos. “Um,” Rhoda said thinking as she sat down on the couch. “There’s one video where I masturbate with a walking stick while standing on the edge of a highway overpass and squirt the oncoming cars with my pussy juices.”

“Wow,” Ed said with his eyes wide, “yeah, okay, you don’t have to do that anymore.”

“Thanks,” Rhoda said mildly sarcastically. She was thinking of how much money she made off those videos, and it was a good chunk of change.

“What else?” Ed asked. “How about we change your compulsion to dye your hair?”

“Yeah, that would be nice,” Rhoda said thinking about all the times she dyed her hair. It was orange, but it was fading in color.

“Rhoda, you no longer have to dye your hair,” Ed said.

This was the first time that Rhoda actually felt something. “Oh thank God,” Rhoda said with a sigh. “I was going to dye my hair blue tonight.”

“Not green or red?” Ed asked as he drained his mug.

“I’m not feeling the Christmas this year,” Rhoda said leaning her head back.

“Any particular reason why?” Ed asked.

Rhoda didn’t want to admit to herself what she was feeling. “I don’t care,” Rhoda said. It was the truth, but she admitted inwardly that there was more. “Okay, fine, I’m lonely,” Rhoda finally said.

“Well now you can go find a guy or girl and be with them,” Ed said. There was a muffled cry of pleasure from the second floor of the house that made Ed and Rhoda look up.

“I don’t want just any girl,” Rhoda said looking at Ed. “I want my roommate, Becky.”

“Yeah, I am not qualified for relationship advice,” Ed said setting down his empty mug. “I wasn’t even with a woman before I was hit with that magic lightning bolt.”

“Is that how you got your powers,” Rhoda said.

“Yeah,” Ed nodded and then put his head back with closed eyes. “I was walking over to the used video game shop and out of nowhere a horizontal bolt of lightning went into me. After that, everyone did whatever I said. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Lord Acton,” Rhoda said. “The real quote is, ‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ He also is quoted as saying, ‘absolute power demoralizes.’”

“I can testify to that,” Ed said. “What else do you want changed about you?”

Rhoda looked down at herself. There were conflicting emotions going through her. “I’ll admit that I like being fit,” she said, “but I don’t care much about the body builder look, or the fact I can’t wear full clothes.”

“I’m cool with that,” Ed said. “Rhoda, you can now exercise as little or as much as you want, and you can dress however you desire.”

“Yeah,” Rhoda said looking down at her muscular legs and knowing how many men have ‘accidentally’ brushed up against them. “Okay, I changed my mind. Make me exercise and have the body fat percentage of a fitness model. Also make me want to dress in sexy minimal clothing.”

“Are you sure?” Ed asked wondering.

“Just do it,” Rhoda said.

“Fine,” Ed relented. “Rhoda you will now deeply want to sculpt your body both in fat and muscle to that of a fitness model. You will also dress in clothes that you want to wear to accent your sexuality.”

“Thank you,” Rhoda said to Ed.

Ed looked dead on his feet. “Listen, it is snowing even harder out,” Ed said standing up. “I should get out of here before the roads close down.” He pulled out a smart phone and tapped a text out.

“Are you okay?” Rhoda asked Ed with a touch of concern in her voice.

“No,” Ed said with a slight shake of his head. “I just know that I need to set things right.” From his wallet he pulled out a business card. He handed it to Rhoda saying, “This is my personal number. I owe you a lot. If you want me to change anything about you, or anything just call that number. I owe you a favor. Call and collect on it anytime.”

Rhoda took the card and saw out on the street a gray SUV pull up. “That’s my ride,” Ed said grabbing his coat. “I’ve got to go.”

“Wait,” Rhoda said as he was about to leave. She went up to him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I forgive you,” Rhoda said with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

Ed looked similar. “That’s the best Christmas present I could have ever asked for,” Ed answered. “Merry Christmas, Rhoda Summers.”

“Merry Christmas, Edgar Lyon,” Rhoda said as he went out into the snowy night.

A few days later Rhoda was at her father’s office Christmas party. Rhoda felt much better in her tight white puffy sweater and pale blue and white full length tights. She also felt better dying her hair to a more normal blond color. Really Rhoda was wondering if she looked sexy enough in her sweater that showed she had curves, but wasn’t slutty. In truth she trying to distract herself because she was bored out of her mind. The party was about as exciting as organizing a filing cabinet. The only real good news was that her parents were getting along much better, almost like newlyweds. Rhoda wondered if she would ever really find love again.

“What did those pants ever do to you?” A female voice said to Rhoda’s left.

Rhoda heard the question and answered, “They snapped at me.” The woman Rhoda was addressing would have been a beauty back in the 1940’s. Her hair was shoulder length black with sharp cut bangs. She had on a sweater too, and thick jeans. She wasn’t trying to attract attention with her looks. She had plane looking features and her body was simple and uninspiring. Rhoda put her age about a year or two older than herself.

Rhoda realized the woman didn’t find her joke funny, or maybe she didn’t get the joke. “Because they’re so tight,” Rhoda said, “they snapped at me.”

“Yeah, I got the joke,” the woman said, “I just am use to better humor.” The woman stuck out her hand and said, “I’m Wendy, Wendy Hadaway.”

“Rhoda Summers,” Rhoda said shaking her hand.

“I think your dad and my mom work together,” Wendy said. “If I was the suspicious type I would have assumed they were having an affair together.”

“Are you the suspicious type?” Rhoda asked.

“Yes,” Wendy answered dead pan enough to at least get a smile out of Rhoda. “You must exercise a lot to get legs like that.”

“I do,” Rhoda said. “How about you, do you exercise?”

“No,” Wendy answered slowly.

“Because you can’t or won’t?” Rhoda asked.

“A little from column A, and a little from column B, and a lot of column I don’t want to look like a man,” Wendy answered.

“Oh please,” Rhoda said and pulled back the sleeve of her sweater. She flexed her bicep and the muscle bulged out. “Do I look like a man?”

“No,” Wendy said looking Rhoda up and down. “Wow, I bet you could crack a walnut with that arm.”

Rhoda laughed a little. “I’ve never tried,” Rhoda said.

“Hey, I’m always up for anything,” Wendy said excited. “Wait here I need to get a walnut and ten shots of tequila in me.”

“What’s the tequila for?” Rhoda asked.

“Liquid courage,” Wendy said looking around the party.

“Courage for what?” Rhoda asked curious about this energetic and funny woman.

“To ask to see more of that amazing body of yours,” Wendy answered.

“Hey Wendy,” Rhoda said and the dark haired woman looked at her. “You don’t need any shots of tequila to ask to see my body. You might need some, to agree to let me see your body.”

“Who needs tequila,” Wendy said with a grin. “I’m always up for anything.”

Rhoda smiled. “Then let’s find that walnut and a quiet place,” Rhoda said in what she hoped was a sexy voice.

For the first time since Becky, Rhoda felt her body heat up with real desire for someone.

The End