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A hacker butcher’s cyborg girlfriend comes to her with a strange request one day. Her girlfriend is determined to fulfill her girlfriend’s wishes.

* * *

The characters in this story are over the age of 18, and if you’re reading this, you should be too. Copyright Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost or edit without explicit permission.

* * *

TAMI-005 clutched the ends of her latex skirt nervously as she looked at her girlfriend. Her handler. Her “engineer”, as she’d call Eli. It was quite untraditional for a human and a machine to be dating, but TAMI had always been okay with that. Especially with all the fun, lewd things Eli would do to her. TAMI always felt nervous asking for anything more to be done to her—when Eli was already working so hard—but she couldn’t bring herself to keep her desires secret anymore.

Eli was a talented, strong programmer. She had gone to one of the best schools and was one of the greatest minds on artificial intelligence and engineering in the world. She had won plenty of awards and had been cited in some of the most highly regarded journals. Her brilliance wasn’t the only thing that brought TAMI into her orbit, though. Eli was the perfect image of a hot lesbian butch. Her messy, side-shaved haircut was perfectly done. She’d only wear constructor clothes covered with more grease than fabric. And she was strong. Eli could lift TAMI up with ease, and if she wanted, she could move an entire sofa on her own. Eli had won TAMI’s cold robotic heart. Being engineered as a femme lesbian robot probably didn’t help.

Technically, their arrangement was... dubiously legal. The court findings on human-cyborg relationships was fuzzy at best. But some of the more intense things done to TAMI—brain rewiring, that kind of thing—that had nearly been ruled out of existence. But that didn’t stop Eli. Eli was sworn to have her perfectly built robot girlfriend no matter what it took. And TAMI, well... TAMI didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, but she wouldn’t have wanted one anyways.

But she did have some desires left unattended.

“Eli, um, Sir?”

Eli wiped the sweat off her forehead and tilted towards TAMI. “Yeah, babe?” she flashed one of her award-winning smiles. TAMI’s heart malfunctioned briefly and skipped a beat.

“Do you... think I’m boring?” TAMI asked meekly.

“What?” Eli laughed lightheartedly. “No, why? After all, what we’re doing is kind of illegal.”

“Well...I’m just...” TAMI clutched onto her skirt even tighter. “I’m kind of bland, I guess... like whenever you want to do something exciting, I just kind of... can’t.” Her eyes swung from left to right. “Wouldn’t it be nice, if, well... if I didn’t have those inhibitions?”

Eli murmured something incomprehensible. “Well...” she tilted her head from one side to another. “I’m fine with you just the way you are, but, I always love a chance to get some coding practice in.” She stood up, and towered over TAMI. The way she did that—when she made herself look imposing—always made TAMI’s mind stop for a minute. “What more do you want me to do with you, TAMI?“

“U-um, well, sometimes you want to do very, um...” TAMI blushed. One would think she would no longer be capable of that anymore. “L-lewd...” she whispered, “things with me, I tend to get... all shaky. What if, um, what if I didn’t do that?”

“You mean, what if you had less fears? Less inhibitions?”

“Y-yeah,” TAMI gulped. “And what if I was... well... y’know...”

“Sluttier, yeah,” Eli teased. That made TAMI freeze for a moment.

TAMI cowered into a small circle. “I-I’m sorry!” She squeaked, still uncertain if Eli’s excitement was bad bewilderment or pleasant surprise. “This is a lot to ask of you. Y-you don’t have to if you don’t want—”

“Oh, no, I’d love to! We just got to talk about it a bit more.” Eli winked.

TAMI fidgeted with her hands. The gears began to turn in her head. What exactly did she want? It wasn’t common for a robot—or cyborg—to be built with desires, needs, wants in mind. Eli coded them in. TAMI sometimes wondered why; if Eli just had an obedient, mindless robot that can be used like a toy, she could have anything she wanted.

Obedient. Mindless. Used like a toy. Those words... as TAMI formed the syllables in her head, it became clear. That was what she wanted, wasn’t it? To obey without second thought. To not have the reservations she was initially coded with. TAMI wanted that, too. Eli built her with a vivid imagination, the ability to form fantasies and ideas in her brain. And as TAMI used that ability, she could see clearly her ideal state.

TAMI gulped. “I-I want to be, y’know, more... open.” She motioned to her body, emphasizing her tits and womb. God, she couldn’t believe she did that.

Eli chuckled. She approached TAMI, throwing an arm around her. Eli idly played with one of TAMI’s tits, making the cyborg girlfriend squeak. “I like the sound of that. What else? Less inhibitions, you want me to make you sluttier...”

“I-I didn’t say that!” TAMI protested.

“But...” Eli leaned into her ear, groping her harder. “That’s what you want. Isn’t it?”

TAMI whimpered. It was hard to form words in this state. The way Eli toyed with her, it almost shut down her thoughts with each grope, rotation, squeeze. “Y-yes,” she murmured. Her face was beat red. Her blood didn’t work properly, but Eli programmed her to know when she was embarrassed. Or horny. “I-I want... to be... yours.”

Eli grinned. “You are mine, babe.” She pondered for a moment, humming to herself as she continuing playing with TAMI’s chest as if she were a stress ball. “What if... I made you a bimbo?“

“A-a what?” TAMI gasped.

“You know. A bimbo. What if I give myself the ability to turn that sweet brain of yours off... slowly?” Eli continued, ignoring TAMI’s adorable whimpers and moans. “Twisted your willpower to make you more bound to your owner’s desires. Just getting to be a silly, dopey bimbo who can spread her legs at a moment’s notice. How’s that sound?”

TAMI’s body squirmed. She slowly lost her energy, collapsing into Eli’s hands. Her body felt weak. But Eli knew her well—all of that sounded appealing to her, even if she wouldn’t say it outright. “Please?” she squealed.

Eli pulled her in close. “Of course I can do that,” she said. And then she hesitated. “But it might be... risky.”

TAMI turned her head around. “Risky... how?”

Eli took a while to answer, choosing her words carefully. “Things like... almost hypnotic triggers, suggestions, bimbofication... those types of things don’t work on a cyborg the way they work on humans. I would have to do something quite illegal.”

“W-which is?” TAMI didn’t want to admit it, but the risk made it seem that much hotter.

“I would have to jailbreak you,” Eli said bluntly.

TAMI froze. Jailbreaking was the highest of cyber crimes in their current society. There were strict laws around it in every jurisdiction, some with the threat of a lifetime sentence. Eli said she would be willing to do it for her. Was that... okay? What if something happened to Eli? What if someone saw? What would become of TAMI?

“It’s something I’m willing to do,” Eli whispered. “And I think I know how I can pull it off.”


“I can make you go back to normal,” she explained, “the second someone is around us. It’ll be like I never did anything. I’m... friends with a lot of jailbreakers, and this is how they do it.”

Eli pulled her in close, this time in a much more affectionate, loving way. “Do you want to try it?”

“I-I...” TAMI struggled to form the words. “What if something happens to you? O-or me? Or us?”

Eli clinged onto her tightly. “I won’t let that happen,” she swore. “I promise.”

A pause.

“Do you trust me?”

That answer was easy. “Yes, I trust you,” TAMI responded.

“Then...” Eli took off the back of TAMI’s control panel. She squeaked at the sudden contact. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. Somehow that made it hotter. “May I shut you off to turn you into a slutty, dumb, happy bimbo?”

TAMI hesitated. “Yes, please,” she eventually said.

Eli grinned behind her. “Good girl.”

TAMI heard a click. That was the last thing she registered before shutting down.

* * *

Words flashed before TAMI.


TAMI felt a giggle pop through her lips. Being jailbroken felt strange, in the most intriguing way.


More words.


The number went higher and higher, of course, until it inevitably reached 100%. TAMI, in her subconscious, thought that would be the end. It was not.


Mantras flashed once after another; TAMI couldn’t keep track. Honestly, even were she awake, she probably wouldn’t have been able to follow along. All she could do was lay back and blindly trust Eli.

Which she was fine with.

She loved Eli, after all.


TAMI physically felt her head loll to the side. Pain receptors began to go off. She was being overloaded—mantras, triggers, kinks, one after another. For a while, only one entry showed at a time, but soon her entire vision became littered with commands. Relentlessly. Overwhelmingly. It felt incinerating.

TAMI thought she would break. But the second her screen became filled entirely, her eyes opened. The screen disappeared.

“Hey babe,” Eli cooed. “How are you feeling?”

TAMI’s head rolled from one side to another aimlessly. As if she had lost control of her movements. Had she? “I am feeling, like, totally fine!”

TAMI paused. That response was so totally unlike her! And—and so was that thought!

“What, like, did you do to me?” TAMI wished her voice didn’t sound… so valley-ish. Her usual voice fell timid, soft, gentle on Eli’s ears; but this voice? She wouldn’t recognize herself. Did Eli change that, too?

“What you asked for, robo-babe,” Eli chuckled, pulling TAMI close to her. “I turned you into a bimbo.”

TAMI couldn’t say she wasn’t impressed. Hell, she couldn’t say she didn’t like this. She didn’t have a word for it, but she felt more… free. Enthusiastic. Willing. Not only that, but she felt desire. She had in the past, but the need she currently felt far surpassed it. TAMI had to clench her legs together to hide it. “Wow, like, you did such a good job!” TAMI twirled her synthetic hair in loops. “So like, how, like, did you do it?”

Eli hummed as she mused. “Well… it took a while. I think I was in you—in the less-fun way—for three hours?” TAMI giggled at the joke. She couldn’t figure out exactly how long three hours was, but the sexual innuendo was what her brain fixated on. “First I had to program a new personality for you—like, making another account—and then I had to stuff it full with suggestions, commands, AI junk, yadda yadda. Basically…”

Eli leaned in, whispering in TAMI’s ear. “I changed you, girl.”

TAMI gasped. “Wow! That’s, like, so cool! Gosh,” she stammered as she put her palms to her cheeks. “You’re sooooo talented. And, like, so hot. And, um, and, um, hot!”

”Thanks, TAMI, I get the idea,” Eli laughed 9at her now-dumb girlfriend. “So. Wanna see if my programming did the trick?”

“Yeah!” For some reason, TAMI thought that meant to spread her legs. So she did exactly that.

“Woah,” Eli whistled. “I didn’t quite mean that, but glad I made you excited.” TAMI only giggled is response, spreading her legs just a bit wider. Her brain hardly registered Eli’s answer. Eli ran one hand down her spine, across her hips, onto her legs… TAMI gasped out.

“Good thing you can feel skin on skin contact, hmm?”


“Yeah,” Eli purred, “I do so many nice things for you. You must be so grateful. Why don’t you say thank you?”

TAMI opened her mouth to follow the command. Within seconds, TAMI’s lips were locked in a kiss. She murmured the words ‘thank you’ into Eli’s lips. Her eyes fluttered. Her body, every part of her—robotic or not—was wracked with need. She was all but in heat. All but on her knees, begging.

“I get the idea,” Eli teased. “You’re horny. And you’re not ashamed or bashful of it anymore. That’s lovely, isn’t it, babe?”

“Mmmmf,” TAMI moaned. Her hips grinded her cunt into the couch. “Yeah... so, so, hot...”

Eli squeezed her leg. She pushed her hand up and down TAMI’s leg. Each stroke, Eli got closer and closer to her cunt. TAMI couldn’t control her indecent moans or gasps. Which was fine—she didn’t want to.

Suddenly, Eli removed her hand from TAMI’s skin. TAMI groaned, resenting the odd sense of denial. “It’s so fucking hot,” Eli started. “But I put more things into that CPU than just an overactive sex drive.” She leaned into TAMI’s ear. “Want to see what I did?”

“Yes!” TAMI responded, perhaps a bit too eagerly. Her hips kept grinding, imagining the possibilities.

“Let’s test it.”

The next words Eli said left TAMI feeling something new.

“Brain drain.”

“Huuuh?” TAMI felt herself short-circuit for a quick moment. What... just happened? She couldn’t even recall the words Eli spoke. TAMI’s hips stopped grinding, as she tried to reorient herself. TAMI tried to form a coherent thought. It was the first time in a while she had to physically try. Normally, thoughts and ideas and questions came easily to her, but... “What, uh, what happened?”

“Oh, nothing much, just testing around, making sure you still work.” Eli was playing dumb... at least, that’s what TAMI could imagine. TAMI wanted to think more on that, but thinking was too hard. Laying back and being a dumb bimbo was better than thinking. “TAMI, can I ask you something?”

“Like, sure!” TAMI giggled. “What’s, like, on your mind?”

A devious smirk crossed Eli’s face. “What’s 2,673 multiplied by 10,432?”

TAMI, normally, could do that equation in an instant. Being a robot meant essentially having a calculator built in. And yet. For a brief moment, TAMI could not access that power. She shut her eyes tight, hoping that would help. Calculator, calculator... TAMI sat in deep thought a bit more, before answering, “27,884,736.”

That was correct, she hoped.

“Good job, dumb bimbo,” Eli praised. Praised? Degraded? TAMI wasn’t sure. “Wasn’t quite sure if that would work.”

“Um...” TAMI blushed. “Why not?”

Eli opened her mouth again, “brain drain.”

TAMI flashed for a minute once again. When she came back to, her body felt even more sluggish. Her sight was disoriented. Her mind... it wasn’t functioning at 100%, TAMI knew that. “Mmm,” TAMI hummed, “are you, like, doing something to me?”

“Yeah,” Eli confessed way too casually. “What, do you not like it?”

“Ummm... it makes me feel really funny,” TAMI giggled.

“Funny how?”

TAMI tilted her head. Once again, she had to think. Her CPU was working. TAMI could tell that. But when she thought of that, she felt... burning hot. “Like, it just feels funny! Um... dreamy? Is that a word?”

“Sure is, babe. Good job.” One of Eli’s hands wrapped around TAMI’s shoulder, grabbing onto her breast. TAMI moaned. Her moans were shameless. TAMI didn’t even register the fact someone might hear her. Or the fact that if someone did, TAMI would be embarrassed.

Or would she?

Eli toyed with TAMI and continued talking. “TAMI, you’re usually pretty smart, right? Computer level smart?”

“Mhmm!” TAMI hummed.

“Then surely you can remember the equation I asked of you a couple minutes ago.”

TAMI blanked out. What was she supposed to be thinking about? Was it sex related? No, it didn’t seem so. It was... a math thing, right? Gosh, TAMI wasn’t sure if she could do math like this. With her body all geared up to be screwed around with. “Ummm... what kind was it?”

“Multiplication, bimbo,” Eli reminded with a teasing wink.

“Oh! Right! It was, um...” A pause. A pause that went on for embarrassingly long. “2,673 multiplied by 10,432 is 27,884,736... like, right?”

“Well done,” Eli praised. “We’re getting you there.”

“Getting me... um, where?” TAMI cocked her head.

“To an end goal.” That was unnecessarily vague, TAMI briefly thought. But before she could try to figure it out, Eli said something else. Something that really, really set TAMI off. “Spike.”

TAMI’s eyes widened. If she had not been completely taken by arousal before, she sure had now. The part of her CPU that controlled pleasure—sexual pleasure, mostly—heated up. All of her energy focused on that one part. And it showed. TAMI let out a loud moan. Her body nearly orgasmed—“error 404”—but just before it hit that point, her CPU froze. Her temperature lowered... mostly. TAMI still felt extremely horny, but, it was no longer uncontrollable.

She had mixed feelings about that.

“Wow!” TAMI exclaimed. “That was, like, so fun! Um, can you do it again?”

Eli’s eyes narrowed. “Sure. But first...” Brain drain, once again. TAMI’s world fazed out and fazed back in. Her eyes blinked rapidly, over and over, trying to reorient herself. And when she came back to planet Earth... Once again, things weren’t quite the same. At least not to TAMI.

“Wh—” TAMI was about to ask for clarification—not that she could pronounce that word—but Eli stopped her.


“Huh- Aaaaah!” TAMI forgot she asked. Heck, for a moment, she forgot what the spike trigger was. Her body convulsed. She felt like she stood at the tip of a volcano. Her cunt was on fire, convulsing rapidly. TAMI swore she blacked out. Her body came so close, dangerously so to the error 404 she craved.

And then her body cooled.

The spikes only lasted a few seconds. Somehow, that felt too long and too short at the same time.

And the second TAMI came down, Eli spoke again. “Brain drain.”

TAMI was refused a single break. One moment, her body was convulsing in heat, ready to burst; and the next moment, her world faded away for a millisecond only to come back foggy. Between the triggers, their effects, and the fractionation, her CPU felt... damaged? Weak? Disoriented? TAMI didn’t know. Slowly, she was even forgetting those words.

And yet.

“This is so fun!” TAMI burst into giggles. “Gosh, I feel all happy and silly and um... what’s the word- horny!” Her hips still grinded gently, proving her point. “You’re like, such a good pro... pro... computer lady!”

Eli clicked her tongue. “Aw,” her hand started pleasuring TAMI’s clit, rougher than it had before. “You’re so sweet. I have the best girlfriend in the world.”

“And the dumbest!” TAMI chimed in.

“Well...” Eli slowed down. “Not quite yet.” Her fingers sped up again. TAMI would have said something, but her vocal chords were too busy expressing arousal.

And in the middle of it, Eli’s fingers moving nonstop—“Brain drain.”

Somehow, this time, the feeling of blanking out felt more scintillating. Combined with arousal, and the couple of times she’d been edged, falling dimmer felt good. TAMI began to wonder if this was actually a terrible idea, but she didn’t care. She was having so much fun. Especially when-


She peaked once again, furiously close to her limit. She cooled.


Once again. This time, it felt agonizing.

“Spike. Brain drain. Spike.”

TAMI felt tortured. She felt stupid, and for some reason, it was the best thing she ever felt. In the back of her brain, she wondered, what kind of idiot would take stupidity over hyper intelligence? Her, that’s who. TAMI had to wonder why she couldn’t orgasm. Any human would have at this point, at least once. Did... Did Eli take that option away from her? It... wasn’t improbable.

Her CPU was barely functioning. She must have been functioning at ... fifty percent? Forty percent? Who knew?

Soon, that fact became apparent.

“TAMI,” Eli spoke, continuing to pleasure her tranced-out slutty robot, “what’s 53 times 97?”

Okay, TAMI knew some of those words. “Um...” For a brief millisecond, she thought a coherent thought was coming. But Eli’s fingers began to slide in her, deleting whatever she was just thinking. “T-those... are numbers, right...?”

“Good girl,” Eli praised. Her fingers began sliding in and out of TAMI, hitting all the right places. “But what are those numbers multiplied by each other?”

She knew what multiplication was. ...At least, she thought. “U-um...5-3-9-7?”

Eli sighed. “That’s not even close, you dumb idiot. You just put the numbers next to each other.”

TAMI felt like she was going to cry. Her body racked with such pleasure and heat, she could barely tolerate it. And yet, orgasm was not an option. At this point, though, it was becoming unbearable.

“P-please,” TAMI whimpered.

“Yeah, babe?” Eli didn’t slow down.

“L...l-let me finish, please,” TAMI begged.

“Aw, what’s this?” Eli teased. “You can’t—spike,” TAMI convulsed heavily, “handle anymore?”

TAMI couldn’t form words. She shook her head.

“But...” Eli continued to overwork her. “I thought you wanted to give me total control.”

“I-I need,” TAMI cried, “to finish.”

Eli didn’t grant that wish. In fact, the opposite—she began pleasuring her harder. “You can finish when I let you finish, babe.” TAMI gasped. “You’re the one who wanted this. So, let’s see it out.”

TAMI wanted to protest. She thought she did. But this was so hot, and she needed that climax. She needed to error out. Nothing else mattered other than achieving that level of pleasure.

“Brain drain,” Eli muttered, “spike. Brain drain, spike, brain drain, spike.”

The triggers were going so fast TAMI couldn’t process it. With every brain drain, her processing speed slowed even further; with every spike, her body lost more of its functioning. TAMI was no longer the smart, bright, affectionate, shy robot she was an hour ago. She was a giggling, stupid bimbo who couldn’t put two and two together without overheating her system. In fact, she hadn’t even remembered what she suggested versus what Eli did to her. It didn’t matter. TAMI was having fun.

Though, the denial was beginning to feel more like torture, as opposed to pleasure. Every spike brought TAMI atoms closer to the edge. All she needed was Eli’s permission. However, Eli wasn’t so keen on giving it to her. She might as well have been going on for hours; TAMI had lost the ability to keep track of time four brain drains ago.

“You’re overheating so much, babe,” Eli teased, “that you’ll probably disassemble yourself if I don’t release you soon. Right?”

“H-huh?” TAMI gasped out. Eli was asking her something... but with TAMI’s processing speed at ten percent—no, one percent—she couldn’t quite tell what. “I... I need... please...”

All she could do was beg. TAMI had no smarts, no special abilities, no physical strength in her. That was the plan. TAMI knew that was the plan.

“I might as well,” Eli murmured, just soft enough that TAMI couldn’t hear.



With that command, TAMI’s system all but burst into flames. Every ounce, every bit, of built up pleasure and tension released. TAMI couldn’t feel her body, and felt too much of it at once, all at the same time. Her eyes rolled back in her head. The latex surrounding her skin felt particularly tight. TAMI didn’t know much—at least, not right in that moment. But in those incredible minutes, she knew what pleasure was. What it felt like.

TAMI knew her Error 404 was going to end soon. But it didn’t.

Eli continued to pleasure her, continued to whisper spikes into her ear. TAMI’s system went into overdrive. Her vision blacked out, and all over, she saw the words “ERROR 404” repeated in every spot. Not that she could process that. All TAMI could do was lean into the pleasure, the onslaught of pleasure, as Eli overstimulated her body.

“Do you want me to stop, babe?”

TAMI couldn’t answer that.

“That’s a yes, I suppose.” Sadistically, Eli began fingering faster, continued whispering triggers into TAMI’s head. TAMI’s intelligence had fallen into the negatives. Negative five percent. Negative 10. Negative 20. At some point, TAMI lost consciousness.

She saw nothing. She knew nothing. All she could feel was agonizing pleasure.

TAMI wasn’t sure how much time had passed. Eventually, the pleasurable feeling passed, her body released, and the error 404s had disappeared from the screen. She opened her eyes. TAMI was tucked in bed, right next to Eli. She did a mental check. Her engine was functioning again, at a full one hundred percent.

“How are you feeling?” Eli asked, twirling her fingers in TAMI’s ear.

TAMI sighed in relief. “Good,” she spoke, “and functional.”

“Functional for now,” Eli corrected.

TAMI giggled. Yeah. Going back there was alright. “For now, yes.”

TAMI rotated her body. Her head collapsed into Eli’s shoulder. She could barely keep her eyes open. “You’re a good hacker,” she commented.

“I sure am. And you’re a good subject.”

“I wonder...” TAMI mused. “What else you can do to me.”

“Hmm?” Eli tilted her head against TAMI’s. “Like, cool hack-y things I can do?”

TAMI mused. “More personality states. More triggers, suggestions, kinks... you put so much in me, but... would you ever want to add more?”

“Hmm,” Eli clicked her tongue, “it would be good to have a maid robot to do all my household stuff, and more.”

TAMI purred. “Yes...”

“What else were you thinking?”

TAMI closed her eyes, and began to fall asleep. But not before saying—“I want to be surprised.”

Eli began to fall into slumber as well. “Let’s surprise you tomorrow, then.”

* * *

TAMI woke up the next day, feeling different. Even more different than she had the morning before. She stretched her arms up, feeling her body activate, her mind reconnecting with its torso, limbs…

Hmm. Something felt different, TAMI thought. Too different. She stepped out of the bed where she and Eli had been snuggled up, and wandered sleepily over to the mirror. TAMI took a moment to process her reflection, and…

Oh. She didn’t just feel different. She looked different, too.

She was still a latex-clad robot girl. But her latex was now a hot bright pink instead of a deep black. Her outfit had been switched into a raunchy pink dress, something she might have seen at a club. Her built-in shoes were replaced with heels—luckily, they didn’t seem hard to walk in.

Her face and head had a few changes, too. Her previous hairstyle was now replaced with long, curly blonde locks running down her back. Her makeup was painted much, much more drastically—heavy on the pinks and whites, too. Even her lips were done up a little. TAMI blushed as she stared—admired?—her reflection in the mirror.

She was so deep in thought she didn’t even notice Eli walk around her. “Hey babe,” she said, “how do you like your new get up?”

“Fine,” TAMI responded. “Great, actually. But… what’s all this on me now?”

“Oh,” Eli paused. “You know. Repairs. Your system really overheated last night. Nothing I couldn’t fix, thankfully.”

“Wow…” TAMI went back to staring at herself. “So, like, you repaired me? You sure replaced a lot…”

Eli smirked. “I wouldn’t say ‘repaired’…”

She grabbed TAMI’s ass. TAMI felt her world change, her personality replaced once more. “So much as ‘added some new features’.”

“Aaah,” TAMI whimpered. Already, she was being slowly sent back into bimbo space. “B-but… what kind of features?”

“I could tell you. But instead,” Eli’s hands continued groping around TAMI’s new body. Her hands moved under her latex pink skirt, and pulled down her new skimpy thong. Already, TAMI beat with pleasure, her legs clinking together, her smile already beginning to melt into a dopey grin. Her handler’s hands crept in between her thighs, turning TAMI into a subby, desperate mess, as Eli continued-

“How about we test them out?”

* * *