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The Jeanette Journals #1: Phone Six

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One ring.

Had it really only been a week since she put the like on my profile picture? It seemed like we’d known each other a lot longer than that. Maybe it was that she seemed to be my ultimate fantasy girl. So sexual, so open, so...

Two rings.

No doubt about it, we had a connection. A very deep, personal, intimate connection that most people never reach. For those who do, it usually takes years, not just a few forum messages and five phone…

Three rings.

Last time she masturbated. Maybe she wanted to show me how difficult it is for her to come. We’d talked about that in forum messages. It did take quite awhile. I talked her through it. She said she likes my voice. She also said that she came harder and longer than ever…

Four rings.

Maybe she was still at work. If it went to voice mail, I’d just lea...


That voice! Just one word into our sixth phone call and already I’d associated her soft, feminine voice with everything that was sweet, submissive, and sexual. That was the voice of a fantasy girl for sure.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Tremblay. This is your favorite hypnotherapist calling.”

A giggle. If you listened to her giggles, you could almost tell what she was thinking and feeling. That giggle sounded like it came with a blush that was brought on by a sudden, unexpected sexual thought.

“Hi Steve.”

“Hi Jeanette. How was work.”

“Work was okay. I actually got finished a little early, but there were some other things that needed to be done, so I stuck around and did them. How’s your work?”

“Slow. Not many clients this week.”

“That’s too bad. I’m sorry.”

She was always caring and sweet.

“Did you chase them all away?”

“No,” she laughed.

“Then you have nothing to be sorry about, Jeanette. Besides, I may not be making as much money this week, but it means that I have more time to talk to you.”

“That you do. Okay, I approve.”

Sassy, too. I like a little sassy. Even though she listed herself as submissive on Kinkster Forums (and there was no question that she was deeply submissive) she still had sass to her. Just more points for her on the Ultimate Fantasy Girl scorecard.

“So you don’t have anybody to hypnotize?”

“Just you, hon.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know if it works on me. I told you about that guy who tried.”

“You told me that some guy tried to hypnotize you and it didn’t work. That’s all I know. Are you comfortable telling me about it.”

“I feel like I can tell you anything, Steve.”

“Like I told you, hon, I do my best to not judge anyone. I like you and I accept you as you are.”

Of course I accepted her as she was, she was amazing!

“Ok, so this guy on Kinkster Forums. I think he was from New Hampshire. Anyway, on the Forums he’s MrDominantTop.”

“I know him. Well, I haven’t met him, but I’ve had a couple of conversations with him in the hypno-kink groups on the Forums. He’s actually from Vermont, like you.”

“Really? I thought he was from New Hampshire.”

I turned to the computer and searched for his ID in Kinkster Forums. His profile page came up.

“Nope, Vermont. He says that he’s been hypnotizing people for 18 years.”

“Well it didn’t work on me. Anyway, we met up and he tried to hypnotize me. He told me to close my eyes and then he kept telling me over and over that I was getting sleepy…”

Oh boy, amateur hour. If he’d been at it 18 years, he hadn’t learned much.

“…and he was just saying that over and over. I wasn’t getting sleepy, I was getting bored. Then he tried to stick his hand down my shirt. I opened up my eyes and told him that I wasn’t hypnotized.”

I can’t say that I blamed the guy. Jeanette didn’t post any revealing photos of herself on the Forums but, from what I could see in the pictures she did post, she appeared to be stacked. Have you ever seen one of those girls with a French-Canadian heritage whose body looks like it should require a license just to own? That was the impression that I got from what I could see. That there was a beautiful face, cinnamon hair, sparkling green eyes, and inviting mouth attached to it didn’t hurt, either.

“So what happened then?”

“Well, he had his hand in my shirt and…”

I didn’t actually hear the rest of what she said. What was I feeling? Irritated? Angry? Protective?



“…so that’s why I don’t know if I can be hypnotized. I never felt like I wanted to go to sleep or anything like that.”

“Baby, hypnosis isn’t sleep. When I hypnotize you, you’ll be fully aware of everything that’s going on. You’ll hear every word that I say and every sound in the room. You’ll remember as much of what I say as you would in a normal conversation.

“Hypnosis isn’t a matter of taking control away from someone. It actually gives you more control. I will only have the control that you want to give to me. Most of my clients don’t want to give me any control at all, and that’s fine. As long as they follow directions and they want to make the changes they say they want to make, we do wonderful things.

“I want to repeat that I only have the control that you want to give me. When I do erotic hypnosis with submissive girls, some of them want to give me total control, and that’s what happens. I do my best to respect any boundaries she’s told me about, and I never take advantage of the trust she has in me.”

“I think I’d give you everything, Steve.”

“I think you would, too, sweetie. You are very submissive. You should know that I will cherish that submission and protect you and keep you safe.”

“I know you will. So when are we going to get together so you can try to hypnotize me?”

“Sweetie, there’s not going to be any ‘try’ about it. If you want to be hypnotized and you’re willing to follow simple directions, I WILL hypnotize you. And the only thing between us is New Hampshire.”

“Aww. Maine’s not that far away. We could do it some day when you don’t have any clients.”

“Maine is a big state, Jeanette. We’re as big as all five other New England states combined. I could be a whole day’s drive away.”

“But you’re not.”

“Oh? Has somebody been doing a little stalking online?”

An embarrassed giggle. Of course she had. I did it, too. She probably knew the fastest routes between her town and mine, just like I did.

“It’s okay, baby. I mapped it out, too.”

“So… do you want to get together so we can try… I mean so you can hypnotize me?”

“I want very much to get together with you, but I can hypnotize you right now, if that’s what you want.”

“You can? How?”

“I’ve hypnotized lots of clients over the phone. I’ve even done a little kinky hypnosis over the phone.”

Of course that had been with girls I’d met and hypnotized in person before we did the kinky phone hypnosis, but it didn’t really matter. No need to give her a reason to doubt something that I knew would work just fine. I didn’t mention it.

“So you could… now?”

“If that’s what you want. Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” Her voice was quiet, but full of hope.

“Can you do something for me? Can you make a tight fist?”


“Now if you look at that fist, you could think of it as maximum tension. There’s no relaxation in that fist at all, right?”


“And until you take away that tension and put in relaxation, it’s going to be a tight fist, right?”


“Okay, take away that tension and put in relaxation. Take away ALL the tension and FILL your hand with relaxation. Where are you in the apartment?”

“I’m lying on the couch.”

“Okay, good. You can just lay your arm down beside you on the couch and let the hand be completely limp and relaxed. And when you do that, you can see that the hand is now full of relaxation. If you hold onto that relaxation so that tension can’t get into the hand, there’s no way that it could become a fist again, right?”

“Yeah, I get it.”

Good. She was following directions perfectly.

“Okay. Do you want to be hypnotized now?”


“Do you want to be deeply hypnotized by me now?”

“Yes.” Breathy. Sexy. Very nice voice.

“What I need you to do is take in a nice, deep breath and hold it for a moment. Okay, now let it out, let your eyes close, and relax even deeper.”

I closed my eyes, visualizing her as if she was in my client chair.

“Now take your attention to your eyelids. Those tiny muscles are the easiest ones to relax in the body, so I’d like you to do that now. I’d like you to relax the eyelids so completely that they become so relaxed that you KNOW that if you hold onto the relaxation in your eyelids just like you held onto the relaxation in your hand, that there’s no way the eyelids would be able to open because they’d just be too relaxed. Do that for me now, Jeanette.”

I paused for a few seconds to let her do it.

“Now when you have them so relaxed that you know they won’t open, I want you to hold onto that relaxation and just do a little test to make sure they don’t open… Good, now stop testing and relax even deeper. Your eyelids stayed closed, didn’t they?”


“Good. Now let that relaxation from your eyelids spread upward to the top of your head. Really let your scalp relax deeply… And now we’re going to take that wonderful, comfortable, warm relaxation that you’ve created at the top of your head and send it all the way down across your body like a wave of relaxation, letting all of your muscles relax all the way from the top of your head down to the bottoms of your feet…”

I gave her a few moments to experience the wave of relaxation, then twice more I had her test her eyelids, deepen her relaxation, and send even those deeper waves of relaxation down across her body.

“Wonderful, Jeanette. You’ve done such a good job of relaxing your body. Now it’s time to relax your mind. In a moment I’ll have you start counting backward out loud, starting with the number 100. This is going to be different from other times you’ve counted backward because each number that you count will double your mental relaxation so that after just a few numbers your mind will become so relaxed that you’ll find that the numbers just fade away to nothing. Then we’ll know your mind is completely relaxed.”

Since I couldn’t see her, I couldn’t do an ideomotor response to show me when the numbers were gone, but that was no problem. I’d done remote hypnosis a number of times.

“So now, gently and slowly, begin counting.”

“One hundred.”

“Good. Double the relaxation.”

“Ninety nine.”


“Ninety… eight.”

“Twice as relaxed.”

“Ninety… seven.”

“Letting that mental relaxation grow twice as deep.”

“Ninety… sssss.”

She went silent. Aphasia meant she was already at a nice medium level of hypnosis, which would be effective for many things. I wanted her deeper. Even though she wasn’t talking, she was probably still counting in her mind.

“The numbers fading now. Your mind so relaxed.”

A longer pause.

“And now the mind is twice as relaxed as it was. The numbers just relaxing away, fading away to nothing.”

Another long pause.

“And if the numbers haven’t faded away now, just let them go as your mind relaxes completely. And just enjoying this wonderful, safe, deep relaxation. Easily able to speak to me now. Are the numbers gone?”


Somnambulism. That’s what I wanted, and she got there easily. Time to deepen her to make sure that she stayed there.

“Good. You’re doing so well, Jeanette. Now as I count down, let’s just let each number that you hear me count take you even deeper into this wonderful feeling of comfort and relaxation. Each number lets your mind and body relax much deeper, relaxing together like a team. Five…”

I counted her down deeper, then it was time to show her that she was hypnotized. Many hypnotists don’t do this for their clients. It’s a fantastic way to deepen hypnosis because, once the client has a convincing “hypnotic experience,” they usually have a little bit of a “wow” moment and automatically go deeper. The reason some hypnotists (including, I was sure, Mr. “you’re getting sleepy”) don’t do this for their clients is because they have no idea when the client is hypnotized or how deeply. I knew enough to use an induction that would give me a solid indication of those things. She was certainly deep enough for a little synesthesia; a little sensation creation through suggestion.

“And as you’re resting comfortably, letting each soft breath take you deeper and deeper, you can now begin to notice that little sensation on the inside of your right ankle. I don’t know if it’s a warmth or a coolness, or maybe a tingling or a numbness, but you can begin to notice that the inside of your right ankle feels quite different from your left ankle. Or maybe they feel the same. But you can feel that sensation growing now, can’t you?”


“Good. And now that sensation is changing and it’s moving. The sensation has faded from your ankle and now in your eyelids you feel a very different sensation. Your eyelids are twitching and getting tighter and tighter. They’re getting tighter and locking down. It’s as if they’re glued shut, sealed shut, locked down! If you were to try to open them, you’d find that the harder you try to open them, the tighter they close down. Go ahead and try to open them, but you can’t! The harder you try, the tighter they stay closed. Try harder! HARDER! Okay, now stop trying and just relax and let yourself drift even deeper. Your eyelids clamped down tightly, didn’t they?”

“Yes.” A little wonder in her voice. Good.

“So you can see that you’re so deeply hypnotized that I was able to lock your eyes shut so that you couldn’t open them at all. Now I’ve released them so that they can be deeply relaxed like the rest of you. Staying in this deeply relaxed physical and mental state, I want you to now open your eyes… and close them and feel yourself go even deeper. Open your eyes… and close them and go deeper. Open your eyes… close them, deeper. Good girl.”

A little eye fractionation always helps someone go deeper. Now she had the experience of being hypnotized with her eyes open, even if it was for just a brief moment.

“Babygirl, are you enjoying this?”


“Are you comfortable and safe?”


“Can you feel me protecting you and taking care of you?”


“That’s my good girl.”

A small whimper.

“Do you like being hypnotized by me?”


“Does it make you feel… … sexy?”


“In the future, if you’d like, you can immediately come back to this wonderful, safe, deep hypnosis, or maybe even deeper. You can do that any time you’re in a safe place and you’d like to be hypnotized, just by hearing me say the words, ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette.’ Any time you hear me say those words, but only when it’s safe and appropriate, you immediately close your eyes and come right back to this deep level of hypnosis where you feel so wonderful, or maybe even deeper where you feel even better. To keep you safe, this works for me and only for me. We don’t want anyone else being able to take advantage of it. But when you hear me and only me say ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette’ you immediately close your eyes and become deeply, wonderfully hypnotized. Each time you hear me say it you go into hypnosis even faster and even deeper and it feels SO good. If you’re already hypnotized, it will take you even deeper, even faster, whenever you hear me say, ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette.’ Every time deeper, every time faster, every time feeling even better when I say, ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette.’ Is that what you want?”

“Oh! Yesssssss.”

“That’s my good girl.”

Another whimper.

“So that’s the way it will always be. When I say, ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette’ you can feel it even faster, even deeper, even more wonderful.”

Practicing that a few times was a good idea.

“Sweetie, in a moment I’m going to count to five and bring you out of hypnosis. You’ll come out of hypnosis feeling wonderful, as if you’d slept for hours and then had a nice, long massage. You’ll remember everything that we’ve done, and you may even be surprised at how easy this was for you. And of course you’ll always remember and respond to your trigger phrase to go back into this deep hypnosis immediately, ONLY when it is safe for you to do that. Okay, one…”

I counted her up and continued talking to her after I’d told her to open her eyes, to give her the frame of reference of my voice as she re-oriented herself to being out of hypnosis.

“Um… wow!”

“Wow yourself, lady. I thought this was supposed to be difficult for you. I’d say that you’re a natural. You went very deep very quickly. How did you like it?”

“It was great. My headache is gone.”

“You had a headache?”

“Yeah, since this afternoon. It’s gone now, though.”

“Then I guess you found yet another way to surprise yourself. Are you ready for another little surprise?”

“I think I know what you’re going to do.”

“Do you want me to?”

“Mmmm. Oh yeah.”

“Sexy hypnotized Jeanette. That’s right, you just go right back to that wonderful, safe, comfortable, deep level of hypnosis. You can feel it, can’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“Do you have a special feeling when you’re hypnotized? Some people feel different, some don’t. What you feel is what’s right for you.”

“Cooler. A little numb.”

“And you’re feeling that now and even more when I say sexy hypnotized Jeanette again and you go even deeper even faster.”


“Staying in this wonderful state, open your eyes… Sexy hypnotized Jeanette. Faster, deeper, feeling even better. And again you open your hypnotized eyes… Sexy hypnotized Jeanette. Even deeper. Even faster. And it feels so good! Eyes open… Sexy hypnotized Jeanette. Deeper, deeper, deeper, and feeling so wonderful. Better than you ever thought you could feel.”

Stacked inductions AND fractionation! Damn, I was good! She was probably so relaxed that she’d need to be poured off the couch.

“You hear me and you can talk to me, can’t you baby girl?”


“That’s my good girl. (whimper.) Because now another feeling is going to start. This feeling is starting on your breasts, and it’s a gooooood feeling. It’s like your breasts are being stroked and caressed. Maybe it’s a warm feeling. Maybe it’s a cool feeling. Maybe it’s a firm stroke. Maybe it’s light and feathery, almost like a tickle (giggle.) Whatever you feel is what’s right for you, but it’s starting to feel better and better. This is a good, good feeling. Your breasts are so sensitive, so responsive, and this wonderful hypnotic sensation that I’m giving them is making them feel better than they have in a long time.”

She was breathing heavily. She could get turned on fairly easily, it was just the cork pop that had eluded her most of the time. We could change that.

“That’s right, my sexy hypnotized Jeanette, your breasts are feeling SO good, SO turned on, and it’s just getting stronger and stronger. You can feel my words, feel my energy touching them in all the ways that you like best, and in new ways that are even more incredibly gooooood. Feel that deep pleasure growing stronger, more powerful, more wonderful.”

Deep breathing with moans. On the fifth call she’d eventually gotten herself off, and she was a screamer. I like a girl who’s vocally appreciative.

“That’s right, my sexy hypnotized Jeanette—oh, and you feel that pleasure growing even stronger as you go deeper even faster. You’re responding perfectly, and a good girl who responds perfectly deserves a reward. Every time that you respond perfectly to your trigger, you’ll feel this deep pleasure that you’re feeling now. It will only last a few seconds, but it’s such a wonderful reward for my good girl when she responds perfectly to me saying ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette’ every time.”

A groan of ecstasy as her pleasure went even higher with the new reward. I DO so love making sexy women feel good!

“And now Jeanette, now my sexy hypnotized Jeanette (gasp) as you feel that wonderful pleasure covering your breasts grow even stronger, even deeper, even more intimate, you can also feel it spreading. It’s spreading and growing stronger. Spreading up over your chest to those sensitive spots on your neck. Spreading down over your stomach and feeling SO GOOD as it just keeps growing stronger and deeper. Such wonderful, sexy feelings spreading even further down to where you know you want it to be.”

A cry of pleasure, but it was just a beginning for her. I’d heard what she sounded like when she came. She was definitely started on her way, though. I needed to make sure that she didn’t give herself a little help along the way. I wanted this to be a completely hypnotic orgasm.

“That’s right, sweetie, you just let my words, my energy, my heat spread all over you. I’m giving you this pleasure, baby. You’re just being my good girl and letting me give you all the wonderful feelings. And those feelings are growing even stronger. Twice as strong now as they were a moment ago. And you feel that pleasure. that incredibly hypnotic pleasure going even deeper now as I’m making it even stronger and spreading it between your legs and all over your body. (moan.)

“You feel my voice, my heat, my energy between your legs, opening you. Feel it teasing little circles on your clit. Feel it penetrating deep inside you as it grows even stronger. It’s filling you up. And now you can feel those circles on your little clitty changing. It’s starting to feel like two fingers rubbing up and down, on either side of your sensitive little button. And as that feeling grows stronger and spreads wider, you can feel the pressure on your clitty. Feel it stroking, pulling, rubbing. Feel the pleasure thrusting deep inside you. Feel it changing shape to stroke both of those hot spots inside you; your G-spot and that deeper spot that feels different, but still wonderful.”

Her moans and cries were building. She was getting there, and it was a lot faster than when she’d masturbated. She was getting louder.

“That’s it, baby girl. The pleasure is growing even stronger. It’s going to double again; twice as strong! Feel it growing, getting deeper, more intense, more personal, more intimate, more powerful, growing stronger and stronger and now it’s doubled and it’s SO GOOD!”

Based on her volume, she was getting close, but still not quite there.

“And as you feel me giving you that deep pleasure, as you feel me thrusting that pleasure deep inside you, are you my obedient girl?”


“Are you my good girl?”


“Will you always give me what I want?”


“Then I want my good, obedient girl to give me her orgasm. Come for me, Jeanette. Come for me.”

She was almost there. She was loud, but not quite to screaming.

“Come for me. Be my good girl and come for me, baby. Let yourself go and let my pleasure take you. I’ve got you, baby. I have you, now come for me.”

She screamed incoherently as her orgasm exploded.

“That’s my good girl. That’s my sweet, submissive, obedient girl.”

The screaming continued.

“Stronger now. Feeling your orgasm getting even stronger as you come for me. You’re such a good girl when you come for me.”


I thought I might come myself when she screamed my name. She’d blown way past an A+ score on the Ultimate Fantasy Girl scale. God I wanted her!

“That’s it, baby. Now gently feeling yourself start to come down from the high. I’ve got you. Safe. Warm. Protected. Feeling so wonderful. Coming down slowly, comfortably. Feeling so good, so satisfied. I think you surprised yourself there, didn’t you?”

I didn’t really expect an answer, but my good girl gave a “mmm” of agreement. I continued talking to her and soothing her as she recovered from her orgasm. I wondered if her neighbors might call the cops, given how loud and long she’d been screaming.

After several “hypnotic hugs” to make sure she knew that she was safe, cherished, and protected, she was finally breathing fairly normally. I counted her up out of hypnosis gently and quietly. She came out of it with a bashful giggle.

“How are you, hon?”

“Really good, but my panties are soaked!”

“Sorry about that.”

“I’m not, Steve! I loved it! I never knew it could be like that.”

“It was much easier than in the past, wasn’t it?”

“Yes! It was a lot faster, a lot easier. It was… I’m shaking!”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, but it was so intense that I’m shaking. I don’t think I could stand up if the apartment was on fire.”

“Whoa! Did I overdo it? Are you okay?”

“I’m great! You didn’t overdo anything. I’d do it again right now if I could.”

“Seriously, Jeanette? Do you think you could survive that again right now?”

“Oh God yes! If I can come like that, I want to do it all that time.”

“Sexy hypnotized Jeanette.”

A contented sigh came across the phone.

“That’s right, better, deeper, faster every time you hear me say, ‘sexy hypnotized Jeanette.’”

A little moan.

“Now sweetie, you’ve just had an incredible hypnotic orgasm experience. I know that it was something completely new and very intense for you. What you might not have known, though, is that your subconscious mind remembers every little bit of it. Your subconscious is very powerful, and she remembers everything. Not only that, but she can bring you right back to that same state instantly. You can go right back to that incredibly turned on, ready to come state instantly and then immediately have that same wonderful orgasm, or one even better. Does that excite you?”


“And since your subconscious is a good, obedient girl, just like you are, she knows that she will go right back there, right back to that highly aroused, super-sexual, ready to come state and then explode into a wonderful orgasm as soon as she hears me say her magical trigger phrase. Do you want to hear your magical trigger phrase? Do you want me to say the three little words that give you that intense, intimate pleasure immediately?”

“Oh please,” she moaned.

“Come for me.”

Instant loud moans, gasping breath, and the pitch of her voice was headed ever higher.

“Come for me. That’s it, baby, come for me. Be my good girl and give me what I want. Come for me.”

She screamed out her orgasm, letting whatever incoherent sounds were inside her pleasure-soaked brain out. I gave her awhile to ride it out and start coming down.

“Such a good girl, Jeanette. Such a sweet, submissive, sexy, obedient girl. You did good, baby girl. You made me very happy.”

She gave me a sigh of contentment.

“And you know what? My good girl is going to come for me again. Come for me, Jeanette.”

She went right back to full volume as another orgasm blasted through her.

“That’s right, baby. All through your mind, all through your body, all through your awareness. Come for me, sweetie. Look who’s multi-orgasmic! It’s so easy for you to come for me over and over. Your mind and body are just getting more and more used to it.”

Again I let her ride it out, speaking soothing words of comfort and acceptance as she came down.

“That trigger is now deeply embedded in your subconscious. You love that feeling of overwhelming orgasmic pleasure, don’t you?”


“That trigger, spoken only by my voice, will give you that pleasure instantly and intensely. And it works the same whether you’re hypnotized or not. And because you’re so far away and I know you love that intense, intimate pleasure that we share, Jeanette, that trigger will work just the same for you when you imagine my voice saying it in your mind. That’s right, sweetie, you can trigger it yourself by just imagining my voice saying it. Do that now, sweetie.”

She was definitely obedient. Within seconds she was deep into another screaming orgasm. I soothed her on her way down.

“I think you surprised yourself there, didn’t you?”


“That trigger is always with you, and you have full control over it. You’ll find that it only works when it’s appropriate for it to work. That way you won’t accidentally think about it while you’re driving or at work or somewhere else where it’s not appropriate. But when you do want it, and it’s safe and appropriate, it will always be there, and it will keep getting stronger.”

I counted her up out of hypnosis, reinforcing the things we’d done along the way.

“Wow! I never… I didn’t know hypnosis could do that, Steve.”

“With a good girl like you, anything is possible, Jeanette.”

Her giggle was full of sexual overtones.

“You’re wondering, aren’t you? You’re wondering if I’m going to say it now that you’re out of hypnosis.”

“Well, kinda. I mean…”

“Come for me Jeanette. That’s it, baby, come for me.”

She did, with all of the attendant fireworks that I’d come to love.

“Holy shit! It worked,” she panted.

“Of course it worked, baby girl. You wanted it to work, right?”

“Yeah. I always want it to work. That was amazing. I mean it was… OH!”

She started a climb toward another orgasm.

“You just did your own trigger, didn’t you?”

“Yah!” It was all she could gasp before she was fully and loudly into her sixth orgasm since we’d started the phone call. Six phone orgasms on phone call six. That seemed appropriate.

“Oh God, I can’t believe it happened so quickly! No more wearing out vibrator batteries just for one orgasm for me!”

“Then I guess we can think of this as a phone call in the best interests of environmentalism, right?”

She giggled.

“You’re crazy, you know that? Um, Steve?”

“Yes Jeanette?”

“Honey, when can we get together?”

“Soon, baby girl. Soon.”

Meeting my ultimate fantasy girl in person couldn’t happen soon enough for me.