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The events and people in this story are fictional. Resemblance to people living or dead is coincidental.

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Experiments as involved in this story are for consenting adults only and not to attempted by those lacking in the proper background or education. Serious harm can result from the misuse accidental or otherwise of hypnosis or any associated art.

This story is purposely written with cartain necessary details to recreate the scenario missing. If there is suffecient interest the full version it can be posted though it would take some time to reproofread it.

* * *

Jenna’s Dilemma

Jenna shuddered in horror as she remembered the robbery yet again, The face of the man who had shot the undercover officer beside her. The memory was too much, she didn’t want to see anymore. Thus she was here at a party in the “I’m not living in the dorms” apartment type dorms at the edge of campus. A friend she had known for several years was supposed to be in attendance. He was her reason for being here in the first place.

Tonight she would convince him to help her no matter what it took. She would convince him to make her forget the face from the shooting. Make him make her not know the face so she could sleep at night, could stand to go out anywhere without worrying about the shooter finding her, not worry about the D.A. who wanted her on the stand to testify and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Who wanted to treat her as a hostile witness so he could brow beat her into submission on the stand and say what she really knew about what had happened no matter how scared she was or the cost if she did. Nothing scared her more than testifying, nothing at all. Thomas could help her with that she was sure. Thomas is the kind of person who knows information, not any particular subject, but just information. So if a way existed for her to be able to get out of the middle of things he would be able to find it, no matter what it took.

Thomas stood as he always did, at the edge of these social get-togethers. He had received a rather weird message from a friend of a friend that he should attend the party at Jason’s place tonight because someone needed to talk to him really badly. No clue as to the identity of this person or what it was about, just an urgent summons to come. So here he stood surveying the crowd looking for clues among the dozens of people milling about like ants in the small two-bedroom apartment at the edge of the college campus. Typical people raged on about typical things and he had trouble telling individuals apart because they sounded so much alike. Nothing stood out at all and he began to feel that same vague unease the at he felt around any social gathering.

“Hi,” a falsely cherry voice said from behind him, Thomas turned to see Jenna a casual friend he had known for several years now smiling at him. At 5′ 9″ she was a little taller than typical for someone of her build. While not a dancer she was still a thin kind of wiry person who stood out like and elf with bobbed ears and short hair. Though she never dressed to show skin, her clothing did little or nothing to hide her shape from wandering eyes. Tonight though the brightness that normally burned in her eyes was gone replaced by a gnawing kind of long-term pain.

“Hi yourself,” He replied, “Long time no see Jenna, how’s it for you.”

“Not so good.” Was the deflated reply, “Can we talk? Away from here ? , Your place maybe?”

“I guess, “ He started to reply then started over when he saw something close to panic on her face, ”Of course we can, come on lets go then, your friend coming?” he asked referring to her normally ever present over protective boyfriend.

“No Steve’s not here tonight, We kind of broke up, a couple of weeks ago.” She stammered.

“Everything OK? Are you hurt?”

“No not really, can we talk away from here?” Jenna asked turning away and heading out the door.

Thomas studied Jenna closely along the way, This was not the normal Jenna he had come to know. This was a scared person, not the self-possessed person he knew. He studied her closely under the street lights as they walked. Even her walk was different and even with all that by the time they arrived at his place a couple of blocks away he still had no clue as to what this was all about. Within minutes of getting home and sitting them both down he knew.

She was in the bank on Dover Street when it had been robbed 3 months ago. She had been with a friend of her boyfriends doing some errands with him saving gas by combining trips when he had needed to stop at the bank, he had died in that robbery and she had seen the face of the man who did it. Now the pressure was too much. Her boyfriend had just assumed that she would testify without so much as a by your leave. The D.A. was almost a fiend in haste to go to trial and to top it all off, somehow the defense had gotten a hold of her name. A week ago her mother had received roses at work, an even dozen of them, eleven live and one dead, The trademark of a local crime family. She had gotten the message even with an unsigned card.

“So what do you want from me?” He asked unable to imagine a way he could help in this mess.

“I want you to make me unable to testify. Make me unable to identify the shooter.” Jenna replied flatly leaving him unable to reply for several seconds.

“Look Jenna I don’t know what you think I am, but I can’t just . . .” He replied.

“Thomas, “ Jenna began, “Just listen to me for a minute. I need a way out of this mess and I need something quick. I know you have thought of me in other than a platonic light for a long time. However you have always been a gentleman toward me so I can trust you to help me. I also happen to know a thing or two about psyche and hypnosis and I want you to make me unable to identify the shooter and be able to pass a lie detector about it. I know that there is no easy way to do this, I know that I will be incredibly vulnerable. I go into this with my eyes open, however sometime in the next two weeks the trauma docs are going to OK me being turned over to a sketch artist to do a portrait of the shooter and I have to fool him somehow. I have to be useless to them all somehow.”

“Do you have any idea what it would take to do that?”

“Some. Look. I know that this is asking a lot of you, and I am not asking you to do it for nothing. I offer what ever you get in the doing just as long as I can pass a lie detector test about not being able to remember a face clearly. Have some fun with me I don’t care, no I do care but not as much I want, no need this. I know you can’t do this without some hefty control, and to verify that control is real by testing it. However I also know that you will let me go when this is all done. You won’t keep me as a slave or sex toy. You value my friendship to much.”

“OK then a test, lets see how good a subject you are and if I can scare you out of this.” Thomas says.

He lays her down on the couch and starts a standard induction. She never questions how he knows how to do this at all, she trusts him to let her go and ‘besides’ she thinks, ‘he is probably just doing something that he saw on some movie’. In five minutes she has gone under, in twenty more she is in deep trance. She offers no resistance to him at all as he guides her deeper and deeper under. When asked If she would accept a command to unbutton her shirt she says yes and does so on his command. Then unsnaps the front snap on her bra when he says to. He considers for a moment then has her do everything back up. He then tells her that she is to leave a way back here open for him. That when he says ‘Lights out Jenna’ she will if she chooses return to this place just as deep just as relaxed and controlled as she has ever been. He then has her place all her worries in a sack to be stored until morning and fade into a normal sleep from which she will not awaken for anything until the alarm goes off in the morning. At which time she will awake and remember everything that has happened from the moment he put her under until he says goodnight.

He then waits until ten minutes have passed and her breathing has stabilized. Then he places his hand on hers and shakes her, no response at all. Encouraged he slowly unbuttons her shirt and then unclasps her bra revealing her modest C cup breasts that just fill a hand out of the opening he has made. Gently he cups first one then the other breast and massages gently. Finally he suckles first one nipple then the other as a baby would do when nursing. Her body responds without hesitation to his caresses. The nipples stand out and her breathing deepens as he plays with her. With her body highly aroused and responsive he takes a few pictures of her and then does her clothing back up just as he had found it.

Ten hours of him googling and her sleeping later the alarm goes off. She has slept through the night for the first time in weeks with out something to knock her out. She awakes clearer than she has been in weeks. He on the other hand has found a ton of psyche stuff on hypnosis and the like that all just refers to itself in large circles. However he has located on extra item. A website dedicated to mind control stories and theories. Some too ludicrous to believe, others challenged the very precepts of the disciplines of the mind.

“You didn’t have to stop you know.” Jenna says to him getting up from the couch to look over his shoulder at what he is going through on the website.

“I know what you said about playing, but I wanted you get a good nights sleep. You looked like you needed it more than I needed to play.” He replied smiling at her thinking of after she had gone to sleep and he had her body responding to his caresses.

“Find anything?” She asked amused at the site she sees him perusing.

“A couple of idea’s, though to be honest it’s a long shot. Did you sleep well” He asked turning to face her.

“yes as a matter of fact I did, Thanks. Though if I had known I would sleep that good I would have gladly stripped most of the way first just so you could get a little more out of it to.”

“Good,” He replied smiling to himself, glad she didn’t suspect a thing about him playing, “Here, I want you to read several of these stories I have highlighted. Alternate hypnosis, Busmans holiday, Love dolls, Oral hypnosis and a few others. Then we sit down and talk.”

Puzzled she agrees and sits down to read. Two hours later they are in animated conversation as he explains what he thinks can be done if she doesn’t resist a thing. He proposes a couple of tests to see how she responds then attempting to create a copy of her personality with modified memories to go to the sketch artist and be honestly unable produce what everyone seems to want. For his part he would have to have a lot of control to do this and be able to monitor her closely to make sure the copy stayed stable. Lacking any alternatives she agrees and they get started. Oddly enough they had never slept together though they had often shared a bed when crashing after various parties so he watches in fascination as she proceeds.

She strips in front of him which produces a nice erection that she releases and caresses to its full maturity and size. Then sits on his lap lowering herself down onto him gently guiding him into her all the way. Next she places his hands upon her bare exposed breasts massaging her own breasts through his hands and proceeds to work herself up and down with this rhythm. She allows the rhythm of his continued massaging of her breasts to control her movement. Making herself just be his puppet to caress, totally responsive to his controlling touch she moves purposefully at his command. Up and Down, Up and Down, over and over again purposely losing herself in it so far that she doesn’t really hear when he says ‘lights out Jenna’ though she immediately returns to the trance state her body is still responding to his touch and control. She awakes still in rhythm unaware she had gone out at all. Several more times he does this, not once does she hesitate going out. Finally satisfied that she will not hesitate he once more puts her then he tells her that each time she goes comes down on him she will feel a moment of orgasm as she settles him fully in. Slowly her face flushes as the excitement builds in her. He asks if she wants to feel full release, she says yes between pants and thrusts. He tells her that in order to keep that bit each time she comes down and have it build all she has to do agree to do some things. If she tells the truth and really will, then she can build the feeling up and have a good long orgasm, for as long as she can keep the rhythm in fact. She readily agrees. He emphasizes that the feeling will only build up if she really will obey with out question whether she wants to or not. She must accept these instructions and be bound by that agreement having no choice about obedience for it to work, for her to have that release she craves.

Feeling himself approaching climax in spite of his best efforts he quickly tells her that she must pose nude for several pictures for him. That she will in fact pose for a full role of film doing anything he desires, for her to do them anyway he wants her to. When she hesitates he emphasizes that she can’t keep the little bits of orgasm and build them together until she agrees to his conditions. Unwilling to break rhythm, beginning to need the release that her body now desperately craves, she finally agrees to his terms and begins saying that she will obey, That his posthypnotic orders will be obeyed. Repeating every time she settles down on him that she will be his puppet or mannequin until he has a full roll of pictures of her no matter what he wants. That she agrees to be bound by this control until he is done with her. Bound by her own agreement she starts to feel herself build toward climax because she had agreed to his control. Even after she climaxes he holds the rhythm forcing her to continue agreeing all the way through her climax and ride it down still agreeing until finally her arms begin to tremble and her breath is ragged. Finally he releases her with the proviso that she sleep now, awaken with full memory of all that had happened still bound to pose for him and answer any and all question with the truth until he was done with her.

She awoke an hour later to find herself getting up and standing at attention still nude and unable to move or make a sound. Her body obeyed Thomas’s words and posed as he said and did as he desired leaving her trapped mute but feeling within it even as it answered questions about her. For an hour he took picture after picture of her with her body obeying him fully. Pose after pose revealing herself and answering questions about what poses would make thew best blackmail and finally about what kind of poses she liked the best.

After about an hour he took the pictures from his Polaroid camera and laid them out on the table. Next he told her that he would be giving her a choice to make and to please hear him out before just leaving. When he released her, his first act was to give her a robe, His next was to explain the pictures.

“Look before you fly off the deep end hear me out.” He began somewhat worriedly.

“How did you?” She began and stopped unable to formulate the question.

“You remember me putting you under?” He asks and continues at her nod, “Well while you were under I used the technique you remember that I capied from one of those stories to get you to agree to doing what you just did. It shouldn’t have worked at all, however it did. So that means that there is hope of me being able to do what you want.”

“You mean that I allowed all that when I agreed earlier? Allowed myself to be trapped in my own body?” She asks still somewhat stammering.

“Yes you did. You are the one who gave me the control to make you do what I wanted.” He explained smiling at her rather shocked look at what she had just done in spite of fighting it. “You actually let me have the control for a little while to make you do anything I wanted whether you wanted to or not, kind of an escape mechanism really.”

“It felt a lot scary and a little good, and a little scary and a lot good. Kind of hard to explain. I was awake and knew what was happening I just didn’t have any input at all.” She replied sounding both puzzled and highly disturbed.

“Yes that would be about right. What happened is an example of a bargain you made with yourself.” Thomas replies watching Jenna closely, “That same scope would be expanded for what you want. The premise is the same though, in order for me to help you, I have to able to take certain decisions out of your hands. A lot like power of attorney, you just gave me temporary control in order for me to be able to prove that something you wanted was feasible. A byproduct of that control was that I could have your body though not you do anything I wanted. You knew I was controlling your body not you as an individual so you as a personality were safe no matter what I did with your body. The project would be more of the same but with the proviso that I am able monitor you closely to make sure nothing unbalanced happens. ”

“So I assume that we are going to be going out for this?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes we would, and the control you gave up earlier is a good demonstration that you want this to work. So that means there is a good chance of it working. Though to be honest the idea of having you for a girlfriend even for a while is kind of appealing.” He replied with a smile.

“You could have had me do anything you wanted. Why settle for something as tame as pictures?”

“I just wanted you to know what it felt like to be trapped and see if it really would work. Something just strong enough to prove to both of us it really worked. So the pictures are for you. Destroy them and nobody will ever know.”

For several minutes she looked at the pictures and at Thomas. Finally she made up her mind. Fortunately she knew from the past that Thomas would not hurt her, Oh he would really have some fun with her, but would never do anything to hurt her and when it was all done he really would let her go. Because the most important thing in the world to him was a friend he could really talk to. She was one of only a handful who really could. So no matter how far he had to go, he would also release her when this was all done so that made the choice really easy. The more she let go, the easier to achieve her goal would be. So that being the case she decided to let go, not a little, not a lot, just let go and hold nothing back. What was next seemed obvious to her, so after signing the pictures she handed them to him and told him to hold onto them for her. Next she let the robe drop and knelt in front of him. Unbuttoning his pants she pulled him out into the open and teased him back to full erection. Next she took his hands and cupped them on her bare breasts. Finally she took him fully into her mouth with as much flourish as she could and looked up at him with an appeal in her eyes. Working up and down on him trying to bring him off while never looking away from his eyes she waited. Finally he did it, “Lights out Jenna” And her world goes dark.

* * *

Thomas found himself looking at a scene straight out of one of the stories he had just read the night before. She knelt with him half-mouthed waiting for his instructions. She continued on command each time going a little deeper into trance, a little more control given over to him, a bit more under his control.

He stopped for a moment and thought about where he was and what he was doing. Jenna knelt nude in front him in an ever deepening trance while going down on him exactly as had been written in a story. That couldn’t work though because those stories were just fiction. He had started in on this just to get her some desperately needed sleep. Now though all his knowledge of how hypnosis worked was looking much superstition. The fact of not being able to condition a person to be trapped in a body responsive to external control had been superceded by the reality of having experienced having control and being able to have an obedient female at his command. The reality of his situation hit him abruptly. This was for real. The Jenna he knew could never have been made to pose as he had had her do earlier even with a gun to her head. Now that same person was kneeling in front of him slowly moving herself deeper and deeper into a trance state by sucking on him while willingly giving him almost total control while doing so. All in order for him to make a copy of her he could customize to his tastes that would be able to honestly say she didn’t remember the face of the shooter to sketch. The urge to experiment and play further with Jenna was blunted by the memory of her posing earlier and the reality of the pictures on the table.

After a couple of minutes of this he had her pause while he substituted an oaken dowel for himself. He then had her resume and see herself walking down a staircase underneath herself to another level below everything conscious. After a while she slowed as he had instructed when approaching the bottom of the stairs. Once on the landing and she had stopped he explained that she would find a door there that led into a control room. In this room was a series of mirrors. Each mirror represented a piece of her. With one that was her personality and another her memories.

Following his directions very carefully she went to a closet in this room and got some spare mirrors and office supplies. On the frame of her memories she wrote ‘Jenna memories’ and on the frame of her she wrote ‘Jenna main’. Next she placed the new mirrors over the others then opened a panel underneath she had not noticed earlier. With in she found a number of buttons, Pressing the button labeled copy the contents of the old mirrors was copied to the new ones. She then wrote on the frame of the newly copied pictures the same as the old ones except she wrote ‘Genna’ instead of ‘Jenna’ and placed the new ones where the old ones had hung putting the old ones on a holding rack.

Still following directions changes were made to both of the new mirrors. Memories were added, memories erased and others changed. Her plea for help was unmade in this new mind and replaced with an on again off again affair with him that had been ongoing for years. A role playing game component in that affair where he placed post hypnotic orders that she had to obey as part of the game to add spice to the game of puppet that she liked to play with him. That she enjoyed going down on him a lot and would do that often especially since he conditioned her climax when he ejaculated and to stay climaxed as long as she could hold him stiff in her mouth after he did no matter how often she did this. That her favorite game with him was that of mannequin or puppet because it was so simple for her to play and she enjoyed the rather pavlovian method of programming that it involved. He also made it so that she could not even if she tried, reach climax with anyone but him. Nor ever be hypnotized by anyone but him.

Finally he got to work on the needed changes he had already thought out. He first blurred the face of the shooter then changed his mind and made the face of the victim the only one she could see when thinking about what had happened in the bank. Though to go along with that face was a strong memory of his collars having a blooming rose on one and a dead rose on the other. The painful memories blurred and her made so that she slept with out nightmares. That she Genna would return to this place when he said a phrase and that phrase didn’t work for anyone else.

Hours later when his handy work was done and she had rested he woke her. Genna woke for the first time and he greeted his work. She was every bit as sexy and playful as he had hoped. In fact some days she seemed determined to wear him out and have him die happy. Still he had done his part and the trial wound it’s way onward. She went to the sketch artist and did a sketch with him, the portrait was labeled by the Psychologists as being a product of trauma. One of the detectives though caught the clue he had left in the portrait and traced the flowers. It took most of the trial for the detective to to do it, but, he finally proved that Jenna’s mother had been threatened by the family of one of the bank robbers. This caused a mistrial and two new trials.

During these months Thomas continued to enjoy USE of Genna. However during those months that was what it became, USE. Just plane old USE. He had her body and total complete use of it, but not the thing that had led him to Jenna in the first place. Sure physically everything was perfect, She would go down on him almost every night, She wanted to have him almost every morning, she would let him program her to do things. She went to parties with him and made it known that she was with him. All the things he always wanted were there. However he began to lose interest injust having the body. Slowly, taking care of her began to be a chore.

Eleven months after it all began. Those who had threatened Jenna’s mother were in jail awaiting trial on their own and Jenna was asked to go talk to the sketch artist again. When Thomas found out about this he smiled in relief. That night he guided Genna down to the staircase and slowly down it to the little room. He had her update the original mirrors of Jenna with all that had happened since the last time. Then placed a few controls on Jenna. That she finishes the blowjob she would wake up doing just the same as she had gone out doing. She could tell no one about him having done what he did for her. Other than that she was free of any other controls she did not consent to.

Jenna woke up just as she had gone away, going down on Thomas. This time though she found herself trapped finishing going down on him and just along for the ride as the memories of the last months slowly flooded in and settled into place.As he climaxed she found herself swallowing and climaxing at the same time. In fact she found herself staying in climax as long she kept him stiff in her mouth and trying to keep him there as long as possible. Finally her body exhausted itself and she passed out.

Jenna woke up the next morning to find herself in bed with Thomas, Her head on his chest, the rest of her draped comfortably around him. She found herself nude and somehow almost self-conscious, though she couldn’t figure out why. The arm she felt across her back was holding up a book he was reading, Some science fiction thing she didn’t recognize. The past months were all there for her to remember though in a way they felt more like a film she had gone to see than months she had lived.

“Morning” she said to break the silence.

“Morning.” He replied with out looking away from his book.

“So what do,” She began as she got up. At first the desire to cover herself was strong then she noticed that he had barely looked at her,” Pretty used to me in the buff aren’t you.”

“Let’s just say that I have a real good idea what you look and feel like.” He replied smiling while still reading his book.

“So why am I back? New trial starts in two weeks.”

“Well they got the guy who threatened your mother so I figured you might want to at least think about going ahead and identifying the robber who shot the guy next to you.” Thomas replied softly.

“yes,” He said continuing after a moment, “You are free. The only controls left prevent you from telling anyone about what you had done. Nothing to guarantee me access to you. You remember it all, the good the bad and me being the ugly. “

“So you can or cannot wind me like a clock?” Jenna asks quietly.

“That is up to you,” Thomas replies seriously, “There is a control that remains though it works only if you want it to or at least decide to allow it. If you don’t want to let it work then it won’t. I can’t force you.”

“I just don’t know what to say, I mean Thank you is inadequate. I know you have had a lot of fun but still you kept me from doing something that at the time could have been lethal. Then you take the absolute control you had of one custom female and release it. I mean how many guys would be able to let that go?” Jenna replies in a rush of almost whispered words.

“Go make the sketch.” Thomas says in a flash of seriousness.

“Is that an order?” She asks teasingly turning her body to a topless profile.

“No, I couldn’t order you to anyway. I do however ask that you do so. Afterwards maybe you might like to catch a show or go have dinner somewhere.” Thomas says in reply and question.

“Are you asking me out? Like on a date?” She asked amused.

“Yeah, I guess I am. Is that a yes.”

“Yeah, I think it is. I think first though I want to go get this sketch thing out of the way before I lose my nerve and chicken out. “ She replies smiling.

On an impulse though she turns back to him and reaches out to him kissing while guiding his hands to there familiar place on her breasts. Then has him suckle her breasts until they are well engorged before freeing him of annoying underwear. After massaging him to full erection she begins to play by hand while telling him that there is one control from Genna that she wouldn’t mind to much having moved over. She then demonstrates her opinion by taking him in her mouth all the way to where she can’t breathe and looking at him with her eyes wide open while guiding his hands to her bare breasts. Then working her way up and down and up and down on him in perfect time with his massage of her breasts and twigging of her nipples almost begging him to…