The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Jessica’s Joy Ride

By AbolethLasher

Frank and Jessica had been happily married for 16 years, and everything in their personal and professional lives was looking up. They lived in a large house, enjoyed frequent trips around the world to the most scenic and beautiful places, and had a good balance of time together as a couple, and time to pursue their hobbies.

Jessica had become quite the landscape painter over the last 20 years, and looked after her personal health, by working out regularly, and eating a balanced, nutritious diet. Frank took care of his health, by playing sports, and trying to limit the amount of vices he engaged in. Neither of them smoked, used drugs, or drank alcohol, or engaged in any risky behavior.

Jessica had told Frank a few stories about her days as a party girl, but she had slowed down quite a bit since college. She had tasted the fruits of hedonism, and while she looked back fondly on her time, she had eventually grown tired of it and put that period of extended adolescence behind her as she grew up.

Nowadays, the two of them were more likely to be seen at a neighborhood barbecue or volunteering at the library than anywhere near loud music and masses of dancing people. Jessica was a member of a book club, which met once a month to discuss the latest literary read.

However, like many couples, they did have the little fault lines in their relationship. One big one was Frank’s cuckolding fantasies, which had remained merely fantasies at Jessica’s insistence. She enjoyed playing out these role-playing games with her husband, but found the idea of actually cheating very repugnant to her.

After so many years together, Frank had stopped bringing up the possibility, and instead would lock himself in the bathroom and fantasize about Jessica fucking another man in front of him until he felt the heights of ecstasy, but even though it was incredibly hot, he couldn’t help but feel hollow afterwards.

Jessica was very affectionate, and had a great capacity for love, but she also had her limits. The two of them fucked once a week, and for a long time both of them considered this adequate. But Frank was quickly finding his enjoyment in the bedroom flagging, while his solo fantasies became more and more pleasurable. He couldn’t bring himself to confront Jessica about this issue, and when he brooded on it alone, he would masturbate to the thought of Jessica with another man.

However, one day Frank was searching a porn site for inspirational material to masturbate to, and he saw an advertisement on one of the banners for an amnesia tincture. He knew it was probably bullshit, but he clicked through, and his imagination was going crazy with the possibilities. If he could return Jessica to a prior mindset before the two of them had met, she wouldn’t have any issue sleeping with another man. If she had no recollection of them meeting, then there would be no conflict, and no grounds for an affair.

Frank knew the tincture was probably about as legit as the penis pills at the gas station, but he ordered them and his fantasies as he was locked in the bathroom seemed to take on so much more depth and texture. He imagined a dozen different ways he could be cucked, watching as Jessica fucked her way through an army of men. By comparison, the lovemaking the two of them did together that week was dull and lifeless.

But Frank was surprised when the package finally arrived, and it seemed much higher quality than he expected. The box wasn’t packing peanuts and a soda bottle of “magic liquid”—it was packaged with a velvety material, in a fancy bottle that a high end wine might come in and the instructions took the form of a leather bound book.

Frank didn’t know why, but he shivered a bit as he picked up the instructions.

It was like suddenly, his fantasy had become real.

He read through, and it explained how much one would have to drink to forget a certain number of years. It also had instructions for missing a tincture for remembering.

Frank was starting to become aroused, and a plan was beginning to form in his head.

The first step was the most crucial. He called up Jessica’s ex from college.

“Hey, Darren,” Frank said. “You don’t know me, but I’m the husband of a girl you knew from college, Jessica.”

“Mazel tov,” the man on the other end said derisively. “Why did you call? Just to rub the one that got away in my face?”

Frank hesitated. He sensed a lot of baggage here that he wasn’t expecting. However, maybe he could use that.

“What if Jessica didn’t have to be the one that got away?” Frank said.

“What does that mean?” Darren said. “Dude, I just ripped half a bowl before you called and you’re going to need to explain things more slowly for me.”

Frank sighed. “I want to watch Jessica fuck other men, and I think you’d be a good candidate for that.”

A pause. “And Jessica told you she wanted to fuck me?”

“Well, uh, not exactly,” Frank admitted. “I got my hands on an amnesia tincture online, and I’m pretty sure it’s legit. If it is, then my plan is to return Jessica back to her college days when she was going out to with you, and then you two can fuck. I’ll restore her memories right afterwards, and then we can both be on our ways.”

Darren chuckled. “That’s so fucked, man. But I did like getting tail from Jessica back in the day. I’ll do it!”

And with that, the deal was sealed.

The plan was simple. Frank would rent out a hotel for the Jessica and Darren. He would take Jessica out for a night on the town, and slip the right number of drops of the tincture into her drink. As she started to forget, he would excuse himself to the restroom, and that’s when Darren would swoop in. Frank would then just watch the night unfold from bar to hotel.

Frank and Jessica both went out for their date night as planned, both arriving at a fancy restaurant. They ordered water as usual, and when Jessica wasn’t looking, Frank slipped the amnesia tincture into her drink.

She took a sip of her water, and after a few seconds her hand went to her head. “Oh, wow. My head feels really funny all of a sudden.”

“Oh, geez,” Frank said. “Maybe you need an aspirin or something?”

Jessica shook her head. “No, that’s not it. I just feel so… lightheaded.”

Frank nodded. “Well, you should probably drink more water. It usually helps.”

Jessica nodded, and drank the remainder of her cup.

Frank smiled. “Hey, I need to use the restroom real quick. I’ll be right back.”

“Of course, uh, Phil?” she said blinking at him in confusion.

Jessica’s memories of her time with Frank were being erased. All in all, he had put 23 drops of the tincture in her drink. That would erase 23 years worth of memory for her, returning her to the person she was in her sophomore year of college.

A lot of things had happened in those 23 years. Jessica and Frank had seen much of the world—from Munich to Moscow, from Bali to Berlin. Jessica had become an ambitious career woman, and a bit of a stick in the mud. She had learned to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and take things seriously.

But as she forgot all of that, her expression changed. Instead of a rather serious expression, she was suddenly smiling, and she started to fidget in her seat. She just has so much energy, and she was only out for a good time.

In fact, she wondered how she had gotten to a lame place like this, where everyone was wearing fancy suits and taking themselves far too seriously.

Jessie shook her head. Was she drunk? Or high? She didn’t really feel like either of those things, and yet as a 19-year old girl, she felt a bit out of place at this place all of a sudden. Why couldn’t she remember how she got here?

And then Darren sat down across from her. He looked a little odd to Jessie, in a way she couldn’t quite put her finger on, but he was a sight for sore eyes in this increasingly confusing situation.

“Darren, babe!” she said, smiling. She stood up, and sat down on his lap, purring as she embraced him and kissed him. “I should have known I was on a date with you! Those are the only times I wake up somewhere with no memory of how I got there?”

Darren returned the kiss passionately, and the two of them made out for a time until a waiter came over with some food Jessie didn’t remember ordering.

Jessie whispered in Darren’s ear. “I’m so grateful you brought me here, but why don’t we ditch this place and go to a club or something. I’m feeling way to sober at the moment.”

Darren looked at Jessie, a strange look on his face. Jessie would almost describe it as if Darren was looking at her with such longing, almost like he hadn’t seen her in ages.

“Well,” Darren said. “I actually had the night totally planned out for us—I had a nice hotel room picked out for us, and—”

Jessie giggled. “Darren, you know I like to be spontaneous! A hotel room just sounds so suffocating. Let’s go out and have a good time, and then I’ll show you the good time you wanted in your hotel room.”

Darren nodded, eagerly and the two of them ran off to Darren’s car.

Jessie was surprised when she saw it. “Did you get a new car or something?”

She remembered his car had been a 1992 Ford Focus that barely ran. But Darren’s new car looked much nicer—all it’s paint was still on and shiny, and the windows all seemed to work.

“I’m moving up in the world, babe,” Darren said. “I’ve got a new job that lets me buy nice things like this.”

Jessie was impressed. She had never really had a boyfriend with a lot of disposable money, so she smiled as she got into Darren’s new car, and he drove off.

* * *

Frank had watched Darren and Jessica interact, and then leave, and after paying their bill, he rushed to his car and drove to the agreed upon hotel room. However, when he arrived, he found it empty.

Where was Jessica? Where had Darren taken her?

He called her, but she didn’t pick it up. He tried calling Darren and he didn’t pick up either.

Frank started to panic. He got into his car, and started driving around the city, hoping to find where Jessica and Darren had gone.

* * *

“Does your job let you buy any fun pills?” Jessie asked, eagerly.

Darren smiled. “Open the glove box.”

Jessie nodded, and found a bottle of pills. “Is this molly?”

Darren nodded

They finally arrived at their destination. Darren told Jessie there was a rave going on there, and Darren said he was there pretty much every week.

“I’m not really dressed for a rave,” Jessie mused, looking down at her nice evening dress.

“I’ve actually got one of your old outfits in the back,” Darren said. “I’ve never gotten rid of it.”

Jessie thought that was cute, but didn’t know why he said it like that. They had only been dating for a few months at this point.

Jessie opened the back, and pulled out the kandi outfit she loved to wear. It had a colorful mesh bikini top, a wig of neon blue hair, a ton of bracelets she had painstakingly made or traded for over time, some neon mesh booty shorts, furry leggings and a lot of lights to play around with.

She changed out in the open in the parking lot, not caring who saw her, and when she was done, she looked just like any other rave girl. She had taken good care of her body, and while she couldn’t pass for the 19 she now thought she was, she could easily pass for someone in their early 20’s, especially in an outfit like this.

Jessie popped the molly, and walked into the club with Darren. He was rolling too of course.

Jessie started to feel the familiar come up. Everything felt a little bit strange, like she had a slightly new perspective and her movements were just a bit more pronounced. She started dancing, and one moment she was finally there. Jessie felt utter joy and happiness, and was ecstatic to be there.

Jessie grinned, and told Darren she could finally feel it.

The two of them danced freely and enjoyed themselves, and when Jessie was feeling parched and needed to grab some water, Darren peeled off with her.

They got to talking, and Jessie remembered why she liked Darren so much. The two of them had so much in common! He was a hippy just like her, and they both loved to read and write poetry.

Darren rattled off a few of his latest poems, and Jessie felt so much love and affection for him in that moment. Weirdly, there was also something so different about Darren today. Like he was more mature or something.

They went back to dancing, and Jessie just felt so pleased with humanity, and their capacity to love and care about each other. She felt so connected to all the people around her. She was free, and felt like dancing was manifesting her joy so she could share the experience with everyone else, especially Darren.

* * *

Frank was still frantically searching for Darren and Jessica. He tried to reason where they might have gone.

He thought back to Jessica’s stories of her party girl days in college. Maybe he should check out any dance clubs and raves going on?

He hoped against hope he would find them before anything crazy happened.

* * *

Jessie felt like everyone should try rolling at least once in their life, just to feel what she was feeling now. She understood now—the purpose of humanity was to love and be loved. Personal judgments and prejudices didn’t matter. She was just vibing to the music.

Darren stayed with her through the whole rave, and she realized he couldn’t understand what she felt in that moment. She loved Darren so much. He was her best friend, and so loyal to her!

Jessie hugged Darren tight.

The two of them had so much fun that night. Jessie and Darren met a group that was also rolling, and all of them had the most amazing and vulnerable conversation.

The other people were just so kind, and wonderful and wise. Jessie realized something in that moment.

She was only 19—she had her whole life ahead of her. Why was she wasting her time with college?

She didn’t want an office job, with a boring life until she turned 70 and died.

This was her life. This was her scene. These were her people.

Jessie hoped she’d feel the same way when she sobered up, and wanted to talk to Darren about a new living situation.

Darren’s new demeanor gave Jessie hope. He was just so much more self-assured. Like he had found the path he wanted to follow in life.

Jessie and Darren started making out, and Darren mentioned they should probably go to that hotel about now. In that moment, Jessie would have gone anywhere with Darren.

They drove to the hotel, and their clothes were soon littering the floor.

Jessie had had sex on weed, and alcohol, but never on MDMA.

It was incredible. She felt so connected to Darren, and every sensation was amplified and incredible. His touch spread a warmth across her skin, that was intoxicating.

In that moment, Darren was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. Sexy, amazing, lovable.

The two of them fucked, but there was a tenderness to it. Like making love, but far more intense. Like everything came down to this.

When both of their minds had been thoroughly banished by drug-enhanced orgasms, and they were laying in the afterglow feeling as close as two people can feel, Jessie looked at Darren.

“I’m so lucky I found an amazing man like you,” Jessie said. “I don’t think I could ever be happy with anyone else.”

Darren looked her in the eyes, and felt a deep connection to her. “Do you mean that?”

Jessie nodded. “I want to see the world, Darren. I’ve lived 19 years in one place, and I’m tired of it. I don’t want an ordinary job. I don’t want to go to college. I want to make art, listen to live music, have sex in beautiful places. I know it’s silly, but we’re young. We’ve got plenty of time!”

Darren smiled at her. “I’ve waited so long to hear you say those words! I’ve got a lot of money saved up, but it’s been pointless. Useless to me without someone to share it with. I’ll turn in my two weeks notice tomorrow, and you and I can go and see the world!”

Jessie smiled at Darren. She had never felt this close to someone. They were of one body, and one mind in that moment.

* * *

Frank’s search for Jessica didn’t turn up anything that night. He went to all the night clubs in town, but even though the people in one club recognized Darren from his description, they didn’t know where the two of them had gone off to.

Frank tried visiting Darren’s house the next day, but they weren’t there.

Eventually, the days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months.

Frank didn’t know where Darren or Jessica were.

The one consolation Frank enjoyed was imagining Darren fucking Jessica every night. He always felt guilty afterwards, and remembered the situation that he was in. A situation of his own making.

Frank pulled away from family and friends, unable to tell them about Jessica’s disappearance. He quit his job, and started wallowing in his loneliness and misery.

However, after a year of no contact of any kind from Jessica, he got a strange text message from Darren’s old number.

“Hey, Frank,” it said. “You should join Jessie and I in Bali.”

Frank felt hope for the first time in a long time. The woman he loved was within reach.

Frank booked a flight the next day, and was soon going to a cheap hostel in Ubud.

He arrived to find Jessica doing yoga next to a pool, while Darren was no where to be seen.

“Jessica,” Frank said. “Do you remember me?”

Jessie looked up from her yoga pose. “Um, who are you mister?”

“I’m your husband, Frank!” he said. “And you’re not who you think you are. You’re actually a 42 year old woman, and you work as a chartered accountant. Please come home!”

Jessie looked at him strangely. “Are you high or something? The fake ID’s Darren got for me may say I’m 42, but I’m only 20 years old. And I’d never get a job as boring as being a chartered accountant.”

Frank pulled out a bottle. “I’ve put a tincture in this drink—it will make you remember everything!”

He tried to hand it to Jessie, but she wouldn’t take it.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Jessie said. “I’m not going to just drink something a random stranger gave me.” She grabbed the bottle, opened it and dumped its contents on the ground.

Frank started to panic when he saw this. “No, you have to remember. Here, you make art. Look at this.” He opened his phone and pulled up some of her paintings.

“Like, wow!” Jessie said, admiring the paintings. “Those are so pretty! I wish could make art like that, my own efforts are still a little amateurish. But I have so much fun.”

“No!” Frank insisted. “You made this!”

Suddenly, a voice called from the hostel.

“Chill out, man!” Darren said. “You’re scaring the poor girl.”

Darren was wearing swim trunks, and had a towel over his shoulder.

“You!” Frank shouted. “Give me my wife back, give me Jessica!”

Darren shook his head. “Why don’t you and I talk privately in our room. Come here.”

Frank followed Darren.

They sat down at a wicker table, and Darren offered Frank alcohol to take the edge off. Frank refused—he didn’t drink, so Darren offered water. Frank was feeling thirsty, so he accepted.

Frank drank the water, and started to feel light headed.

“Okay, Frank,” Darren finally said. “Why did you come all the way here to Bali to talk to me?”

The strange feeling in Frank’s head made it kind of hard to think.

“Um, something about Jessica,” Frank said, rubbing his temples. “I came to get Jessica?” he said uncertainly.

“And who’s Jessica to you?” Darren asked.

“She’s my girlfriend,” Frank said. “No, wait. She’s a cute girl I know from work.” But even that didn’t sound right. “I, uh, I guess I don’t know any Jessica’s. Not well anyways.”

“How old are you Frank?” Darren asked.

“I’m 18,” he said uncertainly.

“Wow, have you started college yet?”

“No, I’ve been accepted at a few places, but haven’t decided where I want to go.”

Darren nodded. “Ah, so you’re taking a gap year in Bali?”

Frank looked around confused. “Bali? I’ve never been on a trip, well, anywhere before!”

Darren smiled. “Well, Bali is a great place. I couldn’t believe Jessie and I were able to find a hostel here for only 4 dollars a night, and it has a pool and free breakfast! We’ve really been enjoying ourselves.”

Frank was more confused than ever, but he felt the tropical sun on his skin, the light wind in his hair, and it was hard to really feel worried about anything here.

“Frank, are you a virgin?” Darren asked.

Frank looked at his feet. “Yes,” he mumbled.

“Would you like a little show?” Darren asked.

Frank didn’t know what Darren meant, but he nodded tentatively.

“Jessie, get up here!” Darren yelled out the window.

Soon, an absolutely gorgeous young woman came upstairs. She was wearing a bikini, and it was clear she was an absolute knock out.

“Oh, geez, is that guy still here?” she asked.

“Frank is our guest now, and we’ve got an understanding. He’s going to be cool, right Frank?”

“Yes!” Frank said, a little too quickly. He was still staring greedily at the sexy woman in front of him.

“Now, Frank,” Darren said. “Jessie here is quite the free spirit, and as we’ve traveled around the world we discovered she has a bit of an exhibitionist streak. Do you know what that means?”

Frank shook his head. He was barely out of high school—he was ignorant of a lot of things.

“Why don’t we show you?” Jessie said, giggling. She straddled Darren, and the two started making out in front of Frank.

Frank just watched, his breath starting to get heavier as Jessie and Darren started dry humping.

Frank felt an erection starting, as he watched the amorous pair.

Suddenly, Darren untied Jessie’s bikini top, and Frank saw his first pair of boobs ever. He gasped.

Soon, Jessie and Frank’s swim suit bottoms were on the floor, and the two of them were having sex in front of Frank.

Frank slipped his hand under his underwear, and started rubbing his cock.

“Oh, god,” Jessie said, seeing his reaction. “It looks like we’ve got a little pervert watching us!”

“Yeah,” Darren agreed. “A little pathetic virgin boy is peeping on us.”

Frank felt a potent mix of arousal and envy as he watched the couple fuck in front of him. What he wouldn’t do to be Darren in that moment, fucking a hottie like Jessie.

Frank’s virgin mind couldn’t handle the stimulus, and he ended up coming after two minutes of watching the couple fuck. God, it was just so hot!

Frank watched as the pair’s moaning reached a crescendo, and they both experienced mind-blowing orgasms.

Frank didn’t know how he was going to spend the rest of his trip, or the rest of his life after this, but he did know he would never forget seeing Darren and Jessie fuck in front of him. He knew a nerdy virgin like him would never get a girl like Jessie.

Darren was such a lucky guy.