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Anyone under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

If you enjoyed this story, please be aware that I write under the name Dark Wynd as well as the name Chrystal Wynd.

* * *

Synopsis: Jezz—along with her sensei Edge—are recruited to locate a missing girl believed to be kidnapped and mind-controlled.

* * *

Jezz and Edge

The sun was just beginning to rise.

The surf broke and washed over the stretch of Chrystal Heights shore as seagulls sounded overhead. The cries of the hovering birds underscored the quietness of the morning beach rather than disrupting it.

Two figures—an old man and a brown-haired woman who appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties—stood along the shoreline. They did not disturb the silence in any way. To the casual observer, they appeared to wear their environment like camouflage, as opposed to existing within it. A more attentive observer might have noticed there were few footprints in the surrounding sand, despite the fact that the woman appeared to be doing a series of martial arts katas.

The old man was Asian in appearance, perhaps 80 years of age. His white hair was surprisingly full and long, reaching past his shoulders, and his goatee extended several inches from his chin. He was 3 or 4 inches over five feet and thin in a way that suggested he would need to walk through a thunderstorm before standing on a scale if he wished to see three digits. He seemingly held himself erect only by supporting himself with a staff that was as tall as he was. His name was Edge.

“Breathe,” said Edge. “Breath is fuel. It creates structure within. Unless one is breathing like an injured cow, such as you are doing now.”

The recipient of Edge’s verbal taunting was an athletic-looking woman with brown hair and brown eyes. At 5′7″, she was several inches taller than the slight old man who berated her. Her name was Jezz, short for Jezabel.

“Oh, c’mon, Edge,” said Jezz. She began a series of strikes and kicks, speaking as she did so. “My breathing isn’t that bad.”

“That is true only if you are comparing yourself to buffalo,” said Edge. “I could fling a blade at you in the dark without fear of missing, using only your snorts to track you.”

Jezz continued her motions, hands and feet moving effortlessly through moves practiced countless times before. Then she stopped and dropped into a horse stance, her legs slightly bent at the knees, ankles shoulder-width apart, fists at her sides just above her hips. “I was poetry in motion, Edge.”

The old man’s hands twitched. Less than a heartbeat later his staff struck Jezz in her exposed mid-section.

The thwack of the wood striking her belly echoed briefly. Jezz maintained her stance, showing no sign that she had even noticed.

Edge circled around, then whirled and struck Jezz on her rounded buttocks. Again she showed no reaction.

Edge hmphed. “It is fortunate we practice in the open. The vibrations created by the ripples in your blubbery rear-end could shatter our furniture.”

Then a voice said, “Hey, old man, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” Another voice answered, “Because, Dave, all the kids are in school today, so there’s no one his size around!” A round of raucous laughter sounded.

The voices belonged to three guys. Each had a beer in his hand and none of them appeared to be a ball of fire in the brains department.

Edge ignored them, continuing to circle around and strike Jezz with his staff. Jezz gave no indication that she had even heard them.

The dark-haired guy said, “Hey, babe, if you want to get hit with a staff, I got a better staff for you right here.”

The blond guy next to him said, “Yeah, we can give you more wood than that old guy any day.”

The brown-haired guy said, “There’s three of us and you have three holes. Coincidence? I think not.”

Edge turned to them. “You think you can defeat my student?”

The three guys laughed. “Of course we could take her,” said dark hair. “Any one of us could take her.”

Edge nodded. “I see. Why do you think that is so?”

Jezz sighed. “C’mon, Edge. This isn’t necessary.”

Dark hair looked baffled. He replied, “We’re bigger than she is. Stronger. Faster. And yeah, we can see she does karate, but so do we.”

Edge’s eyebrows went up. “You are trained?”

Dark hair nodded, his chest puffing up as he said, “Damn right. We’ve been taking lessons at the YMCA for over a year now.”

Edge said, “The YMCA, you say? Your skills must indeed be formidable.”

Dark hair nodded. “Damn straight. We kick asses and take names.”

Edge nodded and stroked his beard in a thoughtful manner. “Then you should do so.”

Dark hair blinked. “We should do what? Kick her ass or take her name?”

Edge nodded. “Both. She has been a poor student. You should strike her bottom and take her name. She is in need of a lesson. You should defeat her and then give her all your staffs.”

Blond hair said, “Are you serious? You want us to beat her down and then, what, do her?”

“Of course I am serious,” said Edge. “I would not have instructed you to do so otherwise.”

“And you’re fine with us doing this and then doing her…?”

“You tire me, young man. If you can defeat her, then she is yours by right of victory. The fault would lie with her for losing, not you for winning. And although she is a poor student, there is no doubt that her soft body can provide for you a vessel of pleasure.”

Still in horse stance, Jezz spoke through gritted teeth. “Edge, knock it off. You’re going to get them hurt.”

Dark hair said, “We couldn’t hear her. What did she say?”

Edge let out a high-pitched laugh. “She said she does not fear losing, as she thinks she would scarce notice your child-like appendages attempting entry. In fact, she fears she would be bored.”

Brown hair said, “She said what…?”

Dark hair snapped to Brown hair, “She said we have small dicks.”

Blond hair said, “Enough of this shit. Let’s beat her down and get a piece of that ass already.”

Jezz said, “Edge, you’re a dick.”

Edge gave a shrill laugh and stepped back, as if to give them room. Jezz remained in her horse stance.

The three guys looked at each other. Then dark hair shrugged and stepped forward. When Jezz didn’t react, he reached out and pushed her shoulder.

“Well?” he said. “C’mon. At least put up a fight or something.”

Jezz said, “Turn around and walk away now. Save yourself the embarrassment.”

“Fuck that,” said dark hair. “Besides, you have nice tits.” He reached out and placed both his hands on Jezz’s breasts.

Jezz’s left hand immediately arched over dark hair’s right wrist and locked on to his left wrist. She dropped her forearm into the crook of dark hair’s right arm and pressed down, trapping his forearms against her torso. As she did so, she drove the stiffened fingers of her right hand between his wrists directly into his throat. Then she released his left wrist and brought both her arms around, driving her elbows just inside his forearms and knocking both his hands from her body. She drove her right elbow into his jaw, then spun and back-fisted him in the groin.

Still moving, Jezz back-kicked him in the mid-section, crossed her legs briefly as she stepped back and repositioned herself in a battle stance. Then she looked at the other two and said, “Next?”

There was stunned silence as blond hair and brown hair stared at their comrade, who was on the ground simultaneously clutching his throat and testicles. Then they looked at each other.

“What a bitch!” said blond hair.

“Yeah!” said brown hair. “What the fuck? Dave was just trying to be friendly!”

“Get her!” said blond hair.

Both guys moved in quickly, hands low to protect against groin shots. Too low. Jezz shifted her hips and suddenly kicked blond hair in the jaw, then held the kick high as she brought her heel sideways to strike brown hair in the jaw. Both men stumbled away from each other.

Blond hair had been struck harder than his comrade and he stayed back for a moment, trying to clear his head. Brown hair shook off his blow and charged at Jezz.

Jezz ducked under his reaching hands and shifted sideways, then lifted her knee to strike him in his mid-section. She drove her elbow into his exposed ribs then and when he arched in suddenly pain from the blow, she back-fisted him in the jaw.

Brown hair stumbled back a step, blinking. Jezz leaped up and snap-kicked him in the jaw. Brown hair fell backwards, arms wide, and didn’t move.

Blond hair was back on his feet now. He glared at Jezz and screamed, “That’s it, bitch! You’re going down now!”

He leaped forward, screaming, “Kiiiiiiii! Yah! Hah! Ho! Wah!” He slashed at her with flat hands, threw punches and thrust kicks, all equally ineffective.

Jezz finally took pity on him and directed a straight punch that sailed through his whirling arms, striking him squarely on the nose. He whummppfffed and fell backward onto the sand, blood flowing freely from his nose.

“We’re done here,” said Jezz. “Get your friends up and get out of here.”

Dark hair and brown hair were just getting to their feet. Blond hair got to his feet as well. The three of them looked at each other. Jezz took a step forward and the three of them turned tail and fled.

Jezz watched them flee, then turned to Edge. “Jeez, sensei. Was that really necessary?”

Edge gave Jezz an aloof look, then said, “Before the start of your exercise, I would not have believed so. I would have been terribly mistaken. You were barely adequate to defeat those three children.”

Jezz said, “What do you mean? I took them out in under twenty seconds without actually hurting them and I wasn’t even trying very hard.”

Edge said, “That is precisely my point. What if one of them had even the rudiments of training? He could have struck you and caused me embarrassment as your teacher. That is unacceptable.”

Jezz said, “There’s no way any of them could have—“

Edge cut in. “You did not perform the Aggressive Cutlass in the correct manner.”

“I did too!”

Edge said, “No, you did not. You specifically did not perform the throat strike. Had the child been trained, he could have easily defeated you.”

“I disagree, sensei,” said Jezz. “I skipped that step because it wasn’t needed. I was in position to make the follow-up strike, so I chose to pass over that step in the heat of battle because—“

“So you are the teacher now?” said Edge. “I had no idea. My apologies, great teacher. Please instruct me.”

Jezz didn’t need to see his face to recognize the edge to his words. She said, “I mean, you are right, of course. I should have—“

“No, revered teacher, I implore you to instruct me. Let us go step-by-step so I may see where my error lies.”

Jezz sighed. She could see where this was going. She was going to have to be spot-on during this session or she was going to find herself in an embarrassing position.

Edge clapped his hands. “Assume the initial position.”

Jezz assumed the horse stance she had been in when dark hair had made his move. Edge stepped up and laid his hands on her breasts. Jezz reached for his wrist and grasped it, reproducing the exchange between Jezz and dark hair.

Reproduced, that is, until the moment Jezz broke the hold with the double-elbows. She then attempted to elbow Edge as she had dark hair, but rather than striking Edge’s jaw, her elbow struck his forearm. Before she could recover, Edge had struck her multiple times.

He had not struck her with punches or kicks, however. He had struck her at certain points with little pressure, but in a sequence she was helpless to prevent.

And then the heat started.

Jezz felt the sudden desperate need burning in her belly, coursing through her veins, overwhelming her ability to think clearly. Her hand clapped to her pussy, her fingers sliding inside her shorts, sliding inside her lubricating sex, over her overheated clit. She rubbed desperately, trying to push herself through to that invisible barrier, over that mountain…but she couldn’t. She wriggled, writhed and moaned, but she was unable to peak.

“No, sensei…not the Five Point Palm Exploding Heat Technique…!”

Edge emitted a high-pitched laugh. “What happened, oh-wise-sensei? Did your heat-of-battle ignorance somehow fail to stop your opponent? Did your opponent exploit your laziness and explode your girl-heat inside your belly?”

Jezz moaned. “Oh, gawd…please, sensei….”

Edge crossed his arms. “You are not worthy of my teaching.”

Jezz rolled over, moaning, trying desperately to make her body respond to her frantic fingers. “Please, sensei!”

Edge said, “Oh, so I am teacher once again? Suddenly you are no longer the learned instructor? Bah!”

Jezz could only moan, overwhelmed by heat and need.

Edge walked over to Jezz and pulled her to her knees. “Since you are not worthy to be student, you will have to provide service. Make yourself useful, girl.”

Jezz crawled under Edge’s robes. A moment later, a rhythmic motion under Edge’s robes became quite obvious.

Edge said, “You are a lazy student, but you show some rudimentary skill with your girl mouth. Perhaps you should use that to make your way through the world.”

Underneath the robes, Jezz’s cheeks burned as her mouth stroked over Edge’s cock. Although he appeared to be an 80-year-old man—and Jezz knew he was older than that—his penis was that of a much younger, much larger man. Jezz knew when he came, he would flood her mouth completely and that his explosion could continue for well over a minute, if he so chose. Swallowing his load would be a messy, arduous process, but it was far safer than taking him in any of her other orifices. She was aware that Edge had left any number of swelled bellies in his wake and the indignity of the after-effects of anal from Edge would be nearly as bad as being impregnated by him.

Her mouth continued stroking over rigid cock, her lips wrapped helplessly tight around his hard shaft. She knew he was close to release because she could hear his high-pitched laughter.

And then Jezz felt the first pulse in her mouth and she knew he was starting.

It went on forever, it seemed, but when he finished, and when she had finished swallowing it all, he struck her with the series of taps and flicks that freed her ability to release.

And her orgasm lasted nearly as long as his.

* * *

“Dammit, Edge! That was almost two minutes! I must have swallowed a damn gallon of…well…you know!”

Edge offered a modest shrug. “One should draw lessons from the past, young Jezebel. Had you practiced the Aggressive Cutlass with as much enthusiasm as you debate with your teacher, you would not now be the color of wheat, nor would you be waddling with your hand on your belly. However, you do show some small skill in that arena. Your mouth is much like a suction cup. Perhaps you should give up your training and do what you are built to do.”

Jezz’s cheeks burned, but she refrained from answering. She knew that despite the fact he just released, he could easily do so again and just as easily produce as much. Jezz wasn’t taking any chances.

They began their run home. Despite her lack of footwear—and full belly—Jezz showed no sign of discomfort as her bare feet padded against the hot sidewalk. And despite his apparent age, Edge had no difficulty keeping up with Jezz.

* * *

Jezz and Edge resided in a small, run-down building in a run-down neighborhood. It was a small garage with a living space occupying the floor above. The garage area was set up as a training area. It was not a good neighborhood, but nobody bothered them. After the first attempted burglary, word had gotten out.

As soon as they opened the door, both Jezz and Edge knew they were not alone.

They walked inside and hit the light switch, turning on the overhead lights. The room brightened only slightly, but enough to see that someone was sitting in beat-up swivel chair on the other side of the garage. Whoever was sitting in the chair had their back to the door.

They walked a few more steps inside. Then Jezz said, “Can we help you?”

The chair twirled around, then twirled around again. After a third time, it finally stopped.

The man sitting in the chair was non-descript. He was average height, average weight, dressed in an average suit. He might have been a mechanic dressing up for a special night out or he could have been an accountant. Nothing stood out. Even his facial expressions appeared neutral.

“I love swivel chairs,” he said. “I really shouldn’t sit in them when I’m on business, but I just can’t help myself. If I see a swivel chair, I just have to sit in it.”

“I’m glad you appreciate our hospitality,” said Jezz dryly. “Now if it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you could tell us who you are and why you’re here.”

“My name isn’t particularly important,” said the man, “but since we’re in this nice place, why don’t you call me Mr. Garage. And I’ll call you Legs.”

Jezz gave him a flat stare. “Only if you want yours broken. Now why don’t you tell us what it is you want, Mr. Garage?”

“Simple enough,” he said. “I want to hire you for a job.”

Jezz said, “I’m listening.”

Garage reached inside his jacket, then paused as Jezz’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Just a photograph,” said Garage. “You can relax.”

Garage pulled out the picture and held it out for Jezz. He said, “This is Sarah McNeil. 21 years old. Daughter of old money. She just up and left. They think she went with some guy they only know as ‘Toner’.”

Jezz said, “Yeah? So?”

Garage said, “The parents don’t think she did it on her own. They think she was coerced.”

Jezz looked at the picture again. “Pretty young girls falling for some bad news guy and taking off with him is hardly unusual, Garage, as I’m sure you know. What else is there?”

Garage said, “Just this. Sarah was high-society. Toner, as near as her parents could tell, was an intellectual. Really brainy, but no social skills. Like you, but smart.”

Jezz went to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of water. She handed one to Edge and opened the other for herself. “All right, I get it. The parents don’t think this is a typical late-adolescence rebellion. So why bring this to us? Get to the point, Garage.”

Garage looked down at the bottle of water in Jezz’s hands, then back at her. Then he said, “The parents want her back. They’re willing to pay for it. Good enough?”

Jezz said, “Good enough. So what’s the catch?”

“What makes you think there’s a catch?”

“Cut the crap, Garage. You wouldn’t be here playing secret agent if there wasn’t a catch.”

“True enough,” said Garage. “The catch is that because mind-control may be involved, nobody else will take the job.”

“I see,” said Jezz. “Interesting. So my next question is, why me?”

Garage twirled on the chair for a moment. Then he said, “That should be obvious. Even to you. You’ve got a rep as a tough berk in tight corners, and judging by these digs, you could use the money. And I don’t think anyone’s gonna cry if you end up a mind-controlled little cupcake lap-dancing for tips.”

“You’re so sweet,” said Jezz.

Garage shrugged. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to. So do you want the job or not?”

“How much?”

Garage named a figure. Jezz’s eyebrows rose.

“That much?” she said.

Garage shrugged again. “Rich parents. They’ve got it to spare.”

“All right, Garage,” said Jezz. “We’ll see what we can do.”

* * *

Hitting the typical spots didn’t net any leads.

They were standing outside a back-alley place called The Electric Raven. Jezz shook her head. “Whoever this Toner is, he doesn’t seem to hang out at the usual bad guy haunts.”

Edge said, “Looking for the learned young man in dens of iniquity is much like searching the treetops for an elephant. I am shocked you have been unable to locate your quarry.”

Jezz sighed. “I don’t need your sarcastic words of wisdom right now, Edge, okay? I knew we weren’t likely to find him there. I just wanted to make sure he hadn’t been asking around for a fence. If he’s grabbing girls and trying to sell them, someone like him would stand out.”

The door the The Electric Raven opened. A figure exited and headed toward them. The figure was wearing a long, dark trench-coat and a fedora pulled down low, keeping his face in shadows. He stopped in front of Jezz.

“Are you the one asking about Toner?” said the figure, in a voice sounding unnaturally deep.

“Yeah,” said Jezz. “Who are you?”

The figure pulled his hat even lower over his eyes. “You can call me…Mister X.”

Jezz stifled his laughter just in time. “Mister X. Okay. And what do you want, Mister X?”

The voice continued. “If you want to find out where Toner’s hiding, go to the warehouse on 17th street, unit 7. Midnight.”

Jezz nodded in her best secret agent manner. “Warehouse. 17th street. Unit 7. Got it.”

“Come alone,” said the man. “Tell no one.”

Jezz nodded again. “Yeah. Got it.”

“I’m going now,” said the man. “Don’t try to follow me.”

“I wouldn’t dare.”

They watched the back of the trench coat disappear into the Chrystal Heights night. Only then did Jezz allow herself to laugh.

* * *

Jezz and Edge arrived at 10pm and took a position where they could see the entrance, but not be seen themselves.

Jezz said, “Okay, let’s see who decides to stop by for our little meeting, shall we?”

“Indeed,” said Edge. “The cautious check for snakes in the grass before hunting the tiger in the forest.”

“Exactly,” said Jezz. “Wait…what?”

“The cautious check for—“

“Stop it, Edge. Nobody says that. You made that up. And we’re being sneaky, not cautious. There’s a difference.”

“Sneaking, you say? You could not sneak upon anyone. The clapping of your blubbery buttocks would warn your prey long before you got near.”

At 10:30, the trench coat guy and another guy entered the warehouse. Moments later, the sound of metallic banging could be heard from inside.

Jezz watched the warehouse thoughtfully. “Interesting,” she said. “Those two look a lot more like geeks than thugs. Something weird is going on here.”

At 11:30, the unknown geek left. Jezz turned to Edge.

“I think it’s time for our visit. Shall we?”

* * *

The warehouse was dark and quiet when they entered.

“Hello?” said Jezz. “Anybody home?”

The overhead lights turned on, but nobody answered.

Jezz walked to the center of the floor. Boxes were stacked along the walls. Metal parts were strewn about and there were a number of wires and cables laying on tables.

Then the sound of mechanical gears and gyros sounded and what sounded like metallic footsteps echoed off the warehouse walls. What appeared to be two robots with vaguely female shapes walked toward Jezz. Each robot had a laser mounted on the shoulder. Both lasers appeared to be aimed at Jezz.

“Do…not…move. You…are…covered…by…our…death…lasers.”

Jezz’s eyebrows rose. “Seriously?”


The two robots moved closer. Jezz leaped into a forward roll and came to her feet directly in front of the robots. She jumped up and performed a whirling back-kick which struck the side of the right robots head. The head snapped off and sailed across the warehouse, bouncing several times and landing next to some boxes. The now-headless robot twisted in place, mechanical arms flailing.

A voice suddenly shrieked, “Stop! Stop! You’re destroying my work!”

Jezz paused. A young guy in a lab coat suddenly rushed out from between some boxes. He ran over to the headless robot, took out a screwdriver and began working on the exposed wires in the neck area.

“I hope you’re proud of yourself!” he shrieked. “You and your stupid foot may have just destroyed months of work!”

Jezz said, “Mister X?”

“Yeah, I’m Mister X,” he said. “So what? You were expecting James Bond or something? I fooled you completely!”

Jezz nodded. “Oh, yes. Definitely. Now could we get down to business?”

Mister X glared at Jezz. “Forget it! I was going to tell you, but you hurt Abigail! Now you can just forget it! Go suck an egg!”

Jezz said, “I’m really sorry I hurt, umm, Abigail, okay? I’m really really sorry.”

Mister X ran over and grabbed the dented head. “I don’t care! Go suck an egg!”

Jezz said, “At least I didn’t hurt…umm…what’s the other one called…?”

“Chloe,” said the glaring geek.

Jezz said, “Right. Chloe. Well, at least I didn’t hurt Chloe, right?”

“I don’t care!”

Jezz looked at the other robot significantly. “I think you should give me some credit for not hurting Chloe. Yet.”

Mister X opened his mouth to say something, then stopped as the significance of the last word became clear.

“It’s a nice robot girl you have there, Mister X. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her, would we? Robots break, you know.”

Mister X stamped his foot. “You are such a doody-head! Hmmmppphhh. Fine. I’ll tell you where Toner is.”

“I’m glad we could reason this out.”

Mister X handed Jezz a piece of paper. “There. That’s where he is. No go away so I can fix Abigail.”

“Thank you,” said Jezz, “but I have to ask. Why did you decide to help us?”

The young scientist glared at Jezz. “Because the stuff he does makes us normal scientists look bad, okay? He shouldn’t be doing all that stuff and it makes it tough on the rest of us.”

Edge spoke for the first time. “You are considered typical for your profession…?”

Jezz held up a hand. “Leave it, Edge. All right, Mister X, we’ll go now. We’ll keep your name out of it.”

Mister X continued working feverishly on Abigail. If he heard Jezz, he gave no sign.

* * *

Jezz walked up to the door. Two beefy thugs stood in the way.

One of the thugs lifted a meaty hand and said, “Stop right there, sweetie. Let’s see the color of yer money first.”

Jezz feigned a shocked look. “Oh, my goodness! A girl can’t just take out a wad of bills right here in front of a brothel! What would the neighbors think?”

The thug gave her a flat look. “Real funny. Who’s the old dink? You renting him a piece of ass for the night?”

Jezz said, “He’s my grandfather. Isn’t it Bingo night?”

He scowled. “You trying to get smart with me or somethin’?”

“Get smart with you?” she said. “How would you know?”

His scowl deepened and he turned toward the other thug. “Hey, Deke, we got a real comedienne here. I’m gonna show her what I think of comediennes.”

Deke pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on. He was taller than his colleague and almost as thick in the shoulders. “Take it easy, Jocko,” he said. “Don’t let her bait you.”

Jocko grunted, but stayed where he was. Jezz nodded to herself. Apparently Deke was in charge.

Deke turned to Jezz and his eyes got hard. “Now why don’t you tell us why you’re here? And do it without the cute comments, unless you want to find yourself inside giving five-dollar blowjobs for the rest of the night.”

“Five dollars?” she said. “Five whole dollars?”

“Yeah,” he said. “We’re businessmen here. We wouldn’t make you work for free.”

“Ah,” said Jezz, nodding. “Capitalism. Working together to make a better tomorrow.”

He rolled his eyes. “Yeah. Teamwork makes the dream work. And that was your last warning. What do you want? And who’s the old man?”

Jezz affected a long-suffering sigh. “Would you believe he’s my sensei and he’s here to assess my performance because he feels my spatial relationship judgement is skewed to nearly a quarter-inch?”


“Then we really don’t have a lot to talk about, do we?”

Jocko said, “Enough. Deke, let’s just spank this little girl already.”

Deke nodded. “Yeah. Grab her and bring her inside.”

Jocko reached out a beefy hand to grab Jezz. Her hand flashed out and grabbed his wrist. Then she whirled, bringing his arm over her head as she turned, twisting his arm. A moment later she was standing behind him, his arm painfully lodged behind his back. From behind him her foot flashed up, catching Jocko full in the face.

Jezz brought her foot back down, shifted her hips and drove her other foot into the back of Jocko’s knee, causing him to collapse and drop to his knees.

The sudden explosion of action happened so fast that Deke had had no time to react. He recovered quickly, however, and moved in. Jezz released Jocko’s wrist and then used his broad back for purchase, leaping from the thug’s shoulder and twisting in mid-air to kick Deke solidly in the jaw.

Deke stumbled backward and fell to the porch. Jezz paused long enough to back-kick Jocko in the forehead, knocking him unconscious. Then she turned back to Deke, who was getting to his feet. Still dazed from Jezz’s kick, however, he didn’t move fast enough. A quick snap-kick to the bottom of Deke’s already tender jaw was enough to put him out.

Satisfied that both were down and out, Jezz turned back to Edge. Her sensei stared back impassively.

She said, “Nothing to say, Edge?”

“There is no need for me to speak, Jezebel,” he said. “You are speaking enough for the both of us.”

Jezz grinned. Then she stepped over Jocko and opened the door.

They walked inside. Several topless women milled around, talking to each other, apparently oblivious to the violence occurring just outside the front door. Dirty couches sat along the wall. A hallway opened on the other side of the room.

Jezz glanced around. “This room needs a coat of paint just to be upgraded to ‘dump’.”

They made their way down the hall. Some of the doors were open, letting anyone see the rooms as being available for use. Or not available, as two rooms had open doors despite the rooms being used. And one room had a door hanging by one hinge, thus living in the shadow of both the open-door world and the closed-door world.

They reached the final door. Jezz tried the doorknob and found it locked.

She paused for a moment, then leaned back and kicked the door next to the doorknob. It crashed open.

Inside the room, a man stood naked, his erect cock in the mouth of a topless woman kneeling in front of him. The kneeling woman was wearing what appeared to be a tiara.

They both stared at Jezz. The man’s mouth hung open in astonishment, presumably at Jezz’s unexpected entrance. The kneeling woman had too much cock in her mouth to allow for an open-mouthed look of shock, but it stood to reason that she was equally surprised at the sudden entrance.

“Oops,” said Jezz. “Wrong room. Where’s Toner?”

The man gestured. “Next room over.”

The man’s cock was softening now and it dropped from between the kneeling woman’s lips. He gazed down at his limp dick sadly. The woman’s tiara glittered sympathetically.

“Sorry,” said Jezz.

She turned and walked through the broken entry, moving to the next door down. This time she knocked.

“Go away,” said a high-pitched voice. “I’m busy.”

On surer ground this time, Jezz leaned back and kicked open the door. Then she walked in.

A thin man with black-rimmed glasses had dropped his X-Box controller at her entrance. He glared as he picked up his controller from the floor. A curvy barefoot woman dressed in a gold bikini danced in front of him, apparently unphased by Jezz’s sudden entrance.

“What the heck is wrong with you?!” said the thin man. He appeared to be in his younger-to-middle twenties. “The door was unlocked! All you had to do was turn the stupid doorknob!”

Jezz sighed. She wasn’t having much luck with doors today. Moving on, she said, “You’re Toner, right?”

“Yes, I am,” said the geek, fiddling with his X-Box controller. “Who the heck are you?”

“I’m Jezebel,” she said. “Jezz to my friends. Apparently you’ve been a bad boy and stolen somebody’s daughter to work at your…Jabba the Hut fun palace thing you’ve got going here.”

“Oh?” he said. “Which one?”

“How many Jabba the Hut fun palaces do you have going?”

“Which girl, I mean, smarty-pants.”

“Oh. Sarah.”

He laugh-snorted. “Of course, Sarah. Her parents never did like me.”

“Like you?” said Jezz, glancing around. “I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with your personality compatibility with them and everything to do with Sarah working for you in a cathouse.”

The geek laugh-snorted again. “I’m sure Sarah loves it here. Don’t you, Sarah? Tell them how much you love working for me.” He pushed a button on his video game controller.

The girl in the gold bikini continued dancing, wriggling her lush hips as she said, “I love working for Master Toner.”

Jezz’s eyes narrowed. “That didn’t sound very convincing, Sarah. How about you come over here and tell me more?”

Toner’s hands flickered over the controls. Sarah turned and began stepping toward Jezz, continuing to wriggle her hips as she did so. Then Sarah licked her lips and said, “Do you want to kiss me?”

Jezz reached out a hand and placed a palm on Sarah’s bare, flat belly, preventing the bikini-clad girl from moving any closer.

“All right, Toner,” said Jezz. “Enough. What’s going on here?”

He laugh-snorted again. “Oh, just a cute little mind-control device I managed to create.”

Jezz rolled her eyes. “A mind-control device? Seriously?”

“Sure,” said the geek. “Every girl you see working here was someone who laughed at me in high school. Or a cheerleader. Or in the glee club. The little blonde princess next door who’s sucking that guy’s wee-wee? She was the prom queen. Now they’re all dirty girls working for me. Me!”

“The glee club?” said Jezz, whistling. “That’s pretty hard-core.”

Toner shrugged. “I hate those guys.”

“Didn’t you and everybody here graduate from high school like 6 years ago?”

“Yeah,” he said. “So?”

Jezz shook her head. “That’s a long time to hold a grudge, isn’t it?”

He giggled. “I’m not holding any grudges now. They’re all my bee-eye-tee-see-aitches!”

Jezz looked at Sarah. The mind-controlled girl continued gyrating her hips, her belly pressing against Jezz’s hand, her arms above her head.

Jezz looked back at Toner. “So why are you telling me this? You know I’m not going to let you keep doing this, right?”

The geek pressed some more buttons. Sarah suddenly backed away from Jezz’s outstretched hand.

“I’m telling you this because there’s nothing you can do to stop me,” he said. “Particularly since you’re going to be the newest addition to my staff.”

Jezz laughed out loud. “You really think so?”

Toner nodded. “Oh, yes. You’ll look so sexy in a Princess Leia slave outfit just like Sarah’s. You two can have light-sabre fights to entertain me. But first you’ll suck my wee-wee, of course.”

Jezz started walking toward him. “Somehow I just don’t see that happening.”

Toner said, “I do.” Then he aimed his controller at Jezz and pressed several buttons.

Jezz continued walking toward him.

He blinked, then pressed some more buttons.

Jezz continued walking toward him.

Toner blinked, his confusion apparent. “How…how are you doing this?”

She smiled. “An intense form of internal mental discipline, courtesy of some very specialized training. Electronic mind-control devices don’t actually work on me.”

“What?!” he said. “Oh, frak! That’s…that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair, cupcake.”

He pushed another button. “Well, it’s a good thing my high school football team were jerks to me too. Deke! Jocko! Protect your master!”

Jezz stood in front of Toner now. “Deke and Jocko are the two steroid cases you left guarding the front door, right? They can’t play right now. They’re taking naps.”

The geek looked very agitated now. He pushed more buttons. “Well, the girls’ karate team in my high school made fun of me too, so I also put them under my power. Karate team! Attack!”

Suddenly four athletic women bounded into the room. All four of them were naked. All four of them also had swords. They circled around Jezz, their swords held at the ready.

“All right,” said Jezz. “Let’s do this.”

Despite her words, Jezz didn’t actually want to hurt them, since they weren’t attacking her of their own free will. On the other hand, free will or not, they did have swords. So Jezz went to work, employing disarming moves.

A naked girl moved in and swung her sword in one fluent move. Jezz ducked under the blade, then caught the next girl’s sword wrist just as she started her attack. Controlling the girl’s wrist, Jezz blocked the next attack. She spun the girl around, thrust her at another attacker and then backflipped out of the immediate circle of opponents.

Jezz landed on her feet, then whirled and kicked a naked sword-wielder in the belly. Another sword descended toward Jezz from behind, but she twisted and slapped the blade with her flat palm, redirecting the strike. Jezz disarmed the naked girl with a blow to her wrist.

Dealing with these girls was easy enough, but trying to keep from hurting them was going to cost Jezz sooner or later. It was time to end this.

Jezz dashed for the closest wall with all four naked sword-wielding girls in pursuit. As she got there, however, she took two steps up the wall and back-flipped over them. Then she ran directly at Toner.

Toner shrieked in sudden fright and leaped over the back of the couch. Then he began screaming, “Amy! Protect me! Amy! Amy!”

A door behind Toner opened and a large, muscular woman walked into the room.

Jezz slowed down and stared in disbelief. At nearly 7 feet tall, Amy was the biggest woman Jezz had ever seen.

Toner giggle-snorted. “How do you like Amy? She’s my bodyguard!”

“Edge!” said Jezz. “Keep the karate team off me!”

Jezz moved in and slowly circled around, her hands in constant motion. She feinted a move, then side-stepped. Then she leaped at Amy.

Amy swung a strong forearm and caught Jezz in mid-flight, knocking her several feet away.

Jezz got to her feet and shook her head to clear it. Amy’s muscles weren’t just for show.

Behind them, the silence indicated that Edge had either already dealt with the karate team or that Jezz would shortly be facing them as well as Amy.

Amy strode forward and reached out for Jezz. Jezz re-directed Amy’s hand at the last moment, then chopped at the brawny forearm. It was like striking a log. Jezz leaped and rolled away.

Jezz continued to move, circling around the huge Amazon as she formulated her plan of attack. Then she sighed. Her training did not take into account someone the size of Amy. A different plan would be necessary.

Jezz suddenly rolled in and stood up, then dropped low and whirled, striking Amy in the ankle. The blow would have crippled a normal-sized man, but Amy took almost no notice. She raised her foot, however, and attempted to stomp on Jezz’s outstretched leg, the Amazon’s freakish leg-length making it much closer than it should have been. Jezz once again barely avoided a crushing blow.

Jezz regained her footing and circled again. She only had once chance, it seemed. Jezz had no idea if it would work, but it was worth the shot. Unfortunately, it meant she had to get in close.

She waited until she was aligned correctly. Then she ran directly at Amy and leaped.

Amy caught her easily. Holding Jezz by the front of her tunic, Amy lifted Jezz had held her high enough to hold eye-contact with her. She shook her head and said, “That’s really the best you could do?”

Jezz said, “No. I just had to get close enough to do this.” Her hands suddenly struck Amy in quick succession.

Amy laughed. “That tickles,” she said. “If that’s your best shot, you’re in…in…you’re in…”

Amy released Jezz. Then she dropped to the ground moaning, her hands gripping her no-doubt gigantic pussy.

Jezz smiled. “It’s called the Five Point Palm Exploding Heat Technique. Have fun with it.”

Amy moaned, wriggling and writhing, trying to desperately to quench the overwhelming sexual heat.

Jezz turned to Toner and smiled. “Your turn, chuckles.”

She strode toward him, a grim look on her face. Toner fell back against a wall and covered his head with both arms. Jezz reached out and plucked the controller from his grasp.

“Relax, cupcake,” she said. “This is all I need.”

Jezz dropped the controller to the ground and raised her foot.

“NO!” shrieked Toner. “NO! YOU CAN’T!”

Jezz slammed her foot on the controller, shattering it into pieces. She continued stomping on it, making sure to smash anything that looked even semi-repairable.

The naked sword-wielding karate team were beginning to get back on their feet. Then they looked at each other and their faces brightened as they realized they were no longer under Toner’s control. Then their faces turned bright red as they realized they were all naked. They squealed as one and raced from the room, likely to locate some clothing.

Toner continued to scream. “You stupid bee-eye-tee-see-aitch! You just destroyed years of work! That controller is irreplaceable!”

Jezz walked over and took Sarah by the arm. “C’mon,” she said. “Let’s get you home.”

Meanwhile, Toner was screaming. “How could you?! You bee-eye-tee-see-aich! I’ll get you! I’ll build a better controller! It’ll be a super-duper controller! You’ll be sucking my wee-wee ten times a day! You’ll be—“

Jezz turned back to him. “You think so? Because I don’t think so.”

He gave Jezz a hate-filled look. “Is that soooo? Why not? You think I can’t do it? Is that what you think?!”

“No, that’s not what I think,” said Jezz. She pointed to the door. “What I think is that your football players have woken up from their naps and your karate team has found their clothes. And their swords. And I think they know you mind-controlled them…and I don’t think they’re very happy with you.”

Toner looked where Jezz was pointing. His eyes widened.

“Wait!” said Toner, dropping to his knees and clinging to Jezz’s leg. “Wait…don’t go! Please! You have to protect me from them! You have to!”

Jezz pried the geek off her leg, then made her way toward the door with Sarah in tow. A topless girl in a tiara ran past, a baseball bat held high over her head as she charged into the room.

“Looks like the nerd is a recipient of some street justice,” observed Jezz.

Sarah growled, “Good. Do we have time for me to hit him too?”

Jezz shrugged. “I think the karate team and football team are doing just fine. And the prom queen.”

Sarah started to speak, then jumped to the side as another group of women dashed inside the room.

“Glee Club,” said Jezz.

Then Jezz looked around. “Wait a minute…where’s Edge?”

Sarah said, “You mean the old man who came in with you? He’s over there with that gigantic woman. He’s…well, you know…ummm…doing her…”

Jezz sighed, shaking her head. She raised her voice and said, “Edge, do have any idea how big her belly is going to get if you finish what you’re…never mind. Too late.”

* * *

Jezz took Sarah back into the hall, where they waited for Edge. He arrived a short time later.

“So,” Jezz said to Edge, “how’d I do? Pretty good, eh?”

Edge fixed Jezz with a hard stare. “If by ‘good’, you mean you managed to survive against a gaggle of awkward, untrained children, then yes, by all means, you did good. I would call it ‘barely adequate’, but what would one such as I know?”

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Hah!” said Edge. “The waif with the tiara is more adept than you.”

“Surely I did something right…?”

Edge thought for a moment, then said, “Your door-opening technique is certainly without compare.” Then he turned and walked away.

Sarah looked at Jezz. “That’s good, right?”

Jezz grinned.