The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Judith: the Power of Desire

By Maximilian Cummings

Part 4 – Keith: a gastronomic pleasure

Judith had not seen Keith all week; his non-appearance had surprised her as she thought there would have been some residual effect of the pill and her command. Did it mean that rather than remembering her productive manipulation of him across the kitchen table as an erotic fantasy, he remembered it for real? If so, she thought, he would certainly give her a very wide berth and that would be that... and probably it would be the same with Gary as well. A great disappointment and she could not see how she would again be able to slip a pill into a drink for either of them. A frustration.

Sunday evening found her hunched over her laptop, tapping away at a report with a half drunk cup of coffee beside her. She had eaten early and, having been out all day seeing a friend, rather than change from smart to casual clothes had showered and slipped on her silk blue nightie. She had reached the summary of her report when the door bell rang. Judith was not expecting anyone but immediately her hopes rose—could it be one of the boys following her instruction? She pulled on a cotton dressing gown and went to the door. Through the little safety door viewer with its wide angle ‘fish eye’ lens she could see it was Keith—but Keith clad only in a towel. She smiled a little triumphantly to herself, her instruction seemed to have worked after all; she had told him he would have an increasing desire to be naked with her, indeed to have masturbatory fantasies about her, and the appearance at her door dressed in just a towel looked very promising. As she undid the door she wondered what the fantasies had been—perhaps she should ask him! But for now, how was he going to explain being at her door clad only in a towel?

“Judith, hallo, look sorry to trouble you but I’ve locked myself out, I went to check if I’d brought all my shopping in and the door closed behind me and, as you can see, I’d just showered. No one else was in. I need to call a locksmith and I haven’t my mobile and as no one else was in… Sorry. Could I bother you and use your phone?”

She let him in, of course, “That’s fine Keith, a friend of mine did the same thing in a hotel only her towel was shorter and she, of course had more to cover – had to go all the way down to the reception desk. She said it was a nightmare especially when four blokes got in the lift with her. Now I can’t see you getting a locksmith at this time of night, I think you’ll have to stay over.”

“Judith, I couldn’t...”

“Where else are you going like that? I doubt I have much to fit you, you are taller and thinner than me and you’d look silly in a dress. Let me make you some coffee and see if I can find you a tee shirt or something.”

Keith followed her into the kitchen and Judith filled the kettle talking as she did so. As she turned back to Keith his towel slipped off his hips. It was as if the towel had not been done up around his waist properly and had simply slipped before he could stop it – though Judith was rather doubtful about that. All at once it was lying in a circle around his feet and he was standing there stark naked with a penis almost at half mast.

“Keith, really! That towel is not safe. Look, take this dressing gown whilst we go and look for that tee shirt.” Of course the removal of her dressing gown was little different from Keith dropping his towel. The blue silk was so thin and moulded her body wherever it touched so that it quite revealed the shape of her breasts and, of course, did nothing to restrain their movement as she handed the gown to Keith. His eyes stared and his penis twitched before he hurriedly clad himself.

“Sorry Judith, the towel slipped.”

“Yes I could see that—see that completely. Now come with me.” And she led him into her bedroom and began looking in drawers. “See, these are just not going to fit and they are simply not you!” Judith held up some very frilly silk underwear. “Now tee shirts, tee shirts, here we are.” She handed a long green tee shirt to Keith. “It’s got flowers on it but I don’t think you need to mind that, no one but me is going to see you in it—except the locksmith tomorrow morning of course! Pop it on and let me have my dressing gown back, this nightie is hardly modest.” She emphasised its thinness by running a hand down the silk and stood waiting expectantly, giving Keith the opportunity to expose himself again.

As she expected, Keith could not resist the opportunity; undoing the cord around his waist he let the two sides of the dressing gown fall open exposing his naked body and his now half erect penis before letting it simply drop to the floor; he did not hurry about handing it over nor did he attempt to put the tee shirt on first or even quickly. Judith was delighted, her instruction had so clearly worked, and Keith was so obviously enjoying being naked with her, presumably a weeklong fantasy come true.

“Keith, really! Cover yourself up so I don’t have to see that. Go into the kitchen and sit down and I’ll make you some coffee.”

He did as he was told and Judith watched his retreating back or more specifically the quick flash of bottom cheeks as he walked away – the tee shirt wasn’t really that long on him, of course.

Judith had put the dressing gown back on by the time she returned to the kitchen, Keith was sitting at the table in the green tee shirt and his semi-tumescent or even now fully tumescent organ safely hidden under the table. She made the coffee and, of course, a further pill found its way into Keith’s mug. Judith was very encouraged by Keith’s appearance and clear desire to reveal himself but she was not sure that would hold if she took it to another level. It was better to be safe. They chatted as if nothing untoward had happened and slowly Keith drank his coffee.

“Well, I’m going to sit somewhere more comfortable in the lounge,” said Judith as the coffee was finished. She went to sit on the settee there and watched Keith following her in. The tee shirt did not hide nearly enough, indeed it was quite perfect from Judith’s perspective, for there at its hem she could just discern a hint of Keith’s two dangling balls and the tip of his penis peeking out, the wrinkled folds of his foreskin covering the glans entirely. It swung as he moved. Whilst they had been talking Judith’s desire for sex had been increasing and she had been conscious of her nipples growing hard against the silk of her nightie. It was time for Keith to be hard as well.

It was no surprise to Judith that as he sat down on the settee the tee shirt rode up, it was probably no surprise to Keith either especially as he then stretched back revealing rather more.

“There you go again, showing yourself off,” and she flicked his cock with her finger so it jumped from lying to the right looking at her to pointing away from her to the left. She had no worry he would react badly. There was a movement, a slight lengthening.

“I fancy a glass of wine—what about you? There’s a bottle of white in the ‘fridge—bring a couple of glasses.” Judith liked watching Keith walking, the peek of penis and bottom below the hem, it heightened her anticipation. Should she tease him a bit, play with him, enjoy the feeling it gave her before, perhaps, getting down to the more serious stuff? She was confident there would now be no problem with ‘stuff,’ Keith had taken a second pill and would, based on experience of the first, be open to more instruction.

She looked up as he returned. As he put the bottle and glasses down Judith patted his half exposed bottom. “Thank you.”

The touch had a very obvious effect; Keith was pumping up before her very eyes.

“Keith, really! What you need is a cold shower; can’t you control that? Perhaps if I held this cold bottle against it.” With one hand she reached under the hem of the tee shirt and took hold of Keith’s lovely penis and with the other the bottle, cold from the fridge, and she pushed one against the other. Keith grimaced but, Judith was not surprised at all to see, there was no diminution in the erection. “I don’t understand, Keith, I thought cold was meant to ease this... swelling, perhaps if I try it on your balls?” She pushed the bottle, neck first between his legs so his scrotum was lying on the cold clear glass of the bottle. If anything the pink head expanded further, taking on a purplish tinge. Keith was very clearly relishing the sensation. Judith handed him the bottle.

“Well never mind. Sit down and pour the wine.” There was no hiding the penis now, the tee shirt was simply not covering it as it reared up, completely undraped. Judith’s hand cupped his balls.“Oh dear, the bottle has made these very cold. I was just trying to help. Shall I hold them in my hand and warm them up?”

It was distinctly odd drinking cool white wine and chatting away to Keith with, all the time, her hand curled around his balls holding them, whilst, above, his penis stuck up in the air; the head shiny as if polished and catching the light. Despite the pills and the suggestion she had left him with to want to reveal himself and be handled by her, it was clear he was still uncomfortable at what was happening and certainly confused how he had got into this position. Judith thought it would amuse to discomfort him some more.

Judith tugged at the hem of Keith’s tee shirt and managed to cover most of the penis; just an inch of the shaft showed at the bottom but, of course, the shirt was badly tented. “Well that’s hardly covering you is it?”

“I could get the towel.”

“Well that didn’t work did it? You know, I think you like exposing yourself to me. Do you? A bit of an exhibitionist I suspect. Do you like to surprise your girlfriend with that?”

“I, yes, I mean I do with her.”

“And me?”

Keith’s eyes dropped, “yes,” he said.

“Did you deliberately drop the towel?”

His voice was quieter now, “yes,” he said.

“You’re a naughty boy,” said Judith, “I’m quite tempted to smack you on your bottom.” She hadn’t planned that but it suddenly seemed rather an appealing idea now she had such control over him. “Come on, over my lap.”

It was comical really having this grown man bent over her lap on the settee, his hard cock pressing into the blue silk covering her thighs; slowly she pulled the material of the tee shirt upwards exposing the entirety of his bottom cheeks; a close up view revealing all the little downy fair hairs across his bottom; very lightly her fingers brushed the little hairs, hardly touching the skin. Judith was amused by the way his bottom clenched in reaction. With her right hand she pushed her hand between his thighs opening them a little and then down came her hand. Three sharp slaps seemed quite enough and, actually, it hurt her hand. She liked how Keith’s bottom jumped at each impact.

“Up you get,” she said. He stood before her, penis pointing at her with his delightful scrotum and its egg shaped contents just hanging there under it; again she took his balls in hand. “Should I squeeze these hard too: or forgive you? Come, come a little closer.” He was standing between her open thighs now, knees pushing against the silk. “I like the way these hang, all soft and vulnerable; open your legs wider – yes, they really do swing if I push them—so different from this thing.”

There was an intake of breath from Keith, she had his cock in her hand and was squeezing it.

“What shall we do about this, Keith? Surely you don’t want me to stroke it.” But she was.

“Think what a mess you could make down my nightie if you weren’t careful. This tee shirt is a bit in the way, why don’t you take it off, you’d like that.” She continued to stroke.

Judith had a decision to make, what next? It seemed the time was right to go a little further with Keith. Probably if she was to tell him to fuck her he would, but that would all be a little sudden: though, certainly, she was wet enough. No, that could wait. Keith was starting to pull the tee shirt over his head.

“I think, Keith, it would be best if you let me suck the hardness out of that.” With her free hand Judith took another sip of the wine. “I like wine but let’s see what you taste like.” She leant forward and her lips touched the shiny end of Keith’s cock and her tongue sneaked out to touch the underside, the fraenum. “That’s all right isn’t it Keith?”

He was still enveloped in the tee shirt, still tugging it over his head as he felt the soft wet touch on his penis, followed by the delicious feel of lips sliding up the smooth skin of his cock head.

“Yes please Judith, I like that.”

Slowly Judith fellated Keith. There was no hurry, just long gliding strokes with her lips down the shaft and back again, a wriggling of tongue and the occasional sip of the cool, slightly stinging wine. A repetitive forward and backward travel that Judith found soothing. The soft feel of Keith’s cock in her mouth, something to suck on and play; restful and exciting at the same time. She had been looking forward to doing this since that train journey had re-awakened her interest in the male member. It was so pleasant having this young man standing before her, his body so accessible—with her free hand, when not picking up her glass, she could roam freely over his bottom, feel between his legs, manipulate his testes, indeed move him at will; really it was quite the male plaything she had thought about on the train. Her thighs clamped tightly to his legs, Judith was really quite surprised at how wet she had become just from sucking, sucking this man between her open legs.

Naturally Judith’s work was going to bring a result and her enthusiasm perhaps brought it a little faster than she had expected. There was a tightening of the scrotum in her hand, a pushing forward by Keith and all of a sudden a spurting in her mouth, salty and viscous—certainly not a surprise to Judith, she knew what to expect – and she sucked greedily, helping draw the fluid out; letting it slip down her throat, a gastronomic pleasure she had sought, one she been looking forward to: the drinking of her young men.

Judith did not let the penis go but kept it in her mouth as it shrank, still sucking to see if she could catch any last drop of escaping semen, the smaller it go the more it fitted in her mouth until she had it all inside, soft and pliable on her tongue, so different from a few minutes before.

“There you are,” she said, “the swelling is all gone!” I’m sure your girlfriend does a better job but I seem to have done the trick. “Nice,” she licked her lips, “more wine?”

Keith looked happy, worried and confused all at the same time. “Yes please.”

“I wonder what is on the television?”

They sat through a comedy programme.

“You’re a young man Keith; I was wondering how long does it take before you can get hard again after coming, after ejaculating?” Judith’s query was just casually thrown into their discussion about the comedy programme.

“I don’t know, an hour maybe.”

Judith’s hand moved to his penis, lifting it, squeezing it and running the foreskin up and down. “So this won’t do any good? You said you like being naked with me, is it more enjoyable when you are hard?” The fingers played on.

“I, well I, yes Judith, hard.”

“I sucked you off—do you do that to your girlfriend? Do you make her come like that?”

“Yes, Chloe likes that but I don’t make her come like that. She always wants to fuck.”

“Would you do that for me?”

There was indecision on his face, this was something new. Judith hadn’t covered this before.

“You’d like that, Keith, I expect you’ve been wondering what I have hidden in my nightie; you’ve wanting me to take it off; you’ve been wanting to pull it off me and suck my nipples; but I’m not letting you; you know I’m in charge and you do what I say like a faithful dog, yes a good doggie; why don’t get down on all fours and have a peek; you’ll want to get your cock in but I’m not going to let you; instead you push your head up my nightie and start licking; yes licking up my thighs pushing your head further and further into my tunnel of silk; your tongue seeking and wanting to make me come just like you’ve come and then you will be a good boy, a good doggie and might get a reward. Down boy.”

Judith picked up her glass and lent back as Keith got down on his knees. She patted his head and opened her thighs drawing the silk apart and allowing Keith access. With the remote she turned the television off, she did not need the distraction, she had been waiting wetly for this all evening, letting the anticipation build. Her thighs opened even wider as she felt the first touch of Keith’s wet tongue on her left thigh. “Good boy,” she said and the licking started in earnest. Judith was careful to keep her hand on the silk covered head controlling its ascent up her thighs, “not so fast, not so fast.” But slowly the tickling, sliding wet trail crept higher to where Judith’s own lubrication was making her thighs wet until, at last, Keith reached her sex; dawdling a little at the discovery of her outer lips, very creditably exploring before plunging into the soft wet pool of her excitement. By now Judith was half slumped on the settee, feet planted on the settee itself, the nightdress riding up and her thighs wide splayed giving Keith easy access.

The touch of his tongue on her vaginal opening was almost too much but then he was inside, his tongue fucking her, in and out, in and out. A small item to be attempting such a thing but with such delicate, precise touches giving such big sensations. And then the slow teasing trail upwards until it was right on her clit. Judith’s thighs clamped hard shut as Keith sucked the little nub into his mouth and tickled. Judith was coming, coming in shuddering electric waves of pleasure as Keith’s tongue played on her, so sensitive, nerve endings, sending ripples throughout her body. It was what Judith had been seeking.

Eventually she let him go, the clamp of her thighs released, her little doggie emerged from under her nightie, his face both wet and red but with a hard cock now hanging between his thighs.

“That was good Keith, you have done well. Stand up then, show yourself off to me. It was almost comical how happy Keith seemed to be standing and showing off his body, particularly his erection to Judith.

“Well,” she said, “we’d better sort your room out.”

Judith stood and led Keith; she took him by the penis, one hand holding and gently moving his foreskin as they walked to the spare room. “Here’s your bed. I’ll be off early in the morning but you can stay until you sort out the locksmith, you’d better borrow my dressing gown you can hardly see him, or her I suppose, like that.” She dropped the dressing gown on the bed, her large breasts and still standing nipples so very clear through the thin silk of her nightie. Keith’s eyes went straight to them. “Well in you get.” Judith pulled back the duvet and sat down on the bed as Keith lay down, her hand not leaving his cock.

Judith was tempted to mount him and hide his cock inside her still very wet vagina but perhaps not this time. She did not want to hurry her experience of Keith, better to take it pleasure by pleasure.

“I suppose you’d sleep better if we did something about this.” Her hand squeezed the penis. You do like being touched by me, I know you like to be naked with me; you like me telling you what to do and you want to fuck me but you know it is I who will fuck you: not the other way around.” Her hand was moving rhythmically and with her other hand she stroked his balls and perineum. “You see it’s best to let it out, it’ll make you sleep so soundly, just let my hand soothe you into sleep, let your semen flow and then sleep.”

It was not long in coming, the careful finger work and the sight of large breasts wobbling inches from him, albeit clad in thin silk, had its effect and he came, not copiously but a very clear ejaculation across his stomach in successive spurts, slowing to just a trickle. Judith’s massaging hand slowed but kept a gentle movement on his foreskin as his hardness slipped away.

Judith smiled, Keith was already asleep. The power of her instruction evident or rather the power of the pills. She had him completely in the palm of hand – literally in the palm of her hand, all of his now soft, exhausted penis, wetly smeared with his ejaculate, his foreskin all puckered up and hiding the smooth head. Judith lent forward and kissed it, feeling the semen on her lips. She licked, tasting Keith’s second ejaculation and again suckled on the soft penis, so small now in her mouth.

Her desire for sex was being satisfied. What fun she was going to have! Should she next fuck Gary, prise that hard penis from his tummy and send it up into herself, or should she fuck Keith? What would it be like to have them both together, doing her bidding, each anxious to please her? Judith looked down at Keith asleep and giggled, this was being great fun! She drew the duvet over him and went to get ready for bed.