The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Juni’s Lesson

“And that’s the final answer to this equation,” Professor Matthew Schonbein said in German and English, circling the final answer on the board. The 30-year-old white Berlin-based university professor-who was 6″ with light brown hair, brown eyes, and shapely with very attractive facial features-saw the students actively taking notes, especially 25-year-old Juni (you-knee), who was an exchange student from London. Juni was sexy, with passionate brown eyes and full lips, not to mention shapely with short, dark-brown hair. The Eurasian was a little shy and not one to engage in scandalous relationships. However, Schonbein had been staring lustfully at her since she came into his class on the first day. He wanted her, but he had to control his lust in class. Juni was the star of all of his sexual fantasies, though she didn’t know it. The professor wondered whether or not she was a virgin.

The clock struck three and the bell rang. The students collected their things and left the room. Juni had her things and was nearly out the door too when Matthew said, “Juni, wait.”

She stopped and asked, “Yes, professor?”

“Call me Matthew,” he said.

“Okay, Matthew,” she said-grinning nervously.

“Um, Juni-I must tell you that my interest in you has not been professional and...”

“Matthew, I’m very flattered but nothing could ever happen between us.”

“I know,” Matthew said, “but the first day you walked into my class you filled me with lust. I’ve even had-well, um-sexual fantasies about you.”

“Matthew!,” she exclaimed-surprised, “I am a student in your class and I..I can’t believe I’m hearing this! My interest in you is clearly as a student, not as a lover.”

“Juni,” the professor softly said, and cupped her chin in his hand, “just give me a kiss.”

The student was frightened and exclaimed “Matthew, we can’t do this! I’m..sorry. I have to go.”

“Okay, but I want to talk to you in my office tomorrow after class,” Matthew said.

“Of course. Goodbye now,” she said.

“Goodbye,” the professor said.

The next morning before class, Juni was in Professor Schonbein’s office. Matthew said, “Before we begin, I want to show you something.” Taking a ball set out of his drawer and putting it on his desk, he said “It’s a nice little toy I bought, and I find it very relaxing.”

“It IS nice,” Juni said.

“Yes it is. Here’s another little thing it does,” the professor said.

Schonbein set it in motion, and the balls began to knock back and forth. Juni couldn’t help but watch the movement, her eyes following the knocking balls back and forth.

“Yes, keep watching the balls. As you watch them, they are relaxing you. Every knock is taking you deeper and deeper into relaxation. You cannot look away.”

Juni kept staring at the knocking balls and listening to Matthew’s voice.

“You are so relaxed now, and your eyes are now starting to become heavy. They will become heavier and heavier.”

Her eyes became heavier and heavier and she blinked rapidly, struggling to stay awake.

“I sleepy,” the student said, “must stay awake.”

“But you don’t want to stay awake. You want to close those tired, tired eyes and sleep,” the professor said.

The effort to keep her open was getting harder, as the balls kept knocking against each other.

“You’re so sleepy, Juni, so sleepy. Watching the balls makes you sleepy and relaxed, sleepy and relaxed. You want to close your sleepy, sleepy eyes...your sleepy, sleepy eyes. My voice is putting you to sleep.”

Juni’s eyes closed and her head slumped down. Matthew asked, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she said in a sleepy tone.

“Open your eyes but remain asleep,” Schonbein said.

She opened her eyes but remained in a hypnotic trance.

“Put your arms around my neck, Juni and look at my lips.”

Juni did as she was told, and looked at Matthew’s lips.

“Kiss me,” he said, “long, deep and hard.”

“Yes,” she breathed and pressed her lips to his. They kissed deeply and passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. After the kiss, Schonbein said, “look into my eyes.”

The student looked into his eyes and he asked, “Are you a virgin?”


Matthew looked at the clock; it was five minutes to eleven, and eleven was when class would start.

“Juni, when the bell rings in five minutes, you will awaken and remember only that you have to go to class. At 3 p.m. you will stay after class and when I say ‘deep sleep’, you will re-enter your hypnotic trance. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

The bell rang and she woke up.

“Oh, I’ve got to get to class!", she exclaimed and rushed out of the office.

She made her way to the lecture hall and took her seat at the very top row. Juni saw Professor Schonbein come in and he said, “Guten morgen” and wrote the first problem on the board:

“What is the percent equivalent of .30?”

“Oh,I know this one!,” Juni exclaimed-nearly raising her hand.

“No, let me answer this one!", a white German student named Katrina said.

“Okay,” Juni said.

Katrina raised her hand and Schonbein asked, “Ja, Katrina?”

“Dreissig prozentsatz,” she said.

“Richtig. Sehr gut, Katrina,” the professor said.

“Good answer,” Juni said.

“Thanks,” Katrina said.

Five minutes before class ended, Schonbein said, “Be sure to pick up your exams on the way out, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

The bell rang at 3 p.m. and the students picked up their exams prior to leaving, some being happy and some being disappointed about their math scores. As the professor asked her to, Juni stayed after class. Matthew waited for everyone to leave and locked the door. Juni approached his desk and Matthew said, “deep sleep.”

Her eyes glazed over and he said, “I will give you my home address and you will come to my home at 7 p.m. I am going to write it down now and give it to you. When you awaken, you will remember this and not question it. You will awaken on the count of three. One. Two. Three.”

The student woke up and said, “I’ll be at your home at 7 p.m.".

“Great, Juni. I look forward to seeing you there.”

She arrived at the professor’s home at 7 p.m. and he said, “Glad you could make it. Come on in.”

Juni came in and said, “What a lovely home you have.”

“Thanks,” Matthew said, “would you like some wine?”

“Well, I usually don’t drink but what the heck?", the Briton said.

“A little wine won’t hurt. Besides, sometimes you’ve got to live a little. You can pick the color.”

“Okay. White wine,” she said.

“White wine it is,” the professor said, and poured two small glasses.

“Cheers,” he said-and they clinked glasses.

Juni took a sip and said, “Good wine”.

“Yes it is,” Matthew said-taking a sip also.

They talked and laughed for a while, and after they put down the wine Schonbein made his move:

“Deep sleep, Juni.”

Again, her eyes glazed over and she went into a hypnotic trance.

“Juni, can you hear me?”


“Listen to me,” Matthew said, “the clothing you have is very constrictive. You need to take it off. Take off your clothes. Take off everything.”

Not questioning his orders, Juni removed her clothing which consisted of a halter top and hip-hugging jeans. Schonbein looked at her shapely body and said, “Now remove your socks and bra, but leave your underwear on.”

She removed her socks and bra, revealing beautiful feet and beautiful, full breasts which were aching to be touched.

“Relax deeply...relax, relax, sleep, relax.”

The student relaxed deeply and Schonbein caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples.

“Oooh!!", the Eurasian moaned in pleasure as the professor licked her neck, his warm tongue making smooth strokes. Schonbein then embraced her, running his warm hand down her smooth, curvy back.

“You want me, want me,” Matthew whispered erotically in her ear.

“Say, ‘I want you Matthew’. Say it. I want to hear those words come from your lips.”

“I want you Matthew,” Juni breathed.

“Tell me you want to make love to me.”

“I want to make love to you,” she said.

“Say ‘I need you Matthew.’”

“I need you Matthew,” Juni moaned.

“As you say these words to me, you are slipping deeper into sleepy submission, and it is very pleasant for you. You are going deeper and deeper into sleep.”

She was slipping deeper and deeper, her mind becoming more pliant and obedient.

“You must obey, Juni.”

“Yes, I must obey.”

“Very good, my sleepy Juni,” Matthew said and kissed her neck, “you’re such a good student in my class (kiss), but tonight you’re going to show me how good you are in physical (kiss) education. Come with me to the bedroom.”

They went into the bedroom and the professor said, “Lie down on the bed and spread your legs.”

“Yes, Matthew,” she said and did as she was told.

Schonbein undressed as well and mounted her, kissing her body gently and stroking both of her legs. Juni trembled with excitement so much that she shook the bed. They once again kissed deeply, with the professor now sucking and licking her nipples, and the student exclaimed “Ooohh..yes, yes! More Matthew, more!” The professor licked her stomach and kissed her breasts. Juni stroked his smooth bosom, causing Matthew to moan in pleasure himself, and he felt her soft, firm breasts on his chest.

The sex went on for two hours and afterwards the both of them got dressed. Matthew said, “Listen to me. This has been a very pleasurable experience for you..something that you will remember fondly. You will bring Katrina over here and I will show you both a pleasurable, sexual experience. When I count to three you will wake up, feel refreshed and relaxed and you will follow my suggestions without question.”

“Yes Matthew, I will obey. I will do as you wish.”

“Good. One. Two. Three. Awaken.”

The student awoke and felt refreshed and relaxed, just as Matthew said she would. The professor drove her home, and as usual she was in class the next day. Incidentally the next day she saw Katrina.

“Katrina,” Juni said, “want to have a good time tonight?”

“Sure!", Katrina exclaimed, “what did you have in mind?”

“A get-together with someone; more like a threesome,” Juni said.

“I’ll be there. What time does it start?”

“7 p.m.", Juni said.

It was going to be an interesting and fun night at the Schonbein house.