The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The sunlight streams down through the clouds as a blonde haired fair skinned woman dressed in a white flowing gown walks over the crest of the dark green grassy hill. She carries a freshly picked bouquet of wild flowers and smiles as she looks directly at you reading the story.

“Hello visitor, and welcome to this virtual world of sexual depravity and pour grammar.” she says with a smile as she giggles. “You should all know not to cum here if you are under age or are easily offended by lesbian or straight fucking, because there may be some slutty wet sex in this story. So go now before I continue.”

She stands there waiting for all the people to leave. She smells the flowers as she waits smiling dreamily. “I hope you all understand that the guy that wrote this piece of literary trash, a Mister Graphic Paul places it out here for all to see free, all he asks is that you do not reproduce it without his permission, and that you write him at and tell him what you thought. Any women feel free to stroke his ego, men like that.” She bends down and places the flowers in the grass. As she rises you notice small horns form from her forehead, her skin taking on a reddish hue “Now the story may start out slow as a fucking God damn novel...” Her eyes change to glowing green as her legs merge together to form a tail behind her. “...but ssss-stick with it I guarantee ssss-sexual ssss-slithering fucking by the end.” She puts her fingers inside her moist cunt and slowly hypnotically sways back and forth. “Ssss-some excellent ssss-slut muff munching as-ssss well. Ssss-so enjoy, you horny fucks-ssss” she turns and her tail whips the flowers across the grass.

Just Another Day At the Library

The old hardwood floors of the library had been given a fresh polish the day before, they had a strange glow in the darkness like black ice on a winters night. The library was small and typical in appearance, but in a way it wasn’t. Like all libraries it followed the dewy decimal system, the ten stacks went row after row filled with books of various sizes, but in the air there was a musty magical smell you’d find at much older establishment. The books themselves appeared normal, but appearances are deceiving. Some of the books on these shelves were not of human origin, and those that were could be traced back before the written words itself.

This was the Xanadu Library, home of magic scrolls and books. The location is not in one dimension, but in a stabilized trans-dimensional focal point between time and space not known to any, except those schooled for generations in the knowledge of magic. Some say it exists outside the word we live in, others say it is just down the street about a block past the convenience store. The books here are filled with witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry they are mostly original one time prints. As the lights come on the head librarian and her assistant walk in from the cold November morning air. The wind howls outside as the assistant struggles to close the back door. The head librarian’s eyes scan the stacks for any change from the previous day. It is in her nature to memorize everything before leaving.

“Anything amiss Ms. Vane?” The assistant asks watching her mentor’s eyes sharpen. Helen Vane is a tall slender woman in her mid thirties, her long black hair tied into a tight bun at the back of her head. Fair skin from the hours spent indoors, her features hide her age making her look in her mid twenties. The assistant knew not to proceed until given the clearance of her superior. Over the past three weeks since being accepted to this position her eyes had been open to so many fabulous things she would not have believed in only a month earlier on the campus of U.C.L.A., but also to the dangers of the books they guarded.

Ms. Vane continued to scan the room comparing every detail with the photographic memory she had of the previous day. She knew if there was a thing out of place they would have to move quickly out of the building and call upon someone more powerful to handle it. “No, I think all is as it should be Ms. Heart.” Helen said in her always cautious tone to her assistant. “I will just have a once over of the stacks, and than we may proceed with today’s rudimentary tasks and periodicals.” Helen kept her coat and black leather boots on as she moved along each row of shelves searching out any anomaly.

Jane Heart removed her heavy coat and boots “Good. I’ll wait here for your approval than ma’am” She stood watching the woman. Jane knew that someday she would have to cary out the same precise actions. It was the reason she had been chosen over the five thousand candidates to this position. Her photographic memory, her librarian skills, and most of all her ability to do everything in detail. Jane took off her hat and turned to the mirror to fix her hair. she was a smaller woman, about five foot six with more curves than Helen. Jane had long blonde hair, it was not pinned up like the head librarians, and the hat had flattened it somewhat. Jane primped a little for no other reason than to waste a bit of time. Since she had been here in the library only six people had visited, and all of them had been older men with long white beards. None of them had ever looked up from the stacks, and she had no dealings with any yet.

“Safe and sound, none to be found Ms. Heart.” Ms. Vane said as she removed her coat while walking briskly to the rack behind Jane. Every morning had been the same, nothing happened until the all clear signal of “Safe and sound, none to be found”. Jane went to the front door and unlatched the bolt and locks. she than chanted the words and heard the final click. Magic, it was simple now to understand, and since she had started Jane had learned several simple magic spells. She wheeled the cart filled with books back from the book depository and began the job of scanning each. Ms. Vane returned from the coat rack and was about to clean her glasses when the door opened. every time the front door opened the outside world changed. This particular opening was to a meadow of spring flowers, song birds could be heard as the hooded tall figure entered.

“Card?” Ms. Vane said briskly placing her glasses back on her nose.

“Yes, yes the card?” the man said beneath the brown hood. “I did have it here?” He searched the robe. He than produced the green members card from within the folds, he moved slowly toward the back counter.

Ms. Vain took the card from him inspecting it. “Next time Lord Right, I would suggest having the card visible upon entry as stated in the “Fundamental Library Usage Handbook.” section nine paragraph twelve.

“Yes Mademoiselle, it shall be as you wish.” Jane looked up hearing the young mans voice, but under the hood all she saw was darkness. This was the third time she had even heard a patron talk, most simply nodded, and this mans voice was not weary or old.

“Very well, I shall not make report of this infraction this time.” Ms Vane said placing the card into the entry slot at the counter. “You may use the sections one to four and section eight of the stacks. No other section is permitted until your membership is brought before the High Council of Sorcery.” Helen removed her glasses to clean the haze from them.

The figure nodded and went to the stacks. Jane finished her inventory of returns and began moving in a simular direction. She started at the opposite end to avoid the patron. Jane was totally surprised to see the door open again, this time the sky was dark and the clap of thunder from the outside reverberated about the Library. Another figure strode in, but this one was in black robes holding out the silver card as she entered and moved, no floated to the back counter. The black robe she wore seemed to billow out behind her. Jane lost sight of the woman as she went into the stacks to place the books back. she knew Ms Vane would handle things. It was unusual to see two in the library at once, and more so to see a female shape, since most of the patrons were male.

Jane lifted the black heavy book from the cart and steadied herself for the climb up the sliding wooden ladder. she did not like heights, so she was happy to see the book only had to be placed several rungs up. She climbed slowly and placed the book in it’s proper home on the shelf than felt something as she descended the steps, a dizzy feeling. as her feet found the wooden floor she turned back to the cart and stifled a scream. The man in the brown robes and hood that had entered earlier was there beside her.

“I am sorry Mademoiselle, it was not my intent to scare you.” His voice was deep with a slight french accent, his face was so handsome.

Jane steadied herself as the strange dizzy feeling continued. “You are not in the proper area sir, this is section ten, and you are to be restricted to...” She felt the room grow dark as the man’s voice spoke again cutting her off.

“I know Mademoiselle, I am to be elsewhere than here with you...” The man reached within his robes and produced a hand filled with sparkling dust. He raised it to his lips and as he blew. A fine sparkling powder filled the face of the young assistant. “...but what I need is within your power to grant Mademoiselle. You look so confused, but you are all right?”

Jane had no time to react as she saw the strange dust coming toward her in a cloud. She inhaled it as she gasped. This is the kind of infraction Ms. Vane had warned her about, it was a trap! Jane felt the world she was in slip away as the dust worked it’s magic on her mind, she heard his question, or was it a statement.

“I am all right.” She heard her voice say in a dreamy monotone that was not hers. Inside she knew it was not al right. She knew this handsome and most wonderful man was casting a spell on her. The stacks seemed slightly out of perspective as she hear the man again.

“You do not mind helping me find what I need Mademoiselle, you long to do anything to please me, yes?” The man said in a hushed whisper close to Jane’s ear.

“Yes i do not mind helping you find what you need, I long to do anything to please you.” She heard herself, but her mind was detached from what was going on, like it had been placed in a jail cell and forced to watch. There had to be a spell to counter this, if only she knew it. Jane willed herself to fight the hold the man had on her.

“I know Mademoiselle is troubled, I know the spell cast upon you is a simple one and it will fade in time, but for now part of you is trapped inside listening to me.” The man stroked her cheek as he talked. “That part of you feels everything, but is unable to disobey me, do not threat Mademoiselle, once I have what i came for I will depart from this place, but I fear I must act quickly.”

“Yes act quickly” she heard her voice say, deep inside she was furious, screaming no as she saw herself move away from the cart toward the locked back cage containing the forbidden books. She had the keys, but had never been allowed within this part of the library. A feeling of victory was inside her as she knew the keys alone would not open this place, it needed a spell.

* * *

Ms. Vane took the woman in blacks card from her hand, as she did she felt how hot the woman’s skin was, red hot, red skin. It was hot and the smell around them was of brimstone and something more, something fragrant, a strange perfume. Ms. Vane looked at the name on the card. “um very well, uh Vachingtale?”

“Va-shhh-ing-toollll” The women said as the black hood fell revealing the red skinned face framed by hair that seemed on fire as it cascaded over her bare shoulders. On her forehead were small black tipped horns, and her eyes pulsed gently with a green glow. “You must roll-ll-ll the end off your tongue like ssss-so, Vashingtool-ll-ll-ll.” The woman said with a smile as she displayed the rolling motion with her forked tongue between two small pointy fangs.

“um Yes roll. I am sorry not all of us have tongues like yours.” Ms Vane said trying to regain her superiority in this encounter. In this job she had encountered very few demons, but she felt confident she could handle this.

“Yes-sss, but many wis-ssshhhh they had. " The woman said as she let the black robe slide down revealing her snake like body, the long tail had been hidden by the robes, her breasts were bare and inviting. The air around the two women became heavy with the fragrance “Many do not even know they desire ssss-such a tongue, until they ssss-see it at work.”

“Yes-ssss, ssss-see it at work” She repeated without any thought. “Uh you are restricted to section three and um...” Alarms rang out in Helen’s mind. The creature was having an effect on her thinking, this was a breach of security, Ms Vane’s finger moved to the button under the counter. One touch and the authorities would be here, but than she inhaled again and the alarms seemed to fade, her finger almost touching the button went limp and useless.

“Yes-ssss Ms-ssss Librarian, I ssss-see you like my pheromone-ssss, they fill the air about us-ssss and leave you in awe of me.” The snake like woman swayed before her victim watching as she stood helpless. “Did you ssss-say restrictions-ssss? I am a goddess-ssss to you. Ssss-so beautiful, Ssss-so wonderful. Look into my eyes-ssss and tell me how beautiful and wonderful I am.”

Ms Vane tried to resist the sudden urge to obey, but each breath she took saturated her mind with the pheromone in the air around them. If only Jane would come back she might have a chance to stop this. she prayed the assistant would return as her eyes looked upward into Vashingtool’s glorious green eyes.

Words filled her mind now, words that she now clung to and needed. Truth was now obedience, obedience was a need, a need for her mistress because mistress gave her purpose. Her own eyes were now filled with the green glow as a tear of the last thought that was her own rolled down her cheek. Purpose is focus, focus is surrender, surrendering is pleasure. The world Ms. Helen Vane knew was gone with every passing moment lost in the eyes, breathing in the thick musky pheromones, her body swayed with the motion of the snake. Pleasure is now truth, truth was now obedience, obedience was a need, a need for her mistress because mistress gave her purpose. everything clicked into place. There was now only one: one need, one pleasure, one truth, mistress, one slave.

In what was once Helen’s mind she no longer cared about anything else. but the love and total devotion she had for this beautiful superior creature that now had her as an obedient thrall. “You are beautiful and wonderful.”

“Tell me what you want ssss-slave?” The creature hissed as it looked around hearing a noise. from the back of the stacks.

“There are no wants for a slave mistress.” The slave said in a soft dreamy sing song voice “You are the only desire for this one.” Helen knelt on the ground before the creature. Her thoughts no longer had any validation except for the love of her new goddess. “You are this ones only need, pleasure, truth, mistress. This one is your slave.”

“Yes-ssss I knew you would ssss-see it that way ssss-slave. Who else is-ssss here ssss-slave?”

“My assistant Ms. Jane Heart and a novice magic user named Lord Right mistress.” The slave said with a great amount of pleasure being of any service to the beautiful goddess that stood before her.

“Ssss-ssss he is-ssss here already?” Vashingtool said angry. The woman’s green eyes darted about the library. “Lord Right, I will have what I desire this day!!!” Vashingtool shouted.

* * *

Lord Right turned at the sound of Vashingtool’s statement, his heart raced. “There is not much time for you or I Mademoiselle. Quickly open the gate. If I fail this time more dimensions will become helpless pawns in Vashingtool’s conquest.”

Jane turned the key unlocking the gate as the man commanded her, but she knew it would not open for her or him. As Lord Right pushed on the steel door he became angry. “You stupid girl this is held by magic, quickly before she comes, open it!” He glared at the woman, but she did not move. “You don’t know the spell do you?”

“I don’t know the spell.” Jane said in monotone, deep inside she felt victory. This man would not get what he wanted from her.

“Your lack of knowledge may have damned us all you stupid girl.” The man spat out. “There may still be a way, yes there may.” He smiled, and his smile frightened the person locked deep inside Jane’s mind. “I regret doing this to you Mademoiselle, but drastic situation call for drastic measures.” He produced another hand filled with the sparkling dust and blew a second cloud of it into her face. Have you ever had sex with a woman Mademoiselle?”

Jane was horrified at the question, she heard herself say no, but she knew what this person had in mind for her would not be good.

“I am sorry again than for what I will do to you Mademoiselle, for you are now attracted to women.” Jane felt the thought fill her mind, she did not want this, but the feeling was now there. “You are a horny little tart Mademoiselle, you will feel the need to masturbate here.” The man pointed to a spot beside the gate. “With every touch your arousal will grow, and when you see another woman come close you will feel a desire to make them as horny as you are, weather it is a demonic normal or normal, you will not care. You are, how do they say it?” He paused searching for the words “You are a bisexual sex hungry nymphomaniac, you live to give pleasure.”

Jane was scared as she repeated his commands “I am a horny little tart, I will masturbate.” Her hands began to work there way under her skirt moving her panties to one side. Inside the person trapped felt everything. “With every mmmm touch my arousal will grow, and when I see another woman ohhhh come close I will feel a desire to make her as horny as I am-mmmm.” She tore her skirt away and dropped to her knees. “I am a bisexual sex hungry nymphomaniac, I live to give pleasure.” Hearing that Lord Right leapt into the air and disappeared into the darkness above the stacks, waiting to see if his trap would work.

“I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.” Jane saw herself tare at the once proper top as her other hand found the delicious red pert nipple of her exposed breast. her tongue licked out over her lips as her fingers found the wet clitty of her pussy. Inside the woman was experiencing every sensation. She could not stop the orgasm from rippling over her body, she didn’t want to. The sound of foot steps approaching only made her more hot for sex. “I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.“she repeated like a mantra over and over as she became a bisexual sex hungry nymphomaniac.

* * *

Vashingtool followed her new slave into the stacks, her eyes cautious of anything that may stop her from possessing the book she sought. Lord Right had been a constant annoyance since the quest had begun, but this day she would have victory. As they approached the back wall Vashingtool’s senses were met with a familiar and most intoxicating aroma, the smell of sex. Her forked tongue licked out into the air as she tasted the sweet sex scent filling the area. It was a woman’s sex scent, she heard a woman saying “I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.". Vashingtool felt her arousal grow. Above her hidden in the shadows Lord Right was smiling watching as the Beast and the other woman found the bait.

“Is-ssss this-ssss your assistant ssss-slave.” The serpent woman breathed in deeply watching as the woman sat on the floor playing with her sopping wet pussy. Her heightened senses smelling every delicious dripping drop that flowed over her cum soaked fingers. Jane was now reclined against the wall, her legs spread while her fingers pumped in and out of her dripping snatch. Her eyes focused lazily hearing the woman’s voice, a look of hunger filling them.

“Yes this is Ms. Jane Heart, mmmm” The connection with her new Mistress gave the slave a wave of pleasure seeing the woman in her aroused state. Her own breathing quickened to match her Mistress’s “She is not usually this, mmmm um...” she unfastened her long black hair from it bun and let it cascade over her shoulders as she removed her glasses “ promiscuous mmmm.” The slave had no resistance to the onslaught of emotions filling her with a desire beyond human comprehension. She began touching her own body feeling the arousal sore.

“Ssss-she is-ssss ssss-so ssss-sexy.” Vashingtool said as she swayed feeling her own pussy moisten watching the woman masturbate. Her pheromones made the air thick around the three women as Jane rose to her knees, her right hand still steadily pumping the sweet musky juice from her pussy, her left hand steadying her.

“I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.“she repeated like a mantra as she became crawled over to where the women stood watching. She breathed in deeply the pheromones and felt a great desire to not only please this snake goddess, but to worship her. “I am a bisexual sex hungry nymphomaniac.” from her kneeling position her mouth was inches from the snakes vagina, Jane wetted her parted lips as she leaned forward and kissed the moist inviting lips of her goddess. “I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.” she said than went to work turning the serpent on.

“Oh yes-ssss ssss-such a nice ssss-surprise.” The feeling of the mortals tongue lapping at her sex overpowered any rational thought Vashingtool had. Moments ago she would have seen this as an obvious trap, but now the desire for sex overruled any other thing. “Ssss-slave pleasure my as-ssss while this-ssss other pleasures me. Yes-ssss Ssss-so delicious-ssss.” The demons eyes closed as the new slave quickly knelt behind her and inserted her tongue into the other hole, licking and playing with her own slippery snatch.

Watching from above Lord Right felt his erection straining to be released from the tight fitting pants. He tried to inhale as little of the mind altering enslavement pheromones Vashingtool was now filling the room with. Slowly he unfastened the silver dagger from its home in his boot. The blade caught a stray beam of light and cast a small flash of reflected light into the darkness. Vashingtool caught the small glint out of the corner of her sexy fogged eye, but Lord Right knew it would not save her. He thrust himself from the darkness and flew down like an avenging angel from heaven. The blade struck the demon in the chest at her heart. A spray of green liquid sprayed out and ran down her body. the two women did not notice and continued to work their mistress as her body went into orgasm, than fell to the clean wooden floor.

“I am a horny little tart. So horny, such a slut.” Jane said as her mouth fell away from the demons snatch. Her eyes were now looking at the mans bulge. “I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.”

Helen’s own eyes were still glazed as she took in the words of her assistant she repeated them. “I am a horny little tart. So horny, such a slut.” Her eyes followed the assistants to the mans bulge in his pants. “I am a horny little tart. Mmmm so horny, such a slut.” she said over and over as she moved for the delicious cock she now needed so badly.

“Mademoiselle’s you are under a spell!” Lord Right started to say as they tore his pants off. Jane licked his balls while Helen took in his large erect shaft and deep throated it. “Mademoiselle’s you must, mmmm” Jane inserted her finger up the Lord’s ass as she suckled his balls. Lord Right fell to the ground and the two cock hungry women climbed over him. Helen startled his face with her pussy above his mouth kissing the tip of his cock now while Jane worked her lips up and down the shaft.

“I think Lord Right needs to make a deposit Janey dearest slut.” Helen said breathlessly as Lord rights tongue entered her snatch.

Jane nodded and impaled herself on the rock hard erection. “We are just the librarian cock hungry sluts to make him cum Helen slut.” she rammed the cock in and out of her pussy as she laughed with joy “I do hope the Lord knows there is a penalty at this library for early deposits rather than late ones.”