The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Just Dumb”

Eden stared mindlessly into Lee’s icy blue eyes, her fingers massaging her own breasts over and over in a constant rhythm of blank obedience. Every time a thought tried to come to her lazy, sleepy mind, she felt the pleasure pop it right away until all she could think about was how good her body felt when she obeyed. Her jaw hung open as she watched him, slowly drooling onto her own heavy tits as his inexorable hypnotic power slowly eroded her brain into emptiness.

Then Lee snapped his fingers. Eden blinked, intelligence returning to her expression. Her hands slowly trailed to a stop, then very gradually dipped into her lap. She looked around the chair, still feeling like there was a thick haze floating inside her head, fighting the tendency to just let her hazel eyes go glassy and lock onto whatever was in front of her...finally, she gave up and looked back at Lee. “ you know where my shirt went?” she asked.

He pointed to her bag. “You neatly folded it up and put it away. It was surprisingly meticulous for someone so deeply hypnotized.”

She blushed. Weirdly enough, being naked from the waist up didn’t bother her at all, but admitting that she was obsessive about keeping her laundry neat felt hideously awkward. “I’m kind of...not OCD, exactly, just weird,” she said in self-deprecating tones. “I feel like I have to be in charge of everything, like I can’t just let stuff be. I think that’s maybe why I came to the con, because I was hoping someone would put that side of me to sleep for a while.”

He nodded, looking almost nervous. “And did you get what you wanted out of that trance, Serpent?” Eden examined his face for signs of condescension or mockery, but he really seemed to be listening. Even the use of her ‘scene name’ didn’t weird her out too much anymore; she chose ‘Serpent in the Garden’ as a private joke on her real name, and she’d gotten used to people calling her that over the last day or so. She reminded herself again to stop worrying about being too strange for this crowd. Probably everyone here had needs that seemed a little weird to other people. You wouldn’t make many friends if you treated everyone else’s fantasies like they were crazy and still asked them to respect yours.

“Um...kind of?” she asked, as much to herself as to Lee. “I mean, I liked it, but...” Eden trailed off, still not quite sure of her own feelings. That might be the hypnosis, though—she still felt a little bit like she was looking up at ‘wide awake’ from the bottom of a well. Strangely enough, that almost felt better than the actual trance; she had enjoyed going under for Lee, listening to his rich baritone voice as it described her thoughts popping like soap bubbles, as her body felt more and more relaxed and aroused and her mind felt happier and happier...

“But?” Lee asked, prompting Eden out of her reverie. He actually did look nervous now. That was kind of sweet. So many of her vanilla partners just kind of assumed that sex was good unless otherwise noted (and that you were wrong about it if you noted otherwise) but most of the kinky people she met really treated it like a skill.

Even so, she didn’t want to leave him hanging. “But I think I might have been wrong when I said I wanted to shut my brain off? I liked it, but I think that maybe...” Eden shrugged. “Maybe more like a middle ground. Like I want to be aware, but I don’t want to think all that much. You know, like...” She giggled as the thought occurred to her. “Kind of like I am right now, I guess. Really horny and kind of scatterbrained and super happy and just, y’know...dumb?”

Lee’s eyes widened into understanding, and his face broke into a huge bearded grin. “Ohhh,” he said. “You want to be a bimbo!”

Eden’s jaw dropped. She sat there for a moment, stunned into silence not so much by the words as her own reaction to them. Actually, it was more like ‘reactions’, plural; her immediate response was a burst of anger at even an indirect or invited insult to her intelligence. Eden had a PhD in astrophysics and was working toward a second doctorate in particle physics. She knew from long, bitter experience that women with big breasts and blonde hair had to work twice as hard to prove their credentials. It could get so exhausting sometimes.

But at the same time, Eden felt a weird, transgressive thrill to the idea, a surge of arousal that went straight down her spine and grounded itself with a flash of arousal right between her thighs. It felt strangely appealing to take a break from that constant exhaustion, that continual defiance of expectations. It felt weirdly hot to give herself a respite from always having to ask if she was sounding dumb, acting dumb, slipping up, giving people an excuse to write her off. The idea of having permission to be forgetful and horny and flawed had a powerful appeal all of a sudden.

None of that came out in words, of course, but Eden felt like it was written all over her face as she asked hesitantly, “Can that?”

Lee tilted his head to one side, his eyes narrowing slightly as he thought it over. “It’s not really my specialty?” he said at last. Eden’s heart sank. “But I think I could so something along that line, maybe give you a trigger that could make you more easily distracted, increase your arousal levels, that kind of thing. We could play around with it and see if it’s more like what you’re looking for. You don’t want anything permanent, right?”

Eden shook her head quickly. “No, no. Nothing like that. I have to be able to find the airport on Monday, at least.” And to prepare for a symposium next weekend in San Jose on spectrographic analysis of HD 202206, but Eden already knew that Lee’s understanding of astronomy was limited to finding Orion’s Belt on the first try.

“Okay. We can do that. One trigger that makes you dumb, and another one that makes you smart again.” Lee nodded to demonstrate his understanding. “I think that’s going to work just fine.”

“Um.” Eden felt sheepish, adding more and more conditions and restrictions to what felt almost like a wish coming true; but after trying once and winding up too far gone to even talk, she wanted to make sure that she wasn’t going to put Lee through another round of inductions and deepeners and suggestions just to come back up and say, ‘That wasn’t quite right...’

“Can we make the trigger something that makes me dumber a little bit at a time?” Eden asked. “That way I don’t wind up overshooting ‘b...bimbo’...” She was surprised at the rush of contradictory emotions the word evoked, even a second time. “Um, and wind up at ‘blank’ again.”

Lee smiled warmly. “Sure, we can do that. An incremental trigger is fine. Do you want it to be just for this session?”

Eden’s face felt like it was on fire as she heard herself saying, in a tiny voice that struggled to sound casual, “No, we can leave it in for now. I, I’ll ask you to take it out if I don’t like it.”

Lee’s smile widened. Eden felt like she had a neon sign floating over her head that read, ‘I Am Getting My Hot Buttons Pushed’. She almost buried her face in her hands, but she was pretty sure he was about to hypnotize her again and she didn’t want to miss it.

“Okay,” he said, straightening in his chair and letting his smile fade into calm confidence. “And the other things we discussed, nudity and possible sexual activity? You’re still okay with those? This is probably going to be your last chance to give informed consent for a while, so I’d like to make sure you’re still green now before you get all fuzzy and horny.”

Eden put on her serious face and said, “Absolutely. I think we’re still very green on that score.” That was probably an understatement; Eden had developed a serious case of con crush ever since she watched Lee do his ‘sensual touch’ induction demo last night at the play party. He and his partner had both been naked, and Eden had...noticed him. She really couldn’t stop noticing him for most of the demo.

In fact, she could definitely say he stood out.

He said something, and Eden quickly refocused her attention on him. “...sounds good,” he finished. Eden hoped it wasn’t anything important, because she was way too impatient to get to the trance again to ask him to repeat himself. “Then I’d like you to just refocus your attention on my eyes, and remember the way you felt when you looked into them. Just let your thought drift back, automatically and easily and effortlessly to the sensations of being hypnotized.”

Eden’s breath went out in a soft whoosh as her stare locked onto his. He spoke quickly but calmly, his voice making the trance seem as natural as gravity. “Deeper and deeper into my eyes, finding the warm darkness at the center. Letting yourself go into that darkness, letting yourself relax more and more until your mind is calm and focused on my words and my suggestions. Deeply hypnotized now. Deeply hypnotized now. Deeply hypnotized now.” He reached around behind Eden’s head and pulled her into him, and she felt her mind tumbling into trance as her body went limp in his embrace.

He must have noticed, because he rocked her gently back and forth and said, “That’s it. That’s it, such a good girl, so obedient. Listening to all my words, going deeper and deeper and deeper for me as you feel the warmth of my body, rocking back and forth and back and forth as your mind settles into the motion and your attention centers on my voice, only my voice, only my voice now. Listening and accepting, feeling so happy to come back to this place and let me guide you even deeper.”

Eden sighed. It was amazing how easy it all felt. After so many trances this weekend, it had gotten to the point where it actually seemed harder to stay awake than to go under. All she needed was permission, and she was gone in a matter of moments. Eden allowed Lee to shift her position slightly so that her head rested on his shoulder, mouth free to talk, and then he spoke again.

“And in a moment, you’re going to feel that darkness getting deeper and warmer and more relaxing and better and better for you, until you find that you’re deep enough that you will accept all my suggestions automatically and effortlessly. You don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to think at all, you just need to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper and when you know that you’re ready, you will hear yourself say, ‘I am ready to accept your suggestions.’ All on its own, as you relax more and more, as you feel your body sink into peace and pleasure. Down and down and down until—”

And then Eden heard herself interrupt him. “I am ready to accept your suggestions,” she said, in a vacant monotone. Her voice was slurred, to the point where some of the words barely sounded like words at all. But she knew he would understand them.

“There you go, that’s it,” he said, stroking her hair. Eden’s eyes rolled back in her head—she didn’t know how he knew, but she melted like butter when someone did that. “Good girl. Good, good girl. Now, I want you to listen to me carefully. I know you’re enjoying this experience very much, and it’s making you very deeply aroused, isn’t it?”

“...yes,” Eden sighed out, feeling herself get even wetter once she admitted it. She wanted to squirm out of her pants just thinking about how hot this was getting her—Lee was still very gently rocking her as they spoke, and Eden’s nipples were rubbing up against his shirt in a way that was driving her quietly insane with desire.

“Good girl. Of course it is. Of course.” He kept petting her hair while they talked, which didn’t help at all. “It’s making you so hot and so horny that it’s hard to even think straight. Every time you feel one of those waves of arousal washing through your body, it distracts you from everything else, making thinking impossible for a moment. Isn’t that right?”

Eden wasn’t sure if the answer was ‘yes’ a moment ago, but it was definitely ‘yes’ now. Everything Lee said seemed to go straight down into the bottom of her brain and insinuate itself into her thoughts like tendrils of mist. “yes,” she said loosely, feeling it lock into place as she spoke the word.

“Good girl.” Eden shivered with pleasure from hearing his praise. “Now, I’d like you to take a moment and concentrate on that sensation. Really pay attention to the way your body feels when you’re so deeply aroused, so hot and horny and needy that you can’t think at all. Focus on it, make it bright and vivid in your mind.” Eden squirmed as she followed the command, barely able to restrain herself from literally humping his leg.

“Now,” he continued, his hands petting all the way down her back with each stroke, “when I say the word ‘fuckdrunk’, you’re going to feel your arousal building from whatever level it’s at when I say it, up to this level you’re at now. The word won’t seem unusual to you at all, but you’ll find yourself becoming more and more aroused until you can’t think. The more you try to concentrate on whatever you’re thinking about, the quicker and more powerfully the arousal will build, until you can’t fight it anymore and you lose your train of thought completely. Do you understand?”

“yes,” Eden said, practically swooning in his arms as the heat of the fantasy she was living out nearly overwhelmed her.

“Good girl,” he said, stroking her all over now. “And when you lose your train of thought, you’re going to say the word, ‘um’, instead. It’s going to pop into your head, you’re going to blurt it out...and that’s going to seem incredibly funny to you. Funnier and funnier every time it happens. You’ll just say, ‘Um,’ and you’ll have to let out a happy little giggle at forgetting what you were talking about. And that laugh will make you feel warm and happy and less and less concerned about losing your train of thought. Do you understand?”

“yes sir,” Eden sighed out. She hadn’t meant to say it like that, but he was petting her and praising her and calling her his good girl and it felt so right to be respectful and submissive like that. So perfect and easy and right.

“Good girl!” It obviously wasn’t bothering him, either. “And when you say ‘um’, your arousal will subside...but you’ll be more aroused than you were before. More aroused, warmer, more happy, easier to distract, and finding everything so funny that you just can’t stop giggling. Do you understand?”

“yes sir,” Eden said, the words sounding so natural to her now that she couldn’t imagine anything else.

“Good girl. And when I say the word ‘coffee’, three times in a row, all these effects will end and you will feel your mind return to its normal, focused, centered self. Repeat your triggers to me, good girl.”

Eden nodded gently, the fabric of Lee’s shirt gently rubbing her cheek. “when i hear ‘fuckdrunk’, i will become too horny to think of anything but ‘um’. when i say ‘um’, i will giggle and return to normal, but more aroused and distracted and gigglier. when you say ‘coffee coffee coffee’, i will return to normal.” She couldn’t even understand how she managed to say all that; she felt too dreamy and passive to really talk. But it was a command. And she was too deep to resist commands.

“Good girl,” Lee said. “When you’re awake, you can remember those triggers consciously or not, whichever makes you happier to do so. And in a moment, I’m going to snap my fingers, and you’re going to wake for me, with all those suggestions installed and all those triggers ready for use. Good girl, coming back up for me now, all the way back, all the way back up and wake.” There was a sudden popping sound, and Eden opened her eyes to see that she was leaning on Lee like a sleepy toddler.

“Er...hi,” she said, sitting up awkwardly. “That was nice. Thank you.” She bit back an urge to follow it up with the word ‘sir’. “I...I already asked you where my shirt was, didn’t I?”

“You did,” Lee said, his eyes sparkling with excitement. “It’s in your bag. It’s okay if you’re a little too fuckdrunk to remember.”

“I...I remember...” Eden blinked, trying to focus her thoughts. She remembered being hypnotized, and then she woke up and they talked about...something, something fun, and...she rubbed her temple for a moment. “Did two trances? I feel like we, like we did something, but it was...”

It was hot, was what it was. Eden couldn’t quite get a grip on it—every time she tried her brain would simply slide right off—but the way it slid off made it seem delicious and erotic and sensual and oh fuck she couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it was and it was so hot she had to stop thinking and stopping felt so good and hot and—

She opened her mouth, but all that came out was “Ummm...” Eden giggled a little. It was so silly, but she couldn’t remember anything at all! Even the conversation she was just having simply popped like a soap bubble in her mind. “Sorry, where was I?”

Lee smiled indulgently, like he was talking to an old friend who had downed a few too many. “We were talking about your work,” he said. “You were going to explain to me what a brown dwarf was. I mean, you can give me just the Wikipedia version if you’re too fuckdrunk to do anything more.”

“Oh yeah!” Eden said, letting out a little giggle at her own thoughtlessness. “So right, a brown dwarf is, it’s...” She squirmed, as thoughts of those trances (that trance?) distracted her. It felt so good to be so deep like that, held and comforted and helpless. She hoped Lee would trance her again soon, she was way too turned on to just talk about boring old stars and planets.

But he had asked, though. Eden dragged her mind back to the topic. “It’s not a star, it’s too small, but it’’s big, it’s really...really...” Eden’s eyes went a bit glassy as she found herself thinking of things that were big, which led her to cocks that were big, which led her to thinking about the way Lee was tenting his jeans. He wasn’t huge, but he was thick and she loved being stretched like that without the guy going so deep it hurt.

She shook her head, trying to clear it. “This dwarf, it’’” It was no good. She couldn’t keep track of what she was trying to say. She giggled helplessly, not even knowing why. It just all seemed so silly. She couldn’t keep anything in her head anymore, it all just dribbled back out again, and it was so absurd that she couldn’t stop laughing about it.

“Oh God,” she said, between spurts of laughter, “I’m so sorry, I just can’t even, um...” She doubled over in her chair as another fit of the giggles hit, right on top of the last one. “I keep trying to, to, um...” Another burst of helpless guffaws, this one so hard that Eden literally slid off her chair and onto the floor. “Oh, I can’t remember what I was gonna say!” She knew that she had to look like the perfect idiot right now, but everything simply seemed so hilarious about the whole situation that she didn’t even care.

“It’s fine,” Lee said, petting her hair. “You’re just a little bit fuckdrunk and that’s okay. I’ll remind you. You were telling me about brown dwarfs.”

“Oh right!” Eden grinned broadly, aware that her smile was probably way too big for the topic. “They’re, like, my favorite! They’re super super dense, but...” She struggled to find a way to explain it, but the more she tried to think about pressure and mass and stars and stuff, the more she kept thinking about the heat and restrictive pressure between her legs. Eden wriggled out of her pants, still trying to figure out a way to explain...explain...oh fuck, what was she even explaining?

“I was, we” And then it was gone again. Eden didn’t care anymore, though. It was probably boring stuff anyway. She was naked, she was happy, she was wet as fuck and sitting next to a guy with a nice thick cock, who cared about boring stuff?

“We were talking about how you feel,” Lee supplied helpfully. “I’m guessing it’s kind of fuckdrunk, am I right?”

“Oh, man, you have no idea,” Eden said with a loopy grin, turning to face him. This close, it was really hard not to notice that she was face to face with his cock. Or face to cock with his face? His cock, that was the big deal. She was right in front of his cock. She was wet and his cock was hard and, and... “Umm...” she mumbled, bursting into another fit of giggles.

“Is that about right, honey?” Lee asked, his voice a bit more solicitous. “Is this how you want to feel?”

“Oh, fuck yes, sir,” Eden replied, not even knowing why she was adding the word but loving the way it felt in her mouth. “I’m so fucking horny right now, it’s like I just wanna give everyone in the world a big kiss right on the cock. Or the pussy, or, um...” She leaned on Lee for support as another wave of laughter rolled through her. “It’s all just so cool, you know? Like, everything is cool! You’re cool, your wife is cool, it’s all so awesome and great, and...” She laid her head on his thigh, smiling vacantly. “Stuff.”

“And the stars?” Lee asked, unzipping his fly and pulling his cock out. “What do you think about them?”

Eden’s eyes shone as she reached out to tease Lee’s shaft with her fingertips. “They’re pretty,” she sighed, without really thinking about it. The question didn’t really matter, not right now. She had other things on her mind.

But not many.

She was a little surprised when Lee unrolled a condom onto his penis; weren’t guys supposed to be all fucked up about that or something? But she was glad he remembered, because she was so fucking horny she probably would have just jumped his bones without even thinking about it. She was lucky to have him around like that. “Do you like me, sir?” she asked, as he helped her onto his lap.

“You’re a very sweet girl,” he said, settling her onto his cock. “You’re so good at being a good girl...”

“T-thank you sir,” Eden whimpered, as he stretched her pussy the way she’d been dreaming about all night. “Oh fuck, thank you thank you thank you thank you oh!”

And then she was cumming. It hit her so fast; one second he was just barely inside her, the next she was over the edge. She was so ready for it, like she spent the whole night horny and all she needed was just that little spark. She groaned and gasped and bounced up and down on his cock, trying to prolong the peak of pleasure just that little bit longer, chasing that glorious ecstasy until the next climax hit. It overwhelmed her, left her buzzed and dizzy and utterly fuckdrunk with bliss.

Eden’s eyes rolled back in her head, her pussy spasmed and clenched as one orgasm rolled into the next. Her breath came in hoarse gasps as Lee played with her tits, her hips rolled as she went up and down on his cock. It wasn’t until she felt him straining up to meet her that she realized he was cumming too, just as hard as she was. “Ofuck me yesss,” she whimpered as one last, glorious climax hit her from his cock pulling out.

“There we go, good girl, good girl,” he said, holding her tightly as she shook in the throes of afterglow. “That’s it. Good girl. Time for a little coffee coffee coffee now.”

Eden sighed, the final dregs of arousal fading to the back of her mind as she felt the suggestions loosen. “Oh, wow,” she whispered, almost overcome by the memories as they unfolded in her head. “Oh wow...”

“Yeah,” Lee said, carefully removing his condom. “I told you that you could forget the triggers, and it seems like you swept the whole trance under the rug. You do remember it all now, right?”

“Um...sort of?” Eden carefully stood up, her legs feeling more than a little wobbly from the combination of endorphins, post-trance bliss, and sudden exertion. “I remember what we did, but the triggers are a little hazy. I think I could remember them if I tried, I just...”

“Don’t want to,” Lee finished with a chuckle. “That’s pretty normal. Don’t worry, you’ll recall them if you need to. And until then, you don’t really need to think about it at all.” Eden felt her mind relax, as the weight of struggling against the suggestion faded. “Anyway, thank you very much for a lovely experience. Do you want to get dressed and go out and rejoin the play party?”

“Well, I want to rejoin the play party,” Eden said, suddenly realizing her pants were lying carelessly on the floor and she didn’t even mind. “Not so sure on the getting dressed part. I think I maybe want to be...just a little...?” She wasn’t sure why she couldn’t finish the sentence, whether it was the missing trigger in her head or just still a little bit of residual shyness about admitting that need.

It didn’t matter, though. “Fuckdrunk?” Lee asked, and Eden could see from the look on his face that he understood perfectly.

“Oh, yeah,” she replied, her face breaking out into an easy grin. “Totally, um...what was I saying?” And with a giggle, she took his arm and they left the room together.