The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Karen Couldn’t wait, ten more minutes and she could close up shop. It wasn’t really a bad job. Sales girl for an upscale boutique downtown, not bad for an after school job. The pay was good and the discount was nice. Still, sometimes she missed her friends down at the mall. Her shop was in the downtown area with all of the banks and other businesses. By the time she closed up, it was a ghost town.

Five more minutes, Karen kicked her shoes off and on her nylon covered feet. The other part of her job was her “uniform.” She was required to be dressed up, skirt or dress, dress shoes and of course hosiery. She had never been much on pantyhose or tights, especially ones that cost thirty dollars or more a pair, but had come to actually enjoy them. She was 5′10″, red headed, thin but not bony, and athletic, a soccer player specifically. Karen knew she was cute, and the shiny Wolford pantyhose she wore made her long, athletic legs all the better. She flexed her leg and smiled, admiring her own athletic calves. No interest in a boyfriend, but still, it was nice to know she could have one if she wanted. With her looks, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Finally, ten o’clock was here. Karen pulled her tan pumps back on and stood up. A quick glance in the mirror behind the counter, yes, this short plaid skirt and tan top suited her very nicely. She laughed at herself. “How vain” she thought with a smile and walked over to lock the door. Her friend Stacy had never shown up to work, so she was alone. “What a bitch,” Karen said to no one in particular. She had seen Stacy after school at cheerleading practice. Time to lead cheers, but no time to help her at work. The keys hung on a hook under the counter. Bending over to grab them, she heard the door open. Looking up she saw two women walk in. Oddly enough, they were dressed exactly the same. Both wore short black dresses, silk gloves, sunglasses, black pumps and shiny, wonderful pantyhose. Karen couldn’t help but stare at their legs, their shiny beautiful legs. “Snap out of it,” she thought “I don’t like girls, not that way anyway.” Time to get rid of these weirdos. Sunglasses, black formal wear, at ten, on a Tuesday. “Um, excuse me, but we are closed. Perhaps you could return tomorrow, big sale on....,” that’s when she felt the hands of the third girl grab her from behind.

One hand wrapped around her chest, another clasped over he mouth. She gasped, but couldn’t get out a scream. She could see in the mirror that this girl, who must have slipped in the back, was similarly dressed, same dress, same wonderful tan nylon covered legs. Karen was amazed that in this situation, she couldn’t help but wonder what brand of pantyhose the girls all wore. One of the first girls walked over to her. She slipped her foot out of her black pump revealing five slender, nylon clad toes. Without expression on her pale white face, she slid her foot up Karen’s calf. Waves of pleasure unknown to the seventeen year old virgin roared over her body. Quickly she blacked out, her psyche overwhelmed. The mysterious girl who had grasped Karen from behind grabbed her by the shoulders. The second grabbed her by the feet, while the third returned her foot to her shoe, locked the front door and silently followed the other two carrying the unknowing Karen out the back. There, waiting the whole time was a running van. Plain black and piloted by a fourth identical girl, the van picked up its helpless cargo and sped away. No words were said, no expressions, no eye contact. The job was done.

Karen awoke groggy and unable to move. Her eyes were gradually clearing. It was a large room, stone walls, very old looking. In the center was a large stone obelisk, smooth and shiny made of a material that looked almost draped in fabric, velvet like. Around the obelisk were several large chairs, almost like a dentist’s chair but wooden and steel. Unlike a dentist chair though, these chairs had restraining rings for the arms neck and ankles. Karen was quite unhappy to find herself in one. Her lovely neck and wrists were bound as well as her nylon covered ankles. She still wore her tan pumps. Looking around her eyes cleared a bit more. At the edges of the room stood several figures. She recognized two as the girls who had kidnapped her. Now though their dresses and gloves and shoes were gone, they were wearing some kind of body stocking. It made them look fantastic, with all of their features smoothed down they looked perfect, smooth and shiny, covered in nylon from head to toe..... What was she doing? Why was she so fascinated by this nylon. She felt her own pantyhose and begin to wonder if there was a connection.

“Please, god, help me!!!! " she screamed, but barely a whisper came out. No response, not even movement. With her eyes now totally clear she could finally see the faces of her captors. No sunglasses, actually no pupils!!! These girls had white on white eyes. And their skin, so pale. Like dolls really. “UMM” the sound caught her attention. There in one of the other chairs was Stacy, still in her cheerleading outfit. Bound at the neck, wrist and also nylon covered ankles, though she still wore ankle socks and sneakers in contrast to Karen’s pumps. She struggled to move, but suffered the same grogginess that had afflicted Karen. Karen attempted to motion to her, but couldn’t move her body. Focusing beyond Stacy to another chair there was a third girl. She was young looking and familiar, clad in a green dress which came to mid thigh, her shiny nylon covered legs extending down below ending in lovely nylon toes, the same shiny nylon toes of her captors. This girls face was blank and unnaturally pale. Her breathing was slow and her eyes, her eyes were almost white. The girl from the paper, Karen knew who she was, one of the girls who had gone missing. Now the other girls came to mind, they had all been in the paper. Young girls from all over the county, abducted in a rash of mysterious kidnappings.

Karen shuddered, she was scared to death. Then it got worse. The girl in the chair stopped breathing, her eyes went totally white and the entrancing nylon sheen came over her legs and arms!!!! It was as if a bodysuit had simply grown on her body. One of the girls approached from the edge of the room. She did something to the girls neck and undid her bonds. She slowly rose and accompanied her captor to the edge of the room. There she disrobed revealing a slender body clad only in nylon, smooth and shiny. Stacy had seen this too and was staring, wide-eyed and horrified. That is when she was approached by the latest convert. The girl in the green dress leaned down at Stacy’s feet and removed her sneakers and socks, leaving two feet covered in the shiny material of cheerleading tights sticking out, soles exposed to the world. Stacy’s chair began to slide towards the obelisk. Muffles screams began to escape her restrained throat.

Karen watched in horror as Stacy moved onward, some sort of horrible carnival ride. Closer and closer, she slid feet first towards the black obelisk. As she approached, a glow began to surround its dark and shiny satin surface. Closer and closer, until finally Stacy’s nylon soles contacted its dark surface. For a second, nothing happened, then, everything happened. The glow of the stone came over Stacy’s body. Stacy writhed up and down, body struggling, but her feet never left the surface of the obelisk. Without warning, a beam focused on Stacy’s face. Her writhing stopped and she stared wide eyed at the object.

“NO!!!!” Karen screamed, but still no sound escaped. Not that it would have even stirred the now entranced Stacy. The glow began to subside as Stacy’s body itself took on a sheen of its own. Karen could see the beginning of the evil nylon cover Stacy’s lithe, teenage body. The beam ceased and left Stacy pale, her face blank, her eyes unclear. The chair slid back to its original position. Stacy’s breathing began to slow. It seemed to coincide with her legs becoming shinier. Finally as Stacy took her last slow breath, Karen could see the nylon shine on her arms, legs, and neck. Stacy was done.

The girl in the green dress approached Stacy and, as had been done to her previously, released Stacy from the chair’s grasp. The enslaved cheerleader rose to her nylon covered feet, her beautiful, shiny, sheer... Karen once again found herself drawn to the evil fabric. The girl in the green dress lifted Stacy’s curly blond hair and placed a device to her nylon covered neck. Once removed, Karen could see what could only be a bar code

“A bar code?” she mumbled

“Yes, my lovely, a bar code.” From the shadows at the edge of the room strode a middle aged man. Normal looking, clad in Dockers and boat shoes, hardly evil looking. “I know, kind of ruins the evil lair vibe, but we need a code for our product.”

Product, who was this nut. Stacy was his product?? The girl in the green dress a product?? Was she about to become a product???

“This one was a special order. Teenage cheerleader model, ships with one free outfit. I find it cliché, but special orders are money in the bank” He looked over Stacy like a piece of hardware. “Very nice indeed, one of our best nylonicons yet.” Karen stared down are her own nylon covered feet, fearful of her fate.

“you see, I am much older than I look. Hundreds of years ago I discovered an alchemist equation which would allow me to use fabric to convert women to obedient servants. Pantyhose and tights are quite conducive to the process, so I concentrated the process to that end. Stacy here is now more enchanted nylon than girl, a slave forever, well almost. Teenage girls are the best candidates, the enslavement nylon is actually designed to attract them, full of youth and energy, but even their energy only lasts about a year or so. Slave Jen, come here.”

A tall nylon clad beauty approached. Long blond hair covered part of her shiny nylon body. She wore the same expression, white eyes, blank face, but her movements seemed a bit slower. The man motioned towards the obelisk and a beam shot out, similar to the one that had converted Stacy, but more intense. Jen, as the girl had been known, dropped to her nylon covered knees.

“Where am I???? Whats happening??? Why did you do this to me, I remember everything, all of the girls I enslaved for you, why me, why me......” She trailed off. Jen’s arms dropped to her sides and her body seemed to fade to nothing. As quickly as it had begun it was over. All that remained of Jen was crumpled on the floor, a pair of shiny nylons, the face of a lovely girl imprinted on the panty. A face frozen in horror. Through her terror Karen couldn’t help but wonder how she would look in those beautiful, shiny nylons. So wonderful, so wonderful. The draw of the fabric was overwhelming.

“Well, I see you are about ready.” The man walked over and collected the hose that had once been Jen. “These will come in handy later. Some of our subjects don’t appreciate the beauty of the fabric. One look at this special pair and they are mine, body and soul. Which reminds me, gotta go. Have a date. She hates to wear tights, by tonight she’ll be in a pair and one of my nylonicon slaves” He snickered and carefully folded Jen in to his pants pocket. A tear fell down Karen’s cheek as the nylonicon she had once known as Stacy removed her shoes. Nylon toes stared up at her as the chair began to slide. Stacy watched emotionless, no free will of her own left to care. All hope was lost, closer and closer her nylon soles came. The glow became brighter it was almost time. In a minute she would be a slave of nylon, obedient and thoughtless. A year later she would return only to become a pair of pantyhose, ready to enslave the next unsuspecting girl. Then, suddenly, the chair stopped. She was saved, something had gone wrong.

“Just kidding, love to see that look” the man briefly reappeared and then, with a wave of his hand, Karen’s chair shuddered forward and her beautiful nylon covered feet fell flush with the obelisk. She screamed, and was cut off by the force of the object. All of her memories, her humanity, her free will was being drained from her. In turn her heart slowed, her breathing became shallow. She could feel the nylon moving up her body, like a silky blanket. The beam ceased and Karen began to slide back. Her breath more and more shallow, pales arms now almost fully covered in nylon. One last feeble attempt to resist, but it was too late. The process was done and irreversible. She took her last breath as the nylon covering became complete, her eyes going opaque and white. Karen was now a Nylonicon. Stacy unlocked the chair and pushed Karen’s red hair, aside placing the bar code on her pale, nylon covered neck. What had been Karen, a bright and beautiful girl, rose to her shiny nylon covered feet, a slave. One purpose, one thought. “I am nylon, I obey.”