The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


“I’m going to give you something to remember me by.” Kara nodded sluggishly, her eyes fixed with rapt, mesmerized attention on the antique key that swung at the end of the ribbon dangling from the fingers of the lady in red. It seemed like a long time since Kara had done anything other than nod in agreement and squirm with slick, helpless arousal for the stranger on the train; her thoughts had gone soft and unaccountably fuzzy, but Kara had the strangest conviction that she’d spent most of the ride sitting and staring and allowing her head to bob up and down like a puppet on a string.

And cumming. She’d been cumming a whole lot. Kara lazily rolled her hips into the lady in red’s right hand, rubbing her sated pussy against the stranger’s grinding fingers like a sleepy child begging for one last story before bedtime. “Would you like that, sweetling?” a soothing voice murmured into Kara’s ears. “Would you like a little memento to remind you of the lovely time we spent together?” Kara’s light brown chin moved up and down in thoughtless assent. A thin stream of saliva dribbled down it to soak into her pink blouse.

The lady in red chuckled. “Of course, you don’t want to really remember. Not with your whole mind. That would spoil the lovely little secret you and I are sharing together, isn’t that right, pretty girl?” Kara’s eyes followed the key back and forth, a dreamy smile spreading slowly across her face as her thoughts drifted back to the moment the stranger first sat down in the compartment across from her and began to idly swing the decorative bauble in time with the soothing motion of the train. It had been so easy to allow her deep brown eyes to lock onto the smooth, arcing movement of the polished metal. So easy to stare and lose track of... of time....

Kara was nodding again, she realized. It felt so nice that she never wanted to stop.

“Of course I’m right.” Kara didn’t pick up the subtle change between question and answer, not consciously. Her mind was preoccupied with the sensation of those strong, precise fingers as they wrung the last little bits of ecstasy from Kara’s slick, sated cunt. She never thought she could cum so many times, but the lady in red knew exactly where to touch Kara to melt her down into a squealing, squirming puddle of bliss. Even now, after hours of sitting between the stranger’s legs with her skirt up around her waist and her panties dangling loosely from one ankle to give her lover free access to Kara’s pussy, the helplessly hypnotized young woman couldn’t keep her mind off of her throbbing clit. She couldn’t possibly think about what the stranger was saying when she was horny and distracted like that.

But she could still listen. “You know that what you really want is to let those memories slip to the back of your mind, curling up like a lazy kitten deep down in your subconscious and resting there while you think about other things. Doesn’t that sound so good, my pretty dreamy girl? Doesn’t it sound so very nice to just let those memories sleep in your head and fill you up with warm, happy, drowsy pleasure all the time without even needing to know why?” Kara’s eyelids drooped, and her head slumped forward on her shoulders as the effort of nodding became a little bit more difficult for a moment. Her long, naturally curly bangs fell into her eyes, almost obscuring the key, but Kara didn’t need to see it to follow it with her gaze.

“That’s my good girl.” Kara felt warm lips kiss the nape of her neck, sending shivers of pride and pleasure down her spine. She never imagined praise could make her feel so happy. “I could tell from the moment I met you that you were going to be such a sweet, attentive little plaything for me.” The stranger pressed her fingers a little bit harder on Kara’s clit at the word ‘plaything’, eliciting a drowsy whimper from the hypnotized woman. Kara didn’t realize how many times she’d been conditioned like that to respond to certain special words and phrases... but she knew it felt utterly wonderful to be a toy for the lady in red.

“And it wouldn’t be fair to you to leave those memories locked away forever, would it? Not when they felt so good and made your pretty pussy so wet and needy for me.” Kara’s head wobbled as she tried to shake it from side to side and crashed headlong into the muscle memory of endless, helpless nodding in compliance to the mesmerizing flow of questions with only one answer. Her chin slumped fully forward onto her shoulders, her eyes now just a sliver of white behind fluttering eyelids as she tried to watch the key a little bit longer despite her complete exhaustion. Her body sagged against the lady in red, enjoying the warmth of the firm breasts pressing into her back as she sank even deeper into a profound trance.

“That’s right, pretty girl.” The lady in red kissed Kara’s neck again, tickling her skin with warm breath as she spoke in soft, soothing tones. “So we can lock those memories away... but I’m going to give you a very special key that will unlock them again. It’s going to be a lovely little gift from me to you, a very special keepsake that will help you find those memories whenever you’re feeling sleepy and horny and ready to be my good little slut. Doesn’t that sound just wonderful, my sweet pet?” Kara’s head felt too heavy to lift now. She let out a tiny grunt of agreement instead, somehow knowing that her Mistress would understand.

The lady in red let out a little chuckle. “Of course it does,” she purred, flicking out her tongue to gently lap at Kara’s skin. “Everything I tell you sounds wonderful, doesn’t it, pet?” Kara’s whole body shuddered in a release of tension, then went even more limp than before. She couldn’t make her hips rise up into the stranger’s teasing caresses, but it didn’t matter. Her Mistress knew exactly what she needed right now. Her Mistress told her exactly what she needed right now, and all Kara had to do was agree.

“So when we’re done here, pretty girl,” the lady in red continued, “when you finally wake up from this lovely little nap with all your memories of our time together safely locked away, I’m going to leave my special key with you. I know you can picture that key inside your empty little mind right now, can’t you?” Kara grunted affirmatively again—even though her eyelids had given up the struggle and slipped entirely shut, she was still watching the polished metal in her head as it dangled and swayed and caught the light in the most captivating way. She’d never stop seeing it, even if her conscious self wouldn’t necessarily know that it held her in its grip.

“And you won’t notice that key,” the lady in red went on, as if she barely even noticed Kara’s cunt leaking onto her thrusting, churning fingers. “It’s just going to sit there in the bottom of your purse until you get back to your very own home, to your very own bedroom, and then you’re simply going to hang it on a hook somewhere and not even think about it. It’s a simple little piece of decoration, a souvenir of a trip you took to visit some friends of yours.” Kara’s mind drifted forward to the first time in ages, thinking of her impending arrival in Philadelphia and the week she was so excited about spending with Hailey and the gang. Then the stranger rubbed Kara’s clit again and the thought popped like a bubble on the breeze.

She felt another slow, sleepy climax wash over her, the pleasure sucking her deeper down with its undertow until the lady in red’s instructions were a distant murmur in her ears. “But some nights, when you’re getting ready to sleep at the end of a long, exhausting day and you wander into the bedroom with your eyelids drooping and your pussy throbbing and your mind lost in a drowsy fog... you’re going to see that key. Really see it, not just let your eyes slide past it on the way to looking at other things but genuinely notice it. And you’re going to want to pick it up and hold it for a moment.”

Kara grunted again, but now it was barely more than a sigh. The rhythmic motion of the train and the hypnotic trance and the afterglow of climax after climax had left her teetering on the very edge of sleep, absorbing her programming without even a trace of thought to get in the way. Her mind melted into dream-babble, the lady in red’s words swimming in and out of her vacant consciousness as she struggled to focus on anything at all. “...going to hold it by the ribbon,” she heard, the rest of the sentence known only to her deepest self. “And you’re going to find yourself swinging it back and forth for me.”

Kara smiled dreamily, her mind already flowing easily and effortlessly into the fantasy that the lady in red narrated for her. “And as you watch the key, you’re going to find yourself wondering just what it unlocks as you slip deeper and deeper into trance for me. And when you’re finally deep enough, when you’re nice and relaxed and horny and ready to be my good girl again, you’re going to remember that what it unlocks is your cunt.” Kara sucked in a tiny gasp as the stranger teased her clit yet again, timing the words to the caress to send Kara ever further into the erotic spell that her Mistress wove around her.

“You’re going to lie back on the bed and spread those soft pretty thighs for me, and you’re going to push the key between those slick pussy lips and feel all those special memories flood back into your drowsy, obedient mind.” Kara whimpered softly, unable to move and yet unable to resist the tide of arousal that flooded through her sleepy body. She could picture the scene in every detail, feel it with every sense. The sensation of the smooth, cool metal against her feverish flesh felt as real to her as the fingers inside her cunt at that very moment.

“And the more you remember, the more you’re going to want to be my brainwashed slut. The more you’re going to ache to be mine, crave my touch and my words and my programming to make you ever more obedient and compliant to my will. And that need, that desire... it’s going to make you cum so hard for me, sweet girl. That key is going to feel like the biggest, thickest toy you can imagine inside your soaking cunt, and you’re going to fuck yourself to sleep thinking about being hypnotized and turned into a mindless needy fucktoy for your Mistress. Isn’t that right?” Kara couldn’t answer. The trance within the fantasy within the trance had separated her so completely from her own mind that her body was as limp as a dishrag in the lady in red’s arms.

But she didn’t need to answer, not when her Mistress knew exactly how much control she now held over the helpless woman slumped against her. “That’s my good girl,” the stranger purred, stroking Kara’s tight curls with the hand that Kara could still only picture in her mind’s eye as holding the key that sent her ever deeper. The key to her mind, the key to her heart, the key to her will. Kara knew that even though she was taking it home with her, it truly belonged to the lady in red... and so did Kara.

“And just like I’m giving you a gift, you can give me one in return.” Kara’s sleepy mind soared with joy at the thought of pleasing her lover, and even though she had no idea what the lady in red would ask for she already wanted with all her heart to give it to her. “Don’t worry, I won’t ask for much. Just a name, a phone number, an address. A way to get in touch with you once my suggestions have had a chance to fully sink in and you’re ready for the next step in our friendship. Doesn’t that sound absolutely perfect, my dear?” Kara didn’t respond. Her mind was descending into slumber, the bottom dropping out from under her drowsy consciousness despite her best efforts and sending her plummeting deep into oblivion. But as deeply controlled as she was, her Mistress didn’t need an answer to know just how Kara was going to respond.