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The following is a work of fiction. It is humbly dedicated to all the readers who enjoy mind control fiction. Thanks to all for any feedback and please do not reproduce without express permission. Unless you are Kris P. Kreme. Thanks.

~ E. N.


Mary was upset. She had been ever since she first discovered her boyfriend had some kinks she just couldn’t understand. Mind control, what kind of freaky shit was that? Imagining guys controlling a girl’s mind and warping their actions into compliant little fuck bunnies. It was perverted and just plain sick.

Having been raised a good Catholic girl, Mary knew of temptation. She knew the allure of giving in to primal urges and she admitted she wasn’t exactly the best example of innocence herself. After all she did live with the boy out of wedlock. But still, mind control? Just the fact that Jack got off to stuff like that was embarrassing, she thought. But knowing he was spending time most nights surfing the net and chatting with other perverts who shared this kink was even worse. He’d assured her it was all just fantasy, nothing serious. And he’d promised her that fantasy was good for a relationship. It was why he told her about it in the first place. But Jack had revealed a bit too much. Mary wasn’t sure who he was anymore and for nearly a week she debated what her next action might be.

On Monday morning when Jack announced he had a conference to attend out of town for several days, Mary saw her opportunity and realized what she had to do. It may be nosey of her, but Mary was going to check his computer and look through some of these online mind control sites. It seemed the only way she’d be able to trust him again. Having fantasies was one thing. Wanting to control girls for your own pleasure was just wrong though.

Mary had a job at a local church daycare. It wasn’t Catholic but she’d kind of fallen away from family tradition in her religious life and had joined the membership of a local protestant congregation. She enjoyed the work, the kids, their parents, and the church staff. It was an easy job and one she only worked afternoons at. That left her mornings free. So right as Jack kissed her goodbye and shut the door, Mary was on the computer.

It wasn’t like he was trying to hide anything. His search history showed all the recent sites he’d visited. There were easily a dozen of one site in just the past week. Concerned and prepared for anything, Mary clicked on the first in that list. There was almost a sense of relief that filled her as the screen didn’t come up with any graphic pictures of nude women with spirally eyes or their hands out in zombie-like poses. She’d been assuming that was what Jack might be into. When one tells you they’re into erotic mind control, what else are you supposed to assume?

No, the page was just text, a story in fact, one by someone called Kris P. Kreme. Now Mary had eaten the donuts before and actually found them quite a tasty snack, even if they weren’t the kind of thing her strict diet allowed for. But now, Mary was realizing that she might never look at donuts the same way again. The story was called The Craving and to no surprise was about a man who ran a donut shop. She skimmed down the page, reading little bits and getting a sense for the overall plot. It was decent writing, maybe not award-winning, but well put together and with a clear goal of getting girls to have unprotected and wild sex after either eating donuts or being in the vicinity of someone who did. She clicked on the following page, noticing this was a multi-chaptered tale, not some simple quick stroke story. And soon Mary was diving right in, reading each line and actually leaning towards the screen as she did.

Watching the game slowly became more and more tedious and Susan was beginning to get hungry. She’d skipped breakfast in the morning and that always made her cranky. Looking over to the box of donuts, Susan realized there wasn’t any reason she couldn’t have just one. After all Kris had asked her opinion of the new glaze. Sliding the box open, she inhaled the fresh baked smell. Closing her eyes she could just imagine how wonderful they tasted. She watched her weight very strictly but freshly baked donuts always had been a weakness. Reaching down she took one donut from the corner of the box and pulled it up to her lips.

Breathing in deeply, Susan let the game slip into the background, all surrounding people fade away as she bit down into the soft moist glaze. In only several bites the donut was gone and she was licking her fingers. Wow, she thought, that had been the most fantastic donut she’d ever had. It not only tasted fresh, but almost had an addictive quality like caffeine or something. She could feel her stomach just begging for more as she went back to watching the action on the field and noticed several young men looking her way. They didn’t look too much older than her son and seemed to have enjoyed her frantic consumption of the gooey donut. She simply smiled their way.

The game was progressing nicely, but Susan wasn’t. She had been uncomfortable in her seat for several minutes and knew just what the problem was. She really wanted more donuts. She couldn’t help it. One just wasn’t enough. Reaching down into the box, she let her fingers mush into the warm glaze and pulled another up to her mouth. In almost no time this donut was gone and she was sucking on each and every finger, eager to get every last bit of fresh creamy goodness off her hands. Again she noticed the boys watching her. There were several of them and they completely ignored the game, choosing instead to watch the curvy soccer-mom slurp and lick at her fingers in such a suggestive way. She smiled at them and winked, sliding her index finger all the way in her mouth and then slowly letting it slide back out.

Mary was so into the story that she nearly missed what time it was. Looking up at the clock on the corner of the screen, she cursed the distractions and closed the browser window. What was wrong with Jack, reading things like that? It was disturbing and wrong. She had to admit though, there was a moment, only a moment, when she felt just a little flushed and tingly down there. Something about the loss of control, the feelings of being manipulated by one’s desires, there was just a little that Mary thought she might see the point of.

Work was great as always that Monday afternoon. The kids had crafts and glued macaroni noodles to construction paper in the shapes of their favorite animals. She’d just finished helping little Johnny with his picture of a cow when the church secretary stepped in with a plate of donuts.

“Hey Mary, how’s everything going down here?” She asked.

Mary found herself staring at the plate of donuts. Something in her mind, a switch seemed to toggle on and she couldn’t help but think back to that story she’d read on Jack’s computer. “Everything’s good.” She answered. “What’s that you have there?”

“Just some snacks. Thought I’d see if you guys were hungry.”

“Hungry, yes, that’s great.” Mary said. Her neck felt warm and she began to get those tingles she’d been fighting while reading The Craving. “Kids, what do we tell Mrs. Wilson.”

There was a loud collective “Thank you” that came from all the children busily finishing up their pictures.

Mary took the plate of donuts and sat it down on one of the craft tables. Stepping aside, she let the kids dig in and went to speak to Mrs. Wilson. Her thoughts were rather distant as they exchanged the normal pleasantries and watched the donuts slowly vanish. Mary was absentmindedly clutching a hand to her breast as she counted down the donuts until only two were left. She questioned why she was so focused on them. Why was she letting a stupid porn story on her boyfriend’s computer get to her? But the donuts were glazed, she thought. How could she not want to be glazed just like those lucky girls in that story?

“Mary? Mary? Did you hear me?” Mrs. Wilson asked.

“Oh... um I’m sorry. What were you saying?” Mary said. She pulled her hand away from her chest and felt her cheeks blush.

“I asked if everything was okay with you and Jack. You haven’t mentioned him in over a week now.”

Jack, Mary thought, it was all Jack’s fault. His and his stupid fetish. She forced a smile and looked back at the plate of donuts. “Jack’s fine. He’s away on business so I won’t be seeing him for a few more days.”

“That’s too bad, but at least you have something to look forward to.” The woman said, walking away.

Mary found herself gorging on the two remaining donuts not two minutes later. She stuffed them in her mouth, eating like a starved child and letting the moist glaze coat her lips and part of her chin. She ignored everything else in the room, paying no attention when one child began bickering with another over a toy, showing little concern when Johnny began pulling macaroni off the back of his cow and trying to shoot the noodles from his nostrils. No, all Mary could focus on was the delicious taste of the warm donuts sliding down her throat, the way the glaze was still just moist enough to shoot those sparks of flavor into her tongue. She couldn’t even hardly speak when little Suzy came up to ask her if she was okay.

She wasn’t okay, Mary thought. This is what giving into perversions like Jack’s did to a person. If one little story about donuts could do this to someone, she hated to imagine what anything more could do. Her mind told her that looking through Jack’s online fantasies probably wasn’t such a great idea, not if it could make a wholesome girl like herself spend half an hour in the restroom after work masturbating over the thoughts of having some complete stranger shooting his cum all over her. She just wasn’t able to help it. Eating those donuts seemed like only the catalyst to the problem. Getting off over the mental picture of being glazed herself was the natural conclusion.

That evening, despite convincing herself that she should just leave Jack’s fantasies a mystery, Mary again was sitting at his computer reading another story. This was yet another by Kris P. Kreme, and she had quickly come to realize Jack had a favorite author on this site. At least this one wasn’t about donuts, Mary thought. It was called Sampling Candy and was about a girl who started working in a small store. Apparently, she couldn’t have guessed this store would lead to some interesting positions for her.

Luke really began giving it to the girl now. He’d enjoyed fucking the girl in front of her boss and that had added an extra thrill to the sampling, but he really did need to be getting back to his own work. Letting his hands fall to Candy’s young hips, the man really started humping the girl, knocking her forward so much that even he questioned the strength of the card table.

“Ohhh, ummmmm... oh yeahhh...” Candy hissed, trying her best to control the volume as she felt her womb swallow up every jab this man sent her way. He was so deep inside her, she’d never felt the sensations she now was experiencing and not screaming out was proving quite a challenge. Still, she thought as he slapped into her more and more rapidly, challenges were good for her. She could prove what a good employee she’d be here at the Quik-stop.

Pulling the girl by the hips on and off his cock, Luke smiled and grit his teeth. “Unghh.. ohhh.” The man grunted as he packed his cock all the way inside Candy and flooded her belly full of his seed. For at least a minute or so, the two remained joined as they were, Candy hunched over her sample table and Luke shaking slightly as he continued to erupt inside the girl. As he finally withdrew and began zipping up his pants, Candy barely managed to pull herself to her feet. She left her panties on the floor with her bra and loved the warm squishy feelings of sperm trickling down her legs as she tugged her jeans back on.

“Thanks,” Luke said. “Enjoy the rest of your first day.”

“Thank you sir, please come again.” Candy said, waving as he walked off down the aisle.

Mary’s eyes were heavy as she ended up reading all of this story as well. There was something to them, she thought. They weren’t bad reading, but the subject matter was clearly disturbed, nothing a good girl like her would ever be into. But damn, she thought, if it didn’t give her a pleasant tingly feeling all over. Maybe simply reading wasn’t so bad. But if Jack ever expected her to bend over and let him sample her that way, he had another thing coming.

That night, Mary tossed and turned a little. She was convinced it was nothing but insomnia, but her mind kept going over and over those girls in the stories. It was sick what some of them did. Innocent girls reduced to horny little fuck bunnies. Even thinking those words wasn’t usually in character for Mary, but that’s what they were. Susan and Candy, the others in those stories, they were victims who’d come out enjoying the crimes against them. How could Jack really enjoy stuff like that?

On Tuesday morning, Mary woke up later than normal. She was slow to get dressed, eventually simply walking into the living room with her pajamas still on. She grabbed some coffee and sat down at the computer. It wasn’t long before she was reading another Kris P. Kreme tale, this one even kinkier than the last two. It was called Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun and had started out even having a little rhyme to it. She actually found herself giggling a little at the silly dialogue of Lenny as he apparently walked around an apartment complex granting perverted wishes.

Jim let his hungry eyes roam his wife’s body. Then he looked at Lenny. “Nice rhyme little man but where’s this drink I’m supposed to enjoy?”

Lenny grinned even wider, his crooked yellow teeth showing. “The young lass your wife has a bountiful chest, I think you should enjoy drinking milk from her breasts.”

“What?” Gina cried out, her head swooning a little as she listened to the strange little man.

Jim turned to his wife as she stood on shaky legs. She just barely seemed to be holding herself up as her eyes closed and she leaned her head back. Again both her tank top straps had fallen from her shoulders and with her posture leaning back as she was, Jim couldn’t help watching her bulging cleavage.

“Oh god, what... what’s happening.” Gina moaned as she felt a tightness in her chest. She reached up and slid her straps back up onto her shoulders, opening her eyes and looking down. Her breasts were feeling heavy. No, she thought suddenly, not her breasts, her tits.

“Oh shit, oh help Jim, help me.” Gina whimpered as her right shoulder strap snapped off. She looked down and her hands flew to her tits, taking one in each hand and pressing tightly into her chest. They were growing, she couldn’t believe it, but they were growing. Her left shoulder strap was now digging into her skin and her tits appeared to be inflating like balloons. They’d left their former C-cup glory behind and entered what appeared to be DD-cup territory as the strap finally broke and only her hands were holding her top in place.

Mary clicked off of the story, disgusted with where it was going. Mind control was bad enough, but now apparently Jack enjoyed breast expansion and lactation too. What kind of pervert was she living with? Just the thought of all that woman was experiencing made Mary feel... well she felt tingly. But it was wrong. She shouldn’t be letting stuff like that get to her. She was a good girl with normal fantasies. Girl’s like her didn’t like thinking about lactation in any way other than the way God intended.

She hastily got dressed and headed to work. That afternoon the daycare seemed like a hectic mess. Mary was having more difficulty than normal keeping up with all the kids. She had the younger ones taking a nap in one room, but the few older boys were roughhousing and refused to settle down. She gave up at one point and went down the hall to get something to drink. She was just about ready to put the quarters in the drink machine when she saw the refrigerator nearby. For some reason, Mary had the urge to see what drinks were inside and even as she put the coins back in her pocket, she knew what she was hoping for.

There it was, on the second shelf, a big bottle of milk. Mary licked her lips just thinking about how good it would taste, the cold liquid sliding down into her belly. It would be like heaven she thought, unsure why this unnatural craving for milk seemed so strong.

Returning to the room where the older boys still ran wild, Mary felt much more calm and happy. The glass of milk she sipped on was more than what she needed. It was perfect. The way it made her chest cool and the room seem downright cold, Mary was completely at ease with the stresses of a tough day.

It was ten minutes later when one of the kids asked the question that started her down a path.

“Ms. Mary, where does milk come from?”

She sipped another big gulp down and smiled at the boy who’d asked the question. At least they weren’t bouncing off the walls anymore. “Milk comes from cows.” She said, pointing over at some of the macaroni noodle cows now clipped to the wall.

“Yeah, but my mommy said something about her giving milk when my little brother was born. Is she a cow?” The boy asked. The two other boys stopped playing and walked over, looking up at Mary.

Sipping down the last of her milk, Mary was feeling almost drunk from the good sensations the cool liquid provided. She smiled at the three kids and nodded her head. “Yes, mommies can give milk when they have babies. But your mommy’s not a cow.”

The boys laughed and exchanged looks, then asked Mary the question she never saw coming. “So can you give milk?” One asked. “Yeah, is that where you got that milk?” Another boy asked.

Each question caused an unexpected tightness to form in Mary’s stomach. She didn’t want to say anything. She wanted to laugh off the questions, move on to more appropriate subjects, but for some reason she said what she said next and it would be those words that began her downward spiral of the day.

“Ms. Mary could give milk if some stud would just knock her up.”

She clamped her hand over her mouth. Why had she said that? Where had it even come from? Why on earth would she speak that way to kids she worked with.

“What’s ‘knock her up’ mean?” One boy asked.

Mary felt her cheeks burning red. She was horrified at what she had just told these boys. And now she wasn’t sure how to handle it. She looked around the room and tried to find any way out of this, any distraction she could use to change the subject. Unfortunately, the boys seemed to have latched onto the phrase and before too long were running wild again, yelling it over and over again like some sick chant.

“Knock her up, knock her up, knock her up.”

She’d barely gotten them quiet when the parents began arriving and Mary probably looked about as guilty as she’d ever looked in her life, especially when the boy’s fathers picked them up. She couldn’t keep from staring at the men’s pants, wondering what size cocks they had, how hot it would feel sliding deep inside her and doing just what the boys had demanded. She again spent a while in the restroom working through the tension, picturing her tits growing big and milky, imagining herself squeezing those big fleshy milk bags and even going so far as to wonder where the nearest farm was with a real milking machine. Mary could just see it now, herself all strapped in tight with hoses pulling and pumping at her nipples, sucking the life-giving milk from her teats. It was with that one scenario playing over and over in her mind that Mary spread her legs in the bathroom stall and came harder than she had her entire life.

That night, she skipped the computer and went straight to bed. She was exhausted for many reasons, not the least of which was struggling to overcome the perverted thrill she’d gotten getting off at work. For some reason, the fantasies refused to let her rest. She was tossing and turning much of the night, imagining herself standing in a supermarket aisle letting kids and adults come by and sexually use her body. She saw the name tag she wore and realized she was Candy. She was the free samples girl.

Men and boys enjoyed using Mary in her dreams. They fucked her every way she wanted them to and naturally she never used protection. Why would she use any protection when what she really wanted was all that thick sperm deep inside her belly, making her pregnant, big and pregnant? She wanted milk erupting from her bloated tits. She wanted those tits to grow and grow and grow. It’s all she dreamed about other than the progressively long line of willing men with ready cocks.

Waking late again, Mary rolled over and noticed how tender her breasts were. She sat up in bed, her hair falling across her face, tangled and unkempt from all the rolling around she’d done the night before. Standing before the vanity, Mary let her pajamas fall to the floor. Her tits were swollen. They weren’t larger really, just swollen looking, as though she’d been abusing them all night, pinching, pulling, squeezing. It sent chills down her spine every time she touched even the edge of one of her breasts. Staring at the ragged young woman in the mirror, Mary realized what she really looked like. She looked like she’d been fucked. The woman looking back wasn’t the innocent Mary from a couple of days ago. This was a woman who either fucked all day, or needed to fuck all day.

She called in sick. For the first time since taking the job, Mary called in sick. And the worst part was, she knew she wasn’t sick. At least not sick in the traditional sense. But Mary was growing concerned that she might have something sick inside her mind, something just as bad as what was inside Jack’s mind. Jack, she thought. Just another day and a half and Jack would return. Even now she felt a longing for him to be home. Maybe then things would return to normal. Maybe then he could explain himself for the messed up fetish he’d revealed. Maybe then... he could fuck her brains out.

Mary shook her head. Where were these thoughts coming from? Why couldn’t she just keep a clear head? She got dressed, straightened her hair up, and sat down at the computer again with a cup of coffee. As if her hands had a mind of their own, she found herself clicking on yet another of the stories Jack had been reading recently. Not surprisingly, it was another of Mr. Kreme’s works. This one was titled Photo Sensitive and was about a perverted photographer who made two innocent girls in a mall the latest subjects of his dirty little mind fuck. Mary found herself biting her lip and clenching her thighs tightly as she read of this man’s fun.

Henry Hallentine continually snapped pictures, the flash practically blinding the young girl as she frantically masturbated in public, bracing herself with one hand on the edge of the fountain, her other losing three fingers deep in her cunt. She was beginning to moan when Henry gave her further instructions.

“Excellent, okay stop for a minute. Now what I really need is another person to join you.”

Looking around, Henry saw a couple of the boys Eliza had noticed a moment ago. He grinned and waved at them. “You boys, come here, I’d like to use you in some portraits, would that be okay?” As he asked the question, he snapped off a couple of pictures of the two kids. They looked to be older high school students to Eliza, as she watched in amazement. Neither boy even questioned what was going on, they simply walked over next to Rachel who was still posing topless with her skirt partially raised and her wet cunt leaking on the rim of the fountain where she sat.

“Great, boys, you both look excellent. Now each of you suck on a tit. Yeah, that’s right. Just lean down and suck hard. Great job, really swallow all the flesh you can, cram her tits in your mouths.”

Eliza could barely believe this was the same girl she’d entered the mall with. There she was, leaning back as two teenagers attempted to swallow her tits, sucking and licking until her chest gleamed with saliva. Rachel simply seemed to be enjoying the whole experience as she moaned and closed her eyes, biting her lip in pleasure.

Mary was moaning in pleasure, living and breathing as though she were the one being photographed. She leaned back in the desk chair and let go of the keyboard, shoving one hand down her pants. She gasped and felt her thighs clamp around her hand, squeezing like a vice as she tried to get herself off. Lifting her other hand, she reached up under her shirt and latched onto a full swollen tit. Pulling hard on her own nipple, Mary twitched in orgasm as she got off to the story of Henry Hallentine.

She wished he was there taking photos of her, making her hornier than she could imagine. She imagined every flash of the camera, every pose she could take. She saw herself in a crowded mall, being leered at by dozens of men. And then she saw Jack as the photographer, Jack forcing her to assume poses and strip her clothes off. She saw Jack sending guys in to fuck her, taking dirty photos of all they made her do. And of course, she imagined all of them loading her down with thick creamy semen, filling her body up so she’d be sure to get nice and pregnant. Jack would probably like that. She knew Mr. Kreme would.

That afternoon, Mary woke from a pleasure-induced nap and looked at herself in the mirror again. What was happening to her? She was turning into some sort of nymphomaniac. She had to stop looking at those stories. Clearly they were the cause of this, and probably they were what warped her boyfriend’s mind as well. He was a decent guy, elder in his church, charity worker like her. Why else would someone like him get off on controlling girls in such a filthy manner? And knocking them up, where did that even fit in? But there the theme was, in so many of these stories. Mary was posing before the mirror without even being aware of it. When she finally did notice, she had her ass thrust out, one hand on her hip and the other was lifting her shirt to bare her tits. She had nice tits, Mary thought, really nice big ones. They’d be even bigger filled with milk, she thought, grinning.

After chastising herself again for letting her mind run away, Mary realized she needed something to distract her from all this. She returned to the computer, but this time it was to check her email, not get off to some perverted story. There was only one message that wasn’t junk and it was from Jack. It said he was missing her every day and hoped she was missing him. He mentioned wanting to treat her to whatever she wanted when he came back on Friday. Sweet, she thought, really sweet. How could she think of him as a pervert? Fantasies never hurt anyone.

Ten minutes later, Mary was back in his stash of recent links, looking forward to the next Kris P. Kreme tale. This one amped up the kink even more. It was called SINtendo Whee and featured a game system that a kid and his friends decided to play. It wasn’t the sex between them that got to Mary this time, it was when the kid’s older sister got involved. What the hell was that about? She read the story, noticing how strangely tense she was getting and this was a new kind of tension. Something was so addictive about reading these stories, even if they apparently did involve some fairly sick ideas. Not only pregnancy, but getting the sister involved. She had to read the rest.

Kevin descended upon his sister hungrily and slammed his hips forward shoving all of his newly hardened cock deep inside her. She wasn’t as tight as Jessica had been but that just made it easier for him as he began humping her like a dog in heat.

“Oh yes, Oh please, oh come on!” Melissa screamed as her little brother fucked her into the floor. She remembered learning in college that with her hips raised as they were his sperm would get just where it needed to go. Her tits as they were bounced hard, knocking her on the chin with each brutal stab.

“Unghh.. yess, this is incredible. This is what you deserve you bitch. For all the times you told on me or bossed me around. Take it now, take my cock.” Kevin announced holding tightly onto Melissa’s hips and jack-hammering into her cunt. He watched her tits bounce around and her hair slide back from her face. Her eyes held pure lust, no reluctancy at all. This is what she existed for, his pleasure.

“Oh ,Oh, Oh yes, fill me with your baby batter brother, make me your whore.” Melissa moaned and shook as she felt Kevin increasing his pace.

In no time, Kevin felt it was about to happen, he was about to complete the game. “Here it is, take it all Sis.” He yelled his entire body twitching as he unloaded.

Melissa cried out one last time and felt her brother pumping untold amounts of cum into her. It easily felt like a gallon this time and her belly even plumped out slightly as her womb filled to capacity and beyond. She was truly full. She looked back at the screen as did Kevin.

Probability of Insemination 150%.

“Yes” she cried out, “Oh yes, you did it Kevin, you knocked me up.”

Mary collapsed back in the seat, nearly falling onto the floor. Why did that affect her so strongly? She’d just caught herself masturbating yet again while reading about this girl getting fucked pregnant by her own little brother. It was so messed up, so controlled, manipulated. It was the loss of control, Mary realized. It had to be the loss of control. She just couldn’t be all hot and bothered because the idea of getting pregnant made her that way. And it couldn’t be the family involvement. That was just wrong. Although resting in the computer chair, Mary had to wonder what fucking her own little brother would be like. He was a handsome boy, just in college recently, playing football. She touched herself some more, imagining her brother forcing her onto the floor, making her beg like a dog, and finally plugging away at her until sperm flowed all down her thighs. She gasped, and yanked her hands away from her cunt. What was wrong with her? Seriously, this was beginning to get even worse.

Mary forced her mind onto other topics for the rest of the afternoon. She watched some TV, ate a nice dinner, and tried to convince herself it was the power of suggestion. Reading stories didn’t make someone act that way. It couldn’t.

She slept peacefully that night, one small relief mixed in with another greater concern. She had dreams, but Mary wasn’t fighting those dreams anymore. She was happy to be imagining herself as a slut. She was excited that the men in her dreams all wanted to breed her like a whore and make her drink the milk from her expanding tits. Even the part where her brother made a cameo appearance for a few minutes didn’t shock Mary from her sleep. Only the pleasant sensation of sucking something in between her lips made Mary open her eyes.

She was groggy and a little confused when she looked down at what she was sucking on. At first, Mary assumed she might still be dreaming, but the feelings were much too strong and her hands, though blurry, were clearly working hard. She sat up, letting her nipple drop from her lips. Both hands had hoisted one of her breasts up and pulled and shoved until she apparently gave in and began slurping on the hard nipple. There was drool covering the surface of her tits. Mary realized she must’ve been sucking on her tits like a baby all night. That worried her. Though she felt more concerned in the reaction she had at seeing no milk dripping from her nipples. That reaction was disappointment, plain and simple regret that she wasn’t able to force lactation on herself. The girls in those stories were able to do that. Why couldn’t she?

Mary got up and didn’t even bother getting dressed. It was Thursday and she’d already told work she’d be away the rest of the week. She enjoyed strolling around naked, feeling the cool air on her skin. Around midday, she even opened all the blinds, letting in all the light she could. She wondered whether anyone might see her, any peeping neighbors may catch a glimpse of Mary, good Catholic-raised Mary walking around her home without anything on. With a smile, she realized she hoped they did see her. She hoped they got a look at her tits, her feminine curves, her luscious soft hair. She wanted men to be fantasizing about screwing her brains out. She wanted them cumming in their pants from what they saw. Just imagining this made her hornier than ever and that was something easily taken care of.

Mary sat down at the computer and quickly pulled up the list of stories Jack was into. She was liking his taste in this fetish. Sure, some might think it sick, but Mary loved the loss of control. She almost couldn’t wait to see what came up next. Her eyes widened when she read the title of this one. Of course it was another story courtesy of Mr. Kreme. That guy really got around didn’t he? But this story had her name in the title. It was called Eat, Drink, and Do Mary. What a great title, she thought. Just the title was enough to get her blood pumping and thighs tingly. But Mary planned on reading just what happened to poor little Mary in this lurid tale. She quickly got lost in the story.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she arched her back up off the table and felt his cock swell and practically explode inside her, painting her cunt white with hot seed that soaked into her womb. The man jacking his cock above her face shot his load right after Patrick, spraying a surprisingly thick volume of creamy cum all over her chin and chest, coating each tit in a thick glaze of liquid.

Mary hardly had a moment to think, as Patrick pulled out and another man quickly took his place. Her cunt was again filled with thick eager cock and she was pounded even harder and more frantically. Her body took all the abuse and she reveled in the sheer pleasure of so many willing men dominating her in such a carnal way. For some reason, she had no idea what else there was to do in life. Letting cock after cock fuck her into a stupor seemed like the best possible activity for her days, and she lay back to enjoy it.

“Fuck me baby, come on fuck me.” She grunted as soon yet another man was spraying semen deep inside her.

The men just kept coming and cumming, one after another after another taking her and treating her like their personal sperm bank. Before long, Mary’s cunt was wide open and liberally oozing the seed of nine men. Her tits were red and sore and most of her upper body was saturated in sperm as well. And yet even then, the men were far from done with Mary Pate. Each of them thought it strange that they just kept getting hard over and over again, but the very sight of a young slut like Mary ready and eager to accept their cocks was too much to put much thought into.

Mary jumped as the doorbell rang. She’d been so caught up in the fucking of the story Mary, she almost forgot where she was. Breathing slowly, she pushed away from the computer desk and walked across the living room. Looking through the peephole, she saw a delivery man. He was big, strong, and all kinds of sexy. As hot and worked up as Mary was now, she simply had to look again. The doorbell rang as Mary was practically undressing the delivery man through the peephole.

“Hold on, just a second.” Mary called out, trying to make her voice sound like it came from somewhere deeper in the house.

She looked down and noticed she was still nude. Her tits were flattened out against the door, the cold surface teasing her erect nipples. She giggled and found herself getting even more worked up. She knew what she wanted to do and there was no denying herself this little thrill.

Throwing the door wide open, Mary stood completely nude before the startled delivery man. He held a small package and pad in his hand but that wasn’t the package Mary was interested in. Before he even said a word, she grabbed him and pulled him forward into the house.

“Um... ma’am. I’m afraid I can’t...” His voice simply faded off as Mary wagged her finger in front of his face.

“Oh no you don’t. You can’t get away that easily. I’m a big girl and I know how to take care of you.”

Mary pressed into the man, looking up into his big brown eyes. Her tits squashed deliciously against his chest, his muscles rippling with tension. Sliding down to her knees, Mary let her hard nipples drag along his shirt, taunting the thick tent she found in his pants. Looking up at him from the floor, Mary did what no good girl ever did, especially with some man they didn’t even know. She unzipped his pants and reached a slender hand inside, grasping at what she found waiting there.

His cock was large, maybe not as large as Jack’s, but it was more than enough to slide down her throat. Mary spent ten delightfully stretched out minutes sucking on the delivery man, sliding her tongue along every ridge in his shaft, thrusting it into the back of her virginal throat. She’d never taken a man in this hole and suddenly she was imagining how wrong that was. How could she not let every guy who wanted shove his cock in her face and screw her skull? Even her brother, back when they were both at home. The poor boy probably had lots of stress he could have worked out if she’d only taken the time to blow him.

When the delivery driver finally left, it was with a big smile on his embarrassed face. He’d filled Mary’s tummy up with fresh hot semen. She could still taste it as she sat back down at the computer to finish reading some stories. The funny thing was that the man had the wrong address. He was looking for her neighbor’s house, not hers. Still, she thought happily, the man did deliver a very nice package.

That evening found Mary still nude, drifting off into a peaceful sleep. She dreamed of being dominated by big burly men, having them defile her in public, shove their big cocks deep inside her, fill her with so much cum, she became bloated and wouldn’t fit into her clothes. She imagined being used for money, being used for sport. Most of all, Mary imagined being used for breeding purposes. No matter how kinky or what direction her dreams took her, Mary kept fantasizing about getting good and knocked up. She wanted it more than anything. And when she woke up, the only thought on her mind was Jack. He would be home this afternoon. She had to do some things to be ready for him. She had to make sure Jack appreciated her more.

After getting dressed, something Mary liked only because she now found the thought of undressing later to be arousing, she went and did some shopping. Her first stop was the mall and local Victoria’s Secret store. Once there, she bought the skimpiest bra and panties she could find. She actually thought about what would look the hottest when Jack got home, her nude, or her in just her underwear. She decided the underwear left a little to the imagination and that might make Jack even more eager to ravish her. Next she stopped at a local Planned Parenthood place and gave them some longwinded talk about her and her ‘husband’ trying for many months to get pregnant. Whether they believed her story or not, she at least got away with some fertility pills and magic little blue pills for Jack. There wasn’t anything a girl couldn’t talk a guy out of when she used the right persuasive techniques.

Mary realized she might need to set the mood a little and got some candles at a shop she saw off the highway. While there, she noticed an adult store down the street and picked up a few porn movies Jack would probably get a kick out of. She didn’t mind whatever he wanted to use to get up for fucking her stupid. As long as she was happy and filled with cream, Mary saw the rest as window dressing.

Once back home, Mary took the phone off the hook, showered, and got dressed in only her new purchases. Then she lit some candles and waited for Jack to walk in. The hours seemed to drag on forever and several times Mary was tempted to go to the computer and read more of this Kris P. Kreme’s work. She wanted to be hot and bothered. She wanted Jack to throw her down and screw her like a bitch in heat. She just wished he’d get there already.

About three in the afternoon, the doorknob jiggled and she heard a key unlocking it. Mary felt more than giddy. She felt more than just horny. Mary felt like a naughty girl and naughty girls knew just what to do for fun.

“Mary, I’m home. Are you here?” Jack said. He walked in and laid his keys down on the table by the door. He hardly even turned around before Mary had pressed in close behind him.

“Hey there stud, ready to fuck me pregnant?” Mary said. She spoke low and dirty, trying to emulate all those sluts he read about. He had to know she meant what she was saying.

Jack turned and looked down at the girl. His eyes were as wide as cue balls, and nearly as white. There was pure silenced shock as he let those eyes roam up and down his girlfriend. Mary loved the fact he was speechless, even more the fact he seemed to tremble a bit beneath her embracing arms. She let go of his torso, stepped back and did a spin for him.

“I take it you like the new me.”

Jack slowly nodded, his voice catching once in his throat before he finally spit out some words. “Mary, what... what happened to you?”

She loved his shyness. He’d always been the typical male, never shy around her, always knowing just what was going on. Finally she had him at a disadvantage. She knew her tits were heaving over the cups of the bra she’d bought. She knew her wet cunt was clearly showing through the sheer panties she’d gotten. Most of all, she knew Jack liked her body. This may have been the most he’d ever seen of it at one time. She giggled and played with her tits, jiggling them up and down, pinching inward and causing the nipples to stand at attention.

“Me, what happened to me Jack? Well, you know you mentioned liking erotic mind control. So I looked at your computer. Guess what I was surprised to find? Stories. I then decided to look over some of those stories you seem to like so much. I never knew they could be so fucking hot.”

Mary paused and Jack gasped a little at her language.

“Oh yes, I say fuck now.” Mary said. “And better than that, I’ve decided I want to be your plaything. I want you to control me, take over what I do, how I act, who I fuck. In fact, you can do whatever you want to me. Just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?” Jack asked, his voice very thin, but a grin forming.

“I want you to knock me up. Fuck me so much I can feel your cum in my throat. Fuck me full of babies and make my tits swell with milk. I want to be attached to a milking machine while you breed me like the stud you are. Just promise me that.”

Jack was taking off his clothes right there as she finished talking. She never even got her next sentence out before he had grabbed her into his arms and ripped her bra cups down, feeding a nipple into his mouth. He made out with Mary more than they’d ever made out before. It was the kind of passion and madness described in those stories he liked. Mary forgot about the old Mary, the dull girl who thought of him as some sexual deviant. She forgot about the girl who enjoyed keeping kids all afternoon. But what she didn’t forget was the task of spending this afternoon making kids. She wanted Jack fucking her however he wanted. If he wanted to fuck her ass, her throat, her big sloppy titties, that was all up to him. The important thing was, he got some of that sperm up inside her.

They separated for only a minute as she downed the fertility pills and handed him the ones he might enjoy. After falling all over each other, she found herself on the floor by the computer sucking her boyfriend off. She deep-throated his cock, swallowing it down and gagging on it as much as she could force herself to. She leaned over, pressing her tits into his legs and noticed him shiver every time they made contact.

Mary took to calling Jack Master when he finally sank his cock up inside her as she bent forward over the couch. He rammed into her hard, not taking any chances of just how far he needed his seed to go. She screamed and moaned, shouting towards the windows, hoping someone could hear what was happening to her. She wanted the world to know what a slut she could be. She wanted everyone to hear her getting mated.

“Fuck me Master, fuck my brains out! Fuck me harder, harder. Please! Deeper.” Mary cried out things she’d never dreamed of saying. This was a fantasy come to life and she intended to never let it end.

Jack and she ended up rutting away on the dining room table, her hips elevated just like she’d read about in those stories. She wanted all that cum to stay inside her, to fill her womb, to impregnate her and make her the woman Jack wanted her to be. Her tits shook violently as they fucked, nearly slapping at her chin and making loud crude noises. Mary hoped Jack paid attention. If he thought they made noises now, just wait until she went up a few cup sizes. Mary planned to do whatever it took to increase the size of her tits. Surgery was a last option but she felt confident there were natural ways of blowing up her breasts. Any way was worth trying. She just wanted to be his pregnant big-boobed whore. Who cared about being all pure and innocent when a stud like Jack could take charge? She felt tingly feelings all over, thoughts of letting Jack be the man he secretly wanted to be.

“Knock me up, knock me up, knock me up!” Mary cried out, sounding so much like those boys who’d chanted the same thing in her daycare. She wanted it too. She wanted to be able to show everyone where milk came from.

“Oh fuck, oh yeah sweetie. Yeah!” Jack grunted. He slammed his cock deep inside, knocking the wind out of Mary and shoving her back several inches on the table.

She felt the pressure inside her. It was everything she’d dreamed it would be. The pulsing of his shaft as he unloaded all that boiling hot semen directly into her womb. Blast after blast of it filled her body and she writhed in orgasm, closing her eyes and arching her back. When Jack finally pulled out, it wasn’t for long as this day was really just getting started. Before the end of the night, Jack would have planted more seed inside Mary than a dozen guys could have. The fact she’d been so uncharacteristically hot probably made more difference than any pills could, but Mary wasn’t picky. Whatever the reason, she got just what she’d been imagining these last few days.

By late that evening, Mary was sure she was pregnant. Her belly actually did feel bloated and full as she leaned back and rested, legs still spread, dribbles of semen flowing down beneath her. Her tits were covered in cum as Jack had decided he needed a titty fuck to help break up the pattern. He hardly said much to her as they fucked, just staring into her eyes with a look of intense happiness and lurid aggression. Never before had she seen the man look so focused. He was clearly thrilled with her changes and so was she. Why had she ever questioned his fetishes? They were fun. Mind control was fun. Everything was fun. She even wondered when she should broach the subject of having her brother over for some fun. She felt all the men in her life needed a good reward for putting up with her backwards ideas on things. She had a fuckable body, that’s what she should be doing. It was really as simple as that.

As Jack lay next to her in bed, he looked into her eyes. Placing one hand on her nearest tit, he squeezed and rubbed down to the flat belly she hoped would be gone soon. “So really sweetie, what happened to change your mind?”

Mary laughed at the combination of being ticklish as he touched her and turned on that he’d quite literally fucked her brains out. She looked him in the eyes, then looked across the room at the computer monitor. “I guess you could say I got Kremed.” She said. “I really got Kremed.”

With that, Jack began laughing too and noticed the story still up on the computer across the room. Scooting over and crawling between her legs, Jack pressed back inside the girl and decided he wasn’t quite done fucking Mary pregnant. She sighed and rolled her eyes. Oh well, she thought, a fuck bunny’s job is never done.