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My Descent Into Lesbian Tit Slavery

by CactusJuggler © 1999

I was only eighteen. It was my first time really living away from home. I had a cozy little one bedroom apartment about fifteen minutes walk away from the university I was attending. I had been living there for about a month when I first met Eileen. She was pregnant already when I met her in the laundry room one day. We became fast friends and I spent more and more time with her. Her life story was like something from Jerry Springer. She had been an exotic dancer, working her way through school at night. She’d quit after getting pregnant. But the most interesting thing to me about Eileen was that she was also really into women.

It had been my darkest secret for the past several years. At some point in high school I noticed that I wasn’t just attracted to men, but women as well. I had fantasies about women sometimes, but I’d never tried to get any real life experience. Now I was living two doors down from a single lesbian, (who was hot) and I thought maybe I could have the experimental experience I really desired. I made every effort to get in good with her, and soon we were friends. I often got the feeling that Eileen actually was interested in me, but nothing ever happen until it all started just after she’d had the baby.

* * *

God, she looked hot. For someone who’d just had a baby three weeks ago, Eileen had her figure back already. And her breasts! They’d been large before the baby, but now they seemed enormous. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. I’d been drawn to her full bosom before, but now I had to fight to keep from visibly gawking at them. She made it clear to me that she’d noticed, while we were sitting in her apartment late one Friday evening, her baby girl Mary asleep. I was visiting as usual and we were just shooting the breeze. We watched out the window as the snow continued to fall, blanketing the already only barely drivable streets.

“I can’t believe how much snow we’re getting.” I said.

“I know, thank god we don’t have to go out anywhere in this.”

Suddenly Eileen moaned softly and moved her hands to her breasts.

“Sarah, would you be offended if I pumped now? My breasts are about to burst. I think something’s wrong with them. It’s like they think I had triplets are something. I’m feeding Mary and I still have to pump twice a day. Are you sure you don’t mind?” She asked.

Mind? I was jumping inside at the chance to see her chest bared.

“Oh no, go ahead.” I tried to conceal my perverted excitement.

Eileen returned from the kitchen carrying her battery powered pump. She sat down and I watched with great interest as she fiddled with the device for a moment.

“Can I tell you a twisted secret?” She asked me.


“I tried it. I mean I tasted it.” She said, still fiddling with the machine.

“Tasted what?” I asked stupidly.

“My own milk. I know, I know, it’s twisted. But curiosity got the better of me. It was actually pretty good.” She told me, blushing a little.

I didn’t know what to say, I was stunned.

“You...tasted it?”

“Well why not, I mean it’s completely harmless. One hundred percent all natural.” She laughed.

“I guess.”

“Look, are you sure this is okay?” She asked, pausing with her hands at the buttons of her shirt.

“Oh sure. Go ahead.”

And then the moment I had waited for, she opened her blouse and pulled one heavy breast out into the open. I was mesmerized by the sight of it, the full ripe weight of it obvious in her hand. The smooth, creamy white of her breast contrasting sharply with the dark angry reddish-pink of her distended nipple. She attached the cup of the device to the exposed breast and flipped the pump on. But it was silent. She fiddled with it some more, and seemed to be getting pretty agitated.

“Dammit, the batteries must be dead.” Eileen began to cry as she threw the gadget down in frustration.

“It’s okay Eileen, we can get you some more batteries.” I reassured her.

“Where are we going to get batteries at this hour? In this weather? And they already hurt so badly.” She said, still crying.

I had a flash of perverted inspiration. It was bold, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Maybe I could help you, if I.....sucked out some milk.” I said, and my face flushed scarlet with embarrassment.

Now I had done it, I was sure she’d be throwing me out now. But she actually perked up at my suggestion.

“You’d do that, for me?”

“Sure.” I said, but I was still too embarrassed to meet her eyes with mine.

She sat back on the couch, and asked me softly, “Are you sure?”


“Come over and sit down here.” She said, gesturing to a spot next to her.

She still had her breast hanging out, and it was a little bit strange to be moving so close to her. But as I sat down next to her she gently took charge and guided me softly down to bosom. When her hard nipple dragged across my cheek I felt my pussy tingle with excitement, and then just that quickly I took it into my mouth and I was sucking. Her milk was warm and sweet, and after I got it started it almost seemed to flow on its own. The perversion of what I was doing should have bothered me more, but in truth it was like a fantasy come true for me to be able to touch her breasts. I felt so soothed and comfortable as I suckled at her teat. I hardly noticed as she gently put her arm around me. I sucked and sucked, my belly filling with her warm milk as she began to softly coo to me. She put me so at ease, I closed my eyes and started to drift off....

* * *

Dim winter light awoke me, and I found myself curled up under a blanket on Eileen’s couch. My mind was fuzzy. What was I doing there? What had happened. My memory seemed foggy, and I had to concentrate before I finally remembered what I had done. I sat up, meaning to quietly make my way home, but Eileen must have heard me. She padded into the livingroom in her bathrobe and held her finger up to her lips in the “be quiet” signal as she sat down next to me on the couch.

“Mary’s asleep.” She whispered.

“Wha-what happened?”

“You fell asleep while you were.....helping me.” She said with a funny smile.

My face flushed red to hear her talk about what I had done. And strangely, I found myself longing another taste of her mother’s-milk. God I was really getting perverted. I had to get out of there.

“Thank you for helping me Sarah. You really saved me.”

“Oh, it problem.”

“Could I ask you to help me out again, this morning?” She asked me.

“You mean with your milk?” I stammered.

“Well, it’s still snowing and the news shows are advising people not to go out unless they absolutely have to. Besides, it wasn’t that bad was it?”

“I don’t know Eileen.”

“Please Sarah, I really need your help.” She said, and she scooted closer to me.

She opened her robe and I stared at her breasts like a deer looking at a car’s headlights.

“Besides, I think you enjoyed yesterday as much as I did.” She said with a smirk, and then she was gently pulling my face down to her bosom.

It bothered me, the way she suddenly seemed to be poking at me about what I had done. But all the same, when she pulled my face to her chest I just couldn’t seem to resist. I attached myself to her breast and she immediately began to cradle and sooth me while I suckled. I just melted into her warm embrace, her milk filling my belly as her soft cooing filled my ears. I felt so warm, so happy, that I just drifted off again...

* * *

I woke up again in Eileen’s apartment. I looked outside and saw that the snow had stopped, but it was so dark and grey I really couldn’t judge how much time had passed. I felt something funny on my chin and neck, and as I felt the crusty trail of dried milk I suddenly remembered again what I had done. I wiped my mouth as I stood up. There were noises in the kitchen, so I headed that way. The kitchen was lit, and Eileen was sitting at the kitchen table, Mary gurgling quietly in her little car-seat cradle. I glanced over at the microwave clock and saw that it was late afternoon! It was like I had lost a day! I was suddenly very confused.

“Sarah, why don’t you come and sit down.”

I was in a daze. I didn’t know what was happening. I just sat down at the kitchen table with her.

“What’s going on? What am I doing here?” I asked, still befuddled.

“You remember Sarah, you’ve been helping me out this weekend. You are going to stay over aren’t you?” Eileen said sweetly.

Disoriented as I was, it was somehow reassuring that Eileen seemed to know what I was doing. I weakly nodded my head.

“Well then you’d better run home and take a shower, have a bite to eat, and grab some of your clothes. Go on, Mary will be asleep again soon and we can play.” She told me.

Lacking a sense of what to do, I just latched onto what Eileen was saying. I thanked her, and numbly went back to my apartment. I thought the hot water of the shower would clear my mind, but it didn’t help much. What was I doing? A whole day was missing and I couldn’t really figure out what was going on. Like a robot I dressed myself and ate. When I saw my the carton of milk in my fridge I suddenly had a massive craving for something. Eileen’s milk. I had some of the whole milk in the carton, but it was totally different. My frozen dinner tasted like cardboard, what I really had a taste for was in Eileen’s swollen tits. It didn’t even dawn on me how totally twisted this was, I just finished eating and gathered some clothes.

On my way over to her apartment, I found myself hoping that she would be painfully swelling again. I knocked and Eileen quickly let me in. I was surprised to see that she was still in her bathrobe. It wasn’t tied very tightly, and I could see the canyon between the twin objects of my desire.

“Mary’s asleep in the kitchen, sit down.” She told me and I came in.

I put down my things and as I headed to the couch I saw Eileen’s breast pump was out on the coffee table. She saw that I had noticed it.

“I’m sorry, just let me take care of this and then we’ll watch television or something.” She said, sitting down in front of the contraption.

“I-I thought the batteries were dead?”

“Oh, I asked Mr. Johnson next door and he gave me some that he had spare. Too bad I didn’t think of that before.”

“Oh.” I said, trying to mask my disappoint ment.

“So you won’t have me anymore, I’m sure you’re glad.”

“Actually, I kind of like the way it tastes.”

“I’ve noticed.” She said with a little smirk.

I don’t know what came over me next. The thought of not having any more of her milk terrified me. I had to do something. I couldn’t look her in the eyes as I said it, I lowered my head to avoid her gaze.

“Actually, I..............I love it. You don’t need the pump, let me do it.” I plead, my cheeks hot and my face red.

“Sarah...I don’t know what to say. I don’t think we should.”

“Please Eileen. We’ve already done it twice, what could it hurt? Please.”

“I’m sorry Sarah, but there’s other considerations. I don’t know how to tell you this, but letting you suckle like a baby makes me really horny. Really horny. And I don’t think that’s fair to me. Maybe if you did something for me, maybe then I’d think about it.”

“What, what? I’ll do it, whatever it is.” I begged.

Eileen turned so that her back was against the arm of the couch. She lifted her legs up and put her feet down on the cushion between us. I watched, spellbound, as she pulled the bathrobe open and it fell to her sides. She looked me in the eyes.

“Kiss me, Sarah. Here.” She told me as her hand caressed her crotch.

I was tempted to tell her no, but only for the briefest moment. Instead, I moved closer to her. Under her watchful gaze, I leaned lower and lower towards her. My head passed down between her bent knees, and then I was doing it. I was pressing my lips to the thatch of coarse hair covering her mound. She moaned softly as I did. I felt her hands gently guide my head lower, and then I was kissing the lips of her sex. She had a strong, musky aroma.

“Lick it. But be gentle. I’m still sore.” She told me.

I made my first, tentative laps at her lower lips and then my tongue was dipping into the hot wetness within. Rougher now, she pulled my face to where she wanted it, and I licked and slurped for all I was worth.

“That’s it you little slut, lick my pussy.” She ordered, and her foul language and sudden forcefulness surprised me.

“You’d better do a good job, you little pervert, or no milk for you!”

I should have been offended by her remarks, but my need for her milk just drove me to work harder with my tongue. She was holding me right over engorged clitoris now, and I lapped at it for what seemed like an eternity. She just kept moaning and goading me on. Calling me names and giving me orders to lick slower, harder, etcetera. My tongue was sore by the time that she finally came, pulling my face hard down into her wet bush as she convulsed against my fluttering tongue. And then it was over. She let go of my head, and I pulled my face up out of her crotch.

I was desperate to suckle, but I waited patiently while she caught her breath, reclining against the arm of the couch. Finally she seemed willing to deal with me again.

“Can I have some now, please?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. If you’re so hungry for my milk that you’d eat my pussy, maybe you should beg a little first. The idea really turns me on. Go on, beg for it a little, it won’t kill you.”

I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me. I’d gone down on her, my first experience with cunnilingus, and she still wouldn’t let me have what I needed.

“Why are you being such a bitch about this now? Please let me have some.”

“A bitch? Now you’re really going to have to beg. Get down on your knees and beg.” She ordered me, pointing to a spot on the floor.

Why was she being so mean to me? I got off the couch and sank to my knees in front of her.

“Please Eileen, please let me have some milk.”

“That’s pathetic. This will really turn me on if you do it right. Now put your heart into it.”

“Please let me suck your milk, I’m begging you. I need it so bad. I’ve done what you wanted, now please let me have some.” I plead.

“Open your mouth.” She told me.

I knelt there with my mouth hanging open, and watched as she leaned forward and molded her hands around her right breast. She held it a couple of inches from my face, pointing towards my mouth. And then she squeezed, and a half dozen fine jets of her milk sprayed out in every direction. A small bit made it into my mouth, and more sprayed all over my face. She stopped after a moment, and then started laughing at me. She was laughing hard, leaning back on the couch and holding herself.

“You’re so pathetic! You should see yourself kneeling there, my milk all over your face. It really turns me on to have you begging me. What would turn me on the most would be if you acted like you were my slave. Do everything I tell you and I’ll let you have some for real.”

The taste of her milk fresh in my mouth, I’d do anything she asked. I was hurt, and humiliated, but I was still driven to get that milk. Her laughing at me was the worst of it, but I had to have that milk.

“Alright, Eileen, what do you want?”

“First off, you will only call me mistress.” She said, standing up.

“Yes mistress.”

“Now kiss my feet.” She commanded me haughtily.

“Yes mistress.” I said, as I knelt before her and began kissing her feet.

She stood imperiously, hands on her hips, robe hanging open, as I knelt before her in submission.

“Admit that I am totally superior to you in every way.”

“You are totally superior to me mistress, in every way.”

“Admit that you are worthless and pathetic, only good enough to be my slave.”

“I am worthless and pathetic, only good enough to be your slave mistress.”

“Tell me that you are my slave.”

I was getting pretty tired of the whole game, but I continued to play along.

“I am your slave mistress.” I answered.

She turned around and pulled up her robe, exposing her bare ass to me.

“You think this is just a game, but it’s not. If you kiss my bare ass you’ll become my slave. I’ll own you.” She said, and she seemed to really believe it.

For some reason, I had a sudden bad feeling. In my hunger I ignored it.

“Whatever you say, mistress.”

“Alright then, you’ll see that I’m right. Go ahead. Kiss my ass. Kiss my ass and seal your slavery to me. I will reward you with my body’s heavenly milk. Now kiss your mistress’s ass.” She ordered me.

She watched over her shoulder with satisfaction as I leaned forward and kissed her bare ass. As I did it, as I kissed her ass, I felt something like an electric shock run through me. Eileen owned me now, I suddenly just knew it. And then she was sitting back down on the couch.

“Come slave, receive your mistress’s milk.” She told me softly, gesturing for me to come to her.

It was like she changed somehow. Now she was the soft, warm, soothing Eileen again. I took up my position next to her and she cradled me to her bosom as I drank and drank. I didn’t hear the many things she whispered in my ears as I drifted off to blankness still attached to her teat.

* * *

The soft sound of Eileen’s voice brought me gradually back to consciousness. I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and I found myself sitting on the couch. I saw Eileen standing in front of me, still in her bathrobe which was closed and tied. She smiled down at me.

“Well Sarah, how does it feel to be my slave now?” Eileen asked.

Suddenly I remembered the strange things she’d made me say and do to get her milk. She must think I was still playing along. I’d already had enough of that, though.

“Slave? I’m not playing anymore mistress.” I said.

Mistress? I’d meant to say Eileen.

“Mistress.” I corrected myself, or I should say I didn’t.

It was like I had some mental block against saying her name. What was wrong with me?

“I know you’re not playing Sarah. You’re my slave now.”

“No I’m not, mistress.” Dammit, I did it again.

“Don’t you remember begging to be my slave? Kissing my ass? You’ve given yourself to me, you’re my slave now. Now and forever.” She told me.

“N-no! I’m not. You’re acting too strange for me now, mistress. I’m leaving.” And there it was again.

I got up, and she just smiled that strange smile.

“Sarah, crawl over behind me and kiss my ass.” She told me as if it was nothing.

I found myself sinking to my knees. I couldn’t stop myself, I couldn’t make myself stop crawling to her command. Eileen was holding her bathrobe up over her round ass once more, and although I fought with every fiber of my being to keep from doing it, I knelt behind her and pressed my lips to the soft warm flesh of her ass. She reached back and spread her cheeks for me, and I was looking right at her puckered anus. Without further guidance from her, I buried my face her crack, kissing her asshole. It was like I was a passenger in my own body. My face was immersed in Eileen’s ass, but I was desperately trying to pull away. But my body wouldn’t obey me, it obeyed her!

“Back to what I was saying, how does it feel to be my slave? Ha hah ha ha ah.” She laughed as I knelt there with her ass swallowing up my face.

And then I could see again, as Eileen stepped away from me and sat back down on the couch. Suddenly I could move again. I wanted to throw myself at her, but all I managed was to climb to my feet and walk over in front of her. I wanted so badly to strike her, choke her, something, but my body just wouldn’t obey me.

“Kneel.” She commanded, and I obeyed.

“What have you done to me?”

“I’ve made you my slave. I didn’t originally intend to, I just wanted to get you in bed.” She began, making herself comfortable on the couch.

“I just wanted to get you to suck on my tits, I thought that that would lead to sex. It was obvious that you were attracted to me. And I thought the milk thing would be a nice kinky thing to try out. My batteries were never dead, I lied to you about that so I could convince you to try my milk. And then something strange happened. While you drank my milk you got sort of dopey, and I realized that you were really suggestible. Really suggestible. So I played around a little, and you sucked my milk until I was empty. You fell asleep and when you woke up my suggestions worked on you. You obeyed them like a champ. Including not getting too weirded out when I asked you to suckle again.” She started explaining.

“So the second time, I wasn’t sure what to try. I’ve always been into dominating my sex partners, and I thought maybe I could get you into a scene like that this way. So I started convincing you that you desperately need my milk. That you were addicted to it. And then I started convincing you that I was better than you, so much better that you should bow down and serve me. I worked on you for hours, until I had you convinced that you should serve me. Then I finished it off with a symbolic gesture, you kissing my ass. You were programmed to enter complete and total slavery to me once you kissed my ass. And the last time you drank my milk, I just continued your programming. You see, the whole thing works because you really had the hots for me, and you really are submissive. I just tapped into that and used it.” She explained.

“Of course, you just wanted to experiment. But I have something a little longer lasting in mind.” She told me, pausing.

“What do you mean?” I asked, finally speaking.

“If this works out right, you will be never be free. You will be my helpless servant until the day you die.” She gloated, and she smiled that most evil smile of hers.

She was insane. And I was at her mercy. She couldn’t actually do this to me, could she?

“Why are doing this to me?” I asked her.

“I like you Sarah, but this is a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. You are my slave. I can make you do anything I want. Do you have any idea how hot that makes me feel? My pussy gets wet just thinking about it. About making you do things, about humiliating you for my pleasure. I can’t pass this up it’s a dream come true.”

“Whatever you’ve done from me isn’t going to last. It-it’ll wear off eventually.” I told her.

“No, no it won’t. You’re addicted to my milk already. Every time you suck mother’s milk from these,” She said, cupping her heavy breasts, “my power over you becomes that much stronger.” She assured me evilly.

“You can’t just keep me here, people will notice.”

“I don’t think you understand how much power over you I have. I own you now. I can make you do anything I want, anything. If I wanted to, I could kill you and you wouldn’t even try to stop me. I could make you commit suicide if I wanted to. Don’t worry though, I want you to be just fine. You’re going to be my servant, waiting on me night and day. Slave to my every whim. And that means that you’re going to spend a lot of time with your face in my cunt. As a matter of fact, get to work!” She ordered, spreading her legs for me.

And then I was doing it. It was almost like I was watching myself licking her more than actually doing it myself. My body wouldn’t obey me at all. Even though I desperately wanted to jump up and run from there my body just knelt there lapping at her pussy.

“That’s it, worship my cunt with your tongue. Your going to get very, very good at this.”

At her direction I worked tirelessly at her wet swollen mound. I watched myself bring her to orgasm, helpless to fight her awful power over me. She pushed me away and I just knelt there dumbly, my face wet with her juices. She rested for a moment, breathing heavily with the strength of her orgasm.

“Some things are going to change around here now. You’re going to move in here with me and become my full-time maid-slash-cuntsucker. You can babysit Mary while I’m working. This is the end of your college career though. What do you think of my plan?”

“You-you can’t do this to me! I don’t understand what you’ve done to me, but it will wear off, I know it will!” I sobbed pathetically.

“No, it won’t. And I’ll show you why, you little idiot.” She told me.

Opening the front of her bathrobe fully, Eileen exposed her fat, bulging mammaries. As she cupped and caressed the big boobs in her hands I was totally mesmerized. The mere sight of her bared teats made me desperate to suck. To drink her magic mommy milk.

“I uhhh...”

“That’s right Sarah, look at my tits and realize that my power over you is too great to resist. You can’t even begin to fight the hold they have over you. And it only gets stronger and stronger.”

In some weird way I actually realized she was mind-fucking me while she did it. But as she squeezed a tiny trickle of milk out of one teat, I was beyond all rational thought.

“You know that when you come over here and drink from my body, that my power over you increased with every drop. Aren’t I right?”

“Yes mistress.”

“And even though it only makes my power over you so much stronger, you still want to suck, don’t you?”

“Yes mistress.”

“So isn’t it obvious that you want to be my slave, forever?”

I was so confused. I knew that her milk would enslave me, and I still wanted to attach myself to her tit and suck her dry. I must want to be her slave forever.

“Yes mistress.”

“Good girl, now come here and give yourself to me. Suckle like a baby.”

And then I was curling up in her lap, latched onto a wet breast that filled my belly with her warm milk. I immediately zoned out under the power of her evil mothering.

* * *

Fourteen years later, I reflected back on my life of service to Eileen. Within a month of the storm I’d dropped out of school, moved in with Eileen, and broken off all contact with my friends and relatives. Eileen got herself quickly back in shape and soon began dancing again. In only four years Eileen saved enough money to open her own strip club. As the club gained popularity we moved from our little apartment to a nice house in the suburbs.

In fourteen years I have sexually please my mistress with my tongue almost every day. Some days she would wake up horny and just sit right on my face. I’d awake to her pussy in my face and immediately begin to please her. Eileen often let me suck on her breasts like a baby as a reward for my service, but sometimes I’d now go whole weeks without getting to suck. All the while I knew what she had done to me, but I just couldn’t fight her power. I think she was working on my mind every time I suckled, but I’m not sure. I was her slave, totally.

As much as she enjoyed using me as a sex toy, my mistress has also found a variety of ways to humiliate me over the years. I’ve been forced into all manner of disgusting ass-worship. It started with just kissing and licking her anus. Next came the fartsniffing and facefarting. And finally full-blown toilet slavery.

But I was my mistress’s slave much more than just sexually. Eileen hasn’t done even the tiniest bit of housework since my enslavement. And I’ve done so much to help with raising Mary that even though I’m her servant I feel like she’s my daughter too. As Mary has grown up, Eileen has not hidden my slavery. Mary knows fully that I am her mother’s tit-slave, and that her mother leads a dominant lifestyle. Today is her fourteenth birthday, and her mother has brought me to her room to wake her up.

Laying in bed, Mary looks like a perfect angel. Her body had only recently blossomed fully into the promise of outright beauty. I am ashamed to admit this, but I had recently begun to be attracted to her developing chest. As she filled out so much larger than her friends, it became obvious that she was going to be shaped very much like her mother. As her mother woke her up I couldn’t help but stare at the curves of her glorious young bosoms. I felt almost incestuous looking at Mary this way, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Good morning mom.”

“Happy birthday honey.”

Eileen told her, and gave her a big hug. I just watched silently, knowing better than to speak unbidden by mistress.

“I’ve brought you your present. I’m giving you Sarah.” Eileen said with a smile.

I was shocked! What was she doing?


“That’s right, she’s your slave now.”

“But mom, what are you going to do without Sarah?”

“I’ve been training a new toy at the club lately. I’ll be moving her in later today. Now Sarah is all yours.”

“Will she obey me like you? How does it work?”

“I’ve already reprogrammed her for you. She’s basically a tit-worshipper. Don’t worry, she’ll be a good slave. Let’s get her started right now, make the transfer complete. Honey, why don’t you take off your nightshirt and let Sarah see her new owner’s boobs.”

Mary pulled off her shirt and I stared helplessly at her beautiful tits.

“Give her permission to suck now and she’ll be yours forever.”

“Sarah, you can suck my breasts now.” Mary tried.

Moving to give me access at the side of her bed, Mary presented her gorgeous breasts to me. She gave a tiny moan as I began to suck at one teat, and then held my head in her hands as I worked.

“She’s all yours now darling. I’m going to leave and let you play with your new toy, ok? Let’s get lunch later.” Eileen told her daughter, but I barely heard her.

I zoned out once more, suckling at my new mistress’s teat. My new mistress, Mary, wasted little time with me. Any thought I had that Mary, being young and inexperienced, would move slowly, was totally wrong. Soon I was giving Mary her first pussy licking, and quickly her first orgasm. And then her second, third, fourth, and fifth orgasm on my face soon followed. She might be an inexperienced young virgin, but Mary had been raised to be a lesbian femdom and she took quickly to it.

As I now lay on back on Mary’s bed, my head on her pillow, she sat on my face facing my feet. I resigned myself to a whole new lifetime of sexual humiliations as I pushed my tongue up into Mary’s young asshole. It was clear that the young teen was ready to explore her new sexual dominance as she made me sniff her morning fart before going back to tongue-fucking her ass.

She just took to the whole thing matter-of-factly. She’d been raised to expect this lifestyle, and she was fully ready to follow in her mother’s footsteps. And so it was that my slavery became complete. I had actually been handed down from mother to daughter.

I’ve got to go now, my mistress is in the shower and I’ve got to be back to her in time to dry her off. I’ve just laid out the clothes she wants to wear to lunch with her mother, and soon I’ll be dressing her like always. But this time she won’t be my mistress’s daughter, now she is my mistress herself.

* * *