The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Let You Win”

Marina flopped down on the couch next to Josie, a wide smile on her face and a gleam of enthusiasm in her deep brown eyes. “So, what do you say, champ?” she asked, opening her fist to let a crystal pendant dangle from her outstretched fingers. “You up for a rematch? I know your record this week is 0-5, but I really think you can break the streak with a good show tonight. You’re tough, you’re strong, you’ve got what it takes to resist me!”

Josie had to snicker a little, even if her pride was a little stung by her roommate’s implications. “First, it’s only two o’clock. That’s kind of early for shenanigans, don’t you think?” Josie knew full well that the answer was ‘no’, especially on a Saturday afternoon, but there was always something about her that loved the way Marina took Josie’s firm resolve to steer clear of sexual hypnosis and slowly dissolved it in a sea of temptation. It was insanely hot, hot enough to make Josie stretch the definition of ‘firm’ well beyond what the dictionary would allow simply to give Marina something to work with.

But she wasn’t about to let Marina get away with overconfidence. “And second,” she said, before Marina could distract her with any arguments about when it was early enough for sex, “I absolutely do have what it takes to resist you. I’m not some kind of, of weak-willed pushover who crumbles at the first sight of a... a pendulum.” Josie felt suddenly, uncomfortably aware that the rose quartz crystal that dangled from Marina’s fingers was swaying from side to side in a slow, measured, and incredibly eye-catching swing.

Josie forced herself to look away, locking her gaze onto Marina’s glittering eyes just in time to remember that it wouldn’t be much of an improvement. “I’m very strong-willed. I’m extremely determined. I’m incredibly disciplined. And I could resist any time I wanted to. Absolutely any time,” she said firmly, forcing herself to enunciate each syllable clearly and carefully to avoid slurring her words. “You only win because I let you win.” It sounded like a dare, even to her.

But Marina didn’t rise to it. “Oh, honey, of course I do,” she purred, her voice lightly oiled with condescension until it slid easily through Josie’s distracted brain. “That’s just how hypnosis works. I provide your conscious mind with something to focus on, and I offer your subconscious something that it already wants... like, say, complete relaxation. Or freedom from responsibility for a little while. Or deep, powerful sexual pleasure.”

Marina rested her hand on Josie’s leg and began to lightly stroke her fingernails against Josie’s ivory skin. “All things you already want, all things you enjoy. Your deep self wants to give in and relax. Your subconscious mind wants all that dreamy, drowsy bliss that you know is waiting for you every time you slip into an obedient trance for me. And like you said, you’re very strong-willed. You’re very determined. Once your unconscious has made the decision to accept all the delicious, sensual pleasure that my pretty pink pendant promises you... then that determination will lead you right into a deep hypnotic trance for me.”

Josie’s eyes watered with the effort of ignoring the swinging crystal that dangled just at the edge of her field of vision. “That’s all it is, sweetie,” Marina purred, her carefully-trimmed fingernails tracing a line of sensation along the inside of Josie’s smooth, creamy thighs. “I’m not doing anything to you. I’m just sitting here and talking to you, letting the silver chain hang down from my fingers and letting the pretty pink crystal hang down from the end of the chain. You’re too strong to let something as simple as that tease your brain into soft, foggy, mindless surrender. Isn’t that right?”

Josie nodded slowly. She realized that somehow, without exactly noticing when it had happened, her eyes had drifted back over to the pendant. It was like there was this tiny little slip in her memories, a gap where nothing particularly important happened and Josie knew she didn’t need to pay attention, and at the other end of the gap her gaze was following the crystal again. Following it back and forth. Back. And forth. She let out a slow, lazy sigh, the tension escaping her with a whoosh of breath as her muscles began to relax.

“Exactly,” Marina cooed, her voice silken and smooth in Josie’s ears as her fingers lightly teased at the crotch of Josie’s shorts. “You’re far too disciplined to let someone like me lull your thoughts into silence. So if I can always hypnotize you... every night, Josie. Easier and easier every single time I show you the pendant. Your eyes drifting into captivated fascination faster and faster for me with every trance... it must be because you let me. Isn’t that right, Josie?”

“Yes,” Josie said, her voice sounding toneless and blank in her ears. “It must be because I let you.” It felt so warm and comforting to simply allow Marina’s words to become her thoughts. Thinking seemed so difficult when Josie was following the pendant. So laborious. So exhausting. It always felt so nice when she finally remembered that she could just let Marina take it over for her. Josie felt her body going limp with warm, blissful relaxation as she stared at the swaying pendant, her legs splaying wide of their own accord to give Marina full access to her fabric-covered pussy.

“That’s right,” Marina whispered, holding the pendant a little bit closer, a little bit higher. Josie’s eyes strained to keep following it. “You want to feel like this. You want to be blank and obedient. You want to empty out your mind like a good little pet and let me tell you what to think.” Marina’s fingers fumbled eagerly at Josie’s zipper, undoing her jeans and diving inside her wet panties to play with her cunt. “Don’t you?” Marina asked, her voice husky with arousal.

“Yes,” Josie sighed out, feeling intense pleasure radiate through her whole body as she responded. “I want to let you... tell me what to think.” She could feel her hands drifting down to slide her jeans off, tugging her panties down to her ankles to expose her pussy fully to Marina’s caresses. She was so wet now. So horny. She always got so horny when Marina hypnotized her like this. It only made sense that she would want to give in when surrendering felt this good.

“That’s it, pretty girl.” Marina slid two fingers into Josie’s cunt, meeting absolutely no resistance at all. “You’re letting me win. Every single time. Your subconscious wants to submit more and more deeply to my control, and it’s so strong. So powerful. You can’t possibly resist your own desires.” Josie noticed that her eyes had slipped shut. She tried to open them, but her eyelids felt so impossibly heavy that she couldn’t lift them anymore. That always made her so much more drowsy, she remembered. So much more helpless.

She heard herself repeating, “I can’t possibly resist my own desires,” her voice a vacant monotone, and a surge of heat made her clench her pussy around Marina’s fingers as she remembered just how good it felt to mindlessly repeat Marina’s words back to her. Every time, it felt better and better. Every time, the words sank in deeper and deeper. Every time, Josie sank deeper and deeper. Every time, Marina fucked her deeper and... ohhhhh, deeper...

“Every one of my suggestions feels so good to you, pretty pet.” Marina’s fingers pushed deep into Josie’s slick pussy, the web between her thumb and forefinger smacking against Josie’s clit with every thrust. “And your deep self wants to feel good. So your deep self accepts every single one of my suggestions. Your conscious mind can’t resist your determined, disciplined, strong-willed subconscious. Can it, pet?” Marina paused the motion of her hand, waiting for a response.

Even as deeply hypnotized as she was, Josie could feel the shape of the trap Marina was constructing. She understood the way Marina was twisting her own words around, using them to make Josie even more vulnerable and helpless to resist Marina’s hypnotic influence. But she was too deep to figure out how to untwist them. Her mind was tangled up in arousal, knotted and bound by night after night of pleasure until she could only admit that Marina was absolutely right. “I can’t... resist... my d-determined. Disciplined. S-strong-willed s-subconscious,” she moaned, Marina’s fingers rewarding her surrender with a powerful thrust that sent shockwaves of pleasure all the way up Josie’s spine.

“Good girl!” Marina cooed, her breath warm and ticklish in Josie’s ears. “Your deep self wants to belong to me. Your deep self wants to be blank and obedient. Your deep self wants to surrender more and more completely to me every time I hypnotize you and fuck your mind away.” Marina added a third finger, stretching Josie’s cunt out to accommodate the intruding digit. “Say it for me, pet. All of it.”

Josie didn’t even feel like she could remember it, let alone say it, but her subconscious mind must have retained every single word because the phrases spilled out of her mouth in a breathless moan of desire. “M-my deep self w-wants... wants to belong to you,” she gasped, straining her hips into Marina’s touch until her voice wobbled with arousal. “My deep self wants... to be, be blank. And obedient. My deep, oh fuck so deep! ...self wants. Wants to surrender. More and more completely. To you. Every time you, you hhhhh... hypnotize me. And fuck my mind away.” She was panting now, her response coming in fits and starts as the pleasure made her breath ragged and shuddery with lust.

“That’s right!” Every word of praise went straight down into Josie’s subconscious now, stroking her thoughts until they glowed with happiness. “Your deep self is so strong. So powerful. Strong enough to overwhelm any resistance your conscious mind puts up to my commands. You’re strong enough to resist resistance.” Marina’s fingers pumped in and out in a blur of motion now, wringing the climax out of Josie’s body with an onslaught of continuous stimulation. “You’re strong enough to resist resistance. You’re strong enough to resist resistance.”

“...’m strong ‘nough... resist resistance,” Josie moaned, her limbs quaking in pleasure as she felt her pussy tighten in orgasmic release around Marina’s fingers. “...strong... r’sist... r’ss’nce...” Josie could barely even shape her moans into words now, the ecstasy so intense that her mind melted into thoughtless, helpless bliss. Her thoughts had dissolved into arousal again, her consciousness unable to even process Marina’s words as one climax after another steamrollered her brain into submission. She didn’t want to think. She just wanted to cum for Marina.

“...s’s... ‘s’ss...” Josie mumbled, the last fizzing remnants of a mind that had gone completely dark.

“Good girl. Good girl,” Marina purred, holding Josie as the last aftershocks of pleasure subsided into the warm, sleepy bliss of afterglow. “That’s my good, obedient girl. And you know that you don’t need to remember any of this, just like we talked about. You can remember anything you need to remember to help you feel safe and comfortable, and the rest can just slip away from your conscious mind and leave only the memory of pleasure.” Josie sighed, curling up in Marina’s arms as a powerful feeling of trust and love and affection overwhelmed her. She always forgot this part. She always wanted to forget it. So many of her fantasies revolved around being taken. But it always felt so good to know it was there.

Josie didn’t know how long she floated in that warm, timeless trance and let Marina hold her and stroke her hair. She only knew that when she heard Marina’s voice again, it was an instruction. “Now, good girl, let’s go back to the bedroom and you can show me how grateful you are to be fucked into obedience. Does that sound good to you, pretty pet?”

Josie’s drowsy limbs uncurled. She opened her eyes lazily as she stood up, seeing the world through a haze of thoughtless obedience. “Yes,” she said vacantly, standing and staring straight ahead, waiting to be led in mind and body. “I want to show you how grateful I am to be fucked into obedience.” She probably wasn’t going to wake up until morning, she knew. But Josie’s subconscious had already decided that nothing was more important than pleasing Marina. And in this, at least, Josie’s waking mind was happy to let her win.