The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Letting Down Easy

Like it was just another Saturday morning, Danny put on his robe and walked downstairs to see if his mom had left him some breakfast before she left for work, and seeing a plate of toast and eggs, he sat down to eat it. And just like it was any other Saturday, after he ate he brushed his teeth, showered, and checked out his form in the mirror; he was in good shape, as always, and prided himself in his well groomed appearance, with a close cut haircut and bright white smile to match. He went back to his room and got himself dressed, even though he probably wouldn’t even have to leave the house today; he knew he could never get anything done in his robe. So, just like it were any other Saturday, he finally sat down at his computer to work on one of his coding projects he was always thinking about, and tried to get himself focused on his work. And he might not have known it at the time, but this was far from just another Saturday. In fact, no one knew… except, of course, for his younger sister Grace.

Grace, as always on weekends, wasn’t out of bed until 10. She was much more excited than to have actually slept in that long, but it was important that Danny not find anything strange, so she stayed in bed and kept quiet until the time seemed right. Everything had to seem perfectly normal for him, and that included his darling sister only rolling out of bed after he had already gotten his best work done. So, to keep up the illusion, she put on a lazy outfit, which by no coincidence consisted of her lowest cut, softest, and baggiest shirt, her loosest, biggest bra over her ample, soft breasts, and her shortest pair of gym shorts to show off as much as possible of her soft, pillowy thighs. She’d caught Danny looking them up and down only once, and it had been 2 years ago now, but she hadn’t forgotten, and still smiled at the thought. She quickly ate and brushed her teeth, and got to work on her makeup, going for the perfect balance of stunning and seeming as lazy and sleepy as ever. She carefully applied her mascara and eyeliner to draw as much attention as possible to her bright green eyes, and made sure her favorite glossy pink lipstick looked as perfect as ever. She brushed her long blond hair down to her waist, keeping a fuzzy messy look while taking out all the bunches and knots, and finally got to examining her own figure.

Unlike her brother, she prided herself in her curves. She knew she weighed around 170 pounds at this point, and it showed in all the right ways, given her 5′8″ stature. Her huge tits protruded amply from her chest, giving her baggy shirt a temptingly round bit of form, and her thighs curved out generously from her wide hips. She gave a tug at the soft cushion of fat that bulged over her shorts at the waistband, and smiled thinking about how nice she would feel to hold. And finally she gave her fat round ass a quick glance, and smacked it just to watch it jiggle. The lower curves of her round asscheeks were cutely exposed below the barely-there gym shorts, and she turned from the mirror confident there wasn’t a man in the world who could resist her today. Except she didn’t need any man in the world today… she just needed one. Today was the day she would hypnotize her older brother, and she would need nothing but her voice, gaze, and the secret weapon she’d been working at for the past few weeks…

Grace had been planning this ‘ordinary Saturday’ for 6 months now, and at first she didn’t plan on it taking so long. She was going to hypnotize her brother, that much she had known since her first sexual thoughts started forming; she was the type of girl that took what she wanted, and it seemed to her in those first weeks of her budding sexuality that what she wanted was her brother, and to brainwash boys. Combine those desires and she immediately knew what she had to do, so she started planning things out. She trained her voice to take a low, soft, rhythmic timbre and spent hours in the mirror making sure her eyes had the proper hypnotic pull she’d read about in all the online instructional videos and guides. She even went out and bought a crystal on a chain from a local mystic shop; she’d asked the woman for one that was soothing or helped with sleep, and reluctantly spent $40 on it right then and there. But the more she read, the more ideas she got, and she soon realized that even more of a hypnotic bombshell would be her oversized breasts. She knew the kind of pull they had on of boys, and figured it wasn’t much of a step further to imagine them as hypnotic to them. And she remembered her mother telling her how much her own breasts had grown when she was lactating, so Grace figured that would be just the kind of edge she needed to really put her big brother under their spell. She’d started massaging them regularly and even took some hormonal supplements from the health store, all in accordance with what she read online, and started noticing growth and soreness within weeks. Another 3 months of massages and pills and she could pump milk in steady streams from her breasts, and today, 6 months later, they were aching from how full they felt, and looked bigger than ever.

Grace took a few deep breaths, practiced the gaze she’d use on her brother in the mirror for a few seconds, then quickly lifted her shirt and massaged her nipples. Sure enough, with only the slightest press they each produced enough of a creamy white droplet to run down her chest. She grinned, knowing the kind of volume she’d get from REAL pumping right now, then wiped the milk off her tits and dropped her shirt back down. With a confident smile on her face, she strolled over to the doorway of her brother’s room, stopping just outside it to gain her composure and act naturally, and suddenly had second thoughts: she HAD spent good money on that crystal, and it would be hard to know if her eyes had gotten him deep enough to start putting him under with her tits. She decided maybe it was less risky if she tried using it on him before she got him drooling over her mindbreaking boobs. She strode quietly back to her room, draped the long chain over her neck, and tucked the crystal neatly between her breasts, sure that it would catch Danny’s attention since she never wore jewelry. She entered the bathroom to spit out the bubblegum she’d used to sweeten her breath, checked herself out one last time in the mirror to regain her confidence in her irresistibility, and grinned with excitement once more. She strode back to her brother’s doorway and looked inside to see him working, just like she knew he would be, and doing her best to talk casually with a subtle hypnotic rhythm and softness, she finally stepped inside and spoke.

“Morning Danny, whatcha up to?”

Her posture and movement was flawlessly natural, and had he been paying attention, Danny only might have noticed her eyes were a little wider than normal, and her speech a little slower and quieter. He turned partially in his chair to face her and responded casually, completely oblivious to the precision and care his sister was taking. “Oh, hey sis. Just got up early to work on this project; I kind of had to scrap some of the work I’d already done, so right now I’m just… catching up with myself.” He shrugged, gave a small smile, and turned back to his screen, fully expecting that his answer had satisfied Grace and that she’d be on her way. He quickly refocused on trying to maintain his train of thought, and typed out a few commands in his console.

“Oh, I’m sorry. That sounds tough, bro.” Grace strode in and sat on his bed, facing his chair directly. She kept her eyes piercingly focused on his, in anticipation of him turning back to look at her. “Anything-I-can-do-to-help?” She really started to layer the slow, hypnotic timbre she’d been working on onto her voice, and folded her hands in her lap and cocked her head cutely to the side, acting as suave and seductive as she could without raising any red flags to her clueless brother.

Danny’s strained mind began to weaken at the soothing influence of his sister’s sweet voice. “Uhhh…. I’m, uh.. I’m sorry?” He’d promptly forgotten entirely what she’d said, and made the mistake of turning to look her in the eyes to hear it proper. She leaned in slightly and stared into his eyes in her practiced, intense manner. “Need-me-to-help-you-relax, bro?” She accentuated the movements of her lips and tongue, and blinked slowly to show off her stunning mascara and eyeliner, her gaze as powerful and mind-melting as she could manage. “Uhm… I’m kinda busy, actually…” Her brother spoke with a light slur now, and despite his dismissive words, he didn’t even try to look away from her gaze. “You know… working, and stuff?”

Grace smiled, her brilliantly pink glossy lips shimmering in the light and her dazzling white teeth showing just barely. “Yeah, I know, Danny. You’re always working.” She had him caught vulnerable now; with his speech and his blinking slowing down, she knew she could get to work. She figured from the start that the hardest part would be catching her brother off-guard and getting his brain to soften up just a bit, and now she had him right where she wanted him. She leaned in and whispered, “I just thought you’d like a break. Isn’t one little break okay? One-lit-tle-break?” She spoke even more low and quiet than before, her face only about a foot from her brother’s to where he could hear the softest word she spoke, and even smell the sugar on her breath. “...Break for what, sis?” Danny’s voice had dropped to a dull, low monotone, but he still had the larger stake on his own mind. Grace was determined to change that. “I dunno… maybe you were wondering what’s on this chain?” She traced a finger down the chain from her neck, letting her brother’s own wandering eyes do the rest of the work and settle right on her massive rack. “I… yeah… I guess…” He stared shamelessly down at where the chain disappeared into his younger sister’s ample cleavage.

Grace took a slow, deep breath, and remained silent for just a moment long enough to let her brother get nice and comfortable staring. “Good, cause it’s really pretty. Don’t you want to see it?” She carefully asked leading questions that would get a guaranteed ‘yes’ out of her brother, a tip she’d learned in an online hypnosis guide. “Yes…” Danny’s shoulders slumped lazily forward as his eyes almost crossed on her cleavage a mere foot from his face. “Of course you do!” Grace quietly exclaimed, and soothingly brushed her left hand through his hair as she pulled the chain over her head with her right. She raised the crystal to his eye level, mere inches from his face, and held his chin with her other hand, letting the crystal spin and catch the light before his eyes. “It’s a crystal. Beautiful, right Danny?” She lightly flicked it to the side, and it began to softly sway back and forth. She could barely hold back a grin when she saw his eyes obediently following its every movement. “...Yeah…” He tried to think of something else to say, but the crystal kept swinging, and it was so pretty, he decided to just watch it instead of trying to think. “I thought so too. The lady who sold it said it had soothing properties and would help with relaxation. Don’t you think that’s true?” She layered her hypnotic, low, soothing tones thickly on his ears, leaving any semblance of normality in her speech behind. Danny followed along with her hypnotic leading with even more eagerness than Grace had expected. “Yeah…” He wasn’t the type to believe that sort of stuff, but right now, anything his beautiful sister said was totally true. He smiled slightly, and Grace, taking another step towards totally blanking her brother’s brain, slowly swung the crystal in a much wider path, so Danny’s eyes traced its arc all the way across his field of view. His head started to bob back and forth with it, and his mouth fell slightly open. “Aren’t-you-feel-ing-nice-and-re-laxed, bro?” She spoke every syllable so it landed with the height of her crystal’s swing, and she could tell it was boring right into her brother’s softened mind. “Yeah…” He’d said that three times now with no variation in tone or volume; Grace was starting to think it was time to get a bit more aggressive.

“You-love-the-sound-of-my-sweet-soft-voice. You’re-let-ting-my-words-en-ter-your-soft-emp-ty-mind.” The switch from interrogative to imperative seemed to go quite naturally for him, and Grace’s darling brother almost seemed to like it, like it was a relief to be told what to think instead of asked what he thought. “Yes…” And with that empty reply, it was time for another strategic move: “Say ‘yes, sis,’ Danny.” Ever since she’d been having sexual thoughts about her brother, being called ‘sis’ by him had turned Grace on to no end, and at times over the years she’d struggled to hide it. “Yes, sis.” And with that, she put her crystal down and used the guiding hand under her brother’s limp chin to raise his gaze into hers. “You’re going to be saying that a lot, bro. Now, look DEEPLY into your sis’s eyes.” She gazed into his eyes as powerfully as she could, and watched as her brother’s features gave up what expression they had and melted into a brainless, deep stare back into her own powerful green eyes. She grinned and blew her brainwashed brother a kiss cutely. “I did it, bro. I hypnotized you. Doesn’t it feel amazing being hypnotized by your sister?” Having earned her victory, Grace toyed playfully with her prey. “Yes, sis,” came the reply she knew he would give, and in the same monotone purr which was all it seemed his empty mind could manage.

Despite her apparent victory, Grace didn’t let her guard down just yet. She had her brother in a trance, that was for sure, but if what she had read had been any indicator, he wouldn’t be staying that way. She needed to get him deeper, where she would be able to speak right into his malleable psyche. She needed to be able to write his thoughts with her words. Just telling him what to think wasn’t enough; she wanted to think for him. And to get him deeper, Grace figured she could finally get to her favorite part. As she stared into her entranced brother’s empty, droopy eyes, she smiled and took a deep breath. “Alright Danny, listen to your sis. You are deeply in love with me. You’ve always fantasized about me. No other girl in the world seems worth a second thought, only me, your amazing, beautiful, busty…” She raised her chest, guiding his gaze down to it. “...sweet, loving sister.” As she spoke, she couldn’t help but find herself drawing out all the long vowel sounds in her words in a ‘hypnotic’ sounding way. She figured it was just one of the ways she was reveling in the total control she’d gained over her helpless older brother. Staring down at her rack, her brother droned out his automatic reply. “Yes, sis.” With the end of the statement, he let his jaw hang open, and a slow strand of drool trickled off his lower lip and onto her shirt, narrowly missing her neckline with how close they were. Grace smiled and wiped his lip with her thumb, then pulled his face up to look back into his eyes. And before she even knew what she was doing, Grace leaned in and pressed her lips passionately against her mindless brother’s, kissing him with all the passion she could muster. For a terrifying second after she realized what she was doing, she thought she must have gone too far; pulling away from him, she examined his face for any sign of awareness or protest, but saw only the same blank stare, his eyes a bit wider than before from some instinctual surprise.

She smiled with relief and gently redirected his gaze back to her chest. “...And when fantasizing about your sexy little sis, you’ve obviously dreamed about her perfect, huge, soft, sexy tits.” Her words reached into her brother’s mind, wrapping around his thoughts and memories and forming them with ease. “You’ve always wanted to lick, suck and worship them. More than anything, in fact.” Grace bit her lip and twirled a lock of hair mischievously around her finger. “Why don’t you repeat after me: ‘I want to lick, suck and worship my sister’s beautiful tits.’” She had grown tired of just hearing him drone the same phrase, and decided to take a bit more liberty with Danny’s malleable mind. Like clockwork, Danny slurred out his lazy reply. “I wanna lick, suck, ’n’ worshih my sisser’s beautiful tits.” His eyes locked on her rack, and the statement became even truer to Danny as he said it; towards the end of his slow utterance, he found his mind filled with the image of what he imagined her rack to look like under her shirt, and a bit more drool rolled from his mouth, right out of the same spot on his lip Grace had just wiped off with her thumb. She smiled and shook her head. If he was just going to keep drooling over her rack, what was the point of cleaning up after him? Besides, the sight only added to how brainless he looked, and the whole spectacle was exhilarating to her. She could think of only one way to make it more perfect.

“On your knees... and keep repeating that.” She stood from her position on his bed and gestured to the spot in front of his sister in which Danny was ordered to kneel. He practically fell to his knees out of weakness and droned out his mantra-esque phrase in the same lazy, sleepy manner. Conveniently, knee height placed his eyes just a few inches above the line in his sister’s shirt that defined where her low hanging bra sat, and he stared piercingly at the captivating crease as he slurred his obedient words and let drool run down his chin. Satisfied with the picture she’d created, Grace let him kneel and repeat his submissive words long enough for the memory to stay with her forever. And by the time she was satisfied, what was left of Danny’s brain was totally focused on fantasizing about the voluptuous rack that sat tantalizingly close to his eyes… and mouth. After all, he was chanting about how he wanted to lick and suck. His mouth was watering like crazy, and come on, they were right there, so close!

Sensing she was driving her poor brother crazy, she decided to finally deliver. She effortlessly pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor, and reached behind herself to unclip her bra, letting it fall as well. And while she hadn’t needed to worry before about a kiss jarring her brother out of trance, seeing her perfect tits drop out of her bra and sway bare before him turned out to be more than enough to get the cogs in Danny’s head turning. His heart rate started to flutter back up to a normal level, and he blinked once or twice, becoming aware of the fact that his little sister was stepping forward and placing her nipple in his open mouth. And as he finally came to completely, he was starting to feel confused, scared, shocked, and a little disgusted by what was going on, and his eyes trailed up to look at Grace, his body still too weak to react. What he saw in her eyes was the most loving gaze he’d ever received, and he watched as her hands reached up to grasp the breast in his mouth, and squeeze. And as quickly as the thought had returned to his little head, it all went away again as his tongue was greeted with the sweetest, warmest, creamiest, most delectable fluid he had ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Her milk flowed in quickly and in one spurt coated his entire mouth with spray from her sensitive nipple, and Grace, who had noticed her brother’s brief return to consciousness, sighed with relief as her milk calmed her brother back down into submission. “Aww, just like nursing is supposed to do, right bro? My milk calmed you right down, how sweet.” He let the first few drops reach the back of his tongue and swallowed, and the second he did he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling travel up from his stomach into his mouth and finally his brain, compelling him to go completely lights-out and yearn for more milk. His lips pursed around Grace’s nipple and his tongue massaged it rhythmically, milk flowing generously forth with every lick and suck he gave. And the more he swallowed, the more that warm, fuzzy feeling seeped into his mind and turned off his thoughts. Grace watched, doing her best to maintain her composure as his firm, greedy suckling was both painful to her sore breast and arousing to her sensitive nipple. She ran a hand around the back of her brother’s head through his hair, still looking down at him with the sweetest, most loving gaze she had to offer, and gently pressed his head deeper into her bosom, drawing out a bit more milk and easing some of the tension in her full breast.

“That’s right bro. I knew you were thirsty. Just drink, drink, drink, I’ve got a lot of milk to let down for you.” The warm, creamy fluid continued to fill his mouth and he kept swallowing it greedily, and within about 5 minutes, the flow had started to let up. Grace’s left breast was finally free of all the aching tension that had built up, as all the milk it held had flowed easily and pleasurably into her brother’s gently suckling mouth. She placed both hands on his head and lightly pulled him away from her now empty breast, and saw a look of helpless sorrow come across Danny’s face as his lips were pulled from the breast they had grown to love. Glancing down below his face however, she saw an impressive tent in her brother’s pants, and given her unbearable arousal from his skilled oral massage, she found herself staring and her heart rate rising. “Danny, get that thing out of your pants, you’re driving me crazy.” Obediently, he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, freeing his sizeable cock. Grace watched, captivated with arousal, as it bounced free, and stared lustfully at the precum Danny had been oozing out as he suckled. She felt her pussy growing wetter, and suddenly her shorts were far too hot to have on as she nursed him. She slid them down her ample thighs to expose her full nakedness, and crawled onto Danny’s bed, laying on her side.

“Strip down bro, I’m gonna nurse you from my other one.” She traced a slow, easy circle around the nipple she’d be breastfeeding him from, driving him wild with desire with the simple act, and watched his cock rage to a straight-up position. Danny stripped, as slowly as ever, all the while staring hungrily at Grace’s rack, and when he was finished, stood staring and waiting. “What’s wrong, bro?” Grace prodded curiously, but received only a longing stare. Then, she realized. “Are you… waiting for my permission to get on the bed? Danny, that’s adorable!” He blushed despite his hypnotized state, but continued to wait for Grace’s permission. “Lie down next to me, and bring that huge cock with you.” Danny climbed onto the bed, facing his sister from below and staring up at her massive rack, and she pulled him close, interlocking their legs and placing his arms around her. She started to draw his mouth up to her nipple but before he got there, she spoke up. “Wait, Danny.” He kept his eyes locked on her nipple and listened, waiting to obey. She paused a moment, remembering that she had plan B tabs in her room, and with a glint in her eye, came up with a new order for her brother.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…” Grace took a deep breath and grinned. “You’re gonna fuck me with that thing Danny, and you won’t cum until I say ‘cum’...” She paused, letting the gravity of her own command settle on her, then continued. “...And you’re gonna do it while nursing milk from me, but you will not swallow any until I order you to cum and you’re about to blow your load. Understood?” Danny nodded, both excited and nervous despite the hypnotic spell on his mind. Grace wrapped her hands around his hips and slowly pulled him up closer to her, and just as his mouth was about to reach her nipple, she felt the tip of his cock brush her entrance. She shuddered with pleasure and anticipation, and slowly eased the head in, feeling its slippery, warm precum lubrication help it slide in. She gasped and gripped him tightly, and just then he got close enough to press his lips on her nipple just barely, and start massaging it with his tongue for the first spray of milk like he got from the other; at first however, he got nothing. Grace was far too distracted at the moment to let her milk down, and she let him lap away at her nipple as she lifted his cock deeper into her soaking pussy. When she finally had him in over halfway, she started to slide herself up and down his cock at her hips, and feeling the rhythm, Danny responded by mindlessly bucking his hips and shoving his cock back into her whenever she lowered onto it. A minute of the steady, slow rhythm and the pain was totally gone; Grace was in pure bliss from the girth of his cock stretching her out perfectly, and the comfort and naturalness of the rhythm they created together helped her relax. Her brother’s unrelenting suckling at her nipple was about to start draining the milk from her breast, so she pressed his head in deeper to her breast, breathed a deep sigh of relaxation, and finally let down. She shuddered with the incomparable pleasure of her milk finally flowing forth, made even better by the firm, unrelenting massage her nipple was receiving from her brother’s tongue, and simply held and stroked Danny as he slowly fucked her and suckled from her breast.

Meanwhile, Danny’s pleasure was on an entirely different level. That fuzzy feeling he loved so much had washed over his brain like an ocean, leaving no room for any thought, only instinct. And his instinct told him to drink and thrust his hips, so that was what he did, for minutes on end with no signs of tiring or stirring. For some reason, however, he couldn’t manage to swallow the milk as it entered his mouth. It swirled around his tongue, coating it with flavor and warmth and its creamy texture, and after enough spurts from Grace’s breast, began to pool into his cheeks where he could hold more. He may have loved the feeling that swallowing her milk gave, but there was something more addicting about letting it swirl around his mouth and feeling the sensation of its sweet creaminess on his tongue. And like a good hypnotized boy, he wasn’t about to swallow a drop before he had permission from his sister, who had told him not to swallow until she let him cum. Grace continued to revel in the pure pleasure she was receiving from her brother’s firm thrusts, and looked down and watched as his mouth filled with the milk she was giving him. The sight just about drove her crazy with passion, and she gripped him tight and began to orgasm on his cock, barely able to get her command to her brother out amidst her own uncontrollable moans: “CUM!” She felt his cock explode inside her, hot ropes coating her insides and its pulsating rhythm driving her orgasm to grow even stronger. She screamed for all she was worth and gripped Danny close to her chest, feeling his throat and stomach swallowing again and again to drink all the milk he had stored up in his mouth. He continued to suckle as their orgasms subsided, and the resulting wave of relaxation that overcame Grace’s mind and body caused her to let down even more milk than before, and Danny drank it all greedily. A few more seconds of overwhelming pleasure passed for both of them, each feeling like it was an eternity, and their orgasms subsided, Grace still feeling the powerful aftershocks deep inside her as Danny slowly stopped thrusting and simply let his cock sit inside her as it grew softer. He couldn’t bear to pull it out completely; his sister’s amazing tightness and warmth were heaven, and her milk was the ambrosia of the gods. He lay and drank and basked in her perfection until her milk supply finally started to let up, and he reluctantly pulled his mouth off and gave her nipple a much needed break. Danny finally pulled his cock out of Grace and held her tightly, pressing his face deep between her tits and only occasionally coming up for a deep breath of the thick, hot, sweaty air her tits were surrounded by.

Grace said nothing as she panted and laid in ecstasy, her older brother’s warm body in her arms and face firmly between her sweaty breasts. She watched as his face rose a few inches and he inhaled through his nose, her heavy musk filling his brain and pulling him deeper under her spell, and his eyes rolled up mindlessly before his neck once again grew weak and his face plunged back to the warm place before it. She ran her hand caringly through her brother’s hair and knew she had him hypnotized more deeply now than she’d even hoped to from the start, and once again a mischievous smile ran across her face; now was the perfect time to feed him the most radical and transformative conditioning she wished. His brain was putty in her hands, and she would make sure that from now on, nothing would be the same for either of them. In the same hypnotic voice and rhythm she’d used to put him under, she started feeding his brain anything she wished. “All right bro, listen to me. From now on, your mind will bend completely to my will. You will obey anything I tell you, answering with ‘yes sis’ every time, and I will be able to put you into trance with just the sight of my tits.” Thinking for another second, she realized a way she could make her endeavor a bit more… altruistic, while still maintaining full control. “In fact, whenever ANY woman shows you her tits, you will fall to your knees totally hypnotized by her, and repeat ‘I want to lick, suck, and worship your beautiful tits.’” She grinned at the thought. “I know a few gals who are gonna have a lot of fun with you. Isn’t your psych teacher a woman?” She looked down to hear his answer, and watched him lazily raise his face and slur out a ‘yes, sis…’ “Good. She’ll learn all about your state in an email.” She kept thinking and fantasizing about how to properly condition her boytoy bro, and continued. “If a girl in a cheer uniform looks into your eyes and snaps, you’ll become entranced by her gaze and your cock will instantly get fully hard in your pants.” She had several old friends from high school who were now on the cheer team at her brother’s college, and she knew how much they’d appreciate a gift like that. She stared expectantly at her brother and waited for his obedient confirmation, and after his mind had digested the command he delivered it. “And, whenever any woman who has you in trance says ‘awake,’ you will instantly return to consciousness without any idea that anything is strange.” Danny nodded, gave a final “yes, sis,” and Grace got him and herself dressed. She placed him back in his chair, sat on his bed with her crystal neatly back between her breasts, and with a smile, shouted “Awake!”

Danny blinked and took a deep breath. He was sitting right in front of his computer, his project still taunting him on the screen, and his sister was still sitting beside him on his bed. The room was a bit muskier than before, and smelled a bit strange, and he swore his mouth tasted like milk. But only a second ago, Grace had sat down on his bed to chat while he worked, and he just figured he had been daydreaming or something. “Hey sis, did I uh, fall asleep?” Grace raised her eyebrows ever so innocently. “No Danny, you were just saying you fell behind a bit on your work. Why don’t you get busy on it again?” She rose and exited his room, leaving him staring a bit confused at his project and slightly turned on for some reason. But he shrugged, and just got back to work. Grace, however, now had a bit of work to do. Emails to write, texts to send, and a schedule to make up for her brother when he went to school on Monday; a schedule that would involve important visits to his psych teacher’s office hours and the cheer locker rooms. She grinned excitedly and got to work.