The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Like Father, Like Son

by: FuMan

PT. 2—Andy

After the incident in the Crawford Firm office, Dick invited me to his house that evening to help him find the missing plans. He had a look of sheer excitement when I accepted his offer.

I informed Mr. Crawford that Dick’s regression was going to be a slow process. He instructed me to keep it up until I could provide him with some information. I agreed and was driven to my hotel.

Later that evening, I arrived at Dick’s house to find him alone. He informed me that he had told his wife that he was gay when he came home from work. She had left the house in tears. I quickly brought Dick back into a trance and gave him specific instructions to keep his newfound homosexuality to himself for the time being. As much as I wanted to ruin his life, I decided that I was going to be a slightly better person than he had been 15 years ago.

“Where is your son?” I asked, eager to catch a glimpse of the young stud.

“Andy’s still at work. He should be home soon.”

I gave Dick some new instructions regarding how to handle Andy. I filled his mind with thoughts that Andy had sabotaged his plans for the new office structure downtown. I told him that we had to subdue him the minute he walked in the door, or he would do more damage to his father’s career. The conditioning was easier than ever to instill in Dick’s mind.

He immediately went to the garage, gathered some rope and a long, thin rag.

“Leave it to me, master,” he told me, as he placed the rag on the back of a chair near the front door. “If he sees you and recognizes you, master, he may become suspicious. Perhaps you should hide in the kitchen.”

I went into the kitchen and waited. When the sound of Andy’s car was heard outside, Dick went into Rambo mode. I peeked into the room and noticed a bulge building in his pants. It was actually turning him on, a suggestion I had not planted in his mind whatsoever.

Andy entered through the front door and didn’t know what hit him. Actually, it was a porcelein figurine right at the base of the skull. He went down with a thump.

When I went into the main entryway, I found something I had not expected. Andy was even more of a stud than I had realized. He was about 5′9, 170, built like a Mack truck. His arms were enormous in size and his chest was so big, it was practically ripping the tight-fitting, white, oxford shirt he was wearing. His dark auburn hair was slicked back like one of those Italian greasers that you see in the movies. His skin was the perfect shade of tan, and his complexion was ideal. Frankly, I was in lust. My thoughts of getting revenge on Dick Gaines suddenly turned to thoughts of getting his son into bed.

In fact, it turned out to be the perfect revenge, as Dick had banished me and my family from the neighborhood, claiming that I would convert everyone’s children. What better way to prove him right by starting with his very own kid.

Dick tied Andy up and we carried him downstairs to the bottom of the stairwell, where we left him leaning up against the door to the laundry room. I spent the next few minutes conditioning Dick for the next step in my plan. He accepted all of the suggestions perfectly. I knew that the next few hours were going to be loads of fun.

It didn’t take Andy long to revive and he sat there against the door in shock. He couldn’t understand what was going on. He awoke to the sight of his father kissing me. I planned it that way. I wanted Andy’s conditioning to start with a bang.

“unhhh....Dad!” the muffled sound of Andy’s voice could be heard saying through the gag over his mouth.

“Don’t worry, Andy, my boy,” Dick replied. “Daddy’s only doing what comes naturally.”

Andy’s big brown eyes opened wide at the sound of his father’s words. If he had been able to open his mouth, it would have dropped to the floor. But as it was, he sat against the door watching, obviously attempting to break free of the bindings on his hands and his feet.

Dick continued kissing me for a few minutes, a talent he had perfected in a short time. I could feel his tongue exploring my mouth and I was a bit shocked at how great a kisser he turned out to be.

But that was beside the point. I pulled away from a rather rejected-looking Dick and walked over to our bound and gagged young stud near the stairs. He looked at me, and if I could make out his utterings correctly, he was threatening me with bodily harm.

“What was that, Andy, my boy?” I removed the gag from his mouth.

“If I get loose, you’re dead meat!”

“Andy,” Dick interrupted, “don’t you know who this is?”

Andy just looked up at his father.

“This is Paul Brighton. Do you remember Paul?”

“Paul Brighton?!” Andy responded, a look of disbelief on his face. “You mean, that fag you ran out of town?”

“Oh, now Andy, that’s no way to talk about daddy’s guest of honor.”

“Your what?! Where the hell is mom?”

“Your mom is gone, Andy,” I interrupted. “She and your father had a little falling out earlier today, and she left.”

“What?! Dad? Is that true?”

“Yes, son, your mom doesn’t want to be married to me any longer.”

Andy wriggled in the bindings and the rope. I was getting hard just looking at him struggling to free himself. The muscles in his arms and chest were so contracted that I could see the definition of his chest right through the oxford.

“Why?” Andy demanded. “Why would mom want to leave you?”

“Let me demonstrate for you, Andy,” I replied. I slowly undressed Dick right in front of him, removing each layer of clothing and tossing it at Andy’s side on the floor. Dick was programmed to grin at his son as each layer was removed, and he did so perfectly on cue.

“Dad?!!” Andy yelled. “What the hell are you doing?”

Despite Andy’s grumblings and objections, I managed to strip Dick down to nothing, but his boxer shorts. Then, as if we had done this before, Dick bent over, practically face to face with Andy. He then reached back and dropped his shorts to the floor. I then proceeded to remove my pants and pushed my extremely hard and throbbing 7 inches up Dick’s asshole. He groaned with excitement as I did so, and Andy started to cry in frustration.

“Dad?” he sobbed, “Why are you letting him do that to you? What’s wrong with you?”

“This is the real me, son. This is why your mom left.”

I then started banging my cock up Dick’s ass at a fast and furious pace. I was so turned on by doing it in front of his gorgeous son that it took me only a few short minutes to reach ejaculation. I came right into Dick’s now-stretched hole, filling it to capacity with my load of spunk.

By this time, Andy was balling like a baby against the door to the laundry room. He was staring down at the floor, begging his dad to stop. It probably didn’t help to hear his father crying out in ecstacy.

“Oh sir, please fuck me! Please fuck me!” Dick had begged just moments earlier.

With Andy in a state of shock and sadness, it was time for me to strike. I pulled out of Dick quickly and sent him off to exercise some of that beer gut off. He gladly complied, running up the stairs and into the garage, where he apparently had some exercise equipment.

“Andy, I’m sorry you had to see that,” I said in a soft and soothing tone of voice. “But it was all your father’s doing. He drugged me at work today and brought me here against my will. He told me that he has always fantasized about having a master, and that’s what he has made me, his master.”

Andy looked up into my eyes, my deep brown eyes. He looked completely confused by my words, and sniffed as his nose was starting to run.

“I’m just a pawn in his sick little game, Andy. I’ve tried to escape, but it’s no use.”

“I don’t understand,” he sniffled. “My dad’s some kind of pervert?”

“He found out about the plans, Andy, and he went totally berserk. He thinks you took them.”

I then explained that I was a psychologist from Chicago brought to the area to regress Dick’s thoughts to uncover the missing plans.

“He thinks you took them, Andy. He thinks you’re out to sabotage his career.”

“What?” he answered, sobering up a bit.

“Relax, Andy. It’s OK. Just relax.”

He begged me to free him from the ropes, but I told him that his father had programmed me to be mentally and physically unable to do so. After more of our brief conversation, I managed to convince Andy that his father was the bad guy in the whole situation. He believed that I was just a pawn in his father’s plans to get revenge on him.

He was showing signs of stress and tension, struggling harder than ever to try to free himself of the ropes.

“Andy, you have to stop! If Dick catches you down here struggling, he’ll be even more pissed than he is now.”

“I can’t help it! This whole thing just makes me mad!”

“I can help you, Andy,” I said. “I am, after all, a hypnotherapist. Let me try to make your mind stronger against Dick’s attempts to control you.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“Your dad’s gonna be back here any minute to try to control you.”

“With what?”

“Some drug he got from a client. It has hypnotic properties. That’s how I got this way.”

“But if you’re a hypnotist, shouldn’t you be able to resist it?”

“I can a little bit. If I was totally under his control, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now about this.”

I convinced Andy that I could help him to resist the powers of the drug. He let me put him under. All the pieces of my little puzzle of revenge were falling into place perfectly.

In no time at all, I had Andy relaxed and in a trance. He was so beautiful, I couldn’t stand it. I just sat there in front of him, staring at his marvelous good looks.

“Andy, can you hear me?”

“Yes,” he replied in a totally calm, relaxed tone of voice.

“Do you feel relaxed?”


“It feels good to be so relaxed, doesn’t it, Andy?”


“Only I can make you feel this way, Andy.”

“Only you...”

“Andy, your father is going to come downstairs soon and give you something to drink. When he does, you will drink it, and then feel even more relaxed than you do now. Your father will try to tell you what to do, but you will resist him. Instead, you will follow only my commands, do you understand?”

“Yes, your commands...”

“Very good, Andy. When you hear me give you an order, you will have no choice but to obey it, no matter what it might be. I will be your master, your only master, do you understand?”

“Yes, you will be my master.”

“In fact, each time you obey my orders, you will feel very happy. It will please you tremendously to obey me. Anything I ask of you, no matter how out of the ordinary it might be, you will obey.”

“Anything you ask of me...”

“Whenever you hear my voice say ‘Missing Link,’ you will return to the relaxed state that you are in right now, but each time, you will be more relaxed and more open to my commands than you are right now. Is that clear, Andy?”

“Yes, more relaxed than I am right now...”

“Very good. When I count to three, you will wake up, feeling refreshed and awake. You will awaken feeling very relaxed and sure of yourself. You will remember everything I have told you, and you will see me as your best friend, your only confidant. You don’t trust anyone else as much as you trust me, do you, Andy?”

“No, I trust you...” he stumbled on his words, searching his mind for what to call me.

“Call me sir, Andy. After all, I am the only one you can trust and obey.”

“I trust you, sir.”

“Very good, Andy. I am the man you love. Every cell in your body longs to touch me, to hold me, to kiss me, to fuck me.”

“I love you, sir.”

“Excellent, Andy. At the count of three, you will wake up, but you will not remember being hypnotized, only that I helped to calm you down. But everything I have told you will now be a part of your thoughts.”

“You calmed me down, sir...”


Andy’s eyes opened and he shook as if a chill had run down his spine.

“Wow!” he said, smiling at me. “I feel so much better. Thanks!”

“You’re not a good candidate for hypnosis, Andy, but you were open to some more traditional relaxation techniques.”

Almost on cue, Dick Gaines bounded down the stairs with a glass of water (but to Andy, it was a drugged glass of water). “Son, I brought you something to drink. I just can’t have you sitting there wasting away.”

Dick brought the glass to Andy’s lips and rather reluctantly, Andy drank the entire glass down. It was only a few short moments after that that Andy began to respond to my conditioning. He sat limply on the floor, almost as if he was about to fall asleep.

“Andy!” Dick ordered (just as I had made him do). “Show me where those plans are! Where did you hide them?”

Andy continued to sit against the laundry room door, obviously trying to resist his father’s commands. He was biting his bottom lip, holding back something his subconscious mind wanted to say.

“Andy,” I finally interrupted. “It is time to pay attention!”

Andy sat up straight, his muscular chest protruding out in front of him.

“I’m going to untie you, Andy, and then, you are going to do as you are told. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir...”

I slowly untied the ropes on his wrists and his ankles, treasuring the opportunity to touch his flawless skin. When I was finished, Andy remained seated near the stairs and awaited his instructions.

“Domino Effect,” I said to Dick, who was standing in the middle of the room staring into space.

His head fell down against his chest, and he was back in conditioning mode.

“Dick, remember how you hated Paul Brighton. Do you remember that?”

“Yes, master...”

“You are going to be the same, homophobic Dick Gaines that you were back then. You hate all homosexuals, and you fear that Paul is going to convert all of the boys in the neighborhood. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, master...”

“You will stop calling me master, and you are no longer my slave. From this point forward, you will return to the normal, heterosexual Dick Gaines that you were when we met this afternoon. Is that clear?”


“Very good. In a moment, you will wake up and you will be unable to move. You will not be able to move until I tell you to do so. And even when I give you permission to move, you will not be able to do me or Andy any physical harm. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I will not be able to hurt you or Andy...”

“That’s right. But you will be able to speak, and you will say whatever you want to say. I have no more control over your choice of words at this time. Right, Dick?”

“No control over my choice of words. I understand.”

“But Dick, whenever you hear my voice say ‘Domino Effect,’ you will once again return to this relaxed state and you will be under my control again. Got it?”


On the count of three, Dick, you will wake up. 1...2...3.”

Dick’s head rose from his chest slowly, and he caught sight of me right away.

“Well, looky here, if it isn’t the fag boy. Get the fuck out of here, you queer!” he yelled.

I ignored Dick, knowing full well that he was stuck in one place for as long as I wanted him to be. I focused all of my attention on Andy, whom I was starting to really like. But then again, that was probably because he was mine to use and abuse.

“Missing Link.” I said.

Andy’s head fell to his chest.

“Andy, who is your friend?”

“You are, sir.”

“From now on, Andy, I am also your lover.”

His face went flush for only a second, but he soon accepted the command.

“You love me more than anything in the world, Andy. And you will do anything I ask of you. Do you understand?”


“Very good. Wake up.”

“His eyes opened, and he remained seated near the stairs waiting.

“Andy, it’s time to please your friend, Paul,” I said.

Andy stood up, his face showing an obvious smile. He moved towards me and stopped.

“Andy, I want you to show me your body. I want to see you in all of your glory.”

Without a single flinch, Andy slowly started a little striptease act in front of me, amid shouts of anger and disgust from his father.

First, off came the oxford, button by button, until he revealed a tight, white tanktop underneath, his erect nipples showing through the thin fabric. He flicked off his shoes and then pulled on his belt buckle and released it. In a quick movement, he dropped his pants to the floor. Andy’s underwear of choice was silk boxers. It was obvious of that when he exposed them to me, black, silk boxers with a heart pattern all across the shorts. They were almost cute, but I knew they had to go. My heart was pounding as I anticipated their removal.

Andy fell to the floor and rolled over onto his back. He removed his black socks, one by one and threw them in his father’s face. Then, sitting up, he removed his tank top, and my mouth dropped to the floor. I know it did. Andy’s chest was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, his bronze skin surrounded two of the biggest, most erect nipples I had ever seen. And tiny stubble-like, auburn hairs spread across his chest from nipple to nipple and then down past his navel. His abs were as hard as stone, and they formed that beautiful washboard pattern.

“You like?” he asked, really getting into the whole striptease thing.

“Yes,” I replied, with a small dribble of drool hanging from my lower lip.

“Do you want to see the rest?”


With that, he stood up and turned around, facing his back to me, and what a beautifully contructed back it was, too. He started gyrating his hips, making his butt go round and round. As he gyrated, he slowly began removing his boxers, first revealing the crack of his ass, then the entire thing. He had a perfectly round bubble butt that made that dribble of drool just a tad bit bigger.

Then, turning his head back over his shoulder, he smiled. “You want to see the main attraction, sir?”

“YES, Andy! Please!”

He continued to gyrate as he swung back around to face me.

And then, there it was. I was standing, staring at the most well-developed, circumsized penis I had ever had the pleasure to see before. On the tip of the head, there was the slightest glimmer of a droplet of pre-cum. My cock immediately stood at attention.

“Do you like what you see, sir?” Andy asked when he was finished with his routine.

“Very much, Andy,” I answered. “But can you come a little closer?”

Andy strutted across the room, his dick wagging as he did so. When he was standing right in front of me, I told him to stop.

“Now, I want you to make your dick hard, Andy. I don’t like a limp dick.”

Andy started to caress his body. His hand slowly moved from his chest across his dark bronze nipples across all those beautiful, tiny auburn hairs, down past his navel until he came into contact with his hardening cock.

It didn’t take long for him to make himself totally aroused. His dick stood at attention, a full 7″. When he had completed that task, I asked him to stay still and let me help him relax. He did so, and I knelt down in front of him. I placed my hungry lips around his rather thick shaft and went to work. I had the poor boy moaning and groaning more than his father.

In fact, Dick Gaines was no longer shouting at us as we went about his business. He was just standing in the center of the room, staring in disbelief. Occasionally, he would yell at Andy, begging him to stop, but Andy was so lost in all that I was doing, I don’t think he heard him.

“Please, sir, make me cum!” Andy yelled out, amid a very erotic humming sound he was making.

I just kept sucking until at last, I felt his hot, forceful stream of jism make its way into my mouth.

“OH GOD!” he screamed, as he continued to pump load after load of his creamy dressing into my mouth.

I swallowed it all down, and although I was not big on swallowing, something about Andy’s cum made me want to do it. When he was finished, he collapsed to the floor. I let go of his cock and watched as a few little droplets dripped out onto the carpet as he fell.

I crawled up beside him and stripped off all my clothes. It was probably the quickest strip job on record. Then, I wrapped my arms around him and held him for several minutes, as he kissed my hands.

“I love you!” he said, pulling my arms more tightly around his chest, until my fingers were pressed up against his left nipple.

“I love you, too, Andy.”

Then, right there in the basement room of the Gaines household, I made love to Andy. It was passionate and beautiful. In fact, in all my years as a gay male, I had never managed to feel so safe and secure as I had with Andy. Dick Gaines was practically having a heart attack the entire time.

Andy kissed me many times, moving his lips slowly down my body. Then, he rolled over and spread himself open, revealing a small, pink hole.

“Please, sir, be my lover! Make me yours!”

Needless to say, you know what happened. And let me tell you, it was the most wonderful, most exhausting, most passionate moment in my life up to that point.

I had instructed Dick Gaines not to move the entire time, but I had no control over him fainting, which he did when he witnessed myself and his son having sex. He passed out right next to us, hitting the floor with a thud. He wasn’t dead, just in shock.

Anyway, he had seen his son turn into a gay man right before his eyes. It was the ultimate revenge for me.

I later found the plans for the office complex in Andy’s room, in their original poster roll. Andy had taken them by mistake, or so he said. I really didn’t care one way or the other. I took the plans into the Gaines’s backyard and set fire to them, then instilled in Dick’s mind that he should confess to burning the plans.

I’m not normally an evil, vindictive guy, but Dick Gaines had disrupted my childhood and forced me to alter my entire life. Hearing his hateful words and gay-bashing phrases again brought all those bad memories back to me again. That pissed me off, so as I left his home that night, I felt a distinct sense of accomplishment and closure. I had succeeded in getting my revenge, and more than that, I took his son, Andy, back to Chicago with me. There was no way I was going back home without the man of my dreams. No way at all.