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Living Art

* * *

Alicia is a tired journalist fraught with ennui when she’s sent to interview the phenomenal, hypnotic artist, Tami.

* * *

This story is meant for adults 18+! Please do not read if you are under that age. Story is by Skaetlett © 2021, do not copy or repost without explicit permission.

* * *

Alicia sighed as she clocked into work once again. When she got offered a job as a reporter in New York, she was over the moon. Only, she assumed they meant New York City and not the middle of nowhere in upstate New York. The journalism graduate was so excited to get a job actually in her field that she immediately submitted her two weeks notice from her job as an underpaid barista, broke her lease, and moved cross country. She didn’t even do any research as to where it actually was. Or how much it paid.

Turns out, a reporting job in a town with less than 300 residents didn’t pay very well. And Alicia’s new home base was in one of the most boring places on earth. She’d been to Vermont, before, which she assumed would be a close runner-up; but at least Vermont had gorgeous mountains and hiking trails. This place, though? It took Alicia three weeks to find a good coffee shop. There wasn’t even a restaurant within a five mile radius.

So a few months into her position, she was completely burnt out. She hated every single day she had to work. When she went into journalism school, she loved doing major scoops—government news, social justice issues, reporting at protests and riots. That sort of thing. Now, though, she would constantly be delegated to meaningless fluff pieces or worse, celebrity gossip. The most meaningful article she did so far was a piece on a bicycle getting stolen in plain sight. Alicia felt nauseous realizing she was having a field day with that one.

Alicia was stubborn, though; and she wasn’t going to quit without a fight for at least one important news article. She sat down at her cubicle and waited for ideas to come.

She didn’t have to wait long, fortunately. Her boss—tall lady perpetually in a suit named Susie—waltzed over to her and began conversation in her usually cheery voice.

“Helloooo Alicia!” Alicia turned to Susie with a smile. At least she wasn’t working under a cutthroat bitch. Despite her appearances, Susie was one of the kindest people Alicia had met. Hell, Susie felt awful for Alicia’s situation, and tried to give her the best articles to write. After all, there wasn’t much competition.

“Hey Susie,” Alicia forced a smile. “Can I get you your coffee?”

“Oh, how lovely of you to offer! Yes, please. I actually had something else I wanted to ask.”

“Uh... huh?” Alicia blinked. “What’s up?”

“See, there’s an artist in town who’s been doing fascinating living art pieces. She’s doing an exhibit right in the building outside of the post office. I was wondering if you’d like to go interview her and see what she’s about? We can promote it on our website.”

Alicia held back a sigh. It was more than obvious that this ‘artist’ was paying for publicity. Nevertheless, Alicia had no choice. “Alright, sure. I can do that.”

“Wonderful!” Susie smiled. “I’m so happy you said yes. Because I’ve arranged a meeting with you two for 3pm today. You’ll be able to make it, won’t you?”

Of course Alicia said yes. It wasn’t like there was anything else to do in town anyways.

* * *

Alicia followed the directions Susie gave her—it was in such a remote location that it fell off the GPS and she had to rely on a physical map. Why would anyone move here willingly? Not knowing that it was in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Maybe it was because rent prices were so cheap. After all, this artist—apparently named Tami—probably needed a big place for her studio.

Alicia turned out to be correct on that. The studio she came upon was a massive space, in a huge garage. The garage door was open, surprisingly enough. Alicia peeked inside, to see if Tami was already there. She wasn’t. It was 2:58pm, so... maybe she was running exactly on schedule to the point. Alicia couldn’t help herself—she looked inside, gawking at the amounts of paints and large paintbrushes strewn across the room. Even the walls were drenched in paint. Also on the walls of the garage were various large photos of nude models in various poses. The writing on those pictures looked like writings of a mad genius.

3pm struck and right on cue, Alicia heard the door open. She felt like a deer in headlights, realizing she just wandered into Tami’s space and not waiting outside like a normal person.

“Oh, hello there!” Tami greeted her in a warm tone. “It’s so good to see you. I’m not late, are I?”

“N-no, of course not!” Alicia said, waving her hand dismissively. “I was just so... curious as to what your space is like. Um, I’m sorry for coming in without your permission.”

“It’s not a problem. I’m quite proud of my space.” Tami responded to that with a wide grin. Alicia gulped. Tami was hot. The town she lived in probably had less lesbians than Alicia could count on her fingers—herself being one of them. Gay panic was inevitable to Alicia, especially with the curves Tami bore on her body and her adorably genuine smile.

“So, I’m being interviewed about my work and my upcoming exhibition, correct?”

“I... yes. Do you have a place I can sit?”

“Certainly.” Tami motioned her to two fold-up chairs, both of which were more dried paint than metal. She pulled them out and urged Alicia to sit down. “I’m so happy to be interviewed by your crew. I’m very excited about my gallery showing!”

“Yeah, sounds like you...” Alicia’s face must have been completely flushed as she looked around at the various portraits of hot naked ladies. “Really have an, um, unique... art... style.”

Tami clicked her tongue affectionately. “Aw, you don’t have to be shy. We’re all open here. Will this be recorded?”

Alicia shook her head, ridding her brain of any lingering fantasies. “Y-yes. I have a recorder here. Are you ready to start?”

Tami agreed to the interview, and it started. Alicia asked her various questions, going through them seamlessly like clockwork. In a way, the gay panic she just had filled her with adrenaline that made her work more diligently. She jotted down whatever Tami said even though it was being caught by the interview. Already, she did multiple calculations at once in her head, various ways she could structure the article, choice quotes she could pull from Tami. Alicia spent all of her undergraduate and graduate degrees preparing for interviews. She never messed them up—even as a subby lesbian mess in front of a hot dominant-looking lady.

Quickly, Alicia learned about Tami’s style, the kinds of abstract art she did. She used a hypnotized living model and painted over her, using photos—and her model as a statue—at her galleries. Her shows were a hit all across New York, so much so that at one point she held a small gallery right in the big city. Tami showed Alicia her favorite photos she did. The model was just as gorgeous as Tami and Alicia found herself having to compose herself once again.

Halfway into the interview, the two heard a knock on the door.

“Oh, that must be her,” Tami grinned to Alicia. “Lin? Come in!”

Lin—Tami’s model—opened the door and walked in. Holy shit, Alicia thought. She was even hotter in person. She must have looked beet red at that point. “Hi,” Lin said warmly, with a small but genuine smile on her face. “I hope I’m not interrupting.”

“N-no, not at all!” Alicia waved her hands dismissively, trying to hide how turned on she was. “In fact, um, if it’s okay with Tami, we’d love to have you for the interview. Um, I, my name’s Alicia. I’m a reporter for the local newspaper.”

“Great! Can I take a chair?” Tami nodded, and Lin grabbed a chair to sit on.

Alicia continued the interview, asking Lin a few questions for her. Alicia couldn’t help herself. She just asked how the hypnosis felt, what it was like being an exhibit, and how they got into it. She tried her hardest not to pry to deeply—after all, she didn’t want to seem like a total creep. God, Alicia thought to herself. She couldn’t believe how horny she was. Usually, Alicia was the kind of person to just lie in bed with a partner and go with the flow, even if it wasn’t something she was totally into. But hypnosis? Being a living exhibit? Having people gawk at her naked, painted body? It introduced her to kinks she didn’t know she had, kinks she didn’t know she even wanted, kinks she didn’t even know existed.

She tried her best to keep her composure, but with every answer, she lost a bit more of her cool. It was inevitable. Tami and Lin both noticed. “You seem a little flustered,” Lin started, “are you okay? Do you need a glass of water?” How could they not? It was completely obvious.

“I… no, I’m good, I have some of my own.” To cover herself, Alicia pulled out her water bottle and took a drink.

“I think she’d like to see how it works, Lin,” Tami chuckled to her girlfriend. Alicia spat out her water and tried once again to compose herself. “Why don’t we give her a demonstration? You could use some more practice for the gallery, and I still need to decide how I want to paint you exactly…”

“I’m totally fine with that,” Lin smiled at her girlfriend. God, they were so in love, and so attracted to each other too. “Would you like that, Alicia?”

“Yes,” Alicia responded way too quickly. “Yes, I would very much like that.” She tried to sound as normal as possible and it failed.

“Well, then stand up, Lin.” Like a trained puppy, Lin stood up and moved to the center of the room. Alicia readjusted her chair quickly. The painter soon followed her and put her girlfriend up on a wooden stage. She said into Lin’s ear—“become still for me, darling.”

And it worked. Lin’s body froze, a limp and blank expression on her face. Alicia felt a bit of drool fall down her chin and onto her lap. She wiped it off, watching eagerly as Tami lifted her limbs, pushed her body onto its knees, and spread one leg to the side. Alicia felt her eyes dilate.

Tami grabbed the blue paint and began painted thick, long lines across Lin’s frozen body. Lin didn’t even flinch at the touch of the cool, wet paint. She was trained. Lin was a damn good model, and a damn good girlfriend. No. She wasn’t a girlfriend right now. She was a piece of art. She was Tami’s painting, her model, her canvas. And both of them loved it. So did Alicia.

“This is what a typical exhibit may look like,” Tami smirked back at Alicia, whose jaw was on the floor. “Well? What do you think?”

“It’s…” Alicia gulped. “Nice. It’s very nice.”

“Well,” Tami’s grin widened. “This may be unconventional for both of us, but… would you like to see how it’s done?”

What? “Um, what… what do you mean?”

Tami couldn’t help herself. She let out a giggle. “I’m asking if you’d like to try being a canvas for me.”

“I...” Alicia felt herself suddenly hold her breath. Gay panic completely overtook her as her body froze. How did Tami get such a good read on her, in less than an hour? And how did Alicia even find herself in this situation? No, she was... she was supposed to be professional. She was a journalist! She was there to write an article about Tami. Not be her... exhibit. Right? “I don’t know,” Alicia forced herself to answer, deflated.

Tami saw right through her empty rejection. “You don’t have to be shy, dear,” she smiled gently. Tami’s hand reached over to scratch the back of Alicia’s ear tenderly, and Alicia felt her soul leave her body. “You can say it’s for the article. Call it full immersion, if you will. What do you think, Lin? Do you think Alicia would be a good model?”

Lin’s smile widened—not as wide as Tami’s, but just as excited. “I think Alicia would make a great model, love.”

“W-wait, hold on!” Alicia slammed the breaks to whatever was happening. “I... but we’re not dating! You two work well together, because, well, you’re a couple. I... I barely know you. How can I—or, how do you know I’ll work well with you?” Alicia knew she was speaking less like she didn’t want to, and more like she didn’t want to waste Tami’s time even more. Maybe she hadn’t gotten over her insecurities as much as she thought.

“I know a good model when I see one,” Tami answered with a determined glint to her eyes. “Lin and I started dating because she was my model. And that made us closer than any other girlfriend I had in the past.” Tami slammed her palms to her thighs triumphantly, eager to try something else. “Here’s another idea. Why don’t I try hypnotizing you, and making you a model... just for the next hour? And if you don’t like it, you can put your clothes on and head on out to write your article promoting my event. It’s a win-win for everyone. You don’t have to say yes... but I think you’ll like it.”

Alicia bit her lip. She knew full well Tami was right—she wanted nothing more than to be Tami’s model. But Alicia was inexperienced. She never had a single relationship last longer than a week. She never even had a single hookup. This was a lot to spring on her, but... she got the feeling it was a one in a lifetime opportunity.

“A-alright,” Alicia finally nodded. “I... really do want to try.” And it’ll be great for the article, she added quietly in her head.

Tami placed her hands on Alicia’s shoulders with a thump. Alicia felt herself freeze in place, her eyes becoming wide. “Fantastic. Have you ever been hypnotized before?”

“Nope,” Alicia chuckled nervously. “Never. Didn’’t even know it was a thing.”

“Well, it feels a lot like meditation.” Alicia did know what that felt like. Years of therapy drilled it into her head. Slowly, Alicia felt her body being rocked back and forth. It was more soothing than she thought it would be, but the sensation also disoriented her slightly. Tami’s hands, more dominant and strong than Alicia expected, moved her new model’s body to and from. Sure enough, she felt her mind growing numb with each rock. “Just like that. You know what it feels like—you already know it so well. Feel your mind slowly move with your body. It’s getting a little confused, isn’t it? It’s getting hard to think. So your mind just instinctively slows down. That’s it... just slower and slower.”

At one point, Lin silently slid out of the room to give them privacy. But Alicia hardly noticed. Her mind was too frazzled by the rocking, by trying to maintain eye contact and consciousness.

“I want you to think of yourself like... clay,” Tami started. She walked over behind Alicia and put her hands on Alicia’s soft, warm, still body. “Your muscles are clay, with your bones being the bendable wire underneath it. So when I lift your arm, or when I bend it, or when I tilt your head up and down, left or right, you’re going to stay there, in place. You’re not going to recognize how uncomfortable it feels. It’s all going to feel gentle. Soothing.”

Alicia gently nodded. She felt Tami’s hands on her left arm as Tami lifted it up. Sure enough, the hypnosis worked. Alicia couldn’t bring herself to move it, not without Tami moving it for her. And she couldn’t even notice how her arm hurt a bit from the straining; it felt distant, like it didn’t really matter in that moment.

“There you go,” Tami smiled, and Alicia could feel her breath on her skin. “You’re becoming my statue. My art. Doesn’t it feel lovely?” Alicia couldn’t think to nod her head, but Tami grabbed her hair and nodded Alicia’s head for her. Oh, fuck. Now that was hot. Alicia could feel that in her sex. Tami moved her hands to her other arm and lifted it up, in almost the same position but a little ajar. Her arms weren’t completely parallel, but somehow it still felt perfect. “Once we get you onto a stage, you’re going to look incredible. I can bend your body however I’d like, and you won’t have to do anything but look pretty while people stare at you. Admire you. And admire my talent as an artist and a hypnotist.

“But we need to do one more thing. We need you to undress... I simply can’t paint over your clothes. Your work clothes look nice, and besides, I wouldn’t want to waste paint like that.” Tami lowered both of Alicia’s arms into a more natural place, with Alicia’s palms on her legs. “So when I say the word, ‘prepare my art’, you’re going to follow that word. You’re going to find that your clothes are too tight, too uncomfortable, too scratchy... and the only way to relieve yourself of that tension will be to take everything off. And then, you’ll stand and follow my hands and words. Do you understand?”

Alicia only murmured as Tami nodded her head again for her. “Good. Prepare, my art.”

It happened quite suddenly. First, Alicia felt very, very itchy—like her fancy work clothes suddenly had small needles in them. Second, they felt too tight. She felt restricted by her clothes, like she was being bound by them in the least comfortable way. And finally, she felt dizzy. Dizzy just wearing her clothes. There was no other option—she had to take her clothes off. Shame left her as she shedded her work jacket, her shoes and socks, her slacks... slowly, Alicia found herself stripped. She finally took off her bra and underwear, and standing up, she was fully nude for Tami to do whatever she wanted to.

“Perfect. You have such a lovely canvas, Alicia. I made a good decision... didn’t I?”

Alicia nodded, this time of her own accord.

“I want you to step on this stage,” Tami spoke softly. She motioned to a platinum white block in the middle of the studio. “Watch your step, canvas.”

She obeyed, getting on the stage tenderly. Thankfully, she had just enough of her consciousness left so as not to trip on it. Distantly, she heard some shuffling around. Tami stepped away, and came back with three cans of paint—blue, red, and yellow.

“This may feel a bit cold, but you’ll stay completely still while I work. You’ll barely even notice it. And of course, all of this paint is safe for the body.”

Alicia gasped as the first large stroke of color grazed her body. Red paint slathered all over her back, painting her lower half and the top of her ass in shining colors.

“Feels good?”

“Yes,” Alicia murmured as her body adjusted to the temperature of the paint.

Another wide stroke of paint went down her left arm, and soon her opposite arm as well—both in yellow colors at the top, alternating to yellow to green to blue. Her legs were soon painted in bright orange and yellow hues too, going all the way down to her feet. Alicia felt… good. She felt warm. She felt like she was finally someone—something—pretty, gorgeous, worth looking at. Just an art piece. Vaguely, she remembered this was supposed to be for journalistic research, but it didn’t matter anymore. She was a canvas. She was Tami’s canvas. And nothing else had ever made her feel as special, as worthwhile.

Tami moved onto the front of Alicia’s body, and began painting something else—a gorgeous sunset. The top of her breasts and neck was dark blue, like the night sky, with white flecks of stars in it. The bottom of her torso was the sun setting on the horizon, orange hues behind it and a light blue ground. Alicia’s head couldn’t help but tilt down. Woah. She looked gorgeous.

Tami put down the paint, quickly wiping her paintbrush on some old newspapers. She waited just a minute for the paint to dry before beginning to mold Alicia’s body into a pose she enjoyed. Grabbing her camera, Tami took a few pictures.

“I hope you’re an exhibitionist,” Tami started, “because all of these are going in my portfolio.”

Alicia didn’t mind. Or if she did mind, she couldn’t exactly place a finger on why. This was fine, right? She was doing this for research, and for her own personal pleasure. This was probably the hottest thing she’d ever done. She wasn’t in control. She was just Tami’s pretty little art piece. And she wanted to be shown off. She wanted people to gawk and stare at her—for the artistic value, or because they just wanted a quick fuck.

“Even I can see how hot you’re getting,” Tami smirked. “If only you could look at yourself. You’re all blushy and stammering and wet. If the paint’s dry enough—” Tami put a hand on Alicia’s breast to check, “—then I think we can have just a bit of fun.” Tami moved behind Alicia and put her hands around her waist, feeling her art piece up and down for what felt like hours. Alicia couldn’t help but shiver just a bit, as she tried to stay planted in place.

Tami’s hands reached down Alicia’s body, grasping and groping her at every inch. Alicia found it increasingly hard to stay still. Her body shivered at the touch, paint, and the feeling of being just a piece of art. She wasn’t a person anymore. She was an exhibit. She was something people could stare at and use however they wanted, for however long they wanted. The hands went further down her spine and her core, reaching her legs. Tami spread her legs apart and reached Alicia’s poor, wet, bare cunt. Her fingers slid effortlessly inside, and only then Alicia found she couldn’t hold back her panting anymore.

“Careful, exhibit,” Tami teased. “You’ll want to keep being still and silent for me. For the crowd. You don’t want to ruin the paint.” Despite Tami’s calm, centered words, she kept fingering Alicia harder and harder. Alicia tried her damndest to stay standing in place without moving a millimeter. But god it was so hard. Tami knew how to finger girls. She clearly knew how to finger her girlfriends, no wonder Lin was so happy... Alicia felt her legs begin to give in, but there was no way she was willing to break her facade. This was for research, Alicia lied to herself once again. This was just for research.

Fuck, no it wasn’t. Obviously not. She loved every fucking second of this and she wanted to be Tami’s exhibit forever and ever and ever and ever. She wanted people to stare, to use her just like Tami was. She didn’t care about the article anymore. All she cared about was being Tami’s perfect canvas, and her lovely exhibit.

Just as Alicia was beginning to get close, Tami realized. And she pulled away. And just like that, Alicia’s pleasure came to a grinding halt. The poor canvas whimpered and pleaded quietly, but Tami wouldn’t give into her art’s demands. She was in charge. She was the artist here.

“No, I shouldn’t do this anymore for now,” Tami resigned. “We don’t want to ruin the paint, and we definitely don’t need you losing your composure... too much.”

Alicia panted. She needed it. “I promise, canvas,” she whispered into Alicia’s ear. “You’ll get the orgasm you crave if you perform well at my gallery. Understood?”

“Yes,” Alicia responded, not understanding what exactly was happening now. “Yes, yes, yes.”

“Good,” Tami released her hands from Alicia’s torso and began moving her arms and legs into a neutral position. “I want you to feel the suggestions fading. Feel yourself able to move in your body freely again. Feel the urge to put your clothes back on and go back to being kind, loving Alicia. No more being my canvas. Just being you.”

Alicia nodded, the deconditioning already working. “On the count of five, you’ll be back in your body, ready to function as normal. One... feeling yourself back in the room... two... noticing your nerves, your cells, your skin and muscles, three... slowly opening your eyes and reorienting to the room around you, four, noticing your surroundings, feeling yourself in your body, five—awake.”

Alicia blinked.

“Holy hell,” was all she could possibly breathe out.

Tami chuckled. “Enjoyed yourself?”

“I... fuck. Give me a moment.” The first thing Alicia did after her heart rate slowed was grab her clothes and slowly put them back on her body.

“You want me to get rid of the paint?”

“N-no need,” Alicia blushed.

“That’s okay. It’ll come off in the shower tonight anyways.”

Alicia nodded as she put her shirt and jacket back on. Finally, she was dressed again. The next thing Alicia did was collapse in the chair she was sitting in—when she was here on actual work business. She exhaled. “Shit. That was incredible.”

“For me as well.”

Alicia felt like she needed a year to sit, but after five or so minutes of breathing, iced water, and reassuring pats on the head, she spoke up. “That was... the most incredible experience I’ve ever had,” she said bluntly. “Holy hell. You are incredible.”

Tami flashed an award-winning smile. “I do try. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Now, I have a question for you.”

Alicia tilted her head. “Huh? What’s... up now?”

Tami sat next to Alicia and put her hand on her knee, eyeing her needily. “Would you like to be a second statue at my gallery, since you enjoyed this so much?”

She didn’t even have to think twice. “Oh, hell yes.”

Her grin widened even further. “Wonderful. Let’s start preparations soon. Go home and publicize my event, will you? I’m sure you’ll want everyone in town to see you now.”

Alicia nodded, got her stuff together and headed out—but not before her and Tami exchanged sweet, excited kisses.

* * *

“...and as you can see, both of these statues have been thoroughly hypnotized into being completely still. I also throw body-safe paint on them like canvases. Sometimes I do posing first, and sometimes I do painting first. Really depends on what the art calls for.”

Tami explained to the crowd as cameras flashed in front of her and her two loyal human statues. Alicia’s article had garnered the crowd’s attention—and Alicia didn’t even need to write that she did anything other than interview the artist. Some of Alicia’s friends came by too, shocked at the display. But even as they tried to engage Alicia in conversation, she was completely still, motionless, unresponsive. She was a statue. An object.

As Tami’s artist’s talk finished, the gallery continued. Patrons chewed table snacks as they gawked at the art. If Alicia’s trial session with Tami hadn’t been hot enough, this exhibit threw her arousal completely off the charts. She couldn’t get off enough over how hot this was. Especially as she, from the corner of her eye, saw the tips filling up in Tami’s donation jar. Alicia could almost feel her arousal dripping down her leg. She didn’t care. She would get all the orgasms she wanted after this—along with Lin, standing next to her, equally still and obedient.

5pm hit, and people began exiting the gallery. Tami released Lin, and then released Alicia. After some well-earned orgasms and some overstimulation, their moans filling the empty gallery, the artist coddled both of her art pieces in a sweet moment of aftercare.

Alicia smiled. She was happy. Who cared about being stuck in a terrible town with an awful job? She had Tami and Lin now, and that was all that really mattered.

“Alicia, you did wonderfully,” Tami cooed to her new art piece. “If you want to become a more... permanent... fixture of mine, I can make it worth your time.”

Alicia cuddled closer to Tami and hugged her from Tami’s side. “Of course,” she begged.

“Then would you like me to drop you again?”

“Please. Absolutely.”

“Then,” Tami started, whispering into Alicia’s ear, “prepare, my art.” And Alicia sunk.

* * *