The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Living Dead Girl

by J. Darksong

* * *

Chapter 2)

“So... this is my place. Feel free to make yourselves comfortable,” I stated, kneeling down to unzip my boots. “And by that, I mean shoes off,” I barked, stopping them before they moved to cross into the foyer. “I’d prefer not to track dirt from the street into my house.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” Splash replied, toeing off her boots, Sunbeam following suit a moment later. “Nice place you have here. I have to admit, it’s not what I was expecting...”

“A crypt, you mean?” I replied with a smirk, laughing aloud as she blushed. “Yeah. I get that a lot. Any girlfriends I bring here are like totally shocked. Heh. Well... they were shocked. I haven’t exactly had visitors in a while. I guess I’ve become something of a recluse in my ‘old age’.” Walking over to the kitchen carrying my grocery bag, I glanced over my shoulder.”Want anything to drink?”

“Um, sure,” Sunbeam called out. “What have you got?”

“Well, the usual, of course. Water, tea, milk, Coke, Sprite, and lemonade. I also have a shit ton of gin and vodka,” I replied with a smirk, “but with the costumes, I assume you’re technically still ‘on duty’.”

The girls nodded. “Lemonade for us both,” Splash replied, accepting the glass I brought them moments later. “Thanks. So... ah, we should probably talk about... what happened in the alleyway,” she said, awkwardly. “So you—aaaah! What are you doing?” she asked, sounding exasperated.

“Changing,” I replied simply, taking off my damaged and bloody shirt, letting my ‘girls’ breathe a bit in the process. “Why? Something wrong? We’re all girls here, right? And I’m just changing my shirt. It’s not like I stripping down completely,” I said with a smirk. “If I’m making you uncomfortable, I can go into the bathroom...”

“N-no, um, it’s f-fine,” Janika replied, blushing deeply, eyes averted. “It was just... a surprise, that’s all.”

I chuckled softly. “Sorry. I’ll try and remember to give you guys a heads-up next time,” I said, padding over to the laundry room, depositing the ruined shirt. The blood would be a nightmare to clean, and with the bullet hole... it was probably trash now, better off in the garbage. But... it was my favorite shirt. I growled softly, but sighed, pushing down the regret. I’d already punished the bitch responsible... and favorite or not, it was only a shirt. Slipping on a plain white T, I rejoined my guests.

“So. You guys no doubt have a lot of questions,” I began without preamble, “both about me and that case you liberated from those thugs. I’m... probably the most complicated, so let’s go there first. Yeah, I’m a vampire. No, I don’t ‘sparkle’, nor do I burn into ash and blow away in the wind if exposed to sunlight. I suppose there ARE vampires with that weakness, but the man who Sired me was a daywalker, so, by default, so am I. Which is a good thing, I suppose, since I’d probably completely lose my shit if I were forced to stay inside every day until the sun goes down.”

Both heroines chuckled at that. “Okay, fair enough. So... what about the other things?” Sunbeam asked, curious. “You know... a cross, wooden stake, garlic, and holy water?”

“All good questions,” I replied, taking a sip of my own glass of Coke. “A cross and holy water don’t do squat. As far as I know, that’s pretty much a ‘Dracula’ thing, moreso than an actual vampire thing. Word is that he was a big-time religious zealot before his fall, so the whole aversion to holy objects was more a trauma thing for him, specifically. And I’m pretty sure that a wooden stake to the heart would kill anyone, not just a vampire,” I teased.

“Believe it or not, we actually know someone who’d been skewered through the heart and lived,” Splash quipped, getting a look of surprise from me. “There were extenuating circumstances, of course, but yeah... took a spear straight through the heart, and is still walking around today.”

I blinked, momentarily at a loss for words. “Huh. Well... guess I shouldn’t be too surprised,” I murmured after a moment, “you hero types tend to run with a weird crowd, after all.”

“Hehehe... present company included,” Splash retorted, grinning. Heh. I was starting to really like these girls.

“Anyway,” I finished, “garlic is real. We are allergic to it. Which really kind of sucks, since I LOVE garlic cheesy pizza bread,” I replied wistfully. “But it’s not fatal or anything. Garlic and silver kind of inhibit our regeneration, making it difficult to heal—”

“Wait, wait for a second!” Sunbeam cut in. “You said you eat normal food? I thought vampires drank blood!”

“We do,” I replied with a sigh. “We can eat or drink pretty much anything that normal humans do... this soda, for instance,” I said, raising my glass. “But its all empty calories. It would be like you two trying to live on nothing but cake frosting. Sure, it tastes good and all, but your body doesn’t get any nutrition out of it. For vampires, the blood is the life.” I grinned at them, showing my fangs. “I typically drink a pint every few days, whenever the need arises. I can usually go for a week or two between ‘feedings’ if necessary. But even the most stalwart of vampires can only last about a month or so without... being... overcome...” I said, trailing off, looking away.

It was something of a hard lesson, one pretty much every vampire learned through experience at one time or another. At least that’s what my master told me. You see, after about a month of denial, a vampire will descend into a ‘blood fever’. The hunger takes over, and you lose your mind, your sanity, becoming little more than a mindless beast, ruled by your instincts. When I first became a vampire, the idea of drinking actually blood from a living person or animal disgusted me. I refused. It was almost comical, really. I kept declining more and more, day by day, basically starving myself, but steadfastly refused to give in.

And then, the blood fever hit. A cloud enveloped my mind, and I felt like I was in a waking dream, a nightmare of jarring sounds and colors and sensations. I don’t know how long it lasted, even now the memories of that time are... disjointed. But I woke to find myself naked, and covered in blood, being restrained by my Master. And all around me were the bodies of the unmoving bodies of several dozen of the townsmen. Luckily, none of them died, my Master having struck and pulled me away before I could drain them past the point of no return. But it was a sobering lesson. I’d thought to cage my inner beast... but in doing so, I had allowed the beast to cage me, taking away my control, and rendering me its puppet.

The lesson there? You can’t deny your true nature. You live by accepting what you are, and facing your weaknesses head-on instead of trying to repress them. By conceding to let my vampiric nature out now and again, I was able to keep the reigns firmly in hand.

“So... unless you have any other questions about me,” I said after a moment, “I think we should talk about the contents of that case.”

“Yes, about that,” Sunbeam replied, gesturing to the heavy metal case lying on my coffee table. “I was all set to contact the museum curator and tell him that the stolen artifact had been recovered, until you said, ‘whatever you do don’t open it’. Sounds to me like this thing is more dangerous than we thought... and that you know something about it.”

I glanced to the side. “Well, I’m no expert or anything,” I began, standing up, pacing slowly back and forth across the living room floor, “but when my little thrall mentioned the Akert Stone, I thought I was going to lose my bladder.” I sighed softly. “Not sure what kind of background you two have in ancient Egyptian history or mythology, but long ago it was believed that the gods walked the earth alongside mankind, handing down their commands and judgments directly to their followers.”

“Uh huh,” Splash replied with a roll of her eyes. “Dog-faced gods walking around in ancient Egypt. I’m sure that was totally a thing.”

“Right. Almost as silly a notion as a werewolf that can transform people with her bite. Or, people that can fly, shoot energy from their hands, or conjure water from thin air,” I said chidingly. “Or even, GASP! a blood-drinking vampire!” I replied with a smirk.

“Okay, okay, you made your point,” the blue-clad heroine conceded with a wave of her hand. “No need to rub it in...”

“Heh. Sorry. Anyway... in most modern manuscripts, and pictures, Anubis, like the others, is always shown holding a staff,” I said, pacing again. “Its drawn in different ways, in different styles, yes, but in the earliest known likenesses it was depicted as a tall staff with a golden anhk at the end... and with a black smooth stone in its center.”

“The Akert Stone,” Sunbeam answered, staring down at the case. “And you think that this is the real thing, the actual stone from the staff of the Egyptian god of the dead?”

“Honestly, I don’t know,” I admitted, frowning. “Dr. Menat, the head of the archaeological dig that unearthed the exhibit was the leading authority of Egyptology in the country, and very widely respected among her peers, one of the few archeologists on good terms with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Definitely not the kind of person given to wild speculation or hysteria. But two months ago she went on record saying that she exhibit was cursed and that she was severing all ties with the project.” I shook my head. “Also of note, no less than sixteen members of her team died during the exhumation...”

Both girls stared at the seemingly innocent case with a much more wary eye now. “Okay,” Splash said after a moment, “putting aside logic and reason for the moment, and accepting that all of the weirdness surrounding this stone is legit... why would those two go through all the trouble of stealing it, anyway? I mean, Steelskin and Dead Eye are simple thugs. They go after cash, gold, silver, jewels, anything they can steal to make a quick buck. It’s not like a cursed stone would do much for them in that regard—”

“Hold on, Splash,” her partner cut in. “Remember what DeadEye told us at the end? She and Steely had a buyer, some anonymous guy that hired them to steal the thing. Whoever it was, they had to know about the legend, about what the stone was supposed to be and what it could do.”

“Yeah,” I said softly, draining my glass. “That’s the same conclusion I came up with. Some criminal mastermind wants that stone, no doubt as some plot to utilize it and turn it into a weapon. And whoever it is won’t let a setback like this stop them. Which means he or she will keep coming after it.” I shook my head. “I just hope you two know what you’ve gotten yourselves into you...”

The two heroines glanced at one another, then sighed. “Well, obviously, this is a bit more than we expected,” Tina replied, “but hey, its still par for the course. We are heroines, after all. Its what we do.”

“Damn straight,” Janika agreed, nodding. “And after what you just told us, you’d better believe we’re going to do everything we can to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.”

I huffed, crossing my arms. “Tch... fine. Better you than me. I warned you about all of this to scare you off... to warn you away, hoping you’d drop that thing off with the Museum Curator, and forget you’d even heard about it. Instead, you’re doing the opposite, sticking your necks out for the ‘anonymous masses’.” I shook my head. “You wouldn’t catch me doing anything so foolhardy.”

“Oh? Really?” Sunbeam replied, her voice so dripping with smugness that I glanced up. “In case you haven’t realized it, you already have! You helped Splash and I out with Steel and Eye, and even brought us here and gave us the 4-1-1 on what we’re dealing with. You certainly didn’t have to do any of this.”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, sputtering, stumbling over my words. As much as I hated to admit it, she had a point. Why HAD I butted into all of this? I asked myself. It’s not like I owed them anything. They didn’t even save me when that metal skinned freak tried to use me as a hostage—I beat him all by myself. They did offer to surrender the case in exchange for my life, though... I recalled, a small smile creasing my lips before I could restrain it. And they seemed totally devastated when I was shot. Not that the bullet did more than piss me off. Still... it was kind of sweet. Really sweet. And... I haven’t had a girlfriend for a long time, nearly ten years now. Is that... what all this is? Am I just lonely?

Grunting aloud, I turned to face my visitors again. “Okay. Look. I don’t want you both to get the wrong idea, okay? I’m not a hero. I don’t dress up in flashy costumes and masks. I don’t fight supervillains—uhht uhht!” I protested, waving a hand before the dark-haired cutie could interject. “Steelskin and Dead Eye do not count. They both attacked me, so beating them was simple self-defense. My point is that I don’t go out of my way to court trouble. And just because I think you two are really cute, don’t think I’m signing up to help you both with whatever the hell you’ve gotten yourselves into. I look after one person, and one person only—myself. All this? It was just a fluke—a one-time thing.”

Tina and Janika exchanged a look, grinning suspiciously. “So... what you’re saying is... that you think we’re cute?” the dark-skinned lovely said, sauntering slowly across the room towards me. I couldn’t help but blush at having my words tossed back at me, but before I could think up a rejoinder, the curvy little vixen stared me straight in the eye, grinned wickedly... then kissed me! I was starstruck, and a bit dazed when she finally broke the kiss, giggling at my expression. “Wow. Another myth about vampires disproved. Looks like you CAN blush.” Which of course, only made my blush deepen.

“Only when I’m well fed,” I managed, licking my lips, tasting her on my tongue. I wondered idly how other parts of her tasted... say, further down her body... “I, um... thank you?” I managed, shaking my head. “I, um... I mean, I thought... you two were partners... in, um... other ways than just in costume,” I finished lamely.

“Oh, we are,” the pale-skinned Super replied, grinning just as wickedly as her counterpart, as she too surprised me with a kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck, grinding her chest lightly against my own as we tongue wrestled. “We are partners. And we share... everything,” she replied, licking her lips seductively, sending a shiver down my spine that curled my toes. “And, just for the record, Gwenny,” she added playfully, returning to her partner’s side, “we both thought that you were cute too, from the get-go.”

I was caught completely flat-footed. Two hundred years old, and completely undone by a couple of sexy twenty-somethings in spandex. Damn... maybe it HAS been too long since I’ve had a girlfriend...

“At any rate,” Splash said, grabbing my attention again, “we really WOULD like your help with this. Your knowledge about the stone may be useful. And with your strength and speed, you could definitely come in handy if the Mastermind makes a play for the stone again.”

“Totes true,” Sunbeam agreed, nodding. “And even though you like to keep to yourself, surely you wouldn’t mind helping out a couple of really close friends, right?”

Vampires don’t sweat. Not really. Our body temperature is too low, not exactly ice cold as they say in modern literature or anything, but definitely colder than room temperature. I’m much warmer after having just fed, but I gradually cool back down to my normal seventy-two degrees. But damn if these two weren’t giving my ol’ sweat glands a run for their money.

“W-we... we’re not exactly, close friends,” I said as the approached me in tandem, making an obvious show of swerving their hips back and forth hypnotically as they walked, one bare foot in front of the other. Grinning again, they both kissed my cheek, pressing their warm supple bodies against mine, the invitation obvious, even to a mentally slow person like myself. Nevertheless, the dusky toned one, Splash, said the words anyway.

“Well... we have the whole night ahead of us. Would you like to be?”

* * *

Mmmmm. I ached, but in a good way.

Either I’d been out of the game a lot longer than I realized, or these two little hellions were definitely something special. Lovely, attentive, beautiful, and sexy as all hell. Especially the attentive part, though; I do have an inhuman level of stamina, so the two of them tag-teamed me off and on, the second taking over when the first became winded. And now, here we lay, all three of us, lounging naked on my king-sized bed, simply basking.

I ran a hand gently along Tina’s chest, idly caressing her breast, teasing her hard little nub. “Mmmm... I can’t get over your skin,” I murmured softly, enjoying her soft gasps of pleasure at my contact. “So smooth and sexy. And I just love the color.” Tina giggled.

“What’s wrong? Haven’t been with many black girls before?” she teased.

“Honestly... no. Not that I had an aversion or anything... I just never came across any that swung that way.” I sighed again, giggling slightly as Janika’s soft foot caressed my own. “Not that I’m disparaging your skin tone either, Jan,” I replied, leaning over for a quick kiss. “Compared to my skin tone, yours might as well be a California Tan.”

“Hmmm... true, you are kind of pale,” Janika replied with a chuckle. “Can you even tan? I mean... you’re a ‘daywalker’ so you don’t exactly burst into flames or anything, but I don’t imagine sunlight would be good for you in massive doses either.”

“Yep,” I answered with a nod, closing my eyes. “Sunlight is bad for me, all around. I’m resistant, but it does weaken me a lot.”

“So... how old are you, exactly?”

Opening my eyes, I turned to gape at her, along with Tina. “What?” she said with a shrug. “I’m just curious. It’s not like you’re a minor or anything, but you gotta admit, you do look younger than us.”

I chuckled softly at that. “Well, you’re right. Despite how I look, I’m much older than you both. I was born in 1814. And, well, I ‘died’,” I said, making air quotes, “in 1834, a little before my twentieth birthday. So yeah... I’m about two hundred and four years old.”

“And you don’t look a day over one-fifty,” Tina replied with a laugh.

Feeling charitable, and relaxed, I told them about my life... about my time with Master, the years learning about what it is to be a vampire, of hiding myself, what I was, learning to blend in... as well as the years after Master was gone. The loneliness, the sadness, the attempts at finding comfort, only to fall into melancholy as my lovers all aged and eventually died. I told it all matter-of-factly, without a hint of emotion. I wasn’t trying to earn sympathy or anything, but I could see it in their eyes. When I finished, I found myself hugged tightly by both girls. I actually smiled at that. It was strangely comforting, and cathartic in sharing it...

“So, ladies,” I said after a moment. “Now I have a question for you. Why do you do this? The whole hero thing, I mean. Sticking your neck out for strangers you don’t even know?” I sighed. “I mean... I suppose I’m going to help you guys out. I’ve kinda grown attached to you,” I murmured, grinding lightly against their curves. “But for people I’d never even met? Probably not. So... why? Why risk your lives, risk getting hurt, possibly killed, for a bunch of strangers?”

“It’s... a complicated question,” Tina said, resting her head against my shoulder. “I guess we all have our reasons. Some do it for the excitement, the rush. Some do it out of a sense of responsibility, you know, the whole ‘with great power come great responsibility’ thing. And some people do it for a genuine desire to help people.” She sighed softly, her breath tickling my ear. “I guess, for me, its kind of a combination of all of the above. “Yes, I do want to help people. I mean, out of all the people in the world, I was given these powers... so why not use them to help people in need? And, yeah... taking down bad guys is definitely a bit of a power trip!”

“Same here,” Janika replied with a grin, holding up a lightly glowing hand. She pointed her fingers in a gun motion. “Bang,” she said softly, causing a soft twang sound, sending a tiny arrow of light at the change jar on my dresser, making it wobble just slightly. “I know it probably sounds kind of corny, but I’ve always wanted to do this, ever since I was young. My folks didn’t really like the idea of their baby girl going out at night, prowling over rooftops, so I abided by their wishes while I stayed with them. But as soon as I graduated high school and moved to Midas City for college, I put on the mask and costume. And after the first time, I knew it was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

She extended a hand across me, just as Tina did the same, clasping hands, fingers intertwined. “I met the woman I love because of the mask,” she continued, leaning forward to kiss Tina’s hand. “And today, we met you because of it,” she added, reaching over to take my hand with her other one. “So, yeah. Despite the risks and the danger, I really believe the life of a heroine is one worth living.”

I sighed softly, merely nodded. I didn’t agree with them, but I could definitely understand their point of view. I’d told them a bit about my life earlier, so they knew about how my Master had died. He’d always had a rule of non-interference, of staying hidden, keeping his vampiric nature a secret. And he’d drummed that lesson into me multiple times over the decades. Despite this, he’d broken his own rule one dark stormy night, stepping in to rescue a young girl who had wandered into the woods and had been beset by wolves. He’d driven them off by revealing his true nature. Which, unfortunately, terrified the young girl, causing her to scream bloody murder just as her parents and the townspeople arrived. Even as they attacked him as a mob, with spikes and pitchforks, he hadn’t fought back, commanding me telepathically to stay out of it.

I was still bitter about it. Master’s final lesson to me: when they’re afraid, people’s true nature will also show. And when push comes to shove, they’ll turn on you, even when you’re just trying to help.

“So,” I said after a moment, pushing aside the memory, forcing a grin back onto my face. “Any more questions for me,” I asked, sliding a hand deftly underneath both women’s butts, giving them a squeeze, “or are we ready for round two?”

“Round two?” Tina giggled, writhing slightly from the goosing. “Insatiable, much? Oh right, vampire. Never mind.” I rolled my eyes, amused by the teasing. “Actually, I do have a question. Are there any other vampires out there besides you? Have you ever met any others?”

“Well, not personally. I know there are at least four or five of us still around,” I said, thinking. “The closest is probably over in Delores, a Super pretty recently converted by her Mistress. And Master mentioned one or two on the east coast as well...” I shrugged. “If there are any still around in Europe or Asia, they’re excellent at staying under the radar.” Sighing softly, I rolled over onto my side. “Now then, if there’s nothing else—”

“Wait! I have one last question,” Janika interjected, smirking at me, eyes half-lidded. “That thing you did, earlier, to DeadEye. You basically hypnotized her, right? Was that because of you biting her and sucking her blood? Or was it your ‘vampiric gaze’ that put her under?”

I chuckled as the cheesy Bela Lugosi voice she used. “It was my eyes. Drinking her blood that way does have an effect, though. Makes the subject weak and dazed, and susceptible, which makes my gaze all the more effective.” My grin turned wicked, as I stared them both in the eye. “But... I don’t really NEED to bite either of you to push my way into your lovely pliant little minds, do I?”

Both women gasped, stiffening slightly. “N-no,” Janika replied, eyes fluttering slightly, “don’t n-need... to b-bite us...”

“S-still... eff... feactive... without it...” Tina replied, shuddering as well.

I growled softly, the predator inside me rearing her lovely head again. Before, the two little vixens had taken me for a ride, pleasuring me, teasing, stroking, and downright fucking me into a stupor. Not that I minded it for a second! But now... now I was in control. Now, I was in a mood to dominate—with sexual pleasure, that is. I wasn’t planning to hurt my two little friends, after all. Unless you counted a severe case of chafing, and possibly a few welts here and there after I was finally done. But what are a few body aches among friends, right?

With little effort, I rearranged us on the bed, pressing Tina and Janika side by side. They continued to moan and sigh, whimpering slightly, my gaze stilling their thoughts, keeping them jumbled and disjointed. “That’s good, girls. Just perfect,” I cooed softly, letting my fingers trace and caress them lightly, feeling my own blood begin to heat up. “Now... both of you, stare deeply into my eyes,” I murmured softly, barely resisting the urge to tease Splashy by doing a cheesy Lugosi voice as well. “Stare deep. Let my gaze consume your thoughts... let them drain away your will.” My smile only widened as they shuddered again, trying to fight it, instinctively, even though they knew I wasn’t going to hurt them. “Now, girls, I’m going to give you a special little reward. Tina, when you stare into Janika’s eyes, you will instead see my powerful vampiric gaze, drawing you in, stealing your will, and pushing you deeper and deeper into a mindless trance. Janika, the same with you—staring into Tina’s eyes with instead show you mine, turning you into a mindless obedient thrall. Do you understand, girls?”

“Yeeessss... under.... staand...” the both managed, shuddering again, fingers and toes spasming slightly.

“Good. Now, turn, and stare into your lover’s eyes...” I commanded, watching with delight as they did so, a small gasp escaping their lips as they were drawn deeper into each other’s lovely gazes, going deeper by the moment. “Yes. Perfect. Now then, my lovelies... feel how good it is to surrender your will to each other... to become each other’s mindless little slut. So good, so soft, so weak and obedient.”

“Mmmm... yeeess... so... good...” Jan murmured.

“Ssooo... obeeedient...” Tina agreed.

“And I bet you’d like it to feel even better, wouldn’t you?” I husked, crawling slowly up the bed, moving Janika’s legs apart, licking and sucking my way slowly up her inner thighs, before switching over to the sexy dark skinned girl’s legs.

“”Uuuuhhnn.... ooh yesss...” Jan moaned.

“Yeeesss... pleasseee...” Tina husked.

In surprise, I found my hand had buried between my own legs of its own accord, soaked with my own arousal. Fuck... it has been way too long since I’ve played this way! “Now, girls, I’m going to make you both into my little vampire sluts... temporarily,” I said cheekily, having reached Tina’s sex, licking and teasing her puffy wet lips. “Just a little bite... a ‘taste’ of what your darling little Gwen can do to you,” I added, giving Jan the same treatment. “Now... tell me this is what you want. Tell me to suck your blood!”

“Oooh goddess.... p-please... do it,” Tina begged, her body jerking randomly, her mind and body so limp and relaxed in trance yet so turned on, her engine about to redline.

“P-please,” Janika pleaded, writhing as well, unknowingly grinding herself against Tina and me, pushing herself further and further into sexual submission. “B-bite... su... suck... our blood!”

“Well, loves, since you asked so nicely,” I murmured, eyes half-lidded as she gave each girl’s clitty a long deep kiss. “Now then, my little vampire sluts,” I said, licking my lips, drawing back, preparing to strike, “obey your Mistress... and CUM!” I said, sinking my fangs deep into both girls’ inner thighs.

“Aaaaaahahahhhhhhhiiiiiieeeee!” Sunbeam cried out, bucking wildly, held down only by my superior strength. Likewise, her partner Splash came like her namesake, arching her back, curling her tiny little toes into feet fists, crying and sobbing in unbridled pleasure. I was cumming as well, steadily strumming my clit as I sucked and drank deeply from both girls, alternating between them, luxuriating in their different tastes, Tina’s spicy hot blood, and Janika’s cool, minty blood, both tastes mixing perfectly with their juices running steadily from their sexy spasming cunts.

Now, THIS was sex. This was pleasure. Not the act itself, though I was giving them the occasional touch, and kiss, and lick here and there. But no... the true component here was control. My having it and them surrendering it. They say for men sex is physical, but for women, sex is all in the mind, a mental and emotional thing. And that’s pretty damn accurate. They were cumming so hard for me, so powerful in their submission, all at my command. And that, more than anything, was what set off my own orgasm.

“Yeeeeeeessssss! Fuuuuucckkkk!” I hissed, eyes flashing scarlet, as I shuddered, reaching my peak, clutching my two lovers tightly, locked in a moment of ecstasy, of bliss, and pleasure. And finally, after several minutes of toe-curling joy, I regained control, turning to face my two sexy darlings, still staring deep into each other’s eyes, still going deeper. Still obeying. Still cumming.

“Good girls,” I said, turning them both to look at me once again. “Now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time for mine. Come, my lovely little thralls, and show your Mistress how well you pleasure her...”