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“Long Red Nails”

By Sean Flynn

Vikki woke up slowly, stretching and feeling the joyful ache of having come repeatedly the previously night as a result of a thoroughly hard fucking. Vikki remembered that fucking having been delivered by a plastic cook attached to Marie’s hips. So then, why was Vikki alone?

Moments later, she heard heels ascending the steps. Marie came into the room dressed appropriately for both her ongoing station as a servant and her new duties as Vikki’s sex slave. Her dark hair was tied in a neat ponytail. She wore a mid-thigh length black satin slip with matching kimono and moved around in 4-inch black satin mules. In her hands she carried a breakfast tray with coffee, toast and eggs.

“It’s too early in the morning for that,” Vikki said and then pinched the maid’s nipples as Marie leaned over to deliver the tray.

“I thought you might be hungry after last night,” Marie said.

“Am I dreaming, or is this for real?” Vikki asked.

“Does it matter?”

“No, I guess it doesn’t matter. I have long red nails in both. But show me that last night was for real.”

“A pleasure, Mistress.” Marie dropped the kimono to the floor and pulled down her slip’s straps to expose her tits. She turned and bent over at the waist, reaching back to rub her pussy in Vikki’s view. “How may I serve you, Mistress?”

Vikki got out of bed. She picked up a dildo she had left by the bed last night. She pushed it into Marie’s pussy and pushed Marie against the wall. “You’re such a fun toy to have around,” Vikki scratched along Marie’s neck with her nails. “You don’t miss having free will, do you?”

“No, Mistress,” Marie. “I prefer to obey.”

“Good,” Vikki said, kissing her way down Marie’s neck. “Because I have decided,” Vikki paused to plant kisses along Marie’s back until Vikki was kneeling. “I’ve decided how we’re going to seduce Jake when he gets home.” Vikki squeezed Marie’s ass.

“Tell me, please,” Marie gasped. Vikki stood back up and cupped Marie’s tits.

“It’s all quite simple,” she whispered into Marie’s ear. Her words were followed by her tongue.

“Yes, Mistress, I will obey,” Marie nodded along to Vikki’s instructions and ministrations. When Vikki was finished explaining, she turned Marie around.

“Understand?” Vikki asked looking into Marie’s eyes. Marie nodded again. “Then why don’t we practice you eating my cunt.” Vikki sat back on the bed and spread her legs. “I think we need to work on the part where I cum.”

Later in the afternoon, Vikki sat outside on the patio sipping a dry Riesling. She felt calm for what was approaching. She credited her positive attitude to Marie. That woman’s tongue had given Vikki two shattering orgasms. She nearly lied to herself that if things didn’t work out with Jake, that just being with Marie would be enough. But no, that wasn’t true. Being with Marie was like a wonderful, refreshing vacation. Now Vikki had to work on Jake.

She was turning her seduction plan over in her mind when she heard Jake in the living room. She glanced at her watch. It was about time he came home. She heard him call her name. He spoke in a whisper, perhaps hoping he wouldn’t find her, but his voice was crystal clear to Vikki. A mother can always hear.

“Jake, honey, I’m out here.”

Jake walked out. Vikki looked at him through her sunglasses as she sat back in her chair. She wore a pink and white floral print, pleated skirt and a white top. She waited for Jake to speak.

“I broke up with Nancy,” he said. Vikki didn’t immediately answer even though she could tell Jake wanted her to speak. Finally, just not to be rude, she said:

“I’m sorry, honey. When did it happen?”

“That’s all you have to say?” Jake sat down across from her. “Are you really going to pretend this isn’t exactly what you wanted?”

“No, I won’t lie. I am happy. You both would have gotten hurt far worse if you had dragged things in to the fall. Nancy wasn’t right for you.”

“And that guy from Thursday night?” Jake asked. “He’s right for you? I don’t even know his name.”

“Oh, that’s right, you thought he was my boyfriend,” Vikki said, removing her sunglasses. “He was really just some guy I met at the bookstore. It was a one time thing, probably. But my sex life has nothing to do with why you and Nancy wouldn’t have worked out in the long term.”

“So you’re allowed to hook up a guy for a one night stand and I’m not allowed to have fun with Nancy?”

“Is that what Nancy was to you, Jake? A little bit of fun?”

“No, of course not,” he bolted out of the chair. “What are we even talking about? Since when do we discuss our sex lives together?”

“I thought we were understanding each other during moments of life transition,” Vikki answered. “You’ve always been so supportive of me. I don’t want to lose that just because you’re leaving for college in a few months. I want us to stay close.”

“We will,” Jake said. “But you know things have gotten very weird around here this week. For the rest of the summer, can’t we just go back to being normal?”

“Ok,” Vikki said. “If that’s what you really want. Can we at least sit down together, have a drink together and talk?” He nodded and sat back down. Vikki took a long drink from her glass. Jake watched her hand. Vikki noticed. “Oh, how do you like my nails?” Jake froze.

“I thought we were going to act normal?”

“It’s not normal to mention my long red nails? It’s a new look for me. I felt like something different…something sexy…maybe even a little slutty.”

He said nothing. Vikki did not think she was imagining his cock stiffening in his pants. “What’s the matter Jake? Nothing to say? Do you feel funny?”

“Yes,” Jake said. Vikki loved his honesty. “I should go upstairs.”

“Just because I mentioned my long red nails?” Vikki laughed. “Long red nails, Jake. Long red nails.” Jake didn’t move. “Ok, you can leave. Just one favor to ask. And I promise it’s over after that.”

“What is it?” he muttered.

“My shoe has fallen off.” She turned her chair so he could see. Vikki was wearing Kate Spade’s Lolita. They were sexy strappy sandals in pink and white satin upper, a black leather sole and a 3-inch heel. One shoe was strapped securely to her foot. The other lay on the patio’s tile. She reached in with one toe and lifted the shoe off the ground. “Put it back on for me, please?”

He simply stared at her foot, unmoving, nearly shaking if not sweating. “It’s ok, honey,” she added. “I promise.”

He bent down and took the shoe she offered. He held her ankle and slipped her toes into it the shoe. Vikki’s arousal grew. It was so hot watching him embrace his fetish. To submit to it. She knew this was his fantasy coming true.

“Don’t forget the ankle strap, baby,” Vikki purred. Jake’s fingers delicately moved up to her ankle. He put the thin strap through the buckle and tightened it. His hands were all over her ankle and her calf. The shoe was secured snuggly but Jake didn’t get up. He didn’t stop touching her smooth skin down near her feet.

“Why does that feel so good?” he asked her.

“Because you have a fetish, baby. You love my high heels…and my long red nails. You never really could have resisted. But you looked cute trying. Do you want to fuck me, Jake?”

“What? How can you ever say that?”

“Because I haven’t said it before. All this week, all this weird stuff you talked about, during it all I never actually asked…do you…want…to fuck me? Isn’t that what happens in your dream?”

She lifted up her free foot and began to rub his crotch with it. She was right. He was hard. He shuddered at the touch of her toes pressing against his stiff cock. He looked up to her eyes. Any evidence of the past week’s fear, anger and confusion were gone. Now it was just need.

“Marie, come in here,” Vikki called.

“Yes, Mistress?” Marie came quickly. She was dressed in a red top and a tight tan skirt. Her dark hair was coifed around her shoulders She wore stockings with a seam down to a pair of gorgeous black Stuart Weitzman Fever pointed toe pumps with 4-inch stiletto heel. She looked like a 1940s secretary, the kind that really knew how to serve her boss. She saw Jake on his knees. “How may I help?”

“Come over here,” Vikki said. Marie walked around to Vikki’s side of the table. Vikki put her arm around the maid’s waist. “This is what’s been happening in my dreams, Jake.” He watched as his Mom made out with the woman who helped raise him and his sister. “You must have had thoughts about Marie like this growing up? Kiss him, Marie.”

“Mom, no!” Jake said and sat back up.

“I’d love to,” Marie assured him. She leaned down to look him in the eye. “I just hope you’re Mom doesn’t get jealous and punish me later.” She put her tapering fingers on his cheek and brushed her lips against his. She pried open his upper lip and tasted him with her tongue. “Mmm, I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“That’s not all she does,” Vikki said. “Marie, do you want to make me cum?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said. She knelt down. Vikki pulled up her skirt, revealing her bare crotch. Marie put her hands on Vikki’s thighs and began to flick at her employer’s clit.

“What the fuck’s happening to us?” Jake demanded.

“The truth?” Vikki said. “Marie, tell Jake why you’re licking my pussy?”

“Well, the truth is…the truth is it just happened for the first time yesterday,” Marie said, waiting to see if Vikki would interrupt. Vikki reminded smiling and silent. “My thoughts about your mother have been building all week. Finally, I just couldn’t control myself any longer.”

“That’s right,” Vikki improvised. “The real truth is, I hypnotized Marie. I hypnotized her and now there’s nothing in that pretty little head of hers except for the thoughts I put in. Isn’t that right, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie answered.

“How?” Jake asked. “That’s impossible.”

“But it’s true,” Vikki said. “I am a woman of many talents. And the proof is right in front of you. Keep going, slave.” Vikki moaned. “She’s so talented, baby. Don’t feel guilty, Marie likes being a slave. In fact, isn’t it turning you on Marie, to be here in front of my son, licking my clit and confessing to being my mindless fucktoy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie said in such pleasure-tined voice that Vikki knew Jake was starting to believe

“I don’t believe it,” Jake insisted.

“This is nothing, honey,” Vikki said. “We do such nasty things together now. Tell him, Marie.”

“Yeah, nasty things, Jake,” Marie said. “I’m pretty much a mindless whore now. I don’t know how it happened. It’s like your mother is some sort of mind control goddess.”

“So, if I tell you to get down on your knees and suck Jake’s cock, would you have a choice?”

“No, Mistress,” Marie said already crawling over to Jake on all fours. “It turns me on to obey you, Mistress. It turns me on for you to watch me perform.” She reached Jake’s feet and put her hands on his thighs. “I must obey her, Jake.” She undid his pants and picked up his stiff cock.

“Then suck my cock, slut,” Jake said, suddenly more confident than Vikki would have imagined.

“Yes, Master,” Marie said and took Jake in her mouth.

Vikki was conflicted. She liked Jake’s giving Marie orders. She liked his getting into the moment. But she was also jealous. She was inches from Jake’s cock. It was even glistering from Marie’s saliva. And yet Vikki couldn’t touch it.

“You know, Vikki,” Marie took her mouth off it but kept pumping with her fist. “You didn’t have to brainwash me just for me to suck your son’s dick. I would have done for that as a favor.”

“Shut up and suck,” Vikki said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie winked at him and went back down.

“You might as well enjoy that, slave,” Vikki said. “Because I am jealous. That should be me tasting that cock. But instead it’s you making him smile. You are enjoying that, aren’t you Jake?”

“Yes,” he moaned. He was rubbing his hands along Marie’s arms in rhythm to her head bobbing on his dick. Vikki knew he wouldn’t last long.

“So, I am very jealous. And I am going to hurt you for this later, Marie.” Marie made a response but her throat was full of Jake, naturally. It did sound like approval.

“I’m cumming,” Jake said. He arched his feet and clearly blew his load down Marie’s throat. She kept pumping until he was empty. She ate his cum in one swallow and then smiled at him. “That was so worth whatever she does to me, Jake.”

Jake was catching his breath when he felt a hand on his shoulder. His mother had walked around behind him. “She’s yours. Enjoy her.” She kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

In her room, Vikki removed her afternoon outfit. She had noticed a stain on the skirt and felt it was inappropriate to walk around the house like that. She had changed into her robe. She just needed to select her shoes. She had lined up a variety of pairs to choose from. But she needed help deciding. Right on cue, Jake came in.

“We need to talk,” Jake entered with a full head of steam.

“Hi, Jake, I was just thinking I could use your help,” Vikki said. The prospect of another confirmation bored her. She wanted to distract and disarm him immediately.

“Sure, whatever,” he said. “But first we need to talk about what you did to Marie.”

“Talk, talk, talk. That’s all you ever want to do.”

“How did you make Marie do that?”

“I told you I hypnotized her. Did you fuck her?”


“Why not?” Vikki asked. “Can you hand me those shoes?” She pointed to the bed.

“Sure.” He looked on the bed and saw everything laid out. He didn’t know what to do. He just stared. “Which ones?” he finally asked.

“The black mary janes,” she said. Jake nodded and picked up a polished mary jane from Shoes for Lovely People with an almond toe and 4 ¼ heel. He picked them up by their adjustable mary jane strap and passed them to his mother. “What do you want to say?” She asked while looking at the shoes. He looked too. He didn’t say anything as she sat down on the bed, put the shoes on her feet and fastened the straps. “Jake, honey, what do you want?”

“What do you need help with?” he asked.

“Picking out shoes, of course,” she squealed. “What did you think of these?” She stuck out the heel for him to admire.

“Nice,” he stiffened. She saw he was trying to resist without making it look like he was trying to resist.

“I like the naughty stiletto contrasted with the sweet, innocent mary jane,” she said. “But I think something more exciting or colorful for today. Agreed?”


“Then help me take them off, Jake,” she didn’t smile.

“Yes, ma’am,” he walked slowly to a position in front of her. Then he reached out and took her foot in his hand. He undid the clasp on her right heel. His fingers fumbled with it. She reached down and helped him. Then he took his time sliding it over her foot. She knew he loved feeling the leather. He removed the other one too.

“How about the white slingbacks?” she asked. He grabbed for those immediately. They were sensational ivory heels from Marc by Marc Jacobs with a bold beading around the throat and the slingback strap. “I was telling you the truth about Marie. It’s not so hard to believe that I hypnotized her, is it?”

“I guess not,” Jake said as he helped Vikki. The best thing about those shoes was the tight strap that allowed him to fondle her ankle and calf while strapping them on.

“Everyone has a weakness that can be exploited. Perhaps a secret fetish they’ve never fully acknowledged. What do you think?”

“Classy,” he said. “Elegant. Something you’d wear to the office to emphasize your iciness while also making people wonder how hot you are inside. Scare them and turn them on.”

“Sounds hot. But we’re not in the office today, are we?”

“No,” he shook his head and began to remove one.

“So you believe I can hypnotize people?” Vikki said. She let the question linger as she reached down and slide the strap off before Jake could.

“I learned long ago you can do anything you put your mind to,” Jake said. “So, yes, I believe you hypnotized Marie. I believe she’s your obedient slave.”

“Then you know what that means, don’t you?” Vikki beamed. “If Marie is already my slave that means I can hypnotize other people as well. That means I can hypnotize you. The D’Orsay please,” Vikki beamed.

“Yes, I suppose you could,” Jake picked up the colorful Osaka Fuxia heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. He went to help her put them on but instead she took them from his hands.

“I can get these myself,” she said. “Watch my long red nails move along the leather lining of these heavenly heels. That’s driving you wild, isn’t it?”


“Let me feel it.” She put her hand on his crotch and felt his erection though his pants. “Your cock is so hard. Want me to put these on?”

“Yes, please,” Jake said.

“Whatever you’d like, honey,” she finished slipping them on. She stood and walked around the room. Jake smiled broadly. “You know a lot about shoes, honey. Why is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“I know. It’s because have a shoe fetish. That’s why you have an erection right now just watching me walk around in these 4-inch heels. Actually, with the half platform, it heels more like 3 and a half.” She stood in front of Jake. “It turns you just hearing me say that, doesn’t it? High heels. Long red nails.” She tickled his cheek with her nails. Then she pulled his lips to hers. He didn’t resist. It was a long, slow wet kiss, with their tongues dueling each other for supremacy. His hands roamed over to her chest. Her long fingers scrapped against his scalp as he started to kiss his way across her cheek over to her ear. Vikki knew she could have him them. But then he’d just get cold feet all over again the next time. She wanted to totally dominate him first. She broke the kiss.

“Ready for the next pair of high heels?” she asked. He nodded. “You pick them out.”

There was still an assortment on the bed. Jake looked them over and zeroed in on another D’Orsay construction; a pair of glamorous peep toe pumps, GUESS Syria, with a bow at vamp and a 3 ¾ inch stacked cone heel.

“Very nice,” Vikki said. “I love peep toe pumps.”

“Put them on,” Jake said.

“Hmm, you like giving me orders?” she asked. “It feels nice to be in control, doesn’t it?”


“I’ll put them on sweetie, but you have to do something for me. Take out your cock and masturbate while watching me try on these heels. That’s what you want to do, anyways, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” He undid his belt and pulled his cock out through his boxer shorts. He licked his palm a few times and then placed his fist on his cock. He started stroking.

“That’s nice, Jake,” Vikki said. No matter how many times she saw her son’s cock, each time gave her a shock and shiver that she loved. “Pump it for me. Pump your cock for mommy.” He grunted and kept going.

“Mmm, these were such a good choice. Don’t you love the way my pretty red toes contrast with the creamy shoe? Do you know what color these shoes are?”

“Banana,” he said.

“Oh, you are a naughty shoe fetishist, aren’t you?” Vikki giggled. “It’s going to be so easy to hypnotize you. In fact, let’s admit you’re already half in my spell and excited about going deeper if that means seeing me in more pairs of high heels. Aren’t you, naughty boy?”

“Yes,” he said, still jerking off. “I am being hypnotized by your sexy high heels.”

“See how my toes and feet are perfectly arched as I walk over to you?” She run her fingers through his hair. He continued to masturbate vigorously, rubbing against her leg and threatening to blow his load straight into her carpet. “It’s ok, baby. Don’t hurt yourself. The only place I want you coming is in me. Why don’t you pick out the next pair? Anything

from my closet.”

He stood up and grudgingly removed his hand from his member. He walked into her closet where every pair was on display. All in, she had over a hundred pairs. This was the fantasy on a whole new level. There were pumps, sandals, mary janes, D’Orsays, and mules all every conceivable color.

Jake emerged from her closest with a pair of turquoise 4¼-inch heels by Roberto Cavalli.

“Goodness gracious!” Vikki said, admiring the silk covered stiletto heel and square toe with three rows of rhinestone embellishments. “These are the perfect blowjob shoes!”

“They are?” Jake said.

“They are,” Vikki answered. I’ll be happy to model them for you Jake, but you’ll have to let me suck your cock.”


“Did you pick these shoes because you wanted me to squat down and give you a blowjob?”

“Yes. God help me, but I need you to suck my cock.”

“It feels good to lose control, doesn’t it? Take off the rest of your clothes, honey.” Jake quickly removed his shirt. She reached a hand along his taunt chest. “You’ve been working out.” Then she removed her robe so she was in her underwear. She took off the first Banana pump and slid it onto his cock. “Fits perfectly, huh? Never mind the blowjob, fuck that shoe.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he pushed his cock against the hole.

“Ha, I was just kidding,” Vikki said and removed it. “I just wanted to show you how completely hypnotized to my sexy high heels you are and that you’ll do anything I say. But I don’t need to make you fuck my pump to prove that, do I?”

“No,” he said. “I’m completely your slave, Mistress.”

“My pussy has been waiting so long to hear that,” she said. “Here, hold these in your hands while I suck your cock.” She handed him the banana heels. “Hold them and think how your fetish for high heels has made you my obedient slave.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And don’t call me that. Call me Mom.”

“Yes, mother.”

Vikki loved hearing that while she came face to face with her son’s rigid cock, the thing that had obsessed her for the longest week of her life. She opened her mouth and pulled his cock to it. It cleared her mouth just grazing her red lips. Then she gently lowered her lips onto the head of his cock and sucked, flooding her mouth with saliva. Her pussy also flooded. She was sucking her son’s cock because a week of intense dreams had convinced her it would be pleasurable, but she was unprepared for the direct stimulation his cock in her mouth seemed to exert on her pussy.

She pushed her lips further down his shaft, further bathing him in the warm wetness of her mouth. She then pulled back and off so that a string of spit connected her lips to his head for a brief moment.

“Well, that settles our deal,” Vikki said. “I sucked your cock so now you can just gaze at my high heels all you want. Or you can stare my high heels while I suck your cock? Your choice. No pressure.”

“From here, I have a great view of your sexy stilettos heels sticking straight out,” Jake said. “Between that view and holding these sexy high heels in my hand, if you sucked me off right now I’d permanently associate the two together. Anytime you wore high heels, I’d think of this blow job and have a ragging erection.”

“So you’d pretty much be hard every day, all day?” Vikki smiled. “You really want this?”

“I do,” Jake said. “Suck my cock, Mom.”

“Ok,” Vikki started then stopped. “Oh, if I suck you off you’ll be able to get hard right away again and fuck me, right?”

“You’ll be wearing heels, won’t you?”

“Silly question,” she smiled and engulfed his cock. Even though she was giving him the blowjob, it still felt like she was getting fucked. Not completely; not the full, hard fucking she had in mind. But each time she went down on him, she felt a corresponding pressure on her clit and edge of her pussy lips. Vikki had a feeling that most her days would begin or end with blowjobs.

She sped up her rhythm. He gripped her shoes tighter. She wondered if he would really be hard again immediately afterwards. He was still a teenager, so yes, probably. But only one way to find out.

Vikki heard a noise out in the hallway but she didn’t let it distract her from her singular focus. It was probably Marie watching them. Vikki knew it must be a hot scene. A young stud enjoying himself. A mature, powerful woman on her knees. Her blue stilettos. Her long red nails set against his cock and chest

“I’m going to cum soon, Mom,” Jake said. Vikki was happy to hear that. She swirled her tongue around his shaft to draw it out for a moment and then plunged back on deep and fast. Very soon, true to his word, his cock spurted a thick stream of cum. None of her previous fantasies had actually involved her eating her son’s cum. But it was ultimately very natural. She caught it in the back of her throat, rolled it on her tongue and then swallowed.

Vikki sat back and looked at Jake. True to his word, he gave no sign of exhaustion after cumming. His cock was slowly deflating and leaking out its remaining cum. But he himself stood ready for more. Vikki turned to the hallway but Marie was not there. She turned back to Jake.

“Go into my closet and pick out the high heels you want me to wear the first time you fuck me,” Vikki said.

“Yes, Mom,” Jake responded.

Vikki sat on the bed while he searched. Waiting for him, she stared at the shoes herself. Would she still wear heels like those to the office? Could she ever focus again? All she really wanted to do was suck and fuck. But she needed to work. She needed the money to buy new shoes to keep Jake’s interest. She also didn’t want to lose her power. But she’d make the office more enjoyable. If she could seduce her own son, she could certainly handle the taboo of an office affair, or two or three.

Jake returned. “These are the ones.”

Those were the ones. The heels in which she would fuck her son. The Fawn by RSVP, sophisticated red dress pumps detailed with zig zagging straps across the toes. A leather upper, an adjustable quarter strap and low platform sole. A 4 ½ inch covered high heel. Was this all her fault, Vikki wondered. By owing and wearing those types of sexy high heels around the house when Jake was a horny teenager, had she given her son a shoe fetish? If she had, it was too late to deny him now.

She pushed off the blue pair. Jake placed the red ones down next to her. Vikki picked one up, put her toes into it, and then fastened the strap around her ankle. She repeated the process with the other pair. She put her toes into it and fastened the straps. She made sure both were snug. Then she crossed her legs. She looked up at Jake’s cock. It was rigid.

“Jake, honey, tell me what you want to do,” Vikki said.

“I want to fuck you, Mom,” Jake said.

“Ok,” Vikki said. She fell back on the bed and spread her legs. Jake came over. He kissed her and she responded. He dipped a finger into her cunt and discovered how primed she was. “I’m ready.”

He pressed his cock at her entrance. It slipped in. Vikki gasped. It was inside her. She had her son’s cock in her. She grabbed his ass so he couldn’t go anywhere. Then he started to pump. Vikki moved her hands further up his body, eventually resting on her neck. She dug in her nails as he continued to penetrate her. He grunted and she let out moans punctured by gasps as his cock stretched her pussy. She practically screamed as he changed angles to have a smoother thrust deep and up into her.

He kept that up for a few minutes before changing again. He pressed himself against her and put his hands under her ass and began pounding fast. It was intense. She wrapped her legs around his and thrust her tongue into his ear. Vikki didn’t feel like a slut or a goddess. She felt like a school girl on prom night, taking her boyfriend for the first time. And it felt wonderful.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t…don’t fucking stooooop! You’re making mommy feel so good, baby. Yes, baby! Yes! YES!! Mommy’s going to cum, Jake. Mommy’s going to cum!”

“Cum!” Jake yelled.


Vikki couldn’t believe he had made her cum so quickly. It was surreal. To be cumming from her son’s cock. Jake increased the speed of his thrusts even more. Oh god, Vikki thought. He is going to cum in me. He’s fucking me hard and he’s going to blow his load in me. “Cum in me, baby!”

“Fuck!” he spurted his cum into her pussy, thrusting hard a few final times and then he slowed and stopped, collapsing on top of her. Vikki kissed his neck while he recovered. She had forgotten how erotic it was to feel a slowly softening cock rest in her pussy, still oozing juices, mixing with her own. She scratched his leg with her heel. That woke him up.

“Want to do it again?”

In the evening, Vikki checked her email. She had to return to work on Monday after all. She had an email from Lauren telling her how happy she was working with Alex. She also had an email from Ian. It went out to the entire team, telling them to expect an announcement on Project Jass sometime soon. Seeing there were no fires to put out, she closed down Jake’s computer.

“Everything ok?” Jake asked from his bed. He was in his boxer shorts. Vikki was naked underneath her robe. She was still wearing the red heels. So Jake was still hard. In fact, he was lightly stroking himself through his underwear.

“Everything is great,” she turned around and came over to the bed.

“Then ready to fuck again?” Jake said, pulling her on top of him.

“We have to work on your pillow talk, you man.”

“You spent a week driving me wild and now you’re surprised that all I want to do is fuck?”

“Fair point.” He pushed off her robe and they began to make out. Jake was right, Vikki thought. She had gone to considerable effort to turn his cock into her sex toy. She might as well use it.

“Hey you two,” Marie came in. “Ever going to come up for air?”

“Are you ever going to join us?” Jake asked. He couldn’t see that behind him Vikki was giving Marie a cold stare for interrupting.

“Whatever my Mistress requests,” Marie said. Jake turned to face Vikki and saw only her smile. “But I have a surprise for you two. I set it up in Vikki’s room.”

“Not now,” Vikki said. “I don’t have my hand on Jake’s cock because I wasn’t about to fuck him.”

“This will make it better,” Marie said. “I promise. And if not, you can punish me the worst way.”

“You’d just enjoy that,” Vikki said. “But fine, let’s see what you have.” She let Jake up and the two of them followed Marie back into Vikki’s bedroom.

“What’s this?” Jake asked. There was a camera on a tri-pod in the room. There also appeared to be a microphone mounted on the wall. “Where did this come from?”

“Don’t worry about that, Jake,” Marie said.

“A video camera?” Vikki said. “I must say I’m disappointed.”

“Really, you don’t want to share?” Marie asked, full of confidence. “You don’t want an audience to see you enjoying your son?

For the world to know how powerful of a woman you are that you seduced your own son?”

“Mmm,” Vikki saw the maid’s point. “Come here Jake.” Vikki sat down on the bed in front of the camera and pulled Jake over by his cock.

“Wait, I’m not sure this is a good idea, Mom. Woah!” She silenced him by putting her lips over his cock.

“Your Mom seems to think it’s a lovely idea,” Marie said, making sure the camera was positioned to capture all of the action. “And she is an exceptionally talented woman, isn’t she, your mother?”

“Extremely talented,” Jake agreed. Just for effect, Vikki pulled his cock out slowly and twirled her tongue around his head.

“Vikki, why don’t you tell us about yourself,” Marie said. “This may be the only time most of us get to see you this intimately.”

“Sure,” Vikki said. “My name is Victoria Winters…Vikki. This is my son Jake. As you can see, we’re more than just mother and son.”

“How did that happen?” Marie said.

“Are you implying that this isn’t a reasonable use of mother-son time?” Vikki asked sternly and then laughed. “Just kidding. For everyone watching, you should know this is being filmed by our maid, who was licked me to orgasm multiple times and will do so again if I ask. In fact, I do ask. Come over here and eat my pussy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Marie came around from behind the camera and got on her knees between Vikki’s legs. “Keep talking.” Marie went to work on her.

“So, anyways, living with a young stud like Jake was driving my crazy,” Vikki explained. “And don’t all you wanna be milfs and cougars pretend you haven’t had the same thoughts. You spend all day flirting with the pool boy and paper boy and maybe even your son’s friends, and then you don’t have nasty thoughts at night about the young man sleeping across the hall, probably at that moment whacking off? Please. Of course you do. We all do. If you’re going to walk around in short skirts and sexy high heels, then you’re going to eventually drop that skirt and spread those legs for the hard cock that’s around you all day. It’s certainly made me happier and I think it’s made my son happier too.” She resumed sucking on Jake’s cock.

“It’s made me so happy, Mom,” Jake moaned.

For a few minutes, the three of them just sucked silently. Vikki with Jake’s cock in her mouth and Marie’s tongue buried in Vikki’s snatch. Then Marie pulled away.

“A very enlightened attitude,” Marie said. “And how long have you two been lovers?”

“Going on about four hours now,” Jake said.

“And how long have you had incestuous thoughts about your son, Vikki?” Marie continued.

“I guess it started on Sunday,” Vikki said between mouthfuls of cock.

“That seems sudden,” Marie said. “From thoughts to fucking in less than a week.”

“Not really,” Vikki shrugged. “We must have always had them. Built for years and then released in quite a gush.”

“Hey Mom,” Jake said. “We’re pretty lubed up right now. Why don’t I stick this in you and really give them a show.”

“Sure, honey,” Vikki eagerly agreed. Marie stood up and backed off. Vikki stood and positioned herself on the bed on all fours with her heels just barely hanging off the edge. Jake came around to enter her from behind. Marie took hold of Jake’s cock and positioned it at Vikki’s entrance. Then she guided it in as Jake pushed.

“Yes, Jake, fuck me,” she purred. She still wasn’t used to the feeling of being totally filled by her son’s cock and she hoped she never would be. Jake took her hips and began to fuck her. Marie moved back to the other side of the camera.

“How is he?” Marie asked.

“So big,” she squealed.

“You like fucking your own son?”


“Your name is Victoria Winters and you’re fucking your son Jake Winters right now,” Marie narrated. “How does that make you feel?”

“Like I’m going to cum. My name is Vikki Winters. I love having my son Jake’s cock in my pussy right now. I’m going to fuck him all night. Then tomorrow I’m going to fuck him again.”

“What do you think about your mother, Jake?” Marie asked.

“I think she’s a hot slut who needs constant fucking,” Jake said. “I think it’ll be a long time before I have a night to myself.”

“You think all the people watching this are jerking off now?” Vikki asked.

“I’m sure they are,” Marie said. “You two are putting on a great show.”

“Fuck me, Jake. Fuck your slutty mommy,” she said. He pulled a lock of her blond hair. She liked it. Her orgasm was building. There was no reason it should happen that first. But there it was. Building faster. She was going to cum. Maybe it was Jake. Maybe there was something special about Jake’s cock that would always make her cum. If that were true, she had no chance of ever reverting back from this new life of sin.

She began to tremble. Jake tightened his grip on her. She bucked and came loudly. Jake kept fucking her.

“Did you just cum, Vikki?” Marie asked.

“Yes…” she breathed.

“Impressive, Jake.” He just grinned. He probably didn’t realize how unusual it was for her to cum that quickly from just penetration.

“You know what would be hot?” Vikki asked Marie. “If Jake came on my face.”

“You don’t want him to cum in you?” Marie asked. “Well, a money shot would make better TV.”

“Do you want that Jake?” Vikki asked. “Do you want to cum all over mommy’s pretty face?”

“Fuck yeah,” Jake said. He sped up even more. Clearly he had been holding back. After only about minute, he must have been ready to cum. He pulled out. She turned to face his cock. He once again pulled her hair back. He stroked it just one more time and it started spurting. A thick stream of cum splashed onto her face. She closed her eyes. She didn’t know how many more times he spurted. She just knew that more warm, sticky goo kept hitting her face. There was a salty taste on her lips. Her cheeks were flush. Finally, it seemed to stop. Though it was tough to tell as the cum already on her started dripping down.

She wiped some of it with her fingers so she could open her eyes at least. When she opened them, she saw Marie going down on Jake.

“She insisted, Mom,” Jake said.

Marie let go of Jake and turned now that she knew Vikki was paying attention. She didn’t say anything. She just pushed Vikki’s head to the side so Marie could go in deep. Vikki pretty passively let Marie make out with her. Marie also took a long lick of Vikki’s face, taking a fair amount of Jake’s cum but leaving plenty to dry on Vikki’s face. Marie pushed her back onto the bed and started sucking on her neck and fondling her tits.

“How may I serve you, Mistress?” Marie asked.

“Jake,” Vikki said. “I want Jake’s cock to make me cum again.”

“Well, it’s tough not to be offended by that,” Marie said. “But as you wish Mistress.”

“What did she say?” Jake asked.

“What did you say, Mistress?” Marie.

“I said I want your cock again!” Vikki yelled. “I want you to fuck me and make me cum.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jake said. He crawled over to her spread legs. His cock was hard again. He wasted little time sliding it past her pussy lips.

“Oh god, I am going to cum again,” Vikki said out loud.

“Happy to hear that,” Marie laughed. Vikki hadn’t thought it would last. But Jake’s cock was like a drug she never built a tolerance too. Her pussy felt as stretched as did the first time he fucked her. She felt an orgasm building as he fucked. She was going to cum again. It was too much.

“I love your big hard cock, Jake,” Vikki screamed. “Whenever I want it. Where ever I need it. Promise me you’ll be there to fuck my pussy. Promise me!” She squeezed his ass hard.

“I promise Mom,” Jake said. Vikki clutched at his back as she climaxed. And kept right on thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“I think my presence is no longer required,” Marie said. “Good night and enjoy.”

“Thank you, Marie,” Jake said.

“Fuck me,” Vikki said, annoyed not to be the center of Jake’s attention. “Make me cum three more times and you’ll never see me out of at least 4-inch heels again!”

“Fuck yeah,” Jake agreed.

* * *

Vikki woke up slowly, stretching, and feeling the joyful ache of having come repeatedly the previously night as a result of a thoroughly hard fucking. Vikki knew that fucking had been accompanied by warm flesh and not just her own vibrator. So why was Vikki alone?

Moments later, Vikki heard heels ascending the steps. Marie came into the room dressed appropriately for both her ongoing station as a servant and her new duties as the family’s sex slave. Her dark hair was tied in a neat ponytail. She wore a black mid-thigh length satin slip with matching kimono and moved around in 4-inch satin mules. In her hands she carried a breakfast tray with coffee, cereal and fruit.

“It’s too early in the morning for that,” Vikki said, eyeing Marie’s breasts as the maid leaned over to deliver the breakfast tray.

“I thought you’d want a balanced breakfast after last night,” Marie said.

“Sure,” Vikki said. “Am I dreaming this?”

“No, you’re not dreaming.

“Well, then, we had better focus on my plan for seducing Jake. The plan is to be both direct and subtle.”

“I think it’s a little late for subtle, Mom, don’t you?” Jake said as he walked in behind Marie. He was naked. “Sorry, I just went downstairs for orange juice. Didn’t realize Marie was serving us this morning.”

“What’s going on?” Vikki said. “Wait, what day is it?”

“Sunday,” Jake said.

“So, yesterday, we spent all day and night fucking, for real?” Vikki asked.

“Yeah,” Jake said.

“You seemed confused, Mistress?” Marie asked. “Did you have a strange dream?”

“Actually no,” Vikki said. “If I had a dream last night, I don’t remember a thing about it.”

She threw the sheets over and beckoned Jake back to bed. He laid down on top of her. She found his already hard cock and guided it into her pussy. It was Sunday and they had a whole day of fucking ahead of them. Jake began to thrust into her as Vikki dug into his back with her long red nails.

* * *


SUNDAY (night)

Vikki and Jake had worn themselves out that day. Everything that had come before was nearly forgotten by the types of acts Vikki and her son performed on each other on that lazy Sunday. Marie had witnessed most of it and participated in plenty of it too. Marie found it ironic that the night had ended with Vikki and Jake separating. Jake was back in his room and Vikki was sleeping alone in her bed.

Marie said goodnight to Jake and went downstairs. She had something in her hands as she descended the stairs. She took her car keys off the table by the front door. It was a misty June night. Marie started the car and drove away from the house.

She followed the directions to a very high class neighborhood. At the end of the street, in front of a large but tasteful house, Marie parked. As she walked up the steep front steps, she wished she wasn’t in heels. But she couldn’t help it. She reached the front door and knocked.

“Yes, may I help you?” an elderly woman answered the door. There was a large middle aged man standing behind her.

“I have a delivery for Ian Gustav,” Marie said.

“Shall I sign for it?” the Gustav’s maid asked as Marie transferred the package into the older woman’s hand.

“Betty, what’s going on?” Vanessa Gustav came into the hallway. Marie disappeared from the doorway.

“A delivery for Mr. Gustav,” Betty answered.

“I’ll take it to him,” Vanessa said. She carried the package down through her house until she reached her husband’s study. She knocked. Told to come in, she entered. Ian sat behind his desktop computer. Bill Atkins, the company’s COO, sat on a chair. “That thing you were waiting for came.” She dropped it on his desk.

“Thank you, honey,” Ian said. Vanessa closed the door as she left. Ian had told her that he was expecting an important delivery from work. He told her it was the results of an uber-secret technology audit. He was telling the truth. He had to, because he knew the circumstances under which the package would arrive and it would arouse marital suspicion if not clearly explained as work

“I guess we should open it,” Bill said. Ian tore it open. He found a disc inside. He attached it to his computer.

“Call Janice,” he said. Bill dialed on a company phone. “Hey, it’s Bill. Yeah, we just got it.” To Ian: “How does it look?”

Ian watched the screen. My name is Victoria Winters…Vikki. This is my son Jake. As you can see, we’re more than just mother and son

“Shit,” Bill said as he heard the audio. “I think it fucking worked. Ian, you have to talk here.” Bill gave him the phone while watching himself. “We did it.”

“I didn’t believe it,” Ian said. “I really didn’t think she’d go through with it.” He took the phone. “Yeah, Janice. Yes, Project Jass is a success. What next? First we change the signal. After that, we call our investors. In one week, we got a perfectly normal woman to have sex with her son. If that doesn’t prove we can transmit subliminal conditioning through our cable lines, I don’t know what does. Ok, goodbye.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Ian,” Bill started to leave. “Oh, and Ian, we can probably stop calling it Project Jass.”

“You’re right.” That was just the cover story. Among the small group of people at the company familiar with what they were actually doing, it was Operation Long Red Nails.

The End.