The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Love Potion

I looked at the dingy storefront with distaste. Grimy and grey, it was nearly invisible in the gathering dusk. The faded sign said “Madam Naril, Advisor”

The neighborhood was not a good one. I squared my shoulders and entered. Inside, a disorderly shop was revealed: boxes, bottles, items of unknown and mysterious use, dusty and jumbled. There was no one else in the shop. A thousand smells attacked my nose, unfamiliar and pungent.

I wandered aimlessly around the shop, wondering if anyone was there, if anyone had noted my entrance. Suddenly a voice startled me. “How may I help you?”

I whirled about. The voice belonged to a wizened and ancient woman. This must be Madam Naril. She looked to be well over 90, but her black eyes burned with a fierce intelligence.

“I..uh, was told you could help me...” I stuttered. I held out a card my friend had given me. She glanced at it. “Come with me.”

I followed her to a back room, just as dingy and disorderly as the front. She indicated that I should sit.

“What is the problem?” she asked, peering intently at me.

“There is a woman...” I began.

“Yes. A woman.” She sighed. “This woman rejects you? And you desire her?”

“Yes.” I thought of Sabrina. Tall and willowy, with dancer’s legs and green eyes. Long red hair, and an innocent baby-face with full, pouty lips. I’d been lusting after her since she joined my company, but she had quickly let me know I’d never have the slightest chance with her. Her contempt was obvious—and she never missed an opportunity to show it. But I was obsessed with her, had to have her...and so I had found myself at Madam Naril’s shop.

“I can help you. But there is a price...”

“I know. My friend told me. I have the money.” I handed her a wad of bills. $5,000; my life savings.

The cash disappeared. “You must return here in two days. You must bring certain...items.” She listed them, and I felt embarassed. A vial of my own sperm. A second vial, of my saliva. A lock of Sabrina’s hair, or a nail clipping.

“I...I will bring them,” I stuttered.

Then, somehow, I found myself back on the street in front of the shop. I hurried away.

The next day, at work, I waited until Sabrina left her cubicle (I could see it from my office). I looked around it and found several of her long hairs on the back of her chair. That evening, I filled two vials with the body fluids the old woman had asked for. The semen sample was easy; all I had to do was think of Sabrina while masturbating.

The following day, Friday, I called in late. I took the vials and hair to Madam Naril. She took them from me and gestured for me to follow. In the back room, she lit a small gas burner, and began adding ingredients to a small porcelain bowl. The bowl went onto the burner, and an incredibly vile smell filled the room. I thought I would gag. Muttering to herself, she added the fluids I had brought. Then she chopped up the hairs and put them into the mixture. It was a thick, viscous black mess; and it smelled even worse than before.

As she worked, she muttered, mostly to herself. On one occasion, she looked up at me with those remarkable eyes, and commented, “Most of your scientists would tell you that making such a thing is impossible. Eventually, your biochemists will discover enough to understand how it is done. Then anyone will be able to produce a love potion—and its antidote.”

After a few minutes, she poured the liquid through a filter and put a stopper on the bottle.

She turned her sparkling eyes to me. “Listen carefully. You must place three drops of this liquid into her food or drink. No more. After she has consumed it, you must arrange to be near her. You must touch or kiss her, or place some of your saliva on her skin. This must be done no more than an hour after she drinks the liquid. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but...the smell..she will never drink or eat anything with that smell...”

A smile. She held up the bottle. I was amazed. The black tar-like substance was gone. In its place was a pale blue liquid, which seemed to glow with an inner light. “She will drink it. She will not be repulsed by the odor, quite the contrary. You will see. Now, a warning: the effects of this potion are permanent. She will be yours as long as she lives. It is a great responsibility. Her personality will be somewhat affected...”


“She will become submissive, totally dependent upon you. Obedient. A love slave to you, and only to you.”

“That’s what I’ve dreamed of.”

“Very well. Go now.”

I left the shop, the vial in my pocket. I’d paid $5,000 for it, and I wondered if I had been even more of a fool than usual.

The following morning, I watched Sabrina even more closely than usual. When she poured a cup of coffee for herself, I picked up the phone and made a call. The office P.A. system came on. “Sabrina Connors, there’s a visitor at the main lobby for you,” it announced.

I watched her get up and walk towards the lobby. I went to her cubicle, looking around to make sure nobody saw me. With shaking hands, I dispensed three drops of the blue fluid into her cup.

Back in my office, I watched as she returned. She wore an angry expression, unhappy at being called away for nothing.

I watched as she sipped her coffee.

After the first sip, a look of surprise came over her lovely face. She looked at the cup, took another sip. A smile of pleasure now. Another sip. Soon, she had taken the entire cup. She poured herself another from the thermos, but was disappointed. It just didn’t taste the same!

I waited a few minutes, then went over to her.

“What do you want?", she said, with her usual attitude.

“I need to discuss something with you,” I told her. Drawing close to her, I grabbed her and kissed her on the lips. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. She pushed me away, and began to angrily berate me.

“What do you think you’re doing, you little slug? I’ll report you to Mr. Hennessy! How dare you...Oh!”

But in mid-sentence, she gasped, blinked, and stopped talking. Her eyes took on a glazed look, and she just stood there, looking at me with awe and wonder.

“Sabrina, listen. I’m going to leave here now. In a few minutes, I want you to come to the utility closet. You know where it is?”


“Good. I’ll see you there.”

I turned and walked to the utility closet. No-one ever went there, and I had long fantasized about having a tryst with Sabrina there. It was a large room, not really a closet, and was filled with electrical equipment.

In a few minutes, the closet door opened, and Sabrina walked in. She was breathless and I could see the pulse beating in her throat.

When she saw me, she stopped.

“Shut the door, Sabrina, and come over here,” I told her.

She did.

We kissed, and this time, there was no anger, no struggle. She kissed me as if she had been waiting all her life to do it. My hand was on her sweet ass, and she put my other hand on her wonderful tits.

After a few minutes, we came up for air.

I grinned at her. “How do you feel, Sabrina?”

“I love you. I’ll do anything for you. Please, let me stay with you,” she begged.

“Do you know what has happened to you?”


I told her. She smiled with happiness and joy as I explained how I had made her love me.

“Oh, how clever!” she exclaimed.

“Does this bother you, Sabrina, knowing that your feelings are, well, artificial?”

“Oh, no. I’m so glad you’ve chosen me.”

“Do you remember how you used to feel toward me? And how you treated me?”

“Yes..and I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to make up for how I behaved.”

“Good. You will have many chances to do so. For starters, from now on, whenever we are alone, you must call me ‘Master’. You will become my slave, Sabrina, my property. Understand?

“Yes, Master.”

“All right. Why don’t you kneel here, right now, and give me a blow job with that pretty mouth of yours?”

She obeyed instantly. In minutes she had me at the point of orgasm. She paused, looking up at me with those green eyes. “Do you want me to swallow your come, Master?”

“Yes, slave. Swallow it all.”

“Oooh, yes...”

And with a few more slurps, she brought me off, and I pumped a huge spurt of semen into her throat. She swallowed most of it, but some of it dripped down her chin and stained her silk blouse.

I ordered her to stand.

“Listen carefully, slave. For the rest of this day, you will behave normally. At the end of the day, you will go home. You will bathe and dress, as if for an important date. Sexy undies and your sexiest outfit. Pack all of your other undies and nighties and bring them to my house. Understand?

“Yes, Master.”

“I will be waiting there, and you will begin your new life of service and love.”

“Thank you, Master. I can’t wait.”

“Neither can I. Now return to your desk, slave.”

I watched her depart, her sweet ass swaying gently as she left the room. I waited a few minutes, then returned to my office. As I passed her desk, she looked up at me with a look of pure lust. I smiled at the small patch of discolored silk over her left tit, which she would wear for the rest of the day, my semen soaking through the sheer fabric and wetting her skin.

At 5:30 that evening (Friday), I saw Sabrina’s car come to a stop in my drive. She came to the front door carrying a large suitcase. I opened it and she entered. After a steamy embrace, I told her, “Before we get started, I want you to understand some rules. Strip to your undies, right now.”

She quickly removed her outer clothing, and stood facing me in bra, panties and panti-hose. “The bra, too,” I ordered. Her firm breasts now jutted forth, unencumbered by a bra.

I looked her over, my rod hardening rapidly.

“All right, Sabrina. From now on, when we are alone, you must dress only in lingerie, and must always leave your chest uncovered. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” she said in a little-girl voice.

“You may wear nylon panties, half-slips, and panti-hose, but no girdles or anything of rubber or lycra. I like silky undies, nothing rough or coarse.”

“Yes, my Lord,” she responded.

“Slave, from now on you and I shall share an intimacy never before known. You must have no secrets from me. And you will always tell me the truth. No lies, Sabrina, of any sort.”

“I understand, Master.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes...His name is Joey,” she told me.

“Naturally, you will not see him any longer, and you must have nothing whatever to do with any other man. I am your Lord and Owner and you will devote your life to serving and pleasing me, and me alone.”

“Oh, yes...”

“Eventually, you will quit your job and move in here. Until then, you will keep up the appearance of a normal professional woman. On some nights, I will sleep in your apartment; on others you will remain here. I want you to begin buying an enormous wardrobe of sexy lingerie, Sabrina. Half of it will be kept here, the other half at your place.”

“Yes, Master.”

“All right, slave. That blowjob you gave me this afternoon was superb. Give me another, even better than that one. Take your time, and make it last.”

“At once, Lord.”

I took her to the bedroom and seated myself on the bed. Sabrina knelt and immediately began kissing and licking my tool. As I watched her head bob up and down on my rod, I reflected on my good fortune. $5,000 was well worth it, to have this lovely sex toy at my beck and call.

* * *

A month later, and Sabrina was well settled in to her new role as my abject and adoring slave. I’d had her quit her job; tending to my needs and commands was a full-time job for her.

I awoke and looked at the sleeping girl beside me. Sabrina was wearing a teal-green baby-doll nightie. I fondly caressed her perfect ass, my hand sliding smoothly over the slippery nylon that almost covered it.

I fondled and caressed her lovely body, my hands lingering on her thighs, tits and ass. I softly stroked the “V” of her panties, where they disappeared between her legs.

Sabrina awoke with a soft moan. “Oh, Master, that feels so good. Please take me,” she begged.

“Perhaps later, slave,” I told her. “Right now, I need you to attend me in the bathroom.”

“Yes, Lord,” she answered. She was not disappointed in my decision not to use her; she could not be unhappy with any decision I made. She followed me into the bathroom, and we began the morning ritual I’d trained her to perform.

First, with infinite care, my girl slave gently shaved me and brushed my teeth. She loved acting as a body-slave to me, tending my flesh as she had been taught. When she was finished, she asked, “what next, Lord?”

“I need to use the toilet, Sabrina.”

She followed me to the toilet, where she stood respectfully as I moved my bowels. Then, kneeling, she gently but thoroughly cleaned my anus, finishing the job with her tongue. By the time she was finished, my cock was rock-hard. Sabrina gently touched it with her soft hands. “Ooh, it’s so big and hard,” she remarked, looking at me sidelong. “Time for a shower, Sabrina,” I ordered.

Naturally, she joined me in the shower, where she thoroughly cleaned my body. She spent a lot of time making sure my rod was squeaky clean. I let her finish the job with her lovely mouth and tongue, and I came quickly, pumping sperm down her throat. She swallowed gratefully, obviously enjoying every last drop.

Finally, we dried each other with big soft towels. I put on a loose robe and we returned to the bedroom. Still naked, Sabrina went to her dresser. Pausing thoughtfully, she selected a pair of tiny silk panties and a half-slip. Turning, she displayed them to me. “Shall I wear these, My Lord,” she inquired.

“Hmm. Try them on for me,” I ordered. She did, turning slowly so that I could see her body from all angles. “Try another outfit,” I commanded. After a few trials, I settled on her outfit for the day: A pair of white flowered bikini panties and a sheer half-slip.

She had moved into my place, as I had commanded. Now, dressed only in those silky panties and tiny, semi-transparent half slip, she moved gracefully about the house, doing the daily ‘chores’ I’d given her. I loved watching her scrub the floors, on her hands and knees, still dressed in a tiny nylon outfit. She cooked and cleaned, happily performing the most menial tasks for her Master. Madam Naril’s potion had erased any notions of Feminism and “woman’s lib” from her mind. Now she lived only to serve and give pleasure. My commands and orders had erased any modesty or body-shame, and she was comfortable and at ease dressed in a few square inches of silky nylon. If anyone had asked her about her condition, she would have replied sincerely, “My Master has commanded me to dress this way.” And that would have been that. For Sabrina, anything commanded by her Master was right, proper, and obviously correct. She literally could not imagine anything else.

* * *

It was six months later. Once again, I stood before the dingy storefront. This time, Sabrina was with me, just as obedient and submissive as the day I’d first taken her.

Sabrina clung to me. My hand was firmly planted on her lush ass. She was wearing a tiny minidress of some silky stuff. The skirtlet swirled and flipped about her thighs in the breeze. Her tiny white nylon panties were frequently revealed. But Sabrina didn’t mind; I had ordered her to dress this way, and that was enough for her. Any other woman would have been self-concious and embarassed; not Sabrina, for she was obeying her Lord and Master, and that was her only desire.

I entered the store, and she followed.

Madam Naril’s voice told us to come to the rear of the store.

“So this is the woman,” she remarked, surveying Sabrina with those hard, bright eyes. “Has the..preparation..been satisfactory?”

“Yes,” I told her.

She went over to Sabrina, who, as usual, was looking only at me.

“Girl, what is your name?” she asked.

Sabrina looked at me, did not respond to the question.

“Slave, you are to answer Madam Naril’s questions,” I ordered.

“Yes, Lord.” To Madam Naril, she answered, “I am Sabrina.”

“What is your life’s purpose?”

“To obey and serve my master.”

“Have you always had this purpose?”

“No, only for the last few months, since...since my Master gave me the holy potion...”

“Very well, Sabrina; now I shall test you. Listen carefully!”

The old woman spoke a word, moved her hand. Sabrina went limp, her eyes rolling upwards into her head. Her body was draped across Madam Naril’s arm. Her relaxation was total, almost boneless. Every muscle in her body had gone fully lax, with no muscle tone at all. She was helpless—almost as if dead or in a coma.

Madam Naril supported her body. She looked up at me and smiled, a startling expression. “I have opened her, in mind and body. Now she is completely plastic; ready to accept any suggestion or command, ready to answer any question. Watch.”

She spoke again. Sabrina stood, staring straight ahead, in a deep trance.

Another few words, in that unknown tongue. Sabrina responded, her voice childish and high-pitched.

“She is a little girl again, aged seven. If you like, I can have her remain like this, a child in a grown body. No? Very well...”

Another exchange, and Sabrina’s voice returned to normal. Now she was talking, rapidly, as if trying to impart some urgent information, but still in a language I could not understand. At last, she seemed to run down, like a wind-up toy whose spring had unwound.

The old woman said something, again unintelligible. Sabrina straightened, her arms folded behind her, her chest thrust forward.

Madam Naril examined her body carefully, her wrinkled hands roving everywhere. She looked into the girl’s eyes, murmured something. Sabrina responded, softly. I could understand neither the old lady’s query nor Sabrina’s response. Again, the old woman spoke; again the entranced kitten responded. And a final exchange in that strange tongue.

Finally, she grunted to herself with satisfaction. To Sabrina, she said:

“You will remain standing but will see and hear nothing until I awaken you.”

To me, she said, “She has accepted the treatment well. As if born for it. Such complete helplessness, such submission to the potion! Her mind and soul are totally yours; her flesh exists only to serve your flesh. I can find no resistance, no flaw in her response. Each breath is drawn for you; each thought and emotion are oriented only on you. Her last thought, before she sleeps, is of pleasing you; her first thought, upon awakening, is of your pleasure. A truly remarkable conversion, one in a million. What is the problem?”

“The problem is: I am bored. She is wonderful—but I am growing, well, restless.”

“I told you that the potion was permanent. She is bound to you for life. If you wish to rid yourself of her, you can order her to kill herself. She will die, gladly, whenever and however you command.”

“I don’t want to get rid of her. I want...others...”

“I see. This can be accomplished. But it will be costly.”

“How much?”

“Fifty thousand. I will supply you with a new preparation, one that does not require a sample of the subject’s body. Any female will respond to it. But the effects are not permanent. And there are...side effects.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“It destroys memory. The subject will become totally obedient and submissive to you, but will gradually forget her past life. The amnesia becomes complete in a few months. As long as she is near you and receiving fluids from your body, she will remain bound. She must receive fluids at least once per week. If you leave her, or send her away, she will cease to be bound and will forget everything—become like an infant—with no memories at all. She will even forget language. Everything.”

“All right. I will take it. What must I do?”

“Bring me samples of your own fluids as before. That is all.”

She snapped her fingers and Sabrina awoke, as always, joyous and eager to obey and serve. I left the shop with Sabrina following, eyes lowered in submission.

Sabrina helped me collect the ‘fluids’. To get the $50,000, I liquidated all of her possessions: car, investments, everything. It gave me great satisfaction to know that my first slave was ‘donating’ the funds to help me gain new slaves.

I returned to Madam Naril’s with the ‘fluids’ and the money. I had Sabrina hand the money to her.

This time, she handed me a large bottle filled with a clear liquid. It seemed to be about a gallon.

“Only one drop,” she cautioned. “A single drop, anywhere on the subject’s body. Skin, mouth, eyes. The effect is immediate. It will have no effect on you: you can put it on your hand and simply touch your target.”

“I understand. Thank you. Will it affect her?” I pointed to Sabrina.

“It will strengthen the effect of the first treatment. You may use her to deliver the dose, if you wish. The subject will become unconcious immediately. To complete the binding to yourself, touch her lips with a fluid from your body. Semen will work best, give the strongest binding.”

“Yes. Again, my thanks.”

“Do not thank me; you have paid.”

“Come, Sabrina.” I left the shop with the bottle, my dutiful slave girl following.

At home, with Sabrina once again in her “house clothes”, I sat on the bed with her, and said, “Sabrina, it is time to bring other girls into our little family. They will serve me as you do, but you will always be my favorite, and will be chief among my wives. Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“They will love and serve me as you do, and I shall be their Master and owner. Like you, they will obey and submit their minds and bodies to me, and only to me. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I want you to think of all your girlfriends, those who you were friendly with before you became my servant. Of those, which were the most beautiful, the sexiest?”

“Master, all of my friends were very beautiful. I did not associate with ugly girls.”

“Well, then, if you were to select the three most beautiful, who would they be?”

“Well, I’d say Melinda, Susie, and Julie,” she answered.

“Very good. I want you to call each of them and invite them over. Have them come about a half-hour apart. Don’t tell them why you want them here, just say you need to speak to them in person.”

She made the calls.

The first of her “friends” to arrive was Susie Chin, a lovely asian girl. She had long black hair, doe-like brown eyes, and large tits. When she was inside, Sabrina touched her throat with a fingertip which had been dipped in Madam Naril’s bottle. The effect was instantaneous. Susie fell to the floor, unconcious. I had Sabrina undress her and carry her into the bedroom.

Soon, Sabrina’s other two friends had joined the little asian on the bed. Melinda Caen was a petite blonde, with small breasts and firm thighs and butt. Julie Lund was a brunette, with large tits and long legs. I carefully smeared some of my semen on all three girls’ lips. According to Madam Naril, this would complete the ‘binding’ of my new servants.

I surveyed the sleeping girls on the bed with satisfaction. According to Madam Naril, they would awaken soon, and would be my slaves just as Sabrina was.

Minutes later, Susie’s eyes fluttered open.

Wasting no time, I commanded the naked girl: “Stand up and face me, slave.”

She gasped, but obeyed instantly.

In a few more minutes, the other two woke and were commanded to stand. Now all three new slaves stood facing me.

Sabrina stood nearby, still dressed in those delightful undies, watching as I commanded the new slaves. On her face was an expression of joy at the thought of my enslaving her friends.

“Listen carefully. I am your new Master. My name is John Gleason, but you will call me ‘Master’ or ‘Lord’ when you are here with me.”

“Yes, Master,” they responded, in unison.

I gave them the same standing orders I’d given Sabrina: my ‘dress code’ and other rules.

Finally, I told them:

“Girls, you know Sabrina. She is my first slave and chief wife. She will always be special to me as my first. You will obey her as well as me, and term her ‘Mistress’. Only my commands and orders take precedence over hers. Understand?”

“Yes, Lord.”

“None of you can ever do anything to harm or hurt me, or any one of my other slaves. There will be no jealousy, no envy, among you. You are to act as loving sisters, united in the great work of pleasing me and seeing to my needs. Is this clear?”

“Oh, yes, Master!”

“In time, I shall add more females to my harem—many more, of all ages. You will welcome all of them as your sisters, and will treat them as you do each other. I shall add little girls to the harem, and you will treat them with love and kindness, helping them to learn to serve me and give pleasure.”

“Yes, Lord.”

“You are naked before me, which is fitting, for you are beginning new lives as my slaves. Now I shall explore your bodies and enjoy each of you fully. Sabrina, tell them what will happen now.”

Sabrina stepped forward, proudly displaying her breasts and frilly undies. “You shall now be taken, each of you. The Master will ride and use your flesh, as is his right. You will be used and used, for that is your purpose. Before this night is over, you will each be covered in sweat and sperm, your hair matted with our Master’s cum. You were born to serve, live to serve, and will die in his service. Give yourselves to our Master, let him take you!”

“Oh, yes! Yes!” they begged.