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Luck of the Draw

Lea was a mix of nervous and excited over the hour and a half trip to her new dorm. It was move-in day for all freshmen, which meant a rather hectic traffic mess, and another hour spent waiting to park so that she could actually move in. She took some comfort in the fact that she’d lucked out-a single awaited her once she got in. Not that she’d have really minded having a roommate, and besides, she thought, it was suite-style housing anyhow. There would be two other girls sharing a bathroom and common area with her.

Finally, after another couple hours of checking in, moving, unpacking (well, a little), and the obligatory teary-eyed ‘goodbye’ to her parents, Lea collapsed back onto her bed, quite tired from the day, and it was only 1 o’clock! At least it wasn’t too hot outside. She didn’t like the heat much at all, which is why she had decided to go to a school near home up in New England rather than in the south. She stayed on the bed for a minute, then sighed, and got back up. Surveying the room for a moment, she tried to decide where to put stuff. Most of it was still in various boxes, and a couple posters rolled up on her desk. Her computer and her sheets were the only things that really got unpacked. Before she got a chance to do anything, however, there was a knock at the door. It was one of her new suitemates, Alyson.

Alyson was more of an athletic type than her. Lea was fairly typical physically, about 5′4″, short brown hair, hazel eyes, with a body that didn’t stand out as being either great or bad. Alyson stood a couple inches taller, with a slightly more muscular frame, and shoulder length black hair. They had talked on the phone and the computer a couple times before school started.

They spent a while on the usual introductions(Alyson’s family was there), and Lea helped with moving stuff in from the street. An hour and a half later, Lea once again collapsed onto her bed, now thouroughly tired. She wasn’t exhausted mentally at all, so she couldn’t fall asleep. For a while, she just stared up at the suspended ceiling tiles, and the wavy patterns in the plaster, when she noticed something. A thin little green string, hanging down from one of the tiles right above her bed.

‘Thats odd,’ she thought to herself.

She eventually gathered up the energy to stand up and get to it, but it was just out of her grasp. A quick step up on top of her desk solved that, and she lifted up the suspended ceiling tile with the string poking out the side. Her fingers followed the string up into the narrow space between the tiles and the true ceiling, and found a small object. It was a small wooden trinket box, decorated with little hand-carved painted symbols. Lea examined it for a moment, but she couldn’t find any markings on it. A delicate latch was on the front of it, so she decided to take a look inside. Her search revealed a small pendant, and a folded piece of paper underneath it. The pendant was a gold crescent moon, about a half inch in diameter, with a small red stone inlaid in the black portion. She picked it up and set it and looked at it closely for a moment, but there weren’t any clear markings on it to indicate its origin, though she was pretty sure it was made out of brass. Puzzled by the fact that someone would leave such a beautiful piece of jewelry behind, she turned to the folded piece of paper for answers. It read:

‘Hi! Welcome to White Hall!

You’re probably wondering why I left this here. Well, it’s a gift! I figured it’d start your year off on a good note :). I lived in your room last year, when I was a freshman. I hade a great year there, I hope you do too! My name is Cali, by the way...maybe I’ll come visit sometime. Anyways, feel free to wear the pendant, it’s yours now!


P.S. I got the pendant in Salem, its supposed to be a good luck charm. Hope it brings you some!’

‘How nice of her,’ she thought. ‘Maybe this place won’t be so much like high school.’

Lea hadn’t had the best time in high school. She had done well academically, enough to get her decent scholarship money here, but she never really fit in with the popular type crowd. She had the benefit of a few friends through school, but not many, and she’d only had one boyfriend, back in her junior year. It was a short relationship, the result of one of her friends’ attempts to fix her up with someone. While it hadn’t been all bad, she was definitely ready to move on.

She glanced over at the hanging mirror for a second. Her hair was a total mess from her previous tired flop onto the bed. She grabbed a hairbrush from her desk drawer, and started fixing it. She set down the brush next to the pendant, and paused for a moment.

‘Hmm, why not,’ she thought, with a smirk.

She held up the pendant to her neck for a moment before putting it on. After deciding it would look nice, she lowered it over her head, and straightened it out for a moment before letting it rest. She felt light-headed for a second, and decided to sit down. With all the hecticness of moving in, lunch had been lost in the mix, so she figured that she needed to get some food in her tummy. Alyson apparently had gotten the same idea, as she knocked on Lea’s bedroom door just as she was about to get up to ask her to grab some food at the cafeteria.

“Come in,” Lea said.

“Hey, want to get some food? I’m starving,” replied Alyson, after opening the door.

Lea smirked, “Sure, I was just about to come ask you the same thing.”

“Ooh, where’d you get that?” Alyson asked, pointing at the pendant. “Its pretty.”

“I found it. Nice, huh?”

“Very. Wanna go?”


And so, they went off, and had their first meal at the cafeteria. It was...well, at least they didn’t get sick afterwards.

They returned to find their third suitemate, Sara, moving in. Sara was about 5′8, a thin figure, with long light brown hair. She had blue eyes, which were at the moment hidden from view as she dug through the bottom of a large box, trying to unpack things.

“Hey, nice to see you could finally make it,” Lea said, smiling.

Sara jumped, nearly falling into the box. “Geez, you scared me! I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Haha, sorry. We’ll be louder next time,” Alyson added.

“Want some help?” Lea asked.


So, after yet another hour of unpacking, now about 7:00, Lea was really ready to drop. They all went next door to watch a movie with their neighbors, which took a couple hours, then they came back to their room. Alyson and Sara decided to go watch a second movie next door, but Lea decided to get some rest, and maybe take a short nap.

“See you all later,” she said, waving and then closing the door from the common area to the hallway.

‘What a mess’, she thought to herself, surveying the boxes and other assorted things strewn across the floor. There was, at least, a path of open floor between the bedrooms, and one to the bathroom as well. She sat down in the dorm-provided chair, which while not extremely comfortable, was about 10 steps closer than her bed, and she was tired. She reached up and started fidgeting with the pendant in her right hand. She liked the cool feel of the metal, as it had gotten a touch warm in the room from all the activity of moving stuff around. ‘Oy...I wish this room wasn’t such a mess,’ she thought to herself. She felt dizzy again for a moment, and closed her eyes, rubbing at them with her fingers. She opened them, and shook her head a little, trying to regain her bearings. After looking around for a second, her eyes opened much wider, as she realized that the room was much more organized than it had been a second ago.

“What the hell?” she said aloud, though there was noone to hear her.

Standing up, she took a quick survey of the room, and looked at the clock, confirming that she hadn’t fallen asleep. She noticed that the pendant was warm against her neck, as well.

“No way...”

She grasped it again in her hand, and thought to herself ‘I wish I wasn’t tired.’ A little flash of light came from the pendant, and suddenly, she felt energized and more awake.

‘This is so cool!’ she thought to herself. ‘I wonder what else I can do...’

Lea sat in the chair for a moment, then an idea crossed her mind. She blushed, though nobody was around to see it. She quickly hopped up, now no longer tired, and went into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. She turned to face her mirror, and touched the pendant with her right hand. ‘Make my chest bigger,’ she thought, giggling a little. She felt the same dizziness again, and then she felt an odd sensation. To her amazement, her breasts began to grow slowly. It was an oddly arousing feeling, one that soon turned to a clearly painful feeling, as her bra became too tight. ‘Make my clothes change along with me!’ she thought quickly, alleviating the discomfort. ‘Uh..uh...stop!’ she said aloud, before they got too out of hand, and they stopped. She turned in front of the mirror, getting a good look at her new self, before deciding to bring her size back toward normal. She left them about half-way between normal and enlarged, which turned out to be about a 36C, from her best guess. While the size of her garments had changed along with her, the tags had not. She looked at the mirror again. ‘I’m so hot,’ she thought, giggling again.

She heard the suite front door opening, followed by “I’m back”, from Alyson. Lea walked back to her door, and opened it.

“Back so soon?” she asked.

“Yeah, I just watched the movie they were going to see yesterday, so I figured I’d come back and see what you were up to,” she said, while opening her bedroom door. She lifted her left hand up to the back of her shoulder and rubbed it. “That and my shoulder’s bothering me. I think I pulled a muscle or slept on it wrong or something.”

“Want me to try and get the knot out for you? I used to be good at massaging back in high school.”

“Oh?” Alyson asked, smirking, as she turned around. “I spose that got you quite a reputation,” she added, with a little laugh. “Hey, did you do something with your hair? You look a little different.”

Lea panicked for a moment, then said “Ah..yeah, I was just trying things out.”

“ Well it looks good! So anyways, did you want to try and get out whatever’s i...hey wait a second. Did you clean too?”

“Uh..yeah, I tidied up a little. I’m fast,” she said, with a nervous laugh. “Well the futon is cleaned off, you could sit down in front of it and I could get at your shoulder.”

“Sure, whatever works. Lemme grab a pillow to lean back against,” she said, as she sat down in front of the futon.

Lea hopped up behind her, and leaned forward a bit, putting her hands on each shoulder. She started kneading a bit.

“Mm..that feels good. Keep it up.”

Then she slipped, and almost fell on top of her. Her pendant, hanging a little loose around her neck, swung forward and whacked Alyson in the back of the head, which was followed by another little flash of light.

“Oh my god, are you alright Aly?” Lea asked, as she sat back up.

“Yes,” Alyson responded, in somewhat of a monotone.

“Er...are you sure? You sound ah...”

No response.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she responded in monotone again. She had remained motionless since Lea sat back up.

Lea sat back for a minute, pondering. Aly sounded almost as if she a trance? Lea had seen hypnotists on TV a couple times, but never in person. It was...strange. For some reason though, she felt slightly aroused by it all, much to her own shock. ‘This so isn’t like me!’ she thought, giggling slightly.

“Aly...are you...hypnotized?” she asked, finally.


‘She must be messing with me,’ Lea thought.

“So you’ll do whatever I say.”


“Ok...stand up!”

She did.

“Um...” she thought, for a second, trying to think of something Alyson wouldn’t do unless she really were under, somehow.

“Take off all your clothes!” she said, laughing. To her surprise, Alyson began to strip. Lea’s eyes grew wide. “No way...” she said, quietly. “Um..stop.” Alyson was down to just her bra, and panties, and she just stood there, staring into space. Lea was getting warmer down below, and she reached down with her hands, rubbing herself through her jeans for a moment. ‘What am I doing?’ she thought, and quickly withdrew her hand. She felt dizzy again for a moment, and sat back down. She stood up again.

“Aly..put all your clothes back on, and sit back down where you were. Ah, you won’t remember anything that happened while you were out after you wake back up, ok?”


Lea sat back down behind Alyson, where she was previously.

“Ok Aly, wake up on the count of 3. 1...2...3.”

Nothing happened. Lea pondered for a second, and an idea crossed her mind. She let the pendant swing again, and tap Alyson in the back of the head. There was a bright flash again, and Alyson woke up:

“Wha..what happened? Oh geez, I must have dozed off.”

“Hah, did you? I guess I’m just that good,” Lea responded, in a slightly relieved, slightly nervous tone.

“My shoulder feels sooo much better. You are good. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome. Anytime!”

There was silence for a moment, and then Alyson spoke again.

“I think I’m going to go check on Sara now, see how the movie’s going. Wanna come?”

“Nah, I think I’m going to go lie down. I’m still kinda tired.”

“Oh...alright. I’ll see you later then.”


Alyson walked out, and Lea once again retreated to her room, though she wasn’t the least bit tired. She sat down on her bed, and flopped back onto her pillows. ‘What am I doing?’ she thought. She was still aroused from the whole experience, something her mind was having a tough time rationalizing. ‘Maybe it was just the feeling of power...’, she decided, ‘I guess I’m a little more into that than i thought, or something.’ She started to reach down toward her jeans again, her hand nearly getting there before she realized what she was doing. ‘Damnit. Why am I so...’ She sighed, ‘I’ll go take a shower. Maybe that’ll help.’

She gathered a new set of clothes, and a towel, and walked off to the bathroom. She turned the water on, and quickly undressed, and took off her bracelets and the pendant, setting them atop the pile of pajamas. She hopped in and took a fairly long shower, letting the hot water pour over her for a while, and allowing her to think. Everything seemed pretty cool so far, her roomies and neighbors were nice, and classes didn’t start for another 5 days, so they’d all have plenty of time to meet the rest of their floor. By the time she got out, the bathroom was totally steamed up, to the point where she couldn’t even see herself in the mirror. She put on her pajamas, and put the pendant back around her neck, tucking it in to the top. Again, she had a little bit of a head-rush when she put it on. She figured it was normal for it.

Lea opened the bathroom door at nearly the same time Alyson opened the front door to the suite.

“Oh, hi,” Alyson said, “Did you take a shower?”

“Mm hmm,” responded Lea. “Thought I’d get into my pajamas. Aren’t they cute?”

Alyson giggled. “Yes, I love the sheep. Almost makes me want to sleep!”

“Oh really?” Lea asked, as she started to walk back toward her bedroom.

Alyson rolled her eyes a little, giving a “Yeah, really” that reeked of sarcasm.

Lea tried to step up onto the futon to walk past Alyson as they passed, but she managed to catch her foot on the edge of it, and tackle the poor girl. The pendant slipped out of the top, and was now hanging down from her neck as she kneeled over Alyson.

“Like being on the bottom?” Lea asked, with a smirk.

“Ah...very funny. Now let me up.”

Alyson started to sit up, but Lea didn’t move. The result was Alyson bringing her head smack into the pendant, giving off another flash of light, and lying back down rather quickly.


“Yes?” she responded, in the same monotone.

Lea grinned.

“Um...Aly. Come into my room.”

She did, following behind Lea, who closed the door behind them. Lea grabbed the pendant, ‘Make these walls soundproof’, which was followed by another flash of light.

Lea pulled down the shades in her windows, and then proceeded to take off her pajamas and toss them over by her closet, though the pendant remained. She felt down near her panties...she was nearly soaked through again. ‘Why am I doing this...’ she thought briefly.

“Ok, Aly, take off your clothes, and put them on that chair,”

Alyson complied, not saying a word, then returned to sit on the bed, staring again into space.

“Lie down, and spread your legs,” she said, with a slight quiver in her voice. It wasn’t the kind of thing she said everyday. Alyson lied back onto the pillows, and spread wide, revealing herself to Lea. She’d never seen another girl in any way close to this before, only little glimpses in locker rooms, but never had she really tried to look. But here now, in her room, a totally docile, totally exposed girl merely feet in front of her. She sat down on the bed, reaching toward Alyson’s nether regions with her hand, feeling and exploring around, eliciting a soft moan from Alyson, as juices began to flow. Lea was curious, she reached her finger up to her mouth and tasted. Blech! She reached for her pendant, and thought, ‘I wish she tasted like...strawberries.’ She then leaned in with her mouth, and proceeded to eat out her roommate’s strawberry pussy. It was a truly strange, yet rewarding experience. After a long tongue-lashing, Alyson finally came, crying out, though the sound-proof walls absorbed it all. Then she fell silent again, still staring at the ceiling.

“Mmm...” Lea said, sitting up. “Now its my turn,” as she grinned.

“Aly, sit up. Have you ever had sex with a girl before?”


“I’m sure you’ll be a quick study,” she said, giggling. She leaned back, to where Aly was before, and removed her soaked panties. “Now, do to me what I just did to you.”

Alyson leaned forward, and started licking away. Lea was already quite aroused, and with Alyson licking like a pro, it didn’t take very long for her to reach the heights of pleasure, screaming out with such passion that she would have woken the floor—had anyone been able to hear them. Her obedient little roommate kept licking away, bringing her to a second explosive orgasm moments later.

“Ah..pant..stop, Aly.”

Aly stopped licking, but her face was still buried in Lea’s pussy, motionless.

“Sit up now.”

She did.

Aly grabbed the pendant again, ‘Make us both be all cleaned up, and my bed, too.’

With that, the juices that had soaked her bedcovers, and that ran down both their faces disappeared in an instant.

Lea was still breathing heavily, when she got another great idea...

Luck of the Draw—Part II

Lea sat back for a moment, still beaming from the nice tongue-lashing she had just received. Her mind was a little fuzzy, but through that fuzziness had come an interesting idea. Alyson just sat there, staring once again at the wall.

“Aly, lie down again,” Lea said, as she got off the bed and stood up.

She clutched the pendant in her left hand, and concentrated. After a flash of light next to Alyson, an exact duplicate of her appeared, just as out of it as she was.

“Mmm...twins. Double your pleasure, double your fun,” Lea mock-sang, laughing.

“New will answer only to Aly-slut, and only when i talk to you. You’ll always do exactly what I say, and you can’t hear anybody else.”

“Ok,” the new Alyson said, with an eerily identical voice to the real Alyson.

“Now, Aly-slut. You find yourself, and your ‘twin’,” she giggled, “the sexiest girls on the planet. You want nothing more than to have sex with her. You can’t think of anything but sex.”

“Mmm...” she replied.

“Aly, you like strawberries, right?” Lea asked, with a grin.


“Ok, Aly, next time you come, you’re going to wake up, but you’re going to be unable to move. Your whole body will be frozen in place, except your mouth. Also, you will keep your eyes closed until I say ‘eyes open’. Close them now. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” the real Alyson replied, closing her eyes.

“Aly-slut, position yourself so that you’re sitting on top of your double’s face. You cannot move unless I tell you so. And stay silent, no matter what. Even if you have the most explosive orgasm in the history of the world, you won’t make a sound.”

The new Alyson crawled over on top of her ‘twin’, and then kneeled straddling her head, lowering her rear slowly so that her pussy sat right on top of her mouth.

“Alyson, start licking.”

The real Alyson’s tongue started, and the strawberry started flowing. Though the scene was silent, excepting of course the lapping sounds, Aly-slut was visibly in a great deal of pleasure. Within moments, strawberry goo was dripping down Alyson’s cheeks. ‘Guess I cleaned up too soon,’ Lea thought. She leaned down toward the vacant nether regions of the original Alyson.

“Almost time to wake up, hon,” she said, as she leaned in, and started her own assault. The quiet lapping now was joined by muffled moans from the real Alyson, as she came closer to her peak. Lea slowed down a bit, prolonging the inevitable moments longer. Aly-slut, meanwhile, was silently shaking under the ministrations of her persistent twin, who had strawberry good-ness dripping down her chin and neck now.

Finally, Alyson began to shudder as the pleasure overtook her, her legs tightening around Lea’s head momentarily, before she stopped moving completely.

Consciousness began to seep back into Alyson’s head slowly. She felt something on her face, and, mmm...she could taste strawberries. She licked her lips, finding something soft and warm outside her mouth. “Eyes open”, came a soft voice from beside her, from Lea? She blinked her eyes open, first realizing what was on top of her mouth, “MMMMMMM!!” she screamed, frantic, realizing she couldn’t move. Then, scanning up and seeing the face of her...self?! “MMFFFHHH!?!”

* * *

Calindra nearly fell out of her chair laughing, as she watched the image of the panicked Alyson on her monitor screen. It was at the same time one of the most arousing and most hillarious sights that had ever befallen her eyes. She was watching the festivities via her handy crystal ball, which, through an incantation or two had been connected to her computer. All that hunching over the table nonsense hurt one’s back after a while, after all.

“What was all that laughing, Cali?” asked a female voice from the other room.

“Haha nothing, just found something funny online,” she replied, still coming down from her fit of laughter.

The girl walked in. “Are you checking up on the freshman?” she asked, with a mischievous smile.

“Aw, ya got me. Yeah, I am, and you wouldn’t believe what she’s been doing. Maybe I should pay her a visit tomorrow?”

“Ooh...good idea, can I watch from here?”

“Sure thing.” Cali responded, as she turned back to the screen. Lea had allowed the new Aly to wake up, and in character with her previous instructions, she was now grinding herself onto the immobile face of the real Alyson.

“Funny what a little magic can do to somebody, huh?” the other girl asked.

“Quite.” Cali said, chuckling.

* * *

After the new Aly came for the second time on the real Alyson’s face, Lea decided to give her a rest.

“Aly-slut, stop,” Lea said, and she did. “Go sit down on my chair over there.” She obeyed.

She clutched her pendant, thinking ‘Real Alyson, you will think everything that happened here was a dream, and you’ll return to your room and go to sleep as if you have been sleepwalking.’

She also decided to clean everyone involved up again. ‘I love this thing,’ she thought. If only she knew.

Alyson stood up, and walked back to her bedroom zombie-style, arms stretched out in front of her, eventually reaching her bed and going to sleep.

Her twin remained in Lea’s chair, staring up at the ceiling. Lea pondered for a moment, then smiled.

“Stand up, Aly-slut.” She did, still completely unclothed.

Lea reached up to her pendant, concentrating again. Aly-slut’s skin started to turn darker, and her features hardened, as she slowly transformed to stone. After her transformation was complete, she began to shrink down to about 3″ tall, completing her transformation in about half a minute. Lea picked up the figurine, now lying on her floor, and set it atop her desk next to her keyboard. “I’ll bring you back later,” she said, grinning. Satisfied for the moment, she dressed herself back in her pajamas, and went to bed.

Meanwhile, Calindra was preparing for tomorrow...