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Lucy’s adventure in a new world

It was a Friday evening and Lucy was at her computer researching the bizarre rumour she’d heard while at work today that there were portals disguised as shops that took you to a world where all your desires could be fulfilled. All she’d found where postings on forums that someone had found one of these portals and never returned she was curious to find out more but it was late and she was tried so she turn her computer off and went to bed.

The next morning when Lucy woke up and got dress it a White t-shirt and Jeans she didn’t need to put a bra on as her 34 c’s were firm and hadn’t sagged a bit. She was heading into town to do some shopping it was when she approached the alley she use to get to the main shopping centre she saw it was filled by a new shop call LLP clothing she was confused as she hadn’t seen ant construction work going on but she decide to see what sort of clothes they had in there she opened the door and walked in to be greeted by the smell of latex, leather and PVC Lucy was a bit shocked that a shop like this had opened in her little town. The shop keeper came from out the back and looked at Lucy before saying “Have you just moved here or are you new?”

“New to what?” replied Lucy

“That’s a yes then. New to the world you’ve found”

“This is one of those portals I heard about yesterday isn’t it” Lucy said with excitement in her voice

“Yes it is Just a tip before you go through be careful and tell no one it’s your first time”

“Ok I won’t”

“I can offer protection for £200 if you want”

“Protection from what?”

“So you don’t get enslaved on your first visit”

“I don’t have £200 I’ll just be careful”

“It’s right through here if you’d like to follow me and be back within 12 Hours”

“Thank you. I’ll make sure to back within 12 Hours”

Lucy stepped through the door and entered a City full of Skyscrapers with people walking around in Latex, rubber, PVC and some things Lucy had never seen before Masters and Mistresses walking with their slaves on all fours beside them with collars and dog leads attached to them. She was fascinated by everything going on around her. Straight in front of her was a glass fronted building with a Neon sign at the top that said Fembots Inc as she crossed the road she noticed the sign that said “Tours available see reception for info and times” Lucy decided to have a look and see what went on in this world. As she entered reception she saw a beautiful young lady sat behind the desk she must have been about 22 years old her blond hair in a pony tail that went down to the middle of her shoulder blades She was in a T-shirt and Jeans “That’s a bit plain” thought Lucy. As she approached the young lady said “Hi welcome to Fembots Inc how may I help you?

“I was wondering about the tours” responded Lucy

“If you’d like to go through there please” the young lady said while pointing to a set of doors on the far side of the lobby. Lucy turned and walked towards the doors as she went through and took a seat she was surprised that no one else was there waiting for a tour then she thought about the man at the portal telling her to be careful and that maybe this was a way to trick people and turn them into Fembots when she heard a click come from the doors and what appeared to be smoke enter the room before she could get to the doors to try to escape she collapsed on to the floor as she lost complete control of her muscles her mind was screaming to get up and run but there was no response from her body at all the doors clicked open and two people walked in one of the said “new visitors are the easiest to capture” The figures then walked out of sight and Lucy felt a Needle prick in the back of her neck and her vision faded to black.

As luck’s consciousness returned the first thing she noticed what felt like a heavy weight on her chest as she lifted her head to look down she saw two globes on her chest where her B cup breasts used to be they where now at least DD. She heard a door opening behind her she tried to roll over to see who it was but still couldn’t move her body a voice from behind her said “activate” Lucy saw what looked like the matrix flash before her eyes and then her body stood up turned and bowed before the man that had said activate her body froze in this position waiting for it’s next order. While Lucy was standing she noticed her new tiny waist of 20″ compared to her old waist of 28”. The man said “stand” and Lucy’s body complied she stood before him at attention. The man Lucy stood before was about 5′8″ and average build and was bolding usually Lucy wouldn’t of given him a second look but his cock was all she could think of sucking it, fucking it and swallowing all of his cum like her life depended upon it. The man then said “run test sequence.” Another load of codes flashed before Lucy’s eyes the her body walked over to the man her nipples becoming erect and her pussy was soaking by the time she gave him a passionate kiss on the lips her tongue probing his mouth she broke off the kiss and started to unbutton his shirt as she did she kissed down his torso once his shirt was removed she gave him another passionate kiss then she kissed and licked her way down his torso her arousal building and building the closer she got to his cock she unbuttoned his trousers and undid the zip with her teeth allowing his rock hard cock to spring out of them it was only about 7″ long. She then started to kiss and lick the end of his cock getting it well lubricated with her saliva then she engulfed its head with her crimson red lips and flicked it with her tongue she then took all of his 7″ cock into her mouth flicking its under side with her tongue. Lucy was wondering how she became so good at giving head as she’d never done it before but she only been working on this mans cock for a couple of minutes and she felt his cock and balls twitch as he started to cum in her mouth Lucy swallowed it all down loving the taste this embedded an addiction to the taste of cum into her programming. When the man had finished ejaculating instead of standing and stopping she started to stroke his cock until it was erect again this took about 5 minutes. When is cock was erect again Lucy stood up and with her left hand guided his cock into her soaking pussy and started to grind up and down on his cock she was moving up and down at an incredibly fast pace that only a robot could maintain. The man started to fondle Lucy’s new DD tits the pleasure was more than she’d ever felt before as she felt him start to reach climax she slowed her pace and started to move robotically up and down his cock teasing him keeping him on the edge of cumming then she thrust hard so her hips smacked against his this took him over the edge as he squirted his hot load into her as she felt this Lucy was hit by an orgasm so large Lucy didn’t believe it was possible the pleasure was so much she passed out this embedded an addiction of sex into her programming. The man stamped the back of Lucy’s neck and left the room. The next thing Lucy knew she was in a glass room with to men standing outside she could hear them talking one of them said “You Know what he’s gonna do she’s a first timer”

“We can’t stop him he’s paying and he could destroy us in seconds” the other man replied”

Lucy feared what this man was like if he would destroy people just for refusing a sale and what he would do because she was a first timer. She heard a click as the doors behind her slide open. She automatically stood and turned to see the man that had performed the tests on her. He signalled for her to follow him code flashed before her eyes and she started to follow him through a series a corridors and in to a room with Sales on the sign above the door. There sitting on the other side of a table was a man that appeared to be no older than 19 he had a long fringe that covered his right eye it had been dyed electric blue. His visible eye was a deep ocean blue. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans on his right forearm was a strange looking tattoo that had a red eye in the centre and four arrows coming out of both sides of the eye. Lucy didn’t need instructing code flashed before her eyes and she went and knelt next to her new master. The man that she had followed the asked “Is she to your liking?”

“She’s perfect thank you” responded her master this cause a surge of sexual pleasure to rush though her body causing a moan to escape her lips. Neither man paid any attention to Lucy. Her new master stood up Lucy stood and wrapped her arms around him he turned to leave taking Lucy’s hand and walk out of the building and into a waiting limo. He said “home” to the driver and the limo set off. Once her master was sitting comfortably Lucy got on her knees and positioned her self so she was between his legs and started to unzip his trousers she looked up into his ocean blue eyes. He simply nodded and Lucy fully exposed his 9″ cock and wrapped her full crimson red lips around it and started to suck and lick on it to get her fix of cum. She took all of his cock into her mouth the tip of his bell end touched the back of her throat and she flicked his ball sack with her tongue as she pulled her head back she licked and flicked the underside of his cock when she reached the end of his cock she kissed his bell end then swallowed it again. She use her hands to massage his balls as she picked up the pace of the blow job as her master approach climax she felt his balls and cock twitch and then he cummed Lucy swallowed all of his cum and as she swallowed she felt a surge of pleasure rush through her body. Once she’d swallowed all the cum and licked her masters cock clean. “He said personality engage” Lucy felt a splitting headache, her vision went blurry and then she passed out. When Lucy came round she was still in the car but she had control of her body again she looked around and her master was sitting next to her he said” Hi I’m David. What’s your name?”

“It’s Lucy master”

“Don’t call me that call me David”

“Ok David”

“You where very eager with that blowjob usually they ask first”

“Sorry. I just had to I needed to taste cum” Lucy said as she started to sob

“Don’t cry it was a great blowjob”

“Its not the blowjob I’m crying about it’s the fact the when you cummed in my mouth I felt calmer and it aroused me”

“That’s not your fault the programmed an addiction into you”

Lucy stopped sobbing this man the bastards at the factory where scared of was sweat and caring even for his slave which caused Lucy to wonder why they were scared. David interrupted her train of thought “I can offer you a choice I can remove the programming and you can go back to the normal world but I cant remove the addictions without doing major damage to you personality or you can stay her with me and my other slaves” as David said this the limo pulled through the front gates of a huge mansion with four beautiful women standing at the giant front doors. The glass panel between passengers and driver lowered and another beautiful woman was sitting in the drivers seat she said “Lucy David’s the best master you could have he treats us like normal people and he’s amazing in the sack” Lucy looked back at David from the driver “How could you remove the programming your just a person and why were the people at the factory so scared of you” David let out a small chuckle and the strange tattoo stared to glow and in his right hand appeared to be sparks of electricity and in his left hand was a flame as so as they appeared they disappeared and the tattoo stopped glowing “I’m more than just a person that was a tiny amount of what I can do but it should answer your questions” Lucy looked at David in amazement for a couple of minutes processing what she’d just seen. After a couple of minutes Lucy said ”I can’t go back to the normal world with these addictions and all you slaves look happy so I think I’ll stay” The driver got out of the car and opened Lucy’s door Lucy got out and David was waiting for her said “There not slaves just my girls. You made the right choice good girl” with that a giant orgasm ripped though Lucy’s body it was a good job her new sisters were giving her a hug otherwise she would have fallen over after Lucy had recovered they entered the house and Lucy embraced her life as a slave.