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Author’s Note: The following is a preview (rough-cut) of my free Journeys into Passion ebook available Available Feb 25th, 2019. The final story will follow a somewhat experimental organizational scheme. Having a tendency to repeat words, I wanted to see what would happen if I embraced that in a controlled manner. Instead of subheadings, the overlapping sections will be highlighted by a specific, repeated keyword. The following preview is from the first section … Enjoy!

Lust from Darkness

Lucinda and Alena were trying not to let the phrase “legendary Hunters” make them too over confident. Yet, that description from a fellow monster Hunter in their last case might as well have been accurate.

Seven years ago, the redheaded Lucinda was just a common Witch; though, she preferred being called “Wiccan” at the time. She led a diverse Coven in what she described as a progressive use of magic. While technically all “white magic,” she allowed experimentation to more gray areas. Some described her coven as “light gray.”

Everything changed when one of her followers began secretly experimenting with shadowy, more malevolent magic. People in their town and even within her Coven suddenly went missing over the span of a few weeks. Alena, a young dirty-yellow haired Hunter from a long line of Hunter-Knights, came to her with clear suspicions. Alena did everything she could to help. They soon learned the rogue Warlock had summoned a Demon with a taste for Human. Lucinda and Alena were barely able to save half of her Coven before they expelled the Demon. They never knew what his motivations were for summoning a Demon, but he was the town’s new governor at the time.

What was left of the Coven naturally disbanded after that, while Lucinda felt like she failed them all. She decided to join Alena in hunting and slaying monsters to make up for her blindness that led to the loss of many lives. Lucinda loved Alena a little, but had a policy of never having an intimate relationship with those she either worked or chanted with. Since then, the duo proved unbeatable. They were now feared by some monsters and directly challenged by others.

Their last case required a team of Hunters to take down a whole family of Necromancers, who had a surprisingly doable plan of world domination. Long story short, Lucinda and Alena were pivotal in the battle. All the Hunters lived, even though some were seriously injured by the aggressive Super-Zombies and allied undead (Vampires, Ghouls, and Liches). The dynamic duo did have quite the natural high.

They found themselves at an aging Bowden Inn a few weeks later. The new case seemed much less epic than their last, but any chance to fight a monster and save people was taken. In the small town of Bowden, there was a spike in crime, pregnancy, and apparently orgiastic behavior. Such sudden changes suggested a Demon, but not everything was clear yet. They had a lead that suggested a local bar might be related to the bizarre behavior happening.

Wearing Lucinda’s “patented” physical protection thumb rings, they walked into Bobby Walker’s Bar. They casually scoped out the place at the bar stools. Nothing seemed terribly unusual, not yet: a small group playing pool, people casually chatting at the tables. There was a fairly even dispersement of genders at the moment.

“You know, this isn’t a gay bar!” the sandy skinned bartender stated.

“Excuse me?” Lucinda replied.

He smiled and laughed. “This is an everybody bar! So what doesn’t your liver want, madams?”

“Irish whisky, neat,” Alena said, less than casually looking him over.

“Red wine, Zinfandel, if you have it,” Lucinda ordered.

While Lucinda was normally restrained sexually, Alena loved a good fuck, regardless of gender. They sipped at their drinks.

“So we were just passin’ through, and saw the local newspaper …” Alena said to the bartender.

“Oh, that,” he began ponderously. “Why would you two be interested in our local problems?”

“We’re Federal Agents on our way back from a bank fraud investigation over in some Columbus suburb,” Lucinda began. “I’m Special Lucy Smith and my parter for the trip is Agent Alison Orang. Our investigation turned out to be nothing, but we’ve been unofficially furloughed with the government shutdown. So, unpaid vacation!” She took a big gulp.

The the almost shadowy-eyed bartender gave them a long look. “Like nosey detectives … Maybe you could help with something. Would you two mind coming to the back office?”

They looked at each other, knowing this could lead to anything. Still, sometimes being captured was easier than sneaking into some fortress. In their experience, sometimes the monster had such big ego that they really did go off on how amazing their plan was!

“I found this … thing the other day. I don’t know if it has to do with anything, but nothing is what it used to be around here.”

He unwrapped a rather phallic object on his desk. The black thing was oddly curved, with small red bumps and deep ridges. It almost looked like some demonic dick. Carved on the base was, “LIBIDO•DE•TENEBRIS” …

“Lust from darkness?” Lucinda translated out loud.

“You know Latin?” the bartender asked in fascination.

“A hobby,” Lucinda answered with some truth. In her opinion, some of the best spells were encoded in Latin, even though good Witches and Warlocks could cast a spell in any language. She picked it up, instantly feeling lustful energy coming from it.

Alena snatched it to examine it for herself. Lucinda hated it when she did that. And this time, it was certainly a mistake.

“Agent Orang, that could be … dangerous,” Lucinda stated in growing arousal.

Phallic object firmly in hand, Alena looked over her hunting partner. “I think I want you right now, Lucinda …”

“Err …” The greatly aroused Lucinda leaned onto the desk, Alena leaning in. Her pussy tingled at the site of Alena. This was the kind of fantasy Lucinda refused to have, but secretly wanted.

“You know what, Lucinda? I’ve secretly always wanted to fuck you.”

“What’s stopping you?” she breathed.

They began to make out hungrily with great want. Lucinda peeled up Alena’s shirt, worshiping her perfect mounds of flesh.

With her expert sleight of hand, Lucinda grabbed the demonic dildo, and after quickly taking down Alena’s pants and panties, she fucked her partner with it.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Harder!” Alena cooed, green eyes wide.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard!” Lucinda exclaimed with her piercing blue eyes.

“Oh, yeah, OH!”

“You’re such a fucking slut, Alena!”


“You want to feel Demon cum in you, DON’T YOU!”


A blatant Demon suddenly walked over. Lucinda’s sharp senses told her that this was the bartender. Only now he was massive: eight feet tall, glaring red eyes, twisted horns, absurdly large muscles, and veiny, red, hairless skin. Even in her hyper-aroused state, Lucinda wondered why she did not see through his mirage earlier.

“Now you’re gonna get that Demon cum, Hunter!” he growled.

“Give it to me!” Alena exclaimed, amazed at herself.

“Get on all fours and take me like the bitch-slut you are!” the Demon ordered

She did so without question, removing her clothes completely. The observed member was bigger and lumpier than the demonic object.

“OH FUCK YESSS, GAH …” she screamed in shadowy pleasure, the monster dick impaling her.

“Yeah, tight Hunter pussy!” he growled in his shadowy lust.

With only the shadowed arousal as her guide, Lucinda stripped her clothes, and began to fuck herself with the demonic dildo. The thing that bled lust was so good, so big. The feel of Alena’s pussy juices on the dildo nearly destroyed her mind in the pleasure. In time with the Demon’s thrusts into Alena, she moved the massive thing in and out of her. They were both epically orgasmic, but there was no stopping this, not yet.

“Make me a Demon cum-slut!” Alena exclaimed in her orgasms.

Another Demon, green skinned, walked in with his massive member at attention. That one came right to Lucinda.

“I got the real thing!” it exclaimed to the enthralled Witch.

Lucinda put the dildo down next to her. “So big. I normally like the girls, but I think I’ll make you one of the few exceptions!” Normally, she saw dicks as weird looking, and while this was certainly some kind of surreal extreme, she wanted it inside her badly. She wasn’t sure if it could all fit, but did not care.

“I’m so close Hunter slut!” the bartender Demon exclaimed.

“OH, YES, YES!” Alena orgasmically cooed.

“Beg for my cum!”


“By your command!”

It then exploded its thick, slimy seed into Alena, making her cum so hard that she nearly lost her mind. “So much cum …” she barely blurted.

At the same time, Lucinda was pushed onto her back. The green Demon lay on its side, lifted her leg, and forced the monstrosity into her unsuspecting pussy. “HOLY FUCK, ITS SO BIG!” Lucinda screamed in shadowed pleasure.

After many hard and brutal thrusts, the green Demon exploded his seed into the mega-orgasmic Witch.

“MORE, MORE!” Lucinda pleaded. In a show of aggression the green Demon clearly did not expect, Lucinda willed the Demon to flip onto its back, and began to fuck him on her knees. “FUCK YES, YES!”

The onslaught continued for the Hunters, who pleaded for more orgasms while they orgasmed. Cum began to fill their unprepared wombs. They could have been going for hours, but no one there cared. Eventually, the Demons grew tired, and decided to attend to other things …

Not long after the Demons left, Lucinda forced, “Holy, shit …”

“Yeah …”

“Let’s get the fuck outa here!”

“Yeah …”

* * *

Before carefully examining the object, Lucinda examined Alena and herself. They were physically OK after the demonic orgy, and neither were nocked up. The object itself was not very old, unlikely older than a year or two. It continued to bleed lust onto those that touched it unprepared. So, Lucinda enchanted a couple necklaces to protect them from any further lust …

Alena lay awake in her comfy bed in the motel one town over, wearing only a tight shirt and panties. She could not stop thinking about the demonic orgy, trying to convince herself that it was a horrible forced thing. Yet, that was not how she remembered it. There was more pleasure than she ever knew.

“All right,” she whispered to herself. “How could anyone blame me for enjoying myself. I deserved a break after saving the world. I deserved it. I deserved to let go, become the slut I really am.” She was surprised she said that, but it felt true. “The dick was so big and different. The Demon was so good at taking away my control … So shadowy and dirty.” She began to touch herself. “Fine, I loved it!”

Alena looked over to the enchanted box holding the demonic dildo …