The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 4

“Go put the guys to bed. Grab your costumes and put them on here, were going clubbing or at least partying. Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing.”

“Yes sir.” They grin, nervously.

“Go put the guys to bed. Grab your costumes and put them on here, were going clubbing or at least partying. Don’t worry, you won’t remember a thing.”

“Yes sir.” They grin, nervously.

The sight that greets Mark after he has finally gotten his costume on is incredible. Both girls stand glass eyed staring at nothing. The sheer black spandex costumes form to every curve of their buttox pulling slightly inward in the crack between their cheeks. Covering the buttox themselves with a shimmering black wedge that vanishes to nothing where legs meet buttox and crack. Spreading upwards in a narrow V curving outward suddenly and almost too late to touch the top of their hips covering only the inner fifth of their cheeks. The front narrows more slowly at first, but not much before it is a fingers width of cloth that vanishes to nothing where it becomes crotch proving beyond a doubt the girls have taken the time to shave before dressing. The curve from the front V follows their hips to their midlines, then traces upwards to form a curved leg of an X on pegs, its fingers pointing up over the shoulders, it’s thumbs curving down for the nipple line. It’s base is on the back and side of their hips curving upwards, racing across before curving upwards again to the opposite shoulder. Their lumbar is exposed in a large equilateral triangle a third of their back high, it’s base a fingers width above the upper line where the buttox meet. It is complimented by another open triangle above it, point pointing at the other lower point with the middle third of the back between. That is covered with a hand width of sheer black reflective fabric that like all of it seems to the eye to move with them as they breath making it look like it is writhing on their skin. From the top of the base of the X a hands width of fabric curves to meet with another curving down from the top above it blending into a single hands width that runs under the arm to meet the front on the nipple line. The narrow wedge in the crotch is reflected above by opposite. The line of coverage below is a line of exposure above missing the nipples by just enough to hint and suggest, but not show. The fabric curves strongly at this point until it finally meets the wrap from the top of the X on her back. The outer third of the collar bone is covered, the rest and the shoulder is bare. From the point where the line runs to the nipples, it also runs to botton of the line from behind under their arm to meet the fabric their so there sides and their midriff are bare. The top of each breast is nearly bare with a one half circle of fabric cupping it with support to hold it’s perfect shape as though gravity did not dare exist there in the implied hand. The spandex topped black high heeled ladies dress boots were sheer on the legs until they stopped two fingers above the knee, just as the firm sheer fabric is outlining the breasts. The effect is electric, everywhere the fabric covers it moves with them as they breath. Bright lines reflecting the lights move gently back and forth as though it were living things clinging to the women it uses for support, constantly shifting on her, providing limited cover in return for the ride. So tight is the costume that the bundle holding their breasts in shape flexes with each breath giving the eye the impression the invisble hand is caressing gently, not deigning to be seen but reminding the eye that it is there. Buttox and hips are nearly all exposed, the muscular form telling and teasing with what it can do, if only you can convince it. The effect is accentuated by the quite nearly completely see through dark red shawl thrown over their shoulders completing their outfits.

Mark’s hand rises to Mindy on its own, he thinks it is Mindy anyway, brushing gently at the unseen hand invading the places it considers it’s own. Instantly her body’s arousal is shown and its desires are displayed and trumpeted for anyone with eyes to see. Nearly in shock since this is the first time Mark has actually seen the costumes up close, he carefully keeps his hands back from Mandy as he visually explores. He positions his mouth gently at a woman’s best attitude display, then puffs a single warm humid puff of air and Mandy’s desires are broadcast as well. Not daring to touch at first he devours them with his eyes until that moment when his eyes meet theirs. There mouths hang just the slightest bit open, their nostrils are just as faintly flared. The gulp is almost as silent as his tremors are severe, the noise makes not the slightest difference to them though. The way of the world is displayed in their eyes, hollow and lurking, waiting, wanting, eager to give to someone what they hold inside. On the outside though, the look is vacant, patient, waiting and controlled.

“Are you ready?” Mark asks in a squeak.

“Yes master.” They reply in perfect stereo.

“Damn.” Mark whispers, he has never seen them in this light before, never been this able to do with them what ever he wants. He knows his own costume, a decent vampire in a suit is good, but next to them, he feels cheap.

“Whatever you wish master.” The girls reply.

“Stay with me, do what I and only I say.”

“Yes master.”

“Smile a little.”

“Yes master.” They reply now with something more than a blank grin.

“Respond only to me unless I say otherwise.” Mark orders opening the door.

“Yes master.” They reply stepping out into the crisp night air forcing Mark to adjust his crotch.

They haven’t gone more than half the hallway to the stairs when he hears the first cat calls and whistles. He has never been prouder than when the girls don’t even respond.

“Damn.” Mark hears someone hiss as they pass the girls on the stairs.

The nearest party is fortunately only three buildings away. By the time they arrive Mark has learned why he keeps hearing hissing. Almost every girl he passes is pissed as hell to be competing with what is following him.

“My god man.” Frank, another student in advanced behavioral oddities, says not even being subtle about eyeing the girls, “You got that look perfect. Who did the make up?”

“They did.” Mark answers grinning.

“They look totally zoned man, totally enthralled, nobody home. That’s just awesome.” Frank babbles looking for the smallest flaw in their acting, “What study guide did you use?”

“Girls,” Mark says smiling at Frank, “What study guide did I use to prepare you for tonight.”

“You hypnotized us.” They answer in perfect stereo.

“Jesus fucking christ.” Frank exclaims, “That was perfect. I couldn’t believe they were yours man, how? How did you get that look?”

“I didn’t.” Mark says with an evil grin, “Girls, tell Frank how come you are the way you are tonight.”

“We made a bet with Mark, we lost.” They answer still in perfect stereo sending goose bumps up Mark’s spine as Frank feels himself harden.

“What kind of bet?” Frank asks just loud enough to be heard over the music, then looks confused at Mark when they don’t answer.

“Answer his relevant questions girls.” Mark commands.

“Yes master.”

“Fuck me.” Frank gasps as the sheer impossibility of keeping that tone in these circumstances tells him this is not what he thought. “Are they? Did you? How?”

“Girls, grab Frank and I a drink and meet us out back.” Mark orders.

“Yes master.” They reply heading off.

“Mark? How the hell?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Are they really? Can you really?” Frank asks then gulps, “Have you really?”

“Yes, Yes and Yes!” Mark answers as they find a pair of lawn chairs on the edge of the open patio area.

“Thank you girls.” Mark says moments later when they bring drinks for he and Frank.

“You’re welcome master.” They reply and then move to stand behind Mark at parade rest.

“I gotta ask Mark. Do they know you can do this to them?”

“Ask them.”

“Girls,” Frank says mimicking Marks tone, intending to use one the anti conditioning logic puzzles while ignoring the ever increasing number of stares and glares being directed their way. By those who’s date’s costumes are lessor, but mostly by those who’s bodies and costumes are lessor, “Are you aware when awake that Mark can place you in this state that and that it gives him control of you?”


“Does this bother your waking selves.”


“Did Mark hypnotize you against your will or without your knowledge?” Frank asks making an apologetic shrug at Mark.


“Who’s idea was it to first hypnotize you?”


“Fuck. What was the reason.”

“We would rather not say.”

“Touche,” Frank says startled, “Are you his to command right now?”


“Can you refuse any order he gives?”


“But you can still desire to not answer my question.”


“Could you refuse if Mark asked you?”


“Do you belong to Mark when you are awake?”


“Do you belong to Mark right now?” Frank asks getting nervous about the number of stand off observers, he is concerned someone may notice this is not a game.


“Does that bother you?”


“Does it when you are awake?”


“If I wanted to play with your breasts right now, would you let me?”


“If Mark said to would you?”


“I have to admit Mark. They are either superb actresses or really deep.”

“They’re deep. You want to test it?”


“Girls, you will sit one on each side of Frank. You will each take one of his hands and place it on your breast. You will allow him to explore freely there. He is allowed to access your bare breasts freely if he desires until you get up. Obey simple instructions from him for his access to you, also only until you get up.” Mark orders.

“Yes master.” They reply seating themselves one on each side of Frank before placing his hands on a breast apiece.

“Holy shit.” Frank mutters feeling the girls response to obeying Mark’s orders.

“Show me your bare breasts.” Frank orders still wondering if this is all an elaborate joke.

“Yes sir.” They reply pulling their tops aside to expose their breasts for Frank to see and access if he desires.

“Do you mind if I play with your breasts?” Frank asks around his dry mouth that still somehow manages to feel like is drooling.

“No sir.” they girls reply still holding their tops aside for him.

“Incredible.” Frank murmurs noticing quite a few guys maneuvering around to see the peep show.

“Why not?”

“Because we were told to allow you access, that gives you access.”

“Do you want me to?”

“If you wish?”

“Do you always answer in stereo?”

“Unless only one of us needs to answer.”

“Do your tops back up.”

“Yes sir.” The reply complying.

“If I told you to open them again, would you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Stand up now.”

“Yes sir,” They reply standing back up.

“That just terminated your access you know.” Mark says.

“I know. Delightful pair, but if I were to play with them I would not choose to do it in so public a setting.”

“Yeah.” Mark replies.

“Then I take it you are here advertising?” Frank asks.

“Some what.”

“And you wish to emphasize the risque, without giving away tittie shots for free?”


“Then give me free access above the waist on them with the right to play with their butts and I shall endeavor to prove that your girls are indeed fully under your control without exposing a single thing.”

“Oh you will, will you? Just for me?” Mark asks sarcastically.

“Of course. Us class buddies have to stick together. And either those two are superb actresses or you really do have control of them. So either this will bust the game if they hesitate, or get me some play time with two girls way out of my league.”

“Girls,” Mark says with a mischievous grin, “Give Frank free and complete access above the waist, his hands are permitted to explore freely elsewhere as long as they do not penetrate you. You will grant this access and accept instructions from him that do not exceed those parameters until you leave this party.”

“Yes master.”

“I am going to go pee, remain here.”

“Yes master.”

Mark deliberately turns his back to the scene behind him as he seeks the bathroom. He does not need to use it, that just makes a convenient way to give Frank room to play. He looks forward to tomorrow when the girls hear all about this on the school grapevine. Frank is a bit of a show off, but if he said there would be no exposing pictures, there won’t be.

The scene that greets Mark when he returns is beyond funny. Mandy stands to one side of Frank and Mindy who he is playing with, looking disheveled with her costume is less than perfect. Frank has his head buried in Mindy’s cleavage, he is obviously suckling her after demonstrating his permission to play as much as he wants. His hands are inside the back of her costume rubbing back and forth as he toys with her breasts.

“Having fun?” Mark asks walking up.

“Loads.” Frank answers positioning the two girls so he can reach into both costume tops at the same time. Then he buries his hands to the wrists under their tops on their obviously bare breasts. As he does this, they just stand there with their other breast proudly proclaiming their arousal.

Though it is obvious Frank is no expert with french kissing, it is instantly obvious that Mindy and then Mandy are. The best and the worst of the pictures are the same ones. They show Frank’s hands inside their tops, they also show the other nipple severely distended under the cloth.

“Time to go.” Mark says to all three looking at the size of the crowd gathered for the show. Ignoring the shouted questions, Mark exits the party with his Gothpire thralls in tow followed by a very happy looking Frank.

“Man I wish I was half, no, a tenth that successful with my girlfriend.” Frank says after they are outside and away from the party, “She isn’t really all that into sex but the release helps her with her art, She wants more so I try to use posthypnotics but not much success yet.”

“Just not into or afraid of?”

“More like embarrassed when we begin.”

“Does she like the release but not the act so much?”

“Loves the release, embarrassed as hell about the act.”

“Does she have any issues going under?”

“No, not really.”

“Does she trust you?”

“Yes, well I think so, she lets me hypnotize her then try to set posthypnotic commands to induce her to have sex with me. When it works, it’s great.”

“Have you tried having her while she is under?”

“Yeah, works for me, only half as well for her, at best.”

“I kind of have a half baked idea, let’s head to your place.”

“Want to give me a clue.”

“You won’t like it.”

“I meant about the idea.”

“I’m still working on a couple of details.”

“Mary,” Frank shouts opening the door to the converted six bedroom house that is now on campus housing.

“I’m in the workshop.” Echoes down the long central hallway.

“This way.” Frank says leading the way.

“You didn’t say you brought company.” Mary says, surprised to see Mark and the girls. “Hi I’m Mary, sorry of I don’t offer to shake hands I’m, kind of a mess at the moment.” She turns towards the girls. “Gorgeous costumes, where on earth did you get them?” Mary looks concerned. “Are they OK?”

“First Mary,” Frank says trying to sound calm, “this is Mark, a fellow member of behavioral oddities research group. The girls are Mindy and Mandy, a pet, pardon the pun, project.”

“My god what did you do to those poor girls?” Mary demands.

“Do you perhaps have a couple of bathrobes they could borrow to change into?” Mark asks.

“What? Umm, of course I’ll be right back.”

“No need.” Mark says with a grin, “Girls, this Is Mary, go with her, she will hand you something to put on, change into it and then follow her back here.”

“Yes master.”

“Dear god.” Mary whispers in shock on her way out, looking nervously at Mindy and Mandy following her.

“Is that going to do what I think it will?”

“The moment they put the robes on they will be themselves again.”

“Aghhh.” Echoes from somewhere moments later

“Right on time.”

“Mark!” Mark hears Mindy and Mandy both shout.

“In here.” He shouts back.

“Where the hell are we?” Mindy asks holding a blanket wrapped most of the way around her, shielding the only half covered Mandy behind her.

“Mindy, Mandy, this is Frank. You’ve met his girlfriend Mary.”

“Mark? What is going on? Why are we suddenly in someone’s bathroom with some strange woman staring at us.”

“What happened?” Mary asks coming up and looking appalled.

“You want to tell her girls or shall I?”

“Go ahead. We feel stupid enough as it is.”

“Mary, Mindy, Mandy.” Mark says parroting introductions, “They are my occasional hypnotic thralls while they get a leg up in behavioral sciences. They got into a competition with each other and failed to hold back anything. The result was them letting themselves be conditioned to switch to the state you saw them in when they entered while they have their Halloween costumes on.”

“They looked gone, like zombies.” Mary says furtively.

“We were zombies. His zombies. We rather let our game get out of hand. Then we lost a bet or two, or something like that. Now we are working off our debt being his prizes for Halloween week as a kind of discipline. We don’t remember anything that happens while we are in costume so waking up here was kind of a shock. No we’re not just his sex toys and yes we have both slept with him in the past outside of all this. Where is here?”

“This is Frank,” Mark says laughing at the outburst, “You met earlier. His girl friend has a small problem.”

“Hi.” Mindy says from within her blanket.

“How are you?” Mandy says sheepishly pulling the borrowed robe even closer.

“Frank, you told someone? We agreed.”

“Mary,” Mark says gently, “The only thing Frank told me is that you have a problem. Something to do with sex. You like it, love the afterglow, but have some sort of problem with the act itself, is that essentially correct?”

“Yes. But what does that have to with them?”

“While I do not have any details, I have seen your sort of problem before. I am going to guess it has something to do with either a fundamentalist religious upbringing or an awkward event in high school involving alcohol, drugs and way too many guys at once. Am I in the Ball Park?”

“Yes, mostly, sort of, though I try to push it away.”

“While I strongly advocate proper counseling, there are sometimes countervailing concerns preventing that option from being exercised. There are however other options available in order to treat the symptoms to buy time. It is not a replacement for therapy, but can patch over holes temporarily.”

“I try to push it all away, but I always remember at the last moment, it ruins the sex.”

“And if I could prevent that while still leaving you as yourself normally?”


“As you saw the girls, while totally docile and biddable when they arrived, have reverted to themselves now that they have removed the costumes.”

“How can you two stand to put those on knowing what they do to you?” Mary asks.

“In no small part because we know, not believe, we know that we will wake up. He will not sell us or give us away. We will wake back up as ourselves. In our case, we got out of hand, this is his way making a point to us. What we think he means for you though, is the ability to take pieces of yourself and make a new persona for you.” Mandy says seriously.

“One that enjoys the sex you like and lets the memories leak in over time helping you wear away the edges of the wound.” Mindy continues, “The way it works is like building up an immunity to something you want to eat. You start with just a taste and build up the amount you eat over time. It is the same thing done to treat some types of allergies.”

“How strong would this persona be?” Mary asks unable to determine if she was appalled or enthralled at the idea.

“To be honest, it would have to be a passive or completely controlled one, otherwise it could decide it doesn’t want to go back in the bottle.” Mark says grimacing.

“Then, just like them, I would be a sex toy, yet able to enjoy that sex with the possibility that memory leaks might help me dull the edges?” Mary asks.

“Pretty much.” Mark answers looking surprised.

“How hard? Setup how?”

“Not hard. Configured so that someone else triggers it. That precludes the persona tricking you into triggering it by accident.” Mark says.

“Any ideas on type? I have some psyche background, but not a lot.”

“Since you work with clay, I would recommend a tone that makes you aroused then horny and that only works in here. Followed by a phrase that makes you into her, a model waiting with the clay for orders on what to do next. Then when he is done with her, he tells her to relax releasing you back to a nice deep relaxing trance he can wake you from normally, well sated, though not necessarily even aware anything just happened.”

“Why the last?”

“Because if your subconscious gets used to gaps always happening here, you may become unable to enter the room where you can be triggered in order to maintain control of yourself.”

“And he could trigger me over and over during the day?”

“Yes, and you would have to keep the trigger very secure because you will service whoever triggers you, no matter who it is or what they want you to do.” Mark warns.

“Unless the trigger is personalized.”

“And if it is and you two break up, he still gets to trigger and have you as much as he wants with you cheerfully doing him over and over completely unaware. What else it could lead to is again your subconscious learning to associate the release of tension with him being here unexpectedly.”

“Then we must be careful.” Mary agrees.

“Ok you two,” Mark says to the girls, “Put your costumes back on.”

“Yes sir.” They reply.

“Mary,” Frank says holding his hand up to Mary where she is sitting and pinching her earlobe, “My Venus De Milo.”

“I am Contrary by your command.” Mary suddenly says, obviously responding to a post hypnotic command, or possibly conditioning.

“Contrary stand.”

“By your command.” She replies flatly as she stands up.

“Does she know?” Mark asks not sure whether to be horrified or fascinated.

“Yes. This is what I use when I have her while she is under.” Frank replies.

“Does she remember?” Mark asks.

“Yes, but she does what ever she is told. I originally designed it as a way of reliving the stress of talking about things by making it impossible to lie about anything. I later hoped the repetition of sex feeling good would help.”

“If the source was someone she trusted it could make it worse. Immediate only or postable.”

“Postable, she obeys post state orders just fine, but it tears her up when the dichotomy gets too bad.”

“Personal or generic control?”

“Generic with me as primary.” Frank replies, “She obeys anyone who gives her an order, but mine are overriding.”

“Contrary,” Mark asks, “Does Mary like sex.”


“Does she enjoy sex.”


“Does she prefer the feeling of sex or the after glow?”

“The after glow.”

“If she were to be able to experience the afterglow randomly or otherwise without the sex, would that help her concentrate on her work?”


“Does Mary have associated memories that make sex unpleasant?”

“Some, yes.”

“Does Mary have associated impulses that make sex unpleasant?”

“Some, yes.”

“Did Mary go through a period of personal or otherwise forced repression of new or embarrassing impulses at an inconvenient portion of her life?”


“Does it bother you to obey commands?”


“Does it bother Mary remembering you obeying commands.”


“Does it bother her when orders are left for after you become her again.”


“OK Frank,” Mark says, “You can wake her up.”

“You are not contrary to rest.” Frank says to her, then watches as she lays down backwards on the bench.

“Nice.” Mark observes.

“Don’t worry.” Frank says walking around Mindy and Mandy where they stand, again in their costumes. “She drops back into a trance as Mary when I am done with contrary.”

“Cool. Strip girls, then come to attention.” Mark orders them, the undressing and remaining nude on orders keeping them in their thrall state.

“Yes master.” They reply, peeling off their costumes and then coming to attention completely nude.

“My god.” Frank says staring, “I like Mary, I swear I really do. But I don’t think I would ever lose my erection with those two answering like that all the time.”

“It’s hard.” Mark laughs, “Girls this is Frank. He has freedom to explore, non penetrative. Complete access above the waist. Permission remains until we leave here or you become yourselves again.”

“Yes master.”

“Go ahead Frank. You now have freedom to explore their bodies everywhere and use of them above the waist, go play.”

“Do they, would they, mind?”

“They’ll never know.

“Mary this is Mark. He is going to help you. Accept and obey, anything goes. You have no need to remember, no need to be aware.”

“This is Mark. I accept and obey him, anything goes. I have no need to remember, no need to be aware.”

Mark watches Frank explore hesitantly at first and then more freely. He makes a funny sound when Mindy’s nipples harden in his hand, then squeaks when Mandy’s do so in his mouth. Mark watches fascinated as much by the girls’ bodies’ reactions as by Frank working up the courage to really explore both at the same time. Mark is still asking questions of Mary, clarifying some things including details that she would never normally tell anyone when he hears a grunt from Frank. The girls are kneeling in front of him where he sits on a bench. They are taking turns taking him in their mouths for a few strokes at a time before trading off. Watching Mandy be the first to swallow then Mindy swoop in catch the rest is funny and inspiring. Taking his time Mark begins setting up the scenario with Mary trying not to be distracted by Frank enjoying the twins cleaning him up.

“Frank, will Mary panic if she doesn’t wake up till morning?”

“No.” Frank wheezes trying catch his breath as Mindy bobs her head up and down on him again while he plays with Mandy’s breasts.

“Girls, go wash your mouths out with water until you can’t taste him anymore, grab a soda from the fridge and then come back in here.”

“Yes master.” They reply, immediately getting up, much to Frank’s disappointment.

“Those two would make a damn fine thesis on behavioral conditioning.” Watching the nude girls’ butts wiggle on their way to the bathroom down the hall.

“I think I have Mary ready to begin,” Mark says, then he is interrupted by a wolf whistle.

“Damn man,” Someone shouts, “I mean god damn man, Frank you’ve been holding out.”

“There mine.” Mark shouts amused.

“Is that what you guys do all day?” A short, somewhat thick around the middle obvious geek though without the glasses says, “Just hypnotize hot girls into running around nude?”

“John.” Frank growls.

“That was some hot action just a minute ago man. Both of them?” John laughs, “I mean I trade a lot of passwords and cracks for programs, but how do I get in on trading for passwords to them?”

“Password,” Mark says grinning then shouts, “Perfect. Girls come here now.”

“Yes master.” They say a few seconds later.

“Master?” John whispers blinking.

“John, are you a virgin?” Mark asks.

“No, umm, of course not, quite.”

“Once, more by accident than design?” Mark asks evaluating.

“And not really sure if I got in,” John admits, “all the way that is.”

“Girls this is John. Take him back to his room. Take his virginity. Trade off having him while allowing him all access until he is relaxed and happy just like you did the other guys I ordered you to do. Then return here.”

“Yes master.” They reply in arousing stereo taking the dumfounded John by the arms asking which is his room.

“What the HELL?” Frank asks stunned.

“Don’t worry. They won’t be all that long. Kills two birds with one stone. Any other roommates I should know about?”

“Life is unfair man.” Frank pouts, “Jim moved out, that’s where we got this room to make into Mary’s studio, that just leaves Pamela.”

“She cute?”

“Cute yes,” Frank answers looking longingly down the hall toward Johns room, “Beaut no, nice, you bet.”

“Is she due home soon?”

“She is here. In her room, dead zoned.”

“Sexually active?” Mark asks pointing around asking which way.

“Yeah, really active.” Frank says pointing then leading the way.


“Not an idiot, but far from a genius.”

“Have you played with her? Left any triggers, retained some control?”

“Only enough to get her to quit bringing her dates home. Yeah she goes out like a light anytime. Used to grab some of our food from the fridge so I set a verbal trigger or two. Very controllable too, low will, low self esteem, readily accepts fantasy settings and roles.”

“Good. Entertaining?”

“Yeah, how could I help it. Mary and I were kind of going through a dry spell. She said she understood I had my needs, told me I had permission to play. I told her not to worry, I keep it all in the house. She never guessed since I don’t spend anytime with Pam.”

“Is she quiet?”

“Yeah,” Frank says holding up a finger as they approached her ajar door, “She’s no squeaker. Wait here, any preferences on mode?”

“Fantasy, comfortable with her fate in someone else’s hands. Biddable though not without fear.”

“Done. One moment.”

“Pamela,” Frank says leading out the five eight redhead in a night gown two minutes later, “This is the man I told you about, Lord Mark of Simmohan.”

“My lord,” Pamela says curtsying, “I am of course at your disposal. Whatever you should require.”

“Thank you my lady.” Mark says playing along.

“No, not your lady, not anybody’s lady, not anymore.”

“I am sorry to hear that, perhaps if all goes well I can do something about that.”

“I am grateful my lord, I will do anything I can.”

“Perhaps the lady can put something more fitting on for serving and then meet us in the kitchen.” Mark half orders.

“Of course my lord. Is there something perhaps that would be better than another to wear?”

“I think I will leave that Sir frank’s hands if he will direct you, then come meet me so we can plan while you dress.” Mark says heading back to kitchen somewhat confused.

“Of course my lord, whatever he says. I knew he was a knight, no matter what he says otherwise.”

“Sorry about that.” Frank says sheepishly moments later, “I should have warned you. Sixteenth century base. Formerly well taken care of bastard daughter of a now broke lord. She wants her old life back and will do anything to get it.”

“You know you have a role playing problem, don’t you?” Mark asks shaking his head.

“I know. It’s why I got into the behavioral studies program. The moment I came across the behavioral oddities I knew I had found my home.”

“And does this one have a clue?”

“No.” Frank admits.

“How is she with post suggestions or orders.”

“Orders break down if they are to far outside her normal behavior, Suggestions work flawlessly if some logic can be found.”

“How is she on climax?”

“As it approaches it tends to make her more focussed, more determined to make you happy with her. Then when it hits, she enters a fugue state where she is both the persona and herself in a trance at the same time. It made it a lot easier to handle clean up.”

“Please tell me she has computer classes.”

“She does.”

“Frank,” Mark says asking as he stares at Pamela in corset, bodice and a skirt fit for a medieval cheerleader with pony tailed hair, “Do you perhaps play a little more than you might have mentioned?”

“She’s energetic, very energetic.”

“Pamela,” Mark says in the commanding tone of a lord used to getting his way, “You will come with me. You will ask no questions. You will say nothing unless told to speak. You will do exactly what you are told. You will do it exactly as you are told. You will show neither fear nor hesitation in your obedience. Once it begins you will not stop for anything at all, no matter what I or any other may do to or around you. Though my actions will make little sense to one such as you, trust that I have my reasons for doing what I do. I very much need some information from someone and you are going to help me get it. You will be paid for tonight no matter what. However, if you play your part perfectly and I get what I need, then tomorrow your lot might well be improved as much as mine or given your current fortunes, perhaps even more of a nest egg or your fortune’s seed.”

“I shall obey you my lord, Please pray tell give me my task so that I know what I am to do.”

“Understand that during this you are not a person, you are a service I am using, nothing more. I could get another but I am told that you are most skillful with men and I will not need to cut out your tongue for it to hold itself in.”

“Of course not my lord. Your business is your own, I am yours to command.”

“Do you mind being naked?”

“No my lord, not if need be.”

“You will notice some odd effects on yourself, pay them no mind. Once I am done you will likely not remember them anyway and they are after all harmless, I just wanted to warn you so as not to cause panic and you might after all remember them. With me.” Mark commands rising to head for John’s room.

“As my lord commands.” Pamela answers following.

“How is he?” Mark asks entering Johns room.

“He is relaxed master.” Mindy answers from the bed where John lay between them.

“What the fuck?” Frank asks staring at the obviously entranced geek.

“Excellent, good work girls, get him hard again then have him respond to me as he does to you two.” Mark says looking at the slack jawed young man just staring off into space with Mindy on one side and Mandy on the other.

“Yes master.”

“My Lord?” Pamela says shocked at the sight of the nude twins, “If you have witches such as these why pray tell would you have need of me?”

“They are just my servants, not witches. While magical to the eye, their womanly wiles will not do what I want or what I need for you to do, not for this.”

“Yes my lord, I pray that I can stand out from their shadows and be remembered properly.”

“You will be, you have my word. Kneel over him, place his hands in your bodice and then mount him.” Mark orders her now that John is hard again.

“My lord?”

“Do it.” Mark orders.

“Yes my lord.” Pamela answers, dropping her panties before climbing on the bed.

“Now work up and down while I talk to him as you make him answer.” Mark orders.

“Yes my lord.”

“John,” Mark whispers from beside his ear, “You have a woman on you John, look at her. Can you feel her on you, can you feel her working up and down?”


“Look at her John, look at her face while you play with her breasts. Do you like that John?”

“Yes.” John whispers back as his hands, however awkward in her bodice, begin to massage.

“See her John, feel her John, enjoy her John. Do you enjoy her John?”

“Yes, I enjoy her.”

“Faster Pamela.” Mark orders glancing at Frank who is watching fascinated.

“Yes my lord.” She answers with her face turning pink.

“Careful Pamela, you must not climax.”

“I must not climax.” She answers as her eyes begin to lose focus.

“You cannot climax until my command.”

“I cannot climax until your command.” She echoes blinking.

“Faster again, but only on my command.”

“Faster again, but only on your command.” Pamela echoes jaw quivering as it begins to hang open.

“Careful their Pamela, remember the ban, you may not climax, except on command.”

“I remember the ban, I cannot climax except on command.”

“You do what I say, you do what I command.”

“I do what you say, I do what you command.”

“You follow my orders no need to understand.”

“I follow your orders no need to understand.”

“It is enough to obey my every command.”

“It is enough to obey your every command.”

Mark turns back to John, “You are going to orgasm John, you don’t want to resist.”

“I am going to orgasm, I don’t want to resist.” He echoes.

“Since this lovely young lady has granted your wish.”

“Since this lovely young lady has granted my wish.”

Mark glances up at Pamela, “His climax consumes you, it makes yours the best.”

“His climax consumes me, it makes mine the best.”

“Relax now Pamela, hear only my voice.” Mark says as he sees John’s face getting bright.

“I relax now and hear only your voice.” Pamela says just before John bucks and her back arches in sympathy.

“Pamela are you listening?”

“Yes.” she answers slack jawed, panting, eyes completely unfocussed.

“Wouldn’t you say it feels good obey.” Mark asks while glancing at Frank.

“Yes I say it feels good to obey.”

“Is this both?” Mark asks Frank quietly.

“Yes. Servile yet almost herself.”

“Pamela look down carefully and who do you see?”


“It felt good to have sex with John.”

“It felt good to have sex with John.”

“You want to again.”

“I want to again.”

“You will do him again, he is lots of fun.”

“I will do him again, he is lots of fun.”

“John this is Pamela, your favorite sex fantasy toy.”

“This is Pamela my favorite sex fantasy toy.”

“You will have sex with her again whenever she wants.”

“I will have sex with her again whenever she wants.”

“Pamela this is your favorite, John. You will have sex with him almost whenever he wants.”

“This is my favorite, John. I will have sex with almost whenever he wants.

“You enjoy his desires, you fulfill all his wants.”

“I enjoy his desires, I fulfill all his wants.”

“John this is your fantasy, your favorite dream.”

“This is my fantasy, my favorite dream.”

“Pamela stand up and undress.”

“Yes my lord.”

“You enjoy being like this don’t you?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Would you like to come here again?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Then I am going to give you a phrase. When you hear me or Frank say it to you, you will return to this state just as you are now. Do you understand?”

“Yes my lord.”

“When Frank or I, and only Frank or I, say to you ‘You are a lady, I am your lord.’ You will return to this state ready, willing and eager to be commanded and controlled, to be given your orders so you can obey them. Do you understand these orders and accept them.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Excellent, good girl. Now this state is a secret you can tell no one, not even yourself.”

“This state is a secret, so I can tell no one, not even myself.”

“You come here in secret and leave here in stealth.”

“I will come here in secret and leave here in stealth.”

“You never know you’ve been here while you are yourself.”

“I never know I’ve been here while I am myself.”

“If an order is given you shall obey.”

“If an order is given I shall obey.”

“Even to control your unknowing, waking self.”

“Even to control my unknowing, waking self.”

“When I say to, you will carry out my next instructions all without thought.”

“When you say to, I shall carry out your next instructions all without thought.

“Perfect Pamela. When you wake in the morning, your waking self that is, will remember arriving home, feeling odd or in a funk, deciding to put the dress with the corset on as joke. Then you found John getting a snack and decided to cheer yourself up. You went to his room and you decided to teach him all about sex by sleeping with him while showing and doing everything with him, all in his room. When we leave here you will begin instructing John with everything you know about sex. You will explain and demonstrate everything you know while making sure that he has you and gets you each and every step of the way. All the while be thinking about how lucky you are to have found someone this close to help you. You will wake rested, relaxed and happy. He gets to have you orally when you wake, offer him the rest. Do you understand so far.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Good, In the morning once you are done, you will take a shower with him. Your waking self will realize that you don’t need to go out to get good sex anymore. You will realize that you just taught John everything about how to make you happy. You will no longer need to have sex with anyone else and will have no desire to as long as you have John in addition to Frank who you will continue to offer yourself to a few times a week. You will use the shower to convince John to agree to help you with your computer science stuff, help you, not do it for you. It will be in exchange for you having sex with him almost whenever he wants if he also agrees to also have sex whenever you want. If it is you wanting sex, then you be mostly concerned with getting yourself off, if it is John wanting sex then you will be mostly concerned with getting him off. Also, since you have your own wants and needs, you will ensure over time that he knows how to please you and that you are pleasing to him as well. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes my lord.”

“Good. You will also be his date for the Halloween ball as Princess Leia in slave costume. After you have gotten dressed in costume you will make yourself comfortable in front of a mirror facing it. Then you will stare at yourself in the mirror concentrating, you will hypnotize yourself as you reinforce that you want the day to go perfectly so you really need to be John’s slave for the day. You will continue until all the parts of you that might resist the role are quiet. Once you know that only the parts that will obey are awake, you will awaken yourself commanding yourself to be his slave until morning. Since you are commanding yourself you will not have any hesitation obeying no matter what he does to or with you. You will tell anyone who asks that this is a trade, that in exchange for playing the part of his slave for the night, he is helping you ace your computer and science classes. While this is what you will tell people, the reality is that you really will be his for the night. You will do anything he says without thought or volition. If he abuses or humiliates you during that time, then once it is over you are free of him. You will no longer be required to have sex him or interact with him at all and everything reverts back to the way it was concerning him once your time as his slave is over. You are of course still required to respond to Frank and I, you will always respond to us from now on, you will always obey us and do as your told. On the other hand if once your time as John’s slave is up you do not feel he has humiliated or abused you, you will give him a bonus day of full and complete servitude. That day will occur at a time of your choosing and will run from the moment you tell him until the next sunrise not less than 24 hours later. Additional days can be added in increments if you are enjoying the experience. If you begin an additional increment, you will finish it unable to resist or refuse until it passes. You will also pay no attention to what happens in Mary’s work room other than to note she working on clay. Do you understand so far?”

“Yes my lord.”

“You do realize that you are rat bastard, right?” Frank asks, “There are three nude chicks in here, two of them hot twins, all just waiting on your next orders.”

“Girls.” Mark says turning to them, “Place Frank’s hands on a breast each, allow him to massage freely and suckle until we leave this room. Pamela, go kneel in front of Frank and give him a blow job while I talk to John.”

“Yes master.”

“Yes my lord.”

“That should keep you busy.” Mark remarks.

“Holy sh.” Frank starts to say before his mouth is filled with something far more interesting than words just before he feels warmth engulf him below.

“John,” Mark whispers, “Can you hear me?”


“Did you enjoy Mindy and Mandy?”


“Did you enjoy what just happened as well?”


“I have some instructions for you. You will like those instructions because they will get you laid, you want to be laid don’t you?”


“This is what has happened today. You saw Mindy and Mandy nude in the bathroom. You followed them to the workroom. Once there I had them allow you to fondle their breasts, nothing more. Since you were not allowed more, you retreated back to your room. Do you understand so far?”


“Once you were back in your room and lying down Pamela entered your room wearing a corset dress. She proceeded to crawl up on the bed, place your hands on her breasts and then impale herself on you. Then with you massaging her breasts she worked up and down on you until you orgasmed in her. After that she climbed off the bed, undressed and, standing there nude, offered to teach you everything she knows about sex. You will take her up that offer. Tonight you will practice and learn everything she can teach you about sex. You will do every position multiple times, you will make sure you understand everything about what and why. Do you understand so far?”


“Excellent. This experience over writes the memory of Mindy and Mandy doing more than allowing you to play with their bare breasts. You will have pleasant dreams at first centering around the twins but slowly morphing into memories of Pamela. You will wake in the morning when she begins sucking on you. Do you understand so far?”


“Perfect. She will be eagerly going down on you just like your dream will end. She will take a shower with you, during that shower she will try to convince you to make a trade with her. That trade will be her having sex with you if you will have sex with her and help her learn everything she needs to ace her computer and science classes. You will make the trade. Then in the future when it is her wanting sex you will be mostly concerned with making her happy, if it is you wanting sex then you will be mostly concerned with making yourself happy. You will also be offered a chance at her playing your slave for the costume party, do what ever it takes to get it. Remember, she will be your slave for the entire day, you can do with her as you please, she will literally do anything you want or tell her to do, she will no choice except to obey your every command. Be kind though, if you abuse her, you will lose her. You should ask her what she has done in public before and stay mostly in those bounds if you want to keep her. Have sex with her in the shower in the morning if she wants to. Do you understand?”


“Is the trade off with Pamela worth no longer having had the twins?”


“Good, you will be asked by Pamela if you want to learn sex in a few minutes. When that happens you will wake up unaware of anything that happened except her entering, having you undress and making her offer. You will proceed from there. Do you understand?”


“Excellent, one additional item, you will pay no attention to what happens in the room where Mary works with clay, do you understand?”


“Good, wait for Pamela.”

“Having fun?” Mark asks Frank who is still playing with the twins’ breasts while Pamela works on him, his stance says she has swallowed already so he is not surprised at the lack of answer.

“Pamela, stand up.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Your waking self is completely unaware of any control I have or Frank has, it believes everything it does is it’s own choice. After we leave this room, you will position yourself in front of the bed, wake, offer to teach John sex and then proceed as instructed. You obey.”

“I obey.”

“Girls with me. Come along Frank.”

“Yes master.” The twins answer, Frank follows but Mark is not sure if he is following him or the twins.

“Mark.” Frank says as they pass the kitchen.

“Yeah?” Mark replies stopping to look at him.

“What did they do to him?”

“Only what they were learning before they come under my tutelage.”

“They used sex to...”

“Works too.”


Something like that.”

“Wow. I’m not sure how to ask this, but what would it cost to have a chance to play with them, I mean really play.”

“They don’t do bondage.”

“Not relevant. Man they are supreme. I have never seen a single like them, let alone a set.”

“What are you offering?”

“Name it.”

“You have a real problem with this role thing, you know that, right.”

“Yeah, you mentioned that already, name your price, either I can meet it, or I can’t.

“You won’t meet it.”

“Try me.”

“Since they will never know, Mary never knows. You want them for a day, I get her for two.”

“Shit.” Frank says then listens, looking embarrassed, as sounds begin emanating from John’s room.

“I should make it three since the are a matched set.”

“I know. We’re friends or you would.”

“I wouldn’t be thinking about this if we weren’t. You’re great with the role playing stuff, you just lack the depth so far to take the next step.” Mark tells him.

“I know, I just have trouble with motivations.”

“Tell you what. You get these two right here, right now, I get Mary the same, right now. You want lessons, she is your currency unless and until you can provide something or someone better.”

“And you get twice as long?”

“No, I get to come back later and use the trigger. Right now, you go in there and order her, in a trance, to do anything I say. That makes her my sex toy by your command right now and later both.”

“I’ll settle for the blowjob I already got then. I won’t order her, not cold. I won’t betray her trust like that.” Frank replied sadly.

“Yet you have your clueless housemate ready to play dress up as a wench at the drop of a hat? Even programmed her to return to trance when she or you orgasms so there are no messy clean up details for you to deal with yourself. Able to be ordered to obey or service a stranger with her none the wiser she has even hardly had sex at all. Does she do more than her share of the dishes as well?”

“She umm, I was bored one day. Mary and I were arguing and she told me to go get it somewhere else, she didn’t care where then stormed out. Pam came in a little later tired, partly stoned and drunk with a massive headache saying she hated her life some days. She was miserable and I got tired of listening to it. I sat her down, told her she was going to meditate, talked her under by metronome and voice. When I asked what was wrong she balked, I was in no mood for more hassle so I proceeded to convince her she had to tell me. In getting her to talk, one thing led to another and by the time she had talked, I had control of her subconscious. Turns out she has a sub side that comes out when she is nervous. I decided to play since I was sexually frustrated and had an available female under my influence. I have almost total control of her now. I fibbed on the level of control. I could have her running around in a french maid outfit servicing me and who ever I said to with less effort than you would believe. She knows I hypnotize her, she tells herself it is for treating her headaches. She knows I play with her, it keeps the sub side down so she lets it slide since I don’t parade her around as my toy.”

“You want to what?” Mary asks several minutes later unable to stop staring at the nude twins waiting patiently for Mark.

“The control is a patch job. It will consist of two parts. A hum, the first three bars of Close Encounters which you will echo if you are feeling any sort of sex drive and there are no other people besides the two of you at the moment. Perhaps filtered by whether or not it is becoming distracting while you try to work. If you hum back, you will never be aware if you do or don’t, you will never hear the three note opening if it stops there. Then a key phrase that must be the next thing said ‘Venus oh will you.’ Which you will respond to by entering this other state saying ‘Make your wish come true’ then do whatever that person says. That state will have all your sex drive, sating it will sate you, removing the distraction to your work. Once they are done with you, they say ‘All my wishes have come true’ then you will clean up or do whatever is needed for you to resume exactly where you were with no clue anything has happened at all. That state will have no way of influencing your actions while awake and since it totally passive, it cannot try to take over just because the release feels good. While you will have no direct memories, the brain does record everything so some details will eventually leak. This will likely be in the form of a pleasant momentary flash of one of these suppressed sexual encounters with you immensely enjoying yourself. Over time these should help fight the tide of whatever it is that holds you back by providing positive memories and associations.”

“Another marionette mode then?”

“No,” mark says confidently, “That was because of who was doing it. Not that HE did anything wrong, just that it was a male. This is the part where I wanted the twins out of it, that’s why they are zoned again, they have no clue about it yet. Males and females both have anti tampering built in, since males are the ones who control sex, the brain has a built in function that gives females control of sex drive as a balance. A male can’t alter any sex derived behaviors except by brute force of torture. Even then, the brain just shuts down. On the other hand a female can actually trust another female and males like to just lay there being the female’s sole object of affection. Especially when there is more than one female in both cases.”

“Damn. I studied Psyche for two years and heard nothing like that. Where did you pick that up?” Mary asks.

“I can’t say at this time. That is why, however, I am going to explain what needs to be done to the twins and then assign you as a study project for their training.”

“Then how did Frank make that little hussy his toy?” Mary asks.

“Wha?” Frank asks stunned.

“I think Frank that you are not as subtle as you think.” Mark laughs.

“She does his laundry if he forgets. She does his dishes if he forgets. I also caught her cleaning one night when I came home, when I asked what was going on she said ‘I am cleaning mistress.’ and I about had a cow. I asked her if she serviced the lord as well as she did the rest of the place and she actually smiled when she said yes proudly.”

“I’m fucked.” Frank whines.

“Not anymore I think.” Mark laughs.

“It’s Ok Frank. She’s just filler when I’m out of sorts. I don’t mind pets.”

“Umm.” Frank mumbles.

“Tell me Mark. Will I be like those two?”

“I was actually thinking more along the lines of a model waiting with the clay for the mason.”

“Frank, lesson one. You get to keep that toy, but get permission if you want a second or to replace her. Two, My cousin Beth is moving into the spare room Saturday. If this works Mark, then I want the same thing done to her. I’ll try the model, but be prepared to make it more like those two. She has the same problem from the same source. However she went into child welfare instead because she was three years younger.”

“Oh.” Mark says not sure what to say as his stomach does a familiar flip-flop.

“Yeah, oh. Best thing anyone’s said yet. We have these urges for a reason, yet we are also unable to act on them most of the time for the same reason.”

“Except during certain times of the month?” Mark asks as horrible remembrances occur.

“Exactly. Being assertive turns up the sex drive, our behaviors haven’t had time to get used to freedom yet. And being in the system I am willing to bet she has not had a single sexual encounter even though she was well accustomed to and expecting them ”

“The punishment is still too strongly imprinted.” Mark states not asks.

“Yeah. So maybe I will just join the twins. Anyway, an orgasm steadies the nerves and eases the drive for a while. Being punished for even looking the wrong way at someone when your hormones are raging is a great way to develop expression phobias.”

“So learning to express turns up the drive. The drive has truly cringe worthy habits and associations except during the fertile time of the month.” Mark states gulping, “Then you went from being punished for allowing a hint of arousal or attraction show, to being required to be totally available and interested at every male’s whim.”

“Even the boys oggling us all month, we were not allowed to refuse any male with pubic hair. They couldn’t touch us during the rest of the month, but we couldn’t refuse or even look uninterested during that time. We went, during those few days, from prized possessions to breeding cattle. Of the thirty some odd of us who got out of our camp, three are already dead from suicide. So the chance to quell the sex drive naturally while letting it slowly leak in is a god send.”

“From the patch the hole in the rotten water tank side maybe.” Mark says not sure what to feel.

“See why I don’t care that he cheats on me a little. I’m kind of frigid anyway and if he is expressing an interest in another woman then I am not alone and get to see her be safe and healthy which is reassuring for my own well being.”

“There are treatments, councilors, camps.” Mark offers.

“That will what? Tell me I’m free now? Tell me to be proud of my body? Tell me to be happy I’m free? Tell me in clinical terms exactly what sex is? Tell me all about what it means? Tell me about why they wanted us? What they wanted us for? We were their property, in some ways we still think of ourselves that way. The chance to step in and out of thought, to know that though we go away, we come back, is wonderful. That this also relieves the sex drive is a bonus. It gives us a known time when we are not ourselves so that when we are us, we know we are ourselves.”

“I’m sorry Mary, I had no idea, you said nothing.” Frank stammers.

“I know Frank. I was using you. I wanted to see what it would be like really having no choice, so I let you have complete control, I held nothing back figuring you wouldn’t keep it, which it turns out you didn’t so I am real understanding of you having pets. I got you to enjoy it so I could know what truly having no choice felt like. It felt a lot the same, you were nicer, you didn’t really treat me like they did, but it did help point me to where I needed to be.”

“I’m sorry.” Frank mumbles.

“I needed to know what it felt like to have my body betray me like it used to. It did, but you didn’t push like they did, you were gentle after ensuring I was yours. They kept pushing, we got no peace. You allowed me to be passive, they required us to be active, to want it. Any perceived lack of desire on our part when it was time was punished worse than the showing any interest the rest of the time. I’m sorry, this is hard to talk about, those two though, they should make it harder but they actually make it easier. They have no choice right now, but they will again. It’s eerie watching them, they are exactly how I used to feel, yet they are also free in their own way. May I talk with them please?”

“Of course.” Mark replies, “As they are now or as themselves?”

“Can you tell them to answer my questions for now?”

“Of course,” Mark says, “Girls, This is Mary, she has questions for you, answer them. While you are talking you will put your costumes back on. If she instructs you to change into other clothes you will. If this happens you will be aware that I have left you here on purpose in order to talk to Mary. You will remain here until I return or until morning if I am not here when you wake up.”

“Yes master.” They reply keeping Frank erect and frustrated as he tries not to stare at them in front of his girl friend.

“Come on Frank, let’s walk.” Mark says jokingly, dragging him away from the half dressed girls wiggling into their costumes.

“Wow.’ Frank says a while later, “I had no idea. She just seemed really into the role playing and then wanted to try the whole hypno thing. I never pushed her because every time I started to pry she pulled back and then wanted me take her deeper later. I quit pushing after while.”

“Don’t blame yourself. She was framing the question, not asking it yet. She had to figure out what to ask before she could form the question.”

“You could tell couldn’t you?” Frank asks.

“Yeah, no, not really. I could tell something was wrong though.”

“Ok, are we headed somewhere?

“To my place. I have to check on someone.”


“Watch and see.” Mark says

“Leena,” Mark says entering his apartment.

“Yes sir.”