The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 39:

Frankly, I would have been okay with letting the silence stretch on for years. Decades. I would have been fine with letting future archeologists find us, sitting in my bedroom, long dead. I could picture it so clearly—even with all the technology of the distant future, we would have been a mystery, leaving people to wonder what exactly caused a silence so long that it had managed to kill two people.

And I’ll bet that even after a year of study and conjecture, they would never have landed on the truth: after swapping bodies with her daughter, the mother (and loving wife) just learned that her body was used in a threesome with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend and his new girl.

Just like that morning, I was once again completely flat. I just…I didn’t know what else to feel.

I wasn’t angry, although maybe I should’ve been. I guess I just wasn’t sure who to be angry at. In Spike’s position, I probably would’ve done the exact same thing. I hadn’t seen much of Lacey, but she obviously wasn’t the brains behind the operation.

And Belle…she was just a teenager. She’d been given a new body with new bisexual urges, and she hadn’t known how to handle them. When she’d switched, Spike had been her boyfriend—of course she still had feelings for him.

It wasn’t even like I could be mad at her for not respecting her mother’s body; after all, just before she’d gone off and…transgressed…I’d been upstairs, fucking her body as hard as I possibly could.

How could I be mad at her for something that her mother and I had just done?


My daughter’s voice broke me out of my reverie.


“We have less than an hour before Belle gets home.”

I nodded. “Yeah. We should work out what to do about this. Do you…do you think she used protection?”

An image flashed across my mind: my wife, pregnant with a teenage boy’s baby. For the first time since I’d seen Mary’s body crossing the road, I felt a flash of anger appear inside me.

“I’m sure she did,” my wife said. “She knows about safe sex.”

“Did you have the talk with her?”

“Yeah, but that’s not why. She had a packet of condoms next to her diary. Unopened, but I’m sure she didn’t do anything stupid.”

The anger crackled. Suddenly in the image of my wife beneath the leather-jacketed teenager, Mary’s body had been replaced by my daughter’s.

The past week had been so intense, so confusing…I honestly couldn’t tell which picture in my head angered me more.

“Okay. Do you think they’re going to tell anyone? If this gets out…”

My wife held one hand up, and I fell silent.

“These are great questions, and we should definitely discuss them more, but Belle will be home soon.”

“Right,” I said, confused. “So shouldn’t we talk this through before then? We need to work out what we’re going to say, if anything.”

“That can come later,” Mary said, moving one hand to my leg. “I really thought that before she got home, we could…”

I stared at her, aghast. “What!? After…after what she did in your body, you want to…”

Mary directed Belle’s huge eyes at me.

“Well, yeah,” she said, looking at me innocently. “I spent the whole day remembering what we did last night, and…”

I stood up, cutting her off. “Jesus, Mary, I don’t believe this. Our daughter just used your body to fuck two idiot teenagers in a car, and you want to have sex.”

“I don’t just want to,” she said pleadingly. “Andrew, I need this. You know I do.”

I threw my hands up in the air. “Seriously!?”

“Yes! God, Andrew, it’s not like the hormones suddenly went away just because you got jealous.”

“You think I’m jealous?”

“Of course you’re jealous! Who wouldn’t be? Spike is younger than you, he’s…”

Mary trailed off guiltily.

“Wait,” she said. “I didn’t mean that.”

“I’m not jealous,” I said calmly, if not entirely honestly. “I’m mad.”

“Oh, she’s just a teenager…” Mary started, wrinkling Belle’s nose.

“I’m not mad at her,” I continued. “I’m mad at you.”

Belle sighed, an action that left me unable to avoid noticing my wife hadn’t donned a bra beneath the yellow crop-top.

“Andrew,” she said wearily. “Please, can we just…”

“You swapped bodies with our daughter,” I said coldly. “Then, when you couldn’t handle the hormones, you made me do the unthinkable. There are images floating around my head that I will never, ever be able to get out. And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, you put our daughter into your body without warning…”

“I thought she could handle it!”

“Well, you thought wrong! The bisexual urges, your libido…and then you invite her boyfriend over here for a threesome?”

“I didn’t!”

I hadn’t noticed, but we were no longer sitting on the bed—we were standing, shouting at each other. I had flashbacks to the early years of our relationship, before we’d gotten married…or the shouting matches I’d had with Belle in the past few years.

Tears were streaming down my daughter’s face, and this time they weren’t from choking on my cock.

“Yes, you did!” I yelled. “What, you don’t remember? Stomp asked you for a threesome, and what did you tell him?”

“I didn’t tell him anything!”

“Oh no, that’s right. You nodded. There’s no way you could be blamed for that, is there? A nod, a perfectly reasonable, adult response to the offer of a threesome.”

“I did all this for her,” Mary said, our daughter’s voice coming out as a sob.

“Great! Now she’s used your body to lose her virginity, in a threesome with some idiot kid who’s probably going to tell everyone! At least if you hadn’t done something, she would have only ruined her own life—not our marriage in the process!”

Belle’s mouth fell open, and I realized I’d gone too far. I’m not normally one to yell, or even fight…but Mary and Belle both knew how to make me lose my cool.

Mary in Belle’s body was a truly devastating combination.

“Our marriage is ruined?” my wife replied in a small voice, sitting down on the bed in shock.

“No!” I replied immediately, kneeling beside her. “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I was just…”

Belle’s eyes looked up at me balefully. “You were just what?”

I sighed, and rested my head on my daughter’s knee. “It’s been a big week, y’know?”


Belle’s hand rested lightly on my head, and she began running her fingers through my hair.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I know I messed it all up.”

“It’s okay,” I replied. “It’s just…a lot has happened. When you first told me that you and Belle had swapped bodies, I never thought it would result in any of this.”

“It hasn’t all been bad though, right?”

“Right,” I nodded.

“I mean, if nothing else, the sex has been pretty good.”

I laughed. “Yeah. Pretty good.”

“I’ll probably be thinking about last night until the day I die.”

“Me too,” I admitted with a smile.


“No,” I said immediately. You spend twenty years married to someone, you get pretty good at guessing what they’re going to say next.

Belle laughed—that soft, tinkling laugh that reminded me so much of my wife’s laugh when I met her.

“I had to try,” she said gently.

“Come on,” I replied, standing up. “Let’s go and get dinner on. At least once before this is over I want to eat something that hasn’t come out of a plastic bag. We’ll have a meal together, then I’ll spend the evening catching up on the work I didn’t do today.”

* * *