The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 49:

Despite how ferociously I’d just fucked my daughter’s asshole, despite the fact that I’d just cum more intensely than I could ever remember cumming, the sight of Belle’s small pink tongue licking my cock clean was enough to get me hard again.

What we were doing was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced, but also the stupidest. The risks were through the roof—if Belle caught us, the results would be catastrophic.

What we were doing was the ultimate betrayal. Her own mother, using her body for sex. With her father!

And me, knowingly using Belle’s body for my pleasure. For my orgasm.

It was the worst thing I’d ever done…perhaps that was why it was so hot.

Of course, if anyone else caught us, the stakes were even higher. I’d be permanently shunned by society, probably go to prison. And I’m sure you know; the things they do in prison to people who are caught doing what I was doing to my own daughter’s body…

The risks were impossibly high.

But I still couldn’t say no when my daughter’s mouth enticingly grinned up at me in response to my thickening cock, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming down her throat.

After that, I insisted that we clean up—partially because it felt like it would be a week before I was able to get another erection, but mostly because I knew my wife’s body would be coming home soon.

What we were doing was already so incredibly dangerous; there was no need to unnecessarily add to it.

The rest of our evening was a relaxed one, for the most part. By the time Belle got home, my wife had changed our daughter into a much less revealing outfit. She’d invited me to come shower with her (something we did often in normal circumstances, but hadn’t yet partaken in since the body swap)—but I’d declined. My cock was completely exhausted, but I suspected Mary would still have found some way to get me hard and inside her for the third time that day.

We ate together again that night—it was my turn to cook, and I’d rustled up what Mary called “man food”. Grilled burger patties on bread, add your own whatever’s-in-the-fridge.

“Are you looking forward to Ben coming home?” I asked Belle (in my wife’s body). Over the past two weeks, she’d grown pretty good at reacting as her mother would have, but she instinctively rolled her eyes at the question.

I exchanged an amused glance with Mary (in my daughter’s body).

“I can’t believe how long Space Camp goes,” she said, in a feeble attempt to justify her eye-roll. “In the middle of the semester. It’s ridiculous!”

“Code Camp,” I gently corrected. “Space Camp is in the summer.”

“Right,” she said with a nod. “Code Camp.”

“It’ll be nice to have him back,” I said. “I don’t know when we fell out of the habit of eating as a family, but it’s been great to spend time together.”

“It really has,” Belle replied thoughtfully, narrowing my wife’s eyes. “I didn’t realize I’d missed it.”

Mary and I threw each other another glance—this one not of amusement, but of satisfaction.

It was working. We were getting our daughter back.

For that, I would have paid any price.

“I want another burger,” my wife said, jumping up, perfectly aping our daughter’s habit of dodging conversations as soon as they got sappy. “Anyone else want something?”

“I’m good,” Belle replied. “Thanks so much for…”

As my daughter’s body walked to the grill, my wife’s voice trailed off. My guard was immediately up, and when I noticed where Belle’s attention had been drawn, I turned around to see what she was looking at.

Oh, shit.

When my wife had begged me to fuck our daughter’s ass, to pound her hard, to not hold back…I’d obliged.

It had been a little reckless, but we’d used plenty of lube, and while I (and my wife) have always been very satisfied with the size of my cock, I’m not porn-star huge. Definitely not large enough to be dangerous.

Besides which, it was impossible to deny…Belle had a body that was built to take cock.

So while we’d managed to avoid any damage, the first time anyone takes something in their ass, it’s going to cause—at the very least—a little discomfort.

I hadn’t noticed until my attention had been drawn to it, but sure enough…my daughter’s gait was more than a little off. She was walking like…well, like someone who had been given their very first ass-pounding earlier that day.


“So much for the world’s best meal?” I replied lightly, trying to distract my daughter.


“You were saying…”

“Oh, yes,” she replied, turning her attention back to me. I scanned her face—she looked confused, but not suspicious. When I had been her age, I’d heard (and probably made, if I’m being honest) plenty of jokes about anyone with even the smallest limp having taken something up their rear…but perhaps teenagers had matured since then.

Also, maybe pigs had begun to fly.

The conversation continued. When Mary brought Belle’s body back to the table, I didn’t see a reaction on my wife’s face—I’d deliberately brought up a topic that both the women in my life shared the same opinion on (who played a better Hannibal—Hopkins or Mikkelsen) and argued more ferociously in favor of Hopkins than I normally would, to distract her.

I spent the rest of the meal on my feet, to prevent Mary from having to rise again, and even offered Belle the chance to pick the movie we were going to watch tonight, just to get my wife’s body out of the room as quickly as possible.

“You’re walking funny,” I hissed, as soon as we were alone. My daughter’s eyes lit up.

“That’s so hot,” she purred.

“I think Belle noticed,” I replied, ignoring the way my cock twitched at her words. “Just…be careful, okay?”

“Okay Daddy,” she said, looking up at me innocently. “Whatever you say.”