The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 52:


“Please, Daddy,” she said, gently pushing me onto the couch, before undoing my fly and taking my cock into my daughter’s hands. “Please.”

“You really don’t want that,” I sighed, as Belle’s mouth closed over my cock, her talented tongue swirling around my head. “Seriously.”

She didn’t say anything in response, just lightly flicked the tip of her tongue against my frenulum, causing a shiver of pleasure to run through my body.

“You’re too sore,” I continued, reaching down to play with my daughter’s bare nipples. “It won’t be a good time.”

“That’s what makes it so hot,” she said, pulling my cock out of her mouth, two strands of drool connecting her lips to the head of my erection. “Oh, god, Daddy…”

I hadn’t even noticed one of her hands reaching between her legs. The smell of my daughter’s arousal filled the room, and I could see her juices glistening.

“I want you to hurt me,” she whimpered in pleasure. “I want you to use me. Use your daughter’s ass to get off, with no regard to how it makes her feel. Please, Daddy…please…”

My eyes widened at the filth spilling from my daughter’s mouth. She’d said some pretty dirty stuff over the last few days, but I’d thought the photo of Belle choking on my cock would be the peak.

Every time I think my wife can’t surprise me more, she manages it.

“Mary…” I said, not even trying to hide my shock. “I…we…”

“I know you want it too,” she said, leaning forward and resting her cheek against my cock. The sight in front of me was one I knew I’d never forget—my daughter’s innocent face, my hard cock, a string of saliva leaving the right-hand corner of Belle’s mouth.

“We can’t,” I said firmly. “I’m not saying I don’t want to, but…you’re switching back tomorrow night. It’s thirty hours away.”

I hadn’t actually done the math before that moment. It was a strange thought—in just over a day, it would be over. My wife would be back in my wife’s body, my daughter would be back in my daughter’s.

Everything would be back to normal.

Except I knew that wasn’t true. “Normal” was long gone. The first time Belle’s perfect body had entered my mind when I came, “normal” had withered on the vine and died.

My daughter’s body was kneeling in front of me, stark naked, begging me to take her bruised ass, to hurt her.

And I wasn’t appalled. I wasn’t even annoyed. And I was more than ‘considering’ it—the only reason I wasn’t doing it was because I didn’t want my daughter to wake up in her own body and wonder why her ass hurt.

If it wasn’t for that, I probably would’ve already been balls-deep in my daughter’s rectum, fucking her so hard it made her mascara run.

“Normal” had left the building and was never coming back.

“Fiiiine,” my wife whined. “Fine! But in that case, you have to fuck my pussy.”

I nodded. We only had twenty minutes, tops, and I didn’t want to waste time arguing.

I didn’t even want to argue, truth be told. I wanted to fuck my daughter as much as my wife wanted me to.

In record time, Belle’s body was straddling me. Her knees were on the couch on either side of me, her tits were in my face, and her wet pussy-lips were wrapped around my erection.

“God that feels good,” she groaned, as she began slowly sliding up and down my cock. “Oh, Daddy, you feel so good inside me.”

“Good girl,” I grunted. “You’re Daddy’s good girl.”

“Yessss,” she moaned in response, and I leaned forward to take one of Belle’s nipples into my mouth.

I’d spent countless hours over the course of our marriage sucking and chewing on my wife’s beautiful breasts, but—much like showering together—it wasn’t something I’d yet done with my daughter’s.

The reminder that this was going to end, that this strange mix of torture and agony was only hours away from going away forever…it had lit a strange fire under me.

I hadn’t signed up for what we were doing. When we’d started, no part of me had wanted to engage in even one of the perverse acts I’d partaken in over the last few days.

But I was in too deep (quite literally) now, and…well, I was going to take advantage of what we were doing while it was still happening.

When Monday came, when this mad series of events ended, I knew we’d never do anything like this again. My daughter’s body was going to be forever off-limits—she’d never want to do anything with her father, and even if she did, I couldn’t. The only way I’d been able to justify any of what we’d done was because it was Mary in there, not my daughter.

I was still making love to my wife.

She just happened to be in Belle’s body.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out as I bit down on her nipple—not hard enough to leave a mark, but firmly enough that I knew it would cause a small sting of pain.

My wife had always loved the feeling, and her reaction confirmed that being inside my daughter’s body hadn’t changed that about her.

“That hurts so good, Daddy,” she pouted, looking down at me as I moved my lips from one breast to the other. “Just like my ass. Oh, you made my ass so sore, Daddy. Your cock made me so sore.”

I didn’t say anything, just rolled her fat pink nipple around my teeth.

“I think I need you to kiss it better,” Mary continued, her words escaping Belle’s lips as a gasp. “Belle needs her Daddy to kiss her ass better. With your tongue…”

My eyes widened at the suggestion. As I’ve mentioned, anal has never been one of my wife’s preferred sexuality activities, so we’d never really explored rimming or salad-tossing or any of the more intimate ass-based activities.

But it seemed she was determined to continue pushing the bar—or perhaps the constant haze of lust she’d been in for the past two weeks had melted her brain and completely eradicated her sexual limits.

“Are you serious?” I said, my cock twitching at the thought. I’d honestly never found the idea particularly erotic…but I guess when you’re inside your daughter’s body, it’s hard to think of anything as taboo.

And in that moment, we were both—in our own ways—inside Belle’s body.

“Uh huh,” my wife replied, nodding our daughter’s head frantically. “Oh, god, Andrew, yes. I want it. I want it so bad. Your tongue in our daughter’s ass. Every time I look at her, I’ll know—we’ll both know—that you’ve tasted it. That you fucked her ass, and then tasted it. Oh, god…”

The perversity of what she was saying was enough to push my wife over the edge, and I felt my daughter’s body twitch in orgasm. I returned my mouth to Belle’s left breast, using my other hand on the right to mirror the actions of my teeth and tongue.

After spending twenty years with someone, you get pretty good at making them cum. And as if using her tits as two tuning dials, I expertly manipulated my daughter’s nipples to extend my wife’s orgasm for almost a minute.

When she was done, she looked down at me sheepishly. “Wow.”

“Wow yourself,” I grinned back.

“You didn’t cum.”

I smiled. I’d gotten pretty good at controlling my own orgasm as well.

“I thought we could finish this in the shower,” I said, grabbing my daughter’s hips and moving her off me. “I want to shower with you. And while we’re there, I thought I could have a snack…”

* * *