The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 54:

It was still dark when I awoke the next morning.

I say “awoke” as though it was a passive thing. No; I was most firmly awoken, and after a few seconds of disorientation, I immediately knew who was behind it.

“Good morning, honey,” I said sleepily.

My wife took my cock out of Belle’s mouth, and I heard a lustful “Good morning, Daddy,” in response.

I reached down, grabbed her long blonde hair, and firmly moved it back onto my cock. I heard a satisfied moan, and soon I could once again feel my daughter’s lips and tongue performing the best blowjob I’d ever woken up to.

Possibly the best blowjob of my entire life.

I grunted softly as I came down Belle’s throat. My wife brought our daughter’s body out from under the bedsheets a few moments later, her eyes soft with want. I was surprised to see that she was wearing nothing but the skimpy bikini she’d paraded around the beach a week earlier.

I glanced at the clock. It was four-thirty in the morning—normally being up at such an hour would be tantamount to torture for me (I’m a bit of a night owl), but I knew why she’d woken me up so early.

This was it. The last day my wife was going to be inhabiting our daughter’s body. After this, my relationship with Belle would return to normal…

At least, I desperately hoped it would return to normal. Ever since the body swap, I felt like things had been spinning more and more out of control, culminating in the last few days of wild, almost non-stop sex.

My wife and I had always had a healthy sex life, I want to make that very clear. But even at its peak, we’d never been having sex at this rate. Twice a day, if not more—I knew it wasn’t something I could keep up.

But god damn did it feel good.

I understood that it was wrong to lust after my daughter’s body, I truly did. I’d done everything I could to avoid doing anything sexual; I’d negotiated, compromised, put my foot down.

Nothing had worked. And as I’d gone further, I’d become more and more caught up on the insane sexual ride that my life had become.

Two weeks ago, kissing my daughter’s lips had been unthinkable. Last night, I’d spent twenty minutes with my tongue in her ass…the same ass I’d cum into just a day earlier.

It couldn’t go on. It wasn’t sustainable.

And tonight, it would end.

The last two weeks had been the most wild, intense, deeply sexual period of my life. I’d had the best sex I’d ever had…probably the best sex I would ever have.

I tried not to think about that.

“Come here,” I murmured, bringing my daughter’s mouth to my own, and kissing her passionately. When this had started, I’d tried to imagine that I was kissing my wife…no, my wife’s sister. What had I called her, Tina?

Now, I knew exactly what I was doing. My tongue was exploring my own daughter’s mouth. She was mine. For one more day, I owned her.

Belle was my little girl, and—as long as my wife was inside her—my personal sex toy. My slut.

“Look at what you’ve done,” I growled, moving Belle’s hand back to my cock. I was hardening again, despite having just cum a few minutes earlier, despite having gotten off more in the last few days than I thought was even possible.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” my wife pleaded, opening our daughter’s eyes wide. “Please…I want you to fuck me.”

In response, I just nodded. Mary moved Belle’s body on top of me. It was mostly dark, but even in the dim lighting I could see her huge, perfect breasts, barely constrained by her skimpy bikini.

I watched as she moved the bikini bottom to the side, and slowly lowered herself onto my hardness.

“You’re mine.”

She nodded, gasping slightly as my entire length entered her.

“I’m yours,” she echoed back, her eyes glassy, her mouth contorted with desire. “Yes, Daddy, please…I’m yours.”

It wasn’t long before we’d settled into a familiar rhythm; my daughter’s hips rocking back and forth, her perfect cunt squeezing my cock. I was able to maintain my erection, but I knew that it would be a while before I was able to cum again.

Fucking my daughter may have made me feel like I was two decades younger, but I was still subject to the limitations of the flesh.

A huge smile was on my face as my daughter rode me; I could feel her shivering and twitching with pleasure as her muscular young thighs lifted her body up and down, forcing my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy.

“Everyone’s going to be looking at me, Daddy,” she panted. Her cunt-muscles clenched as she spoke. “Everyone’s going to be look at your slutty daughter.”

“I know, honey,” I moaned. I had no idea why my wife had suddenly developed this proxy-exhibitionist streak, but I couldn’t deny how hot I found it.

“Everyone at the beach,” she gasped. “They’re going to be looking at me. Looking…at…my…tits…”

The last few words came out staccato, and I could tell that she was cumming. My daughter was cumming around my cock. My wife was getting off as I fucked our daughter’s body, while she imagined the eyes of dozens of strangers on her.

“Oh, god,” she panted. Her orgasm hadn’t slowed down her need.

Belle’s eyes opened, and she looked down at me lustfully.

“Are you excited to show me off?” she purred. “Are you excited to see the attention that your daughter’s slutty body gets from everyone at the beach?”

“Mm-hmm,” I said, not sure how to respond. The idea held a strange appeal, but…I suppose I’ve never been great at completely losing myself in a fantasy. Reality always comes knocking for me.

That was probably why I’d been unable to effectively pretend it was my wife’s sister I was kissing.

There was inarguably something hot about watching Mary show off our daughter’s perfect body, her smooth skin, her huge tits. And she wasn’t wrong—if she went to the beach in that bikini…just like last time, everyone would stare.

Everyone would stare, but I’d know that she was mine.

Tomorrow, she’d be my daughter again. Today, she was my slut.

But the purpose of this exercise wasn’t to bring our sexual fantasies to life (especially not ones we’d only had for the past thirteen days). It was to teach Belle a lesson, to get her back onto the right path.

As much fun as it sounded to take Belle to the beach and show her off to everyone (and believe me, it definitely sounded fun), I couldn’t really see how that would help correct her behavior.

I didn’t want to be the one to kill the mood, however, so I just nodded. It seemed that was all my wife needed—she immediately continued, an erotic babble leaving our daughter’s mouth.

“Everyone’s gonna look at me,” she panted. “Everyone’s going to see Daddy’s girl. Daddy’s good girl. Daddy’s almost-naked daughter. What if I were to lose my top? What if I were to go topless, letting anyone who wanted grab me, touch me, grope me…oh!”

Belle’s voice had been getting higher and higher, until finally it cracked, and I could feel her cumming again, coating my cock with her juices.

Just as before, she didn’t stop riding me—she briefly became lucid once more, looking at me with pure lust.

“You’re incredible,” she said in awe, and I smiled up at her.

“You’re mine,” I replied simply. She bit her lip and nodded, letting out a small gasp as I tensed my pelvic muscles, making my cock jump slightly.

“That feels so gooood, Daddy,” Mary said, a smile spreading across Belle’s mouth. “You always make me feel so good…”

“You’re a good girl for Daddy,” I said, and again she nodded earnestly, her eyes never leaving mine. “You’re Daddy’s good girl.”

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, rocking her hips faster and faster. “I’m Daddy’s good girl. I’m Daddy’s good girl. I’m Daddy’s…”

For the third time in ten minutes, I could feel my daughter’s orgasm. It was exactly what I needed to trigger my own, and I gasped at the sensation of my hot seed leaving my body and shooting into my daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, Daddy…” she moaned, leaning forward and letting me take her hard nipple into my mouth.

I happy chewed and sucked on my daughter’s bosom for several minutes, until my cock had softened enough to fall free of her cum-soaked pussy.

She lay on my chest, and we spent a minute to just appreciate the moment while we still could.

In a little under nineteen hours, everything would be back to normal.

* * *