The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan

Chapter 59:

When my wife joined us, she’d changed, dressing Belle’s body in something much more presentable—a pair of white leggings and a pale yellow T-shirt. Part of me wondered if she was still wearing the bikini under it, but I tried to act as I would if everyone was in their original bodies, and not pay my daughter’s choice of clothing any particular attention.

I just wished my cock would do the same.

Dinner passed uneventfully, and Belle was collecting the dishes when she asked it.

“Can we go for a drive, Dad?”

I tried to keep a straight face as I responded. “Just the two of us?”

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Like we used to, back when we had the white car.”

At a glance, I couldn’t see any suspicion on my wife’s face—I had often taken Belle for one-on-one drives when she was younger, in an attempt to make sure she didn’t resent all the attention we were giving her brother. He’d had a minor medical condition at the age of five, and it had required a lot of time and hospital visits to deal with.

My daughter and I had driven around, enjoying long (often inane) chats, talking about everything from her friends at school to our specific and detailed preferences between McDonalds and Burger King.

“That okay with you, honey?” I asked nonchalantly, and my daughter (in her mother’s body) looked up.

“Fine by me,” she smiled. “I’m sure Ben will keep me company.”

Despite the situation, I couldn’t help but be filled with joy at the sight of Belle voluntarily spending time with her younger brother. Just a year ago, she’d been at his throat every chance she got.

My wife’s stupid, crazy, impossible plan had worked.

And I suspected that she wanted to be rewarded for it.

Sure enough, as soon as we got into the car, she moved Belle’s hand to my thigh.

“Where are we headed?” I asked, as innocently as I could.

“The cabin?” she replied breathily. “Unless you can think of somewhere closer. God damn it, Daddy…I need you inside me. Now...”

I gulped, and began to drive cabinward.

As soon as we were out of our neighborhood and away from the busy roads, my daughter’s hand moved up my thigh, undid my pants, and pulled out my thickening cock. “Mary,” I growled warningly.

I don’t really know what I expected—if nothing else, the last two weeks had taught me exactly how little control I had over my wife’s behavior.

“Yes, Daddy?” she responded, batting her eyelids.

“We’ll be at the cabin in thirty-five minutes,” I told her firmly. “Wait until then.”

“I don’t think I can, Daddy” she said, my daughter’s voice a shuddering sigh. Before I could respond, she’d unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over to take my cock into Belle’s mouth.

I opened my mouth to complain, but as ‘road head’ was added to the list of first-time sexual experiences I’d had with my daughter, my voice died in my throat, and I tried desperately to focus on the road and do everything I could to avoid being pulled over, or worse—crash.

I hope an obituary won’t need to be written about me for many, many years…and I certainly don’t want it to start with Found with his dick in his daughter’s mouth, Andrew P. Rodgers was…

“Good girl,” I gasped, as Belle’s tongue did its magic. “Oh,’re Daddy’s good, good girl…”

We didn’t make it to the cabin.

“Fuck!” my wife cried as I slowly slid my hardness inbetween our daughter’s legs.

I hadn’t wanted to cum while driving, and so as soon as we left town, I’d turned down a series of roads, until finding somewhere to park beside a paddock, on a road so remote it didn’t even have street lights. We’d moved into the back seat (we’d taken the ‘big car’) and I’d been delighted to discover that even under her new outfit, my daughter was still wearing the bikini.

“You’re Daddy’s good girl,” I panted. “You did so good today. I’m so proud of you.”

“Mmm-hmm,” my wife vibrated in response. Even in the dark (I’d made sure to disable the car’s internal lights) I could see her eyes were wide with need.

“We got our daughter back,” I said with a satisfied sigh, as my pubic hair met Belle’s pussy-lips. “We did it.”

“And now I’m going to fuck you.”

“Fuck me…” my wife mewled in response, and I smiled, acutely aware that this was going to be the last time. The last time I fucked a teenager.

The last time I fucked my daughter.

I leaned forward, pressing my lips against Belle’s, revelling in the inherent wrongness of what we were doing. I’d spent the last weeks trying to justify it, to convince myself that I’d done it for all the right reasons. For my family. For my wife.

For Belle.

But if this was going to be our last time, I wanted to enjoy it.

My wife groaned, and I could feel my daughter’s tongue slipping into my mouth. I sucked on it, reaching down to grab one of her huge, firm tits.

“I want you so bad,” I groaned. “God…”

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your daughter. Fuck your slutty, exhibitionist, whore of a daughter…”

“You’re Daddy’s little whore,” I said with a gasp. “You’re mine. All mine.”


“I can fuck you anytime I want.”

“Please, Daddy. Use me. Anytime…”

“I can use any of your holes to dump my cum into, because I own you…”

“You own me…”

Despite having cum twice already that morning, it felt like just minutes after I slide my hardness into my daughter’s wet pussy before I felt my orgasm approaching. I’d slid so far into the dark nature of what we were doing, and given myself over to the perverse situation with total abandon. There was nowhere left to go, no further depths to plumb.

Or so I thought.

I’ve mentioned many a time that my wife has an endless capacity to shock me. And the words that came out of her mouth next managed to do exactly that.

“What if I were to switch us back right now?” she asked breathily. “And your daughter came back into her body to find her father pounding his big, thick cock inside her…”

My eyes widened in shock. “Mary,” I gasped.

She shook her head. “Belle,” she replied with a purr. “Belle-drop. It’s me. Your daughter. You’re fucking your own daughter...”

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned. “Belle...”

“Yes, Daddy,” she hissed. “Fuck me. Fuck your little girl. I need you. I need you so bad...”

“You’re mine. You’re my little slut.”

“I’m yours.”

I leaned forward, forcing my tongue into Belle’s mouth, taking her as my property, grabbing her perfect tits, trying to memorize every sensation.

At the feeling of my daughter’s pussy spasming in orgasm, my own climax arrived as well.