The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Mad Monday

by Pan


The kids were in bed, and my wife was waiting for me in the bedroom.

I’d fucked my wife in the front hallway. I’d grabbed her hair and bent her over, fucking her as Belle and Ben watched television just two rooms away.

When I came inside her, she groaned, but not loudly enough for the kids to hear.

I hoped.

That had been enough to satiate me temporarily, but as we’d gone into the living-room to watch a film as a family, I’d hardly taken my hand off my wife’s ample ass for a second.

Whipping the sheets off the bed, I was delighted to see that my wife was naked. While her body was not as young, toned, or firm as our daughter’s, it was so familiar. Comfortingly so.

And still very, very attractive to me.

I took my shirt off as quickly as I could, and soon I was laying on top of her, both of us as naked as we’d been on our wedding night, decades earlier.

“Oh, Daddy…” my wife moaned. “Please, Daddy…”

“You’re my good girl,” I muttered in response. “You’re Daddy’s good girl…”

“Use my toys,” Mary gasped, and I reached out to open the drawer beside our bed and pull out the two little bullet vibrators I like to use on my wife.

The drawer was empty.

“Oh, shit,” Mary said, sitting up so fast that she almost slammed her forehead against my nose. “Fuck.”

My mouth fell open as I realized what had got her so agitated.

When my wife had been in Belle’s body, she’d taken the bullet vibrators with her.

And she’d forgotten to bring them back.

The two of us stared at each other for several moments, wide-eyed, until a grin slowly crept across my face.

“What??” Mary said, shooting me a glare. “What’s so funny?”

“Well,” I said with a chuckle. “Who knows…maybe they’ll help her manage her hormones.”

My wife’s glare turned into a grin, and soon she joined my laugh.

“Maybe,” she admitted. “But if she asks where they came from…”

“I know nussink,” I replied, doing my best Schultz impersonation.

“Good,” she said, laying back down on the bed. “Because if she ever works out what happened…”

My cock thickened as I tried not to think about our daughter, one floor below us, using her mother’s toys to get off, her perfect body writhing in ecstacy, with no idea that just twelve hours earlier I’d been inside her…

Positioning my hardness at my wife’s entrance, I slowly pushed forward.

“Oh, Daddy,” my wife groaned with lust.

I closed my eyes. It made it easier to picture Belle…

* * *